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Admiral Warns: Russian Subs Waging Cold War-Style ‘Battle of the Atlantic’

Russian submarine Severodvinsk

Russian submarine Severodvinsk

Russia has stepped up its submarine operations and is regularly probing U.S. anti-submarine networks in a new “Battle of the Atlantic,” the commander of U.S. 6th Fleet said.

In an article for the U.S. Naval Institute’s June issue of Proceedings, Vice Adm. James Foggo III outlined a new era in U.S. and Russian submarine warfare he dubs “The Fourth Battle of the Atlantic.”

In his piece, Foggo compares the current uptick in Russian submarine posture to the great submarine battles between the Allies and the Germans in World War I and World War II and the Soviets and the U.S. during the Cold War.

“Once again, an effective, skilled, and technologically advanced Russian submarine force is challenging us. Russian submarines are prowling the Atlantic, testing our defenses, confronting our command of the seas, and preparing the complex underwater battlespace to give them an edge in any future conflict,” Foggo wrote.
“Not only have Russia’s actions and capabilities increased in alarming and confrontational ways, its national-security policy is aimed at challenging the United States and its NATO allies and partners.”

Since the Russian seizure of Crimea in 2014, Russian Navy surface ships, aircraft and submarines have been much more active in presence operations – particularly the submarines.

Borei-class nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN).

Borei-class nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN).

Russian officials have been open about increased submarine operations over the last two years. Russian Navy head Adm. Viktor Chirkov said in March of 2015 that submarines operations have increased by 50 percent.

“This is logical and necessary to guarantee the security of the state,” he said at the time in Russian state-controlled press.

While Russian surface ships and aircraft trail behind their U.S. equivalents technologically, Russia has maintained a strong submarine industrial base since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

In late 2014, the U.S. officer in charge of the U.S. submarine construction told a conference he was so impressed with the Russian Navy’s new Yassen-class attack submarine he had a model built of the first-in-class attack boat K-329 Severodvinsk.

“We’ll be facing tough potential opponents. One only has to look at the Severodvinsk, Russia’s version of a [nuclear-guided missile submarine] (SSGN),” then-Program Executive Office submarines Vice Adm. Dave Johnson said at the time.
“I am so impressed with this ship that I had [the Navy] build a model from unclassified data.”

Model of Russian submarine Severodvinsk built for NAVSEA. US Naval Institute Photo

Model of Russian submarine Severodvinsk built for NAVSEA. US Naval Institute Photo

In addition to nuclear submarines, the Russians are improving the technological capability of their diesel-electric submarines, including the ability for Russian Kilos to launch long-range Kalibir NK cruise missiles.

“These are the platforms that are the most challenging for us to deal with because of their inherent stealth,” Foggo wrote.
“As demonstrated last December by Kalibr launches into Syria from the Eastern Mediterranean, Russian leaders will use such weapons at will, without the same qualms we have about collateral damage.”

All told, Foggo outlines an “arc of steel” of Russian submarine strength from the Arctic to the Black Sea.

“Combined with extensive and frequent submarine patrols throughout the North Atlantic and the Norwegian Sea, and forward-deployed forces in Syria, Russia has the capability to hold nearly all NATO maritime forces at risk,” he wrote.

  • Ed L


  • Always the arms race.

    • Jim

      The defense industry owns Congress, so… we need an arms race.

      • $25955366

        Funny, you weren’t saying that when the Demonicrats held Congress.

      • MicheleLloyd

        You, and so many others, need to understand that for the “military industrial complex” to survive and thrive, Congress must be a willing partner – as Congress has been since the Republic was established. Stop deluding yourself into thinking that this is a one-way street.

      • LibtardsSUK

        Wrong! The “Globalist’s/Bankers” own Congress. They also own the Defense Industry… in Merika and Russia.

        Have you never heard, “Follow the money”. And the money never ends with the “Defense Industry”…. it always ends in the hands of the Money Changers!!!

  • Lynne Whelden

    Under the Obama administration, a wooden model (of the latest Soviet technology) under a desk is about as far as that project will go.

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      Why are the uncivil and unthoughtful and off-topic comments about the present President of the USA and his administration tolerated? They consist just as much of rudeness, violent language, personal attacks and vulgar language.

      • John Francis

        The truth hurts.

        • Cocidius

          A truth that’s told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.

          William Blake

      • muzzleloader

        And every word of scorn is merited.!!

    • Horn

      I haven’t seen the comment section this bad before on USNI. Kinda curious where all these commenters came from because I’m having a hard time finding actual comments compared to political attacks and views.

      • Beomoose

        Aside from the obvious RussTrolls, just going from the content of the bile they’re spewing I’d say some of these posters got whipped up by some fringe blog directing them this way. Sam’s team delivers great content which doesn’t deserve the muck being flung about here today.

      • Nightmare

        Six years active duty, four years at sea, retired civilian qualified IAW NS 0989-028-5000 MCT

    • Marcd30319

      What would be nice is a comment section accessible to the people who are actually paying members of the U.S. Naval Institute. This might raise the level of maturity and moderation on this board.

    • Nik

      Fuck off, you smug, smarmy, pretentious gay twerp.

  • Cornhead

    “Weakness is provocative.” Donald Rumsfeld

    • Jim

      “I think it hurt the president having his iron-ass view of everything.” George H. W. Bush, on “arrogant” Donald Rumsfeld.

      • Dustoff

        Ahhhh yes. O-dumber has done such a great job.
        I’ll take Donald any-day over this fool.

        • Bryan st.martin

          O”Bummer is related to Bush and Cheney. 6th and 7th cousins.

    • nearboston

      “Donald Rumsfeld is a progressive neo con warmonger.” nearboston

      • buddman

        I would take Rummy over the gayy Fruit Loop o-buckwheat just appointed any day of the week

        • hateObammy

          Oh Tay !

  • Jim

    And somehow they manage to do all this scary stuff on one-tenth the budget of the US military. Russia isn’t known for its efficiency…

    • Fire Marshal Bill

      It isn’t as scary as the fear mongers (read war mongers) would have you believe.

      • philip1234

        Stick to fighting fires, Bill. Actually, it’s scarier.

    • $25955366

      They don’t have to comply with all the P.C. bullcrap that domestic enemies like Oblame-o and Hitlery have foisted on it.

