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2 Navy SEALs, 2 Marines Charged with Murder of Green Beret

Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar. US Army

Two Navy SEALs and two Marine Raiders are facing murder charges in the 2017 death of U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar in a house in Mali, according to charge sheets obtained by USNI News.

The SEALs and Marines are all charged with murder and obstructing justice in the June 4, 2017 death of Melgar. The charge sheets accuse the four of breaking into Melgar’s room, binding him with duct tape while a SEAL choked Melgar to death and then lying to investigators about what had happened.

The criminal charges were preffered to the four on Wednesday, according to a statement from Navy Region Mid-Atlantic provided to USNI News.

“The four personnel face charges… including felony murder, involuntary manslaughter, conspriacy obstruction of justice, hazing and burglary,” the statement said.

While the redacted charge sheets provided to USNI News neither identify the SEALs nor the Marines, a 2017 Army Criminal Investigation Command report identified the SEALs involved in the incident as Petty Officer Antony DeDolph and Chief Petty Officer Adam Cranston Matthews. According to the CID report, a witness said DeDolph admitted he had “choked Logan out” after he and Matthews bound Melgar with duct tape. A medical examiner ruled Melgar’s death a homicide by asphyxiation.

None of the suspects are in pretrial confinement.
DeDolph and Matthews, members of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group also known as SEAL Team 6, are currently serving on active duty in Virginia. The Marine Raiders are on active duty in North Carolina.

The SEALs and Melgar lived in the same house and were members of the same joint special operations team attached to the U.S. Embassy in Bamako, USNI News has learned. Army CID turned over the case to NCIS once determined the Marines and SEALs were involved.

While the charges did not give hint to motive, The Daily Beast reported on Thursday, “there was an ongoing disagreement between the Green Beret and DeDolph over the SEAL’s professionalism.”

“If these allegations of misconduct are substantiated, they represent a violation of the trust and standards required of all service members,” U.S. Special Operations Command spokesman Navy Capt. Jason Salata told USNI News on Thursday. “We trust our service members to safeguard our nation’s most sensitive interests and to do so with honor.”

Late last month, Rear Adm. Charles Rock, the commander of Navy Region Mid-Atlantic, was appointed as the consolidated disposition authority to oversee the disciplinary actions of sailors and Marines tied to Melgar’s death.

Having a CDA overseeing two services is an unusual move, Rob “Butch” Bracknell, a former Marine and military lawyer, told USNI News earlier this month.

“CDAs are appointed primarily as an efficiency measure, as there are common facts on multiple related cases, and to mitigate the risk of disparate outcomes among the cases,” he said. “However, consistency of outcomes is usually warranted within a service, but I’m not sure it’s a highly prized characteristic between services. In fact, the services all have distinct cultures when it comes to punishment. [For example] cases that earn a court-martial in the Marine Corps can frequently be handled through administrative action in other services.”

The SEALs and Marines will now face a preliminary Article 32 hearing on the charges at Naval Station Norfolk on Dec. 10.

  • muzzleloader

    Unbelievable. I have no other words.

  • MaskOfZero

    What a cowardly thing to do. Took four of them to do it, huh? Surprise attack against your team mate?

    And why? Did he hurt your feelings? He didn’t think you were behaving in a professional manner?

    Sounds like he knew of illegal actions–and he was silenced.

    If these charges are true, neither the Navy nor the Marines want anything to do with such dishonorable men. Discipline requires a strong example be made of guilty parties in this matter.

    • Secundius

      Probably NOT four, but just two. Marines were most likely Embassy Marines billeted at that particular embassy. As the report says, the attack to place while Sgt. Melgar was “Asleep”. And the Marines involvement, probably because it was their Duty Watch…

      • ohyan2919

        That’s NOT what the charges state!

        • Secundius

          When the Incident occurred, the Press said it was a Hazing Incident that went wrong. Within a Month the Press reported something else. This Investigation is like Pulling Teeth, with those Dental Patients being Coaxed to reveal additional information. As time progresses…

          • ohyan2919

            Read the article!

    • ohyan2919

      My thoughts exactly. As a Marine I sincerely hope these jar heads receive to worst of the punishments .

  • Marjus Plaku

    Unbelievable, so little respect for life. These guys must have been high.

