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Budget Cuts Could Pull Navy Out of The War on Drugs

U.S. Coast Guardsmen unload 3,500 pounds of cocaine in Miami March 16, 2012. The crew seized the cocaine from a 35-foot vessel in the Caribbean Sea as part of Operation Martillo. US Coast Guard Photo

U.S. Coast Guardsmen unload 3,500 pounds of cocaine in Miami March 16, 2012. The crew seized the cocaine from a 35-foot vessel in the Caribbean Sea as part of Operation Martillo. US Coast Guard Photo

U.S. Navy frigates will stop patrolling for drug runners by April because of forced sequestration budget cuts, a Navy spokesman told USNI News on Monday.

On Saturday, U.S. 4th Fleet was informed by Navy leadership it would suspend deployments of two ships—part of the Joint Interagency Task Force South’s Operation Martillo—by April because of the 1 March sequestration cuts, said the 4th Fleet’s Lt. Cmdr. Corey Barker.

“The cancellation and deferment of ship deployments to 4th Fleet is unfortunate,” Barker said. “We will remain hopeful that Congress will act so we can recover and continue those missions.”

Currently the Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates USS Gary (FFG-51) and Thach (FFG-43) patrol the Caribbean and the eastern Pacific looking for drug runners using either high-speed “go-fast,” boats or slow-moving, hard-to-detect drug submarine-like craft to smuggle hundreds of tons of cocaine and other drugs from South America into the United States.

With the frigates out of the picture, the amount of drugs entering the country will increase, U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Robert Papp told USNI News following Tuesday’s State of the Coast Guard address.

“We already don’t have enough surface assets down there to interdict all of the drugs that are smuggled from South America into North America,” Papp said.

“If those [frigates] go, we don’t have enough platforms to put Coast Guard Law Enforcement Teams on. We would be down to the point where we would only be using Coast Guard cutters and we don’t have enough [of those] to meet the demand JIATF South has for us.”

Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate USS Thach (FFG-43) in 2011. US Navy Photo

Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate USS Thach (FFG-43) in 2011. US Navy Photo

Along with Coast Guard cutters, help from Navy and Air Force reconnaissance aircraft and limited international involvement, the Navy helps stop about one-third of illicit drugs bound for the United States. Ships from the U.S. Navy and other international navies host U.S. Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachments. The LEDET teams provide ships with the legal authority to interdict suspected traffickers and make arrests as necessary.

“The other complicated thing that goes beyond the U.S. Navy [is that] Great Britain used to provide a ship down there, the Dutch used to provide a ship, the French used to provide a ship and they are all having defense budget problems now and are withdrawing from the Caribbean,” Papp said.

The Navy planned to relieve the Gary with the San Diego, Calif. -ported USS Rentz (FFG-46) in April but with the cuts, Rentz would remain pierside. The Thach entered 4th Fleet in February and could be sent back to San Diego as early as the end of March, Barker said.

“Since we started Operation Martillo on 15 January 2012, partner nations have supported 67 percent of the law-enforcement interdictions of illicit traffickers,” read a statement from JIATF South that was provided to USNI News. “We will continue to look to these partners and employ the assets we have to maximize and sustain the successes we are now realizing against illicit traffickers.”

Since its start, Operation Martillo (Spanish for hammer) has intercepted more than 145,000 kilos (160 tons) of cocaine—worth about $4 billion—125 tons of marijuana, and $3.5 million in drug money, Barker said.

Flights of Navy P-3 reconnaissance aircraft based in El Salvador will continue for now, Barker said.

The Navy faces $9 billion in budget reductions for Fiscal Year 2013 if the current sequestration cuts stand and the services faces a yearlong Continuing Resolution.

  • whattim

    when has the war on drugs worked?

    • Commonsensical

      with that logic we should also pull out of the war on poverty and education

      • Probably should. they aren’t working either.

      • Joe

        How’s that war on poverty and war on education working out for you?

        • DontTreadOnMe11

          By the looks of many schools and their graduation and literacy rates, the “war on education” is working pretty good.

      • liquid150

        By war on education I assume you mean keeping teachers’ unions. They sure have done a great job of destroying our education system.

        • ditchdigger

          Federal intervention and 20+ million illigal aliens destroyed education along with health care.

      • I’m thinking that “common sense” is not really your long suit.

      • Frankly

        Let’s see, U.S. Budget in 2008 was $2.98 Trillion including $100 billion more or less for the Middle East wars. In 2009, Obama’s Budget was $3.5 Trillion including a so-called $700 Billion Stimulus. In 2010, Obama’s Budget was $3.45 Trillion but there was no $700 Billion Stimulus. Same is true for 2011 and 2012. Where did the $2.1 Trillion float for those three year’s go. How did military patrol in 2008-2012 when their domestic budget was reduced?

        • besmith

          The last budget passed was 2009, which included 700 billion in stimulus spending. The senate has not passed a budget since then because they could not justify spending that extra 700 billion in stimulus spending again. With the continuing resolutions to keep government running the 700 billion extra is automatically incorporated into the spending of the continuing resolution. This is why the democrat senate will not pass a new budget for the remainder of Obama’s presidency, and possibly until republicans, or some conservative party, take over the senate.

      • C G

        Now that you mention it, Common, federal involvement in poverty & education is just as unconstitutional as its War on Drugs w/in the States. The States should be given back their responsibilities of fixing all 3 of these issues in the way the People choose & the 9th & 10th Amendments require.

      • Works for me!

      • Robert MacKay

        The war on poverty is a dismal failure, creating far more poverty because of that “war” than it has ever relieved!

      • JohnGalt

        Absolutely. We don’t need a federal war on education, don;t you think education is bad enough?

      • Well, we should, actually. This “war on poverty” thing was supposed to “end poverty,” decades ago. Poverty can be decreased, but it cannot be ended. It can be decreased by increasing work opportunities- which means that we need to have regulation more like in Hong Kong or Taiwan, where all our production has moved to; we have more poor people now, as a per capita percentage of the working age population, than we did when the “war on poverty” began. We have a whole section of society that is happy making it by (or certainly not unhappy enough to do anything about it) from government paycheck to government paycheck. That’s like being a pet, not a human.

        The education department has succeeded (only been around since the 70s, under Carter) in lowering test scores and increasing drop-out rates.

        Why not try something different, if what your trying has the opposite effect that you were aiming for? No federal education money (money from our taxes- they take it away and give it back)? Well then there is no need to follow federal guidelines, and some states will have super awesome education systems, others will suck. As it is now- we all are required to suck.

        No federal food stamp money? Again, states and private charities will pick up the slack. And more poor people will be motivated to try something different, not sit on the couch watching TV and texting on their government paid phone.

      • Condor30303

        So you actually think the War on Poverty has done anything other than squander gazillions and create a dependency class? I wonder who you voted for?

      • whattim

        So tell me how well the war on drugs is going? I guess some people did not learn from prohibition. But hey, keep fighting the fight that does nothing but keep prisons full and profitable. Since I love capitalism, may all the prisons stay full. But either way you can still find any drug, any time of the day in any city.

    • Tired of this crap

      Works great for the prison industry and the people supplying the tools to fight this worthless war. Actually considering those are pretty much the same people who started this war I’d say it’s going according to plan. What better way to target non-whites while at the same time justifying massive budgets to police forces/military.

      • So true.

      • Strange, I dont recall 0bama, Piglozi or Reid changing the Drug Laws while they had a Super Majority, do you? Of course not, Democrats want the drug war more than the GOP does. The Democraps have mastered the art of “projection” is all. What demoncraps fail to realize is slowly but surely America is waking to your threats… Big Govt wants control of everything, at least the GOP pretends to want a small Govt. The Demoncraps make no bones about it, a central Govt is a Utopia as long as they are in control.

        • orly?

          Strange, I don’t recall congress ever having a super majority seated since Obama was elected.

          • walterc

            The first two years the Dems had veto proof control of the house and the senate. It was the 2010 mid term elections that gave the Republicans control of the house.

          • orly?

            No, 60 votes are required to override a filibuster in the Senate. The Dems never had 60 members seated. Try again?

          • walterc

            Oh, your counting the independents that caucus with the Dems as republicans. Ok, ya got me.

          • orly?

            No, that is counting independents as Dems. After the elections there were 57 D, 41 R, 2 I, which would be 59 caucusing with Dems except that Franklen was held up for 7 months, so really only 58. Then Specter jumped ship to the D side, making 59. Byrd hospitalized, 58, then Franken finally seated, 59 followed by the death of Kennedy, brining it back down to 58. His seat was filled by a Republican, holding the count at 59D, with the temporary return of Byrd.

            So even including both independents in the count, the Dems never had the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster, aka “Super Majority”.

          • Regardless, when they had a nearly veto-proof majority, NOT THAT A VETO WOULD EVER HAVE HAPPENED, they did not choose to advance these issues that they now howl about as “life or deat

          • orly?

            What is this “veto-proof” straw man? Nobody (who has a clue) is talking about vetoes, it’s about filibusters, which need more votes then the Dems had to break. “Nearly” doesn’t cut it, you either have the votes to end a filibuster or you don’t, especially when you need to count Dems in name only and independents like Lieberman to get to “nearly”.