    • MicheleLloyd

      You speak, or in this case, write, out of ignorance.

    • morning_in_america

      well they dont pay their enlisted men but a tiny fraction of our salaries

    • John Richard Walsh

      US Budget for military finances all NATO nations defenses, troops in 100 nations, lots of unwanted vehicles due to Congress.

    • philip1234

      That “one tenth’ of the budget stuff doesn’t bear scrutiny. Our personnel costs absorb the majority of the defense budget as we pay for thousands of female members to bear children each year, all kinds of useless crap that contributes NOTHING to national defense, and pay our military members a reasonable salary, unlike the Russians or Chinese. Actual dollars spent on actual defense is a much smaller ratio. Oh, and they are not building dozens of new buildings for their military the way we are, pure pork loved by politicians of both parties.

  • Nightmare

    The female crews may be up to it. I remember …

    The Fiftieth Anniversary of the sinking of the USS Scorpion approaches.

  • sinisterfalcon007

    Russian submarines have always maintained their edge in reactor technology, kinematic performance like speed, diving depth & also hull i remember in 70’s they were the first & till now only nation that has developed sub made out of titanium but they lagged NATO subs in acoustics but in this era they made a giant leap in this critical area too which makes them a perfect weapons to win WW3.

    • Fire Marshal Bill

      We have submarines that are quieter at full speed than the quietest Russian sub at port.

      • Rex Steinkuller

        oh really! By all means, please enlighten us…lol

        • morning_in_america

          he is right, some mathematicians designed US subs to be far quieter

        • OldSailor

          Virginia class SSN, Ohio class SSBN to start with.

      • Alex Skorodumov

        So, why your admiral is crying?
        Also diesel subs are much quieter than any nuclear ones. Russia just finished 6 brand new Kilos, 6 more will be ordered.

        • OldSailor

          Kilo? Oh yes, a nearly 40 year old design, updated but still outdated.

          • LibtardsSUK

            Nuclear Tipper Kalibr Cruise Missiles ARE NOT OUTDATED!!!

      • Ned Carbine

        You’re under arrest.

      • LibtardsSUK

        Not True… and has about 0 relevance in a First Strike WW3 scenario anyway!!!

        Are you going to be saying, “But I thought our subs were quieter than there’s” while peering at all the pretty little Mushroom Clouds surrounding your village?!!!

        • Fire Marshal Bill

          The thing is, we beat the Soviet Union. Russia is but a mere shadow of what the USSR was. Russia has nowhere close to the resources it needs to challenge us for any length of time.

    • Dominik

      You don’t win WW3. You’re the second loser.

    • Rex Steinkuller

      Sorry,there wil be no winners. Except maybe the cockroaches…lol

    • OldSailor

      How many Russian/Soviet submarines have suffered crippling or worse reactor failures? I can name at least 3 without having to look them up. This includes the Yankee SSBN lost off the North Carolina coast.

      Your “titanium” hull sub was the “Alpha” (NATO designation.) Yes, it could dive very deep but was as quiet as an industrial machine shop at full production. Tell us how many are still in service? (Hint – 0)

  • rightwinga

    This has been going on for at least 10-15 years! Soviet Sonar has killed many fish in the Atlantic! That is why striped bass and herring have been on the decline!

  • CryptoReporter

    Imagine your neighbors checking the locks on your home as you are arriving home.


  • Dustoff

    So much for that Re-Set button the both obama and hillary spoke of.

  • Admiral Warns: Russian Subs Waging Cold War-Style ‘Battle of the Atlantic’

    Isn’t this a public admission we can detect Soviet Subs, and yes I mean Soviet”?

    • morning_in_america

      we have publicly been able to detect russki subs for decades….the entire ocean bed from greenland to iceland to norway is wired with detectors.

      • Dominik

        Most of the SOSUS system was removed, since the US can no longer detect Russian subs with it. Thanks to John Walker.

    • Horn

      Yes, but they’ve known that for decades. Ever heard of the GIUK gap?

    • FemiA

      I think the concern is the Russians are able to detect, surprise and outmaneuver and outgun US subs as unlike before. The emphasis is the Russians are in a position to place not only US navy at risk but that of her allies as well!

  • MicheleLloyd

    This “uptick” is a direct result of Obama and his Mistress of Catastrophes (Hillary) continual pressing of the ‘reset’ button for Russian-US relations. The Ukraine, Georgia, massive Russian troop exercises along NATO nation borders… all due to the brilliance of ‘commander in chief’ who has capitulated his responsibilities to safeguard the security of the US. Are you sleeping better at nights, America, knowing that Obama is on watch?

    • hateObammy

      but but The Big Red Reset Button ??

    • John Richard Walsh

      Obama was educated in Moscow USSR 1981-83 and speaks Russian.

      • phelbin

        Well that’s just not true

        • InAWord

          Of course it’s NOT TRUE! He said Obama was educated!!! 🙂

          What an OBVIOUS LIAR!!!!

    • Ken N

      So your saying that Russia’s high tempo sub ops (and probably expensive to a country with a struggling economy that depends on high oil prices) is because they see America as weak? Instead maybe they actually feel a little threatened and feel compelled to act. The USA doing armored warfare maneuvers and deploying aircraft miles from the Russian border doesn’t really come off to me as a sign of weakness. Doing naval maneuvers just miles from sensitive Russian naval base at Kaliningrad also doesn’t sound weak. What your saying just doesn’t make sense…

  • Rex Steinkuller

    He got help from Hillary!

    • morning_in_america

      yes but he was naturally gifted

  • Nash Davis

    Trump doesn’t have the Gonads to deal with Putin. Putin will crush him and Clinton’s claim that Trump will push that big red button is also wrong. To put it plainly Trump is a coward and will never smash the BUTTON.

    • morning_in_america

      Well Putin has already proved he can handle Hillary…

      • buddman

        He should he has Copies of all her E-mail he even offered to sell them back to her for a couple of Billion Like Iran got LMFAO!!

        • morning_in_america

          He knows she will obey because he could get her impeached if he ever released them….perfect blackmail

  • veritatis3

    Laprov and Putin are still laughing about Hillary visiting the former and presented
    him with a large “button” which represented this administration’s “reset button”
    for better relations with Russia.

