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China’s Military Built with Cloned Weapons

Historically, China has been a great innovator contributing inventions such as gunpowder, paper and the compass to human advancement. However, China has earned an international reputation in recent decades as being the home of a prolific copycat culture.

The Chinese have become proficient at cloning products ranging from designer handbags and the latest smartphones to movies and alcoholic beverages. Fake Apple stores, counterfeit KFC restaurants and imitation IKEA big-box outlets dot the Chinese landscape. They have even built entire replica European towns.

Some Western observers believe this cultural attitude towards imitation is rooted in Confucianism where followers traditionally learned by replicating masterworks and then tried to improve upon them.

20b Nike fake credit meckleychina flickr

Chinese reinterpretation of Nike sandals, Logo

The fact that the Chinese commonly refer to today’s imitation products as “Shanzhai” indicates that they recognize the dubious nature of the current practice. The term “Shanzhai” translates to “mountain stronghold” and was originally applied to pirate factories producing counterfeit goods in remote areas beyond the reach of regulatory control.

The copycat business is no longer restricted to outlying lawless regions. It has entered the mainstream and been embraced by government officials who seem content to allow other nations to develop products and technology which they can then acquire legitimately through licensing or illegitimately through counterfeiting and espionage. This approach allows China to stay competitive on the world stage while saving them the time and money it would cost to develop their own products.

An industry in which Chinese cloning has excelled to a disconcerting degree is the manufacture of weapon systems. China’s expanding military and growing assertiveness has been bolstered by weapons cloned from the arsenals of other countries. Bleeding edge U.S. aircraft including the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and Northrop Grumman X-47B unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) have Chinese counterparts that are remarkably similar. Some of the technology used in these designs was almost certainly acquired through a vigorous Chinese cyber spying campaign.

U.S. Defense officials have stated that Chinese military hackers undertaking “technical reconnaissance” have succeeded in pilfering highly classified technical documents on a number of occasions. The sensitive technical data that is known to have been compromised is now evident in the latest versions of several Chinese weapons.

Officials also suspect that China has managed to obtain valuable technical advances by making backroom deals with U.S. allies that bought American weapons. It is for this reason that the U.S. decided not to export the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor stealth fighter.

It is not only American weapon designs and technology that have been stolen and replicated by the Chinese. Russia has at times served as China’s unwitting research and development department. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia was in need of money and held a fire sale of its state of the art Sukhoi Su-27 fighter. China bought two dozen of the fighters but later negotiated for a license to assemble additional planes domestically using key components imported from Russia. Within a few years China claimed that the fighter no longer met their needs and canceled the contract. To the fury of the Russians, the Chinese soon debuted the indigenously built and equipped Shenyang J-11B fighter that looks identical to the Su-27.

Russia continued to use Chinese money from arms sales to develop new technology, which China then stole. After several deals in which the Chinese quickly reversed engineered Russian weapons to produce their own versions, Russia finally wised up and began to reject Chinese requests to purchase single examples of their most advanced systems on a “trial” basis.

To add salt to Russia’s wounds, China is now exporting knockoff weapons to the international market and undercutting Russia’s own arms trade in the process. But like a counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbag with a faulty zipper, Chinese clone weapons may be more style over performance.

“I think the big issue with all Chinese weapons – including copies of Western equipment – is that they remain untested in combat,” Eric Wertheim author of U.S. Naval Institute’s Combat Fleets of the World and a naval analyst said.
“We just don’t know how they will perform, so while they may be far less expensive than their western counterparts, many countries are understandably reluctant to take the risk of acquiring products that haven’t passed the ultimate test of combat. I expect that some of these systems are likely to perform as advertised while others may significantly underperform compared to their western counterparts.”

Although Chinese clone weapons may not yet posses the quality and capabilities of the originals, several U.S. military and industry officials have expressed concern that the ongoing sophisticated cyber espionage campaign will allow China to rapidly improve their arsenal and even soon produce aircraft that will match all aspects of US fifth generation fighters like the F-22 and F-35.

These examples illustrate the extent to which the Chinese military has relied upon weapons developed by other nations:


 Russian Sukhoi Su-33

Chinese Shenyang J-15 Flying Shark based on the Russian Sukhoi Su-33

Chinese Shenyang J-15 Flying Shark based on the Russian Sukhoi Su-33

A Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II (U.S.)

A Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II (U.S.)

Shenyang J-31 which was unveiled in late 2014.

Shenyang J-31 which was unveiled in late 2014.

Yakovlev Yak-130

Yakovlev Yak-130

Hongdu L-15 Falcon supersonic trainer based on the Yakovlev Yak-130

Hongdu L-15 Falcon supersonic trainer based on the Yakovlev Yak-130

 Shenyang J-11 based on the Russian Sukhoi Su-27

Shenyang J-11 based on the Russian Sukhoi Su-27

Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker Righter (Russia)

Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker Righter (Russia)

Antonov An-12 Cub transport aircraft (Russia)

Antonov An-12 Cub transport aircraft (Russia)

Chinese Shaanxi Y-9 Transport Aircraft

Chinese Shaanxi Y-9 Transport Aircraft

Unmanned Vehicles

Northrop Grumman X-47B Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV)

Northrop Grumman X-47B Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV)

Chinese Lijian Sharp Sword UCAV

Chinese Lijian Sharp Sword UCAV

Northrop Grumman MQ-8 Fire Scout unmanned helo (U.S.)

Northrop Grumman MQ-8 Fire Scout unmanned helo (U.S.)

Chinese SVU-200 Flying Tiger unmanned helo

Chinese SVU-200 Flying Tiger unmanned helo

General Atomics MQ-1 Predator UAV (U.S.)

General Atomics MQ-1 Predator UAV (U.S.)

Chengdu Wing Loong “Pterodactyl” UAV

Chengdu Wing Loong “Pterodactyl” UAV

Ground Vehicles

2S19 Msta-S Self-Propelled Howitzer (Russia)

2S19 Msta-S Self-Propelled Howitzer (Russia)

Chinese PLZ-05 Self-Propelled Howitzer

Chinese PLZ-05 Self-Propelled Howitzer

AM General HMMWV Humvee Light Truck (U.S.)AM General HMMWV Humvee Light Truck (U.S.)

Chinese Dongfeng EQ2050 Brave Soldier

Chinese Dongfeng EQ2050 Brave Soldier

BM-30 Smerch “Whirlwind” multiple rocket launcher (Russia)

BM-30 Smerch “Whirlwind” multiple rocket launcher (Russia)

Chinese PHL03 multiple rocket launcher

Chinese PHL03 multiple rocket launcher

Russian BMP-1 amphibious infantry fighting vehicle

Russian BMP-1 amphibious infantry fighting vehicle

Chinese WZ-501 amphibious infantry fighting vehicleChinese WZ-501 amphibious infantry fighting vehicle

Infantry Weapons

U.S. M-4A1

U.S. M-4A1

Chinese CQ 5.56mm Assault Carbine

Chinese CQ 5.56mm Assault Carbine

FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile (U.S.)

FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile (U.S.)

Chinese Hongjian-12 Red Arrow anti-tank missile

Chinese Hongjian-12 Red Arrow anti-tank missile

  • Secundius

    I wonder how many of these were “Outsourced” Technology Products came from US (the USA), and how many came from our Mediterranean Shored Middle-East “Ally”…

    • Mikey

      Your desires to blame dah joos for everything is admirable, but in this case a sitting US president had literally sold out American security for cash money.

      • MaryEllen DIgregorio

        How does he survive, out of jail, let alone thrive?

      • Secundius

        @ Mikey.

        Israel, has been selling US Technology to the PRC since at least 1992. The FBI, have even Caught Them In the Act, of Doing It…

    • Mark Matis

      I wonder instead how many of these were given to them by the last four administrations. That would be Shrub One, Slick, Shrub Two, and the Muslim in Chief…

    • Andrew Interrupted

      Israel has been in the Top 3 U.S. technology thief category for decades.
      They alternate between first place with China. Candy from babies, really.
      The Popeye Turbo is 95% American design–and it has a 200kg nuke warhead! They have enough Popeyes to turn Iran into a glass parking lot.

  • meangreenMarine

    How many came from hacking into the computers of Companies that design and manufacture these products?

    • Mr. Speaker

      Why hack?
      The defense industry (and the government) have plenty of U.S. educated engineers born in China that are involved with the development of those systems.
      Sure, there’s a vetting process for industry and back ground investigations for clearances in the DoD/Gov but let’s not be so naïve to think that the Chinese don’t have an industrial espionage program in place that takes advantage of the U.S. governments “diversity” requirement.

      • Marion Mitchell Morrison

        Absolutely correct. I have seen it in action.
        Anyone who has worked in China knows that they have perfected the art of stealing from western companies, and have a supporting victim ideology to justify it. Why anyone does business with them beats me. Deals with the devil. From their point of view, they have gone from dirt poor (their own damn fault) to 2nd largest economy in 1 generation, and they’re proud of it.

        • Curtis Conway

          ….. and now they are of the mindset to ‘Lord it over us’ (South China Sea policy).

        • MaryEllen DIgregorio

          And a president Hillary will only make it worse. The Wikileaks has a quote from her, saying, “It is difficult dealing toughly with your banker.” No doubt, especially so, when your banker can blackmail your husband.

      • Curtis Conway

        Are you saying that being ‘Native Born’ means something (tongue in cheek)?

      • dp

        Just add these numbers to the diversity that Barry is adding to the American shores from Syria, Iraq, and countless other countries and Mr. Speaker, we are in trouble because we have no way of vetting these folks.

        • Mr. Speaker

          I don’t think my ancestors were vetted either.

          • Bill Powell

            Probably not, but growing up in a nation gives one a ‘vested interest’ in that nation.

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      Likely, all.

  • TheLastPlainsman

    I don’t believe that they will be able to beat us in the first round but I am always reminded of what Mao said in regards to nuclear war; you can kill 500 million of us but there will still be 500 million left to fight.
    And make no mistake, we will be at war with China inside of 10-12 years, outside.

    • Bloodaxe

      Correction: if 500 million Chinese were killed there’d still be 850 million of them left.

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      Why not 10-12 months? Why waste the opportunity Obama has given them? The next POTUS will likely have to be more hawkish than ears.

  • Pepperspray137

    If Chinese weapon clones work as well as the rest of the Chinese “knock-offs” we have zero worries about their military. With the exception that they will pollute Earth’s waters with all the nuclear material and oil that will be sent to the bottom of the ocean.

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      Something tells me, they’re more concerned about good weapons than they are with knock off purses.

    • Andrew Interrupted

      They aren’t knock-offs–they’re duplicates.
      Just better built and tested.
      And China put robot viruses in ours.

  • HosedInAmerica

    Why all of the heartburn over the Red Chinese military? Their modern military is only one of the benefits of “Free Trade”.

  • TED from Boston

    shameless Chicoms only know how to steal, hack, pirate and counterfeit

  • bmw111

    But isn’t this the Obama Doctrine? “Peace through Equality.” Unfortunately, some are still more “equal” than others, but just give the plan a few more years and we’ll all be at a Third World level.

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      Any world order that puts on nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail. Barack Husein Obama

      Whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower. Barack Husein Obama

      But, don’t worry, he’s working as hard on this as he’s working on the second amendment.

  • rickmcinnis

    Don’t forget how much of this was sold to the Chinese by the Clintons.

    • Gary Grimm

      the gifts that keep on giving.

    • Uncle Sham

      no one is better at making cheap knock-offs than the Chinese

      • Nick

        Maybe they’ll get the knockoff F35 to work.

        • garysco

          I heard one of their generals said “No build Edsel aircraft.”

        • Ty Harris

          Maybe we set them back by 20 years by letting them steal the plans and tricking them into building a crap aircraft that costs an arm and a leg and xant do anything well. Better they should spend their time and money on this turkey than something effective and cost efficient. Maybe the whole thing was brilliant strategery all along.

    • nvrat

      You beat me to it. Yes Bubba Clinton sold computers, weapons programs and some weapons designed to china in the late 80`s. General Motors was one of the providers for computers and system`s designs after they (GM) purchased Hughes Aircraft Co. in 1982. Yes, I was a Hughes employee and later a GM employee before retiring in the 90`s and remember asking why our congress did nothing to stop the sale.

    • Funny, as soon as I read the title of this article Slick Willy came to mind. Ya stole my thunder. I thought I was the only one that remembered it.

      • MaryEllen DIgregorio

        There’s a reason why the Clintons are so hated.

        • Anthony E

          Well for being so hated they sure seem to get away with ”

    • peteyone

      Don’t forget all the nuclear secrets that were given or sold to them. Also the fact that Bernie Schwartz of Loral gave them a bunch of stuff too!

    • jibls

      Don’t know if they are even that smart, after all they paid North Korea billions of dollars to build nukes.

    • FredTex


    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      They continue to put themselves first, as evidenced by their Clinton Foundation slush fund for influence buying, and Hillary’s private email server. They are such a national security threat, that they couldn’t get a security clearance, in a sane world.

    • djs1138

      So true… I remember it well…

    • ONTIME

      Thru the Clinton Crime Foundation……would it surprise anyone if Hellary is found to be a russian puppet?..She did study under Alinksy….

      • MaryEllen DIgregorio

        The Russian military needs uranium, to. Who are we to keep our uranium to ourselves? how selfish to redistribute the wealth, but not the uranium!

        • Woody

          Iran needs uranium also. Hillary helped provide it.
          Hillary’s deal sent Uranium to Russia, but also increased supply so Russia could make it available to Iran too.

          • Secundius

            @ Woody.

