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Video: Destroyer USS Nitze Harassed by Iranian Patrol Boats

A screen shot of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy patrol boat from a video taken by the crew of USS Nitze. US Navy Image

A screen shot of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy patrol boat from a video taken by the crew of USS Nitze. US Navy Image

The guided-missile destroyer USS Nitze (DDG-94) was followed and harassed by four Iranian patrol boats on Tuesday in the Persian Gulf, defense officials confirmed to USNI News.

The destroyer was in the vicinity of the Strait of Hormuz when four Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy high-speed patrol boats came at the ship without responding to hails or warning flares fired from Nitze, according to a video of the incident provided to USNI News.

“This is USS Nitze reporting from the Southern Arabian Gulf,” said a voice on the video reporting the ship’s location and speed.
“We have visual contact with four Iranian… WPBs… Bridge to bridge COMMS were conducted but no response. Weapons uncovered… appears to be unsafe, unprofessional.”

While the voice is making the radio report, the four patrol boats speed in a serpentine formation toward Nitze with their deck weapons uncovered. Flares from the destroyer attempt to warn away the patrol boats as they close in on the ship.

Nitze’s crew attempted to hail the boats a dozen times, fired ten warning flares at the patrol boats and blasted the ship’s whistle to sound a maritime danger signal to no apparent effect, a defense official confirmed to USNI News late Wednesday.

Two of the patrol boats came within 300 yards of the destroyer before slowing and breaking off their chase.

“The Nitze and U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT) assessed the interaction as unsafe and unprofessional due to the Iranian vessels not abiding by international law and maritime standards including the 1972 Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) maritime ‘Rules of the Road’,” a defense official told USNI News.
“The Iranian high rate of closure on a Unites States ship operating in accordance with international law while transiting in international waters along with the disregard of multiple warning attempts created a dangerous, harassing situation that could have led to further escalation including additional defensive measures by Nitze.”

Burke Class guided-missile destroyer USS Nitze (DDG-94) on June 24, 2016. US Navy Photo

Arleigh Burke-Class guided-missile destroyer USS Nitze (DDG-94) on June 24, 2016. US Navy Photo

Officials said Nitze was operating with the guided-missile destroyer USS Mason (DDG-87) and was exiting the Persian Gulf when Nitze was approached by the Iranian patrol vessels with no warning.

Nitze is part of the Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group, centered on USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69). The CSG is in the region conducting strikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria in support of Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR). In late June, another ship in the strike group — USS San Jacinto (CG-56) — was harassed in the Eastern Mediterranean by a Russian frigate.

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy

An undated photo of IRGCN patrol boats.

An undated photo of IRGCN patrol boats.

Unlike the regular Iranian Navy, the IRGCN is a paramilitary organization that reports directly to Iran’s sectarian leadership.

Since 2007, the IRGCN has been responsible for the coastal defense of Iran and has been at the center of several violations of international maritime law involving the U.S. and U.K.

In the same year they started coastal patrols, IRGCN forces captured 15 U.K. Royal Navy personnel embarked in a small boat from HMS Cornwall in international waters.

Last year, the IRGCN captured the U.S. flagged commercial ship M/V Maersk Tigris and held the ship for more than a week in Iran.

In January, the IRGCN captured ten U.S. riverine sailors and held them overnight on Farsi Island after the sailors strayed into Iranian waters.

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  • Mr.Jim

    A cargo ship loaded for bear with Clinton Cash on its way to Iran ?

  • Derbydoll

    Not to worry. Barky will ransom ship and crew as a favor to his muslim friends.

  • Slab-City-USA

    Get out of Iran’s backyard.

    Problem solved, that was easy!

  • Kresmir Marteen

    The gloves are off folks, our response was calling the Iranians “unsafe and unprofessional.”

  • sebassh

    We need to invent a Pork shooting gun and douse them with pork. Maybe we can send ol George H.W. Bush and his Pork Rinds there.

  • Greg in SB

    This is a thank you for the $1.8 billion gift o bama gave them.

  • Steve Cadick

    I would have blown them out of the water. Why is Obama such a weakling? God the damage he can do before he gets kicked out. The Russians would have sunk them all. And it would have been a breeze for this destroyer. Obama is so stupid. Arm the Iranians with cash and get nukes back. You do not harass a US Navy vessel. Reagan would have ordered an immediate sinking and wouldn’t even have known as he would have left the job to the navy to make decisions like this. What next? They fire on the ships and we cannot return fire?

    • Derbydoll

      Strait of Hormuz is now a safe zone for muslim savages. Read it and weep.

      • Bowling Green Massacre

        It is a muslim name jackazz

    • Flip56

      He was too busy making love to Michael and Reggie Love.

    • facebook is Dero

      they have to get authorization from the Gerbil Navel Command pod on the Harvey Milk for any such atypical offensive activity against forward facing targets.

    • JeremRMorris

      I think that already happened under Clinton. It was called the USS Cole.

  • John Berryhill

    Obama bin Lying has already apologized for irritating the Iranians and will see to it the we do not bother them anymore…and the check is in the mail

  • JettNC

    Perhaps they heard O has promised them a ‘Sanctuary Sea-ty’.

  • CQeY0bAz2NNe

    Mr Cool is all stressed out, time to hit the links.

  • Bob Colvin

    Another result from failed diplomacy. “Don’t cross the red line in the sand or we’ll, um, not sure what we’ll do.

  • Jim

    I think they should order these Iranian guys to surrender or be shot out of the water. Then Iran could feel what it is like to have their soldiers captured. Oh, I forgot, Iranian leaders have no hearts and would not care.
    BTW, I experience the “peace” of these Persians in the 1980’s when they stole money from the store my father was running. Not one of them, but all six. They were in the US to go to college, so they could go back to Iran and help build nuclear weapons.

  • Scott

    Looks like a 26 ft roundabout with a 50 cal on the back. Ooh. Probably scares the Obama admin yellow and goes to show you how good his payoff works… perhaps another 400M in cash and they will ship out 22 ft Scooters with fishing poles.

  • AnAmericanOutraged

    How much are the ‘Rats paying the Iranians to generate a distraction away from the Clinton Foundation and Hillary emails?

  • Manfred Hideous

    Burn the Iranian boats down. Message sent.

