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VIDEO: Houthi Forces Capture U.S. Navy Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Off Yemen

An undated image of Houthi forces capturing a US Navy operated REMUS 600 unmanned underwater vehicle.

Houthi forces have captured a U.S. Navy research unmanned underwater vehicle off the coast of Yemen, according to a video released on Monday.

In the video posted online by local media on Monday, four men described as members of the “Houthi Navy” in dive gear are surrounding what appears to be a REMUS 600 UUV with the name “Smokey” printed on the body. According to the AMN News web posting, the Houthis discovered the UUV within the past week somewhere off the coast of Yemen.

The UUV, branded with the logos from manufacturer Hydroid and parent company Kongsberg, was a passive system being operated by the Navy as part of a meteorological study, a U.S. defense official told USNI News on Tuesday.

The video claimed the craft was operated by the Saudi coalition, which has been fighting the Houthi Yemeni separatist group since 2015.

U.S. Navy officials in Washington and at U.S. 5th Fleet would neither confirm whether if the REMUS 600 belonged to the service nor provide details about any unmanned underwater vehicle missions in the region when asked by USNI News.

“It is intended to operate in shallow waters, intended to operate in littoral spaces, and is designed to be pretty autonomous,” Dan Gettinger, co-director of the Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College, said about the REMUS 600.
“It might be the most advanced UUV deployed.”

REMUS 600. Kongsberg Photo

The REMUS 600 is between 9 and 18 feet long, depending on the mission and payload, and can travel at about 4.5 knots, according to online fact sheets from Kongsberg Gruppen, the manufacturer. REMUS 600 was initially developed in 2003 through a partnership with the U.S. Navy and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

While other countries and a few corporations such as oil and gas exploration firms own REMUS 600 UUVs, Gettinger said they’re not common. The REMUS 600 isn’t cheap, with a sticker price of about $1 million each, he said, plus add-on kits for specific missions.

Typically, the most common Navy uses for a REMUS 600 are mine countermeasures and intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition (ISRTA), Gettinger said.

A screen capture of the UUV showing the word ‘Smokey.’

Typical uses include studying underwater environmental conditions, meteorological research, and underwater mapping of terrain and currents.

What makes the REMUS 600 so useful for the Navy is its payload and ease in deploying. Gettinger said it typically only requires a patrol boat to put a REMUS 600 in the water.

Once underway, he said the REMUS has about 20 hours of operational use before it runs out of power and needs to be recovered. Gettinger guesses the UUV surfaced when its mission ended and was found by the Houthis before it could be recovered. In the future, he suspects such incidents will become more common as more unmanned underwater vehicles are launched near busy waterways.

“Underwater drones are not as frequently spoken about as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles),” Gettinger said. “But there’s a recognition, particularly in China and Russia, these will be a part of a future fleet.”

In 2016, a People’s Liberation Army Navy seized a U.S. Navy buoyancy glider that was operating in the South China Sea, claiming it was a hazard to navigation. The PLAN ultimately returned the gilder to the U.S. Navy.

  • vincedc

    Anybody really believe it was doing meteorological research?

    • Mperse

      Yes; the navy needs real-time weather and sea condition reports to support its other operations. Now what those other operations might be….

      • Freeway

        Right off the coast of a territory we are helping bomb mercilessly?

        • Duane

          We and our allies aren’t bombing a territory – our allies are bombing merciless terrorists in support of the legitimate government of a sovereign nation.

    • ethan

      Yes, along with…”other” things 🙂

    • RedStatePatriot

      It was most likely doing salinity and temperature readings in the Littorals. Probably mean we have submarine activity around there… who knows maybe subs dropping off and picking up SEAL Teams.

      • DaSaint

        Well it was clearly meant to be retrieved, and it’s in use by many companies, never mind nations. Old tech, but still good tech. But as another poster stated, if it was meant to be clandestine, it wouldn’t be painted bright yellow.

    • Guido FL

      Probably mapping the sea floor for sub usage ?

    • Miles Tugo

      If it was, it was sending back 100% humidity reports.

  • jefferb

    I would think there would be some type of GPS device installed. Might be a handy locator for a smart bomb/missile?