            Russian own’s about 20% of the US Uranium Reserves. Why would Hillary need to send or sell any to Russia…

          • Woody

            Are you familiar with the many accusation against the Clintons and their slush fund charity groups where Hillary as SecState would approve items helpful to foreign governments after Bill Clinton made speeches in these countries and collected huge speaking fees and these governments and foreign citizens would make multi-million dollar donations to clinton charity funds?
            SecState Hillary, after past denials, approved the partial sale of Canadian uranium mining companies to Russia after receiving campaign and charity donations from these companies and executive personnel.
            This increases the supply of uranium available to Russia, which is bad enough considering the new cold war emerging.
            My position is that this increased supply of uranium would also make it easier for Russia to sell uranium to Iran for their nuclear weapons production.
            My reply was partially joking in reply to MaryEllen’s joking reply, but understand that Hillary did not directly sell uranium to Russia, she approved the partial sale of the uranium companies to Russia, which increases Russian supplies of uranium.
            Hillary didn’t “need to send or sell…”, she collected huge BRIBES to approve the sale even though it is harmful to US national security.

    • europa3962

      And paid for everytime someone shops at walmart

    • Jeff Smith

      I was wondering about that too – how much of this hardware was licensed by their original countries? I know we’ve granted licenses for several aircraft to other countries, and I’m sure there are a lot more “smaller” things that have been licensed as well.

    • Robert

      True, it was revealed President Clinton received $300,000 in campaign contributions from the Chinese communist military at the time that he ignored repeated warnings of Chinese espionage and stealing of our nuclear technology.

    • capoprimo

      Good old Willie, had some of the most sophisticated rocket technology de-classified from Top Secret Military to Commercial status. Before this occurred, the Chinese couldn’t get a rocket off the pad before it blew up, after the de-classification they went to space. The basis of the Clinton Foundation, we’ll be left completely exposed if we’re not already!

      Sorry, I posted this before reading the post by Maryellen DIgregorio.

    • Daily Gut Check

      I seem to recall Bill Clinton allowed the sale and transfer of protected technology, including 5-axis cnc milling machines, a tool necessary to make navigational systems for ICBM’s.

      I believe under Obama’s watch that one of our top secret drones conveniently “landed” in Iran without being self-destructed… so the Iranians could give it to the Chinese to copy.

      • linda

        i remember some huge factory in Ohio, worth $13 billion, and the employees actually tried to buy the factory, but Clinton’s commerce dept. negated the deal and sold the same factory, lock stock and barrel, to the Chinese for $3-4 billion. If that is not seditionist, what is?

        • Daily Gut Check

          Loral– Formerly Goodyear Aerospace.

      • mcgdesign

        My thought exactly, especially his weak protest to the Iranians to get it back.

      • Andrew Interrupted

        And two drone destruction mission options were nixed by the Kenyan.

        • Daily Gut Check

          Why would he destroy at gift to Iran?

          Also this, where the Obama Administartion leaked the existence of virus software used to slow down Iran’s nuclear weapon program:

          “The effort, involving the National Security Agency, the CIA and Israel’s military, has included the use of destructive software such as the so-called Stuxnet virus to cause malfunctions in Iran’s nuclear enrichment equipment.”

          Again, Obama sabotages national security with no consequences and again enables Iran.

          Further, the the GOP and Jews never remembers this stuff.

      • Bob

        It was under Bush I that Toshiba sold the Soviets the 5-axis milling machine required to manufacture quiet submarined screws (propeller). It wasn’t Clinton and it wasn’t the US. Toshiba was banned from US government business for some time and those of us who still work in DoD and remember this refuse to touch Toshiba stuff unless directed to do so.

        • Bob

          doh! “submarine,” not “submarined.”

        • Daily Gut Check

          Excuse me…. CHINAGATE!

        • Daily Gut Check

          There is a report called the CO>< Report that details the criminal actions of Bill Clinton and Chinagate. This site won't let me spell out the first word of the report, the first two letters are CO the third letter is the letter that comes directly before "Y".

        • Daily Gut Check

          LOL! Yeah, right. Sorry, that’s not what I am speaking of.

          If you work in DOD, then you know better than what you just presented. Remember Chinagate? Bad memory or just a Leftist Clint0n apologist?

          Clint0n should, at a minimum. be in a Federal prison right now for the national security damages he created, sab0taging our national security. If there were justice in America, both Clint0n’s would have been treated as trait0rs worse than the Rosenbergs. Instead, Left!sts excuse and fawn over them.

          G00gle: “Sen. Inhofe Documents Clinton’s Culpability in Chinagate” from Center For Security Policy June 24th, 1999:

          ” In 1994, President Clint0n ended COCOM, the Coordinating Committee on Multinational Export Control, the multi-nation agreement among U.S. friends and allies that they would not sell certain high technology items to countries like China.

          When this happened, it opened the commercial floodgates. Ever since, there has been a wild scramble of competition to sell more and more advanced technology to China. As a result, proliferation has never been worse than it has been in the last six years. ”

          G00gle: The “C* O* X (minus asterisks and spaces) Report”, which Sen. Jim Inhofe said “conclusively documents– (Clint0n) has “harmed” national security. From that report:

          ” Observers of the PRC’s machine tool capabilities do not believe that the PRC can indigenously produce high precision, five-axis machines that approach the quality of
          Western products.

          The U.S. General Accounting Office estimates that the PRC has the capability “to manufacture less sophisticated machine tools, but cannot currently mass produce four- and five-axis machine tools that meet Western standards.”

          According to a 1996 Defense Department assessment, however, the PRC’s indigenous machine tool production capability is increasing markedly.

          The PRC has long sought to compensate for its deficiencies in machine tool technology by importing foreign systems. This approach has been facilitated by CO*C*OM’s (minus asterisks) dissolution and the resulting international relaxation of controls on machine tool exports.

          Since the end of CO*C*OM (minus asterisks) in March 1994, PRC military industries have acquired advanced machine tools that would be useful for the production of rocket and missile guidance components, and several five-axis machines for fighter aircraft and parts production. Five-axis machines were controlled under CO*C*OM (minus asterisks) and are purportedly controlled by Wassenaar. U.S. industry sources note that:

          “China has proved able to buy [machine tools] from a variety of foreign makers in Japan and Europe. Between 1993 and 1996, fifteen large, 5-axis machine tools were purchased by Chinese end users, all fifteen were made by Western European manufacturers.”

          Furthermore, Shenyang Aircraft purchased twelve 5-axis machine tools [in 1997]. These machine tools came from Italian, German and French factories. “

    • Volitans

      And let’s not forget the shady uranium deal that benefited the Russians.

      • Woody

        Hillary’s shady uranium deal not only benefited the Russians, it would have allowed an increased supply on the world market- available to Russian friends- such as Iran.
        Iran recently announced finding large reserves of uranium, but it’s still easier to buy it than mine it. Especially if you’re trying to obtain large amounts for your warhead production line.

      • Andrew Interrupted

        There was a uranium deal where the U.S. bought weapons grade nuclear material from the crumbling soviet empire in exchange for commercial reactor fuel. The program was called “MegaTons to MegaWatts”. A seldom mentioned government success story.

        • Volitans

          I remember that program. What the Clintons did in this case appears to have been a quid pro quo money grab and not comparable to the “MegaTons to MegaWatts” program, which had the good of the country as its focus.

    • CharlieM

      Sold? I’ll bet most of the technology was given to them by the Clintons. I’d even bet that the Chinese are big donors to the Clinton Foundation.

    • natgrenadine


      Stolen technology? Hardly.

      Nothing should put more fear into the heart of nuclear war activists than Janet Nepolitano being appointed as President of the University of California–which oversees the DOE nuclear weapons labs.

      American turncoats sell weapons information in return for campaign finance. This used to be a Socialist problem, then came to include democrats. It now includes GOP lemmings as well.

      • Herein lies the problem with our corrupt government.

        • Andrew Interrupted

          No, not nuclear war activists–grievance industry activists. People hired for their sexual orientation, not their ability. People judged by the color of their skin, not the content of their character. Sound familiar?

          You’re more likely to get hired (and have a job for life) if you were born in Bangladesh or Syria than you are if you were born in America to a family with generations of blood spilt for the red, white, and blue.

          We are in the midst of a Western Marxist occupation. Not a shot fired.


          • Daily Gut Check

            The average I.Q. of certain sectors of society, ones who enjoy the “knock out” game and 95% voted to re-elect Obama, in particular, is a grand 85 I.Q. Whereas the average I.Q. of the people forced to pay the 85 I.Q. people’s bills, is a 105 I.Q. Yet, certain higher paying jobs (in particular in government) are increasingly given to the 85 I.Q. people so as to give them the appearance of success. And to demoralize and make hopeless the pursuits of the 105 I.Q. people.

            By comparison, the na+ives of Afr!ca who dance around with plates in their lips and erec+, large bamboo tubes on their junk is about a 65 I.Q.

            I know, I am a big ole’ rac!sm for observing reality.

          • Andrew Interrupted

            No, just a truth speaker. There are a few countries in the Congo area only producing 59 IQs. All in: The Bell Curve.

            Yes, government agencies and contractors have become one giant Democrat plantation. The defense product will never keep up. The first time in American history we’ve fallen behind in defense technology and quality. Very sad.

          • Daily Gut Check

            I agree it is very sad.

            What kind of political leader sacks their own country. Even the most evil dicatators in the world, communists on their worst days, don;t sack their countries military might and ability on purpose.

      • Daily Gut Check

        Incidentally, this article is about Chinese military hackers stealing
        U.S. technology and not “Exchanging secret intelligence for campaign
        funds” … so you are likewise off topic.

        • Andrew Interrupted

          You are on topic. The defense contractor buildings I walked through were full of Hillary Clinton Dodo Birds who didn’t have a cyber security clue. Hillary’s cyber security retardation is not an isolated incident.

      • Mark Talmont

        The Chinese have been worming their way into every nook and cranny of the U.C. system since the 60s. Recall the Wen Ho Lee fiasco, when the smoke cleared the Chinese had our small nuclear warhead designs, the investigative procedures were so botched up that no one could really tell who did what. Lee plead guilty to a single charge and walked. Janet Reno left office insisting he was guilty spy; Clinton left talking out of both sides of his mouth and straining to associate himself with the Chinese ethnic activist types shrieking that the whole thing was due to racism against Chinese. It all really started when Clinton’s DOE appointee Hazel O’Leary breezed through the weapons labs and proclaimed that the different colored security badges to designate layers of security were “discriminatory”.

        Liberals are going to get us all killed.

        • quousque

          Thanks for bringing MIRVs and Hazel O’Leary into the picture. It would be like talking about post 9-11 investigation without mentioning Jaimie Gorelick.

    • Andrew Interrupted

      The federal government and federal contractors have been swallowed whole by the grievance industry. There are techno-boob Hillary-types around every corner. Stealing our technology was/is a piece of cake. I worked for a defense contractor, I know. The defense product is compromised junk. The F-35 could get shot down by a P-51D Mustang running on 11 cylinders.

    • Plurb

      Specifically the GSM positioning chips that target and direct missile accuracy from the Loral Corporation through California State Secretary Ron Brown directly to the PRC and they reciprocated by donating directly to the Clinton’s DNC and his Re-Election. We have the best Government you can buy, only it doesn’t represent us any more!

    • Freeway

      And Bush.

      Jeb and Hillary want what is best for China.

      • John C

        Nope, not when it comes to military hardware. Bush, of whom I am no fan, isn’t responsible for the transfer of military secrets to China, that lies strictly with Clinton and Obama. Jobs to China,on the other hand are the responsibility of Poppy Bush, Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama.

        • Freeway

          W Bush was a raging liberal disguised as a conservative and millions of Americans bought into it. Pathetic.

          • John C

            He was a typical one worlder. Don’t forget Daddy Bush is a screaming failure and a Liberal, so he’s pushing his kids in the same direction. Reagan’s biggest mistake was having daddy Bush as his vice President. No one from that family should ever be elected to the White House again.

    • John C

      Exactly, Clinton and Bernie Schwartz of Loral sold them the Rope to try and hang us with. They should be severely punished for their treason. No computer with military secrets should ever be allowed to be attached to the internet.

    • noway2no

      Yep, in many cases they “paid” for it.

    • Nitro Noriega

      dammit! you stole my comment! Wait, who sold that to you? 🙂

    • FUBO

      You beat me to it.

    • Elvis X

      The Clinton’s were horrible with this but the George W. Bush administration allowed the sale of near perfect ball bearing technology to the Chinese which was a duel use technology. It could be used for improved control for civilian jet aircraft or ICBM’s. Both parties have their head up their tush out of either greed or stupidity.

      • HosedInAmerica

        It’s just one of the benefits of “Free Trade”!

    • War_Machine2

      It really makes you wonder how many secrets the Obama administration has shared with them.

      • Secundius

        @ War_Machine2.

        Actually, NONE. Obama, Outsourced to Scandinavia ONLY…

    • JB

      Clinton and…… drum roll…… George Bush Sr. George opened china up for commerce, and Clinton sold them our aeronautics and technology

      • William Romano

        I’m not sure that’s true, but even if it were, there’s a big difference between opening up for commerce and selling them our military hardware just to get more campaign contributions from a foreign government… which is highly illegal… but still stealthfully done by the Clintons… who think they are above the law… because the law was only made for the rest of us and not for the entitled Queen “my shlt don’t stink” Hillary… even though she is a piece of human dung.

    • Mel_Anosis

      Yes, that fellow traveler Chung under the Clintons was responsible for much of it. Instead of chasing interns in the Oval Office Clinton should have been focusing on Chinese espionage. I’m sue Mr Hope and Change Obama cares also about China stealing military secrets…….after all, Obama doesn’t like the military superiority of the USA. Part of his fundamental transformation of America…..make us a second rate military power.

    • Rick

      I lived in China for 7yrs. I can tell you first hand they copy everything. They have only a very small national brand lineup. They have purchased many brand names. Example, 51 percent of Volvo is Chinese owned.

      • Zef Side

        Pretty rich statement considering Ford OWNED volvo. You people are nuts.