  • SDviaVa

    I don’t understand the issue. Those were little Iranian motorboats. U.S. vessel should have done nothing, no change in course or speed. If the little Iranian boats get in the way, down they go. f’em.

  • Del Misrell

    This sort of nonsense will cease under President Trump – That weak black
    bástard currently soiling the White House is no match for evil Islam!

    • Derbydoll

      The white mosque.

  • sktuc

    I would say gloves are off and next time Iran you will have a Patrol Boat Burial at Sea.

  • Thornton

    They should have increase to ramming speed

  • Bad Will Hunting

    More fake event theatre by DNC-0bama, Inc.

  • joshzzz

    Should have just sank the four Iranian Patrol boats and called it a day. Hasn’t anyone heard of the game of Battleship?

  • Steeler ✓Trump ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    ….and Obama headed for the Golf Course, Kerry forwarded his calls to George Clooney and Cher,.

  • astralweeks

    Being fluent in Persian, let me translate Iran’s official response. “LOL, your president is a sissy and we got over a billion dollars just by messing with him. We will keep messing with him because it is fun. We’re putting the picture of him going all Urkel on his bike with the bicycle helmet on our currency. We hope you elect Hillary so that we can continue having fun at you loser’s expense.” It sounds more poetic in Persian.

  • ddude

    send john bigjaw to negotiate another great deal.

  • Undertow-1141

    And they know that Barry will do, nothing.

    • Derbydoll

      Its what he does best.

  • Scott Robbins

    open up the 50 cals on the lead boat and that is the end of it – forever.

  • Derbydoll

    Only if somebody pays her crime foundation first.

  • The Deplorable Donald Shannon

    Practice run against a likely target to evaluate response time and tactics.

  • Bad Will Hunting

    She has done a lot of pay to play business with the Ruskies, bubble head.

  • Mary George

    How about a small nuke in the middle of Mecca in Saudi Arabia and a small nuke in the middle of Teheran.

    • Derbydoll

      Large nukes. Very large nukes.

  • Forrest Waller

    Does the Nitze have the new solid-state high energy laser system that is supposed to fry fast boats?

  • Slab-City-USA

    The US Navy wisely cut-n-ran.

    Better than eating 6, SSN-25 sunburn anti ship cruise missiles at 300 yards.

    Game over..

    • Derbydoll

      Muslims make lousy soldiers. Big mouths and big a$$es, one overloading the other.

  • TrumpCrusader

    Have no fear The USS Harvey Milk is on the way !!!

    • Willard the Mittens

      Sean Penn in command?

  • Silverado

    They were just looking for some ransom too…I mean cash and probably thought that ship was full of it.

  • Curly Bill

    I am shocked and in awe of how little you know.

  • Mike Taylor

    Perhaps President Obama had given the USS Nitze to the Iranians but had failed to mention it to anyone and the Iranian patrol boats were simply trying to take rightful possession.

  • Red Deplorable Hacker

    Can’t wait for Trump to take down the white flag flying at the White House.

  • David

    Again with the Navy cowards. These pirates, for that is all they really are, do this and the officers wring their itty bitty hands and wonder what to do. C O W A R D S !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dollar380

    Those little boats should be able to overtake our heavily armed Naval ship no problem. If it happened once it’ll happen again. Thanks Barry

    • Falcon195

      In a shoot out with the Iranian vessels, what are the chances they would have sunk our destroyer?

      • pyoyo

        What are the chances that young Americans would die? You and Obama may be willing to take that chance, but most American Patriots wouldn’t.

        • Falcon195

          My concern is whether Obama had our forces at a tactical disadvantage. As for myself, I’m 100-percent TRUMP 2016. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  • Flip56

    See Obum, that’s what you get for paying a $400M ransom!! Idiot!

  • shooter2009

    They’re just looking for an excuse to get another $400M.

  • vertical2010

    I would say that if they act aggressively we should just blow them out of the water. But then Barry would probably apologize for it and prosecute the ship’s captain.

  • RedPinStripes

    If this was the 80’s with Reagan that Iranian filth would be fish food now.

  • If we didn’t have old Yellow Stain as president, the order would have been given to shoot when distance became unsafe. But in this case, Valarie Jarrett was likely calling the shots and she works for Tehran.

    • Flip56

      True, she is Iranian. She needs her burka.

  • The best course of action is to give them nukes and billions of dollars so they are our friends. /s

  • Red Deplorable Hacker

    I also made the mistake of giving my lunch money to the school bully once. The second time he demanded it, he got a mouthful of fist, and I took one of his front teeth, and he never asked again.

  • RegisteredDemocrat

    Quick, give Iran $150 billion + $400 million!!!!

  • David

    Wait, perhaps I did not make myself clear? C O W A R D S!!!!! Naval officers are trained today TO BE COWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Derbydoll

      Not their fault. They are all managers now. No warriors allowed.

  • Ralph526

    Did Nitze at least lower the guns at them?

  • GiantSlayer

    Hide the checkbook before barry starts apologizing

  • chaindawg812

    Need to kill them at a mile, they are testing to get range info and response.

  • Honest Abe

    America must be still leading from behind.

    • Flip56

      Hussein loves it from behind

  • Bill Riordan

    obama will send them another $400 million and ask them to play nice.

  • Rudy

    So this is what we have become? Hopefully Canada doesn’t have any malice in their heart

  • navy o

    This is nothing new. In the gulf, the IRGCN FAC and FIAC swarm our ships like this daily.

  • Johnny

    Blow them away!

  • TrumpCrusader

    Hillary don’t have the balls to be president

  • BoycottGillette

    So why didn’t the Americans sink them? Oh yeah, Obama’s in charge still.

  • Just(R)ight.

    As long as the PU**Y in Chief Obama is in the WH, Iran is going to do whatever they want.

  • Trajan Morgan

    We all ready know our Muslim Pussy-in-Chief Obama would have our sailors surrender to Iran, but things are going to change when President Trump takes over.

  • spacecommander

    Cool, moving targets!

  • Tom Richards

    “Iranian vessels not abiding by international law and maritime standards
    including the 1972 Convention on the International Regulations for
    Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) maritime ‘Rules of the Road”. Geez, I would have thought they had that book of rules on all their boats! Just once I wish we would have just blown them out of the water, instead of our usual please stop doing what you are doing.