            The AHCA did not socialize medicine, it will make more freeloaders pay their share for the care they’ve already been taking. The cost of healthcare is always rising, but the rate of that growth has slowed to a 50 year low since the passage of healthcare reform.

            Now try again, this time with less “blarrgle garrgle” and maybe a little bit more “delving into details”, what we in the fact based world call facts.

          • “Make more freeloaders pay their share” If they don’t pay taxes what makes you think they will have to pay for health care? The burden will be on the middle class that pays income tax.
            This is what is called “redistribution” of wealth.
            Not the Wealthy ( bill gates, warren buffet, the google boys, ch Koch the .02%). Just ppl that make $47.5k and up.

          • orly?

            In this country, healthcare is not something you can just avoid. Sooner or later everyone gets sick or injured and insured or not the ER will render aid. That cost get’s paid for by me and everyone else who pays for care, insured or not, so my wealth is already being “redistributed”. Better to get more of them under some form of coverage so they have options besides the ER, which will save everyone in the long run.

          • tiger

            Filibuster what? He got most everything he has asked for.

          • orly?

            The Republicans used the filibuster 100 times during Obama’s first 11 months in office, a new record. (breaking the previous record, also set by them with 112 filibusters during ’07-’08)

            Over the 4 years the Democrats held the House, 375 bills which passed the House were blocked in the Senate by filibuster.

          • Robert MacKay

            fools debating about the dems versus repubs, how original for a comment board! Drop the partisan rhetoric, there is zero difference between the parties and everyone knows it.

          • jilli79

            I’m enjoying sitting back and watching the left and the right destroy each other. When the time is right and after they’ve inflicted enough damage, then maybe they’ll start listening to us Libertarians. Our philosophy is the only one that can heal this nation while keeping it a Republic during the process.

          • Beedogs

            Typical of a paulbot – enjoying watching our nation ripped asunder.

          • jilli79

            I don’t like Ron Paul. I think he weakly represents our cause. It must really blow for you that I don’t fall into your little categories.

          • jilli79

            Also, it’s the polarized and extreme right and left factions that are ripping our nation asunder. We’re trying to stop you – both of you.

          • claspur

            Libertarians are gutless. (prime example: John Stossel)

          • jilli79

            Stossel is a fool and a fool is a fool, regardless of political affiliation

          • Gary Gibson

            And, as soon as they realize Libertarianism is not the answer, they’ll become anarchists who have known all along that this is just an absurd divide-and-conquer game.

          • Beedogs

            There is a difference on many issues and many levels. Pull your head out paulbot.

          • no, it gave mutant alien tea people control…

          • walterc

            Why is it liberals can’t have an intelligent conversation without resorting to name calling?

          • Marbran

            Pay attention, or stop posting. TYVM.

          • orly?

            Bran for brains, there were never 60 Democrats seated in the Senate while Obama has been in office. BMYFT

          • walterc

            Your right, 60 was never the number. I stand corrected. But given the number of RINO’s, might as well have been democrats.

          • walterc

            And with control in both houses and the White house, no need for Obama to veto anything since they only passed what he sent them in the first place. A lot like the Bush and both houses spending spree until the 2006 mid term.

          • orly?

            Not about “veto proof” in this situation, it’s if the Senate was filibuster proof. It was not, Republicans still had the ability to halt legislation from progressing.

          • jilli79


          • walterc

            You’re right, thanks for the correction. Some day I’m going to teach my fingers to spell.

          • brandaman54

            There were until Kennedy died.

          • orly?

            No, Franken was held up for 7 months, Bryd was Hospitalized and Kennedy died. Never were the 3 able to vote at the same time.

            Of course, this all ignores the fact that Obama was not calling for drug law reform and that it would have been suicide to spend time on it while the economy was in free fall and he had promised to work on healthcare reform.

          • rhadagastt

            All good facts Orly– thanks. Especially the part where you (inadvertently?) point out that while the economy was in free fall, Obama was working steadfastly on Obamacare.

          • orly?

            Well, that’s what happened, I’m not going to try to rewrite history like many here would like to. Lots of down votes for facts and up votes for fiction.

          • Obama_Dogeater

            Go away, Obama troll.

          • orly?

            Cry me a river, going away won’t change the facts.

          • thats exactly the problem, people like you with a vote and a very short term mrmory

          • orly?

            Who’s Mr. Mory?

            Remember folks, congress doesn’t accept early or absentee ballots, members must be present to vote. A Senator’s vote can’t count if they’re in a hospital (or dead).

          • Beedogs

            Strange that you are so willfully ignorant and refuse to research the truth.

        • Cm

          The GOP is nothing more than Democrats with a different tie collection

          • ditchdigger

            I am afraid you are rite, God help us.

          • TNSnackman

            As a lifelong Conservative, I’m afraid I have to agree with you 100%. I knew we were in deep do-do the first time I saw Boehner cry like a girl.

          • claspur

            Me three, SM.
            Lately, with Boo-hoo and Barry doing things behind closed does, it’s been making me wonder why They’ve ‘put on hold’ the renting of the Lincoln bedroom…if you catch my drift? *Ugg

          • Cm

            Wasn’t that a sickening display of weakness? If the GOP would have elevated one of the Freshman legislators that the TEA party helped elect and had that person treated it as a victory for America, not some personal life long dream that was accomplished and boo hoo hoo.
            Can you imagine what kind of difference it would make if the new Speaker of the House were to have grabbed the biggest gavel they have in stock and said “Americans are clear, they want us to pick up the pieces and restore the financial condition of America’s federal fiscal policies. This gavel is great, but it is not the end, it is just the first step in the restoration of sanity in our government. The gavel is not the end, celebrating is nice, but now we have to do the job we were elected to do”
            Instead of blubbering, we needed someone who was strong. Instead of believing the Speakers chair was the final victory, we should have had someone who would stand up to 0bama. Can you imagine if the new Speaker took that big gavel to every Sunday morning show and proclaimed,“The people have spoken and it is time for the Democrats to listen to the People, pass the budgets we send and quit dithering around like a bunch of fools. We will not pass any more debt limit increases, we will not pass any more continuing resolutions. Those were temporary steps the Democrats have abused for years and it is time to stop it”

      • Jake_V

        Absolutely perfect on point statement.

        Unfortunately as soon as you throw the race card into it you come off as ignorant and your post looses credibility.

        I’m white. I’m American. The war on drugs has affected me. Your statement is shallow.

      • they can’t even keep drugs out of the prisons

        • MelAnosis

          And they think they can control guns……what a joke. These gun control idiots want to revisit the eighteenth amendment.

        • Mark318

          They had drugs in a second grade classroom here. I even heard a kindergarten teacher watching as the kids were cutting up lines of coke. Just like mom and dad. They did catch them in time. Nothing ever happened as the teacher was friends with the parents……go figure.

          • Cm

            Actually they were snorting kool aid

          • Mark318

            They didn’t get that far. And it was quite awhile back. 20yrs. People don’t realize this idiotic war has been infective for 40 years.

      • besmith

        The war on drugs only serves to waste tax dollars on the military, the DEA which we don’t even need, The judicial system, Jails, Deputies and police. All these together end up costing billions and billions if not trillions over the life of the “War On Drugs”. What the heck is the Navy doing taking part in it to begin with? Eliminate all spending on this ridiculous war on peoples choice. As long as alcohol and cigarettes and all tobacco products are legal, why should other recreational drugs be illegal? Because that’s what our parents or grandparents thought? Because it’s a reason for politicians to demand more of our hard earned money? I don’t want my tax dollars thrown in that huge money pit. I’d rather they legalize it and collect taxes off the people that use the drugs, and sell the drugs than off of me, when I don’t use the illegal ones or the legal ones.I’m glad the Navy won’t be wasting my tax dollars fighting a fake war, against substances that people choose to put into their own bodies.

        • jilli79

          The war on drugs makes makes billions of dollars for the government and law enforcement. It’s much more beneficial to keep it illegal

        • rhadagastt

          Not to mention the fact that Americans are more addicted to prescription narcotics than they are illegal drugs anyhow.

        • rapidfall76

          lots of cashflow to the banks as well. remember, the biggest resistance to the repeal of prohibition came from the corrupt politicians and cops who were all on the take. legalize it and all those poor gubmint workers lose their jobs, the inner city banks enjoying all that cash take a hit. no more payoffs to cops and politicians. no more pro-war on drugs K-Streeters roaming the capitol halls and taking the elites to all those nice dinners and parties.

        • Karl

          You are totally wrong about the impact of eliminating the drug war, look at Amsterdam and see what drugs have done to the Dutch with their open legal drug use. More than 25% of the population are now serious users…… Not recreational users. Normal population users amount to perhaps 3% when there is a drug war. how.about 75 million people using drugs. you want to ride in an airplane, let your child ride on a school bus? Do you realize what happens when people are high in their jobs? Bus drivers crash busses, long haul truckers crash 18 Wheelers. They kill lots of innocent people. We have already had train engineers wreck trains and have experienced huge amounts of casualties. Want to see The Medical profession doing operations high? You ought to rethink your position. It’s easy to say let those tat want, do whatever we will just tax them…..wrong, our society will crumble. BTW the Dutch are rolling back their failed experiment, as it has been wrecking their country.