        • Rick

          You r in the dark! The Chinese bought it more than 5yrs ago. Do the research! The Swedes were in trouble and agreed to the deal.

      • Secundius

        @ Rick.

        And the Volvo copies sold in China, are Junk. Just like their Toyota’s, Nissan, Ford, Chevy’s…

    • GoHomeCommie

      What difference does it make?

    • I was just going to point this out.

    • Daniel Martinovich

      That what I was gonna say.

  • ata777

    Hacking? Don’t forget when Bill Clinton, courtesy of abiding his crony at the Loral Corporation, GAVE away missile guidance.

    • bill_a_bob

      and there’s probably backdoors on all these Lenovo laptops they make for US consumption

      • MaryEllen DIgregorio

        Used to be that that was our strength. Nice to know that Obama “welcomes” China;’s rise to superpower status.

    • Martin Van Nostran

      But Clinton got a really good campaign contribution from Loral out of the deal. So it’s all good in Clintonland.

      • JustAl

        And rumors of a long visit at the White House by a very good looking female PLA officer.

        • Bloodaxe

          Mucho boom-boom in exchange for a few secrets? What a deal!

    • Gary Grimm

      the Clinton legacy. multi stage guidance to the red Chinese, which then provided the technology to North Korea.

      • MaryEllen DIgregorio

        No person in history has done more to advance the military interests of China. Some legacy for an American president.

  • CapeMOGuy

    You left out the Chinese Space Shuttle. Rumor is they copied everything except software.

  • Rob Meier

    Not cool to steal military secrets but I kinda like that Chinese make regular knock-offs. It keeps the real stuff cheaper. I tend to think the US has overbearing copy right laws.

  • Melskid

    I voted for Clinton as a response to Bush Sr. giving China MFN status. In my opinion he was the worst President that ever did damage to this nation only time I have ever voted for a Democrat.

    • dp

      Bet you were sorry for both your vote choices like many others are today.

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      How did that work out for us?

  • bill_a_bob

    The Chinese can thank Al Gore and Hillary for all the US stuff

  • Daniel Staggers

    Yeah, exactly, the F-35 is a Clinton gift to them. In fact, the Chinese make it right, with two engines exactly like it should have. That must be embarrassing, eh?

  • publius_maximus_III

    My guess is the copying is not being done out of necessity, just because it is faster, easier, and cheaper. A study of standardized test scores done back in the 1990’s (published as a book entitled “The Bell Curve”) compared IQ distributions for different populations — Eastern Asians came out on top. So it’s not because of a lack of brainpower that they do this. Maybe articles like this one will shame them into stopping their espionage? NOT

    We need to do a much better job of cyber security. For one thing, we ought to -STOP- transmitting sensitive material between various military sites and defense contractors using phone lines, broadband, microwaves, and radio transmissions — all of which can become a ready conduit of information to hackers. Our newer generation of designers have become complacent and enjoy the convenience of logging into work over a cup of coffee and a Danish at home. A new way of transporting information between different locations needs to be devised — maybe DVD’s transferred daily by secure drones or couriers? If there is nothing to hack, then the hacker is left out in the cold.

    Continuing what we are doing today is just asking for more of the same unsatisfactory results tomorrow…

    • Marion Mitchell Morrison

      Read something the other day that it is 70% cheaper to copy than develop.

      • MaryEllen DIgregorio

        Clinton gave them our missile technology and our nuclear technology, saving them decades of research and expense. Clinton wasn’t so much our first black president as he was our first Chinese president.

    • martin mitchell

      good point. As friend of mine stated,” to hack the Manhattan Project” one had to break through a fence patrolled by armed guards, then several locked buildings followed by vaults and then to the secure file drawers in a safe(s).

      • publius_maximus_III

        I read somewhere that their file cabinets or desks which were “locked” with three numbered thumbwheel combinations were almost universally set to accept 235 (for U-235, the fissile isotope of uranium…)

        But seriously, no more “instant credit” exchanges when it comes to the “economy” of our national security data — face-to-face “cash” transactions only.

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      How about we stop educating them in computer science and engineering at our universities? If they had to teach their own, they would be slowed down.

  • chaindawg812

    We have giving it to them for years, they are just doing what we let them do.

  • mirted

    Clintons, etc.: Yes, remember the names Johnny Chung and Wen Ho Le?
    Remember Sandy Berger caught taking classified documents out of a building, illegally….nothing happened to him. And guess what, every Democrat voter let him do it without penalty, just as they let (nay, encouraged) Obama violate the Constitution blatantly.

    • publius_maximus_III

      And don’t forget Wun Hung Lo.

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      Let’s not forget that Hillary was also getting Chinese money. Hillary had to return $850,000 to Norman Shu. Also the Paw family, whose Postal Service income was about $45,000, donated $200,000 to Democrats between 2005 and 2007. These donation mainly went to Hsu, a big Hillary Clinton bundler. Echoes of Chung, Huang, Trie, and the other Clinton Chinagate cast of characters.

      • MaryEllen DIgregorio

        Through Maria Shia, who was giving Gore Chinese money? Gore was Chinese insurance on the 1992 Democrat ticket. From a political perspective, there were other, better VP candidates, for Bill to select.

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      The Republican Party is an enabling party, not an opposition party. Wouldn’t it be nice if the IRS took an interest in this, instead of conservative parties free speech?

    • Infidel007

      Laws only apply to the peasant class of society. Sometimes a few heads roll so to speak, but it’s a rare occurrence, and usually they simply sacrifice some mid level management types as a token gesture and to keep up pretenses. Just like how all of those Wall Street firms and banks who engage in all types of illegal behavior and the worst that usually happens is some “rogue trader” or some other “rogue” element within the organization get’s all the blame, meanwhile the very organization itself is rotten to the core. I’ve never understood how the whole Loral thing wasn’t an act of treason itself. It was bribery through and through.

      • HosedInAmerica

        It was just “Free Trade”. “The merchant has no country other than the ground upon which he stands to sell his goods.” I believe Thomas Jefferson was responsible for this bit of brilliance!

  • Confused

    These designs weren’t stolen. The Clinton administration SOLD these technologies for 8 years while they were in office in the 90s. The 2nd Clinton Administration (while Hillary was head of State Dept.) continued to sell these technologies. This is what you get with a Clinton. See how many millions of dollars have flowed from China into the Democrat Campaign Committee, into the Clinton Foundation and into Bill and Hillary’s bank accounts in the form of “donations and speaking fees.” Sick!

  • mroadster

    People who transfer military technology to any foreign power, either through sale or theft, should be publicly tried and summarily executed for treason. That would deter some of the theft.

    We did it when scientists were caught transferring atomic technology to the Russians, it is still useful for today.

    Foreign spies masquerading as scientists in the defense industry need to be identified and have unfortunate “accidents” befall them (after being properly interrogated, by whatever means necessary).

    The green card program for defense industry needs to be ended. We are training our adversaries.

  • victor_whisky

    Rest easy, the Chinese will never copy the F-35. At over 300 million each, it is a known fact the F-35 is a gigantically overpriced dog that can be taken down by Vietnam era fighters. As a real fighter, it comes no where near in matching the performance of it’s predecessor, the F-16. In mock dogfights with Russian aircraft, both real and computer generated scenarios, it lost every time. And as a ground support aircraft, it is less accurate the the old A-10.

    It was supposed to be a multi task (compromised), aircraft that can not do any of its tasks well and mostly designed and engineered to be a huge money stream for the Wall Street run industrial military complex.

    • Paolo Moleman

      If the Chinese are smart, they will keep copying Russian stuff. The F-35 is junk. Also Pierre Sprey who worked on the F-16 and A-10 with Colonel Boyd and Col Riccioni has said stealth is a scam. It can be seen by long wave radar.

      • victor_whisky

        To demonstrate what a scam the military complex is, they had the V-22 Osprey in development since the late 1950’s or early sixties. It would never work due to its complexity and it wasn’t until they got micro computers in the mid 80’s did they manage to make it a stable flying platform. The military really did not want it, but the industrial military complex and their paid politicians kept pushing it.

        All you have to do is shoot off one engine or simply damage the tip of one propeller to get it off balance and the whole thing will crash. And supposing the control mechanism is damaged and you can’t rotate the engines to vertical to hover into the landing configurations, those propellers are so huge, you wouldn’t be able to land it like an airplane. Billions and billions were wasted on this impractical aircraft.

    • dp

      Compromise will assure that you will never win anything.

      • victor_whisky

        Compromise works in business and politics, doesn’t work on fighter aircraft. You can’t create an aircraft that does everything well, they are either fighters, ground support or bombers. There is plenty of case history to back it up, but the military is run by hand picked generals who will dance to the tune of the Industrial Military complex, and eventually end up working for them.

        • Infidel007

          That’s funny you came to the same conclusion I did. I read your first post without seeing your second until now when I made my first comment. The generals can get a lobbying job for a defense contractor when they retire. Also how much lobbying money from defense firms goes to decision making by politicians on what weapons systems to use? Are certain parties more favored than others due to who they are and how big their wallet is vs the effectiveness of some of their systems?

          Besides being an easy thing to weaponize by foreign governments, lobbying is also a terrible idea since big money has too much influence in our election process. I know it would be naive to think that hasn’t always been the case throughout history, but these days we make the act of bribing an elected official legal and just, so it’s done out in the open in broad daylight. It’s even a respected industry. It reminds me of insider trading being legal for CONgress but illegal for the peasant class.

    • Bloodaxe

      It looks like a total dog but they’ve committed so much money to it they can’t back out of it. So, they’ll continue throwing tons of good money after bad.

      • Infidel007

        Beware the military industrial complex. The whole military industrial complex is hurting the effectiveness of our military ironically in my opinion as well. I’ve never understood the whole multi task angle. Instead of jack of all trades master of none, why not simply focus on one or two primary attributes and do them as good as possible, without sacrificing performance on those one or two things by trying to make one thing do it all, and then integrate another fighter designed to do the other things as good as possible into your forces. To me it seems like the most logical approach. Then again I can’t buy political favors with large amounts of money, so logic plays second fiddle to large piles of money.

        • gdooley

          They already know all this- research the “Jack-of-all-trades” F-111 from 1961. From Wikipedia: “The General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark was a supersonic, medium-range interdictor and tactical attack aircraft that also filled the roles of strategic bomber, aerial reconnaissance, and electronic-warfare aircraft in its various versions.”

          Problem was, it did none of these well. The f-111B Navy fighter version was a total failure, at 50+ tons!

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      Obama discontinued the A-10. Unexceptional bitter clingers don’t deserve it.

    • gdooley

      I’d love to dig up Eisenhower, and kick his a$$ for coining the ridiculously trite “Military Industrial Complex” phrase.

      It’s really the “Government-out-of-control” complex

    • Bob

      So what is your data for this assessment of the F-35? A Vietnam era fighter would be ZERO match for a F-35. Provide facts or it’s BS.

  • jimhobson

    The US has failed the country by not carefully protecting design info.

  • Peter_T

    some of the pics shown are not similar. The contours of land vehicles are different as the mounted weapons.

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  • georgia dawg

    the headline should read,,,chinese military hardware sold to them by bill clinton.

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      China bought Clinton, so they’ve also got Hillary.

      In August 1992 James Riady took a limo ride with Bill Clinton, in which he promised to donate a lot of money to Bill’s campaign. Riady has been connected by the CIA to the Chinese military. Riady’s money has been credited with saving Clinton’s 1992 campaign. Why wouldn’t Riady have taped this conversation for China’s later use? Judging by Clinton’s behavior during his presidency, he did tape it.

      One bribed, forever bought.

      • MaryEllen DIgregorio

        During one of Clinton’s WH fund raising coffees, a Chinese garner is caught on tape telling Clinton, “James Riady sent me.”

  • justamom

    Funny how the Clintons comes first to my mind. Shouldn’t they be in jail for treason??

    • publius_maximus_III

      Not when they hold all the patent rights for Teflon.

      • dp

        Now that;s just plain funny.

      • MaryEllen DIgregorio

        Code named: MSM.

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      When Louis Freeh, the FBI director, was akked by a congressional committee, knew about Clinton’s Chinagate scandal, he replied, “about 1%.”

      Janet “Waco” Reno ordered a DOJ investigation of both Freeh and Dab Burton, who was also investigating Chinagate.

      • MaryEllen DIgregorio

        Bill Clinton installed a “firewall” to prevent the FBI from communicating with the CIA. This hindered Freeh’s investigation. It also made it harder for us to detect the 9/11 attack, which we were investigating before it happened.

        Were the documents Sandy “The Burglar” Berger stuffed down his pant leg, prior to the 9/11 commission?

  • Mr Marble

    What do you expect when the U.S. gave the Chinese full access to every patent and military secret we have……………….. Looks like other governments did the same.

    • flowers_for_all_p0liticians

      All for cash and misguided BS of level playing field, blah blah blah…

  • darkcontinent

    The Chinese studied Obama in order to make a copy but found the original design to not be worth a crap.

    • Mark Matis

      Well actually, crap is about ALL that it is worth. Or hadn’t you noticed the flies? If there’s one thing flies know and love…

    • publius_maximus_III

      Uh, you don’t mean the Manchurian Candidate do you?

  • Platopus

    Who had the great idea to put blue prints on the Internet?

  • Wavy1

    No, Chinese now able to afford weapons cause stupid American CEO send all production to China, producing surplus of cash. Keep up the good work American CEO someday we come find your richass for re-education or something else. Enjoy short-term profit for long term suffering for your children and grandchildren. We knew you would do it to yourself for a few dollars more, hahahahah

    • publius_maximus_III

      Fuhgetaboudit — Those CEO’s long ago became ex-pats in places like Singapore, seeing the inevitable result of their greed long before the masses.

      We’ve got to figure out how to stop the steady stream of container ships stacked ten high with cheap goods, then filled with reams of worthless T-bills on the return trip.

