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Pentagon Identifies Senior Chief Kyle Milliken as Navy SEAL Killed in Somalia Mission

Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Kyle Milliken, 38. US Navy Photo

Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Kyle Milliken, 38. US Navy Photo

The Pentagon has identified the Navy SEAL who was killed this week in Somalia as part of a mission to assist government forces in their fight against al-Shabaab, according to a Saturday statement.

Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Kyle Milliken, 38, of Falmouth, Maine, was killed Thursday in support of Somali forces that were operating about 40 miles west of the capital of Mogadishu, Pentagon officials told USNI News.

“He was assigned to an East Coast-based special warfare unit,” read a Saturday statement provided to USNI News.

Thursday’s advise and assist mission placed the U.S. special operators in a support role to Somali forces.

“We helped bring them in with our aircraft,” Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said in a statement.
“We were there maintaining a distance back while they were conducting the operation. That’s when our forces came under fire, which unfortunately resulted in the death.”

Davis said the opposition forces were, “quickly neutralized,” according to a report in The New York Times but he did not offer any additional details on the operation.

Press reports indicate two other U.S. military personnel were wounded but Pentagon officials did not confirm the injuries.

According to Milliken’s bio, he enlisted in 2002 and quickly entered the SEALs and was based on the East Coast since 2004.

His awards include Bronze Star with Combat “V” (4), Joint Service Commendation Medal (2) and Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Combat “V.”

“Senior Chief Kyle Milliken embodied the warrior spirit and toughness infused in our very best Navy SEALs,” Rear Adm. Timothy Szymanski, commander, Naval Special Warfare Command said in a Saturday statement.
“His sacrifice is a stark reminder that Naval Special Operators are forward doing their job, confronting terrorism overseas to prevent evil from reaching our shores.”

Milliken is the second SEAL to be killed in action this year. In January, Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens, 36, of Peoria, Ill. Was killed in a raid in Yemen against al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).




    Fair Winds And Following Seas Senior Chief Milliken. Rest In Peace. GBU.

  • Don Wallace

    R.I.P. Mate

  • publius_maximus_III

    Terrible waste, sending a man like that to die in a place like that.

    I’m sure the Chief was trying to help stop the out-of-control piracy in that area, which probably funds ISIS and other nefarious groups. But piracy is best fought by the USN at sea, not on land.


    • Donald Carey

      The pirate bases of old were not destroyed without the aid of boots on the ground.

      • publius_maximus_III

        Better to bomb the sh_t out of such bases than risk losing a dedicated and highly trained warrior such as the Sr. Chief.

        If the map location shown is accurate (you have to click on the marker and zoom in), then the LZ was on the edge of a field and close to a tree line or some underbrush, which could have concealed unfriendlies in the area.

  • Corporatski Kittenbot 2.0

    a tragic waste.