          • besmith

            I don’t know about you, but more than 75% of the people I know (myself and my wife not included) use recreational drugs right now. The huge majority of them use them daily. Most of them are alcohol abusers, which is worse than most illegal drugs. I’ve seen people high on just about every drug out there, and with the exception of LSD, the people that get $hitfaced on alcohol are in far worse shape than people on the illegal drugs. If you don’t make an argument to make alcohol and cigarettes (which kill more people in this country every year than all the illegal drugs combined) then don’t try to tell me we need to keep other recreational drugs illegal. By the way, if you think only 3% of the population uses illegal drugs I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you. I’m sure your numbers come from one of the government agencies funded by the war on drugs though, and that makes it accurate, because government never lies. lmao!

    • Well, how many South American and Latin American countries are ruled wholly by cartels? They’d all be without the “War on Drugs”. Too many folks confuse the War on Drugs as being about domestic criminalization issues, when it’s really a national security issue.

      • Youre a fool. The war on drugs does more to create these cartels than it does to curb them.
        You can also thank our failed foreign policy of the 50s and 60s for the state of South America and our propping up of dictators.

        • Jake_V

          Completely agree.

          Never did I think arguing the merits of the constitution would be so necessary.

          “It’s not a war on drugs it’s a war on personal freedoms, keep that in mind at all times…” Bill Hicks

          If the US government performed their real job, like defending and securing the border…they probably wouldn’t have time to shift wealth around through taxes and healthcare give aways/corporate welfare.

      • Robert MacKay

        The profits form illegal drug sales fund the cartels providing them with the profits and power to overrun nations. The cartles would be very small and powerless without the war on drugs

      • None!! The closest is Bolivia where the president is a former coca grower, and former head of the coca growers union. Most of the rest of South American countries are run by elected officials that were backed by the US government, the CIA, and the DEA. Hugo Chavez is the only head of state in Latin America that does not allow US anti-drug personnel into his country, and they are doing VERY well without us.(lowest gasoline price in the entire world, not to mention programs for the needy, etc.)

    • ben_b

      Works great for the drug cartels in South America. Works great for the bloated police budgets. Works great for the prisons. And most of all works great for the politicians.

      • Go into a small town carrying a big wad of cash and the local police can just take it their own discretion. Possible drug money is all they need to say. Imagine what George Washington would be saying right now….

        • C G

          ….& don’t EVER drive around the State of Tennessee if you have an Ohio State buckeye emblem on your vehicle, or you will be pulled over & treated as if you are a suspected drug dealer!

          • Ben Dover

            You could have stopped after the first nine words.

    • Frankly

      No one ever told the “drugs” that they were at war. So, they just keep re-producing! Now we are at war with cigarettes, fat, marriage, wealth, health care, education, etc. So many wars, with so little money!

      • C G

        The feds are never out of $ — they can always print more!

      • ditchdigger

        Don’t forget 32 oz. pop, Coal, lead fishing sinkers, firearms, football and school ground tussles, religion, being male or female, single family dwellings, fire places, BBQ, there hundreds more. Wars with who?

    • Riiight! The war to stop cancer, or AIDS, or even poverty/homelessness hasn’t “worked” either, so let’s stop the money funding that stuff too!

      • whattim

        sounds good

      • Robert MacKay

        Considering the amount of corruption and outright theft in the cancer cures industry I would say it is a dismal failure and should be defunded.

    • David_from_San_Diego

      It works as it’s designed to work. It’s really a war on civil liberties.

    • If you remember the 70’s and 80’s you’ll realize that the war of drugs has worked to a great degree. The drug gang wars were off the charts then. Especially in places like Miami. People forget this.

      • whattim

        I do not think the war on drugs has worked at all. You are correct that there were instances where certain elements worked, but the overall game plan has failed. Legalize things, tax them and create opportunities.

        • It won’t work. Too many health issues. And when does it stop? Do you legalize every new recreational drug that comes along? What about the toll on children within a drug using household? Also, what about the effect it would have on other nations? Criminal elements would flock to America to filter drugs to other nations. You have to think of the far reaching consequences of legalizing drugs. Too many cons compared to pros. America has enough on it’s hands already controlling legal drugs.

    • OIFAlumni

      Everytime law enforcement confiscates personnel property…for real or imagined reasons.

    • Beedogs

      It would have worked fine if they had busted Barry Oblamo back in the day with felony drug possession. Then we would not be in this position now.

      • whattim

        Felony drug possession? wow, that is a stretch. I am sure the used car salesman smoked some weed too. The war on drugs has not worked and will continue to fail.

    • randy brown


      • whattim

        Not sure what sheeple are, but I am sure you are right, in your own mind.

  • saralee958

    Ok so NOW the US Government is using the DRUG THREAT….yeah ok. Like there isnt a ‘Ready’ Drug Supply already in the United States????? Whoopie do…If the Gangs and Bad Guys are doped up….they leave the rest of us alone…ok, now we have a plan.

    • ditchdigger

      Turn all the convicts loose, release thousands of illigals, who will flood the social services. Inject 40-60% more drugs, reduce police protection. Create a situation? PS Kerry just gave Egypt $ 250,000,000 in your dollars, taken from TSA, FBI, Police, Border Security, to take sides in Muslim conflicts, defunding US intel ?

  • thatdigiguy

    looks like the goobermit’s gotta save to ramp up for the war on Americans…..

    • OIFAlumni

      That’s because they did so well on the war on drugs, they thought they’d press their luck while 53% of the electorate is sleeping.

    • FightnMad

      Save? They are spending tons on Homeland Security. Billions of bullets and 2700 armored cars. What for?

      • I_Drink_LiberTea

        you know what for. we all do…..

      • ruzzty

        When Obama makes a third….fourth…..fifth run for President. Dictator anyone?

      • randy brown


    • ConservativeAmericanDad

      But we need a good war on drugs. It protects American jobs and keeps people in line. If these crazy dopers want to get high, let them have something legal and non-addictive like booze and tobacco. Good honest, god-fearing Americans make Marlboros and Budweiser. We can let their profits be squandered on grass.
      Every time I seem some hippie covered in flowers and high on the mary jane or disco biscuits, it makes my blood boil.
      Real American christians drink Jack Daniels, dammit.

      • I_Drink_LiberTea

        Funny how this sequester is but a small amount to the increase in spending from the year before, and nothing can be found to be cut without jeopardizing lives. People are slowly waking up to the fact that their Lord and Savior Barack Obama is not always upfront with them. In fact, he damn right lies. The VACATIONS for crying out loud. Do you know when the last time I had a vacation?!! With all due respect Mr. President, try to do something that is good for a change, not change for “a good”. The road to hell_0 is paved with good intentions.

        • dte

          GWB- 1020 days on vacation in 8 years

          • E Pluribus Chaos

            Really…!!! Really….!!!!

            We’re still blaming bush because the sky is falling now? If your “dear leader” is so great, when is he going to own something like unemployment still being above 5% or 1.6 trillion increase in debt per year while he’s been in office.

            When are you libs ever going to take responsibility for anything and stop blaming somebody else for a change?

          • dte

            As soon as you all apologize for electing GWB

          • dakota

            George is still my hero I’ve been kept in the dark through almost are new checks entire run inoffice I can not even receive email s can’t get in my bank accounts now my phones locked can receive calls can’t make them I’m a US air marshal a navy seal superbitch ring a bell boys I want to be there with my men I’m at minimam recovery good enough for me my # 8123221351 get me home boys

          • dte

            Just pointing out the hypocrisy of the above statement- when will Repubs ever acknowledge anything Bush did? Rather than pitching afit when his name is mentioned- come on have some loyalty to the guy you hoisted on us for 8 years.

          • texaschris

            So? Bush was a schmuck. Using him as a yard stick, Obama is a schmuck.

            Can we set our presidential standards a little higher?

          • George Bush’s so called “vacation” days cannot be even remotely compared to Obama’s. If you may recall, Bush went to his ranch in Crawford, Texas. It was equipped as a “little” White House, much like Truman had in Key West. Bush was accompanied on his trips to Crawford by his Sec. of Defense and Sec. of State, Homeland Security and other key Cabinet members.Bush met with a myriad of world leaders while at Crawford and conducted daily business, daily security briefings while there as well, something that Obama has failed to do, even at The White House.

        • PYSTALI

          They did a poll at an airport today where people were delayed hours at customs and asked who do you blame dems or repubs? they said 33% thought dems. Correct answer is whats the difference? But they spoon feed the public bullshit and then check their stool to find out who ate it and who spit it out.

      • This was pretty funny. Shame people aren’t getting the joke…

      • Victor_Velo

        Flower covered hippies? This is 2013 not 1973, Dad. You need to get out more.

        • randy brown


          • randy brown

            ARE THEY EDIBLE

        • teapartydoc

          Just don’t get it, do you?