      • Wavy1

        I gladly second the motion sir.

  • TAG

    plus interchangeable parts in time of dire need?

  • Guest

    Don’t forget to thank our State Department for all those Chinese visas

  • gram56

    Soo..we could save a bunch of money by not buying “American made” weapon systems?..

  • Kumbayah

    …if we lived in a just world, you would be correct.

  • Dave Miller

    When we go to war with China how will we win when everything that we need is made there? What will happen when China stops all exports? We have hardly any factories left in this country to produce anything to supply people the necessities of life much less the factories to supply our military during a full scale war.

    • publius_maximus_III

      That, plus if they killed all of us, who’s going to pay them back for all of those IOU’s?

      • Mark Matis

        They will merely take the land as payback. Or do you think they didn’t learn from Hiroshima and Nagasaki? How did it take AFTER those bombs were dropped for those two cities to become what they now are? Is that a long time to an Asian mindset?

  • Shagnasty1

    Chinese submarines are a direct copy of our Trident subs. They are able to do a lot of their copying our military hardware because OUR STUPID GOVERNMENT has Chinese nationals working in come of our most sensitive areas of research & development. We are always reading were some Chinese national has been caught leaving these areas with top secret material on their computers or thumb drives. There are also foreign nationals from several other countries that are antagonistic towards the US working in these areas and I had once read even Iranian nationals. These countries are our enemies! China is our enemy! Does it get any more STUPID than this? Oh, and it isn’t just the Obama administration doing this. Bush and Clinton did this too. Clinton really loved the Chinese.

  • Wayne Barrett

    Who are you kidding, those military secrets where given to the Chinese to buy US Treasuries. The US has built up every enemy it claims to face whether it’s Russia, China, North Korea, ISIS through backdoor deals and secret alliances and agendas. The China Sea was given to the Chinese by the US and now they pretend it’s something they’re resisting. Just like the phony Russian cold war right now, these are world leaders dividing the planet among each other without their own people being involved or their futures

    • patroy75

      We heard Obama telling the Russians he would have more latitude when he was re-elected. So you are correct. Obama is a muslim commie.

      • MaryEllen DIgregorio

        Why is it that, when Obama is flexible, we the people have to bend over.

      • MaryEllen DIgregorio

        Look on the bright side. A lot of Muslim countries are proud of their contributions to our space program, and they never have to be worried about a terrorist association, compliments of our eared messiah..

  • Paolo Moleman

    As long as they copy garbage like the F-35 then the USA is safe. The biggest threat to America is Wash DC, NYC and Hollywood.

  • Jack Davis


    Love the picture of the “Shaanxi Y-9 Transport Aircraft” coming in with one engine down!

    Bought my kid a “Huffy” bike (made in China now, of course.) The freaking rear tire tube EXPLODED at half pressure because the tire is so mismatched to the rim it CAME OFF. Now you would think the if there was ANYTHING the Chinese could make well, it would be a bicycle!

  • Jack Coyote

    The american government is incompetent. The Chinese are eating our lunch.

    • rolltides

      What Americans don’t realize is China has a goal it is called the 100 year marathon and they are winning fast.

      • Jack Coyote

        Yes, the Chinese do see long range and they know that several drips make a pan, several pans make a bucket, etc. In fact the Communists in America use the same strategy for social and economic issues.

    • patroy75

      The progressive American government

      • Jack Coyote

        Regressive, communist.

    • Paolo Moleman

      I think you confuse the term “incompetent” with totally corrupt.

  • Jack Coyote

    But even the Chinese won’t steal our affordable (lol!) care act.

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      Obamacare is a socialist Trojan Horse.

  • chicodon

    Many Russian aircraft designs were stolen from us too. They have the planes but do they have the avionics? Maybe we’ll see soon.

    • Paolo Moleman

      Russians are arguably among the best computer programmers in the world. the F-35 software development drags on endlessly. 10 million lines of code. The gun software should be ready in 2019. I am sure written by H1-B Indian programmers. Nice job.

      • publius_maximus_III

        Solid modeling using a computer was invented by a Russian mathematician, albeit one who left the confines of his Motherland for the freedoms (and profits) of the West.

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  • castlerock58

    It will be on sale at Walmart in time for Christmas.

  • Lincoln1932

    Really sad to see those. Why did America let it happen?

    • rolltides

      Americans sold themselves out for a piece of paper lol.

  • jnsesq

    In no small measure bought from Bill Clinton with Chinese cash. And now we can double down on selfish, above-the-law Clintonism for America.

  • Helmut Schrivle

    Much like hoards of illegals claiming a nation they had nothing to do with.

  • MaryEllen DIgregorio

    Before Bill Clinton became president, China had a third world military. They couldn’t reliably or accurately launch a missile. They didn’t have miniaturized nukes to put on top of those missiles. Within the eight years of Clinton’s presidency, China got all of that, which took us untold hundreds of billions of dollars, and generations of research to achieve. Clinton was always signing technology waivers for China, and China was funding his political campaigns. I am baffled as to why a connection isn’t being made between this, the Clinton Foundation slush fund, and Hillary’s private email server. Put simply, the Clintons are always out for themselves, and are a national security threat.

  • Helmut Schrivle

    Bible Prophecy for Dummies.

  • snafubar

    Gee, I wonder who gave them all that technonlgy? Who the heck wants to pay taxes for our military when the technonogy is gioven to our adversaries?

  • Helmut Schrivle

    We are the Whirled…..

  • Bloodaxe

    Getting to Mr. Bill would require getting past multiple layers of security. As far as the Hildebeast is concerned, if the poor bastards assigned to guarding her nasty butt knew someone was after her, they’d probably find a way to be on break when the attack came. She hates the people assigned to protect her and treats them like shiit. They don’t care for her too much, either. No one does.

    • tdrag

      What we need is a couple of rogue Secret Service agents.

      • no

        It would make a great book. Too bad Clancy is gone.

        • Bloodaxe

          Where did he go?

          • RECO

            Tom Clancy Died. Think was Cancer

          • Bloodaxe

            I didn’t know that. He was a great writer. Cancer is a terrible killer. I knew several people who died from various forms of cancer; all were younger than me.

          • eva

            Cause of death not released, believe even family not told cause. Suspicious that he knew too much.

          • Biytor .

            Did the Clinton’s visit him in any way before this cancer got to him?

          • mcgdesign

            I think that one belongs to the Obama Dead Pool.

          • eva

            No, was under unusual circomstances, possibly muder due to knowing too much. Cause of death not released.

      • capoprimo

        There is a long list of deceased people who were of threat to the Clintons. Google “Clinton’s body count” it’s pages long and very interesting reading.

        • Curtis Conway

          No proof of anything. That law degree really comes in handy.

      • nikondvr

        rogue? surely you mean patriotic?

  • Drizzt

    All the world should just put aside there differences for just a short time and destroy china, then we’ll continue business as normal. I kid but thats probably what tpp was about since it had a lot to do intellectual property rights and id imagine that china will wind up with more and more sanctions until they comply.

  • IndyToddrick

    Maybe it has something to do with us moving so many factories to China too? I mean if we move an assembly factory there, then the parts and designs have to go as well. We’ve been giving them every tool they need to copy things because we can’t refuse the cheap labor. I know it is a bit different for military stuff, but think about how many toy/hobby items are made in China, and it isn’t a far stretch to upscale that technology with only minor help from spying/hacking.

    So for example, if an actual Chinese Nike factory wanted to make fake Nikes, all they would need to do is run the factory at night using their own leather and plastic rather than from the Nike warehouse. If you were poor you’d do the same thing.

  • Ragnar__Lothbrok

    I just don’t understand why we keep putting crap like this on a server that can be hacked.. they need to go back to the days of, if you want something, come get it..

  • Westsylvania

    Let’s pray the military equipment they build is of the same quality as the crap they dump on our shores. (thanks Wal-Mart)

  • bewaretheprophetwhoseeksprofit

    Don’t forget folks that Hillary’s husband was the one who gave China MERV technology. MERV for you dummies is the capability to put multiple nuclear warheads on ICBM’s aimed at the USA. Brilliant huh?

  • MaryEllen DIgregorio

    Meanwhile, we buy computer chips from China to install in our advanced weapons. These chips had “back doors” installed in them, which enables China to compromise the functioning of the chips at a time of their choosing. This would enable it to degrade the performance of our weapons when a conflict with us arises. Not long ago our entire stealth fleet had to be grounded, for a problem with a “valve.”

    Chinese generals have repeatedly called war with the U.S. “inevitable.” When their soldiers practice simulated war games, their enemy is U.S. troops, with U.S. weapons. China has shot lasers (our technology) at our satellites, and damaged them. In the event of a war, they would be able to blind us by taking out our satellites. They continued to do this, even after we threatened a military response.

    China doesn’t know who our next president will be. They’ve got a year and a half of Obama, to get while the getting is good. Hold on, people.

    • Beachguy53

      When asked to comment President Donkey replied, “I have more pressing things, I am late for my tee time”.

    • publius_maximus_III

      Damaged one of our satellites? Wasn’t that crossing a pink line for Barry-Barry-Quite-Contrary?

  • GrumpyOne

    As one loud mouthed guy from nu yawk city said, “We’ve been patsies for years,” or something like that…

  • Rick Sander

    Hey, they are apparently really good at cyber infiltration.

  • Guest

    Perhaps voters need to remember this article before pulling the lever for Hillary as in unauthorized e-mail servers stashed in her hall closet…..

  • MaryEllen DIgregorio

    Hillary Clinton on China: “It is difficult to deal toughly with your banker.” It is especially difficult, when China bought your husband, and he could be blackmailed as a result of the Chinagate scandal.

    In the 1970s John Huang befriended the Clintons. Huang worked for a company which the CIA told congress had a close association with the Chinese government. Huang later became a conduit for millions of Chinese dollars into Bill’s political campaigns. Clinton actually forced Huang on his DNC fund raisers. After the 1996 election, Clinton appointed Huang to a top secret position, from which Huang delivered what he had learned to China. At his trial, Huang testified that his foreign bosses “had hoped to gain some information.”

  • William Dorrit

    China has the entire Star Wars Reagan program courtesy of Isreal, Nuke designs courtesy of Los Alamos, all other US weapons designs courtesy of Rumsfeld allowing all US weapons designs on line for contractors to see including foreign nationals employed by outsource SW companies and all US service and CIA and Civilian Govt Employee records because it was outsourced to a front company who allowed access to the records by Indian and Chinese Nationals in India and China.

  • Croaker

    MO’r MONEY for ME!

    Hillary 2016

  • Michael Clark

    Its F’ing disgusting that the American people do not do nothing about it. No protest, no resistance…we’re all sitting watching the Chinese eat our lunch, a lunch that has not even been paid for. And to sit here to think Mrs. Clinton may very well win the election…remarkable. I have begun to believe that the US at some given point in the future will be forced to experience a situation like the of Solvit Union did in the early 90’s (collapse) for the United States to get through its head that “pigs do not fly”, there is not such thing as the “Tooth Fairy”. You can not continue to manage a county without limits. You can not give the store away to your emenies, and think those emenies will not harm you. You can not spend money and resources endlessly, and to expect to have an endless suppley. Becuase recourses are limited nature itself. You can not continue to miss management stations and except to win or have a positive result. At the end of the day Washington’s loss of reality, lack of consistent and logical leadership will not only erode this nation as we see happening but will contribute to its collapse. If I were to be China, and really wanted to defeat the the most powerful nation on earth and replace it with myself..I would do exact as they have. A) I would feed it’s addiction to debit by supplying that nation with has much debit as I could, simultaneously I would create the need for a new world currency, replacing the dollar with the Chnese currency. B) then I would pomote myself as strong adversary to my emenies friends ( Britian, South Korea, Germeny ) simultaneously pointing how weak and cruupt the US is and there is more $$$ to be gsjn by working with China ten Te US. C) I would move into the strategic geograthical places where my emeny too broke to go, or was unwilling to go. (Africa, South America and the 3rd World counties). I would purchase all the natural rear minerals for access to th 1.3 billion market, that the Americans are not permitted to access. D) I would enter into a covert financial, military and industrial data sharing espionage campaign to advance my own national intrest.(notice how fast and simular the most advanced Chinese military hardware looks to the US?? I is no by mistake) E) developed my power project capacity by developing & building military partnerships, opening strategic military bases and building ses if all posible. F) finally building on systems that will provide big bang bucks for future conflicts….i.e cyber force and counter force, space militarization and advacement technology. China is playing to win and defeat the United States on every front of national power. Strategically setting goals on evey facet of national power. From advanced education to space colonization, to financial superiority to strategic control of rear earth minerals to military dominance. America is a washed with lack of focus & replaceable waste..there is a new Sheriff in town, his name is China.

    • rolltides

      Exactly China is whopping America butt badly. America is truly sinking.

      • Mr Flippy

        HAHAHAHAHA – wrong

    • publius_maximus_III

      Joe Arpio for Sheriff of China trade…

    • martin mitchell

      Unfortunately, this assessment is spot on.

  • Scott Bronstad

    where’s the nuke designs gifted to the Chinese by the Clintons?

    • Mark Matis

      Right there alongside the nuke designs gifted to the Chinese by Shrub Two. Or do you not remember the festivities at this country’s nuclear labs under HIS administration??? Chinese scientists sending a buncha stuff to their compatriots back in the old country?

  • blancojoe

    Stolen? Didn’t Clinton GIVE them all that they wanted? When you have liberals running things, your enemies are going to get well rewarded.

  • Lettuce2

    Kinda reminds me of Japanese products in the early 60’s. If you look at who is over represented at the top tech Universities in North America, I’d say the 2nd gen stuff they make will be cutting edge and copying it will be difficult.