  • Flip56

    The Muslims released were worth the $400M paid. After all they were Odumbo’s boys, Muslimes. If they were Christians they’d still there because BARRY don’t like Christians!!!

  • Ira Motus

    If I were part of the Iranian/Isis pact, I would do a lot of this type of chicken to get the U.S. Navy accustomed to it. Then, I’d pull a USS COLE maneuver or maybe 6 simultaneously with say a couple of aircraft carriers and a few lesser craft using some ISIS fodder to pull it off. My, my, my, wouldn’t those mullahs have a story to tell!.

  • joecapoe

    i guess as long as they aren’t shouting allahu akbar

  • dondoc

    You bet if that were an Iranian destroyer and roles were reversed all 4 boats would be history and Iran would be trumpeting the destruction of the enemy. When these folks have a nuclear weapon, they will use it.

  • skswig

    I don’t understand why they did not blow this junk out of the water.

  • Where She Belongs

    The President wasn’t available to answer questions from the press. He was somewhere on the back 9 at Andrews.

    • Gary Dickson

      Mr. Obama was somewhere on the back 9 at Andrews drawing a yellow line in the green.

  • skswig

    I heard it was 120%

  • TimesTheyAreAChanging

    And Obama gave them $1.4B. Traitor in our White House!

  • kyook

    The Iranians said they’d stop doing this if the US would send them a billion dollars, Obama is considering it.

    • Guest

      Dr. Owebammy Evil, with fricken lasers up his azz

  • Kirk Weir

    “Weapons officer put a shot across the bow of the lead patrol boat. Radio – tell the Iranians in clear language to call of their attack or the next shots will take out their patrol boats”

    Very simple.

  • wootendw

    The USG needs to get out of the middle east.

  • TincanJoey

    These boats are ALWAYS out there. Used to follow us through the SOH all the time, much closer than 300 yards. Lost a bag of trash over the side once and they swooped over to scoop it up. Basically just a bunch of oversized bass boats constantly out there watching transits through the SOH.
    Before the non-serving warriors start screaming to blow them out of the water, remember, the SOH is Iranian & Omani territorial waters. They patrol it, coordinate traffic, and dredge the channels.

    • Florida Prophet

      No, not Iranian and Omani waters. International waters!

      • TincanJoey

        Nope. Iranian & Omani. Just look at the Maritime Boundary Maps.

        • Florida Prophet

          Maritime territorial claims do not apply at choke points. There is a free passage zone in the Strait. All US military confines itself to this zone. The provocation of the Iranians should have resulted in the sinking of the patrol boats, as it would have, had we a president with cohones, not limp wrists capable of drawing nothing but pink lines.

  • “We have four artificial reefs approaching our destroyer…”

  • bigpencil
  • Western

    I guess the Riverine boat squadron commander is now officer of the deck is now on the Nitze. Not the Navy I remember. Alfred Thayer Mahan is weeping in his grave.

  • Andylit

    I just do not understand the Navy response. You don’t often get the chance to conduct live fire training like this.

  • nearboston

    Use the darn miniguns!

  • richard

    We should have blown them out of the water.

  • This is ridiculous how we allow this to continue. One day it’s going to be a boat that doesn’t stop,possibly load with explosives. Then what???

    • Regularguy22

      Then they would receive the bad end of some mk 244

      • After they sink the ship?

        • Regularguy22

          No, they would be chipped prior to

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      USS Cole redux.

  • Scott Spencer

    Put that rotary canon to work!

  • John Collins

    Keep the CWIS on!

  • richard

    Remember how fast the Iranians delivered the American hostages when Reagan won? Those hostages were released the day of Reagan’s inauguration. But compared to Reagan, I believe that Trump is way tougher. President Trump is the Iranians’ worst nightmare. Which is the way I like it.

  • Florida Prophet

    I’m sure you’ll be the first to scream when you have to bike to work because Persian Gulf oil has been blocked from shipment to the US.

    • Frank Kozel

      The US does not need one drop of the Persian Gulf oil..what’s your point?

      • $17689669

        Yup, we are just using up theirs so we can keep ours in reserve…..

        • Except that in the process we are making them incredibly wealthy and they are using it to diversify and buy our assets. Thanks to Hillary even Russia is buying. In that case, our Uranium deposits.

    • The United States is now a net exporter of oil due to fracking.

      • Jack

        False. The US produces 9 and consumes 18 million barrels per day (net).

        • You have confused consumption with export. A large portion of American “consumption” is crude refined in America that is immediately exported as refined products: see Mexico

      • Florida Prophet

        The US imports 13% of its oil from the Persian Gulf. Lose 13% and you will be paying $5 a gallon for gasoline or biking to work.

        • Nonsense. Canada has more than enough production we can buy. This is Europe’s problem.

      • Jack Frost

        you do realize this will end if the hildabeast gets put in there? All the USA oilfields are sitting dead in the water right now. while OPEC plays price juggling trying to starve them out until she can get in there and shut them down for good.

    • Halfbreed

      Just block the dweeb and move on.

    • Arnold Brockington

      The problem with that scenario is that the USA is rapidly becoming one of the largest oil exporters. Biking to work might actually be good for you!!

  • Michael Wallace

    Blow them out of the water. That will get their attention.

  • Mike0oSS

    Has “unprofessional” become the new naval description for aggressive behavior?

  • JimRatt

    big whoop…yall ever fish the bouy 10 season at the mouth of the Columbia? that’s some harassment right there

  • RSW

    Run away !! …Run away …!!

  • MicheleLloyd

    Venezula? Oh, sorry, North Korea? No? Zambia, gotta be Zambia.

  • Natty Bumpo

    This is what Phalanx CIWS systems are for. At 4500 rounds/min, 4 boats at 300 meters are a “chip” shot.

  • amazingoly

    If this happens again, some shots across the bow should happen or just sink them.

  • TheGipper

    First, unless they fire on us, we’re not going to start a war with Iran over a bunch of little boats racing around, and they know it. Second, they have a whole bunch of cruise missiles, so we can’t just fire away with impunity.

    • Kim Rardon

      Much more sophisticated then cruise missiles … they have the SUNBURN ship killers

      • reread

        We have SM-2 and CIWS , auto-tracked, fired and guided.
        Maybe if they fired 200 at once?