    • Eric_Mc

      Somebody push the self-destruct button.

      • Later than you think

        They were raping it.

        • Booker T & The MGs

          Why do Yemeni migrants cry during romantic relations in Europe? It is the mace

        • Dxisgreat


    • Big Game Hunter

      I agree 100% with you.

    • LetoAtriedes

      Exactly, what I thought – must have GPS on them. So why not launch an airstrike to destroy it as the Houthis recover it? Give the GPS to the Saudis and tell them you have a gathering of Houthi “Navy” “sailors” right….about….HERE.

      • Sir_Tanly

        Or wait for them to attempt to open the case in the wrong sequence.

    • Jason

      May they US wanted it to be found so when knuckle heads take it ashore they will pin point more hiding sneaky yer roost folks ! You just never know , our government is very very intelligent!

    • Duane

      To do what, exactly? Blow up a couple of recreational divers holding an expensive but non-lethal weather data machine?

      • jefferb

        If you read the article. It said ” four men described as members of the “Houthi Navy”not recreational swimmers. If you are stupid enough to steal something like this you deserve whatever comes your way.

        • Duane

          I read the article. It does not change a thing. It is ridiculous to call in an airstrike on four swimmers who hold a non-lethal weather station in their possession.

          • jefferb

            Duane, if you read the article, then you were being dishonest to call them recreational swimmers. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. It is a waste of time to go back and forth with someone who starts out with being dishonest. Go back to Huffpo where facts are changed to fit your silly opinions.

          • Duane

            I don’t come from HuffPo. And this is not Breitbart either so you are in no position to invite anybody to leave a conversation you are not in charge of.

            It is not dishonest to say they are recreational swimmers, thought that was a bit of tongue in cheek. Do you really, really believe there is such a thing as the “Houthi Navy” and that it is staffed with professional sailors? If so, then you certainly do belong in the digital fairie tale land of Breitbart.

          • jefferb

            So I think you made your point. Which I think is rather simple minded. Again, you are dishonest to call them recreational. Try making your point without altering the facts of the story. If you wanted to say how ridiculous it is to say the Houthi has a navy, so be it. I myself do not find it ridiculous to protect the technology within the UUV. Which is why I thought it might be a good idea to destroy it. You obviously do not think we need to destroy it.

          • Duane

            It was a commercial vessel, collecting hydrophysical data.

            Making it out to be worthy of an airstrike in response is like the dumbest thing I’ve read on the internet today, yet you persist in your silly attempts to build the Himalaya Mountain Range out of a gopher hole.

            Fortunately the United States of America, despite it’s wacko POTUS, is not as unhinged as you wish we were.

          • jefferb

            Well Duane, looking at the responses and thumbs up my comment received. I would say the vast majority agree with me. I am sure you feel you are far superior intellectually to them also. You are funny though. Your whole silly little liberal world is about to come crashing down and you have no clue. Silly, silly boy.
            I find you a bore and rather child like in your responses. I have responded far to much to you as stated, you are dishonest and not worthy of my time. Out

          • Duane

            I find you to be really full of yourself. The purpose of commentary is not to obtain upvotes, but to add to an intelligent interchange of ideas. You only want to practice ad hominem and play your stupid little game of left vs right and attempt to hijack every thread into a war between Huffpo and Breitbart, while the overwhelmingly vast majority of Amricans don’t give two hoots over your useless ideological posturing.

            Why not try and comment intelligently instead of playing childish games. You might even like using your brain for once.

          • Jafar Karim

            Jefferb…. Duane the troll conveniently glossed over this part of the article: “Typically, the most common Navy uses for a REMUS 600 are mine countermeasures and intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition (ISRTA), Gettinger said.” TARGET ACQUISITION, as in killing more Yemeni civilians.

          • Sir_Tanly

            I’m sorry … did I miss something? It seems like it is capable of all of these missions depending on how it is equipped, not all at once. Target Acquisition is the identifying of targets, not their actual destruction and there is no indication (to my untrained eyes) that this vessel was equipped for anything except as claimed … mapping of currents and bottom profile.

            Probably illegal in littoral waters … but that’s another issue entirely.

          • Sir_Tanly

            Nobody … except you … said ANYTHING about an air strike. Just you.