    • morning_in_america

      she though it would be like the Easy button At staples

    • John Richard Walsh

      Hillary misspelled “RESET” and put “CAPITULATE” by mistake in Russian.

    • Lance Manion

      Russkies have their own red button. Only it’s a lot smaller, they got many of them and their all attached to stuff aimed at US. What an idiot her and her handler are. I can’t believe that, that, that (OBWheat moment) beast can draw enough votes to help run a county fair.

    • JS

      They’ve probably used that “Reset Button” in one of the New Borei’s!!! Or sent it to China for use in the Type 95/96!!

  • Commander_Chico

    Russia’s on the right (less evil) side in Syria, how about we try cooperating?

    • Rex Steinkuller

      How about we stay out & focus on Central & South America!

      • Ned Carbine

        How about focusing on the former America!?

    • Jim

      Since when is Assad the lesser evil in Syria? That monster is almost as bad as Putler.

  • Nash Davis

    lol you truly are a Pawn.

  • Nita Shafer

    Barrack Hussein Obama to Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential Debate: “The 1980’s called and said the cold was has been over for 20 years” Looks like Romney was correct.

    • Lance Manion

      And he was an IDIOT for not going after him thus saving us a second four year helping of total off the hook America-Assassination and WorldGroveling. Don’t discuss him anymore. He failed us then and continues his slide downwards arms linked with his ‘opponent’. Good grief.

  • wrickard

    Reality is the world has grown much more dangerous over the last two decades, with China and Russia moving to a much stronger offensive capability and Iran and North Korea proving to be growing in capabilities to strike with nuclear weapons our next president will have to restore military priorities that have been lowered the last 8 years.

    • Secret Agent

      You miss the point. Russia and China have improved capabilities but not to project power globally , rather they make it impossible for the US to project power into their boundaries thus all the talk about a2ad area denial. The US would have to spend trillions to develop a convential force to overcome this and even then the US is 100% vulnerable to their strategic nuclear arsenal.

      At the same time, it would cost them trillions to develop a convential force that could threaten the US but the issue of the US strategic arsenal would remain also.

      So we are back to a stalemate. MAD. But this time is different. This time the NeoCon lunatics are doing a pretty good job convincing the establishment that nukes are an option, that an exchange can come out to Americas advantage.

      Of course rational people are asking “what if you are wrong” but those voices have been largely shut out of the national discourse. There is very little to be gained in pursuing a new Cold War but the losses could be total. I’m not entirely convinced that our leaders have done a proper risk assessment on this.

      We are at a very dangerous point in time.

  • John Francis

    When the Berlin wall fell and the Soviet Union collapsed, the United States did not keep its promises not to expand towards Russia – instead we gloated and gorged ourselves on hubris, “We are now the only super power!” As one article put it: “The United States and NATO have repeatedly accused Russia of being the key source of instability and tensions in Europe, yet documents show that Moscow was right all along – Washington broke its pledge not to expand the alliance to the East. This decision has been at the heart of current troubles.” Think how we would react and feel if Russia was doing on the Mexican and Canadian borders everything we are doing on Russia’s border! It would not be tolerated. Putin’s actions are very understandable!

    • Airman48

      How’s the weather today in St Petersburg Russia Ivan. I don’t think your fooling anybody with the fake name Ivan. We all know that Russia and its Fascist dictator Vladimir Putin is the greatest source of political instability in Europe today. The nations now in NATO are there because they want to be. Your Fascist dictator Vladimir Putin actually makes the best recruiter NATO has right now.

      Russian aggression are what drive nations towards NATO like Sweden is moving towards NATO right now. The United States made no pledge or signed no treaty with Russia that prohibited the expansion of the NATO alliance. As far as Russian bases in Mexico or Canada are concerned. It ain’t never going to happen. No nation in its right mind would EVER willingly want Russian bases on their territory cause Once Russians show up you can’t get rid of them. Look how long it took the East Europeans to get rid of the Russians, 45 years.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Upper Lip

    Reminds one of the two Japanese soldiers on Mindanao still hiding out six decades after Japan lost WWII.

  • Ned Carbine

    Russia is keeping the world safe from the psychopaths in The US and EU. They will defend and if we get slashed you can say it was self-inflicted.

    • Airman48

      Get a clue kremtroll.

  • Ned Carbine

    No, Texas is going to Cuba.

  • sw614

    Yes, but the up side to the obsolete floppy disc operated systems is they are stand alone and cannot be hacked.

  • cj2317

    So what the 578 billion is not enough? you out spend them 7 to 1? with what you spend on the military they could criss cross your nation with high speed rail put everybody to work fix schools roads bridges inner city poverty school lunches daycare for working families but nope day by day you guys are falling the rest of the world on everything else but obesity rates incarceration rates and what you spend on your military and this is not just my opinion these are facts!!

    • philip1234

      Yes, high speed rail and more money for people who will never hold jobs. Yes, that’s what we need. Let me guess, you’re feeling the Bern?

      • cj2317

        Well got do something other something other that flushing billions of dollars down the toilet on equipment that that is not needed and making a boggie man out of Russia and China I mean really who goes around sticking there nose in everybody’s business invading countries leaving them in a complete disaster?

        • philip1234

          I agree with not wasting money, but the fact is much of DOD’s money is wasted on all kinds of things that don’t involve weapon systems, such as utterly bloated civilian payrolls. And I agree about “invading” countries such as Iraq, and sticking our nose into Syria and Libya, among other places. The current administration has gone out of it’s way to tweak Putin and Russia’s noses. However, we’re not “making a boogeyman” out of China, they are doing that all by themselves. They have a long term plan that involves them being the dominant world power, and they completely understand our growing weakness.

          • cj2317

            well we agree on most things except that its not Russia and china building military bases all over the world and continually provoking matters i am just saying that we need a boogie man if we don’t have one all there a lot of military funding will dry up and peace is bad for business in the arms industry do you remember what life was life before 9/11?

