• Duane

    Prop maintenance is an extremely serious business, even on light personal aircraft. When my AI did the last owner-assisted annual on my Piper, he recommended that the prop be overhauled due to a significant nick he found in a prop blade leading edge. We removed the prop and I personally took it directly to the out-of-town prop shop for overhaul where the lead mechanic explained to me the dangers of crack propagation from even a minor nick, pit, or micro-crack – he made it quite clear that my prop could have disintegrated at any time with the nick that it had, and it would likely have caused my aircraft to disintegrate mid-air. A real bad day for any pilot and passengers.

    Failing to properly treat the crack and corrosion pits was fingered in this accident – it was literally an accident waiting to happen to some very unlucky group of Marines.

    • muzzleloader

      I think of what a terribly long plunge for the poor crew in the nose section who knew they were doomed and could do nothing about it. Awful. God bless them.

  • Ike_Kiefer

    Air Force literally painted over propeller corrosion during depot maintenance–murderous maintenance malpractice.

  • Chesapeakeguy

    Horrible, just horrible.

  • Phil Horner

    After working for SMALC MCClellan AFB in the 80’s I am not surprised. ‘Stupidvisors’ would short circuit QP4 because they saw any process improvement as a threat to their authority and competency. I wonder how many others were killed because of the mindset….

  • old guy

    Rational exolanation, but seems to glaze over the hub seperation which loosed the propeller. It could have been the vibration from the broken blase, but if so, should have been detailed.
    Condolences to the families.