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Parade Mag Apologizes for Nazi Ship Image in U.S. Navy Chef Story

Parade Magazine is apologizing for a design flub that paired a Nazi battleship with an award winning U.S. Navy chef, the magazine’s top editor told USNI News on Monday.

The story featured Senior Chief Culinary Specialist Derrick Davenport, a chef for the Joint Chiefs Chairman, who won the gold medal in the March 38th Annual Military Culinary Arts Competition at Fort Lee, Va.

But topping the heart warming tale of Davenport’s rise to the gold from the broom closet sized kitchen of the attack sub USS Annapolis (SSN-760) was a collection of ship silhouettes that included the most notorious Nazi battleships of World War II – the Bismarck-class.

A Parade Magazine graphic that includes images of Nazi battleships. US Naval Institute Illustration

A Parade Magazine graphic that includes images of Nazi battleships. US Naval Institute Illustration

“Mea culpa,” wrote Parade editorial director Maggie Murphy in an email to USNI News.
“I regret we didn’t dig deeper into the exact descriptions of the graphics we used for our story on Derrick Davenport this past Sunday.”

The silhouette was first picked out as a Bismarck-class ship by Christopher P. Cavas, naval writer for Defense News on Sunday.

A detail image from a Parade Magazine graphic that ran Sunday. Parade Magazine Photo

A detail image from a Parade Magazine graphic that ran Sunday. Parade Magazine Photo

A Office of Naval Intelligence silhouette of German battleship Tirpitz from between 1941 and 1944.

A World War II Office of Naval Intelligence silhouette of German battleship Tirpitz . US Naval Institute Photo

A Parade spokesperson told USNI News the designer assembling images pulled the silhouette from a collection of, “naval images that didn’t distinguish between U.S. and foreign ships.”

Bismarck, and sister ship Tirpitz, were the pinnacle of Nazi naval might at the start of World War II. Bismarck was famously sunk in 1941 after a short career of harassing Allied supply lines in the Atlantic and sinking the British Royal Navy’s HMS Hood. Royal Air Force bombers sank Tirpitz in 1944.

For Parade’s part, Murphy hoped the mistake would not overshadow the story’s main focus.

“We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the accomplishments of the Navy’s Derrick Davenport and his colleagues, and move on,” Murphy wrote to USNI News.

Parade isn’t alone in misidentifying ships. In September, organizers of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. displayed images of Russian warships during a tribute to veterans.

  • All media should make it a point to HIRE MORE Veterans to report and edit military-themed stories. Honestly, most civilians have absolutely no clue about almost ANY detail of modern military service.

    • Dimo

      Wow.. Such a waste of time.

      • Julles46

        She actually said it! Nothing to see here folks, MOVE ON! Holy shiit!

    • Seriously? I would be willing to bet money that even your average navy veteran would be hard pressed to recognize the silhoutte of a battleship built more than 70 years ago. Other than hardcore military historians like this Christopher Canas guy, who would notice, or even care?

      • SonofLiberty7

        Um, you’re mistaken. Please don’t assume that we are like you.

        From your friendly neighborhood Navy Vet

        • ShanequashayJohnson

          Please identify the following silhouettes. All you need to give me is their class and the nation that fielded them. No cheating now!


          • YERMOM182

            those are classified as targets… in the sub fleet.

          • Olinser

            First 2:

            North Carolina Class Battleship – US

            Wichita Class Cruiser – US

            Littorio Class Battleship – Italian

            The last 2 are too pixellated to tell the detail to ID them.

          • ShanequashayJohnson

            The last two are more detailed than the rest…

          • No; they’re darker. Not the same thing. Edges are more jagged.

          • oldkennethj

            Bottom two look like Kara and Minsk class, retrospectively.

          • oldkennethj

            That’s respectively

          • Dan Jackson

            It doesn’t matter what tiny percentage could identify the ships.
            This is a tempest in a politically correct teapot. Geez, take you
            Ritalin or Prozac.

          • Equality7-2521

            Anyone who looks is *clearly* a neck-beard with waaaaaaay too much time on their hands.

        • Oh, please. I was in the Navy for 10 years. Only been out for three. There’s no reason why today’s Sailor would need to be able to recognize that ship and maybe 1 in 1000 might.

          From your friendly neighborhood Navy Vet’s next door neighbor

          • That’s probably why you couldn’t finish your 20-year career. 🙂

          • Fuck you douche bag. I got out as an E6 about to make Chief. 5 deployments was enough. I wanted to do civilian law enforcement and followed my goal. You guys come on here talking patriotism then disparage the character of my service. You have lost all credibility.

          • were you a cook (that’s not really serving in the Navy you know). That’s working as a cafeteria worker under water. We have funny songs about you guys above water.

          • No, I was a sonar tech for three. Then I cross rated to MA where I was a Navy Investigator. When I finished that I was a shift supervisor for a base PD. In between I ran a security guarding one of the camps in GITMO. I’m truly amazed at the ugliness posted just because I have a different opinion. With crap like Benghazi, the IRS scandal and the administrations attacks on the press I think we would have more important to be pissed at

          • Oh and btw, Navy CS are dedicated sailors who keep hungry crews full and ready to fight. Nothing kills crew morale like a crappy meal. Every Sailor, Airman, Marine and Soldier are important and play a vital role in keeping our military moving. They all play a part

      • grey_ghost1

        You lose, Rob.

        • ShanequashayJohnson

          Prove it. Identify these.


          • Olinser

            First 2:

            North Carolina Class Battleship – US

            Wichita Class Cruiser – US

            Littorio Class Battleship – Italian

            The last 2 are too pixellated to tell the detail to ID them.

          • ShanequashayJohnson

            the last two are more detailed than any of the others…

      • Well said!

      • I’m with you, Rob. In 20 years’ time, I never needed to recognize silhouettes. Heck, I couldn’t even see outside from Radio or CIC.

        “Don’t ask, don’t tell” needs one addition: “Don’t care” for issues like this one that just feed stupid flame wars.

        • edb73

          Don’t ask, don’t tell is over. Didn’t you get the memo?

          • Not in the navy – it is we know!

          • I needed something for my “Don’t care” to play off. Sorry to waste your time.

      • AirForceMed


      • obot

        I agree. Most battleships have the same silhouette. Besides, there is no such thing as a Nazi battleship. The Kriegsmarine was the least political of all the German military branches.

    • Most civilians dont have a clue about anything

      • darkpatriot

        Civilians aren’t the ones taking an oath to defend constitution, then following unconstitutional orders. A lot of civilians wouldn’t join a military that is the backbone of the rising police state. Great men don’t join armies, they lead malitias.

        • edb73

          Learn to spell it, dip$hit. Oh and you’re full of crap.

        • Sine me up. I wanna joyn that der Maltitia you got going on. Do I need to prove I am out of diapers or can I just pee on the sofa pappi? Hey darky, do us patriots a favor and go real dark, like in a cave for a while.

        • How ignorant, dark”patriot”. REAL stupid statement,and perhaps you should brush up on your spelling, as well.

        • Hopefully they can spell militia prior to leading one. Seriously , just kidding.

          • Perhaps they should know the difference between a corpse and a corps before pretending to be president?

        • joemcgee

          Well said Sir. I’m all for militias. They will be the ones to take the side of the Constitution once the fighting starts.

    • DavidWilmotLow

      Allow me to offer an example: the frequent 2008 references to John
      McCain flying “fighters” in Viet Nam.

      Those of us who were there know he flew A4s, of course.

  • Steve

    Come on, really? Aren’t people being a little hyper-sensitive here?

    • Dwain Meyer

      No. I doubt you would understand.

      • Sheepleherder

        I suspect Steve does understand, as well as being correct. I doubt there are more than a handful of people in the world, including the illustrator, who could even have known what it was until someone pointed it out. Any reasonable critic would have passed it off as an odd occurrence, less worthy of consideration than the furor, being generated by those making a big deal of a simple error, than the error itself deserves.

        • SonofLiberty7

          No, it’s as easy as putting in the word “American” in the search field when you’re looking for clip art.
          But I guess that word is slipping from the vocabulary of some today.

          • Sheepleherder

            Is it? I suspect it’s not so simple as assuming everyone cares that a silhouette of a ship might have belonged to an enemy more than 60 years ago. How many times have you looked up something and included an IRRELEVANT subject in the search perimeters?? I again suspect, not even once. By the way, you seemed to have missed the “reasonable” part of my statement.

          • Equality7-2521

            Are you ***REALLY*** that butthurt about a *picture* of a warship that *you* never fought against? Really?!?

          • Tlewis23

            How the fuck do you know if he didnt fight against it?

          • Equality7-2521

            Kinda going with the odds on this one.

            1) If he was in the USN at the time, he’d be well into his 80s now and probably has better stuff to do with his time than whine.

            2) Haven’t met too many combat vets that act like butthurt bitchboys about something so trivial as a picture in Parade magazine.

            3) Probably the most glaring point, the USN never fired at Tirpitz.

            Again, just going with the odds…

          • Because no American ships were ever engaged in battle with the bismarck, for one.

      • Karla1953

        If one has to ask they do not at all…………………which is kind of sad in the big picture.

    • Rob

      Yep. Come on people. Some graphic designer found an image of a battleship and it happened to be the Tirpitz. 99% of people wouldn’t ever have known it was German, most of them don’t even know what the Tirpitz was, and the other 1% wouldn’t care. It is amazing to me what people get worked up over in this country.

      • Galt2100

        Yeah, what silly people, getting all worked up over stupid things like fighting and dying for freedom, when we should all just be grateful to the government for giving us stuff.

        • journogal

          Our country is quickly becoming a country of “ask not what your country can do for you, but what it can give you for ‘free’,” instead of “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

        • Jesse

          How does this little piece of clip-art (1 of about 50 on the page) have anything to do with dying for freedom. It’s simply a misplaced picture, a mistake. Are people allowed to make mistakes anymore? Apparently not in your little utopic dreamland. In fact I think you’re making trite the real stories and sacrifices people make over singling out a simple to make and very very small mistake concerning a little piece of internet clip-art.

          And don’t come back at with me some statement how I just don’t know, or don’t respect the military. Both my grandparents fought in WWII (my grandfather was a Japanese POW), and my father fought in Vietnam. So I am well aware of military history and sacrifices that people went through concerning their livelihoods and families for this country.