          • philip1234

            Not only do I remember what life was like before 9-11, I was in the military for 30 years and still around it. Best check up on China and her military base plans. Our basing is established via treaties and we have far fewer troops in foreign bases than prior to 9-11, excluding the ongoing commitment in Afghanistan. The military at the cutting edge is in terrible material shape, reminiscent of the Carter years. So much of our ‘defense’ budget goes for non defense items it’s sickening. Every base has dozens to hundreds of brand new buildings, despite the downsizing of active units, and the building continues. No recorded case in military history of a building winning a war or even killing an enemy. China is a clear, present, and demonstrable threat. We are not engaging her diplomatically or in a substantial military way. Long term allies in the Pacific are very nervous. See how they are all building their own militaries up. China is a far greater threat than ever the Soviet Union was. See how they are all building their own militaries up. As far as our basing plan goes, it is just geographic necessity.

  • Casey Klahn

    I tell people that Russia has invaded Europe, and that we must get on a war footing to counter Russian aggression. Many times, the responses are, “no, they didn’t (invade Europe),” and “you’re a war monger.” It is an old story and certainly an unfortunate time for us to be defense-poor. But, Russia knows that.

    • Secret Agent

      Well people can’t see the invading Russians because they are camouflaged as trees and bushes and whatnot. If you want to convince people just show them a picture of a forest and tell them it’s actually a Russian tank brigade.

      • Casey Klahn

        Your comment is very funny, but I find an even deeper and darker irony in the way Russians simply took off their insignia and were dubbed: “Little Green men.” Shazam! No Russians in Ukraine. The shame is not on the Russians, but on those of us in the West who just take it.

  • Keith Jones

    I read an article about submarines. The first 10 or more commenters read an article on politics. I won’t bother reading the rest. That said we are building 1 or 2 Virginia class boats a year. The real question for the future should be is there a choice to be made between continuing the strategic triad or consider doing away with one leg of it. We all know that long range bombers are the most versatile leg of the triad. If people continue to avoid raising taxes something somewhere is going to have to give.

    • Clint_Beastwood

      Although I appreciate your opinion, having spent considerable time with friends that operate Boomers and FA, I think they are incredibly important to the strategic triad. I’m surprised at your conclusions. The world’s operational waters are vast and our boats don’t get shadowed as much as you’d think. I DO think that we need to diversify deployment points, as both Bangor and King’s Bay are so well known to the RU that it’s no wonder they predictably lurk outside of these known points attempting to intercept. Our boats are very capable. Our command structure is very weak under this administration and our patrols’ lack of aggressiveness reflect our weakness.

      I don’t understand, with the incredible advances in radar/AA technology in the RU (surely to have already been marketed outside the RU to its usual customers), why you’d choose to emphasize aerial delivery without emphasizing the incredibly necessary overhauling of our aerial delivery platforms or (again) increase in the diversity of deployment points. I could discuss at length our aerial deficiencies (due to lack of innovation, which is due to the dominance of certain defense contractors having a chokehold on funding foolish projects), but that would take all day.

      In a world that is growing in aggression toward us, we need to grow the projection of our strength equally. The RU is trying to squeeze the Atlantic because we are allowing it, just as we are allowing China to squeeze the Pacific. We need to diversify our strategic deployment points and compost our current command structure in favor of more assertive operation.

  • devan95

    These articles always leave out what we are doing……..

  • OSR1

    No he was pushed out due to his idea of smaller lethal strike force military, the MIC doesn’t like small and nimble.

  • OSR1

    Well Russia is building bases in Latin America. Obama works to destroy this country.

    • morning_in_america

      Agree about Obama. And his mentally challenged sec of state, Kerry, said the Monroe Doctrine no longer applies, essentially inviting Russia and China into Latin America.

    • John Richard Walsh

      Communist countries nearby; Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador. Rest are leftists to one degree or another.

      • M. WEST

        John…what country in the western hemisphere isn’t “a lefty” compared to the U.S.? lol

  • Adam Baum

    All I hope is that the Soviet MIRV’s don’t lose my address…..

  • Sally

    The U.S military with it might and suck of the taxpayer dollars has proven an embarrassment . Korea. Vietnam. The middle East. War with out profit or victory is an idiots past time. I guess the corporations and politicians receiving the lobby money are doing well.

  • Magnum McMillan

    The comments here and anywhere else are useless, full of Putin’s paid trolls and their twisted invective.

  • amusing_myself

    Pretty much sums up the problem of shrinking our Long Range Maritime Patrol Forces to a skeletal status.. Take away the cat and the mice will take advantage……

  • hateObammy

    the ruskie’s maybe winning the cold war but they can’t touch Odumbo on the golf course – he’s got your back – sleep well comrades

  • hateObammy

    what about his golf course toilet ?

    • geoffyjoe

      Sean Penn stepped up and volunteered to handle that.

  • OldSailor

    Ah yes, the “wrecking machine” class. Even a frigate with “Helen Keller” sonar could hear them 20 miles away, our subs could hear them 100 miles off, 150 under the right conditions.

  • Manrice

    My fear isn’t that Russia or China would launch a preemptive nuclear strike on the US; the retaliation would be devastating. Instead, I think what they are aiming to do is to gain a tactical vantage point from which the US can’t afford to respond to Russian or Chinese aggression in Europe or Asia. They would have us over a barrel and we would have to stand idly by while they committed more aggression.

    • Clint_Beastwood

      Hence the squeeze of the Atlantic by the RU coupled with the squeeze by China of the Pacific. Great point.

      • Manrice

        This mailbox is no longer active.  Please send all mail to [email protected].
        Thank you.

      • Manrice

        There was a pretty good 1980s miniseries with Rock Hudson and Brian Keith called WW III. The premise involved a desperate Russia inserting a small airborne assault unit into Alaska under cover of a snowstorm in order to threaten sabotage on several miles of the Alaska pipeline and blackmail America into complying with Russian demands. I can see Russia backing us into a corner and threatening war if we don’t back off from the NATO alliance.

  • atheistinside

    Your childish misunderstanding of how the real world works is much more disgusting.

  • Steve S

    I will question how long it will be before they lose a submarine and its crew. During the cold war they lost quit a few submarines, the Kursk being the most prominent to be lost.


    Hillary hit the Russian Reset Button so hard, she reset us back to the Cold War. If elected President and she hits it again, Russia will be forced to relaunch Sputnik.

  • DieselBoatMan

    Have one of our SSN’s stick a fish in one of them, and then deny, deny, deny.

    They’ll get the message.

    I’d be more worried if they were seen anywhere within 50 miles of Dingle, county Kerry Ireland.