        • Kim Rardon

          LOL …. good luck

          • reread

            Won’t need luck. AEGIS is that good.

          • usaff22

            You’re aware that’ll mean we start a war with a country over a bunch of tailing boats, right?

  • usaff22

    racist pos kindly drop dead

  • Wolf Angel

    Not that it applies to the main article, but Quatar has a huge income inequity, with a few ultra-rich individuals skewing the per capita figures. The median is much worse off than the average.

  • JeanneD

    Way to go Thomas !!!!!! Excellent post !!!!
    Trust Trump !!!!!!!!

  • BoDeen

    A US “war” ship petrified by the Donzi Navy. Or were they Boston Whalers? You know those things are unsinkable.

  • Soldier Girl

    How soon we forgotten the terrorist attacked in Yemen- USS Cole- in Oct 2000! Are military has no idea if missiles are aboard those boats!

  • Galenical

    You realize that all those riches per capita are due to the NWO rulers that have escaped taxation by moving to your “country”. Singapore, a country where there is no Singaporean race. Funny.

  • AeolusRyder

    Would be nice just to have a Battleship with all those conventional guns out there… Point a broadside of those 5 inch guns and start firing. Or drop a 16 inch shell in the middle of them. That would get them to scatter.

  • DaveLCAC

    Obama says don’t annoy the Iranians! He’s already had to give them 400 million to be nice.

  • larryl212

    Can you imagine today’s cast of misfit Admirals/Captains/Commanders winning the battle of Midway? Thank God my WWII Navy Dad is dead. Watching a “swell” band of US sailors turning over their boats… with all their gear… to Iranian thugs would have broken his heart. The WWII sea warriors gave no quarter… AND expected NONE. Oh well. “Billary” 2016. Can’t wait.

  • bleek

    defense affairs office said that there is 6.5 trillion dollars missing unaccounted for…
    media, buehler… hello hey press corps?

  • Mr.Jim

    Time again for the USA to find a remote area on the earth.
    And set up a “Live” satellite feed showing the power of just a few tactical nukes.

  • albertG

    they reported “unsafe” and “unprofessional”!! that’ll teach them! .. they should have reported “SUNK”

    • AeolusRyder

      Or reported a gun malfunction in the direction of the boats.

  • Joe Sixpak

    President Jarrett doesn’t turn on her own…

    • AeolusRyder

      There you go. That is the root of it all. And look who is hanging around Clinton…Huma…

  • Franklin

    Obama, Hillary, John Kerry and the lot OWN this one. Dear Lord how far we’ve fallen.

  • Frisco1522

    Boy they’d better stop that or Dickweed will paint a line in the water.

  • cyunvwyatt1

    This could end up like the USS Liberty. A FF by the Zionists to take us to war with Iran. Or maybe the USS Cole! Either way we should have engaged.

  • Bessie Funk

    While Obama traverses Marthas Vineyard on a girls bike with a huge helmet, our military continues to be neutered

  • jim

    The only thing Obama will do is to send more mula for mullahs.

  • Jack Gil

    Has Obama apologized to Iran yet?

  • Sir William

    Our fearless leader Is hiding behind o I mean leading from behind. He will do nothing.

  • General E HateDems

    Had the captain fired upon or sank the Iranian WPBs, vallarie jarrett would have surrendered the ship and crew to the ayatollah.

  • Barney

    I’m sure 0bama promised his favorite terrorist country, no matter what iran does to our military, they will not be harmed in any way or he will draw a red line and punish our soldiers and give iran more money. You saw how he handled the situation a few months back when our soldiers were captured by his fellow idiots.

  • bustattmovec

    I bet Putin wouldn’t put up with this kind of BS. I bet Iran doesn’t harass Russian ships because they KNOW what it would go full on.

    • Kim Rardon

      They are allies

  • Advise to the wimpy skipper of the Nitze:

    “Due to the high cost of ammunition, there will be no warning shot.”

    • Patrick Klocek

      The Captain of that ship, no doubt, has orders to make the Iranians happy at all costs. Those are Valerie Jarrett’s people, after all …

  • Mr.Jim

    I can guarantee you that Tea Leoni as Madam Secretary would not put up with this Shiitte.

  • Barrack “King Snowflake” Obola

    I knew the Sickle and Hammer was stil alive and well.

  • sirandrew

    Not to worry ,Obama will send them another four hundred billion dollars if they stop.
    With these actions bu Iran,why do we still have the Nuclear treaty pact.We gave in on everything and they still ridicule us and do what they want

  • Barrack “King Snowflake” Obola

    You are sitting on your laptop in a safe space at UC Berkley. Shut it.

  • AeolusRyder

    Come within 500 Yard of an American Ship and you will be sunk. That is what needs to be communicated and followed through on.

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  • Patrick Klocek

    We should have just lit them up. I guess the Iranians have forgotten what happened the last time they messed with the US Navy in 1988.

    • AeolusRyder

      Oh Thats right… Ronald Reagan was POTUS.

  • notanobamaliar

    Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by USNI News.

  • ontheball_offthewall

    I’m confused-we don’t have engagement rules here? We can’t send out own speedboats and muscle them away??? Yeesh. What happened to American pride?

  • Snowflakes R. Melting

    And we didn’t sink them because?

  • notanobamaliar

    Doesn’t the US Navy now have a high power operational laser that is being installed on ships that could be put to good use there?

  • timmy timmtimmy

    believe it or not, run them over they sink.

  • josetoyou

    Set an example and sink a few of Iran’s boats and this crap will cease!

  • ddamo767

    What!!!????? Unsafe and unprofessional is what the narrator said. meow …..meow Our enemies just laugh at us — paper tiger as China likes to say. I am so sick of those people. When are we going to sand – up?

  • tall, blond, and very hot

    Why not harass American military ships? There is virtually zero chance anything will happen.

  • bozz

    America needs to notify the world that anytime we are under threart on the water and military ships are within 500 yards of our ships. Authority will be given to make the threat disappear.
    America is disrespected by our enemies… In open view for the world to see.
    Ultimately America should not even be in the Middle East with our military. The entire Iraq War was BS. But now that we are there, our soldiers need to know that they have authority to kick the crap out of anyone that f..ks with us.

