Document: Navy Readiness Council One-Year Report

February 26, 2019 10:38 AM

The following is the Feb. 25, 2019 one-year report from the Readiness and Reform Oversight Council (RROC) that was established following the 2017 fatal collisions in the Western Pacific and chaired by Under Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly and Vice Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Bill Moran.

From the report

Purpose. The purpose of the Readiness and Reform Oversight Council (RROC) is to oversee and ensure the implementation of the Strategic Readiness Review (SRR) and Comprehensive Review (CR) recommendations. This charter provides a framework for the RROC to serve as

the senior Department of the Navy (DON) integration, advisory, and oversight body. This council will assess the overall health and effectiveness of DON efforts to reform and improve readiness. The RROC provides a foundation for integrating and prioritizing the recommendations from senior Department leadership, external and internal assessments, and is underpinned by the Navy’s broad analytic community.

Background. The DON readiness to fulfill its roles and responsibilities in National Defense Strategies is affected by a complex interaction of many systems and systems of systems. This complexity mandates a holistic approach to determine these interactions, improve them, and measure their effectiveness in order to increase Navy and Marine Corps lethality. This reform effort is born out of several tragic incidents in 20| 7 across the Navy and Marine Corps. The associated systemic problems found in the United States Fleet Forces Command Comprehensive Review and the Strategic Readiness Review commissioned by the Secretary of the Navy, as well as other associated reports over the past decade are also center to these efforts. Budgetary pressures, decreasing combatant inventories, and a rising operational tempo over decades led to a gradual acceptance of lower readiness standards, until they became the new normal. Just as this “normalization of deviation” took decades to manifest, the effort to reform and improve the Department of the Navy’s readiness will belong term in nature. The RROC is established to provide continuity to see reforms and recommendations through to effective completion, and thereby guard against similar future trends and challenges that adversely impact the Department of the Navy’s readiness.

Method. The RROC will organize working efforts along the functional lines of effort reported on in the SRR; command and control, operations, manning and training, budgetary and fiscal, governance and industry best practices in learning The CR’s recommendations and other recommendations from external and internal reports and the analytic community will be organized under these functional lines. Recommendations will be prioritized by the RROC to guide Program Objective Memoranda (POM) resource allocation. Existing policy and other governance constraints will be identified for removal, change, or improvement by the Readiness Reform and Steering Group (RRSG) described below. Each reform effort will be underpinned by data analytics and metrics.

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