    • …then deny, deny, deny.

      Sorry, that only works for emails and servers that process SAP material outside the firewall of the State Department.

  • Ngallendou Dièye

    These submarines may be one of the main reasons for which the USSA has not already sought to destroy Russia militarily. We can be thankful for “The Hunt for Red October,” despite its silly ending.

    • OldSailor

      If it had been the desire of the US or NATO to destroy Russia we had plenty of opportunity after the collapse of the USSR. 90% of their submarine force and surface Navy was unable to even safely get underway. The Army and Air Forces were in roughly the same shape.

      Russia is still here and not glowing in the dark or saluting the Stars and Stripes, what does that tell you?

      • Ngallendou Dièye

        In the ensuing quarter of a century, there has been a radical shift in globalist military and economic philosophies, devolving through Bush, Clinton and Obama regimes.

  • opinionated_too

    They did the same thing back in 1970, when I was in the navy. No big deal, unless you make it one.

  • tedpeters

    Let us pray for the poor Russian submariners who Putin forces to risk their lives in these decrepit underwater Potemkin Villages so that he can pound his chest to prove that he is masculine.

  • Rick Smith

    When the midnight sky lights up like the noonday Sun,
    we aren’t going to know what hit us.

  • Regis Parker

    I served up in Keflavik during the cold war. We intercepted both USSR Bear Bombers and monitored Soviet Subs activity in the North Atlantic and Atlantic. Back then the Soviets didn’t mess with us because they new there would be consequences. Now it is disgusting to see what a weak feckless president is allowing to happen. A slap in the face to every cold war warrior.

  • ColBatguano

    I don’t think he can be that stupid without working at it _really_ hard.

  • ColBatguano

    So is your ignorance.

  • Gary K

    Russians will always have their own self interest in mind and should not be taken lightly as they not only still possess great technology but also have the will to fight and have military leaders that are bent on overcoming advisories rather than being content with negotiations. Russians aren’t content with a stalemate but want to always be in the leadership position.

    Another sobering admission in the article is the admission that Russians are not concerned with collateral damages in the way that Americans are and thus citizen casualties are not something that would be programmed in to avoid. The problem with a lot of our leaders is that they are so liberally minded in that they believe that all the Russians are wanting to do is be our friends. Russia is building a military for domination and not for negotiation and until our leaders understand that we’ll continue to diminish our resources while Russians increase theirs.

  • Merchantman

    Not a full UK citizen just a citizen of an British overseas colony.

  • MrWorldCitizen1

    Strong leader vs. Weak leader. I’m not a huge Putin fan, but his leadership of his country (and popularity in his country) is much greater than our current administration.

    This administration has done so much damage to the US it is amazing. My wife grew up in Russia during the time of the Soviet Union. She says the US is turning into what the Soviet Union was when she was a child. She says the democrats and RINO republicans are acting the same as the politburo.
    She really got my attention with that one.

  • Chuck Rose

    I am an old boat sailor (Thresher Class) and can tell you that no matter what they build…manning them with skilled and dedicated sailors will always be their Achilles…we trailed a brand new Akula-Class out of the yards, and they never even knew we were there!

    • MaxAR15

      Chuck, I remember the Thresher & where I was when it went down.

  • John Richard Walsh

    Russia has subs off the coast of Miami and Jacksonville/Norfolk naval bases plus air patrols daily of “Bear” nuclear bombers based in Cuba, Obama’s friend.

  • Jonathan Miller

    Natural gift and hard wrk as wll? He is an overachiever in bad things for the US…

  • Don Bacon

    Poke the bear with warships, planes, missiles, troops and tanks off Russia’s coasts and borders, and expect reaction. It’s a budget thing.

  • I dreamt a while back china and Russia invaded while dollar collapsed and civil war broke out. Dhs and UN were fighting Americans and they did nothing about isis attacking from the south. There were nukes or dirty bombs set off in a major city. Also in another dream from 1997 a meteor struck the ocean and from space I watching the earth roll on its side. Pole shift. Judgements I suppose from a nation turning godless and immoral. Just a warning. Other people are having similar dreams and visions. Obama is a forked devil that lies every time he speaks. Beware the Muslim in chief definitely not our commander. In their eyes Christians and Constitutionalists and veterans are their threat.

  • karl

    No friend of the Russians I am an ole cold war type. Still how stupid do the pols have to be to think that Russia was just allow the EU or NATO to take their port of Sevastopol? I know the commies made it part of the ukraine in the 1950’s and the the Ukraine became independent in the 90’s but that does not mean the Russians were going to hand over a port they owned since the 1780s to the Eu and thus NATO!!
    Be nice if the pols read history.

  • meanwhile back in the Atlantic, Russia is still fighting the Cold War

  • Fr.Duffy Fighting 69th

    Not just Subs. The Russians are on a war footing across the board. High time the U.S. woke up to this fact. It is pretty apparent to most keen observers. So what gives in Washington D.C.? (rhetorical question)

  • jason

    The answer is simple, America is an open society and many native russians and/or eastern europeans were allowed to work in sensitive/secure installations. Even if they had acquired US citizenship, they were risky propositions to begin with,
    The dumb antidiscrimination laws prevent any source of rejection based on national origin.

    Secrets are no longer secret and Russia will unveil, very soon, a new and powerful navy and air force. Russia has an advanced IT and scientific community.
    Never underestimate your enemy.

    The US always does this.

  • TheToxicRevenger

    Ridiculously hyperbolic. A new “Battle of the Atlantic”? Seriously? The Germans sank 3,500 merchant ships, 175 warships, and killed over 72,000 sailors in approximately six years. How many boats have the Russians sank in the last fifty? Frankly, this kind of talk is insulting to our WWII veterans who had to deal with real conflict.

  • Deuce_2112

    Just a question: since when has the North Atlantic been the USA’s private pond? You have high tech subs there, so do other nations. That a nation you don’t really care for has boats that rival yours in technology and firepower shouldn’t really surprise you.

  • Mr. Putin’s submarines do not dictate the bathrooms policies at my local public schools. If a game of submarines makes Washington D.C. uneasy then that’s a shame. 🙂

  • Mike

    Leave it alone and don’t start anything stupid I know we have to feed the complex military industrial machine but we don’t need a WW 3 with the Russians.