  • Gary K

    The mistaken thought among many of the commanders that this Administration would have in command would be that these manuvers mean nothing and are just idle waving of guns in the air. That is until they unleash some weapon against the destroyer and sinks the ship or severely damages it.

    There should be Fear and respect of our military power but with this Administration and others that might be like it the United States will continue to draw other nations ire and abuse all while they know the President will do nothing in response. It would be like Obama’s Red Line, all over again.

    • That

      “Administration”? I prefer: Regime. And “President”? I’ve called Barack many things over the years – president is not one of them!

  • Rumour is the Straits of Hormuz are being renamed the Gulf of Tonkin. Turkish tanks are going over the Syrian border. All is well.

  • That

    They were probably out to harass our ships on Barack’s orders.

  • Missus Katie

    Time for an at-sea test of the EM railgun.

  • The Bubbler

    Vote for Oboingo once you fell for all the BS. Vote for the POS twice you are an idiot and or a traitor.

  • Estefan

    What’s the point of warning flares, if our Navy is not allowed to follow up vigorously when the warnings are ignored? Another Obamian red line in the sand.

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      Were they rainbow flares?

    • Red lines in the water tend to fade quickly

      • Estefan

        The tough leaders in the world see right through our President, so be prepared for some serious aggression over the next few months from Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, etc. This is a perfect opportunity for them to seize the day from our ’60’s relic of a leader/duffer, although he and Michelle may be able to persuade them to eat more arugula.

  • Bite Me

    Thanks Obama for the lack of balls…………….

    • jcarsc

      He is more worried about all the slaves that built his digs 200 years ago.

  • Ken Pataska

    Just another OFAILURE, in a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long line of CONSTANT REGRESSIVE FAILURE OF AMERICA!!!!

    Thank GOD that it’s only in office less than 149 days!

    • AeolusRyder

      That is unless they have Hillary withdraw because of health, then the election is postponed and he gets to stay in office…. now that stinks…

    • jcarsc

      I hope we last long enough to get rid of that little POS child

  • Tired of this coward

    Because the coward and chief, is still a coward and chief, and he ran out of red crayons to draw anymore lines that he had no intention of enforcing anyway. Maybe he could beg the Iranians to take another 400 million to please leave us alone till next time please????????????????. Until next week. Please????????????????????? don’t harm me. Waaaaaa!!!!!!!

  • dadbag

    Knowing gutless Big Ears , we have blanks in our guns.

    • jcarsc

      Probably not even real guns that the little man child plays with.

  • silver fox

    would somebody please arrest the fk mutt traitor in the white house? No? You will thank me later.

  • rsheat

    I am surprised that the U.S.S. Nitze did not send the transgender sailors to topside. So, they could wave their white bras.

  • Jochanan

    No doubt Obungler should throw another billion to them.

  • veritatis3

    Oh come on people. These are fishing boats gone astray. During WWII in the
    Pacific, we had to fight aircraft carriers, battleships, destroyers, submarines, etc.
    Have faith in our capabilities. They let the twits come within 300 yards and
    our spy capabilities saw that there was no missile or anything that would harm
    our ship. They all would be destroyed in less than 3 minutes from the power
    of this one ship no less than two American ships in the area. Let the Iranians
    play…….Let one carry a real threat on board, it would be the end of the Iranian

  • Joe Doe

    Iran understands Strength and they understand Weakness. Donald Trump 2016!!!

  • stokr

    Announce to the world
    that ANY Iranian naval interference with open seas patrols within 1000 meters
    of our ships will receive a lethal response, and then DO IT!

    • juantolduso2

      Is that what you want Obambi to do? Really?…right now he’s asking Valerie “why did we get them so mad so soon after the ransom?” “hurry ,tell them I have my debit card ready,I’ll pay by phone”

  • x32792

    Sh#t for brains needs to give them more taxpayer money.

  • green = red

    If what they are doing is against international maritime law. doesn’t that mean they are pirates and should be blown out of the water?

  • john williams

    They should have used there CIWS to warn them away, or just blow them out of the water. They just keep pushing that line dont they. One day it will be too late and thats fast approaching……!!!!

  • AeolusRyder

    Not conventional Guns…. put a battleship back out there with twenty 5 inch cannons and 9 16 inch cannons…. that will scatter the buggers.

  • RetiredNavyphotog

    Just like the USS Cole.

  • Bridget Troupe

    Thank you for all the political input. Some of us see this as pertinent news considering we have loved ones on those ships. But go ahead and keep commenting about how this is clearly an article to “distract” us from some presidential nominees and their hobbies. Seeing as neither Trump or Clinton are on these ships it clearly relates to their campaign.

  • Kim Rardon

    waiting for this message to be approved

  • Felix Funemone

    “I am more afraid of an army of one hundred sheep led by a lion than an army of one
    hundred lions led by a sheep.” ~Charles Maurice, Prince de

  • Rasputin (Распутин)

    I’ll be the moderate here and say they didn’t need to sink them, but maybe a few warning shots with live rounds would have gotten their attention.

    • AeolusRyder

      splash all but one. Let him go back and tell the story.

  • Anthony Meyer

    This may be a stupid question …. But why do we not just start sinking them?

  • babydriver

    Like Benghazi.

  • Jay V

    US needs to light them up next time!!

  • Gary Grimm

    All four Iranian patrol boats can do is harass. This is a United States Destroyer we are talking about. Restraint, professionalism, good judgment and a grasp of the rules of engagement by Commander and Crew aboard the U.S.S. Nitze graciously allowed the men on those patrol boats to return to their families at the end of the day. Remember, it is called a Destroyer for a reason.

    • Cynara2

      Okay. But could it have been baiting? Deliberate provocation?

      • Gary Grimm

        yes. Clearly deliberate, but more for showing off than provoking. The weaponry on the American vessel, which the crew is trained and qualified to use, is more than capable of extinguishing the threat in a short amount of time. If this was, on the part of the Iranians, a practice run to deliver a blow which would be effective against a U.S. destroyer, only time will tell the ultimate futility of such an activity. This stunt is for Public Relations on Iranian TV to show how they measure up to the great satan.

        • Cynara2

          Okay. Thanks.

  • upndown1313

    Maybe if we send $500 million in small bills back to Iran they will stop. It’s called cross your fingers diplomacy.