          • Victor_Velo

            Hey Doc! are you anywhere near the bottom of that bottle of Black Jack? You drink too much of that stuff and you start seeing hippies wearing flowers

      • Libertarian Gunner

        Tobacco non addictive? You must be smoking the crack. Also alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis is, I haven’t seen 1 person die from cannabis poisoning. If you would do your research you would find that our founding fathers smoked and harvested hemp in industrial settings. Not to mention mothers produce cannabinoids naturally to give to babies in the womb. Hence the need for an endocannabinoid receptors, Cannabis has been around for thousands of years as a medicine.

    • scared

      Amazing what a 0.3% budget cut will do. Particular when the government gets an automatic 8 % increase each year

      • HarryObrian

        I think that 8% is actually more like 14% but I may be wrong. Anyway, it may be that by forcing the Navy out of the war on drugs 0bammy gets more drugs into country to serve his purpose of growing the government and creating more sedated and dependent socialist voters. Noting in this socialist government happens by chance. Everything is thought out with the intent of controlling the citizens and staying in power. As 0bammy has said many times “the end justifies the means”.

      • Outrageous!

        US Government are HYPOCRITES, because while they arrest people for medical marijuana, they also have a patent for medical marijuana – patent #6630507 uspto

        US Health Dept. says cannabis is effective neuro-protectant and antioxidant. Who doesn’t need neuroprotection? Who doesn’t need antioxidation?

        We need cannabis simply to protect us from the GM food being deceptively forced upon us.

        This is just more abuse of taxpayers (who voted for med marijuana).

        Make government (politicians) obey voters and OUR laws.

        10th Amendment clearly says Fed has no power. In fact, its opposite, the People and States have and hold ALL the power. Further, every state constitution clearly says all power comes from, or is derived from, or is vested in, the People.

        Government is a servant, the People are its master.

    • Jim Gonzales

      War on terror is so much better than the war on drugs. In the war on
      drugs you have to find drugs but in the war on terror they can be the
      thought police and just make stuff up and arrest you without even getting a

  • Fly a few drones in the general area and problem solved. A couple of Hell-fire missiles and what the boat was carrying will always assumed to be narco-terrorists. Pity the poor family out for the weekend.

  • Da Truth

    The war on drugs will never stop because it’s a jobs program. Too big to kill at this point.

    • ben_b

      Its going to have to die of natural causes with the rest of the federal government. Parasites can only get so big before the host can’t support them anymore.

      • ditchdigger

        Parasites often kill the host, just say’in.

  • More fear mongering. Shame on the Navy for blaming Congress. Oh, by the way, when is it smart to tip off the cartels that their lanes are now wide open? Idiocy abounds here.

    • ChocoCatSF

      when was it smart to have a drug war? Talk about idiotic.

    • ditchdigger

      Wink-Wink, reminds me of Fast and Furious?

  • The unit was putting to big of a dent in Ovomit’s drug shipments!

  • danstlmo

    Obama is gonna make it hurt as much as possible in an attempt to scare people.

  • Spysea

    but keep selling OBAMA phones ……………….

  • Not Chicken Little

    Can any sane thinking person now deny with a straight face, that Obama is out to destroy our country using any and every means he can? THERE ARE NO CUTS. The Federal government will spend MORE in 2013 than it did in 2012, and a H3ll of a lot more than in 2008 – not exactly The Dark Ages then.

    • M.

      you are poorly informed. Tell that to me and all my federal coworkers facing a 40% pay cut. There are cuts. Big ones.

      • Grumpy

        40%? Glad to see you managed to latch onto the drugs the Navy is letting in…

      • danstlmo

        The Government will spend more this year than it did last year. How is that a cut.

      • 3ddi3n

        Sorry about your pay cuts but the point NCL is trying to make is that Obama will apply the cuts where he can get the most blood.
        Even with the sequester our government will spend more than they did last year. Your decrease in pay is purely political.

        • Robert MacKay

          but the budget will not be smaller than last year and next years will not be smaller than this year – cuts to projected spending not current budget cuts!

      • A 40% pay cut, I can hardly wait to see you in the food stamp line at the local 7-11, and don’t for get your lottery tickets.

      • fred8131

        Bend over and take it like a man. Give us your fair share!

      • You’re full of it! Is The One paying you to disseminate lies?? I think the answer is self evident!

      • 908Patriot

        you lie!

        • M.

          Not all federal workers are taking this % cut, just my agency.

      • liquid150

        I sure hope they cut 40%. I hope they cut 50% of the federal workforce out entirely.

        • ben_b

          That would be 50% of the way there.

          • liquid150

            No kidding. Obama is looking for the most shocking headlines he can create that aren’t “Obama chose to deny Granny her Medicare.” So far none of anything I have seen will even be noticeable in anybody’s life, except for those federal employees that shouldn’t have been hired in the first place.

            On the plus side, they can use their bloated federal salary to start a small business after they get canned.

      • P

        Quit your bitching! At least you still have a job. I’ve been unemployed for 5 years now because of this communist boss of yours. No unemployment for me, and I’m not even counted as being one of the unemployed any more. The war on drugs is a war on our rights and a war against the American people! No sympathy from me.

        • Jake_V

          Whatever troll voted this down.

          Fuq you.

      • Liars Never Win

        Good. If you don’t like it go work in the private sector. Not only should your pay go down 40% – 50% of Federal workers should be fired.

        • Jake_V

          Maybe more. We need a balanced approach to the economy and adding 100+ people a day to the Federal payroll won’t do it.

      • ttaoin2010

        40% ?? Really? What agency is having it’s federal workers take a 40% cut?

        • M.

          DHS CBP USBP

          • I have been with DHS (FEMA) for over 5 years, and have NEVER heard of ANYONE taking a pay cut! There have been times when overtime was cut back, but base pay? no way!

        • You evidently missed the union talking point of the day.

      • Sgt

        Welcome to the real world M.
        We in the private sector have been taking pay cuts, increases in Health Care deductibles and elimination of traditional pension benefits.
        Go have a pity party with your Fed Union boss and take your B$ cry baby crap else where.

      • Frankly

        Bummer for you that you will be taking a lower share of my taxes. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to go build or make something during your free time.

      • Squigman

        Then go get a real job and stop being one of the parasites

      • marcyharris92

        They are only getting a pay cut to make it painful for all Americans in many ways so Obama can persuade us to pay more taxes. No Thank you. NCL is right. There is more money this year than before. Only the massive expense of the travesty of Obama care can possibly make the budget tighter.

      • Jake_V

        Good. Get a real job.

      • WisconsinPatriot

        You know what. You cost the country FAR TOO MUCH! Get a real job in the real world. Your 40% cut still puts you 15% or more ABOVE a comparable worker in the private sector. Cry me a f-ing river.

      • WisconsinPatriot

        It is about time you share a little teeny tiny bit of the pain we are experiencing out here in flyover country. I am HAPPY that you are experiencing those cuts.
        Suck it up buttercup. Obama f^d you over, now deal with it without WHINING!

      • Sucks to be you. Join the club.

      • Marbran

        What agency is facing 40% cuts? You lie.

      • Robert MacKay

        The “cuts” being debated only impact future spending growth, your departments budget isnt getting a reduction in its budget for this year or next, it is a reduction in the rate of growth of your spending. I would say your claim that you and your other tax-feeder buddies will lose jobs is the poor management of your budget by your dear leaders!

      • Way West

        About fricking time that “you and all your federal coworkers” hit the unemployment line. Big pay cuts that get you back those low paying Guvmint jobs right where they are supposed to be. About fricking time already..! You mental midgets deserve a 40% pay cut to reduce the BIG Guvmint waste, ridiculous redundancy and an amazing lack of intelligence… Go get a real job, if you can and quit sucking from the public’s teat already.

  • Marty

    Lost that war before it started

  • libertarian 1234

    This war on drugs is a total failure anyway.
    Take the profit out of them and legalize everything. Prohibiting alcohol never worked either, and they eventually had to rescind the law.
    I’ve never used drugs, but am a proponent of the Ron Paul philosophy that says what a person puts into his/her body is their own business so long as they don’t hurt others by doing so. Make really tough driving penalties for those who dose and drive.
    Set up rehab centers at one tenth the cost of fighting drugs. Control the distribution by the government and tax the product.
    Legalizing drugs would stop the slaughter south of the border and would halt the spread of drug cartel influence in the US.

    • marcyharris92

      What a person puts into his own body would be ok if the damage was only done to that person, but most traffic accidents are among the drug impaired (alcohol is a drug too). Here in Washington state where MJ has become legal our local law enforcement expects a very big increase in autmobile “accidents” from “stoned” drivers. Your right to abuse your body ends when that abuse subjects me and other citizens to the death and injury that results of your disgusting behavior.

      • If a rise were to happen it should be showing up by now.

      • hallerharry


  • joeyman9

    I’m beginning to like this sequester more and more. What other stupid stuff that the FEDGOV does will it stop doing? Why if this continues people will just start doing whatever they want to do. Then only the cantons, I mean the states would be in control. We just can’t have that kind of local control and be a major power. Next thing you know people will stop paying Federal Income tax and then the whole centralized govt thing will just implode. Shades of the Soviet Union circa 1990!!!!!