  • Рон Джамин

    Wow, what a revelation. We’ve been doing this to the russkies for years. Its the nature of militaries to test their capabilities.

  • John Smith

    Real prediction: America is in a large war before Obama leaves office.

  • Mac

    I think the us navy needs to see this as an opportunity to study their tactics and plan accordingly. Move pieces and then strategically deploy tactical equipment for counter measures. Train and rehearse and when the time to flex some muscle comes, deploy those tactics just enough to overwhelm the soviets. The only idiot in the room that doesnt get it is the guy sitting in the oval office. Makes you wonder if he can see the larger picture. After 7+ years, i dont think he has the people around him or the intelligence to fully grasp warfare or stratagy. And quite honestly, the president has failed to instill confidence in our allies and instill fear in our enemies. From what ive seen and heard from his office is a naive understanding of foriegn affairs and military power.

  • Steven Evers

    Hillary’s Russian reset button continues to malfunction…

  • Mark Matis

    Maybe this country needs a real leader for a change.

    • Lance Manion

      Too late. All the WWII generation are gone.

      • Mark Matis

        We still have a trump card.

  • LightningJack

    Putin understands that he is dealing with a US military whose morale and esprit de corps have been strategically weakened by the rabid orthodoxy of political correctness, including progressive social engineering policies which are transforming US forces and their component command structures into quasi emotional halfway houses, sensitive to the multicultural concerns of progressive elites; in a predatory world whose false ideologies have teeth, looking for a whip, bridle and a leader.

    What strange reminiscences. Reading Western newspapers and watching Western T.V., a man who formerly grew up in the in the ex-Soviet Union cannot rid himself of the strange premonitions that he’s watched this “demo reel” before. Is it chimera, delusion, self-hypnosis…or just a tragic, crummy play directed on a world stage where all the worst actors got the best parts?

  • Frank Castle

    So essentially this comment thread is censored. Good to know Sam LaGrone appreciates the first ammendment.

    • Cocidius

      Yes I can’t remember seeing this thread contaminated with off topic political comments for a very long time.

  • phelbin

    Wait a minute! The Russians are sailing their ships in international waters and working on military strategies? How dare they!!!

    Come on….total non issue here.


    Not to worry, just fly P-3 Orion and P-8 Poseidon ASW Patrol aircraft from NAS Bunswick, ME and NAS Keflavic Iceland to keep track of the Russian submarines.
    Oh, wait, nevermind….

  • Obsidiandog

    Thank you Obama and Hillary for hitting that “reset” button on our relationship with the Russians. Like the rest of what passes as your foreign policy it is an epic fail.

  • Andre

    The silent service is doing its utmost to ensure that two Virginias and one ORP are built each year given Congress’ clampdown on defense spending. Only by exaggerating the threat, can military leaders ensure that Congress will pay attention.

    Russian submarines are quieter than their predecessors and certainly the Russian Navy is more capable now than during the 1990s, but no amount of more aggressive deployments can hide its much smaller stature than during the Cold War.

    Currently, Russia has 11 modern SSNs (Akula and Yasen) and 7 older SSNs (Sierra and Victor) that are noisy and fit for reserve duty only. Moreover, 4 of the Akulas are deployed to the Pacific Fleet, leaving only 6 Akulas and 1 Yasen to oppose NATO.

    In comparison, the US Navy has some ~22 modern SSNs (Los Angeles, Virginia and Seawolf) facing east, even after the pivot to Asia. In addition, America’s NATO allies provide an additional 13 SSNs.

    Closer ashore, the Russian Navy has some 22 SSKs, but then 8 are deployed to the Pacific and 5 to the Black Sea, which can be turned into a NATO lake at Turkey’s discretion. Yet NATO operates some 49 SSKs, outnumbering the Russians 3.5:1.

    The US and NATO has an overwhelming technological and numerical advantage over the Russian Navy. While this does not guarantee that the Russians would not sink NATO submarines in a war, it does mean that Russia is not winning any undersea arms races.

    • formerusaf

      Let’s not forget, we can push the reset button again.

      • Andre

        Athens, Berlin and Rome would love that; after all, their Russian speakers are more docile than in the former Soviet Empire.

  • Trivium

    won’t belong till more implode again….

  • Trivium

    Maybe the Russians need another reset button…where’s Hillary when you need her….

  • Keepitmoist

    Our Nobel peace prize winning president, started Cold War II. Good work!

  • Verbal Bomb Chucker

    And the Apologist in Chief……….goes off for another round of golf.

  • This story no doubt makes Obama happy since he worked so hard to wreck the US Military.

    • Funkenstein✓FUnK verified


  • DWinslow

    I don’t understand the statement that Russian aircraft are inferior to ours technologically. The SU-33,34,35 and the latest versions of the Mig-29 are superior to our F-15, F-16 and F-18. There is little doubt that their 5th generation aircraft will be better than the F-35.

    • Chuck Pelto

      RE: Better Than the F-35?

      “There is little doubt that their 5th generation aircraft will be better than the F-35.” — DWinslow

      Based on reports, the F-16 is better than the F-35. At least the F-16 is in squadron service….. 😉

      • publius_maximus_III

        Only in tight dogfights, like Smokin’ Joe Fraser up close — not when they’re engaged at a distance, like “Dance Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee” Ali, God rest his soul.

  • KeiMechiso

    Russia is taking these aggressive steps purely as a defensive measure as they always do, don’t you know. /sarc

  • formerusaf

    What happened to Hillary’s Reset Button?

    • randy s

      It was actually an “overcharged” button. It was misspelled. Typical for this group.

  • Chuck Pelto

    RE: We Are Being Deliberately Weakened

    And the Russians, Communist Chinese and ISIS are taking advantage of it. And US.

    Don’t you just LOVE IT when a Plan comes together?

  • tada

    should russia be scared from a president thats on the apology tour. i know mr. president, draw a line in the sand lol. i’m surprised we havent surrendered yet.

  • Russia, China and Iran.
    The next 25 years is going to be interesting.
    China is not stupid. When they go for it they will try to take out everything all at once, with at Russia going along for the ride. Not making the mistake that Japan made at the start of WWII.