    • Neal

      Dhimmitude, Jizya, Tribute, Ransom diplomacy. Vote Trump!

  • A Eagle

    Strongest weapons, weakest leaders.

    I suggest you get your fill of S. China Sea transit while you still can. Once those Aircraft Carrier Islands are complete, we’ll be paying transit taxes.

    Laugh – but do so quickly.

  • Maindrian Pace

    It is irresponsible to not sink these boats, this was likely a mission to determine US response – so the next “patrol boat” can make a beeline at the destroyer unimpeded with a full load of explosives.

  • Danny

    The Dirt Bag in Chief will send them more money to make them happy.

  • gprue8

    They should have been warned twice then asked to pick which 1 will be allowed to return because 3 of you will be sank and only 1 will be allowed to tell the story of their stupid actions, , we will allow 2 mintes and sink the 3 we pick that didn’t turn away!!
    warned 12 times??? We are a paper tiger with no respect.

    • hcool

      Please don’t come any closer or we will shoot! Yeah, right! The great American navy gets pushed around a lot. Thank you Obama.

  • Neal

    This doesn’t sound like a real attack. Three football fields. The Nitze could have sunk them easily. It is a leadership problem in Washington.

    • usafrn

      Or a coordinated plan with Iran to start something…so Barry can continue squatting in D.C.

  • BroncoFan4Life

    Obama’s Navy, I am surprised the Captain didn’t surrender to the patrol boat’s, good call.

  • Buzz

    What are the Iranian’s afraid of? The feckless turd in the WH isn’t going to do anything.

  • Hawkdriver1961

    Obama’s legacy in a nutshell.

  • Screaming Lord Byron

    Now let’s all wait to see Obama’s brave response…..bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaa!!!!!! Just kidding!

  • Harry Caray is Deplorable

    I heard on NPR just now that Obama put that in the nuke deal. Paragraph 3, Line 4. You will be free to harass our Navy.

  • M.TWAIN11

    We should have captured them and demanded our our 400 mil back.

  • Stormy today,Stormy Tomorrow

    Boy, those Iranians are gonna be sorry. Obama will draw one of those red lines again.. That’ll teach um.

    • juantolduso2

      yeah,and this time,it’ll be in the water with water soluble ink!!

  • Bob Johnson

    If the iranians were to fire on our military, they would first need to get permission to fire back. That is, if they are still alive!

  • Seriously

    Why didn’t we take them hostage? Put them on their knees? These boats aren’t really a threat but still… maybe a shot across their bow will send the right message…

    • TexasRules1

      How about a shot in to their bow?

  • TexasRules1

    Our allies don’t respect us and our enemies do not fear us.

  • Rick Winn

    Gee dont the Iranians know the US media has its hands full with Ryan Locthe?

  • david smith

    Iran’s navy looks like a Bass fishing tournament.

  • Eric

    Don’t bother Obama he’s on vacations! Go Trump 2016!

  • Commentsbywanda

    Where is our dead beat, end of his term president????????????????????????

    • Wilbur Dale


  • hazmat-Latina4Trump

    Keep voting for weak willed, spineless corrupt liars as your leaders who aid and abet our enemies, who give more succor to invaders than their own citizens and soon there will be no USA.
    And the fault will be squarely on YOU!

  • Trevor

    Iran probably thought the US was bringing them more money. They were out there to meet them. Either that, or Iran knew we wouldn’t do anything about it. Just another red line that needs to be moved.

  • Rasputin (Распутин)

    Who’s running that country now, Kim Jong Un?

  • Bob Johnson

    That’s great, then stay there…. sand flea!


    take them out. protest all you want. won’t do any good.
    iran won’t go to war. we a super power act like one.

  • hcool

    Next, we will be running from the Libyan navy!

  • Harry Caray is Deplorable

    Okay Conan the Grammarian

  • maodeedee

    Quote: “Oh come on people. These are rogue fishing boats gone astray. During WWII in the
    Pacific, we had to fight aircraft carriers, battleships, destroyers, submarines, etc.
    Have faith in our capabilities.”

    The destroyer USS Nitze has the capability to wipe out the entire Iranian “Navy” but as long as you have a gutless nebbish as commander in chief who’s rules of engagement are don’t fire back even if fired upon. all the capability in the world won’t do us any good

  • b2

    Operation Praying Mantis #2…
    Enough already…..

  • Flechette

    One look at the guided missile destroyer going up to that dinky little motor boat and I had to laugh. Even if Iran had 100’s of these boats loaded with suicidal explosives one Phalanx, ONE, could take them all out.

  • Mick McCall

    Shoot them.

  • juantolduso2

    GEEE SAM!!! We’re talking Obambi’s navy here,come on!!

  • imongo

    Happens all the time, we used to wave at them.

  • Komissar of Reeducation

    SECNAV has authorized the deployment of hashtags if this continues to escalate. Iran, you’ve been warned!

  • Range of longest range p51 with drop tanks is 2000 miles unless you are planning a one way trip to blow up their nuke facilities with your Gatlen gun.

    What is the nearest airbase to the Straits of Hormuz not controlled by muss-slims? Maybe the navy will you fly the p51s from their aircraft carrier.

  • Rational Thinker

    Maybe Obama can blame the Destroyer for acting stupidly. Then he can lecture us on white privilege and climate change.

    What a GD loser.

  • maodeedee

    The Liberal/Progressive bedwetters are all saying, “Well what’s Obama supposed to do, declare WAR on them?”

    No, just blow them out of the water with vastly superior firepower and if they don’t like it, tough sh!t.

    • Nik

      The Liberal/Progressive bedwetters use WAE to represent the word ‘War’? Why do they do that?

      Is that an acronym for some sissified anti-war slogan, or are they simply all too stupid and incompetent to spell a three-letter word correctly?

      Those stupid bed wetting imbeciles.

  • dman

    The embassy is in Tripoli, the consulate is in Benghazi – Hillary did not send tell the Ambassador to go to Benghazi.

    • Frontierguy

      She didn’t save him either.

    • T-Rex

      “Hillary did not send tell the Ambassador to go to Benghazi.”
      And you know that how? Because she said so? Someone help me, I can’t stop laughing.

