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Document: Pentagon FY 2018 Sexual Assault Report

The following is the Department of Defense (DoD) Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military that was released on May 2, 2019

From the report

  • About 1 in 3 Service members who indicated an experience of sexual assault chose to report it to a DoD authority, roughly the same rate as in 2016 and more than quadruple the reporting rate from ten years ago.
  • The Department has made progress in reducing sexual assault rates among men and has been sustaining this progress.
  • Sexual assault of female Service members and associated perceptions of retaliatory behavior are persistent challenges across all Military Services — the results from this year’s report highlight critical challenges the Department must, and will, address.
  • Military commanders had sufficient evidence to take disciplinary action on two-thirds of Service members accused of a sexual assault.
  • We will not be deterred from our mission to eliminate sexual assault from the military.
  • The approaches we employed to achieve progress over the past several years must now evolve.
  • As leaders, we must ensure that climates promote dignity and respect. To that end, we must implement tools that allow first-line supervisors to swiftly address threats to civility and cohesion in their units.

Download the document here.