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Document: Dept. of Navy Rapid Acquisition Guidance

The following is the April 24, 2018 memo, MIddle Tier Acquisition and Aquisition Guidance.

The memo outlines how the Navy will implement changes in the acquisition law as part of the Fiscal Year 2016 and 2017 National Defense Authorization Act. 

  • b2

    Same old , same old approach every 4-8 years that I have observed for 20 years in a program. Despite “oxen being gored” and the “best of intentions” this is just a new stab for new processes requiring people/sw/time to implement at the expense of real acquisition. The miracle cure…

    I can prove it in one anecdote from 21 years ago…

    In a PMA with the same acquisition value/scope relative to today we operated with 1-2 GS-15’s and (2) CAPTs only..today in the same PMA with the same magnitiude of acquisition we have (5) CAPTs and (8) GS-15’s. Anyone can see this in plain sight… Go figure… Evemn in defense GOVMINT is only good at growing itself.


    • D. Jones

      Nobody’s allowed to be fired anymore, so people get promoted out of positions where they are already incompetent. Eventually they wind up somewhere, shuffling papers, going to meetings, making powerpoints…

      Think of the number of times one is endlessly transferred to someone who actually knows an answer. It’s everywhere. Not just the Navy.