        • Dwain Meyer

          You can bet Rob would be screaming bloody murder if someone misrepresented his favorite sports team(s).

          BTW Rob, it’s evident from the way you are wearing your USS Ronald Reagan cap that you aren’t big on respect to symbols. Turn it around. You’re not 12 anymore.

        • Michael P

          It’s not worth it dying for the parasites that voted for 0bozo

    • des111168

      Yes. To everyone but a specific subset of naval history buff, that’s just a generic warship silhouette It’s not like it was a color graphic with a swastika.

    • SonofLiberty7

      Not if you had relatives whose entire immediate families were murdered by the Nazis.

      • Tlewis23

        Remember, most liberals hate jews, and dont care what hitler really did.

  • Hindenburg

    Maybe Davenport specialized in sauerbraten and schnitzel?

  • dikfor

    If you guys look closely, you can spot the spatula and butter knife used by Hitler.

    • Rob

      Wait, aren’t those Hermann Goering’s Salt and Pepper shakers?!

    • hahahoho

      funny stuff, rilly wacky kookoo nuts!

    • 8z0kts6

      That colander was MLK’s helmet.

  • Steve

    Ok…now THIS was an “oops I made a mistake”. You can walk away, now.

  • tom

    as if those german cooks were just slinging hash… i can admire german engineering on the battlefront and in the kitchen, doesn’t mean i agree with the politics.

  • libwithIQ

    Well let’s be honest here….Most Libs in the media wouldn’t know a Bismarck Class battleship from an Iowa Class battleship. Most are lucky to know the difference between an aircraft carrier and a submarine.

    • Dave In Arizona

      Most Liberal media types would have great difficulty knowing their butts from a hole in the ground.

      • libwithIQ

        Have to agree with you on that.

    • Hitman8D

      I would also venture to guess that almost anyone wouldn’t know a Bismark Class from an Iowa Class. Only naval personnel and history buffs would catch that.

      • Dan

        I knew it

        • upcountrywater

          Parade Mag…. always a chunk of blathering liberal crap rag….

        • So did I, a retired Coastie!

      • JP

        That in no way excuses the lack of interest in sourcing the images one uses. They got the image somewhere and didn’t check to see what it was. It’s just carelessness, as in stupid but not intentional.

        • Justiciar

          It was far from stupid.

          • realclearconservative

            It was far beyond stupid. Fify

          • Justiciar

            What makes a person such as yourself judge? You’ve never made an honest mistake? Practice a little understanding and gain some character.

          • realclearconservative

            Practice hypocrisy much? I’ll wager you do. Often.

          • SamIamtwo

            A typo is an honest mistake…these images had to be chosen and someone went somewhere for the selection.

            These are educated liberals with an agenda making a statement for the low informed sheep. JIMHO

            For the informed it is called, “catch me if you can”…

          • Justiciar

            It was already stated that the clipart came in a pack with no labels. I am a designer, and I know these honest mistakes happen. There are deadlines, miscommunication, and even bosses who say “no one will notice.” It doesn’t mean conspiracy every time, people.

          • realclearconservative

            1. The simple ability to discern stupidity when it presents itself.

            2. Never. (Prove that to be false?)

            3. Don’t be judgmental of someone you’ve just accused of being judgmental: the Hypocritic oath.

          • Justiciar

            1. You just think you have this ability.

            2. Lying isn’t a good way to establish credibility.
            3. There is difference in calling people names and defending people against name-callers.

          • realclearconservative

            I reiterate: Don’t be judgmental of someone you’ve just accused of being judgmental: the Hypocritic oath.

          • Justiciar

            And I reiterate: you are not qualified to make any judgments. There is no such thing as the “Hypocritic oath.” Do yourself a favor and stop.

          • realclearconservative

            You are not qualified to determine whether I’m qualified to make a judgment call. So, do ‘yourself’ a favor and stop, hypocrite. Are you really that dense?

          • Justiciar

            You’ve shown everyone reading your comments that you are unqualified to sit in judgment of others. Have you looked up “hypocritic oath” yet?

          • realclearconservative

            Why don’t we just see how “everyone” else has responded to my comments, hmmm? Oh, NO ONE ELSE shares your opinion’? That’s odd, you seemed so confident. LOLOL!!

            Btw, (re: hypocritic oath) it’s called a ‘play on words’, kid. Is it really that difficult for a ‘designer’ to grasp? Design a properly working brain for yourself.

          • Justiciar

            You’re a very small person. Small in character…small in mind. Your play on words was neither clever, nor appropriate in usage. The only thing ‘real clear’ about you is that you’re a juvenile. You’ve earned it, unlike the person in the original story.

          • realclearconservative

            A ‘small person’ deficient of ‘positive’ character traits rationalizes voting up their own comments. Grow up, child.

          • Justiciar

            Eh, we both need to grow up. Good day to you.

          • realclearconservative

            Well, half-right is better than no progress at all. Hang in there, kid. You may return to voting up your own comments now.

          • Justiciar

            Yep, you showed me.

        • Sorry, can’t give the media a pass. Too many times I have seen these rats play games especially when given a chance to present the mil serv in a bad light. They are lying scum, particularly the AP. Parade Magazine? It’s just a written version of the Today Show.

          • When the media photo-shopped Condaleeza Rice to give her pointy teeth and devil eyes, they knew what they were doing.

            This is no different.

          • USArtguy

            Yeah it is. The malice with which the Condi Rice image was created blatantly obvious. This in no way compares to that.

          • Gmama

            No this is different, the average graphic designer wouldn’t know one ship from the other unless he or she was a military history buff. The story seems pretty pro-military. Making Condi look like the devil or using the crazy eyed pic of Michelle Bachman was intentional.

        • The DNC “error,” however, WAS intentional.

      • Johnesmith77

        I’m a history buff as far as Wikipedia surfing and Military channel documentaries go, and I couldn’t tell you what any of the silhouettes are. Even though it was a bad move, it was unintentional. At least they’re reporting positively on our navy and I can applaud them for that.

        • UAW worker

          It’s unintentional as in ‘I don’t really care”.
          Here a ship there a ship.
          “What difference does it make now” anyway.

          • Only a illiterate democrat union thug from the UAW could demonstrate such ignorance of accurate history.

          • UAW: Nice Hillary thinking process.

          • AJ SQUARED AWAY


        • If you are a “history buff,” why do you gather your information from Wikipedia ? That site is the “Oliver Stone Of Search Engines.”

        • Unintentional – bovine excr ament

          • Clueless_armadillo

            I have to agree, just a boneheaded error that actually happens pretty frequently. I have a copy of Prange’s “Pearl Harbor – The Verdict of History” and the dust cover has a picture of a British R-Class battleship on it. Don’t recall any R-class being involved at Pearl. There are plenty of other military books that have incorrect photo’s or illustrations on them – and these are often written and/or edited by military historians. Is anybody seriously expecting some joker from Parade magazine to get something like this right?

      • Then maybe they ought to have asked someone who would know one ship from another before plastering Nazi ships all over their rag. It wouldn’t have taken more than a few minutes.

      • I saw it right away. I am not a navy history buff either… guess reading about the sinking of the Bismarck when the great Johnny Horton song came out years ago helped me recognize it. : )

        • Maybe if Beyoncé or some rapper sang a song about the Bismarck, today’s under educated, un-washed pop music lovers would read about history….nawwwwwwww…..that will NEVER happen. dumbA$$S rule the masses.

          • Old Racist Dixiecrat much? The Johnny Horton reference gives you away.

          • Wrong Horton, idiot.

          • Tdool

            All assumption- The “Racist” name calling gives you away- “Progressive”.

        • I sure wouldn’t have noticed and I have read about the bismark.

      • Final_Word


      • I knew the United States Navy had not had a 4 turret battleship since early in the 20th century.

      • edb73

        A little research on your topic wouldn’t hurt. Yes, I’ve been an art department geek & researched material to get it right on film. They can do it in a magazine.

    • Most Libs in the media don’t care about anything in the military except thats it’s exceptional for Marines to hold umbrellas and that DODT was repealed.

      /fixed it.

      /proud son and grandson of the Army, nephew of the Navy and friend to Marines and AF.

      • Oh, so it’s ok for white presidents to have Marines hold umbrella’s but not half white ones? Maybe it’s more ok for Conservative Presidents.

        The word you’re looking for? It’s “hypocrisy.”

        • jake verteo

          Except the IS no instance of an American president EVER asking a Marine or any other service member to hold an umbrella.

          Rather than looking like a fool, why not do some research…Liberal.

          • petie3

            The current President is unique in so many ways…….

          • RedGA

            You must not research much. There are quite a few pics of previous presidents with others including service members holding umbrellas. A few even had wives being submissive as well. Instead of accusing others of looking like a fool you may want to check your mirror to see how YOU look.

        • silencebegood

          Kelly, why do you feel the need to bring race into this?
          Unlike you, the uniform is colorblind.
          It’s about respect, or in this case, lack of respect for the Marines.

          • Soul Leister

            The Marine Corps have rule/regulations prohibiting Marines from carrying/holding umbrellas that have been in place long before the current “occupant” of the WH slinked up to the mic… I know of no other “occupant” ordering Marines to hold umbrellas for him and his Turkish guest… there are ZERO instances of that happening prior to the current “occupant” of the WH… and that is the problem with liberals (they love to make things up as they go along and disregard tradition… everything is expendable, except what they want to do).

          • silencebegood

            my understanding is that hilarious clinton treated these fine men as errand boys as well.when it comes to respect these libs seem to to demand it but not earn it, and certainly not give it.

      • Elem187

        “oh servant. Servant!.. SSSSSEEEERVAAAANT!!!… its starting to rain, go fetch your president an umbrella, wouldja?”

        True Story.

    • beefstuffedwithcrabmeat

      Could have been worse. They could have used the USS Liberty.

    • Let’s be honest here. The person who sourced the silhouette probably sourced it from a clearly labeled photo.

      • I think you have the correct answer.

