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2 More Littoral Combat Ships Will Be Homeported In San Diego

Littoral Combat Ship USS Jackson (LCS-6). Austal USA Photo

Littoral Combat Ship USS Jackson (LCS-6). Austal USA Photo

Two more Littoral Combat Ships will be homeported in San Diego once they are commissioned into the Navy next summer.

USS Detroit (LCS-7) and USS Montgomery (LCS-8) – a Freedom-variant and Independence-variant LCS, respectively – will join the West Coast fleet, where recent LCS activities have been focused. USS Fort Worth (LCS-3) is still underway in the Pacific, where it is far surpassing its predecessor, USS Freedom (LCS-1), in terms of material readiness and availability to take on missions even beyond what the ship was designed for.

So far, the first four ships – Freedom, USS Independence (LCS-2), Fort Worth and USS Coronado (LCS-4) are homeported at San Diego. USS Milwaukee (LCS-5) and USS Jackson (LCS-6) were both recently commissioned and will join those ships in San Diego, though Milwaukee will arrive later than planned. Milwaukee was commissioned last month and was headed for Naval Station Mayport, Fla., when it experienced a failure in the propulsion system. The ship was towed to Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story in Virginia, and the ship may be in for repairs until February. Jackson commissioned Dec. 5

The Navy is rebalancing its fleet to support a national shift to the Asia-Pacific. By 2020, 60 percent of the Navy’s ships and aircraft will be in the Pacific Fleet – with an emphasis on the newest and most capable platforms, including the LCSs, the new big-deck amphibious assault ship USS America (LHA-6), and the Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime surveillance plane.

“The U.S. Navy continually monitors force readiness and ability to provide the most robust, capable maritime force possible,” according to a Navy statement.
“Stationing the littoral combat ships in a West Coast port supports the rebalance to the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, placing our most advanced capabilities and greater capacity in that vital theater.”

  • Yay. China is so happy.

  • disqus_zommBwspv9

    Okay question for the masses. These’s two different LCS classes have only one thing in common. The 6 pound gun mounted on the Pointy end. Everything else is different. How about put the Freedom class in Norfolk, Guam, Rota and Washington state. And the independence class in Mayport and San Diego to become part of the Fourth Fleet

  • old guy

    HOORAY for the crews. Great duty. Don’t miss the zoo, the Shakespeare-in-the-park, La Jolla, golf. Tia Juana, the weather and the rest of the fun. Just try to stay off of the 2 HUNK_A_JUNKs you’re assigned to.

  • Michael Nunez

    Florida , The Gulf , maybe the Caribbean , but the deep waters off of California ……? This makes no-sense again with these Vessels .

  • old guy

    Wait, I have a great idea. In the off season they could pay their way taking tourists to the Galapogos Islands. Call it a South American “GOOD WILL” tour.

  • 1coolguy

    The first three Freedom class ships have been a total disaster. All three broke down when deployed.
    The Freedom class needs to be canceled and the Independence class retained.

  • Joe Hughes

    It is all about having jobs to make useless garbage Build so bridges, fast trains and ix the @#$%^ roads.