          • Duane

            Uhh … learn to read.

            I responded directly to jefferb, who wrote (and I quote verbatim):

            “Might be a handy locator for a smart bomb/missile?”

          • Sc00ter5111

            They should reverse engineer the UUV and sell it to the highest bidder but not to the US. Russia and China are ahead of the technology curve in many areas. The more they know: the less effective our stuff works: Which means it will be harder to murder millions of women and children.

          • Sir_Tanly

            You are correct. Should just be carrying an explosive charge for anyone who tries to open it wrong.

  • Teddysalad

    If it was meant to be clandestine, I doubt we would have painted it bright yellow, just my opinion…

    • heyheymama51

      BINGO. It’s a ‘continued surveillance device’. Smile Mr. Terrorist.

      • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

        The Houthis aren’t the terrorists; the Saudis are the terrorists.

        • Duane

          Uhhh, no. The Saudis support the legitimate government of Yemen, the Houthis, being puppets of the Iranians, are rebels attempting to install an Iranian-controlled terrorist regime on the Arabian Peninsula in order to, basically, blow up the entire Middle East. The Houthis are the ones firing ballistic missiles at civilian airports and cruise missiles at UAE and US Navy warships who are simply engaged in legal innocent passage in international waters.

          • Vic Pittman

            Hows that Kool Aid ? Ready for another glass ?

          • Jafar Karim

            Vic….Duane is drinking Zinfandel, not koolaid. he can afford it with what they are paying him to troll with the MSM think-tank narratives.

          • Duane

            Go back to your Tehran troll factory where you uys can promote your worldwide Islamist revolutionary BS. There is a legitimate government in Yemen, Saudi Arabia as its next door neighbor is supporting it, and the Houthis are Iranian puppet terrorists who would fold in an instant without IRGC weapons and fighters and technicians to fire their BMs and ASCMs.

          • Samuel Clemens

            Enjoying the smoke? Still waiting for all those dominoes to fall in Indochina?

    • Hersbird

      That’s what I came here say. You could see that thing 30+ feet down in clear water.

      • Budda

        Any good reason it doesn’t have a remote, self destruct function?

        • Rick Green

          It’s not for covert surveillance and it’s not a weapon, so why would you want to blow it up?

          • Budda

            Because it is currently in the possession of people we should be blowing up.

          • Vic Pittman

            Really ? Why is that, Gomer ?

          • Budda

            Who has possession of the drone?

          • Samuel Clemens

            Yeah, like they have threatened us so badly we must kill them lest our own shadows scare us into hiding under the bed. So nice to kill people, just plain fun. Let’s spend another $70 billion in squandered national treasure for that very purpose. Surely the Dotard’s cultists will be thrilled. That’s why we are the “good guys”, right? Just like the Wehrmacht pushed aside the other inferior peoples, so do we. Blow them up, blow them up!

          • Rick Green

            I disagree…it’s the Saudi’s war to fight, not ours. Only neo-cons see every polarized, geo-political conflict as an excuse to police the world. Trump won’t get directly involved, and that’s a good thing.

          • Budda

            I didn’t say anything about war. I am no neo-con. I am, however, quite certain that we should take any good opportunity to kill bad guys. Fewer bad guys equals less bad stuff. None of them have US Constitutional rights. So, the priority of their existence is well below the priority of US interests.

    • CanUHearMeNow?

      Big smokey Bird

    • PolicyWonk

      Well, our own guys need to be able to find it, too. Not an easy thing if the weather/ocean conditions are less than optimal…

      • Stephen Smith

        Should have a location pinger for such sea conditions.

  • BeatTheDeadHorse

    Is the military ever going to get smart and have a self destruct mechanism on our expensive tax payer paid military hardware?

    • RedStatePatriot

      Probably about the same time people like you realize its a off the shelf commercially available drone that about anyone can buy, and that there are no big secrets to hide. Why would the Navy make it potentially dangerous to sailors and crews maintaining the equipment for absolutely no reason?