      • USArtguy

        Not likely. I’m a 30 year Graphic Designer and have used dozens of stock image houses and things like this seldom have the kind of detailed keyword description that the naval writer used. Whomever the original artist was may have drawn it from a photo, but that doesn’t mean that information automatically got relayed to the stock image house that bought the art. The designer who created this montage was likely under a tight deadline went to a disk or website with stock images and assembled them to make a pretty cool graphic that, let’s be honest, 99.9% of the people reading the article had no idea what, specifically, they were looking at. Don’t give me nonsense about “it was stupid” or “careless”. No one commenting here can identify every military weapon, ship or vehicle merely by a silhouette.

        This is much ado about nothing.

        • Gmama

          Ditto, I am very conservative but having worked in the field the artist grabbed military art to make a pleasing illustration. Nothing more.

          • teddie77

            But you don’t know for sure that’s what happened.

          • jsmithcsa

            True. Why assume the worst?

        • Yup, what he said. Having worked as a graphic artist, it is an honest mistake, nothing more, nothing less. The artist who designed it was likely handed the images and told to work with them.

          • jsmithcsa

            Yeah, I agree. I can’t imagine this was intentional, just poor gathering, probably by a low-level staffer who feels terrible about it.

        • Historian AND Designer


          The Kriegsmarine silhouettes stuck out like a sore thumb when I saw this, but A) I deal with WWII history for a living, and B) the Blaze article title was a bit of a spoiler. Certainly didn’t see it in Parade Magazine. Didn’t know that thing still even existed.

          However, design work is a world of tight deadlines in which the look of the graphic is going to carry a lot more weight than historical context. Somebody most likely found cool clip art, plucked the low-hanging fruit, and moved on to the next part of the project without thinking twice about it, other than to consider “this little ship fits well here, but I need a longer one over here”, etc.

          Making a stink over such things just diminishes our credibility when there is something that REALLY needs critical attention. It’s not like there is any shortage on issues worthy of passionate advocacy lately.

          • El_Tigre_Loco

            Right on! The movies make more mistakes than one can shake a stick at. Go to bad astronomy dot com. There is even a group that tries to keep the depiction of dinosaurs correct. Errors in movies would probably have more public impact than this graphic. I remember as a kid thinking that things were at least accurate, but that is not true at all. Many people have specialties. Not every one can do it all. That is why there are so many departments in companies that build large, complicated things like aircraft.

        • lewnaticink

          Im a graphic designer also and that has nothing todo with being a leftwing news media twitwhos job it is to degrade responsable people, it was no mistake, like ommit all bad information about obama before election. take off your raose colored glasses, nothing is left to chance in this game

        • Luxomni

          Most of these “clip-art” disks have no descriptions or labeling. Heck, some of them don’t even have decent thumbnails. And even as a veteran, I wouldn’t have caught it. You have to be pretty well versed in sight recognition of 75-year-old battleship classes to distinguish that on a 150 pixel by 20 pixel image.

        • BC

          I am a graphic designer also. Any half-wit designer knows to be sure what you are putting into a design. Particularly WWII era military equipment. I 3 minute Google research session could tell you what you are working with here. Just slapping something in there an running with it is lazy and as illustrated by this example, a mistake!

          • Thomas Van Hare

            Strange that the artist even included battleship images in the design in the first place — after all, didn’t someone think to consider just how many battleships does the US Navy have in service at the present moment?

      • Chuck Howard

        Okay, suppose it was labelled. Our poor education system likely makes any labelling a moot point. A lot of history has been rw-written by liberals, or eschewed altogether.
        After all, doesn’t their unofficial motto (from Fleetwood Mac) explain it: “Yesterday’s gone – yesterday’s gone!”

      • MCMoose


      • cojo

        No “probably” about it.
        Where is your proof?

      • actually if you read the article it stated it was pulled from a sight that didn’t label what they were.

    • Gilpie

      The Sub has the screens in the port holes.

    • …after all…It’s The MARINE CORPSE,..isn’t it? Thats what Mr. Obama called this fine organization, just a couple of years back. Every Marine cringed!!! It was kinda funny when new potential recruit, “Gomer Pyle” said it first, but….THIS IS The Commander-in-Chief!

      • DavidWilmotLow

        Actually, what Obama did was refer (more than once) to a “Navy Corpesman”. As a proud former member of the Navy’s Hospital Corps, I remember it well. I was personally offended.

        • EVERY service member was personally offended.

          • Wayne Van Scoyoc

            It’s OK he played Golf afterwards at Andrews AFB where he doesn’t pay any dues to the Officer’s Club whose members carry his redistribution of wealth, freight. I thought redistribution of wealth worked the other way where if you are rich you give all your money to the poor. Obama is still rich and freeloads off of others. Another thing about Obama, none of his predictions ever come true. That means he is a fraud and fake.

      • Yes, the same Commander in Chief whose IQ is off the charts. Well, I guess zero is off the charts……………

    • arkivx

      That’s as funny as a screen door on a submarine…

    • Granted, however would you be able to tell the difference between a Mossin-Nagant, a Springfield 1903, and Mauser K98 without Google?

      I wouldn’t … then again I’d probably double check. ( Quick answer: the Mossin has some extra metal around the trigger, K98 has a metal disc in the stock, and the 1903 looks awesome all around. )

      I’d be more offended if they couldn’t tell the difference between a T80 and a M1A1 – or the naval equivalent ( I Don’t know the Russian counterpart to our Arleigh-Burke, nor do I care much. )

      • libwithIQ

        Easy…Mossin-Nagant…bolt action Russian rifle firing 7.62×54 ammo. Springfield 1903 US infantry rifle firing 30.06 and Mauser K98 German infantry rifle firing 7.92. the Springfield is actual a US copy of the Mauser bolt system. Telling them apart by look is really easy if you study rifles any at all. As for the T-80 and the M1A1….Again very easy to identify with a little time spent looking at them. And no….I didn’t have to google any of those answers.

    • Libs wouldn’t know the pointy end from the round end.

    • Wayne Van Scoyoc

      Leftists couldn’t solve a basic math problem to save their own lives. They don’t know the difference between the space shuttle and a submarine.

      • lewnaticink

        the satans hardest job was convincing people he didnt exist

    • Wow, generalizing much. A lot of my buds when I was active duty Navy were more left-leaning than right.

    • HopelesslyFaithful

      though i can not lie i wouldn’t mind calling the bismark class ship an American ship ^^ It was pretty badass

    • SamIamtwo

      True but the educated media folk know and use the images for a reason. Totally messed up people are running the nation. Upside down and inside out.

    • lewnaticink

      i m sorry thats no mistake these warped jerkoffs knew exactly what ship they put in the article

    • GetReal

      Let’s be honest. Almost nobody would have known the difference based on that picture.

  • SChief

    What did they expect from some pussyAssedDesigner!

  • segeny

    It would be a benefit to the media if they would employ writers who majored in actual subjects instead of majoring in ‘journalism’. How instructive to the readers/viewers (assuming they still manage to hold onto them) to have a piece on the economy written by an economics major. But knowledge doesn’t seem to be a per-requisite for employment with the media —- just an agenda.

  • mope lover

    What a sissy to complain about this nonsense. Go suck on a gun fagget.

  • Old Highland Guy

    I would have never spotted the mistake. But, I do agree the mistake should not have been made. I am sure that Parade Magazine is embarrassed and will be more careful next time. As to being a little hyper-sensitive, as Steve would say, maybe but it is to be expected from those of us who have served in uniform.

    • Equality7-2521

      “being a little hyper-sensitive, as Steve would say, maybe but it is to be expected from those of us who have served in uniform”

      Or you could “Man up”…

    • steprock

      In my honest opinion, I don’t think this kind of hyper-sensitivity does anyone any good. Was the article itself upbeat and complimentary? Let’s go with that!

  • I’m quite sure that the editors of Parade magazine did not deliberately use a silhouette of the Tirpitz. This Christopher Canas guy is making much ado about nothing. Big deal, so he’s trying to show off by showing that he can tell the difference between a German WWII battleship and an American one, woo-hoo. I’m sure the other 99.99999% of the people who looked at the picture didn’t give a rat’s rear end about where the image came from. And Sam LeGrone is not helping things by making a news story out of this, go find something useful to report on.

  • Phil

    Let it go. Reporters are always being asked to do write ups on things they have little knowledge of. A reporters skill is word smithing. If not, they would be doing something else. I had a similar incident at my fathers funeral. He was former navy and someone pulled together a montage that happen to display some prominent Soviet ships. I had to tell my self to let it go, they meant well.

  • Much ado about nothing. The sailor is the story not the silhouette.

  • Wolfrunbluenose

    For all those folks that think this is really nothing – if you were in the Navy, had you fought in a war, police action, or whatever the politicians want to call those things, I think you would have a different take on it. Might seem like nothing to you but don’t down play it. If it was your profession the article was about, and they didn’t even take the time to represent correctly what you dedicated your life to you, I would bet my last dollar you would be screaming to high heaven.

    • Wrong, did all of the above and think this is silly. It was a goof. I’ll give you my address so you can send me your last dollar.

      • Bill Mahan

        Gordon, do homeless shelters use long or short zip codes? Obviously, you are too stupid to own a home.

    • Equality7-2521

      Thank you for keeping us safe from the Kriegsmarine.

      If you weren’t fighting the German Navy and you recognize that silhouette, you **really** need to get a hobby.

      • JollyTiger

        I recognized it immediately.
        I am 82 and built models of the major German ships in my high school shop class. The navy used them in recognition drills.

  • Leftists love to pervert symbolism.

  • Oldud

    Well, at least members of the WWII German Navy were the least inclined of the services to subscribe to the ethos of National Socialism; if that matters ;0)

  • Doug

    Anyone with a knowledge of WWII navies would know that American battleships had only 3 main turrents. The larger German battleships had 4 main turrents. It is easy to determine the difference. Why do we have knuckleheads in the media?

    • Sorry that is not correct, some USS battleships did have 4 turrets, i.e. Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Idaho.

    • John Vanatta

      Doug, look up the USS West Virginia, Colorado, Maryland, New Mexico, Mississippi, Idaho, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, California,Tennessee, and Arizona. Every battleship at Pear Harbor on 7 Dec 1941 had 4 turrets.