  • Rational Thinker

    Hillary recently responded: Yeah Iran but can you open a jar of pickles?

  • People [shrugs]

    Imagine if Americans had any clue about the actual history of the US and Iran. Lol. But no, better we keep scare-mongering.

  • Chris

    Does the navy lack ammunition ? What will they use when the flares fizzle ?

  • IAdoubletime

    Laser target testing.

  • Onceler’s Revenge

    I can’t understand why no man with a ‘patrol boat’ wants to troll a ‘guided missile destroyer’.

  • Kendall

    Let them get a bit closer then blow them out of the water. Who gives a crap about Iran. I am so tired of taking crap from that country since 1979. We should have taken them out right after the hostages were freed back in 1981.

  • Harry Caray is Deplorable

    When the USS Obama is commissioned it will come with two 40mm prayer rug cannons.

    • 12 tribes israel

      Harry Carey used to broadcast cardinals games

      • Harry Caray is Deplorable

        Till he got caught banging the wrong woman.

  • PS

    Why do we have billion dollar ships in the Gulf if they only run when confronted.

  • E. T. Bass

    If Lt. J.F. Kerry was out there in his Swiftboat, he’d show ’em a thing or two . . .

    • Harry Caray is Deplorable

      about a thing or two

    • 12 tribes israel

      His fragging scars

      • maodeedee

        Kerry was never fragged unfortunately. His only injuries didn’t require more than a Band-Aid or two and he has no scars, but those injuries got him two purple hearts that he threw away and allowed him to go stateside before his tour of duty was over so that he could testify that the men he served with and left behind to do his fighting were “Baby-killers”.

    • Rational Thinker

      Yeah, Kerry would start a war with air conditioners.

    • Nik

      He’s is a common contraction of the words he and is. This post is a snapshot of your life, isn’t it?

  • Rational Thinker

    If Iran keeps this up Obama may give them more money.

  • Bluthar

    and no ships

  • L_Dave

    We’ve had “peace” under Obama, through surrender. Effin pu55y.

    • Deplorably Correct

      I picture Obama riding his bicycle, wearing his helmet and mom jeans. Not my idea of a real man.

      • Jack Coyote

        Moochie is more manly. In fact she might be a man.

  • Stormy today,Stormy Tomorrow

    It isnt time yet. Obama will pick a fight with the Iranians on Jan 1, 2017. He needs thw crises to declare marshal law. Obama will still be in the WH after jan 20,2017. Just watch.

  • Ken3690

    Time for Trump to be Presidential, AGAIN:

    “This provocation by Iran goes well beyond any consideration of politics. The President, my opponent and I stand for the honor and safety of the United States and its Armed Forces.

    “Mrs. Clinton, as former Secretary of State, knows the danger this provocation can generate and, with the President can develop effective ways to deal with Iran. If they ask my advice, I will be glad to give it, but for now Iran should know all of us are determined to face down this outrage.”

  • Al Toid

    Geee you’d think the “Iran Navy” woulda upgraded their boats by now…..400 million can buy lotta good stuff.

    • E. T. Bass

      I hear their submarines are fitted with screen doors..

      • Nik

        That’s funny. To a third-grader.

        • E. T. Bass

          Next year when your’re in the fourth grade it will be even funnier.

          • Nik

            Your’re is not a word, stupid. You are so incompetent…you can’t even get it together enough to mock me without screwing-up.

            What an inept oaf you must be. How do you perform at tasks more difficult than writing a single sentence?

          • E. T. Bass

            People who get off on pointing out typos in comment forums are pathetic.

          • Nik

            You’re stupid. Face it…you’re an incompetent oaf, and you screwed-up in your odd attempt to mock me.

            Thin-skinned dummy.

  • J . Jones

    Firing flares ? Why ? Hey Iranians , we’re in this boat and your intentionally fn with us . Just wave at em until they do something hostile . Then open fire.

  • Jljlmjlmn_Prprsprst


    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE
    problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white
    country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan,
    but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing
    in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY
    white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e.,
    intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem
    would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought
    into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE
    problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of
    genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable
    conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Nik

    Your petulant-child remark makes no sense whatsoever. Not even to you.

    • Harry Caray is Deplorable

      Love you guys that have a buttload of posts and only 1/3 of them upvoted.

  • Johnny Blight

    Nothing new. That’s been going on in the Straits of Hormuz since before I was over there in 2004.

  • GuateNY

    This comment has been deleted.

  • Harry Caray is Deplorable

    Take two. Sam LaGrone sound like a pu55y to me

  • L_Dave

    Those ships were behaving aggressively. You’re obviously a liberal ninny who doesn’t want our boys to defend themselves until people are dead.

    • nikondvr

      Like a lot of others in here you need to take a class on reading comprehension and following a conversation so as not to make ignorant responses to people when you don’t understand their comments.

  • bubba_shawn

    GO NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James W. Smith

    captain to crew Ramming speed!

  • ProgTearsTasteLikeWelfare

    Shouldn’t be floating around in their territorial waters.

    • Jack Coyote

      Exiting through the strait of Hormuz to demonstrate freedom of the sea. In everyone’s interest.

  • Jesse D

    Flares, ship’s whistle??? Bull crap! The only thing that these Iranians will heed are live ordnance directed at them. That would have gotten their attention.

    Skipper, do you remember what happened to the USS Cole??? That could have happened to the Nitze…

  • I M Bubblink

    It’s all Ryan Lochtes’ fault!

  • ProgTearsTasteLikeWelfare

    Our ships shouldn’t be there in the first place.

    • I C Black Racists

      The US Navy should defend the right to operate in any international waters.
      I suppose you are Iranian or Russian so what country does “Our” represent?

  • Rational Thinker

    How did global warming get a hold of patrol boats???

  • dman

    Send/tell I’m sure you never made an omission in any of your emails.

  • ironbalut

    The destroyer should have blew them out of the water. The USA has such weak leadership.

    • Nik

      The word ‘blown’ is not a difficult concept. Not in the least.

  • Jjr74

    The president could not have been more wrong about iran and now they are the regional super power. It is so sad. The golden opportunity of helping the good people of Iran during the green revolution was squandered. A revolution that could have ousted the theocracy. Now the islamofascists are on a roll. A fact the MSM is oblivious to or chooses to hide is that the president is Shiite from the womb according to islam. If a Muslim man marries a christian/Jewish woman, the child is supposed to follow the fathers’ religion and vice versa.