      • BeatTheDeadHorse

        Self destruct does not necessarily mean that it will blow someone’s arm off. The drone that was captured in Iran intact had sophisticated electronics including sensors and cameras that were not OTC. The circuitry should have a mechanism to fry itself when commanded rather than handing it over the to enemy to be reverse engineered by China.

        • RedStatePatriot

          We are not talking about the drone in Iran we are talking about THIS DRONE. and there is no reason to booby trap or put self destruct mechanisms on it.

        • RedStatePatriot

          And one more point that no one seems to get. If you put explosives of any kind on that drone (even so much as a firecracker), if could then even be considered a possible weapon instead of a research vehicle under international law. So China or Iran or anyone else could argue that you are operating a “offensive” weapon in water within their own economic or shipping zones close to their shores even in international waters. This would even allow hostile nations to justify attacking the ship or seizing the crew (as most of these Navy survey ships have no weapons on board). And yes I know the argument would be a silly one, but still allows for a hostile actor to hide behind that argument. International maritime law would likely back them up on the claim.

          • BeatTheDeadHorse

            Actually you raise some good points that I hadn’t considered. Thanks for the civil discussion.

  • cep32101

    So? What are they going to do with it? Reverse engineer? I don’t think we have to worry about that.

    • Mperse

      Sell it to someone who can reverse engineer it, or at least study its capabilities for their own benefit. Russia or Chinese would surely want it. I don’t think it’s a big loss (unlike the RQ-170 captured by the Iranians in 2011), but it’s not a good thing.

      • cep32101

        These yahoos are going to sell it to highest bidder. Allah snackbar.

      • RedStatePatriot

        Everyone already knows its capabilities… all they need to do is go to Kongsberg’s website and download the brochure. It’s a commercially available underwater drone, there is no big secret about it. Other than the fact we are out a million bucks to replace the thing the Navy is not worried.

  • Sparky Mills

    Too bad a drone-launched missile couldn’t take it out immediately – along with the thieves stealing it.

  • Sparky Mills

    Russia or China will pay BIG $$$ for that thing …………. I hope it’s rendered useless before that.

    • larryjcr

      It would be cheaper for Russia or China to just buy one from the company that builds them.

  • libwithIQ

    We are really sending highly advanced drones out on missions without having a self destruct system installed? Isn’t that a bit shortsighted and stupid?

    • dachshundsrule

      Maybe if it were classified or something, but it’s a meteorology tool. Pictures of it on the Internet and all. I wouldn’t think the US Navy is the sole user.

    • Trumptruth

      Obama cancelled the destruction of that drone Iranians captured

    • Rick Green

      Perhaps you should change your screen name…or maybe just read the article. It’s a meteorological device…painted bright yellow. It’s hardly clandestine.

  • Steven Mcguillicutty

    Your tax dollars at work.

  • Grey Area

    I see no markings on the thing that indicates it may be owned by the USN

  • lancePatriotUSA

    Grreaaat. Maybe it’s a BOMB!?

  • Cosmosis

    It was likely mapping the sea bed to update maps for possible amphibious landings. Its also probably on its way to Iran right now. If it was really top secret and not so off the shelf I don’t think they would have left it painted bright yellow. It has to have left the locals with the impression that they are about to get invaded. That might be why it was “lost” in the first place.

    • larryjcr

      It is ‘off the shelf’ and the technology isn’t secret. They are available for purchase, and a fair number are out there, owned by companies doing shallow water research of one kind or another.

    • RedStatePatriot

      “amphibious landings”… ahhhhhh No.

  • tufluv

    If it belongs to the Navy, recover it or destroy it and its captors with an aerial drone missile. If it was on loan to the Saudis send them the bill.

  • L K

    Let’s take it back with extreme prejudice!

  • MBG9


  • tufluv

    So was it mapping a way in for the SEALS to come and recover it?

  • centexfan

    ougth to be a self destruct command…bait of few of these folks into “capturing a few dummies and then blow them up! hye have lost these before and sef desrtruct shoudl ahvebeen programmed in…

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    I thought the “Littorals” belonged to the LCS. On man, just another fairly tale blown up in my face. Next thing they’ll tell me is that the LCS is not a ‘combat’ ship after all…

  • Founders1791

    Bright yellow?

