USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: Oct. 25, 2021

October 25, 2021 1:18 PM
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These are the approximate positions of the U.S. Navy’s deployed carrier strike groups and amphibious ready groups throughout the world as of Oct. 25, 2021, based on Navy and public data. In cases where a CSG or ARG is conducting disaggregated operations, the chart reflects the location of the capital ship.

Total U.S. Navy Battle Force:


Ships Underway

Deployed Ships Underway Non-deployed Ships Underway Total Ships Underway
51 36 87

Ships Deployed by Fleet

Fleet Forces 3rd Fleet 4th Fleet 5th Fleet 6th Fleet 7th Fleet Total
0 0 2 15 17 62 96

In Japan

Senior Chief Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handling) Alan Libungan inspects a Sailor’s uniform stencil during a service dress blue uniform inspection at Naval Air Facility (NAF) Atsugi’s Air Operations Department Oct. 25, 2021. US Navy Photo

USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) is in port in Yokosuka, Japan. USS America (LHA-6) is in port in Sasebo, Japan.

In the South China Sea

Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Megan Alexander, a native of Savannah, Ga., stands watch as part of the ship’s visual information personnel team aboard Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) on Oct. 24, 2021. US Navy Photo

The Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group is in the South China Sea – off the coast of Vietnam – after completing the second phase of the Malabar exercise between the U.S., Australia, Japan and India earlier this month.

Aircraft carrier
USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), homeported in San Diego, Calif.

Carrier Air Wing 2

An EA-18G Growler, assigned to the “Gauntlets” of Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 136, flies over Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) on Oct. 25, 2021. US Navy Photo

Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 2, based at Naval Air Station Lemoore, Calif., is embarked aboard Carl Vinson and includes a total of nine squadrons and detachments:

  • The “Argonauts” of VFA-147 Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) flying F-35Cs from Naval Air Station Lemoore, Calif.
  • The “Bounty Hunters” of VFA-2 – F/A-18F – from Naval Air Station Lemoore.
  • The “Stingers” of VFA-113 – F/A-18E – from Naval Air Station Lemoore.
  • The “Golden Dragons” of VFA-192 – F/A-18E – from Naval Air Station Lemoore.
  • The “Gauntlets” of VAQ-136 – EA-18G – Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) – from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Wash.
  • The “Black Eagles” of VAW-113 – E-2D – Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (VAW) – from Naval Air Station Point Mugu, Calif.
  • The “Titans” of VRM-30 – CMV-22B – Fleet Logistics Multi-Mission Squadron (VRM) – from Naval Air Station North Island, Calif.
  • The “Black Knights” of HSC-4 – MH-60S – Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) – from Naval Air Station North Island.
  • The “Blue Hawks” of HSM-78 – MH-60R – Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) – from Naval Air Station North Island.


Seaman Steven Wagner, a native of Fairview, Ill., left, and Seaman Yutong Shao, a native of Los Angeles, man the boat deck aboard Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain (CG 57) as they lower a boat into the water, Oct. 20, 2021. US Navy Photo

USS Lake Champlain (CG-57), homeported in San Diego, Calif.

Destroyer Squadron 1

Arleigh-Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Stockdale (DDG-106) approaches replenishment oiler USNS Yukon (T-AO-202) during a replenishment-at-sea as part of Maritime Partnership Exercise (MPX) on Oct. 18, 2021. US Navy Photo

Destroyer Squadron 1 is based in San Diego and is embarked on the carrier.

  • USS Dewey (DDG-105), homeported in San Diego, Calif.
  • USS O’Kane (DDG-77), homeported in San Diego.
  • USS Michael Murphy (DDG-112), homeported in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
  • USS Chafee (DDG-90), homeported in Pearl Harbor.
  • USS Stockdale (DDG-106), homeported in San Diego.

In the Arabian Sea

HMS Queen Elizabeth (R06) has embarked two squadrons of F-35B stealth jets: the UK’s 617 Sqn and U.S. Marine Corps fighter attack squadron 211 on Oct. 22, 2021. US Navy Photo

The U.K. Royal Navy Carrier Strike Group, led by HMS Queen Elizabeth (R06), is in the Arabian Sea – off of Mumbai – and is conducting joint exercises with India.

USS The Sullivans (DDG-68) detached from the U.K. Carrier Strike Group on Oct. 20.

The U.K. Carrier Strike Group includes: Type 23 anti-submarine frigates HMS Richmond (F239) and HMS Kent (F78); Type 45 guided-missile destroyers HMS Defender (D36) and HMS Diamond (D34); Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s RFA Fort Victoria and RFA Tidespring; and Dutch frigate HNLMS Evertsen (F805). The CSG has been accompanied by a U.K. Royal Navy nuclear attack boat. The “Wake Island Avengers” of U.S. Marine Corps Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 211 are embarked and integrated with the Royal Air Force 617 Squadron “The Dambusters.”

In the Persian Gulf

Landing craft, air cushion attached to Assault Craft Unit Five (ACU 5) approaches the well deck of the amphibious assault ship USS Essex (LHD-2), Oct. 20, 2021. US Navy Photo

The Essex Amphibious Ready Group with the embarked 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit deployed Aug. 12 and continues to operate in the Persian Gulf.

The ARG is comprised of three ships: landing helicopter dock USS Essex (LHD-2), amphibious transport dock USS Portland (LPD-27) and amphibious dock landing ship USS Pearl Harbor (LSD-52). Together, the 11th MEU, Amphibious Squadron (PHIBRON) 1 and ships are designated as an ARG/MEU. In addition to the ships, the principal Navy elements of the ARG are a Naval Beach Group element, the Tactical Air Control Squadron element, a fleet surgical team and a helicopter sea combat squadron element.

The 11th MEU consists of four major components: a command element, a ground combat element, an aviation combat element, and a logistics combat element. The 11th MEU is comprised of Battalion Landing Team 1/1, Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 165 (Reinforced), Marine Attack Squadron 214 and Combat Logistics Battalion 11.

In the Western Atlantic

Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Equipment) Airman Garrett Key, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, welds an arresting wire aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75) on Oct. 22, 2021. US Navy Photo

The Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group (CSG) is underway off the East Coast for pre-deployment training. Besides USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75), it includes embarked staffs of Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 8, Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 1 and Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 28; embarked squadrons of CVW 1; guided-missile cruiser USS San Jacinto (CG-56); and DESRON 28 guided-missile destroyers. Squadrons of CVW 1 include “The Red Rippers” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 11, the “Blue Blasters” of VFA-34, the “Sunliners” of VFA 81, the “Checkmates” of VFA-211, the “Rooks” of Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 137, the “Seahawks” of Airborne Command and Control Squadron (VAW) 126, the “Proud Warriors” of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) 72, the “Dragon Slayers” of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 11, and a detachment from the “Rawhides” of Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VRC) 40.

USS Kearsarge (LHD-3) and its Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) is underway off the East Coast for pre-deployment training. The 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) is embarked.

USS George H. W. Bush (CVN-77) is underway for training.

In the Eastern Pacific

Sailors aboard amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island (LHD-8) heave a phone-and-distance line during a replenishment-at-sea with fleet replenishment oiler USNS Henry J. Kaiser (T-AO-187) Oct. 21, 2021. US Navy Photo

USS Makin Island (LHD-8) is underway in the Southern California Operating Areas.

In addition to these major formations, not shown are thousands of others serving in submarines, individual surface ships, aircraft squadrons, SEALs, Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Forces, Seabees, Coast Guard cutters, EOD Mobile Units, and more serving throughout the globe.

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