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Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Rudder Named Next Deputy Commandant for Aviation

Then-Brig. Gen. Steven R. Rudder expressed his intent to build upon 1st Marine Aircraft Wing’s past successes during the 1st MAW change of command ceremony July 9, 2013, at Marine Corps Air Station Futenma. US Marine Corps photo.

This post has been updated to include additional information.

Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Steven Rudder has been nominated to serve as the next deputy commandant for aviation (DCA).

Rudder currently serves as the director for strategic planning and policy (J5) at U.S. Pacific Command, and was previously the commanding general of 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, III Marine Expeditionary Force.

The Connecticut native joined the Marine Corps in 1984 and has served in the Marine Corps Aviation community all around the world. He worked as the branch head of Aviation Expeditionary Enablers (APX) for DCA and as legislative assistant to the commandant at the Pentagon; served as U.S. Central Command’s lead planner for Afghanistan and Pakistan and deployed to the Middle East through a unit deployment, a Marine Expeditionary Unit deployment and as commander of Marine Air Group 26; sailed through U.S. European Command in a MEU and commanded a squadron participating in a NATO exercise in Europe.

Though Rudder spent his career in the rotary wing community, he has had a first-hand look at the service’s new F-35B Joint Strike Fighter in his current job at PACOM. He participated in a March 2017 F-35 Symposium to discuss current and future JSF operations in the Pacific, an experience that will serve him well as Marine Corps Aviation seeks to buy new F-35Bs, retire legacy AV-8B Harriers and F/A-18 Hornets, and field the JSFs to the Pacific as quickly as budgets allow.

Rudder attended Boston University and holds master’s degrees from the Marine Corps Command and Staff College and the United States Army War College.

Rudder will replace current DCA Lt. Gen. Jon Davis, who will retire from the Marine Corps this summer after serving for 37 years.

  • Michael D. Woods

    Major General Rudder? I suppose his aide will be Major Aileron! I hope his administration is orderly without any flaps! But there’s always a spoiler.

    • Good one. It went directly over me the first time. Thanks

    • old guy

      Give us a brake. No more winging it. Trim your comments. Stick to the facts and stop flapping your ideas. CAVU

  • Ctrot

    Not one word about how many hours he has in which aircraft, odd.

  • Gerard Baumann

    Naw, he aide will be “Stick” !

  • FTB

    His call sign is “Stick”. I’ve served with him and he is a great American. He is a combat proved AH-1W pilot and is a true gun fighter!!!

  • cmulligan01

    Nobody knows of Army Major General Earl Rudder? He led the assault at Point du Hoc on S-Day. I think he was a Colonel then. After he retired he ran the Texas A&M University system and was know as “Colonel Rudder”. My Dad met him as a freshman in 1968. He was visiting freshman dorms and stopping in the room (2 to a room) of the person with the highest GPA on that floor. He was using a cane. Talked to Dad and his roommate for a couple of minutes and left. He oversaw A&M bringing women in and making the Corps of Cadets non mandatory. There were no issues like at the Citadel with preventing women though it wasn’t exactly the same.

    Colonel Rudder is revered at A&M. Dad still considers it a privilege to have met him.