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Red Hill to Start Removing Fuel From Pipes Next Week

Matt Cornman, a Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command contractor, performs a routine visual inspection on a Red Hill Well water pipe. US Navy Photo

Red Hill Bulk Fuel Facility unpacking operations should begin next week after a delay caused by a water main break on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

The Joint Task Force – Red Hill will make final preparations on Monday before it starts removing approximately 1.16 million gallons of fuel from three pipelines at the Red Hill facility on Tuesday, according to an email from task force spokesperson James Hoeft.

Unpacking the pipelines, which contain two types of jet fuel and maritime diesel fuel, was supposed to start Oct. 17, but a water main break on the base affected the systems needed for the unpacking, USNI News previously reported.

There are three pipelines that the Joint Task Force will unpack, using gravity to remove most of the fuel. One pipe has about 162,000 gallons of F-24, a commercial grade jet fuel. The second has around 216,000 gallons of JP-5, a kerosene-based jet fuel, and the third has about 691,000 gallons of maritime diesel fuel F-76.

It will take one day to remove each of the jet fuels, while it will take two days for the maritime diesel fuel.