  • Geocon

    Like so many uneducated and ignorant journalists (and readers) of our time, this writer/designer did not know enough go looking for specific images of some of the famous warships of our history…or even spend 15 seconds to search on line. Kaga=Missouri=Bismark, right? It all happened long ago, what’s the big deal? $hitheads.

  • sorry no nazi inthe navy

  • just because it was german, doesn’t mean they were nazi’s…. and i bet they had some good food on the ship anyway…… not all of germany fell for the deception that hitler forced on its people…. fear and intimidation was the force of power wielded by that maniac…… hhmmmmm… fear and intimidation in an administration…. kinda reminds me of another regime in power today

    • It flew the Swastika, but it doesn’t mean they were Nazi’s?? Come on…

  • Winston

    Wasn’t the Tirpitz captured by PT 109? The design was very nice. Give it up!

  • D.I.

    Does anyone think this was an accident? Of course not! Parade is as slanted as they come.

  • Paul

    Actually using the word Nazi to describe a German battleship is a little misleading, from what I have read the Nazis were very unpopular amongst the German Navy.

  • Reminds me of the time when the Democrats used Russian ships as American ships of the line, in one of their advertisements.

    The audience didn’t catch it, but the folks who saw the event video sure did.

  • As someone with no naval or military background, I’d be inclined to side with the “what’s the big deal” posts, but I can’t forget what happened at the last DNC. They used a backdrop with imagery representing U. S. Armed forces, and the fighter jets turned out to be MIG’s, if I remember correctly.

  • Let’s MOVE ON-libspeak for “this never happened”

  • Express

    At least Japanese ships weren’t used too…

  • SonofLiberty7

    What a difference the word “American” can make in a search field of the browser.

  • rainwash

    Another example of someone too lazy to do the job right.

    Must have been a Liberal.

  • grey_ghost1

    Most people today are like the editors at Parade. They’d be speaking German if the warriors of that day didn’t know the difference.

    • Cephas33

      Ja, Das richtig ist.

  • george8


  • Steve, USN Retired

    This happens all the time. The worst one I recall is a base phone book that used the logo of the comm center on the cover; and that logo had a Yankee class SSBN as one of the platforms. I called the comm center to advise them of their error, but the gent on the phone became quite defensive, so c’est la vie.

  • ShanequashayJohnson

    if anyone thinks they can do better, please identify the following ships, you need only provide their class and the nation that fielded them. Don’t cheat.


    • Duane_of_Dibbley

      Don’t cheat? You mean don’t bother to verify your initial wild guess using readily available reference resources like people who publish magazines are supposed to do?

      • ShanequashayJohnson

        First of all, people in these comments have claimed to be able to tell American from German ships only looking at the silhouette, I want them to do it, or stop claiming they can. Second of all, the magazine certainly farmed this out to some young graphic designer who was too lazy to verify whether the ships were American. I don’t think you can blame the big bad liberal media for this one, chief.

        • Duane_of_Dibbley

          I made no mention of who I’m blaming, chief, but since you brought it up, in this case I’m blaming the lazy person to submitted the graphic, and the editor who signed off on it. It’s a minor sin, to be sure, but one made larger because it’s indicative of the laziness you mentioned.

          I only commented because your challenge was a stupid one.

  • alpha1six

    The trouble with all of these media outlets is that either they do not have enough veterans or knowledgeable people doing the writing and editing or they just don’t care enough to do some serious fact checking to avoid this kind of thing. TV/Radio news readers mispronounce military ranks or names, lump all military personnel into the term “soldier” instead of honoring the individual with their correct name and they don’t seem to care unless someone calls them on it.

    A perfect example is that in the last year I’ve heard news readers talk about the US or some other country sending battleships one place or another. There are no battleships in any active Navy today. There hasn’t been a battleship in any Navy since the first gulf war. Why doesn’t the news media know that?

    • E Pluribus Chaos

      Because they’re stupid libotards… maybe?

  • CrazyOldPreacher

    People read Parade?

  • Jim1937

    Parade is a liberal piece of crap and I am sure this was deliberate.

  • Who cares. I’m a proud Navy vet and wouldn’t have recognized that. This wasn’t some kind of secret message to Aryans and its not like it’s a damned swastika. I can tell you right now. You put that silhouette in front of 100 USN Sailors right now and not one would know that was a German ship. I’m all for bashing a lib on substance but this is just stupid. It’s been 68 years. It’s not exactly common knowledge. Besides the silhouettes shown in the article are similar but have distinct differences. There’s enough real stories in the news right now that need real coverage. This definitely isn’t one of them

  • Shocked they didn’t use a rainbow and triangle symbols too

  • alex

    1st grammar nazis….now clip art nazis

  • Okay, they should have asked the Navy for assistance but at this time in this world what’s the big deal. They lost we won so ours is already bigger than theirs. It can take experts hours to identify ships from silhouettes so why would we jump all over a mag for trying to recognize one of our own as the top Chef and making a mistake. Next time they might just skip the whole story to avoid the possibility of bad press. Grow up people!

  • “we gotta sink the Bismarck ’cause the world depends on us.”

  • Pat Patterson

    Most German military were not members of the Nazi party (the SS likely the exception). They were for the most part just doing duty for their country. The higher ups typically were party members. Nazi was the general description of German forces.


    The American public is like a violin, its being played.

  • Rbgard61

    I bet they had great chefs on the Bismark and Tirpitz too.

    • ThorsTheTroll

      Bet it was a real sausage fest, so to speak.

  • silver fox

    fk her. time to drag these leftists out into the streets.

  • mhall46184

    As a Navy Viet-Nam veteran (I was in Cambodia before it was fashionable) and as a conservative (not so Republican anymore) I gotta tell you that this sort of error is mildly amusing. Some of the Keyboard Kommandos have watched PATTON too many times.

  • Come on people, I’m a gun-nut, conservative, Constitutionalist, right-wing extremist, fundamentalist evangelical Christian who has been taught to support and defend our soldiers and veterans since I was a toddler, and even I don’t believe this was an intentional slight. I once witnessed some drunk harassing a group of young Navy personnel in uniform who couldn’t respond, and stood up for them, risking my neck when they couldn’t. You won’t find a more ardent civilian supporter of our military than I, but the outrage here is misplaced. You’re better off figuring out why our military is being stripped of competent, reasonable patriots by this administration, and why those veterans are systematically being denied access to firearms after they’re discharged.

  • mame

    The biggest mistake in this story is calling the ship a Nazi battleship. It is a German battleship, and the silhouette could have been the Bismarck since they were sister ships. The Nazi were not the German Navy, but a political party.

  • I’m a crazed conservative Tea Party gun nut, and I say: Oh please, who cares. It’s clip art. It’s not a swastika, fer chrissakes.

  • If you’re getting worked up over this, you need a life. Not only can very few people even tell, there’s this thing called intent. If they’d put a swastika, like the title of the article made it sound like they did, they damn them to hell and back. But this? Made up controversy, and I’m a vet, so don’t you fellow vets come back at me with no crap, aight? If I could identify a plane sillouhette as being German, so what? If the images were all German, along with symbology, then the intent would be obvious, but it’s not, so give the guy a break.

  • A Smith: Bingo.

  • ponyexpert

    Show me a Navy galley where you can get saurbratten with real potato pancakes or rouladen with red cabbage and the ships band plays Alte Kameraden.
    FYI: the anniversary of Bismark being sunk by the RN is tomorrow.

  • wikipediaMilitaryhistorian

    damn PC sissy liberals, always looking for something to complain about… wait

  • Seems like an honest mistake to me. And they apologized for it anyway.


      Where do you go to get pictures of ships and the names of the ships are not noted.
      You would be searching for AMERICAN battleships.
      Then when you do you use a picture of a WWII German battleship that was sunk and is the most famous German battleship in the world.
      But it was an honest mistake?
      What are you 5?

      • The headline does not refer to the American military, just the military. The Bismark was a nice ship (and carried some excellent chefs).

        • LOVETEA

          “With an award winning U.S. Navy chef.”
          Bismark was a nice ship and carried excellent chefs?
          Are you being serious?
          This is an example of the lazy, incompetent, unprofessional, work and attitude we are supposed to accept and you are trying to excuse this crap.
          There used to be pride in accomplishment, accuracy, and a job well done.

  • ServosT

    I can’t believe there are more than a dozen ppl in the country who can recognize a silhouette of a WWII German battleship and who also reads Parade Magazine.

  • EL_Chamberlain

    This is not a story, and serves only as a distraction from the Benghazi and IRS scandals. As a graphic designer, myself, with over 15 years of experience, I can tell you that it is not uncommon for clip art to be mixed up by subject like this. I very seriously doubt that 99% of such designers could tell the difference between a battleship or a destroyer, let alone a generic, simplified silhouette from a mixed up collection of clip art, meaning that this is not some nefarious plot to overthrow freedom. Let’s keep our eyes on the ball, people.

  • Piquerish

    Looks like a harmless, though slightly lame, clip-art snafu. In the Obama muckrake milieu there are much bigger problems with the agenda-bent, unethical, partisan “press.”

  • J. Moore

    Seriously? Not ANOTHER attempt to distract the low-information populace from the rampant carnage being wrought on this nation by the administration with no clothes…


    For all you saying this is not such a big deal.
    It isn’t.
    Because today the utter incompetence and disregard for professionalism this shows has become expected and accepted.

  • parade magazine… isn’t that for old people and housewives… it hasn’t been a relevant rag for years… decades really…
    this is a shame that ‘HACKS’ are given articles while writes cannot get published because they are critical of OBAMA and his whores

  • oh wow a little silhouette of a ship is so important, more important than 4 americans dead at Benghazi because POTUS was dreaming of his golfing skills and Hillary was stopping any help from getting to them

  • Sheepleherder

    Amusing. I bet not .00001% of you raising heck about this would have even known what it was, if it hadn’t been pointed out to you. I understand the importance of taking umbrage at a deliberate slight at America, taking umbrage at this is just plain s … illy.

  • I guess despite having the most Liberal President in history, the Left still can’t help themselves from comparing the U.S. military to NAZI’s

  • maybe the one who did this is bucking for a promotion to work for Obama or Clinton. Remember the result button by Hillary or the dvds to the queen that couldnt play on UK players. The list is endless on clueless loony leftists

  • presidentTF116.org

    Large image at 10:00 is a PBR no Galley — Large image 03:00 a Swift boat “hot Plate”

  • Notwithstanding their background, they are still two of the most beautiful ships built. The lines are just superb.