  • nix

    Russians are patrolling the Atlantic. Jesus, what must they think of us with our massive patrols of the world’s oceans for the last half century? If they are playing war games by doing what we do routinely, what does that make us?
    It’s called international waters for a reason.

    • randy s

      Our Atlantic patrols found their Atlantic patrols. How dare they!!!

  • randy s

    the only reason Russia annexed Crimea and destabilized eastern Ukraine is because of NATO expansion on Russia’s border. Putin made it clear that Ukraine was off limits to NATO.

    If I remember correctly, we were ready to start WWIII over missiles in Cuba. That’s 90 miles from the US. We want to put missiles practically on their border.

    Russia has been invaded and lost 26M people people in WWII. (US lost 0.5M) They just might be a little worried about it happening again.

    Just back off and give them breathing room.

  • OldCrow1973

    Subs are the most dangerous instruments the worlds navy’s have. Russia has a long bitter memory of US Fast Attack subs. Russia Tried some very aggressive actions against U.S. Subs and suffered immensely in ego and lives.

    That being said. Now that their newer subs are more capable than before. The question remains. Will they revert to the overly bold tactics that has so colored their history under the Sea. If so how far will they go? How will we respond?

    Any loss by the Russians will be viewed as provocation by the Russians. What will they do about it. I can only hope it is a cautious approach. But that is I am afraid just wishful thinking on my part. I just got a cold chill down my spine.

  • Ryan

    The art of War, I think the Russians have read it and I don’t think the west has. We should have. They are lining us up for an attack in 2017. They testing our defenses and looking for weak points. I have multiple reasons and independent sources to believe this.

  • Curtis Conway

    Bottom line: Russian submarine activity is on the increase and more cavalier. The US submarine force is declining in numbers for some years. The Russians have both discussed restarting nuclear patrols, while our Fast Attack numbers decline, and that mission is not what they have been doing lately, and those responsibilities don’t go away when the new mission starts up again. How’s them apples?

  • Ed L

    This is reminisce of back in the 80s when we were watching deploying Subs out of Norfleet and the Baltic heading to the med and then the units being relieved would come back to their home ports trying not to be detected. What does the United States and NATO have left in the cupboard.

  • Fortuna Favet Fortibus

    We win because they won’t have fully integrated troops.

  • Todd Perry

    What do you expect when the US and its allies constantly attack its allies, ILLEGALLY take over countries on its borders to try to steal their assets and attack the Russian people while supporting terrorists like ISIS /Al-Qaeda worldwide and also putting sanctions on Russia for defending themselves, their people and their allies.
    –I do not blame them at all after all the crimes committed again their country, their people and their allies by the West and their allies.
    –Russia has the most restraint then any other country on the planet. Had Russia did any of this to the US all heck would have broken out long ago.
    –How would Washington criminals like it if Russia overthrew the Mexican government and moved their weapons and troops on our borders and attacked Americans in Mexico and other countries as we have done to them?

  • Dorothy Davidson

    This is what happens when you elect a community organizer (what ever
    that is) POTUS! TWICE!

  • jdp

    jdp…Obama’s attitude towards our military structure is very lacking like his actions on ISIS and the Iran non deal.

  • CTsOpinion

    Miss my tour with VQ2. Go NAVAL AIR!

  • CTsOpinion

    Those that chose to politize this article donot understand the mission of USNI and the reality of our national defense requirements.

  • jeddai smith

    The Oceans will fill with nuclear powered submarines…leaking their radiation into the seas. Considering the loss rate of Russian submarines, the planet is in trouble.

  • Catastrophes can happen without anyone wanting them to happen, especially when response times are narrowed down to minutes.

    One great deficit is that neither side appears to understand the mental world of the other. That can be fatal.

  • PolicyWonk

    “America is the one who is stupid for electing a communist/muslim sympathizer…”
    That flushing sound in the background was your credibility going down the tubes…

    The communist sympathizer’s were in the previous administration, who gave away a staggering amount of dual-use technologies, the hard-won manufacturing techniques, and the strategic industrial base, solely in return for the short term profits of GOP party donors.

    This was classified as an unprecedented national security disaster not only for the USA, but for every nation in the region as well. In the 2008 US National Intelligence Estimate, the report declared that more technology was given away in that time period (2002-2008) to Communist China than the USSR got in 60 years of Cold War.

    Obama, for all his faults, has done nothing remotely similar. In fact, you can add up all of Obamas many screw-ups, and you still won’t come to even a decent fraction of the disaster known as the Invasion of Iraq.

    If what passes for today’s GOP “leadership” represents our friends, the USA doesn’t need enemies. And thats according to the FACTS.

    • Curtis Conway

      Don’t forget the Clinton administration and Loral. The Chinese now have an ICBM targeting capability almost as good as ours, and we gave it to them (Gyros).

      • publius_maximus_III

        …or Toshiba, who sold the Soviets some 5-axis milling machines that could machine submarine propellers so smooth we could no longer detect their signature sound.

        • Curtis Conway

          I believe there was a Norwegian connection in the sub prop business as well.

        • Bryan st.martin

          Actually Toshiba only sold the computers to run the 5 axis machines another Northern European company sold them.

          • publius_maximus_III

            Merci, did not know that.

          • Secundius

            Depends on the Year? If it Happen in 1995, it probably was Hwacheon Machinery Europe GmbH (Germany). Parent Company Hwacheon being Located in South Korea. After 2003, probably DMG MORI Aktiengesellshaft of Germany…

          • Bryan st.martin

            It was in the later ’80s

        • old guy


    • John Myer

      “Gave away” or allowed to be stolen? I never applauded the GOP, so I guess you’re the one who seems to have a credibility problem. Just look at the bloodshed in the Middle East due to Obama’s Arab/Muslim Brotherhood Spring!

      • Raven kk

        And how do you think you got pay from you job? Without tech transfer Us Corporation would be allowed or have same market access to be profitable as it is. And you should know just as well as anyone what the country is all about first and for most: make money for the corporation (and its shareholders) so that any one can be a million dollars man with the right investment. It is the American Dream after all.

      • PolicyWonk

        No – these technologies (lamentably) were GIVEN away. Directly, and approved by the administration. This was also well documented in the many editorials composed by patrick Buchanan, who implored the administration to stop the transfers, because it was killing American jobs, increase China’s abilities (militarily), and give them the wherewithal to settle old (diplomatic) scores.

