Report to Congress on the Air Force F-15EX Eagle II Fighter Program

October 11, 2022 11:29 AM

The following is the Oct. 11, 2022, Congressional Research Service report: Air Force F-15EX Eagle II Fighter Program.

From the report

On March 11, 2021, the U.S. Air Force took delivery of its first F-15EX Eagle II fighter. The original Eagle II program was intended to deliver 144 aircraft to replace aging F-15Cs, most of which are in the Air National Guard; however, the FY2023 President’s budget request adjusts the intention of procuring 80 aircraft.

The Biden Administration’s FY2023 budget proposal included a request for $2.6 billion to buy 24 F-15EX aircraft, the second to last procurement toward a planned initial buy of 80.

The subsequent FY2022 defense budget proposal requested about $1.32 billion in procurement funding for 12 Eagle IIs and $133.5 million in advance procurement for future aircraft. The proposed budget also requested about $118.1 million for F-15EX research and development.

FY2022 defense authorization act: The FY2022 defense authorization bill funded F-15EX procurement at $1.76 billion, an increase of $576 million from the requested level, for “additional aircraft, spares, support equipment.”

FY2022 defense appropriations bill: The final omnibus budget bill funded F-15EX procurement at $1.16 billion for 12 aircraft, $82.4 million below the Biden Administration’s request, citing “prior year carryover.”

Download the document here.

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