  • Linexof Brevard

    I find this to be very trivial and I don’t see a real problem.

    A ship is a ship and it is neither Nazi, nor evil. (If I were British, I may feel differently but I don’t believe so)
    Now, the DNC and the video of Russian ship at the convention, I found both insulting and appropriate for the attendees.
    The Clinton’s loath the military and I would bet half the people there did too.
    So this story for me a non event, no harm, no foul.

  • Scalovi

    These are not Nazi battleships, they’re GERMAN battleships. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  • tmotsdaddy you’reowned

    LOL. Who cares? Jesus.

    • jackwoodson

      Jesus cares… on the other hand the Tripitz was a sharp looking Dreadnaught

  • This is news?

  • larryPTL

    Don’t feel bad, Parade! An old Soviet recruiting poster for their navy showed USS Missouri battleship in their poster, complete with hull number 63

  • oncearat

    who is kidding who They dont know the difference between Russian warships from ours and Turkish jets from ours..Note pictures used at the Dem Convention last summer…Many in this US of A Do not know it’s enemies from itself…IRONIC it shows everywhere

  • steve Fowler

    It was some lib mag that also used pictures of the Russian Navy on a story about the American 7th fleet last year…

  • Barry Bin Inhalin

    Liberals don’t know a Bismarck class from a math class. Forgive them or not; it’s the nature of the beast. Ninnies.

  • f_galton

    On the left is a whisk that greatly resembles the sort of whisks the Nazis used as well.

  • rdr

    Seriously WTF is wrong with media (eg Parade), so lazy, so hyper left partisan that it doesn’t give a s**t about things in recent memory of living who fought to defeat it, who actually care, and by inspection see these ships (because their survival depended on it). The ignorant Parade leftist who wrote this article doesn’t have a clue of the depth; perhaps should be writing about dancing with stars or such.

  • Groovery

    I doubt anybody who actually reads Parade knows who the Nazi’s were.

  • bigbiz2

    Oh big deal..OMG ..

  • Kathleen3

    I will not open this rabid left wing rag on any given Sunday. Parade is the equivalent of reading a DNC newsletter.

  • Much ado about nothing. I was in the US Navy for 21 years and I frankly don’t think a magazine article accompanied by a tiny German ship silhouette hurts anything … certainly doesn’t hurt me. I read the article and paid scant attention to the little silhouettes.

    • master_chief_usn

      I wondered if I was the only one who thought this was trivial to the point of being ridiculous.

      The story writer, or whoever included the “clip art,” was simply seeking some items that says “navy,” and “foodservice,” which he did very well. As both a retired Navy cook and a professional writer, quite frankly I would have made the same mistake had I simply been looking for some ship outlines to create the idea of “navy.”

      The article didn’t specify type ships and nationality in the piece, so what’s the big deal? What’s next…”That’s not the kind of spatula they use aboard ship; those are what’s used in the home!” Or, “Hey, that rolling pin is exactly the kind that is used in Finland…not the U.S. Navy!” I’m not defending Parade magazine…it may indeed be liberal; I don’t think I’ve ever read it. I’m defending the person who grabbed some random silhouettes and used them; he didn’t know a tugboat from a fleet oiler, or German from American. I doubt he researched every outline in the montage.

      But I’m trying to help promote COMMON SENSE here. Navy cooks are like bosun mates, we generally aren’t the smartest sailors that’s ever trotted up the gangplank, but we both MUST have a high degree of common sense (oh BTW, both BMs and CSs are good looking, but CSs get more…uh…women.)

      That is what’s lacking in most of these comments…common sense. When supposed “conservatives” start yammering about things like this, they lose credibility.

  • Lc Goodfellow

    Some folks need a “Life”, it was an article about a Naval Chef working in the galley.
    Senior Chief Culinary Specialist Derrick Davenport. ‘4 O and buffed’. I got 3 1/2 years at sea, so a good cook was , to fight for.

    Today’s Libs are truly, FUBAR –

  • timetoboilthebagels87

    The Tribes sure make a lot of dough off of something they supposedly despise. Ya can’t go one month with two or three WW2 movies coming out depicting those evil Nazis! It’s an industry within an industry.

  • I seem to remember a shooting in Atlanta years ago where a network reporter stated the assailant was armed with both a 9mm and a 45mm gun, so this sounds about right..

    • Cornelius Van Huff

      dont forget when the crashing space shuttle was traveling “10 times the speed of light”

  • timetoboilthebagels87

    Better than the USS Liberty, I guess.

  • Tarantula2

    Which one’s the German ship?

  • Anthony

    Wow there’s a shock, a reporter not doing enough research into something… Time is coming for the media to do their job or become 100% irrelevant. People that actually read about or watch the news are sick of this kind of garbage and it shows in ratings and subscriptions.

  • Hawkdriver1961

    That’s what happens when a majority of americans never wore the uniform. To these people we all look the same…

  • buckofama2010

    I doubt it was an accident, just more liberal hatred of our military

  • jamesben

    Lazy “journalists” doing lazy “work” for a lazy publication in an era of sloppy, lazy journalism.
    The “low information voter” is fed a daily diet of this refuse – and as the old computer age saying goes “garbage in – garbage out.” Which explains Barack Milhous Hussein Obama-Nixon.

    • UnCL3

      Where does Richard Nixon go to get his reputation back??

  • rockribbedrushy

    face it, the only Bismarck the libs know about, come from donut shops!

  • Bunky

    The buffoons couldn’t get out of their own way.
    Look up USS Missouri BB63 or USS New Jersey BB62.

    These effing clods couldn’t get their a$$ on straight.

    They wouldn’t the know of a name of a USN warrior.

  • Minuteman Tek

    It looks closer to the un-built USS Montana Class or maybe HMS Vanguard both of which had four turrets. Neither of those have the optical rangefinders fore and
    aft, that are found on Kriegsmarine Ships. Here a tempest in a teapot.

  • Equality7-2521

    I wonder if the Retard-in-Chief, Comrade O’Bozo knows how many “corpse-men” would be on that ship…

  • All part of the same cartel

  • As a German, I am PROUD of the Kriegsmarine…they were loyal and loved their Fatherland even without Hitler. How dare the libs make a big deal out of this. German battleships and Panzer tanks were remarkable feats of engineering excellence…we must be proud of them.

  • darkpatriot

    When you act like Nazis, walk like Nazis talk like Nazis, you should expect some confusion. America is going that way rapidly. In fact if you compare modern America to any other countries, including her former self, she closest resembles Hitler’s dream for Germany. In fact Hitler was the first to use the phrase New world order to describe what he wanted accomplished. Now, we had George Bush Sr. Calling for NWO, Bill Clinton call for NWO, George W. Bush calling for NWO, now we have Obama parroting the sames so as I said. If walks talks and acts like it probably is. Side note G.B. Father/grandfather Prescott Bush. Funded Nazis during war time. If you notice both sides of political aisles pushing the same ungodly agenda. Wake up freedom lovers, or you will wake up homeless in the country your forefathers conquered, if you haven’t already.

  • Red

    People, please. There are US ships and only one German ship.

    It is clearly a fight between all of them! Why would there be stuff everywhere if a ship hadn’t just blown up!?

  • European American

    “Nazi” war image? Please, quite applying “NAZI” to anything related to Germany and WW2. The MSM’s constant brainwashing techniques are a sad commentary on “Germany” being the “Evil NAZI” empire (True historical facts, if allowed to ever surface, will prove most countries participating in WW2 were EVIL. Now we have the Evil Imperialistic Empire of the USSA trying to shove “Freedom and Democracy” down the throats of any Sovereign country that the Banking Cartel doesn’t own.

  • Goddamnamerican

    You know that you are scrapeing the bottom of the news crap barrel to have a stupid, useless whine about the pictures. GET A F$&@Kin LIFE!!!!!

  • Black Eagle

    Gee whiz, picky-picky. Easy to confuse the Tirpitz with the USS Missouri… if you don’t know beans about history, haven’t read a book in years, get all your “information” from internet, are a nose-picking slacker-drooler, and really don’t give a damn about the subject cause your an Obama voter who hates the US military.

  • Calvin

    I think it is wrong to refer to them as “Nazi” anything. The Tirpirtz was part of the Kreigsmarine which existed long before the National Socialist German Workers Party. It was a German battleship that had the extreme misfortune of serving under a Nazi regime. With very few exceptions equipment serves the military and not the political entity controlling the country. I did not serve on the Democratic destroyer Ricketts when I was in the navy. I served on the USS Claude V. Ricketts, a United States Navy ship.

  • To be fair, few people know historical naval vessel nomenclature well enough to make such a distinction.

  • Jubal Harshaw

    Most Libs don’t know which end of a firearm the projectile leaves. A naval vessel? Look, we are talking about people that can barely distinguish between a dingy and an aircraft carrier, and that’s with a 5-year-old helping. But, don’t worry, they are ‘professionals.’

  • Online72

    Whether the printed word or graphic image, the editor’s job is to catch stuff like this. They didn’t do their job.

  • steprock

    Guys, I’m an old Army brat and a graphic designer. I’m calling this one “Puh-lease”. It’s an honest mistake, easily made. You really gotta know your boats to call that one out, so it’s not as if there’s some intentional slight.

    Let’s worry about REAL issues, like the IRS intentionally targeting Conservative groups. See, that is on purpose. This is an honest goof by a graphics geek. Give a guy a break!

    • 4BlueStars

      Agreed. Who else would know? It’s just a silhouette.

  • Craig Davis

    Not only that, but the whisk is made by the Communist Chinese!

  • The liberal media, and that includes Parade, always gets military matters wrong. They often mis-report Navy admirals as Generals, and vice-versa.
    They absolutely don’t understand the U.S. Code of Military Justice, (UCMJ) or the stiff rules against insubordination. They don’t understand the difference between a soldier and a Marine. I could go on and on. Often they identify sailors as soldiers.
    Parade is so liberal, I quite reading it 20-years ago.