  • irvpost

    They did not need to steal it; we gave them the contracts to build it. Remember the circuit boards for the fighters were made in China and they were found to have dead circuits, and firmware back doors. Also it doesn’t matter where they got it; they have it, and if they know how to use it then that means the most ruthless and determined will win a conflict.

  • Retired_Marine

    US doctrine used to be if engaged in a land war with Red China was to retreat 200 miles. The Chinese military equipment was so crappy most of it would have broken down by then and all we’d have to face is a few million infantry.

  • truetime

    Dump Obama, reject the globalist enablers of China…. Clinton/Bush.
    Elect an American working for, not against America.

  • West of 1

    Those cheap knock-offs still look lethal.

  • LeisureForeigner

    Do you know how much the Chinese pay for tuition in Ann Arbor? They paid for the stuff fair and square.

  • Seraphinc

    There is nothing surprising here the Chinese have been copying a lot of stuff. The key question is the quality of the product, I am not sure with their quality controls in place if different weapons will last years in the field. There is no doubt about the fact that Clinton’s through Bernie Schwartz facilitated the transfer of missile technology to the Chinese and probably a lot more. Loral space anyone rings a bell?

  • art laramee

    This should not be news to anybody

  • Green Lama

    The Chinese are an unoriginal bunch of people who lack ingenuity and innovation. This is why they’d lose a conventional war with the west. Sheer numbers didn’t work in Korea and it won’t work, today.

    • rolltides

      They don’t need a war they can just buy you. China has the money right now America is broke.

      • Green Lama

        All we need to do is stop buying their plastic crap. That will bankrupt them.

  • Mike Radecki

    We should send the Chinese government a bill for part of the R&D cost for the JSF, X-47B etc. to the tune 1 Trillion dollars, or their current holding of US Debt.

  • Kevin

    Like all the rest of the crap they copy, looks identical, actual experience, not so much.

  • Brandon Merrell

    Yeah, but its well known their engines are crap. They look the same but because they didn’t truly build the equipment so they don’t understand why and how it was built the way it was. Their sea, air, and land forces are fitted with equipment that cannot be sustained far from home. Not mentioned in the article is the fact that the Russian knockoff fighters required Russian engines to be worth anything and Russia refused to provide them without a ban on China’s arms trade of those models.

  • msgt

    What difference at this point does it make? Vote Hillary 2016!!!

    • Mr Flippy

      vote HRC, watch the Chinese “coincidentally” develop even more amazing military technology.

  • Mr Flippy

    Hey, their hardware is based on the best plans that money can buy (from the Clintons).

  • Aviator168 .

    Except the Russian clones. The US “copies” are just look alikes. Hardly clones, nothing to worry about and too much credit has been given to them. In only one case here. The Humvee clone is an exact copy. In and out, and that’s due to a join venture with the Chinese.

  • The Chinese Noise

    This is why the Chinese can’t take over the world. If they are #1, there will be no superior nations to copy from.

    • Mr Flippy

      Their weapons are eerily similar to reference models from superior nations, except when you pull the trigger, a flag with the word “BANG” pops out (on a good day).

  • Sanity22

    Good points, but I wonder, how many real fights have the PRC pilots been in? Especially against trained pilots? One thing is for sure – applying technology effectively in a battlefield environment is more difficult than simply pressing a button. It takes a lot of practice, especially when trying to integrate air, land, and sea elements.
    Also, China hasn’t invented anything recently, and why should they? Their R&D is basically free, except they don’t gain the experience in development that would help in improving existing designs. So they will continue to rely on espionage to keep their weapons pipeline open.
    Want to get China’s attention? Stop defending the Persian Gulf, as they get most of their oil from there. Also, start applying tariffs to goods produced with prison labor (like iPhones) and forget the WTO.
    A war is coming, as the forces are coming into alignment that it’s inevitable. The next US president will have to be tough to offset the wussification of the office by Obama, and the Chinese will want to keep the status quo. If we don’t get tough, then expect Japan to double it’s defense spending in the near term, because China’s number one target will be Japan and the US, and South Korea will stay neutral.For a good primer of how it will happen, look for an ideosyncratic event, an assisination, accidental collison of forces, even a natural disaster could be the trigger.
    Of course I could be full of sheet, but i won’t admit it….lol

    • Mr Flippy

      “how many real fights have thePRC pilots been in? Especially against trained pilots?”


      …that said, their fishing boat drivers are pretty aggressive (some, like the Japanese, would say “rude”).

  • wes

    They have been masters of theft for centuries. They have been stealing and copying stuff for a long time. Why is this a story? We all knew this.

    They don’t give a crap about stealing someone else’s ideas.

    • rolltides

      Well why not the Americans are the dumb ones to give it away. So Americans need to look at themselves in the mirror.

      • Mr Flippy

        ^^^ anti American i diot

    • Mr Flippy

      “Why is this a story?”

      Because they “stole” this technology from someone… who should be held accountable.

  • Guest

    It’s all a part of this global economy and new world order thing

  • Ranger_Ric

    This is news? China has been stealing everything sent over there to be built by American companies for decades.

    I always have to smile when American companies complain about counterfeit products being sold cheap. Well, I guess if they had kept making their product in America instead of stabbing their countrymen in the back, they would not have anything to complain about.

    They gave them the machines, the knowledge, the engineering and the help to build their products and then complain when the known thieves steal from them. Cry me a river!

  • MaryEllen DIgregorio

    China also attempted to make donations to the Clinton Legal Defense Fund, but was so clumsy about it, that it could not be accepted. China also gave Webster Hubble $100,000 to buy his silence. When asked to produce the work product for which he was given $100,000, Hubble couldn’t produce one. Which was more valuable to the Clintons, China or the MSM?

  • Pingback: Beijing 'Not Frightened to Fight War' With USA... - ConservativeVoiceConservativeVoice — Your source for everything about conservatives! — News and tweets about everything conservatives()

  • sinisterfalcon007

    Forget copying defence equipments Chinese even copied land rover evoque into something called land wind x7, Rolls Royce was not even spared by Chinese.

  • MaryEllen DIgregorio

    Charles Labella, a U.S. Attorney, investigated the Chinese contributions to Bill Clinton. He said of the Chinese money flowing into Clinton’s campaigns, “There was a conscious avoidance of the truth concerning some of the more flamboyant fund-raisers.” Reno refused.

  • MusicCityDawg

    On rifles, it is pretty well known that Chinese goods often lag in quality workmanship. Probably the same on other military knock-offs. Looking similar and performing similarly are two different things.

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      But the military is their top priority. I wouldn’t count on it.

      • MusicCityDawg

        Top priority or not, capability is what counts. Merely copying a design that you are not capable of creating necessarily means you lack the capacity to replicate it to the same standards.

  • Steve S

    Pretty sad society where your biggest ability is to copy the innovations of others. That to me sums up a dumbing down of their society where they cannot design their own innovations.

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      Remember that, as you struggle to learn Chinese.

      • Steve S

        I don’t plan on learning Chinese or any other language as you seem to have all ready submitted. Good luck with your lessons and I sure hope you don’t struggle. My belief is that if they can’t invent and innovate there isn’t much chance of them doing much better then being copy cats. And, if you have taken note, their economy is not doing very good as they try to shore it up, much like Russia’s.

  • Mr Flippy

    Weren’t the Rosenbergs executed for selling military secrets to the enemy?

  • MaryEllen DIgregorio

    Over 100 people either fled the country or took the fifth to avoid testifying about the Chinagate scandal.


    What a surprise..when you let these communist crooks and russian thugs bust your cyber security and then you shrug your shoulders, getting your butt kicked with your own weapons is next on the list……Let’s give inept B’OB to red china and let them deal with him..

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      For if it do’et prosper, none dare call it treason. Especially when it’s the Democrats who prosper.

  • Mr Flippy

    “In 1999, [Sandy] Berger was criticized for failing to promptly inform President Clinton of his knowledge that the People’s Republic of China had managed to acquire the designs of a number of U.S. nuclear warheads. Berger was originally briefed of the espionage by the Department of Energy (DOE) in April 1996, but did not inform the president until July 1997.” – wikipedia, “Sandy Berger” “nuclear espionage scandal.”

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      No. He informed the POTUS in July 1996. He kept denying when he told the POTUS, but eventually it came out that he informed Clinton in real time. Given his position in the govt., Berger was obligated to tell the president. And, given the importance of the information, why wouldn’t he? Clinton’s lies about not being aware of the Chinese theft is an indication of his consciousness of guilt over his Chinagate scandal.

      • Mr Flippy

        Thank you VERY much for the clarification!

  • JWRiley2

    March 4, 1988 I assisted in the off load of four Chinese Silkworm missiles and their control vehicles at a Navy owned port on the west coast from a small South African freighter. This was in response to the USS Starke attack in the Persian gulf. The CNO reported to a congressional inquiry in to the incident that the Navy’s biggest concern in the region was Iran and their Silkworm missiles located at the Hormuz strait choke point. Since none of our allies owned any we had no knowledge of how they operated to defend against them. Both China and South Africa were on a trade embargo list and their assets in the U.S. were frozen due to human rights violations. A week later a Chinese Navy Admiral visited the Pentagon. Shortly after this exchange of technology ships sailed freely in the gulf and both counties U.S. assets were released. The South African freighter was reported to have sank in the Indian ocean west of Diego Garcia and its crew rescued by a Navy destroyer. This deal, this arrangement was initiated and set up and arranged by George HW Bush’s brother. Remember Bush had been both CIA director and Ambassador to China before some how securing the V.P. position and eventually the presidency. His brother was reprimanded later by congress for some dealings with Chinese businessmen over some golf course venture in Shanghai I believe.And now you know what I have known for so long.

  • Scott Stein

    So, does Confucianism champion outright theft? …and it is comforting to know that if weapons made it China are of the same quality as the cheap Chinese crap they export to the US, we’re good

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      Not a chance I want to take.

  • funkandgroovyin

    They haven’t had a good invention of their own since the Chinese Finger Puzzle and rubber dogshit at Spencers. If it wasn’t for Western prosperity and expansion, they’d all still be in the cabbage fields trying to figure out how to put together their next meal.

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      What happens when they have war on their mind, and are able to steal our best technology as fast as we get it?

      • funkandgroovyin

        Then we go to war.

  • MaryEllen DIgregorio

    From a walk in spy and from monitoring China, the DOE concluded that China had a nuclear weapon, which was the equal of our own. Intelligence agents compared this to the Rosenbergs, who gave Russia critical secrets of our nuclear weapons in the 1950s. The investigation quickly identified Wen Ho Lee as a prime suspect. he worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. He copied the “legacy codes,” the data discovered from over 50 years of American research on nuclear weapons. He was able to do this because the Clinton appointee in charge of the labs decided that color coded security badges were “discriminatory.”

    The interesting thing was Clinton’s reaction to this. He said, “Can I tell you that there has been no espionage at he lab since I have been president? I can tell you that no one has reported to me that they suspect that such a thing has occurred..” When pressed, he said, “To the best of my knowledge, no one has said anything to me about any espionage which occurred by China against the labs during my presidency.” If have misstated this in any way because i don’t remember or something, then I will tell you that. But I do not believe I have forgotten.” Can you imagine a president forgetting about being told about such a disaster?

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      Of course he was told. Sand Berger admitted that he briefed the president in 1998. Later, when more information came to light, Berger had to amend his statement and admit that he briefed Clinton in July, 1997. Still later, Berger had to admit that he briefed Clinton in 1996. To me this indicates a consciousness of guilt. Clinton didn’t want to put himself in a position of having to explain why, at the same time he was allowing China to perfect its missiles through ill advised technology waivers, he did nothing to stop China from stealing our nuclear capabilities. If people were able to connect all of this with the flow of illegal Chinese money into his campaigns, then the ugly truth would be known: Clinton sold U.S. national security to China for its campaign contributions. That’s Clinton’s legacy. Clinton;s implausible denial of Chinese espionage against us indicates a consciousness of guilt. But don’t worry, Hillary will be our first women president!

  • curenado

    China has been the walking dead for decadrses. It’s like a curse on them or something. Zombies tryihng to get others water and resources bevause of how much they have wildly destroyed their own.

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      Some curse, going from a third world military to a peer competitor to the U.S. in 20 years.

  • Everett Walker

    The Chinese didn’t steal the basic technology. It was given to them during the Clinton regime in exchange for campaign contributions for bill clinton and the democrats.

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      That’s Clinton’s legacy.

  • David Harrison

    I wonder if their child workers get paid better than Apples?

  • Roy L

    The author is short on historical perspective. Copying and then innovating were the norms of weapon developments throughout history. Who will forget that US’s military was built on cloned weapons decades ago?

    • MaryEllen DIgregorio

      From who?

  • MaryEllen DIgregorio

    Under U.S. law, China was forbidden from doing business with U.S. nuclear companies, if China was found to be helping non nuclear countries acquire nuclear weapons. At the time, China was helping Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, and North Korea with their nuclear programs. Nevertheless, Clinton certified that China was in compliance with the law. This information was widely known in the intelligence community. Clinton said that China promised to stop helping those countries, and that it should therefore be allowed to continue to do business with U.S. nuclear companies. I think it was during one of his infamous WH coffees when Clinton was taped saying, “What happens when you have automatic sanctions legislation is that it put enormous pressure on whoever is in the executive branch to fudge an evaluation of the facts of what is going on.” Especially when they’re giving so much campaign cash to your campaign.

    China is hoping that one of these rogue nations will end up doing its nuclear dirty work.

    • dareisay

      Citizens may not be able to stop this, but if we stop purchasing anything made in China, it would hurt them. I check everything for country of origin before I buy it…I’ve learned my lesson and bought Chinese and Mexican junk..no more if I can help it!

  • koedo

    Thieves and liars. Stealing and cheating are Chinese national characteristics. Anyone who has spend time in China knows this full well.