    • USNVO

      They are expensive and are designed to be found if they encounter problems in the mission. The MCM versions used by the Navy are painted grey. I am courious who the source was that says it was a US Navy REMUS 600, my experience with Navy UUVs, admittedly not REMUS 600s, is that they are stenciled with safety warnings, serial numbers, and such not. Not sure how or if they mark the oceanography kind. For instance, the glider UUV from the BOWDITCH the Chinese illegally recovered last year in the SCS was also yellow and was clearly marked with property of the US Government.

  • butchbutch

    Fortunate it did not run into one of our destroyers. Or visa vera.

  • warpsix

    Why in the heck don’t we install a self destruct feature

  • 1crazymf

    With no way to charge it or to pilot it, they will find it totally useful for?????

    • worst nightmare

      Reverse engineering

      • larryjcr

        It would be cheaper to just buy one. They’re available to anyone with the check book.

        • worst nightmare

          At a million dollars, it might be cheaper to reconfigured the remote

    • RealitiCzech

      Yemeni Ebay?

  • Smart Guy

    paging Admiral Ackbar, your catch phrase is needed.

  • Shamu The Whale

    …we think it surfaced because it was losing power and they got it before it could be recovered? What a pile of garbage. Are we to believe that this US device is not watched by a team somewhere whose job includes knowing when approximately the thing needs to be recovered? Of course it is…….something else happened here for sure.

    • USNVO

      Is reading comprehension dead? It was speculated by some dude at Bard College that that is what happened.

      But even then, the REMUS 600 does missions approaching 20hrs in duration. It has a programmed endpoint and comes to the surface periodically to update the INS and check in and report its position notice the large antenna). Even if it just stopped for some reason, they are positively buoyant and would float to the surface and drift with the current and could be dozens of miles from its last reported position. And, if it was caught in a fishing net or other obstruction, it might have been down for much longer than 20hrs.

      This is not an exact science by any means.

  • J Jones

    I guess the Chinese will buy this one too…

    • Ben Dover ✓Verified

      China probably built it.

  • brooklyn15

    It seems like thier four man Navy got the best of the US NAVY.

  • James M

    Ok … we have infiltrated their Navy .

    • brooklyn15

      Yeah, theìr four man navy. Lol

      • MeeThinxs

        Dang brooklyn15, for goodness sakes it’s THEIR! Spellcheck is your friend…

    • publius_maximus_III

      Houthi Seal Team Zero.

  • Zorcon, Fidei Defensor

    It’s for mapping the ocean floor. They going to sell it on eBay?

  • Patriot 1232

    sshhhh . . .
    It’s a “Trojan Drone”
    Don’t tell them . . .
    sshhhh . . .

    • publius_maximus_III

      Now I know how we’re getting rid of all our spent nuclear fuel. Hope they washed their hands after touching that, even the guy with the lecture baton. No more little Allah-ites coming out of any of those guys…

  • Libertarianski

    means the Iranians will have it by the wknd,
    recall the Iranians captured an aerial drone years ago . . .


    Whatever happened to self destruct for these drones both land and sea????

  • brooklyn15

    Part of their four man navy.

    • haode

      one was enough.

      same as some untermenschen sent home b-52’s just using bamboo punji sticks.

      • thaidude

        Actually the untermenschen had allies a.k.a. Democrats in congress fighting their battles for them.

        • On Dre

          “untermenschen” Why bother creating your own racist language when you can just borrow from the Nazis?
          And I’ll gladly call myself a Democrat when it stands for taking on wanna be nazi’s like yourselves. Maybe thats why you have them?

          • thaidude

            FDR confiscated land owned by Japanese Americans. FDR put Japanese Americans in Concentration Camps.
            AS a 2 tour Vietnam Vet I stand by my statement with regard to looser Congressional Democrats during that time.
            See the missive posted by ‘haode’ to which I was responding.

    • Allis Chalmers

      3, 1 is a goat.

      • publius_maximus_III

        Hey, Milwaukee, does that mean the Houthi Navy has goat lockers?

  • Your basic Chad

    Put bombs on them so the enemy can’t take them without consequence.

  • Dindoo Nuffin

    Wished I had a million dollars to lay around unprotected. If it were mine and these camel humpers were caught pawing it, it would be the last thing they did in their miserable lives.