  • Starlifter2

    Thank God…

  • Good. I don’t use drugs, no one in my family uses drugs, my kids will never use drugs (i’d kill them first). So this will bring more drugs into the US making it cheaper for drug users to kill themselves, leaving more resources for the rest of us who live clean lives. This is how the war on drugs will end.

    • ChocoCatSF

      ^Drug User^

    • ben_b


    • Dr. Steve Brule

      Keep telling yourself that.

  • william_stanley

    It’s a good thing this information is being kept secret so no drug cartels find out about it.

  • Miagogo

    So far I haven’t seen a cut I don’t like.

    • Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!
      Well put.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      And I hope you agree, a little pain up front is SO worth the long term benefit these cuts produce. So far the only pain I have seen is these stinking criminals they are WILLINGLY throwing out into the population. BABY STEPS! Bring on the next round, this one didn’t hurt at ALL!

      • restorefreedom

        So they release illegal alien criminals on us and keep non violent citizens (drug war casualties) in jail? Now the government will attack the young, the old, the weak and the poor , but not government waste? Their really showing their colors now ….. take notes there will be retribution.

        • WisconsinPatriot

          You are SO right. Well said.

          • But you know what, hang in there because it’ll get to that point – they won’t be able to afford to keep stoners in jail or put more in jail. And, once revenues are back, I hope we’ll start feeding hungry people and letting people get medical care before we start spending money on locking up stoners again….

        • randy brown


    • This is fantastic! EXACTLY what should be happening. The Navy has no business enforcing drug laws. And BTW, there IS no budget cut! It is just a slight reduction in the rate of spending growth this year. In 2007 the US Gov’t spent 2.2 Trillion. This year we are spending 3.6 Trillion! Why can’t we get by with that? Or, better yet, cut back to 2.2?

      • Miagogo

        I do know it’s just a reduction in spending, but we have to start somewhere, and this does force them to start weeding out pointless spending.

  • Okeydokey

    Don’t you mean…. the cuts will delay Navy drug shuttles between drug cartel & major US cities? Merely a warning to distributors in Chicago, Detroit, Miama & NYC. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  • STalin2016

    The price on Crack will be coming down so the Obama voters can get High! That’s hope and change! When government bureaucracy and intervention is eliminated PRICES COME DOWN

  • mepatri3

    Good. And if the government stops shipping the drugs in and out, this should all work out for the best. Now we just need to work on U.S. government gun running.

    • Way West

      Damn straight, what the heck do those guns do..? Kill American Border patrols.!

      • ditchdigger

        Only when supplied by HLS. Guns are not outlawed in Mexico. They should have a permit, overlooked in rural areas, exept by cartels and corrupt drug financed officials, much like our eastern US and Calif. system.

  • dan

    maybe now the house of reps can shut the government down by not funding anything…then we could get a budget and fund only what we need…….surely I jest…they do not have 2 balls between em all

  • If this is not further evidence of how obama is trying to destroy this country I don’t know what is. Why are we sending 100s of millions of dollars to Egypt and Syria to name a couple?

  • Edward

    Kind of like the old days just as the old soviet union collapsed and it’s navy was tied up at dock, to rust away, then sold off for junk metal. Looks like America the superpower has seen it’s better days. The China’s military only has to wait a few more years to make their territory expansion unopposed. United States broke and it’s navy dysfunctional. Japan is just weird glow on the horizon from radiation of it’s melted down reactors.

  • I think this is great, the war on drugs is a waist. Let the Navy patrol for sharks off our beaches. They probably would be more successful.

    • sirernestbarker

      I agree, but “waist” is where your belly gets bulgy. “Waste” is what you meant, as in “It is a waste of time correcting others’ spelling errors”.

  • ChocoCatSF

    Oh no, now they will have to find some other way to attack, cheat, steal, defraud or harm the American People.

  • rank

    Next step will be to turn the over to Eqypt!/S

  • superbeetle1970

    It looks like some good came out of sequestration after all.

  • huckleberry.cn

    Insert ‘We are all going to DIE’ into any news story for any topic from the government that wants more of what I don’t have. I won’t get concerned until we cannot give Egypt and others that don’t like us money. Love or hate Obama, you have to admit he has the worst advisers possible. This story on the same day we announce more aid to Egypt. Too funny.

  • oldbiker1

    Good – the so-called “war on drugs” is a big failure anyhow — why throw good money after a losing issue?

    • The war on drugs started as a replacement job for all the federal agents no longer needed after alcohol was once again legal. At the time only Mexicans near the border and Black jazz musicians used them and nobody cared if you went after them.

  • Kevin Pence

    Who really cares? The war on drugs is a huge waste of money that obviously doesn’t work. Personally, I’d rather our navy handle more important tasks than patrolling the oceans for cocaine. Given the amount of drugs in our country, its apparent that the navy isn’t doing much to curb the influx of narcotics anyways, so what difference will this cut make?

  • Californians do not worry. Let the Navy go, we still have those nice guys in their semi submersibles patrolling our coast. —–What!

  • Don Chandler

    Is that their decision to make, if so we just need to shut them down and get a pentagon controlled navy.

  • Why is there a picture and caption of a Coast Guard ship with an article about the Navy? We’re not at war – despite the catchy ‘War on Drugs’ phrase – and the Coast Guard is not part of the Navy except in time of war.

  • $100’s of billions for welfare but not a million for the military.

  • docwhocuts

    20 year “war on drugs” has failed.
    bring the troops home, put them on the border.

    • Way West

      Excellent idea and one that should be put into place..!

    • ditchdigger

      And on tin cans, rules of engagement? Drug smugglers, slave trade, coyotes, smuggling illigals, escaping a revolution, no different than 1908 to 1920, from Mexico. We have to make tough choices, or we will become them.

  • indejavulandyoueatleftovers

    They already gave up in Calif.

    The Coast Guard would rather let smugglers kill the troops then fire on them.

    Amazing that a captain would rather lose his first mate then scuttle the boat of murderers.

    The US NAVY gave up on protecting anyone when it allowed banned cargo (SCUD missiles) being smuggled to Yemen.

  • fred8131

    wooohoooo let’s legalize the stuff! We can get high like colorado and washington! A little coke never hurt anyone, just ask obamy.

    • l3randon

      Most of the people in Colorado and Washington can at least probably spell “high.”

  • Does that mean those sailors will be laid off or or are they now just going to sit on ships as they bob up and down in the water? What joke. So exactly what to these sailors do to fill their time and how much money does it save.

  • Gotta love the Obama tactic of making big cuts where they cause the most pain and ignoring entitlement reform for his colored welfare pals.

  • Maybe Obama can utilize all of his drones that he’s currently using to spy on us, to look for drug traffickers.

  • Dr. Steve Brule

    I thought the government was responsible for bringing the drugs in. You know, ship drugs in, run guns and money out…

  • This is great news. The war on drugs was lost long ago.

  • End the war on drugs period.
    More than one trillion dollars spent in the last decade and no decline in drug use.
    How much more money we going to waste on this?

  • Jacqui Bulkley

    I guess the Pentagon needs more $600 toilet seats, or additional funding for the latest plane that does not maintain safety; more than Our Boys require the implements to engage their duties effectively.

  • TomGenin

    So the drones over American skies will be cancelled too?

  • Pretty easy to identify party affiliation in the armed services I guess. Just look for commanders who, like their boss, inflict maximum damage on the American public, then crow about it while whining for ever-larger budgets.

  • Liars Never Win

    It’s a waste of resource for the Navy to fight drugs. Legalize drugs already.

  • Andylit

    I suppose we could divert the HSA funding for 2700 light armored vehicles over to the Navy.

    Of course, that would leave…..what was it again we were worried about? Why are we buying armored vehicles fro internal security?

  • Not My Government

    What a farce. Ooh, we have billions for drones and wars and spying on you, but a tiny decrease in the rate of INCREASE and we’ll close the parks, snarl the airports, not pay the troops, open the prisons. This government has to go!

  • Helmut Thick

    Good news! They have no place fighting a domestic “war”….which is really not a war at all just more failed government policies. Glad for our men and women in our great Navy!

  • nypiff

    Good, now we need to bring and end to the “war on terror”!

  • El Chapo

    War on drugs?
    My supply of pot seems to be doing ok ….Don’t worry , the navy leaving the “war” makes no difference to my drug supply.

    Probably be a few fat bellied ,lazy ,civil servants with less overtime 🙂

  • DrGonzo7719

    I’m ok with this. This is one ‘war’ the Navy should NOT be fighting.

  • This story is so ridiculous I could not make it past the title.

    The government has been caught shipping in drugs, as well as allowing drug lords to launder money through the U.S banking system.

    But yet we are supposed to believe that a measly 85 billion dollar budget cut will cause an Apocalypse and degradation of society, really?

    How about prosecuting some of the felons from Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, and Goldman Sachs.

    I am sure you could raise about 2 trillion in fines right there alone.

    • RIGHT ON! The Banksters should make up any shortfalls they are the real CROOKS!!!

  • GoNavy

    who, honestly, believes that of the billions spent on the Navy this is where they believe the ‘waste’ is? Just fearmongering.. who needs a frigate to chase fastboats anyway, Coast guard doesn’t.

