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VIDEO: USS George H.W. Bush Sailors Hold Flashlight Vigil for Late President

The following is a Dec. 4, 2018, U.S. Navy video of USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) sailors holding a flashlight vigil in honor of the former president and naval aviator namesake who died on Friday.

  • Duane

    Let’s hope commenters in this thread don’t replicate the disgusting political argumentation of the thread on the Navy’s 21-aircraft missing man for President Bush’s internment.

    Show some respect for the man. He was a great American and a naval warrior.

    Stow the politics.

    • John Walsh

      I might not have always agreed with his politics… But dam it. I respect the man. He defined character and decency. I was/am proud to have had him as my CIC. Fair winds and following seas “41”. (@ ST Peters gate) Attention on deck! USA arriving!

    • honcho13

      Well said, shipmate! We in the military have a lot to thank this man for! Not just because of his valiant service during WWII, but because he as Vice President (under Ronald Reagan) and then as President, gave the military back credibility and respectability, after the bleak years of the 60s and 70s. As a young Chief Petty Officer during those years, I wore my khakis with new pride and enthusiasm! And our military was once again respected around the world! We made generational leaps as our Navy went from black oil to gas turbine and nuclear power, replaced aging aircraft with the F/A-18, and made our female sailors a more integral part of the fleet. Thank you, Mr. President! Fair winds and following seas! MMCS(SW), USN (ret)

  • Alex Andrite

    Mid-watch was always my favorite.
    Well, actually the Wake up watch was.
    I would hold a candle for this Commander.

  • johnbull

    Well deserved honor to a hero. We could use a lot more men like him. The way the comments about the fly-over went off the rails is an example of what’s wrong with our society.

  • joe

    who holds the keys “discuss” as to just pick & choose which comments will be approved and vice-versa?

    apparently the US Constitution is not the perogative here

    • Centaurus

      Dear God, I can’t believe he said that !

      • honcho13

        Shipmate – unfortunately some people never get the word! And/or they don’t care that our President – his President – has passed from this mortal existence! He has his head so far up “where the sun doesn’t shine”, that he will never see the light. We can only take pity in his impoverished ignorance. He is a poster child for today’s “me, me, me” generation! A good and decent man, and a fellow shipmate, has died! Let’s try to give him the respect and honor he so richly deserves! Semper fortis! MMCS(SW), USN (ret)

    • old guy

      learn to spell.

      • joe

        ite then, bub!

  • Eugene Quintus Whipplewart

    He deserved every honor he has received during this time. GOD Rest His Soul and grant Peace and Comfort to his Loved Ones….

  • Centaurus

    Damn, that was OUTSTANDING !

  • old guy

    Vaya Con la vente a su popa!