    • Vic Pittman

      Your mom know that you are on her computer again ?

  • Confucius Say

    Apart from the drone the accessories may be as important especially if they had military use.

  • Jimmy Ventura

    Probably the self destruct button was in Trump’s pocket, but the Dumb did not know how to use it

    • professorchaos

      Did you break your arm patting yourself on the back over that one?

      • Jimmy Ventura

        I’m waiting for the self destruct to detonate.

  • Martolt

    The bloodthirsty comments on here regarding the long suffering Houthis and other Yemenis are pretty sad. The guy they and their popular movement Ansarullah threw out of the country was corrupt and a tool of the Saudis. They had control of the entire country, when the Saudis along with other rich Arab countries started to drop US built cluster bombs on them and the general civilian population. Don’t be proud of that. Be ashamed. Yemen, and the Houthis, did not start this. The government that they threw out and the government previous to that are documented as having murdered and oppressed the Houthis and other Shia groups in Yemen. You are cheering the wrong side.

    • Freeway

      You expect people who came here from DrudgeReport to know anything about a foreign country? Their knowledge of world affairs is very limited. Anything they know comes from Saudi-aligned media anyway. I’m glad many groups, Houthis included, are defending their own territory and whopping Saudi Arabia. Just a shame we support Saudi’s terror against the civilians of Yemen.

  • kye154

    Leave it to the U.S. navy to either wreck a ship or loose an underwater drone. What next?

    • El Kabong

      How many ships and aircraft do the USN operate DAILY around the world?

      Other navies?

  • Jimmy Ventura

    We should be ashamed of helping and allowing the Saudis and their coalition to butcher the Yemenis.
    No difference between Obama and Trump in this respect.

  • Packard27

    Somebody had better hope the drone was not LoJack equipped.

    If so, the USN is not going to be sending some local cop to get their property back. That is, of course, if they actually want it back.

  • Bob Flannery

    shame we cant detonate that thing,,,lol

  • no

    We paid $1,000,000 for that?

    • Dave Algonquin

      A lot more when you consider the cost of operating it.

  • Renegade Roughneck ☆ verified

    Self destruct mode initiated.

  • Patent Pending

    In case the navy is interested, I can put a car battery in a piece of PVC pipe connected to a motor, toss in a Raspberry Pi with a few sensors, and I will only charge them $900,000 for it. That’s big savings right there.

    • J. Neville Groff

      Never built anything that operates at crush depth I see.

      • Patent Pending

        Good point. Saves $100K each time it is captured though, so there’s that.

  • PapaUmMaoMao

    So… who was “in charge” of the drone sub’s mission in the first place… Captain Binghamton and Ensign Parker???

  • PapaUmMaoMao

    How ‘bout “McHale’s Navy?”

  • bikerdogred1

    No system to tell where it is just like throwing money away, if it had a GPS you could at least bomb the thing to dust.

  • Chopmeat

    This was done by the Iranians

    • Sc00ter5111

      If someone else did it: the most likely candidate has their capital in Tel-Aviv.

  • Dxisgreat

    This is why I say any drones used by the military should have a self destruct function that can be triggered via satellite in case it falls into the hands of hostile forces. THAT would have made a far better video.

  • Dave Algonquin

    They’d have been better off to capture an Amazon Fire Stick. You think I’m joking? You can’t get Netflix on that yellow contraption.

  • Freeway

    What do you expect them to do? Stand around and clap? We are supporting Saudi Arabia in terror-bombing civilian targets all over Yemen. We need an America first policy now more than ever. Saudi Arabia can commit war crimes in its own name, not ours.

  • Doug Clinton

    They didn’t capture it. The Navy wanted them to have it for some reason.

    • RealitiCzech

      The Navy has a problem not ramming slow massive cargo ships in the largest ocean on earth. I wouldn’t bet on this being a Batman Gambit.

  • motownjohn

    Marcus Aurelius said ” The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non obvious.”

    It could be a stupid move or a brilliant Trojan horse like thing. Who knows?

  • Herb

    A million dollar drone? Knowing what the military pays for stuff like this the Houthi’s didn’t get much.

