Commandant’s Message to Coast Guard Following U.S. Government Shutdown

January 26, 2019 8:04 PM

The following is the Jan. 26 message to the Coast Guard from commandant Adm. Karl Schultz following the passage of a continuing resolution ending the longest-ever U.S. government shutdown.

To the Extraordinary Men and Women of the United States Coast Guard,

With the President’s signing of a three-week Continuing Resolution, we enthusiastically welcome back our greatly missed furloughed civilian employees, allowing us to reconstitute our total workforce and set a path to restore a fully Ready, Relevant and Responsive Coast Guard in the weeks and months ahead.

Certainly of keen interest to all is information regarding your pay, and we are working with the Department of Homeland Security to define the path forward to get you paid expediently. The Vice Commandant will communicate definitive information regarding your pay as soon as possible.

I recognize that the last five-plus weeks have been extremely trying and stressful for you and your families, but with the support of many remarkable Coast Guard communities across the nation; generous national service organizations and corporate entities; and our strong network of ombudsmen, spouse clubs, and Chief Petty Officers, you pulled together and demonstrated extraordinary patience, resiliency, and trust in your leaders.

To those serving in uniform, and our “excepted” civilian employees, you either “Stood the Watch” or enabled another Coast Guardsman to stand the watch, buoyed by knowing that our furloughed civilian colleagues held you in their thoughts and prayers while they dealt with different challenges and emotions. I confidently speak on behalf of your entire senior leadership team in noting how proud we are of your service and your embodiment of our Core Values of HONOR, RESPECT, and DEVOTION to DUTY. We are equally proud of your families that weathered adversity, unhesitatingly supporting your continued service. “Team Coast Guard” collectively reflected the best of America, demonstrating that SEMPER PARATUS – ALWAYS READY is far more than a motto, it is our ethos! THANK-YOU!


Admiral Karl L. Schultz

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