  • …and we wonder why these government public school graduates working in the media don’t get the news right either?

  • tonyburke

    Have not bothered to read Parade in over a year…liberal bias was so obvious.

  • Kummin

    Tempest in a teapot.

  • IVillageIdiot

    This happened in a local paper once, a 20-Something thought one soldier image was just like the next…. They’re all JUST soldiers, right!??! Man…. did they get beat down like a rabid dog! An SS trooper w/Schmeizer and jack boots, IS NOT the same thing as a Marine returning home to the County after a combat tour overseas.

    I mean… it had a LOT of people HOT, HOT, HOT!

    I thought they were going to burn the paper down after lights out!

    The sad part was, that it revealed the TOTAL lack of education in our Country! I’m convinced they absolutely had no idea what they were doing in that case. The younger ones just don’t have a clue at all, maybe .5% know anything about the last Century.

  • PARADE…….on the bottom of the bird cage.

  • jhenjoh

    For freaking sake. All of you GROW UP! Who bleeping cares?

  • For Gods sake, that’s pretty f’n nit picky.

  • Stormzeye

    Though not a fan of Parade, I have to admit that whoever spots such a “gaff” as the silhouette of a Nazi battleship amongst many other ship silhouettes on the cover of a Sunday supplement must truly lead a lonely and narrow life. Thank you though for your service.

  • interestedobserver2

    It’s hard to blame Parade, given the general ignorance of history in this nation. The person gathering the images probably doesn’t even know World War II was ever fought.

    As far as this goes:

    “Parade isn’t alone in misidentifying ships. In September, organizers of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. displayed images of Russian warships during a tribute to veterans.”

    That was no mistake, the Dems were just honoring the veterans of the only cause they ever fully supported; world Communism.

  • cristo52

    In today’s world where no one edits anything before they hit the send button, who can be surprised. An editor used to be a good position. Editors helped junior people through the traps. The knew about things like compound modifiers – which take a hyphen – they knew enough to check Jane’s Fighting Ships to get a name. Today’s journalists don’t know and don’t care. It’s a shame.


    This story is totally stupid. WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT WORK?

  • Flushing the Diarrhea Diatribe

    Sam LaGrone, please, next time you are so inclined to “edit” and make such a “big deal” out of such useless idiocy…..don’t forget to also post a silhouette of your and Maggie Murphy’s conjoined pinheads….. that way we will all know for sure that you are both not of the class of the brilliant and celebrated “German mind.”

  • 1BGDK4U

    On another note: We had one of the best chow halls in the Marines when I was iin. The food was always better than a lot of high quality restaurants I’ve been to. Kudos to military cooks.

  • The left likens our military to the Nazis National Socialists when they can and Republicans to them the rest of the time. Even as they turn our economy and health care into a fascist tool of big government. Luckily the public schools don’t teach the differences between national socialism and Obamacare and big government progressivism. Lucky for the left I mean. The rest of us will suffer mightily for this deliberate ignorance put upon our children and the public.

  • Don

    That’s nearly as bad as the President referring to Navy Hospital Corpsman as Hospital Corpseman. Having been one I resemble that statement!

  • The headline just says military, not US military. Not seeing that this is an error. Some of the other items in the graphic are not military at all.

  • I think we’re really hunting for things to be offended by. I’m a WW-II history buff, and in particular have studied the Bismark…..and there is no way I would have noticed that if I were skimming Parade Magazine. (Not that I would waste my brain cells on it in the first place.) I do recognize the silhouette now that it’s pointed out to me. (They were beautiful ships, no matter what flag they flew.) But to notice that just leaving through Parade while I’m on the toilet? Not a chance. Somebody is apparently an even bigger geek than I am.

    Some reporter just Googled clip art. No big deal. Relax.

  • If this is “offensive”, is it also “offensive” that American tank crews often have portraits of Erwin Rommel in their machines? (And they have good reasons for that.)

    • JayHackett

      My son carried Michael Wittman’s picture, he was their ACE of ACES in tank warfare. Wittman’s tank warfare tactics are heavily studied at Tanker school.

  • sebastianwoof

    These silhouettes are of two different ships.

  • sheesh… get a grip.. a silhouette? Get OVER yourselves….

    • JayHackett

      It is called checking the details and facts, getting everything right the first time.
      I understand this is a real nuisance/annoyance to most of the socialist/lib elite. They always go with the gut FEELING.

  • Guest

    If this is news, then I quit.

  • Parade Magazine has been a joke for decades. Only bone-heads read it. Go Navy ! Semper Fi !

  • Custom Commentator

    Crybaby Brigade didn’t fail us here.

  • Red_State_Eddie

    What it reveals is the complete and utter lack of knowledge & awareness the media and all of it’s left-leaning, peacenik-wannabees, war-is-never-the-answer crowd has towards anything of the military. Their ignorance is epic. Just surprised it doesn’t happen more often.

  • raffaro

    No real people read that rag anyway !

  • ken berthiaume

    It is a beautiful proud ship. And ships can’t be Nazi.

  • Enik Three

    Maybe I’m not paranoid enough, but I think there are FAR more real world issues to be up in arms about than this.

  • aircraftmech

    Shows how stupid todays media hacks are because, they damn sure ain’t journalists! They can’t even do proper research for petes’ sake…

  • James Busse

    cool The press shows that they have no research and no knowledge. I feel vindicated because I have been saying that for years. And a boat is a boat, right? 🙂

  • REALLY?! This is an issue? WTF is wrong with people in this country? Oh, that’s right. We have been jewified. Carry on. (puke)

    • Tom_F

      Please tell us all exactly what that means.

  • sam

    This was no accident. Some nasty little nerd was getting off on comparing our military with Nazi’s.

  • I think that rolling pin was also the same one used in a hitler youth camp. I am outraged! All journalists should study up on their WWII ship identification before writing any news stories.

  • To all Parade advertisers. We throw the Parade rag away without opening it..

  • RobL_v2

    Libs are smart if the know the Navy has ships, you know those ships with planes landing on them and those ‘corpsemen’ to take care of the sick and all…

    God help us all!

  • It wouldn’t have mattered if they knew, that’s how libs view the military

  • DCCarp

    Take a look at the NAVSEA logo and tell me what the submarine sillouate is…. looks Commie to this retired Aviation Ordnance Chief….Alfa?Oscar? …look and see.

  • Tarantula2

    This is such a non-story…

  • ImTellinYa

    This is a distraction from real problems; the most serious being the fact that that loathsome, affirmative-action parasite Obama is busy destroying the country and imposing a lively, vibrant, diverse, Leftist tyranny. Obama and Holder and their henchmen are common criminals, and they are in charge. That needs to change.

  • ta

    Bravo Zulu to the sailor that found that one..lol

  • Fred

    Yo that soufle is goin down like the Bismarck!

  • 69Chiwowwa

    So freekin what ?

  • squarebird

    The Bismark was a fine ship that probably carried some excellent chefs on board when she went down. The graphic is fine. The Headline did not limit the article to American military, just military.

  • BFD

  • Ron B

    WTF is this crap? The only significance of this article is that Parade Magazine is almost as lame as the traitor BHO.

    • Premier_Bitykok

      Comrade Obama is the drive by Prez.

  • MarxistTwilightZone

    So sick of the “express their radical, racist views” and then apologizing. Just another left wing tactic.The apology. What a joke

    • NutsBolts

      I doubt they noticed. Probably sent some junior editor off the get them some images, and never asked him where they came from. I can almost guarantee you the folks at Parade don’t know ships.

  • papajack1

    I doubt that the Democratic National Convention use of Russian warships was a mistake. It was an omen of things to come.

  • amysterling

    I’m surprised not all the ships were former German or Soviet.

  • gcullison

    This is a controversy? I think it’s a cheap excuse for publicity.

  • c w

    Tirpitz was a fine ship.

    • Yeah, that whole class, every ship in it was a great ship, just on the wrong side.
      The Bismark actually knocked out it’s own RADAR when it fired it’s first rounds at the Hood. After that, they were shooting blind. But those first rounds, like three shots and it was over for the Hood. That is some fantastic shooting for back then.

  • Sharkteeth

    Something like this happened at the DNC convention also.

  • How hard is it, to search “US Battleship images”??
    Seriously, you’re going to just pick random images? Instead of searching for ships from the USA specifically? Seems like a no brainer to me.
    Remember when the dimocrats used the images of soviet battleships?? Just seems to be happening an awful lot out there.

  • menotyou

    Oh man. Accident. Google image search bit someone in the butt. Not worth getting mad, but people should really care a bit more than just grabbing things that look good.

    This is like that political rally “salute to the troops” video that showed footage of Russian warships during the last campaign season.

  • The Fuher and Kreigamarine would be proud.

  • Premier_Bitykok

    No Big Deal

    • Dotcoman

      Actually it is a big deal. It shows a callous disregard for Senior Chief Culinary Specialist Derrick Davenport, the US Navy, her traditions, and the US Military as a whole.

      I don’t give a rat’s @ss what the vast majority of sheeple think, or can
      or can’t do. This story was supposed to honor a navy Senior Chief for his
      culinary accomplishments and was most likely tied to Armed Forces day.

      Think of all the sailors and officers that had to study and commit that silhouette to memory during their training during WWII.. Every last one of them thought they were gonna end up going up against that beast in a naval slug-fest. Most probably wanted the chance to sink it, but all of them were spooked that it’d probably find them first.

      Some of those ol’ boys might not recognize a spatula or a cheese grater, but they will pick that silhouette out instantly. Churn up a lot of old memories and maybe some anger, and then be insulted when they stop to think about it.

      They should have used a silhouette of an Iowa-class battleship.

      The Navy Mess Specialist is the absolute most important rate in the entire navy. Ships don’t run well, or go far on bad food.

      When I went to sea, my first goal was always to find my way from the flight deck to the mess deck, then worry about finding the nearest head, my bunk, sea bag, work space, and if there was time, I’d eventually trip up and find my maint. control, and from each back to the galley again. Aircraft carriers have several galleys, and they are not always open at the same time, so I had to find them all, and my way back again.

  • Ok, this is getting a little silly. As the previous poster points out, the vast majority of people would’t be able to tell one class of battleship from another. This is an over reaction. Besides, the war has been over for nearly 70 years.Time to move on.