    • John “Баба Яга” Wick 30-378

      Great point.

  • John “Баба Яга” Wick 30-378

    Um, top secret drones are not painted yellow and have the company logos on them. Good grief.

  • victor_whisky

    Probably cost only $20,000 to make. That is why they love the military government business, they will pay obscene prices for anything, even if it doesn’t work…like the missile shield and the patriot missiles.

    Wonder how much the V-22 Ospray cost the tax payer, it was in development since the early sixties.

  • Bongvater

    So we still haven’t learned our lesson to self destruct these things?

  • Bongvater

    I guess outfitting it with flashing strobe lights might have been a bit gaudy.

  • BOO..

  • Skyking239

    The navy has been mapping ocean littorals of nearly every nation for years. We collect data on bottom topography (bathymetry), tides/currents, sea surface temperature, salinity etc. These particular AUVs also map bottom structures using side looking (synthetic apeture) sonar. They are not stealthy as they are yellow and surface regularly to update GPS location. SOF forces use smaller cheaper hand launched versions to collect near real time reconnaissance of ports and approaches to coastal targets. This AUV is probably from the navy’s Littoral Battlespace Sensing (LBS) system. The LBS-AUV (REMUS 600) is used for anti-submarine, mine warfare, naval special warfare and persistent IPOE. Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command purchased three LBS systems. US Navy SSN’s can launch this AUV. However, I can’t imagine a navy sub launching a bright yellow relatively short range near surface AUV…considering how Bubble-heads have a natural aversion to detection and localization.

  • thaidude

    Thought we would have affixed some sort of self destruct mechanism on those drones after we lost one to the Iranian awhile back.

  • ironage

    We all live in a yellow submarine…..

  • Allis Chalmers

    Now the rebels are demanding that the US Navy tell them how to get HBO on it.

  • les

    Was this captured or stolen?

    • Refguy

      Just found.

  • Freeway

    You should move to Berkley California or some other liberal wasteland you belong in.

  • echo sierra

    Keep moving it from base to base to allow all your fighters the privilege of seeing it.

  • Opinionated2

    They need to be equipped with a self detonation device.

  • Eagle115

    Hey USNI, did you notice your logo on the AUV (top photo)? Uh Oh, you’re on the Houthi s–t list now!

  • Jack

    It doesn’t matter if it belongs to the US Navy or not. This device will be reverse engineered by Iran most likely and could be use to make upgraded versions of it.

    Another example of how US Navy fucks up itself lol .. We spend millions of dollars making these machines, only for them to be lost to enemies and reverse engineered.

    • USNVO

      Couldn’t the just buy one from Hydroid? They are sold commercially.

  • parum imperium

    My comment was removed because I advocated carpet nuking the entire region. What kind of pussified site is this??

    • Vic Pittman

      I advocate dropping a daisy cutter on your trailer park….

      • parum imperium

        Typical racist comment.

        • Vic Pittman

          Racist ..? .. I assume that you are white like me.

          • parum imperium

            As I said, racist. You know what happens when you assume? You make an assout of yourself.

        • Sc00ter5111

          Racist? how is it racist?
          There are millions who can’t afford a house because of job loss, because an illegal invading mesican took it for a lower wage,
          The best jobs go to foreigners who are trained by their replacements. The majority of these new jobs are minimum wage, a wage an engineer, with a masters, had to take because of those foreigners. This engineer and other highly educated professionals: are now flipping burgers or standing in the doorway saying: “welcome to Walmart” or stocking shelves.
          Jobs that exist that require a high school diploma and “some college”. Those who earned a degree are not hired because they are “over qualified”
          These unemployed degree holders who can only find jobs that pay minimum wage, have lost their houses and have to consider manufactured homes IE: “trailers” as a place called “home”. There are some who are not that lucky living in homeless encampments.

          • parum imperium

            Sounds like you really need to work on your innate racism.

      • Sc00ter5111

        How about dropping one on this site?