  • It is not the job of the Navy to be “drug warriors”.

    The drug war has been a huge waste of time and resources. More cut’s please…

  • Finally they run out of money fighting the never ending winless and forever unwinnable war against drugs. Talk about a waste of money over the years with nothing to show for it but more drugs than ever before. Legalize it already and stop pretending you can stop human nature and mother nature with some dumb azz law.

  • Brad Jackson

    The Coast Guard primarily enforces law at sea. Not the Navy. Who dreamed this article up??

  • jaxtotenn

    I spent 10 years of my Naval career involved in these counter narcotic operations. A big fat waste of time, and the ships we are using in these operations are part of a “low mix”, low capability, ship building program with early 1970 technology. They have no capability beyond a 76mm gun and a flight deck. If the drug war goes these ancient vessels should go too, since they have no true offensive capability.

    • But it must be fun to shoot at the moving targets.

  • Squigman

    So what there is allways enough drugs in this country at all times for anybody that wants them,no mater how much they seize,it makes no difference at all so why keep pissing our money away

  • Tom s

    So you fought a war on drugs and drugs won. Same deal with your war stupidity.

  • GoldBacon

    This is GOOD news. The national government shouldn’t be harassing these marijuana businessmen anyway. They could save a lot more money by just ending the war on drugs altogether.

  • Dejonn

    the prez is gonna feed your babies to the muslims soon because of the seq…lol

  • So there is a silver lining to sequestration with elimination of this waste.

  • l3randon

    Good. Now pull the rest of the government out of the war on drugs.

  • notwar

    Stop the war on drugs because of the sequester, but keep those THREE taxpayer subsidized US Navy golf courses in San Diego open at any cost.

  • Dirk Chesterfield

    Democrat Politicians shouldn’t be paid unless they create a viable budget.

  • Tim

    Any zeta’s hiring runners? I will be glad to oblige come August.

  • oldtoady

    No complaints here.

  • AG

    Seeing as how we don’t prosecute the financial giants who make the whole drug trade possible (HSBC !!!!!!!) why should these fine ladies and gentlemen be placed in harms way dealing with drug runners ? We’re not REALLY willing to stop the drug trade, we’ve proved that so do the Navy and all of us a favor and cut the budget even more.

  • cristo52

    Finally a step in the right direction. Sequestration is working.

  • Anti-Jihad Squid

    Good. The war on drugs is a failure. The Navy should focus on more pressing roles in the Middle East and abroad.

    As for the cuts themselves, sounds like typical Obama/Democrat emasculating of the military. Here’s a thought: Why doesn’t the White House take that money they are giving the ENEMY (Muslim Brotherhood) and fund our Navy instead? Is that too radical an idea?

  • David_from_San_Diego

    Drugs aren’t destroying America, but the Invasion by Mexico and “free trade” with low-wage countries are. Let the drugheads kill themselves. NO welfare for anyone!

  • Dave

    I love you.

  • Frigates to patrol against drug-runners, is like using a sledgehammer to paint a
    wall; this is a good development, maybe the USN will begin to use
    ships more suitable for their missions. There is no reason to have 176
    sailors on a “patrol” boat when an actual PC has 1/10th the compliment,
    is more responsive, costs millions less to maintain and is actually
    designed for “Patrol.”

  • timej31

    Great! It’s about time the Navy stuck to the business of fighting real wars not made up wars.

    • Donny Cotten

      It is hardly a made up war to stop drug flow into the US. Drugs are the cause of half a million deaths a year and the financial cost of dealing with those on drugs is staggering. I’m betting your are one of those that buy and use drugs hence your stupid comment. Libertarians are not about liberty at all but rather lawlessness and anarchy.

      • How many of those 1/2 a million died from prescription drug overdoses and how many were snared in the social safety net costing the US a fortune before they died….?

      • Your comment is the stupid one. Where did you pull that 1/2 million number from anyway? Do tell. Have you factored in the cost of trying to stop the drugs, jailing people for drugs, court systems for drugs or are you just cherry picking your cost analysis like a good little propaganda sipping lemming? Or is it your contention that the war on drugs is being won? LMAO Please tell me you think it is so we can all bask in your ignorance.

  • MelAnosis

    Legalize drugs, tax them like tobacco and alcohol and you will get revenue without raising income taxes. It will also cut down on crime. Of course, this is too simple for the idiots in DC.

  • scaredtosay

    Good, the war on drugs is a freaking money-grabbing scam that destroys families and ruins lives – if the government really wanted to hurt the cartels, they would legalize marijuana and cut druglord income and turn it into tax revenue. Nobody believes the BS that marijuana is a gateway drug either, everyone knows that’s alcohol. I mean, people everywhere have heard of keg parties at high schools – but pot parties, come-on.

    The only thing the gov. cares about is farming people for money – and I’m glad funding is being cut – this war should be focused on meth / crack / pharmaceuticals … you know, the really harmful drugs – instead, all I read are stories about pot being busted at the border.

    War on drugs – its more like a war on logic.

  • Good News” The War on Drugs” has created more Pill Deaths, aka “Pill Billies”.,,people don’t want those drugs the war is about,,,,,,,,,just more pills

  • Blackmail’s such a dirty word.

  • libertytribune

    Good, it has been a waste of money and a complete failure anyhow!

  • dmoose

    Forget whether the war on drugs works or not. Forget the cost. Forget whether undeclared wars are really “wars”. (In Mexico, 35,000 died last year at the hands of drug cartels– somebody sees it as a war.) How about a Pentagon that announces sensitive military operational and tactical plans to the whole world, including our cartelista enemies? Wasn’t that considered a hanging offense in previous wars? Politicians putting US servicemen in harm’s way to demagogue the sequester is unconscionable.

  • Well at least the price of drugs will come down and perhaps more doped up losers will OD and remove themselves from the social safety net. Can we get the EPA and DOI to lay off legitimate energy companies now?

  • Marbran

    I hope someone somewhere is keeping track of all these announcements of sequestration cuts. From what I’ve already read since last week, we have clearly surpassed the $85 billion already, what with the Navy, FAA, TSA, DHS, ED, rest of DoD, etc., all announcing the most unusual but impactful cuts. How about we just reduce HHS, HUD, and USDA SNAP by 2.5%? That alone will more than make up the difference.

    • bit_torrent

      All of the big picture puzzle pieces are neatly falling into place.

  • More propaganda thanks to DOD and DHS, now Obama’s attack dogs. Time to put some of these on notice…NO MORE TAXES…read our lips.


    If you add up everything shutting down, comes to about 1 trillion dollars. WOW nice job CUTTING AND TRIMMIN’ the Spending, OBAMA. Keep going, remember Obama, you said you’d CUT 2 trillion!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • jim


  • vperl

    However, there is 250 million dollars for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt . Nothing for the US NAVY or Coast Guard.

    More great planning by Bamma, meant to have these articles written to form a wedge….

    Expect a few more thieves, thugs and perverts to be released from prison by Bamma and his pet at DHS .

    • orly?

      Nothing for Navy or CG? DOD and Homeland get a combined 727 Billion dollars, did none of that make its way to the Navy or CG? 250M is about 1/3,000th of that.

  • Obama_Dogeater

    The dope is in the White House.

  • good, the last 40 years of policies and enforcement hasn’t worked !!!!!

  • Chestyer

    Obama administration propaganda.

  • Diane H

    pulling out of “war on drugs” = good!

  • What a bunch of bull.

  • ballclamp

    It’s nice they announced to the world that it’s clear to smuggle now.

    • that was my thought exactly. advertisment for the drug dealers. the government is so stupid

  • the whole cuts crap is a joke…plenty of waste in all areas of government, even the military, but when its time to cut the spending GROWTH RATE, which is all thats really being cut, oh then the terrible terrible cuts stop everything, public transportation, food for babies, protection for the elderly, the war on drugs (which is a complete joke and failure anyway)…LOL. The Government is full of it and just wants to take more of our money to spend on their cronies and family members. CUT THE BUDGET IN HALF AND DEAL WITH THAT!

  • The operative word in all of these “the sky is falling” stories is “could”. Here is a breakdown of the DHS cuts by sub-department. They do not seem unmanageable.


  • Robert MacKay

    If this is true it would be the best news all week, yet it isn’t true, its just another fake cut scare in a sea of fake cut scares, 800,000 jobs lost, unable to sail our carrier fleets and now this reduced patrolling for pot smugglers! I just dont which lie to not believe first !

  • Mark318

    I’m for all the cuts. The war on drugs being priority number one.

  • Don


  • The War on Drugs is officially over. Will there be a ticker tape parade?

  • Wouldn’t it be interesting if they stop patrolling, and that 1/3rd of shiploads (of drugs) wind up being sold in addition to what drugs are already making it here, then the price of said drugs goes down. Drug users suddenly have more money for non-drug usage, and spend their money elsewhere in the economy. Then revenues (and with them taxes) go up. Do we start patrolling for the drugs again?

    This comment is 100% speculative and is not intended to reflect reality. Any subsequent comments, and this one, are for entertainment purposes only. :-]

  • Grannie Annie

    Sequestration rules! More please!