    • FB

      ‘Being high’ does not somehow lead to murder…otherwise no one would be alive on earth today…get real and stop posting kindergarten spew…

    • SDW

      I fear that Special Operations personnel are suffering the effects of a high optempo for so long that their basic humanity has been diminished in favor of a perverse tribalism that allows a person and his companions to assault someone they consider an outsider. An “adrenalin high” doesn’t begin to explain the behavior we chillingly read reduced to a dry description in the charges published above.

      • ron_snyder

        I wonder if Sgt Melgar’s family agrees with your perspective SDW. Hang the bastards.

  • Colt Swayze

    This sounds like a Hazing incident similar to a fraternity or football team

    • FB

      And you sound like a nutjob…there is a slight difference between a premeditated ambush and murder and a ‘hazing’ incident…

      • TransformerSWO

        Our discussion standards on this board are a little higher than other sites. You can disagree without being disagreeable or name-calling. This isn’t some common news page here.

      • LKW-AVP41

        See page 8 Charge V.

    • ohyan2919

      It was all about theft of govt informant fund $ he refused to join them

  • Joe Bigsley

    The article doesn’t share previously revealed information that he Green Beret had discovered that the SEALs and Marines were skimming from a local informant fund. The scumbags tried to get the Green Beret to join them but he refused. Disgusting trash. They all should spend the rest of their worthless lives in prison.

    • Eileen Kuch

      I wholeheartedly agree with you, Joe. Yes, the article doesn’t share previously revealed information that the Sgt/ Melgar had discovered that the SEALs and Marines were skimming from a local informant fund. However, they tried to get the Green Beret to join them, but he refused to do so. Disgusting trash .. they all should spend the rest of their worthless lives in Leavenworth Prison. There, they can be tormented with dreams of what they had done. At the same time, they should get a dishonorable discharge, if they haven’t already; and in this way, they won’t be able to reap any military benefits.

    • ohyan2919

      What’s wrong with execution?

  • pcb123

    This is terrible. First, murdering a fellow operator – and why? We don’t know. Second – team mates turning on another – shattering. Third, team cohesiveness is everything to these guys – at least I thought it was. that concept, if not shattered, is at least damaged. I worry about the ripple effects throughout the SOF community.

    • ohyan2919

      Why? Because he refused to join their criminal effort to skim $ from the informant fund.

  • DaSaint

    Such a cowardly act and such disrespect to the uniform and the oath they took. We expect more from our servicemen and women, and these four are not worthy of wearing their respective uniforms.

  • Kypros

    This whole story just makes me very sad. RIP.

  • Refguy

    Why no pre-trial confinement?

  • TomD

    And Sgt Melgar was a husband, father, and stepfather.

  • Secundius

    I wonder if the possibility of Sgt. Melgar’s death might be a “Hate Crime”, because of Logan Melgar’s ethnicity (i.e. Latino). Would explain why so little if not filtered information is being supplied to the public…

    • ohyan2919


  • ohyan2919

    The SEALs are vastly over rated & over valued and should return to their original mission. Underwater EoD. As for the Raiders they were never utilized properly not even in WW2 Edson’s Raider were merely assigned frontline infantry duty.
    The orginal Rapid Deployment Force was always a Marine rifle unit and the so-called spec-op units are all flash & no bang!

    • Secundius

      The SEAL Team didn’t become a Specialized Combat Unit until 1962! Before that, they were more or less a Specialized UDT Team similiar to the SEABEE’s…

  • Richard

    Life in prison, a waste of My tax money, HANG the bastards, I will supply the rope and do the job myself at no cost to the military

  • Chesapeakeguy

    So none of the suspects are confined in any way? SERIOUSLY? Charged with murder and they are FREE?

  • Ed L

    Could have just been an accident? Manslaughter. Who’s to say that all of them had this game of tackling each other and duct taping each other on a regular schedule. We use to prank each other all the time till some congressman son went and cried to daddy

    • Secundius

      IF “Duct Tape” wasn’t used, “IT” probably would have been considered an “Accident”! But unfortunately “IT” was Used, which Compounded the SEAL’s Story…

  • George Hollingsworth

    The SEALs have gone from a secretive group to one that can’t get enough of the limelight, TV appearances, and book contracts. The name itself – SEAL – has become toxic and should be retired.
    These latest clowns may have been skimming from a fund to pay informants and wanted the Green Beret to join them. When he refused he was done away with.

  • Secundius

    @ ohyan2919.

    You must be bored “Sh|tless” too comment on the same question Twice…