MCPON Honea’s Priorities for Sailors

September 13, 2022 1:08 PM

The following are the priorities of 16th Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy James Honea that were issued to the fleet on Tuesday.

From the document

MCPON 16 Priorities 

Warfighting Competency
Build Combat Teams
Technical Competency is backbone of building teams that can fight and win during combat conditions — we have to keep our systems 100% ready so we can fight our adversaries, and when we take damage, we will restore as much capability as quickly as possible to remain in the fight and win. To maintain our readiness, I expect every Sailor to perform their best and continuously improve their knowledge and skill sets. My goal is to ensure our principles, basic standards of technical competency development, and how we value technical expertise (via assignment and promotions) align to the CNO’s NAVPLAN.

Professional/Character Development
Build Teams that Out-Think our Adversaries

We must develop leaders with strong character, diverse perspectives, and resilience throughout our Navy at every level of leadership. We must recruit,
retain, and effectively manage the talent of a diverse workforce to unleash
their full potential at any given moment. To be part of a winning team, my
expectation is that every Sailor understands what their role is and the
importance they play. My goal is to ensure professional and character
development is incorporated at multiple points throughout a Sailor’s career,
at the right time, in the right manner.

Quality of Life
Build Stability into the Lives of our Sailors and their Families

Our Sailors are the most important element to us retaining our asymmetric advantage against our adversaries. Behind those successful Sailors are their families, and we cannot overlook that important element. We need one another. We are one Navy family, and my expectation is that everyone knows their role in that family while away from home. My goal is to advocate for all quality of life initiatives to ensure Sailors and their families are taken care of so we can continue to focus on the mission.

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