  • jimmie smith

    Oh.. I don’t know…Isn’t that what we pay the D.E.A. for?…

  • alex

    Soon, we’ll have to fight gang members and drug dealers on our own. Most of us aren’t going to have that in our neighborhood. Obama’s incompetent and people will be tired of his adminstration making everything worse.

  • Asffg

    The only people these cuts will affect is the CIA, they hate competition.

  • There are 5,000 PIO types at The Pentagon. That is of Public Information types.

  • rhadagastt

    Why throw money into a war that we have lost miserably? Continuing to throw money at the war on drugs is the equivalent of those Japanese soldiers who were running around Guam still fighting the war 30 years after the Japanese surrendered. A little sad and a lot pathetic. The only difference is those lonely Japanese soldiers were taking a principled stand. Our wasteful spending on a the drug war is corruption taken to a new level.

  • jmatt55

    The War on Drugs is over and Drugs won. This is the perfect kind of wasteful activity for the military to cut. The US Navy was not invented so the government could control what free people choose to do with their bodies.

    That’s what freedom means

  • PhotogFriend

    Regardless of the story, whoever took the photo that accompanied this article took a really good shot. Good job.

  • JamIam9

    Maybe if they just let pharmacists sell it in a safe and controlled manner, they could make money off the taxes and save on other interdiction and incarceration costs, not to mention the societal benefits of robbing the street gangs from one of their main sources of existence.

  • westernread

    And 1000 lawyers from DOJ. As one lady says below, I haven’t seen a cut I don’t like!!!

  • What a load of horse crap. There is a reduction in the increase in funding not a reduction in funding. They have more money this year than last.

  • maybe they should use the $450 million dollars obama is giving Egypt, yet again. his priority,s is to arm our enemy,s and let6 the U.S. die

  • John Galt

    so there is a silver lining to this sequester after all.

  • Cm

    That anyone would believe the Navy has stopped all drug traffic from South America to North America is a laugher. Let’s end the drug war. It can’t be won and it is a waste of resources. Hopefully 0bama will find enough savings in the end of the drug war to satisfy the sequestration amount

  • kciH

    Finally, the cost of something will go down under the reign of Obama!
    Blow? Anyone?


    You lost the war homies! Go home!

  • The Navy should pull out just on principle!

  • Amagi

    Good. It’s a start.

  • This would be nice, if it were true. It’s just an attempt to scare dumb people. When you can buy drugs in prison, the war on drugs is a waste of money, time and lives. People in America take illegal drugs because, well, life can really blow here. Government blows.

  • Not surprising. The Obama administration wants to inflict as much public pain and demonstrations as possible until the Republicans give in to more taxes and not just for the one percent. Someone has to pay for all the entitlements since only 55% pay income taxes.

  • Aptitude

    If we in the private sector
    had to tighten our belts
    why cant the military ??

  • nutn2say

    You know America is a doomed society when We The People are paying government alcoholics to tell other people what they can and cannot consume to the point it becomes a war! As the alcoholics are sending people to prison they are getting drunk with alcohol and glory! Welcome to the United States of Insanity!

  • Jay Jefferson

    “If adults want to take such chances (with marijuana) that is their business.”
    – Ronald Reagan
    When conservatives support more laws than order, they cease being conservatives.
    The war on drugs is no less utopian than the liberal war on poverty.

  • Beedogs

    Present-dent Barry Kardashian is a self admitted coke sniffer. You think he cares if more drugs make it to US shores and dumbs down his base even further?

  • 2700 MRAP Armored Personnel Carriers on the Streets here, but there is no Police State. NO!

  • The war on drugs? Just say ‘NO’.

    • TrueLibertarian

      Just say ‘KNOW’.

  • cutmeabreak

    We were using frigates with 200 men and officers as platforms for LEDET when properly outfitted cutters would provide more appropriate armament, better trained law enforcement personnel and half the cost. I’d say big Navy is cutting in just the right places.

  • EGN

    It will help get rid of all the druggies

  • TNSnackman

    Why didn’t we just keep quiet about it rather than notifying the crooks….??

  • ConservativeAmericanDad

    If we’re going to let drugs into the USA, hopefully we do it right like we did in the 1980’s. We’ll flood the ghettos with crack, let ’em fight, kill and rob each other. Then the government can come in and save the day and send ’em all to prison and use the profits to fund our war on communism, uhh, I mean terrorism.

    Then we need to go after Tommy Chong again. That crazy hippie might have a bong. Who is laughing now, longhair? Heh, heh, heh.

    God bless ‘merica.

  • mark

    Emperor Obama is a far greater threat to America than any drugs are anyway.

  • Letting the drug boats run free makes sense, when you consider the big picture. Why fight drug runners on the high seas, when your own government is the main sponsor of drugs on the streets? Where do the gangs sell drugs? In the ghetto. Where does the ghetto get its money? From the feds: food stamps cashed in for 50 cents on the dollar, disability payments, social security, and Lord Obama knows what else. Since we taxpayers fund the drug gangs on the streets, fighting them on the water would be like punching ourselves in the nose–makes no sense at all.

    • dte

      You are pretty naive if you think drugs are only sold in ghettos and that only people on government assistance use them. Ghettos are the only place they tend to be sold openly n the streets because politicians and other prominent people do not live there. Those “good citizens” get their cocaine, etc. in more private ways.

  • stesen

    Good, cheaper drugs for us + lower tax expenditures.

  • Engineman FFG

    The Navy should have NEVER been involved in that issue to begin with. It is a WASTE of this nations maritime defense inventories. That frigate shown here consumes over 54 gallons of fuel at full speed per MINUTE. Once the upkeep and crew costs are thrown in the equation is totally unacceptable for a war was lost before it even began.

  • TrueLibertarian

    Looks like the DrudgeReport link has brought several true Libertarians to this comment section.
    Sorry Matt, not all of your so-called “pot heads” are screaming and yelling over this “tragic” casuality of sequestration.
    If you want to protect the rights of some, you can’t deny the rights of others.
    War on drugs, war on guns, war on freedom… it’s all the same.

  • Truth Monger

    Thanks to our Idiot-in Chief…………….

  • It’s not a problem for the big dealers in drugs…..the CIA and FBI were never bothered by the navy anyway.

  • No ones got the money to buy drugs anyways

  • Shanghied1

    Why not just have the navy deliver the drugs to the politicians instead of the money?

  • mike

    I don’t really have a problem with this. I guess it is better than laying off 150 million people, letting poor and disabled kids die, having to shut down all major airports and watching millions of Americans starve to death. All because the rate of budget increase is going from 5% to 2.5%.

  • A_lawyer_who_knows

    Yet Obama gave $400B to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt last week.

    The same Muslim Brotherhood-ran country where 23 different women were gang-raped in Tahir Square in a seven day period starting Feb 11, 2013.

    Gay, Women, Jew, or Christian, Obama is taking your hard earned tax dollars and giving it to the Muslim Brotherhood who are either actively gang-raping you or have sworn to kill you.

  • Eric Freeman

    Good. The War Against (some) Drugs was a bad idea from the start, and is doing nothing but causing pain and misery, while corrupting every government and police agency on Earth.

  • At least Obama made sure the cartels got their AK-47’s before the slow down..

  • The Boogeyman

    This is exactly what the fed govt should do when they run out of my money! Stop beating dead horses with my bullwhip, you re_tards. Next, chop disability payments to people with no real medical problem. TONS of healthy Americans are on disability! IT AIN’T RIGHT!

  • Does this mean that the Navy is going to start honoring their oaths to support and defend the constitution instead of blindly following blatantly unconstitutional orders from the president?

  • So stop the illegal war on drugs already big waste of money. Adults can think for themselves and in a free society why we playing nanny to grown folks?

  • Legalize, inspect and regulate Marijuana like Tobacco and Alcohol are, and charge a federal tax. You could fund 10 Navies.

  • End the failed and pointless “war on drugs”. Legalize them all and starve the gangs.

  • End the War on drugs. Only the Cartels are winning.

  • lw13188

    Deal with it conservatives.

  • TheKingJAK

    Time for Privateers, arggh!

  • Commentator

    GOOD… Glad they are stopping all this nonsense…They boarded me for no reason. Searched the entire vessel for drugs and gave me a ticket for an engine room placard as justification. High speed approach, lowered inflatable with 4 heavily armed sailors with automatic weapons, man arming the caliber gun on their deck making sure we did not move and my wife and my hands in the air. It’s 2013 now, AND ALL THIS HAPPENED in 1998 on the way to Catalina Island from Marina Del Rey for the weekend. Mexico has declared their intentions and they could care less as they have everyone in place here in the US to execute their plan. . So good… we cut the budget on drugs as we support the illegal (yes illegal.. not undocumented) citizens of the United States. After all, as a Los Angeles resident, I know being illegal is a status exempting you and your family from US law… soon to be even more validated by our President and Congress.

  • Obsidiandog

    Even with the ‘cuts’ more is being spent than last year so this is nothing but BS. Oh, and all you drug users are supporting the mass murders by the drug cartels. Deal with it, weaksticks.