    • Sc00ter5111

      I’ve had over 10 comments removed or not posted to the site because I have information that is deemed harmful to the mission of this war of terror. Many many war crimes and crimes against humanity. The censors errr… i mean “moderators” In fact: do remove any disparaging posts that put a certain country who has their capital in Tel-Aviv. Say anything against them and their kind and your post wont make past your computer. Say anything about the us role they don’t like and your post drifts off into the ethernet, never to be seen by anyone but the poster. The 1st amendment does not apply here!

      • parum imperium

        There is a narrative to protect, that’s for sure.

  • Kenneth Millstein

    Too bad it wasn’t booby trapped!

  • Kenneth Millstein

    Too bad it wasn’t booby trapped!

  • sferrin

    Well now it’ll be going to China.

  • RobM1981

    So, how much do you think the Houthi’s will get for it? Who will buy it? Russia? China? Someone is going to put some serious money down to reverse engineer this thing.

    If this really is ultra advanced (which it may not be), and it really is painted so bright that you can see it 30 or more feet down, someone should be held accountable.

    If, OTOH, it’s a decoy, meant to be captured? That’s different.

    One thing’s for sure, someone is going to pay a lot of money to open it up and find out what’s inside.

    • Refguy

      It’s COTS except for the sensor package, which isn’t necessarily classified. NOT a big deal.

  • Corporatski Kittenbot 2.0

    America has a habit of handing over unmanned vehicles to the Iranians.

  • Chesapeakeguy

    Stand by as the ‘Houthi Navy’ produces a video with them singing “WE all live in a yellow submersible”….

  • Samuel Clemens

    Hmm…is the thing a weapon? Not likely in the sense of being an ordnance. Is it an innocent environmental condition sensor. Apparently it has civilian uses that way. But then the quote: “Typically, the most common Navy uses for a REMUS 600 are mine countermeasures and intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition (ISRTA), Gettinger said.” If that thing were directing murderous strikes on my cities and villages, then I would consider it part of the larger weapon deployment and be very happy to have it out of commission. It appears to be dual use technology. As for capturing it, it appears likely it floated to the surface after running out of power. Not clear if the use of “Houthi Navy” swimmers would be a bit sarcastic in that case.

    • USNVO

      Well, unless the Houthi cities and villages are underwater, they have nothing to fear from the Target Acquisition performed by the REMUS 600 (or any of the other REMUS UUVs for that matter). They map the sea floor for future reference and find things on the sea floor using side scan sonar. For example, the find targets like mine like objects, shipwrecks, lost airplanes, sunken submarines, infrastructure like pipelines, oil platforms, hazards to navigation, etc. They also can measure things like temperature, pressure, salinity, turbidity, etc.

  • Western

    Better than swimming up to a coastline at night with a compass, lead line and slate. You know who you are.
    Houthi Navy – lol. Embarrassing.

  • LTDanKaffee

    If they return it and file a claim, the Navy might even pay them a 15% recovery fee!

  • Sc00ter5111

    This site heavily censors any content they don’t agree with. All they want here are those mindless war mongers and the racist cowards . Every post I made on this site, approximately 10 posts never got past the censors, they call them “moderators”. I used no profanity, threats of violence, or defamed any poster here. This site does not believe in the 1st amendment, and should be shut down!

  • Newsanno

    This should be a lesson for the USA with expensive equipment operating in these violent areas of the world is to equip them with a self destruct mechanism that will render the looted useless and the people taking it..BOOM.

  • John B. Morgen

    Someone at the Navy was not thinking too clearly about sending this probe into a war zone.

  • dpaul

    Bad headline: Change Captured with STOLEN then it makes sense.

  • “Houthi Forces Capture U.S. Navy Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Off Yemen” – change “capture” to “salvage”. Depends on your point of view and what the meaning of the word “unmanned” is.

  • D. Jones

    Thank goodness the Houthis didn’t steal one of our highly-advanced LCS!

  • Pete Cuban

    it doesn’t have the word “smokey” in the top image, but the close up shows the word. The label appears to be in the navigational head as you can see the antenna folded back next to the forward locating mark and the label forward of that mark. In the top image there is no word printed on the body…these appear to be two images from two different uuv’s. I have the original video as well, and cannot see this word. I don’t understand why they would want to obfuscate that detail from the video, or add the element “smokey”…for some value? There is no frame matching the bottom picture on this page, either. It’s just odd.