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Navy Releases Second Round of USS Thresher Documents

This week, the Navy released the second 300 pages of a previously classified investigation into the April 10, 1963 loss of USS Thresher and its crew of 129 sailors off the coast of New England.
A freedom of information lawsuit from retired Navy Capt. James Bryant, a former Thresher-class submarine commander, compelled the Navy to release the documents on a rolling basis starting today.

The following is the second set of 12 volumes of proceedings of the court of inquiry ordered by the commander of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet. The rest of the documents can be found here. 

USNI News has uploaded two versions of the document. One is the original scan of the pages provided by the Navy, the second is a word-searchable document. Processing the searchable document has left some difficult to read pages blank which can be seen in the original version.

Download the original version here.
Download the word-searchable document here.