  • why even use US Battleship image? They are as obsolete as Roman Triremes.

    • Chockfullo

      AAAhhh the Trireme… . slow and steady. Gave a man time to gather himself before battle… .

      • jamesben

        America’s fabled Iowa-class battleships had a service life from 1944 through the First Gulf War. They saw action in WWII, Korea, Vietnam then Iraq. The Iowa class battleships were and remain the most feared battleships to ever ply the seas.

        I’m guessing the MO R ON who put together this collage has NEVER heard of America’s great battleships and used whatever came up in “google.” That’s sad and emblematic of the leftist turds who pollute mass media these days

  • HokieBird

    Maybe when the brownshirt army/navy hits NY, they’ll wish they had known the difference.

  • Tomper

    No surprise…they are called libtards for a reason.

  • Chockfullo

    Hey, they’re our cousins fer gods sake, and we’ve put all that behind us both. Germans are the greatest anglo-saxon engineers in the world-(which means the best on Earth), and we should not be offended by this nonsense any more than you would be by a poster of the new Mercedes Benz C-class. Nobody seems to get offended by that and Mercedes made many of the German Army cars during WWII. In fact Mercedes Benz is one of the most sought and celebrated automobiles sold in America and coveted by many. The auto shows all showcase the new Mercedes every year to much anticipation by the public, and again-Mercedes made most of the German Army cars during WWII.

  • ReichsministerHolder

    Excellent,better than an Obama youth corps pass and review!!

  • This story is stupid. So what about the ship. Bismark & Tirpitz were beautiful vessels, regardless of origin. Their crews manned them admirably I am sure and sadly many of them died onboard.

    • John Campbell

      No, this story is not “stupid”, and many of our boys died trying to sink those ships. Putting an enemy silhouette where one of our own should be isn’t something I would say deserves to be used for a promotional for U.S. Navy personnel.

      This story is even worse with regard to the DNC. In their case I fully suspect that such was intentional as they champion communists anyway.

      • No, it’s not stupid. It’s ridiculous. Man up or ship out.

        • John Campbell

          I suppose for those who haven’t served or have no clue what a war is there’s the possibility they maybe a little slow on the uptake. You probably wouldn’t have a problem then with you or your family members when they pass away having their coffin draped with a Nazi or Soviet flag. Right?

  • Joel C Pousson

    I sincerely doubt that this was intentional. More than likely an intern was given an assignment and they just found silhouettes and put them in the graphic. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had actually seen the name “Bismarck” and had no clue it was a Nazi German battleship. Such is the state of history education in our school system. “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.”

  • Emily

    Wait just a dad-gum minute…that’s a Chinese cheese grater! Now I’m REALLY pissed!!!

    • Victor Laszlo

      Lol!! Had a great laugh over your comment. Way to go!

  • BFD. I was expecting a swastika or something from the headline. It’s a minor and honest mistake…let’s move on.

  • MrSottobanco

    Why didn’t they picture the Tirpitz at the bottom of the ocean? After all, that is where it is at. Good job Royal Air Force!

  • Vincent

    It all boils down to research. I know first hand… I did a cartoon for a newspaper in Australia back in 1984, just as the Soviets were pulling out of the Los Angeles Olympics. I included a country in the “pullout” that wasn’t part of the USSR, and locals from that country let the paper know in full force. I got raked over the coals for that one. Whoever did this should as well.

    • Max Power

      This wasn’t an issue with the facts, it was an issue with someone using whatever clip art graphic package they had available.

  • verbusen

    Not nearly as bad as Obama using Soviet ships during the 2012 convention. Those were in color and had easily identifiable characteristics like a Soviet flag. This is only for total navy geeks.

  • The editors of Parade are a bunch of left-wing idiots, but I have to write this off as meaningless. Let’s not make a big deal out of an innocent mistake; that’s what they do.

  • Unoffended

    I didn’t know battleships could join the nazi party. “Raise your right turret and swear after me”

  • Bruceb

    This title is so misleading. The artist was not implying that the chef was a Nazi by using the graphic of a German warship. Who cares?

  • Gmama

    Oh please, the art showed ships and a graphic designer assembled a pleasing graphic. He probably had a few hours to create it.

  • fleabug

    You gottta be kidding me, political correctness at its best. What a bunch of Horse $h!__t.

  • Wow, so much hate over nothing!

    • cantchangeit

      Hate…? or just passionate disagreement… LOL Name calling is not tantamount to hate, Your problem is tissue paper thin skin. Grow up and stop whining, the ones you are trying to pressure and manipulate into embracing your perspective are immune from your efforts. They are fed up with your little psy-ops against their mode of living.

  • abc

    yes, this is BIGGER than BENGAZI.

    • pmxpilot

      You are kidding, of course?

  • A fifth columnist non-issue.
    no way near the Tirpitz superstructure sunk in a Norwegian fjord.
    where’s the radar?
    Libtards will Praise Fearless Leader in his mea culpa.
    How about fast and furious, sodomy of ambassador, and medal of honor for contractor former SeALs who sacrificed themselves and killed 80+ Terrorists 9/12/12

  • jbspry

    I think we can safely say that Parade wasn’t up to any skullduggery. Hell, not one in 100,000 people could tell by a silhouette what ship they were looking at. If Parade was trying to defame the US military or promote the Nazi regime, they picked a mighty obscure way of doing it.

  • Snidely Filler

    There are plenty of democrats buried in military cemeteries and most of those Tea Party wack jobs in Congress have never served a day in their lives in any of the branches of the US Armed Forces…they just like to drape themselves in mom, Christ, and the American flag.

    • Dan


    • dygene

      You need to lay off the kool-aid.

    • Patriot

      Those may had been real democrats, and that’s why they were laid to rest there, now is the communist party and you look to be part of them!

  • Izzy812

    This is the DUMBEST story i have ever seen…Maybe there is a resemblance to the battleship and maybe its something else but it doesn’t sound intentional. How would a 25-30 year old graphic designer even know one battleship from another. Isn’t there SOMETHING else to write about, like why no one is working one a feasible budget.

  • Why not feature a German battleship? They were the finest ever built. Nazi’s were great engineers and designers. Because one doesn’t agree with their ideology, has nothing to do with it.

    • Huh? The Germans only built two battleships during WW II. I don’t think they would be considered the finest. Japan and America both had better battleships. The Iowa is considered the greatest battleship of WW II.

      • Maus

        True, and they were just reworked copies of the WWI “Deutschland” class. Nazi propaganda is still very effective!!

      • Victor Laszlo

        Don’t be too hard on Pippi. It’s not his fault. He’s obviously the product of a Left wing education.

        • demsRDUMB

          Don’t be a putz…..

      • demsRDUMB

        Ask the British sailors of the HMS Hood…..

        • The Hood was not a battleship but a battlecruiser therefore had less armor.

  • Max Power

    As a former Snoopy Team member, I wouldn’t match those two up. Different smokestacks/superstructures.

  • jamesben

    America’s fabled Iowa-class battleships had a service life from 1944 through the First Gulf War. They saw action in WWII, Korea, Vietnam then Iraq. The Iowa class battleships were and remain the most feared battleships to ever ply the seas.

    I’m guessing the MO R ON who put together this collage has NEVER heard of America’s great battleships and used whatever came up in “google.” That’s sad and emblematic of the leftist turds who pollute mass media these days.

    What’s a shame is that so many people are ignorant of history.

  • El_Tigre_Loco

    To my eyes there are a lot of little details that are different between the two silhouettes given above. One would have to know what to compare and who had what. Kudos to you guys who spotted the difference, but to a civilian, it seems a tempest in a teapot. If you want to find errors, this is a good website:

  • Gancbear

    What! Waste of time to read this article. And it was on drudge front page? I was in the us navy. , and I would not be offended. They were using generic ship silhouettes who gives a crap.

  • 3rd Gen USN

    Germany built fightiing ships second to none leading up to WWII. They were state of the art at the time.Bismarck, Tirpitz and Graf Spee posed grave threats when they put to sea. Anyone with a navel back ground can see these design lines in the ships the USA built to oppose the AXIS Powers. A mistake like this is understandable to the untrained writer.Too bad Hitler didn”t build Aircraft Carriers. The mad man might have won.By the way our Abrams Tank gun system is built in GERMANY .

  • Navy God

    The large battleship on the left is Great Britain’s HMS Vanguard. This is just “DOUBLE FAIL” for the graphic artist!!

    • pmxpilot

      This story is about a cook… about one of the finest. Can’t say that the graphics are “fail”. They are great and effective for the story.
      The battleships are another great story, but that is besides the point today.

  • CitizenKK

    Non-story..dopey liberals run away at the mere idea of serving a greater cause than themselves….

  • I lean very far right but I am not going to scrape my ear off over this.

  • espy

    While it was an error, it doesn’t seem to be malicious. I mean honestly how many people today would be able to differentiate ships from WWII solely on their silhouette? Just to check I pulled up a silhouette of an Iowa-class, and while there are some differences in them, they are remarkably similar to one another in silhouette. Mostly in spacing of sections. So yeah, while I’ll go after anyone that makes a malicious mistake, a simple error in ability to know a ship based on silhouette, especially one that’s over fifty years old, is nothing to get excited about.

  • smashedtomato

    Who cares!

  • Victor Laszlo

    And that can opener is definitely Japanese! Now, I’m really, really pissed! 😉

    (my tribute to Emily’s Chinese cheese grater comment which still cracks me up. Best comment here, hands down!)



  • who cares? find out what Obama did in Benghazi stupid reporters!

  • Justanaveragejoeinmd

    I salute those who could actually pick it out, but in reality Much Ado About Nothing.

  • Texan84

    Big deal. The democrats used a montage of soviet naval ships in their Democrat convention tribute to the U.S. Navy. ObaMao couldn’t tell the difference that’s for sure.

  • Old Salt

    As a retired CPO: So what? This show seeks to highlight the Navy’s greatest cooks should be commended. That someone reached for the wrong clip-art should not overshadow that. We could pick nits by the simple fact that they chose a battleship in the first place, which the Navy stopped using decades ago. Kudos to them for the spotlight on good Navy chefs.

  • wmjack50

    Who cares except for the politically correct speech gestapo.

