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Taiwan Wants to Buy U.S. Frigates Despite Chinese Objections

Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided-missile frigate USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG-60) and Royal Brunei Navy Darussalam-class offshore patrol vessel KDB Darulaman (PV-08) on Nov. 12, 2014 . US Navy Photo

Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided-missile frigate USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG-60) and Royal Brunei Navy Darussalam-class offshore patrol vessel KDB Darulaman (PV-08) on Nov. 12, 2014 . US Navy Photo

The Taiwanese government said has sets aside $176 million to buy two Oliver Hazard Perry as part of a potential four ship deal, Defense Minister David Lo said on Tuesday.

“We have the budget approved to purchase two of the frigates,” Lo said, reported news wire Reuters.
“We hope the U.S. will not be influenced by threats from China.”

China has long objected to U.S. — or any foreigners — selling arms to the island nation which China views as a part of its territory and has vocally condemned any defense trade with Taiwan.

“China firmly opposes foreign arms sale to Taiwan and any form of military technology exchanges and cooperation between Taiwan and foreign countries. This position is clear-cut and consistent,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said in November following an announcement on a separate sale of mine countermeasure ships to Taiwan.

“We ask relevant countries to respect China’s core interests, adhere to the one-China principle, neither sell arms to Taiwan in any form nor assist Taiwan in developing its military equipment, and take concrete actions to support the peaceful development of cross-strait relations and peaceful reunification of China.”

Earlier this year, the U.S. Senate approved a sale of up to four of the 3,000-ton Perry-class frigates to Taiwan, acting on a 2012 request from the country.

By next year, the U.S. Navy expects to retire the last of its Perry frigates and has labeled most of the retiring ships eligible for foreign military sales.

The ships would join eight Taiwanese built Perrys that first entered service in 1993 and would replace four U.S. built Kidd-class guided missile destroyer that joined the Taiwanese fleet in the early 2000s.

A $6 billion U.S. arms sale to Taiwan in 2010 broke off military-to-miltary relations between the U.S. and China.

  • Erich S.W.Shih

    not to replace the 4 kidd class destroyers, but the 8 Knox class frigates

  • Why not let the Taiwan buy the Perry class frigates and help them build an Aegis version of the Kidd class DD

    • Secundius

      @ Nicky.

      The Kidd class destroyers, or Kee Lung class Destroyers as they are known in Taiwan. Had there SM-2 missiles replaced with Tien Kung I (Sky Bow I) missiles. thought the Taiwanese Navy has several Phased-Radar systems similar to the Aegis, Phased-Radar system. It is unclear which system is to be deployed on these destroyers.

  • Curtis Conway

    Any FFG-7 sailor who has been in the Northern latitudes will tell you that this 4,000 ton ship with a 22′ draft is the smallest ship they would ever want to be in those waters. While there every one of them were wishing they were in something displacing more and was somewhat bigger. The 52 multi-warfare FFG-7’s were to be replaced by a 3,000 ton 13′ draft Littoral Combat Ship that can hardly defend itself. The FFG-7s were so ineffective in their ability to accomplish there missions, Taiwan is very interested in buying them so they can defend themselves from the very capable Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Navy with these vessels. One can only hope the new Small Surface Combatant (SSC) will be heavier and possess greater sea keeping qualities than the LCS . . . like a 4,500 ton, 22.5′ draft National Patrol Frigate based upon the National Security Cutter.

  • Ctrot

    “One China” is a farce and the US should never accede to demands based on that farce.

  • R’ Yitzchak M

    What I really failed to understand why Taiwan is still under EMBARGO? It is the one of the purest capitalist system on the planet, NON-belligerent, excellent trade partner, and excellent ally in the region. As opposed to create, stimulate and ENABLE the ultimate aggressor in the region. China has aspirations across the region not “only” the China Sea, but it has territorial aspirations in Vietnam, even Russia. Tibet is the poster boy of China’s expansionist doctrine and unfortunately “long forgone conclusion”? Embargo on Taiwan to appease aggressor is lot worse than a “gag-order” given to the Czechoslovakia for the “the peace of our time..” so how that ended? Taiwan is de-facto a sacrifice to enable the Communist regime to justify and foremost to ENABLE it expansionist appetites. Taiwan badly needs functional navy, all world really depends on that globally most critical “trip wire” to contain Communists reckless war of attrition and to finally bear some consequences to such behavior. REAPROACH vis a vis Taiwan will go distances to provide the China with the REAL choices either to act as a respectfully member of global community or to be gaged as a wild beast. EU is a good example how UNITY come about not with the treats, intimidations, and open aggression (which China obviously prefer) but with unified market interests, common socioeconomic BENEFITS etc. China could transcend old Communist Trotskyiate approach to the global community… by overgrowing that nonsense, and Taiwan is the society which could mend that divide. But that to happen Taiwan is the one who should have THAT CHOICE. I really believe that China is the CRITICAL Strategic PARTNER in the whole region. and it would be critical to enable it with sophisticated defense they need and they will PAY FOR IT. Navy want to scrap Ticonderoga AEGIS class Cruisers they could sell it to Taiwan, also allowing the Taiwan to purchase F-18 Superhornets, and Growlers and F-15S so it would keep the production line going for a while. There is absolutely no reason to ostracize Taiwan it does not deserve such a treatment from the world’s community. Which seem to react with cowardice toward the China’s expansionist aspirations.. thus becoming de facto “partners in crime” toward the destruction of one legitimate and EXEMPLARY member of the worlds community. Main land China has to emulate them and not other way around and there would be peace in that region period.

  • notreally

    If Taiwan buys the ships, then when China takes over Taiwan, China will have the ships. Kind of like how Iraq used the bombs we gave them to bomb Americans during the Iraq war. I wonder if China will copy the ships and build a fleet. Just wonderful. I think America’s defense will be most protected by not selling any military thing to anyone.

    • Secundius

      Not likely, Taiwan has Nuclear weapons, too…

  • loupgarous

    I hope we treated the Chinese communique regarding those Perry-class frigates with the contempt appropriate to such complaints from a nation which gave nuclear weapons technology to Pakistan.

  • Secundius

    What could possibly SCARE the ChiCom’s about a 40-year old designed Frigate…