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Destroyer Mahan Leaves For Persian Gulf

USS Mahan (DDG 72) transits the Mediterranean Sea on Aug. 31 2013. US Navy Photo

USS Mahan (DDG 72) transits the Mediterranean Sea on Aug. 31 2013. US Navy Photo

The guided missile destroyer USS Mahan (DDG-72) left Naval Station Norfolk, Va. for a five-month deployment to the Persian Gulf, according to local press reports.

The ballistic missile defense (BMD) capable destroyer is shipping out after an eventful nine-month deployment in 2013 as part of a BMD patrol in the Mediterranean attached to U.S. 6th Fleet.

Mahan was one of four guided missile destroyers poised to launch guided missiles into Syria following the revelations of an alleged chemical weapons attack by the Bashar al-Assad regime.

The ship was eventually recalled back to Norfolk following the negotiated stand down in which resulted in the seizure of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles.

Sixty percent of the crew on the cruise is present for the current deployment, according to a Monday story in Navy Times.

Outside of the Syria standoff, Mahan was in the news following the March shooting death of Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Mark A. Mayo. Mayo was shot protecting a shipmate from civilian trucker Jeffery Tyrone Savage who snuck on the base and attempted to storm the ship’s quarterdeck.

Mahan will eventually join U.S. Navy ships currently conducting airstrikes in Iraq on the Iraq and Syria Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) terrorists near Irbil in northern Iraq.

As of Monday ships in the region include: USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77), guided missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea (CG-58) and guided-missile destroyer USS Roosevelt (DDG-80) as part of the Bush Carrier Strike Group (CSG).

The guided missile destroyer USS O’Kane (DDG-77) is also in the Persian Gulf and destroyer USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) is currently in port.

Amphibious warships USS Bataan (LHD-5) and USS Gunston Hall (LSD-44) are also in the region.

  • Waldez

    Turns out there was no Chemical Attack by Assad so we saved some missiles there. Seems like the the USS Baatan and Gunston Hall along with the USS Mahan are always handling more than their share, they will be missed when metal fatigue finally takes them away.

    • Dan

      What is the age of the Warships you mentioned?

      • Waldez

        18 years, however these ships have been overworked and have had maintenance deferred.

  • Tkid

    Really don’t matter because if can travel almost half way around the world with no problem then the ship is updated and had been refitted with mods and specs to be sure it gets the job done