  • MaryEllen DIgregorio

    Before he was elected, Bill Clinton used Jim McDougal’s Madison Bank as “a private piggy bank.” As President, China became his “private piggy bank.” Post president, the Clinton Foundation became his “private piggy bank.” The Clintons are both for sale, and has already been bought by our enemies, and should never be put back into the people’s house. Do we still have a free press or an opposition party in this country?

  • domsal

    Clintons = traitors.
    Also that scumbag ordered the destruction of 480,000 M-14s.

  • leobatfish

    The weapons were the gift of weapons makers due to their lax internet security. This was done intentionally. The cost of maintenance of these instruments of persuasion will cost them more than they cost us due to their poor design. I’ve always wondered if Chinese fighter pilots are as good as Chinese F1 race car drivers?

  • dareisay

    Why does the government allow foreigners to work in highly secretive jobs?

    Our government officials have lost their minds!

    • WBCarson

      I worked in DC for the Treasury. When a tech job, say database administration job, came open they would put a bid out, the lowest bidder got the job. The company would be vetted but the workers, mostly from India, were NOT.
      They had absolute and complete access to the total database and the interfaces between databases. Financial data, classified date, everything. I was high up, was a full government employee, did application support yet could not even look over their shoulder to monitor what they were doing. No full US Citizen employee had the qualifications to even review the code or what they slipped into the programs. It was just accepted and stamped Approved.

      • dareisay

        I know, it’s.outrageous. A story two days ago told how Obama is giving visa workers first grab at our jobs, by giving our businesses.incentives to hire foreigners.

        • WBCarson

          I worked for the treasury under Bush. Its been happening for along time. GOP and Dems are guilty….but look at who gives them the cash. Google, Yahoo, MS, Apple…all funnel buckets of money to Congress to increase Visas.

  • HeyObama

    The Chinese couldn’t invent their way out of a wet paper bag. And if it wasn’t for people like Bill Clinton – who sold or outright gave them ICBM and guided missile technology, they still wouldn’t be able to randomly hit the west coast of America. Thanks to him, they can drop one in your living room should they choose.

  • WBCarson

    All of those “high tech jobs of tomorrow” our kids are supposed to train
    for have been exported to China. While THEY have robotic high tech
    production lines, we have little if any. Their engineers, tech people,
    manufacturing engineers are all highly trained while our engineering
    grads sit in welfare lines under a mountain of debt while our political
    leaders pander and grovel to China. Our small towns have dried up,
    Citizens languish in debt and falling wages and DC is more concerned
    about having us hate each other over s-x, gender “choice” and racism.

    • dareisay


      • WBCarson

        …was his name-O!

  • cmdprompt

    Thank you president Clinton and the ball-less wonders that have followed.

    Nothing like a bunch of spineless, sniveling politicians selling you and your fellow citizens down the proverbial turd-creek to make you feel all warm and fuzzy about life.

  • Billy Thompson

    To be fair, the chinese own HMMV now. Hummer was sold off during Bush’s TARP bullshit.

    Secondly, every one and their monkey’s uncle makes AR parts now. Hardly a state secret.

  • sallyjohanna

    Didn’t Pakistan call in China to inspect the downed helicopter in the Bin Laden raid? Wasn’t it one of a handful of well guarded stealth helicopters? Bin Laden was in a self imposed exile…I never thought getting him equaled losing that helicopter!

    • dareisay

      And Obama did not blow.up a drone shot down in Iran, which he could and didn’t.

  • Galt2100

    They copied the M-4A1? Wow, they’ll be pushovers in any war.

    Provided, of course, that we have the brains to abandon that POS.

  • LaVoz

    we should all be thankful to the clintons for selling military secrets to the chinese. otherwise, bill could not have funded his campaign.

  • John S

    Sure no one made a profit from “stealing” selling to the Chinese.

  • linda

    What Nixon and Kissinger opened, could be shut just as easily, right?
    Same goes for Vietnam and Cuba, why do business with Communists?

    THis is why we have Trump, Carson and Sanders. The Revolution has Begun

    the people are fed up with lousy seditionists like Soetoro, Clinton, Bush, Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein, Boehner, McConnell, all willing to sell out our country for money

  • MCQ

    Stolen? They may have gotten it from us, but perhaps it wasn’t “Stolen”. Go read up on some Clinton-era shenanigans that were going on with China at the time so that he could get re-elected.

    • t from NJ

      Obtained with a good “donation”

  • Outdoor Life-61

    It doesn’t matter how they got them or whose they look like. The point is, they have them. On the same note, we wouldn’t be where we are today without the ‘help’ of German and Japanese scientists and technicians captured and/pr lured to the U.S. post WWII.

    • linda

      the spoils of winning a war pal, and after wwii we rebuilt both of those countries, so I think they are not suffering thanks to US taxpayers

      • Outdoor Life-61

        You missed my point entirely…. Pal.

  • linda

    The Clintons are behind most of the problems we see in America today, illegal rapists aliens, Chinese espionage, Osama roaming freely, Libya, Iraq during Soetoro regime, NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP (in conjunction with RINOS and SOETORO), lost jobs, the giant sucking sound, deteriorated military and intelligence, banking fiasco (1999 Financial Modernization Act, written by Citibank under Rubin and the rise of Goldman Sachs), the end of Glass-Steagal, ACORN, phony hedge funds, the list is endless, more racism, etc. endless problems.

    • IllKeepMine

      Let the truth be spoken. Bill Clinton was and is the biggest danger to our national security.

  • t from NJ

    Now that the Chinese hacked the defense worker with clearances personal records I wonder if there is a clones of us workers over there LOL. A Chinese me.

    • linda

      you cannot clone creativity

  • Daily Gut Check

    May 10, 1999

    “The Clinton Administration notified Congress today that it had approved the export of technology to China to permit the launching of a communications satellite aboard a Chinese rocket next month.

    President Clinton said in a letter to Congress that the transfer would not harm national security or significantly improve China’s military capability in space. The President was required under a 1998 law to certify that all such technology exports are in the national interest.

    The certification was the first such notice to Congress under the law, which was passed in the aftermath of a Congressional uproar last year over the transfer of sensitive missile technology to China.

    Mr. Clinton’s notification also follows by less than a week the release of a report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which concluded that lax monitoring of the launching of American-made satellites aboard Chinese rockets had enhanced the accuracy of China’s ballistic missile arsenal.”

  • Volitans

    If we were smart, we would have placed a few bogus designs within easy hacking reach of the Chicoms. Hopefully we have.

  • Daily Gut Check

    “China has acquired the necessary tools to pursue high technology. In 1993, President Bill Clinton agreed to sell an $8 million supercomputer to China. Twenty years later, China builds its own billion-dollar supercomputers. Without the sophisticated computer modeling on supercomputers, it is almost impossible to develop cutting-edge military technology.”

  • Donald Ducko

    How about you stop blaming Clinton or bush or whomever else and blame YOURSELF. You shop at Walmart, everything in your house was made in China. YOU are funding it. China is the model for the one world government. Has to be because nobody cares they’re communist. Would we have done business with mother Russia? No.

  • Andrew Interrupted

    I worked for a defense contractor for 10 years. It’s no surprise that our weapon systems have been compromised in every way. All federal agencies and contractors are so dumbed down by the grievance industry and other miscellaneous traitors that they cease to function.

    Don’t send your kids to the military. The weapons are over-priced, compromised junk–and all have counter-measures. Buy guns, ammo and build a bomb shelter. And worry. Worry a lot.

    • rolltides

      Is it that bad. I bet China is laughing at us right.

      • Mr Flippy

        no, just you dou chebag.

  • david5300

    What is the world coming to when a communist can not trust another communist?

  • formerusaf

    There is enough proof of China’s thief of U.S. military secrets for the U.S. to tell the Chinese that their entire U.S. trade debt/Treasury holdings, as well as their U.S. investments are now fortified to the U.S. Treasury.

  • telleroftruth

    Clinton military secrets exchange 2.0 if Hillary gets in.

  • inthebellyofthebeast

    Copied and often times improved.

  • Aftersun

    I’m convinced that allot of this was actually sold to them. Never trust a politician.

  • China’s achilles heel is it lacks the ability to project its conventional force around the globe and sustain it in a prolonged confrontation. China has only one carrier, the Liaoning, and has only within the last year begun air wing operations. Same for Russia, one carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov.

    America on the other hand maintains 11 Carrier Strike Groups and has at least fifty years of experience fighting CSG’s.

    China as it stands today is untouchable on its home territory same as Russia and America. But only America can sustain a major war for a decade on the other side of the planet. China and Russia simply lack the logistical capabilities to do this.

  • Beavereater

    Hey they’re not thieves, they paid the Clinton folk plenty for that stuff.

  • Jeffrey Gee

    Dirty rascals… and they make a lot of processors that are used in commercial and military applications, no doubt with back doors so they can be disabled on a whim!

  • N.D. ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    “which they can then acquire legitimately through licensing or illegitimately through counterfeiting and espionage. This approach allows China to stay competitive on the world stage while saving them the time and money it would cost to develop their own products.”

    In a sentence or two why the Chinese are opportunistic $&#%heads… Can’t/won’t do it for themselves and then demand it for free. Wars were started for much less…

  • N.D. ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    PS… You didn’t think all those Chinese cyber attacks lately were for the new Halo game or next expansion of World Of Warcraft, did you?

    Hard to respect a culture that steals from another because they are too inferior (with time, money, knowledge, etc.) to do it themselves.

  • Red Baron

    We can only hope they copy the F-35. It will be to their detriment, as it will be to ours.

    On the bright side, one thing they can’t make well is quality, high-performance jet engines. They still buy those from the Russians. That technology still has them stumped.

    • Andrew Interrupted

      Yeah–they don’t want to swallow that F-35 cane toad. That was designed, built, and tested by a bunch of dumbazzz diversity darlings. It flies straight into the ground real good–right after the pilot goes asleep from hypoxia.

  • Dammit

    When the Chinese have an original thought – that will truly be newsworthy.

    • Andrew Interrupted

      Europeans are innovators, Asians replicators.

  • Paul Wilson

    Do you think? I’ve worked for a couple of US defense contractors and the halls are crawling with Chinese, Russian & Indian born employees — who conveniently take trips back to their homelands often enough. If the Chinese and Russians can easily hack into the US Personnel Office, they certainly must have hundreds of hackers trying to pry their way into secure databases.

  • DmaxD

    I wonder how much technology went through Jonathan Pollard via israel to China? What should we expect when they manufacture virtually everything we buy?

  • Grackle_for_hire

    If China had no one to copy they would still be stuck in the 15th Century. @$$hole nation for sure.

  • MrSottobanco

    I wish I could see the look on putin’s face when he saw the chinese steal russian designs.

  • Scott Taylor

    Sure, the Chinese have been great innovators, but that was 1000 years ago. What have they done since? Everything they have today is simply a ripoff of stolen technology. They make great toaster ovens, but apparently don’t have the brains to do something on their own. People say China “owns” us. No way. We “own” them for without us they are NOTHING.

  • Bystander

    You know what Steve Jobs used to say “Good artists create. Great artists steal.”

    • mcgdesign

      I think he stole that from Picasso!

      “Good artists imitate, great artists steal.”

  • 1crazymf

    Do they have booster seats in those vehicles for those little fellas?

  • Pingback: Chinese Military Stole Designs For Advanced Weapons - Technocracy News()

  • Pingback: Chinese Stole Designs For Advanced Military Weapons - Technocracy News()

  • thinkbot

    The US government is well aware that the Chinese are master thieves, and that everything we build will eventually be stolen. Because of that, we have backdoors built into just about everything they’ve stolen. You’ll never hear about it, we’ll never admit it, and we’ll never use it unless it’s a life or death situation. I couldn’t think of a better defense against military theft. Good luck using those fakes if the time comes.

  • NealWV

    Look at how technology changed during the course of WWII. It’s going to be hard to keep up with US when you have to rely on stealing technology as it comes available. When you steal you not only have technology that is several yrs old you are no longer able to innovate as well either.

  • John Bibb

    There were also reports that the Red Chinese got lots of Patriot radar and missile technology from Israel.

    • nobody

      Why do you keep repeating that bs? The chinese never got any rocket technology from USA, they didn’t need that old, almost obsolete american crap when they could get their hands on soviet technology that was and still is decades ahead the american one. What they got was electronics technology that was and still is the best.

      • John Bibb

        HI NB–reading comprehension–is your friend! “Israel”.
        As far as the superiority of Russki SAM systems–Iran is getting the S-300 system–aka The Patriotsky. There may be some Israeli Air Force vs. Russki SAM and radar “testing” going on in the near future!
        The fatal kind of “testing”! After the dust settles and the scorecards are in–it will be far more obvious as to which technology is the superior one. Till then–who knows??

  • Mark Hillyard

    My brother used to try to send his Chinese customers to me. I told him I don’t work for them because they always cheat me. He laughed and said that’s why he doesn’t work for them. Must be their religion or something???

  • rob






  • Dennis Johnson

    Stolen? how about given or sold by former US presidents whose wife wants to be next president?

  • nn55nn

    Thanks Bill Clinton, you disgusting traitor !

  • Freedom?

    And let’s all keep shopping at walmart and giving these gooks money.

    • usatravler

      Name an American store that doesn’t sell products from China…..

    • nobody

      It’s either that or paying 3 times the price for something made here in good ol’ USA that will last half and be worse than the chinese one.

  • rolltides

    Hey has anyone heard of the 100 year marathon to replace the US they will do it with ease because of American stupidity.

    • Jason

      I do not consider Democrats Americans.

      • allbuss84

        After the Democrats lost the Civil War, we made them Americans again…

        • Secundius

          @ allbuss84.

          You guy have been Spouting “Civil War”, for the better part of TEN-Years “NOW”. WHERE IS IT? WHEN IS IT GOING TO COME?? Nobody want’s to be a DEAD MARTYR, They’d rather be a LIVE HERO. SO “NO CIVIL WAR, EVER”…

    • Secundius

      @ rolltides.