  • zolf

    ROE according to ovomit.

  • I M Bubblink

    Its the US Navy’s fault for not purchasing carbon credits for that destroyer.

  • D!ck4BrAiNS

    Running with All that Fire power smh.

  • Jack Coyote

    Barry is Hussein is the biggest faggola to ever occupy the White House.

  • Clare Butterfield

    Obama is a fool!

  • JayAre62

    warning shots are a lot more effective IF there is a belief that you will shoot to kill

    • Buzz

      Ammo is expensive, I wouldn’t bother with warning shots.

  • jgalt52

    The only way to describe these incidents is as “missed opportunities”. No warning. The next time this happens we should put half of the Iranian Navy at the bottom of the Persian Gulf.

  • BroncoFan4Life

    I apologize Sir for the punctuation errors, I am just a retired enlisted Seabee, served on ships during the Gulf War, I passed through those straits, watched for those patrol boats and mines for hours on end(90,91,94,95), served in Iraq(03,04,07,08) and Afghanistan(13,14) with the SeaBees, on Convoy Security, I ran over 250 missions covering 25,oooo miles and I remember every inch of it, yes I may have forgotten my college English 1 comp punctuation rules, but in all my tours , all my my men and women came back to their families physically in one piece. So unless you’ve stood such a watch as I have for 25 years , I suggest you just heed the point and pop smoke .

  • Johann Squire

    If the US still had balls, one of those little boats would be on the bottom, as a warning. OOPs, forgot, our commander in chief sees Iran as an ally…… strange isn’t it?

    • Buzz

      Elect Trump and this kind of krap will cease to happen.

  • tymwltl

    So why are these “canoes” and their occupants not on the ocean floor ? The world laughs at us every day a little harder. Trump will positively change the rules of engagement on day one.

  • Rational Thinker

    Is Brian Williams ok?


    How fast was that ship ?
    Crazy fast ……

  • ExtremeRC

    Note from history how quickly Iran released the hostages once Reagan got into office. Obama has created this atmosphere of disrespect to America.

  • Rational Thinker

    Obama is going to draw a line in the sand trap.

  • alpha1six

    300 meters is entirely too close with weapons uncovered. How close do they have to get before our silly ROE will allow the Navy to blow them out of the water?

  • Buzz

    Those Iranian guys look more like a bass fishing tournement than a navy.

  • William Ockham

    Do you think at any point Obama will realize the iranians beat him like a baby seal and have no intention of stopping the humiliation???

  • James Robinson

    This kind of cowardice makes my blood boil. What has happened to this great nation? What does a warning mean? What were the Iranians warned of? Don’t hurt our feelings or we’ll leave? John Paul Jones (“I have not yet begun to fight!”) must be rolling in his grave screaming, “Fight, damn it!”

  • freddy 123

    I think the Iranians are afraid of barak.BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
    Just like putin is scared of him.

  • opinionated_too

    We’ll just pay them another quarter million to stop.

    • freddy 123

      CASH only no checks

  • navybiker1957

    Sounds like time for a SINKEX!!!

  • lavallette

    Long term planning: raise the doubt: are they for real or just kidding again. Each way US Navy loses; In first case lose a ship and crew, in second case be blamed for causing international incident at Sea: “you should have known from previous incidents they were kidding”. So jut wait for right time.

  • jimbancroft

    oh, great, another ship they want to seize?
    I still dont believe our patrol boats just happened to break down, both, at once…Who or What were on them boats?

  • plkatk

    Exactly what are the US Navy’s rules of engagement today in the Persian Gulf and nearby waters, as well as elsewhere in the world? Must our vessels and aircraft always wait to be fired on, or actually hit, before they can fire on a threatening or attacking enemy? Must they always get permission from higher authority before they can defend themselves? Why? What’s the NAME of the PERSON who has established and now enforces the rules of engagement for Naval vessels and aircraft?

  • MSRes

    They have guns on destroyers, don’t they? If it’s enough of a problem to cause concern, shoot a couple of their little fishing boats. They’ll learn to leave you alone. Either that, or stop complaining about it.

  • Bill Bixby

    Just give them some loving in their ovens with a good Ole Ma Duce.

  • dude911

    At 1k yards they should be firing on any aggressive vessel like this, no questions asked.

  • alsordi

    Well it is the “Persian Gulf”…right?

  • Michael Jones

    Remember the USS Cole. It was a small boat that carried the explosives. Those boats should have been fired on.

    • Nik

      No it wasn’t. It was, and indeed still is, a guided missile destroyer. The USS Cole is the ship that was heavily damaged by a small boat carrying explosives.

      And you ask if we remember…you’re silly.

  • Honest John

    Can’t imagine why we don’t warn then sink them. What’s with this BS?

  • Honest John

    First, needs to change her diapers. Then see if they will donate to the CCF Foundation. Then… well just fret.

  • aanonn

    Russia did the same

  • aanonn

    Putin hates Hillary….. that is why the Democrats were hacked…… the US are being provoked constantly

  • sferrin

    I know, let’s wait until they actually ram our ship before we shoot back. And make sure to remove our Phalanx guns as soon as we get to port. Yeah, that’ll work. Wouldn’t have minded if we unloaded with a few Mk 182 KE-ET (5″ rounds full of tungsten shot).

  • gordonprestonbrown

    A simply sinking these threatening ships would send the proper message to Tehran. Ronald Reagan sent the Iranians the message in the mid-1980’s and we should do it again. Unfortunately, the U.S. has a buffoon in office at the present time that is more worried about his golf game than protecting America and American interests.

    • keitharnold

      He is not a buffoon, he is a traitor. He hates America and has been very successful at his goal of fundamentally transforming this nation.

  • Volitans

    I thought that after the Cole incident the Navy changed is rules of engagement. Allowing these repeated provocations makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Tecumseh1768

    They could use “a real loud parabolic loudspeaker device”. Or they could just use bullets.

  • Flechette

    Hopefully Navy Captains have not forgotten about USS Cole and will sink any boat coming too close.

  • Nik

    The exclamation mark is a great way to signify that you are making a raucously funny, irreverent remark.