  • John Howard

    and I’m pretty sure I saw that spatula in the movie STRIPES.

    • HM_Phobe

      And we all wish we had seen what that spatula saw!


    Hey is that a Japanese wire wisk and a Soviet submarine? I’m as hard right as they come, but come on, let’s not get crazy looking for windmills to tilt at and concentrate on the IRS, AP wiretapping, and Bengazi scandals. Or how about repealing Obama care before it destroys our economy?

  • bodge

    Most libs in the media wouldnt know the difference between the Bismarck and a canoe.


  • ralphie44

    My how completely Whiney-Jewish-Stupid.

    thats life in the jew world order

  • Which is why they think all rifles are assault rifles that fire 2,000,000 rounds per second with unlimited magazine capacity or as they say Clip…and are fully automatic.

  • GulfPundit

    Someone has way too much time on their hands.

  • Hey hey what’s with all the anti-Nazi stuff? The ACLU will be parachuting lawyers all over the landscape.

  • parabellum

    It’s another oddity that the German battleship is the only silhouette used twice. What’s up wit dat?

  • Roger S

    So what! Who cares??? They’re still very cool Battleships.

  • dsn

    who’s teaching these people that they don’t have the brains to research what they do. just throw it out there. I don’t care about deadlines Artguy. do your job or don’t do it at all.

  • oldtoady

    No biggie.

  • Not a biggie. They apologized. There are alot more important items to investigate this week. I served in the Navy from 1974 to 2003.

  • Mperse

    I’m pretty sure that’s a Japanese “Kongo” class cheese grater on the left hand side.

  • TyroneJ

    Much ado about nothing.

  • lewnaticink

    is there no limit on what they will do to degrade this country where they are living like kings. I couldnt be prouder of the military, and more disgusted with the politicians and the news media

  • James

    are they insinuating german navy chefs are great? bratwurst & saurkraut, blech!

  • A “Nazi battleship”? You mean a German battleship. Look closely into this “furor”, and I’m sure you will find you-know-who orchestrating it.

  • John

    Whether it was a mistake or not…I find it pretty apropo. The Navy is full of Nazis. Anyone who was enlisted in the past 20 years will attest to that.

  • Kedzie

    Ordering that white Marine to hold that umbrella must have been extremely satisfying to Obama. Highlight of his day.

  • Soul Leister

    First rule of advertising (anything to be noticed) followed by second rule (do it on the cheap)… viola, now the show is (noticed) getting more attention than they could afford with the tiny budget allotted to it (and having their water carried for them for free).

    The (inadvertent) masterminds peddling this show deserve a pay raise (the could probably solve our debt crisis with a nickel and a chain letter… oh yes, and a willing media).

  • Rich Wiley

    I thought the Bismark was a German battleship. To call it a Nazi ship denotes party affiliation and is a bit ridiculous. In the cold war we didn’t refer to Russian ships as “Communist” ships.

  • UtapaoLongago

    Unfortunately there is an entire generation that hasn’t bothered to find the time to wear the Uniform of the United States – in any format. So the military is just an abstract notion. That same generation has been feed social promotions and hasn’t had their feet held to the fire to perform or produce. We see more and more “Journalists” taking the easy route. Go to the internet and take the first thing you see that suits your agenda. The media has just had its (collective) nose punched by the White House; maybe they will become more diligent.

    • You want a whole generation in the military? What for?

  • Jose

    Much ado about nothing…this is a matter of ignorance, not one of libs dissing the Navy and/or the military. Don’t we have better things to do?

    • Jose

      PS…that’s not a “Nazi” battleship…it’s a German battleship! Again, much ado about nothing!

  • capisce

    It could happen to anyone: – US dollars at work:

    The US Postal Service’s new “Liberty” stamp – released to celebrate
    the 125th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty – mistakenly uses an image of a
    Lady Liberty replica from a Las Vegas hotel.

    • What about the USS Liberty that the Israelis sunk ‘by accident’?

  • One of those boats looks a lot like the SS Minnow from Gilligan’s Island. I believe another apology is in order. Really?

  • Ridiculous. The Democrats got away with using the Russian Black Sea Fleet as a backdrop during their national convention, yet this makes news? Fools.

  • ZombieProcesses

    The VA has a billboard out that features a silhouette of a “soldier” in need of PTSD treatment. The person in the silhouette is obviously a guy with a bike helmet and his trousers tucked in his socks with a hunting rifle clip art pasted on his back.

    This ship image is nothing compared to that slop as I think you would have to had been in the British Navy in WWII to ID the ship silhouette.

  • I wish people paid this much attention to the administration and their cronies….

  • Very few people in the general population would know this, fewer Parade readers. I am just happy they are doing a positive story on a slice of life in the military.

    • Chuck Darney

      HA! “Slice of life” used to describe a story about a chef. Would have been better if he was a pastry chef, but it’s punny none the less.

  • MCMoose

    OH NOES! Somebody didn’t know the difference between our sacred battleships. What a bunch of horses**t. The majority of people wouldn[‘t know the difference nor would they give a shit. Stop clutching you pearls ladies and go back to talking about your umbrellas.

  • Jeebus

    That was no “flub”…it was a weak-kneed Liberal p u s s y attack against the Navy. Everyone knows libtards *hate* our servicepeople.

  • verbusen

    It’s not the same picture so this story is extremely silly. They are close but not identical. There are like 10 differences between the two. FAIL.

    • David Lethe

      Respectfully, the author is the USNI editor at the US Naval institute, and has the credentials, training, and is a world authority. Who the heck are you to disagree with him?

    • Chuck Darney

      Na uh, there are at least 10 and a half differences so obscure that nobody would notice much less care.

      That’s like saying that a criminal should get acquitted because the artist’s sketch provided on the wanted poster didn’t look exactly like the suspect.


    Pretty touchy about a bit of stock imagery. Pretty sure nobody is doing research on the source of the whisk, cheese grater, or fork, and they’re not doing research on the source of the images of ships either.

    It’s good that there are people who can identify the silhouettes, but it’s silly to be so prickly about so meaningless an error when the important thing is that there’s a positive story about military people.

    What the complainers are really asking for is for everyone to do research on the background of the images they use to represent the Navy and its people. Nobody’s going to do that. The lesson they’ll learn is “don’t use ships” because who knows where they’re from and there’s going to be some group complaining.

  • Midlandr

    I really doubt this was even a “subtle” insult. I think most libtard’s are so ignorant, they think a “ship’s a ship”…

  • Bob Thomas

    Don’t ever think that these “mistakes” are accidental. This is a not so silent FU to the military.

    • Chuck Darney

      Do you actually believe that someone who works for a magazine would actually take a stab at the military by insinuating that they are NAZIs? Just because the same people are usually found calling our troops fascists, brown shirts, etc…doesn’t mean that they would jeopardize their “journalistic integrity” (and they say military intelligence is an oxymoron) by taking a cheap shot at our troops in a story that’s supposed to be spotlighting an accomplishment. Silly Bob, you should be more tolerant, like me…

      • Marcd30319

        That fact that they did not take the time to verify this shows that they didn’t care.

  • Just a case of a lazy and careless graphic artist and editor, I’m sure. Not like those types are overly educated on American militaria or anything.

    • Chuck Darney

      Yeah, those who spent time in the military and made their living defending your freedom that can, as a result of their training, identify the silhouettes of different classes of warship should just be quiet and let the over educated frat
      boys be the only ones to comment.

  • wildbillcuster

    What a silly controversy. Only a specialist would know the difference in a ship’s silhouette, cut the graphic artist some slack.

    • Scotty G.

      Seems the graphic artist doesn’t need any help slackin’

  • Schnurri

    Who cares?

  • Patrick Klocek

    Let’s not slander die Kriegsmarine by calling them NAZIs, they were not. They were German and they took orders from the NAZI regime but they were not themselves NAZIs. They were professionals who acquitted themselves with honour and considerable dignity throughout the war.

    • Chuck Darney

      The NAZIs changed the name of the Imperial Navy to die Kriegsmarine. There were NAZI officers in command of the ship; these guys were not a-political.

  • Fip1

    Idiots doing stories about the military and have no clue about it’s history.

  • Beeg whoop.

    • Marcd30319

      Little whip, Crack Mac.

  • cojo

    Big Deal!

    • Marcd30319

      Go chew a bone, Cujo.

  • Fred Desrf

    Lighten up Francis. It is more than a stretch to call this a Nazi image.

    Shed light not heat. Journalism 101.

  • Does anybody seriously expect a magazine to research what images they are using much less even care if they get their facts wrong? I certainly don’t, in fact, I expect the media to deliberately tread upon sacred cows whenever they get the chance as long thy are not offending the left.

  • I doubt the average person wouldn’t have noticed this faux pas as no one other than ex military or someone who has studied such things would know the difference between silhouettes of battleships. This is a non-story.

    • Chuck Darney

      I doubt the average person even reads Parade magazine

  • Trudge1

    DNC sported a Russian naval battleship during their meeting and now this.

    • Chuck Darney

      the DNC was praising the only veterans they truly support? Dr. Freud, paging
      Dr. Freud…

  • Yes, we called them Soviet ships.

  • That’s the most stupid and ridiculous post ever.

  • Who cares whether they were Nazis or not? This demonisation of a long defunct political party is laughable.

    • Chuck Darney

      You’re right, they only murdered a few million people…why are we still talking about them?

    • Marcd30319

      Hey, Call you DA, guess you never heard of the Second World War and the Holocaust.

      Those who do not learn about history are apt to repeat history.

  • John Holliday

    If you’re going to use something from WWII and Senior Chief Davenport was a crew member of a submarine, why not use a silhouette of a Gato or Balao class WWII sub? How hard is it to do that much research?

  • Marcd30319

    Desrf, I guess you can’t believe your lying eyes, can you?

  • John B. Morgen

    So what if the Bismarck was used–no big deal. The graphic artist could have pick the Japanese battleship Yamato instead. Think about that little possibility. I have seen many errors done by inept people who know nothing about naval history or about warships in general. I’m too an illustrator and also a naval historian, and I would have use fewer clip art as possible, or modified scanned American warships–just American only. However, I prefer using photographs than cheap chip art.

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