      100-years ago, the United States was “Barely” a Back-Water Global Power. Why Pattern themselves, after us…

  • Jason

    There is no doubt the Clintons facilitated the transfer of missile technology to the Chinese. The media is aware of it and it helping to cover it up.

    • Secundius

      @ Jason.

      If it was “Covered Up”, how did you here about it….

    • nobody

      There is no doubt that you’re delusional and everyone that reads your comment knows it .

      • Mr Flippy

        Said no one.

  • SJMWilco

    These technologies were not stolen. They were sold to the chinese by bill and hillary clinton

    • Secundius

      @ SJMWilco.

      Or Darrel Issa, Mitt Romney, the Koch Brothers, etc….

      • allbuss84

        yes, because all of those people were president with the power to commit to arms deals

        • nobody

          There was no arms deals, none at all. Unless of course you are referring to the american small weapons and transport equipment that the jews have sold to the chinese despite de treaty between USA and Israel that explicitly banned that.

      • SJMWilco

        no, it is known that during the clinton admin, the clintons allowed missile technology to be transferred to the chinese against DOD advice. Not Romney, not Issa, not the Kochs, THE CLINTONS.

      • Mr Flippy

        Said no one, ever.

  • Elvis X

    I don’t blame the Chinese for being good at espionage. I blame our government who through a toxic blend of Multi-Culti Political Correctness and flat out incompetence for giving these secrets away. The incompetence of our leaders may be the death of us.

    We have spent billions (maybe trillions) of dollars on R&D on our weapons systems to give us a technological edge over the Chinese (who have a massive manpower edge over the US). Yet we, through our epic incompetence have pissed it away. The stakes are deadly serious and the clowns who run our government are clueless. They are more focused on things like “Social Justice” and Obamacare to be concerned about national defense. The national defense is a constitutional obligation of the Federal Government not the BS social engineering they are obviously preoccupied with.

    • Mr Flippy

      Blame them both.

  • kjfdmd

    So…you have two choices:
    1. Do billions of dollars of research
    2. Let someone else do it

    • Mr Flippy

      wrong… you can’t just “implement” stolen technology.

  • Matt5870

    Probably the biggest thing China acquired from any country was U.S. missile technology. Thanks to Bill Clinton.

    • nobody

      Actually the only thing they have acquired from USA is IT , both hardware and software. On the hardware side they have been so good on developing the technology that they copied that they have completely wiped all US manufacturing. The rest they have copied from the russians or the jews.

  • samnigromd

    never vote for or call an ambulance for any politician who did not serve in the military 3 years at least…

  • whcaoperator48

    Let us not forget barak insane obama’s order to subcontractors for NASA and other sensitive agencies to hire Chinese who could not get security clearances.

  • Senator Blutarsky

    The sh_t has been going on for 30 years now.

  • djw

    Israel sells more American tech to China than anyone. Search ‘israel sells secrets to china’ on google and see the proof.

  • Keith Belgum

    Yes bill the. Great cilton sold everything he could get his hands on and the Lincoln bedroom but the white doors was to. Small to get on China one

  • usatravler

    Before Clinton and Loral, China couldn’t launch a bottle rocket.

    • nobody

      Actually they got russian technology, when URSS collapsed, not american one – the american one is so antiquated that the US Army has to use russian rocket engines to launch their satellites.

      • usatravler

        They could launch them, but not orbit them nor aim them…..

        • nobody

          Pretty much, yea.

  • violet wilson

    Bill Clinton gave the Chinese more info and technology than any other President . He and Hillary are traitors and always have been taking money from every foreign contributor they could get their grubby hands on, Obama just gives everything to everyone who is our enemy. Democrats Liars and Double Crossers!

  • Ryan

    wouldn’t the Chengdu Wing Loong “Pterodactyl” UAV be closer to the reaper than the predator, particularly in regard to the design of the tail?

  • me

    The Clintones traded U.S. missile technology to the communist Chinese for campaign donations.

    • nobody

      Yes, and the Red Scare was right – there is a commie in every house.

    • Mr Flippy

      The Rosenbergs were executed for selling atomic secrets to the enemy…

  • America is very fat.

    • nobody

      That’s incorrect, a country cannot be fat because it doesn’t have an animal body. The rednecks that populate it on the other hand….

      • Daily Gut Check

        It is not the “rednecks” that are primarily fat.

        • FaithColeridge33

          Sh’NIqua is very fat.

          • sferrin

            That’s RACIST! /sarc.

          • Daily Gut Check

            Until about two weeks ago, Mexicans were the fattest people on earth. Unfortunately, we have absorbed so many Mexicans, it is back to the U.S. being the fattest nation on earth.

  • Pister

    Only as the body bags start coming in and the knocks on the doors to the homes of American families are frequent will we begin to understand the tragic legacy of William Jefferson Clinton and Al Gore be fully manifested . As American military power goes into decline from its Muslim leadership, China is reaping the technical rewards from the sale of military technology years ago for campaign cash , (1992 and 1996. ) When we fail to prosecute treason or even to name it for what it is, we have put our nation and our people in a terrible jeopardy. Their new military technology is a direct DNA carbon copy clone of what our traitors have sold to a potential enemy.

    • Daily Gut Check

      Or an EMP goes off over the U.S. and we lose 90% of our citizenry due to starvation, dehydration and loss of electricity. Yes, the Navy has done computer simulations / estimates of an EMP event and 90% mortality is the conclusion.

      Of course then, it is too late. But we can rest assured that the Clinton will bunker through it and Bubba can live to adulterate another day.

  • Daily Gut Check

    Look, pinhead… if you bothered to read a little more you would see that I was responding to another poster who DID interject race / skin color into the conversation. As such, my response IS relevant. To note: you did not comment to that poster.

    Further, what I state is truth and fact: Clearly, you are one challenged by truth and facts. Affirmative Action, which is racist, is being used as a weapon against the truly productive of this nation, for example giving jobs of being a Fire Chief to an black male who scored a “D” on required tests and overlooking the multiple white males who scored “A”‘s on the same tests.

    Leftist B.S. such as Affirmative Action is very damaging to society, perpetrated by the same Leftist clowns who sold U.S. military technology to the Chinese.

    • Bruce Wayne

      Don’t forget, you’re talking to one of those people with a 65 point IQ.

      • Andrew Interrupted

        Nat is just a hipster twink. He doesn’t have a chance. They got to him before we could. It’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. For every act of “inclusion” there’s an equal and opposite act of exclusion.

  • Sam

    Clintons’ and Herpes have SO much in common.

    • nobody

      Yes, for example you have a nasty itch from both of them, from one on the brain, the other on your skin.

    • Daily Gut Check

      Right, the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Equal Op-Ed

    It is as we have always thought…

  • Kumara Soysa

    When you threw God out of the window, in schools, Congress and House, Courts, homes etc and embraced the liberalism of “easy living”, the American Society also lost its ability to be aware of responsibility and loyalty which is ingrained in the hearts of men (and women). Millions of helpless little babies are killed, God’s Holy Laws are totally jettisoned in the name of easy living (feel good, do it!) It is the end of the Shemitah and we will see the fulfillment soon. YET, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and TURN from their wicked ways and ask for forgiveness, yet will I hear from heaven and save their nation”

  • FaithColeridge33

    What’s yellow and smells like Hillary Clinton?
    Jiang Zemin’s finger.

  • sferrin

    But a tiny fraction of the blatant rip offs.

  • sam256

    The good thing about anything made by the Chinese is that after they are through stealing all the plans and new engineering that must be used in making a product it all must use be used right away because nothing they make lasts over a year before it destroys itself or breaks.
    My Stainless Steel kitchen knives are approaching a year old and they are almost to the point of not being able to use at all because it has lots of rust on them.
    Lucky my life doesn’t depend on Chinese products so far (I take great pains not to purchase anything made by them) but it’s getting harder and harder to do.
    I wonder what deals Obama has made with them that will affect us for any long length of time in the future.

  • Banksters_Rule_the_World

    It’s not much of an advantage to steal an idea if you lack the ability and creativity to think or develop new ideas. You’re always be a step behind the innovator.

    • Woody

      But it saves a huge amount of time, effort, and money. The USSR did it all the time post-WWII. It’s better to be one step behind than ten steps behind.

      • Banksters_Rule_the_World

        It’s even better to be ahead than behind.

        • Richard

          Not if it bankrupts you in the end.

  • Da Bo

    Don’t trust Asian countries or their ex-pats. They look out for number 1. Like we used to.

  • squawneye

    Now if we could just get the Chinese to make a copy of our dear leader Obama to be their dear leader….

  • mickrussom

    The democRATs and the CLintons have treated CHina as friends FOREVER. And they let their spies come in and steal all our secrets. Bill should be in PRISON for TREASON yet the scum in the government protect these traitors.

    • Woody

      The US needs more far-reaching treason laws to deal with people like the Clintons.
      The Constitutionally legal treason laws are far too limited.
      Even the espionage and classified material laws are inadequate to deal with these people as proven by Hillary.
      But the biggest flaw in everything, we have dunces willing and able to vote these reprobates into office.

  • William Romano

    The Clintons and Obama haven’t gone after China because they have treasonously taken campaign contributions from the Chinese government. So now you know why we need Donald Trump in the White House and Hillary Clinton in the Big House (i.e. the Federal prison).

  • bpj

    Don’t forget the W88 hydrogen bomb

  • disqus_zommBwspv9

    Now the bigger problem. When are the politicians going to get smart.

    • Woody

      They are smart, that’s the problem. Politicians know how to play the system.
      Our Constitution requires a virtuous people for the system to work. There’s some old quote along those lines.

  • poggiebait

    The Clintons betrayed their country and allowed China to obtain weapon secrets – who knows how much damage that anti-American socialist/communist currently in the White House has damaged our security?

  • jimthezed

    Let’s see ’em copy the beauty of a blond American farm girl.

  • Larry Lima

    Who remembers when the rocket in China with the satellite crashed and the Chinese kept everyone away. When it was recovered the “guidance system” from the USA was missing when they recovered the debris. The critical component of any guided missile is the guidance system. Oh Well!

  • Jimbob

    The secrets the Clintons have been selling them since the early 90’s. Just google the Clinton china ties and see for yourself. But I remember those day’s.

  • fred

    On a side note, China has over one billion citizens and very few cemeteries.
    Americans, DO NOT purchase Chinese made pet food, protein bars, or baby powder (because it IS baby powder).

    • Mr Flippy

      “…because it IS ISN’T baby powder”

      There, fixed it.

      • Richard

        I think you missed the point, Flippy.

        • Mr Flippy

          Did I?

          • fred


            whoooosh….right over your head

        • fred

          he did

    • Vidkun Lauritz Jonssøn

      Our elected representatives have decided that you don’t have a right to know your food’s country of origin.

      They’ve decided that you aren’t entitled to make that decision for yourself.

  • Richard

    Nothing surprises me about the Chinese stealing secrets. But what angers me is that our government let it happen – and of course nobody is held accountable. That’s what government has become in the US: inept, oppressive and unaccountable. And one other minor thing, the enemy of law-abiding citizens.

  • ChiefManIHaddit

    They weren’t stolen. Many treasonous Americans sold the deigns.


    They don’t call their boats junks for nothing.

    • Mr Flippy

      Don’t touch my “junk”…

  • Oh, get out. Say it ain’t so!

  • SteveAndreesen

    War with China over in 12 minutes. U.S. victorious

  • Cheese Ball Jimmy

    How do you think the Clintons became so wealthy. They didn’t try to hide it, there were many instances where there were sketchy Chinese businessmen in the White House.

  • looneytoonsindville

    Well, the American &
    Russian designers can cry in their rice soup while they stew in a Communist
    Chinese prison after the Commies take over!

  • BarryObama2014

    The cowardly Obama administration DOES NOTHING to punish the Chinese as they steal our technology

  • Zef Side

    This article is a load of B-S First off, China would not be stupid enough to copy and produce the F-35, and in reality China’s stealth is a totally different animal. the Article is chock full of aircraft and hardware that is LICENSE-BUILT from Russia with Russian built factories, under Russian supervision it is amazing how the US media will freely spin tales because the average american is such an ignoramus. Lets see an article about the USA being sued by EADS for stealing Euro tech and military data, we were caught red handed.

  • Charles_Miller

    China is a “copycat culture”…? No, China is a culture of thieves, counterfeiters and copyright infringers who ply their nefarious trade with complete impunity, because the rest of the world refuses to hold China’s feet to the fire and make them pay for their international crimes. Why? Because international corporations contract Chinese manufacturing labor at pennies on the dollar, and nobody wants to upset THAT applecart. China produces virtually NOTHING original to export to the rest of the world, and that’s just one reason that China has been excluded as a World Trade Partner for decades — other reasons include human rights violations, international corporate espionage, and, yes, theft of intellectual property. Yet the West tolerates these crimes, not out of fear but out of GREED.

    • Zef Side

      Do you actually think the Car is an american invention?

      • Charles_Miller

        That has nothing to do with the discussion. The fact is that China is the LEAST INNOVATIVE nation on Earth.

        • Zef Side

          It has everything to do with innovation. Lets start paying china for the rocket combustion chamber, the missile, and the MLRS.

        • Zef Side

          lightbulb, radio,Telephones, TV, nuclear reactor, the laser, tanks, helicopters, cars, huge cars, submarines, skyscrapers (see the Eiffel Tower), WiFi, etc. All NON AMERICAN inventions

  • matimal

    Allowing Chinese theft of American weapons technology is yet another example of the corrupt American elite’s self-serving policies of enriching themselves and abandoning any larger national or western interests in defending liberal principles and institutions and opposing authoritarianism. It’s just another part of a larger story of corrupt corporations, banks,and federal agencies working for corporate interests, not the interests of western liberal democracy. They let the Chinese steal all the technology because the Chinese then allowed them to do business in china in return. We will pay dearly for allowing authoritarianism to build its power with the products of western liberal institutions.