        You, sir, are the one lacking credibility. I’m merely agreeing with Buchanan, and all 16 US Intelligence Agencies. And the results are obvious for all to see.

    • publius_maximus_III

      I personally know a fellow who did four (4) rotations in Iraq as a non-com. On one tour he was assigned to a unit whose sole purpose was to locate WMD’s. And locate them they did. Funny how THAT never made it into MSM’s reports back home. Must have conflicted with their agreed upon narrative, “Bush lied, people died.”

      • PolicyWonk

        The CIA, in its report to the POTUS w/r/t the state of chemical weapons in Iraq, noted that any that were left were considered “residual”, and of “no strategic value”.

        They said that the UN had done a “remarkable” job of cleaning up the WMD in Iraq.

        So it isn’t surprising that they found some. The quantity, based on what Iraq actually had, versus what was actually found, is what might not have been considered significant, given the above.

    • uncaherb

      Anyone remember how North Korea gained nuclear capabilities, why it was old Bill C., made a peace deal with the dear leader in exchange for nuclear power.

      • PolicyWonk

        Anyone might be able to remember how NK gained nuclear capabilities, but that anyone doesn’t include YOU.

        MK had already started their nuclear program before/while Clinton was in office. The deal, was that we give them oil and food in return for 24/7 monitoring of all their nuclear facilities.

        When the Administration of George W Bush took office, they decided they knew better than everyone else (we know how THAT turned out, don’t we?), and stopped the shipments of oil and food.

        So the NK’s disconnected all the monitoring cameras, etc., and a few years later, the Bush Administration pretended to be stunned that the NK’s had developed a rudimentary bomb (after those clowns compounded their first dumb mistake, by adding NK to the so-called “axis of evil”, which encouraged them and the Iranians to start working on nuclear technologies as fast as they could).

        Then, much to the horror of the clowns in the Bush Administration, they discovered that they couldn’t get a “better deal” from the NK’s than Clinton got, yet now the world was a far more dangerous place.

        So you can stop pretending its only the democrats poo-poo that smells bad. The G W Bush Administration left behind the worst string of foreign policy and national security disasters in history as they strolled out the door: the gift that keeps on giving.

        If you want simple mistakes – vote democrat. If you want international catastrophe: vote GOP.

        • old guy

          TRUMP ON!

  • Steve

    Russia’s biggest obstacle is geography. The Baltic and Black Sea fleets have outlets controlled by NATO countries. The North Atlantic fleet is less hemmed in but must run the gauntlet of the straights between Greenland, Iceland, and UK. Only the Pacific fleet has a reasonable out. This means that any attack by Russia must be preceded with a massive deployment, else their assets are bottled up.

  • The Norseman

    I see one of the paid Russian Troll Factories was assigned to this article.

  • Steve Plant

    Yeah we lost the second we gave up on supersonic ASM’S and the SUBROC…

  • ulises velez


  • John B. Morgen

    The Russian Navy is regrouping by gathering new intelligence about NATO’s anti-submarine position. There’s really nothing new here, but an increase of submarine actively. The Russian Bear is awake……

  • Donald Carey

    Hitler wrote Mein Kampf…

    • publius_maximus_III

      And these past 7-1/2 years have sure been a struggle for all of us…

    • Bryan st.martin

      Hillary will probably rewrite it in her own words.

  • Mike Holman

    Russia’s new submarine capabilities pose a great threat. The new submarines are quiet and efficient weapons platforms. The Severodvinsk carries anti-ship missiles with an estimate range of out to 200 miles and speeds of Mach 2.5 – a potent weapon against our carriers. The Severodvinsk also has a low magnetic steel hull designed to limit the effectiveness of our airborne magnetic anomaly detection equipment. It is a new age for anti-submarine warfare. Tom Clancy’s and Mark Greaney’s new book, Commander in Chief, tells a good story about how Russia could use its new submarines, including the Severodvinsk.

  • Ed L

    Over 100 vessels with ASW capability. what happen to the Victorious Class ships?

  • publius_maximus_III

    The following is from a Wiki article about the USS Scorpion, sunk in 1968, apparently by the Soviets. She was on her way home from a deployment in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic. All 99 crewmen aboard were lost: Although all the sonar data was confiscated, those who saw it recognized an instantaneous hull collapse, indicative of an attack:

    “Some reports indicate that a large and secret search was launched three days before Scorpion was expected back from patrol. This, combined with other declassified information, leads to speculation that the U.S. Navy knew of the Scorpion’s destruction before the public search was launched.”

    This is who we’re dealing with here, today, almost 50 years later — just under a different flag and name. Never forget who they are, and the evil of which they are capable.

  • Pops

    It might be made to perform a lot of missions but I’m not sure the Super Hornet can do ASW, or that the rotors have the desired range. Hope there are still some S-3’s around!

  • bee bop

    I wonder if the sound absorbing rubber blocks on that hull are made from salvaged Bridgestone basketballs/tires. Dumpster diving can be a reliable source of secrets.

  • Secundius

    Maybe it’s time the US Navy, reactivated the SOSUS underwater detection system…

  • Stargzer

    What we need are some official US Navy fishing trawlers, ostensibly for catching food for the fleet, towing nets large enough and strong enough to entrap a sub trying to shadow the fleet. “Oh, gee, we didn’t know you were down there! We though you were a large school of tuna! We’re so sorry your propellers got entangled in our net.” Or, maybe a pair of UUVs just large enough to shadow a sub but small enough to evade identification and drag a net to foul their props. What we _don’t_ need is a Bedford Incident. Maybe a UUV that can attach itself to a sub and periodically broadcast a directional homing beacon?

    • Secundius

      If the Submarine is equipped with a Kraken SAS (Synthetic Aperture Sonar). That Might Not be Possible…

  • old guy

    It’s a required pre-requisite for becoming a “COMMUNITY ORGANIZER”. Even the Orlando debacle could get OBUNBLER to utter the words, :ISLAMIC TERRORIST.

  • John Myer

    There are only two types of ships on the high seas. Submarines and targets!

  • Street Detective

    “We value different opinions but will not tolerate rudeness, violent language, personal attacks and vulgar language. Comments that are deemed problematic will be deleted with neither warning nor apology.”

    Then you are part of the Lie….