  • TDog

    Ain’t that a kick in the teeth? We could have been selling them all that stuff, but instead we not only cut ourselves out of one of the most lucrative weapons markets on Earth, we allowed our cybersecurity to get so lax that they waltzed right in and took it from us.

    Stupidity plus complacency equals lost sales opportunities…

  • scottincary

    How much of this was stolen? How much was sold? And how much came about due to “outsourcing” production to China by the West?

    • Vidkun Lauritz Jonssøn

      As they said in an old lollipop commercial, “The world may never know.”

  • Zef Side

    Since Americans did not invent the wheel, fire or agriculture, I suggest you all jump off a bridge, or shoot yourselves for stealing ideas.

  • Jamie Schoenian

    Chinks haven’t had an original idea since gunpowder

  • Heping

    It must be “cloned”! It has wings! The wheels are even round just like those from the U.S. Their guns probably use bullets too! They can’t innovate….what else is new?

    • jim

      riiiiiiight. You earning your RMB fenfen?

  • Tim Z

    Sounds like Russia. Communist countries love to copy and steal because all of their ‘innovators’ are controlled by the state.

  • Vidkun Lauritz Jonssøn

    They can pay a kid 50 cents a week to sit at a computer and steal billions of dollars worth of R&D, and US businesses seem unable/unwilling to stop it.

    To quote Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: “If it wasn’t for di*kheads like you, there wouldn’t be any thievery in this world, would there?”

    • jim

      That’s because the CEO’s can lay off American workers, sell their fatories and have everything made in china while increasing their own salaries by an order of magnitude.

      • Infidel007

        Until eventually China finds a way to do more than just a poor imitation on their respective product, then makes their own knock off at a dramatically lower price and undercuts them. China engages in extremely aggressive economic warfare and we continue to treat them like they are a legit trading partner. Short sighted CEO’s and their bought and paid for politicians sure did a number on this country.

        • jim

          I just wrote roughly the same thing in a reply on the article about the destroyer sailing near the fake islands. They’ll burn everyone.

          • Infidel007

            They want nations to pay tribute to them like back in the old imperial China days, not willing partners. I’ve read horror stories about Chinese business practices by people who deal with them. They intend to be king of the mountain by hook or by crook. They used short sighted American corporations to help them and still continue to use them as the useful idiots they seem to be.

          • jim

            international corporations have no loyalty. Even back in WW2 Shell left its refineries intact for the Japanese so they could get them up and running after the war.

          • Infidel007

            They have no loyalty you’re right since what a corporation does is chase a higher profit. This is where laws and regulations come in to protect society against extreme practices by multi national corporations who would sell out the host nation if it meant more money and a better quarterly statement for it’s share holders. In today’s upside down mad hatter’s world we live in such talk is called nativism and being against free market principals or the dreaded word protectionism.

            I simply think it’s basic common sense if you ask me. If I see corporation X lobbying (bribing) our politicians to implement policies that benefit said corporation at the expense of the rest of society I feel this is bad for the nation. I know such talk is considered anti free market.

            The nonsense about free markets with no limitations was a clever bill of goods sold to us by greedy CEO’s who’d sell their mother if it meant a better quarterly statement. If Jim Jones was an economist instead of a cult leader we’d have had a mass extinction event in this country. A message to future suicidal cult leaders please don’t become economists. I might disagree with many fellow Americans, but I’d hate to see what would happen if you said drink the poison kool aid, while using clever words with no substance and baffling them with B.S.

          • jim

            It’s okay for other countries to put national interests first but just let us try it. We need more economic nationalism and less theorizing.

          • rolltides

            Hey Jim do you think China in the long run will burn America alive by Americans stupidity.

          • jim

            Way too conjectural but I wouldn’t be surprised if we pay a large price for some of our policies, mistakes. I’d say we already have given our manufacturing.

          • rolltides

            Hey right now do you think China is too powerful to stop right now. I have heard China has a 100 year plan to replace America as the sole super power. Have you heard of that. I think China is beating the living dailylights out of America. Do you Jim think China will cash in on America and be the owner of this country.

          • jim

            Basically, no. The US is still in a much better position than China. China has quite a few weaknesses.

          • rolltides

            Hey do you think the US and China will go to war like a shooting war Jim.

          • Infidel007

            The ivory tower crowd theorizes a lot, while another type uses them to baffle the masses with B.S while paying them 30 pieces of silver to do it. They might even believe in their B.S too, but our insane obsession with free markets (which aren’t free there is a price to be paid for it,) while ignoring other nation’s nationalist trade policies, or worse outright theft on an industrial scale is suicidal. It might be good for certain multi national corporations bottom line, but it sure isn’t good for the health and prosperity of American society.

          • jim

            nor our security.

          • Infidel007

            I’ve noticed something about Ivory tower types. They often lack a certain perspective that I feel is very important. Understanding the darker side of human nature. Many of them can’t fathom or comprehend it, or choose to ignore it. So some Utopian ideal is pushed while ignoring the very real and compromised human element.

            An example things like Socialism, or Communism, or even Anarchism as defined by its actual definition and not idiots burning stuff and engaging in random mayhem sound good on paper, but in reality are a nightmare. I’m all for free trade to an extent, but you also need to take into account the human factor. Has our total obsession with the supposed free market benefited the working man and women in this country, or has there been a negative impact to our society?

            If you look at our wages they remain stagnant or declined quite substantially while our cost of living continues to sky rocket. Also we continue to get taken advantage of in trade deals because multi national corporations are lobbying (bribing) politicians to take a favorable position on certain trade deals that have a negative impact on our society.

            What’s important to these corporations lobbying our politicians isn’t American society or the working class, it’s their bottom line despite the impact to the rest of society. We are simply one trading bloc in a global world in their eyes. Well from my perspective and anyone who lives in this nation, I’m sure you have a much more local one, and you’d be right to feel that way. Human society and communities are far more local than the globalist kool aid drinkers would have you believe.

            Then you have countries like China who do far more than simply get over on American corporations in the board room. They are engaging in an actual military campaign to methodically plunder the crown jewels of this nation. The respective multi national corps seem cowed due to being afraid of losing Chinese market share. They seem to see the forest and not the trees.

          • LantCynic

            Yup. Look at the old WW2 era videos of Hitler giving pep talks to the workers at Seamens.

  • Raul Hernandez

    Many Chinese products look like real things but they do not perform like the originals

    • LantCynic

      Youre kidding yourself if you dont think the Chinese are capable,of making weapons systems as good as anything we have. We’ve given them the plans. Its just like iPhones. Give them plans and they build a world class smart phone.

  • LantCynic

    What is interesting is how the Chinese got plans, software, even components, for those weapons systems. The FBI has long known that Indian H1-B guest workers, who *do* work on defense programs, have taken that information back with them and it has been sold to China and Russia. I, personally, know of one Indian guest worker who took an entire circuit board for a missile system! Software and engineering design, things like stealth technology, even white papers on undetectable optical fiber instruction (and guess what those Russian subs are doing in the Atlantic) have all been stolen and sold. Those guest worker visas are an invitation for espionage.

    • jim

      but we “need” more H1b’s :/ <- sarcasm

      • Infidel007

        You say H1B working on a sensitive sight trying to make ends meet, I say foreign national spy taking advantage of our stupidity.You say Tomato I say Tomahto. I know I’m a racist xenophobe for denying a poor up and coming tech worker from another country on a temporary visa his due.

        • jim

          edited my reply above

        • LantCynic

          They are not, to my knowledge, spying for India. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find that they were spying for the India contractor that supplies them to US companies. Its done purely for the money.

          The guest worker visa law was changed to permit H1-B visa holders to work on defense department contracts. They even get a two year extention. The real problem is the US corporations would use them for secret or top secret projects, anyways, because they are so entrenched, that they know the computer systems, etc. and, don’t forget that critical corporations like Tektronix, Intel, Microsoft, HP, Boeing, all hire Chinese nationals, too. The problem, though, and this is just based on my own observations, is with the Indian guest workers.

          People have long said that the real problem with these guest worker visas is that they displace US workers and present a huge national security flaw. The only way to fix that is to end those programs entirely and force US corporations to hire US citizens as STEM workers (technology, engineering, science, network administrators, database and computer experts).

          Something simple, and civilian, like the OTDR has enormous intelligence uses. I Doubt that these were devloped on a military contract. However, knowledge of the algorithms easily permits the invisible/undetectable taping of any optical fiber,,wire, or other transmission method of digital data. This country, Congress,,is insane to permit any guest workers, but hi-tech or science guest workers amounts to out and out treason.

    • Infidel007

      Why do we let foreign nationals on guest worker Visa’s work work on sensitive things? The first thought they should run through our defense industry leader’s heads is spy. I know lets let Russian foreign nationals work on our nuclear missile silos. Maybe they already do for all I know. It couldn’t be any worse than Bill Clinton giving the Chinese all of that missile technology for campaign financing. In the mean old nasty imperial days of racist America such an act would’ve been considered bribery and an act of treason.

  • Johnnyoneleg

    The chineese hacked Los Alamos new mexicos nuclear computers and stole every thing including ballistic missle design and the computers they couldn’t hack that wasn’t linked to the Internet , they just stole and walked out the front gate with!

    This was on Bill Clinton’s watch and everyone in Intel knows the Clinton’s allowed this to happen !

    We are at war with the illuminati who is satans shadow government on earth !

  • Pingback: China says it warned and tracked US warship in South China Sea()

  • Daniel Mobile

    The Communist Clintons gave all of this to Communist China

    • LantCynic

      This isnt a Democrat vs Republic thing. Both sides pass those guest worker visas. Both sides, also, have peoplemthat raise objections to them, formthe bery reasons discussed here. So, vote for people who will enact tariff walls to stop outsourcing and willflat out end guest worker visas. There is no excuse for any company to hire any guest workers.

      • CashMcCall

        but but but… without any guest worker visas, Obama has managed to invite a full 25% of the population of Mexico into America illegally. When do you suppose he will be satisfied when half the population of Mexico marches across the Southern border?

  • Joe English

    Time Magazine article back in the 90’s “Titan Rain” chronicles Shawn Carpenter whom worked at Los Alamos . He was able to do something the Govt was not..( or would not) do…. He caught Chinese hackers breaking into Los Alamos and wholesale sucking out data from servers there and then extrapolating the data back in China. He had the blessing of the FBI.. When using a Yahoo email account to find the origination point of Cisco routers in Shanghai, Los Alamos fired him and the FBI claimed they knew nothing of his activities.. Shawn sued some years later and won a monetary suit from Los Alamos or the Govt.. (One in the same right?)

    Some of the data taken was new catapult technology for aircraft carriers, New class of submarines. etc..

    It was a very lengthy article and encourage folks to read it.

    Here is my point..

    This sworn enemy of the US has been doing this for as long as we can imagine.. Why have we not stripped them of “Permanent Most Favored Nation Trading Status”?

    “The Constitution is NOT a suicide pact” Dr. Michael Savage.

    • rick charles

      Don’t expect them to come at us, we could just call the money “taken” from us, null and void.

      • nobody

        Actually it would be economical suicide to do that – so please, do it asap.

    • CashMcCall

      But it is perfectly OK for the USA to spy on other nations, read email by hacking, and listening in on cell phones… Nice double standards there Yank.

      • Joe English

        You did not comprehend that very well tootsie. Nothing in there says shame on them, I actually said shame on us for rewarding them for their efforts against us. Got it now?

  • rick charles

    The Chinese say Americans are dumb. We are for letting their backwards civilization steal our weapon’s technology. Hope they choke on all the smog they live in.

    • nobody

      Backwards civilization? Are you for real? Because no one can be that dumb.

  • Bill Catz

    America used to have security. Nothing got out. But then, some bean counter somewhere came up with the concept that it was OK if a little bit got out. The concept of an “acceptable loss” was created. Then, on top of that, we had the “convenience” factor added on that allowed the Internet to connect to systems holding our most treasured secrets. Well, with hundreds of different companies working on our big projects and each can allow a little bit to get out, those hundreds times those little bits amounts to a significant loss. America isn’t serious about security anymore. It’s all talk.

  • CashMcCall

    I think the USA entering into the South China Sea with a destroyer is stupid and provocative Obama policy. While China is far behind in Naval shipbuilding, at some point they will develop the technologies probably with Russian help and be very formidable. I think the Obama intrigue and cold war conduct of the USA and Japan will fuel Chinese determination in this area. America is stretched thin, seemingly interested in pushing for a fight on many fronts. Sun Tzu in the Art of War would call fighting long distance wars on two fronts, reckless and foolhardy. Perhaps that accurately sums Obama’s strategies.

    • Derbydoll

      On the other hand, he might just be a stuttering stumblefuque.

  • Mac-101

    All these TRAITORS need indicted, regardless if Donkey or Elephant!

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  • Daily Gut Check

    Get lost, Leftist.

  • Ty Harris

    Good god. We just spent a few hundred billion doing free R&D for the chinese to build their own F35. That is 100 percent certainly a copy. They even did the B version with the VSTOL. Thats actually an impressive accomplishment that they built it and it flies. Its not just as easy as having the plans. You need thousands of subcontractors and a whole industry devoted to very specialized and exotic manufacturing materials and techniques. Very impressive indeed.

  • bleek

    thank you bill clinton………..

  • Feel-icks

    Most of these pictures look like Photoshop fakes

  • Narinder Dogra

    Pictures prove nothing.
    Look alike does not mean stolen.

    You are required to protect the company secrets by all means even after you leave the company. That is the cultural and legal norm in the US.

  • Aorbaka

    Truly is they got more men than women due to their population control techniques they wouldn’t mind losing a few hundred million and then give up or declare victory.

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