    • I know it’s great fun to sit around and call people names and other such stuff, especially the really bad ones like “Weaksticks?”

      However, speaking of sticks, I hate to be a ‘stick in the mud’, so to speak, but if we legalized drugs, the cartels would go out of business overnight! Wouldn’t you agree?

      Take the time, make an effort and Think About It!

      Rich in New Mexico.

  • Cut homeland security budget. No, it’s all a bunch of scare tactics. The poli tics on both sides

  • Some Guy

    We are a nation too stupid to realize we’re being invaded.

  • Old_Politico

    Think of the money we could save by ending the war on drugs altogether, not to mention the taxes that could be collected. I don’t use them myself and wouldn’t if they were legal; but making us “good” is not the government’s business – not keeping us away from unapproved drugs any more than how big a soda can be sold.

    • Wyrdless

      My idea would be to allow every hospital with an emergency room to operate one out patient clinic that sells all forms of illegal drugs. The clinics would be banned from advertising drugs and offer clean drugs at prices lower than what is offered by the cartels.

      That way people who use heroin anyway would get clean drugs, needles and counseling. The drugs would be low cost so no one will be stealing GPSs out of cars and it would put every single other drug pusher out of business the very next day! They did this in Spain and heroin use is still plummeting year on year for almost a decade since they put that reform in place.

      Similarly, people would be able to get modest amounts of cocaine and LSD if they so desire. After all they are going to get these drugs anyway, why not have them fund indignant medical care and de-fund the gangs instead of fueling gang violence.

      Making drugs illegal will never get rid of them. Drugs will NEVER disappear; ever. They can’t be abolished, they are tiny, easy to make and people will spend outrageous amounts of money on them. So rather than stick your head in the sand and pretend that abolition works, why not do something sane which funds healthcare and actually reduces drug use.


  • Robert Chase

    It would be great if the United States Navy stopped waging war against the People of the United States — in fact, they’d better. The traitors quoted in this article should have no safe haven in our country.

  • Spud

    This means more competition. Maybe I can get my weed cheaper And we can pass the savings on to our precious children.

  • I was on those same patrols back in ’92-94′. Was a waste of money then. Still a waste of money now. Our Navy is not built to harass fishing boats and keep our sailors “busy”. Retire that worthless class of Frigates and allow the Coast Guard to have active sonar again.

  • Funny; this regime, this ‘Ruling Elite’ has all the money it needs to buy billions of
    rounds of ammunition, tens of thousands of the dreaded assault rifles, only; unlike us,
    theirs really are assault rifles, and 2700 mine resistant armored personnel carriers,
    or I mean ‘New Police Cars’ the cars of the future, all for domestic use, against ‘We the Little People’ and no problem at all. But find a high visibility activity, a needed service, regardless of whether it cost much at all or not and we’ll cut that to punish the people, ‘Those Little People’, for allowing this non-cut to occur to us!

    Better yet it can also be used to provide cover for the Liar in Chief who has spent the
    last month lying his butt off in an effort to scare and buffalo everyone into
    giving him unlimited money and power. Now that it turns out the real impact of
    these cuts is; well no impact at all, and that Mr. Obama has exposed lying like mad, we must be punished so he can save face.
    We must be punished because we allowed the evil Republicans to allow this
    sequestration to go through, never mind Mr. Cry Wolf himself came up with idea,
    tried to lie his way out of it and was caught, thank you Bob Woodward etal., we
    must be punished or how did they put it to Mr. Woodward, be made to ‘regret it’.

    Well, when you get a bunch of low information, headline reading voters, you get the
    government you deserve. Now, like Mr. Woodward, do you regret it yet? We need
    to keep the hawk’s eye on this bunch, especially if the media begins to desert
    them (wishful thinking alert!). They will become increasingly dangerous and reckless. That is when things usually become interesting. Hopefully, if it comes down to it they will not be able to afford to shoot us all so they can save some of their stockpile of ammo, maybe they could just run us over in their ‘New Police Cars’! After all, what else are they needed for in the United States? Last time I looked we might have had a bit of a crime problem, maybe a litter problem even but not really too much going on with mine fields around my neighborhood, neither anti-personnel or anti-tank, just can’t seem to find any around no matter how hard I look.

    Perhaps they would have been wise to spend our public safety tax dollars for anti aircraft artillery instead of those mine resistant APC’s, but what do I know, I’m just one of ‘The Little People’ but it seems it might be at least as useful if not more so!

    Rich in New Mexico.

  • SC_Red

    So now the Navy is shilling for Obama? Sad day in America.

  • Harlowe Thrombey

    How many more military operations that we don’t know about are as silly and costly as this one? The people who cheer on the cuts sure have a point.

  • agobbler

    Legalizing drugs won’t make addicts of everyone in the nation. Those who are responsible people will continue to be responsible people and the users will continue to use until they sort themselves out. The pendulum will swing and users will become pariahs in the long run. There’s no better high than having a clear mind and being your true self. It’s true that some will never learn this, but most will.

  • Beatdude

    So now everyone knows when to run their drugs!

  • Some Guy

    WHAT budget cuts? The Navy is getting more tax money this year than last year. Why is the author of this article parroting lies?

    • kentsan

      The only reason some view this cut as 2 cents on the dollar is the growth of uncut entitlements skews the situation. In regard to the defense account, the MilPers (military pay) and Defense Health accts are exempt too.When you take 48B that must be cut from the DoD procurement, R&D and O&M acts you get some SERIOUS reductions. So there is LESS, not more, money in these accounts than last year,

  • claspur

    Everything that’s being cut is dealing with national security, programs that people need/depend on-while his special interest programs/give-aways continue
    full steam-ahead… and-still, people get riled when Soetoro is called what he is, a seditious traitor to The United States of America? Puhhh’leese ! ?

  • aerojack7

    Man, somebody wake me up when this nightmare is over. Dems and GOP are total failures. God help us all.


    Home land security had to release thousands of illegals because 1% cut to the 7% increase in planned spending. But at least they got enough to order 2700 armored vehicles and 1.5 billion rounds. Funny how an agency that can only operate within our borders would need all that war stuff, wonder if those orders will be cut.

  • Decriminalize drugs – the “war” has only expanded the criminal black market for drugs and exploded the level of depraved violence. Educate against the dangers, Tax the sale and treat the addicts. There are no happy addicts.

  • So, we still must pay the sailors whether they are at sea on the patrol or not. The only savings would be for fuel, nothing else. Lookslike Obama;s appointees at the navy high command has joined the War Against the Republicans.

  • randy brown


  • sscannell05

    There has been no cuts to any of these programs. They all received their annual increases. The obomanationcrats just wanted more for there own agendas. Look it up; no actual cuts to any DOD Dept., TSA, Homoland Security or any other Agencies. They are lying. HUD 21% increase, Homolsand Security buying millions in ammo and armored vehicles. Where are these cuts these Agencies are experiencing. Not a dime has been taken from there last years budgets.

  • The democrates keep putting out these scare tactic reports and we the people will watch their actions more closely with mistrust in them.

  • teapartydoc

    It would cost less and do more good to provide escorts for the smugglers.

  • This is a total waste of taxpayer dollars anyway. It’s a good thing to stop it. Decriminalize marijuana, let anyone grow pot in their garden for home use, sell pot cheap at drug stores with a tax on it, and let all low level “drug offenders” out of prison immediately. The so called “war on drugs” is just a way to extort money from the working population to keep a bunch of adventure happy cops and soldiers occupied and justify paying them. Put these soldiers and cops on our borders with live ammo and shoot to kill orders for anything that moves and employ them usefully or fire them. Legalize pot sales and defund the drug cartels in one fell swoop. Put the DEA on the borders to stop illegals entering America. We’ve been wasting taxpayer money and resources on the wrong thing. The war on drugs, the war in Afghanistan, the War in iraq, the war in Syria are all losing propositions. Drop them, and guard our borders. I’ve never used a recreational drug in my life so legalization won’t effect me. I resent my tax dollars being used for this “cops and robbers” fiasco.

    • AugustineThomas

      I agree. But coke, meth and heroin are going to get through now as well.

      Also if they legalize marijuana they still have to search everything because they would start hiding harder drugs in the marijuana.

  • uncommon sense

    Good. Prohibition only creates violence. Take a small percentage of the trillions spent on Nixon’s racist policies to educate instead of incarcerate.

    • AugustineThomas

      Idiot leftist.

      Have you heard of the 70s? They tried letting all the criminals go.

      You must be too young but it took an entire decade of lying for leftists to avoid the repercussions of their policies in that case.

      And I’m sure, being a leftist, you’d love for the kids to be educated..as long as you can spend a conservative’s money to do it!

  • Tom Iron

    That’ll be a good thing about budget cuts. We should’ve never had this stupid “war on drugs” in the first place.

  • texaschris

    Cuts? What cuts? You mean reductions in the amount of increase?

    Most Americans aren’t getting raises, why should the government?

  • So the sequester is having a positive effect? Good. End the damn phoney war on drugs.

  • wait…. what about all that talk about drugs getting into our schools and our kids….. so you have been defeated by the drug lords, yet I have to play the game here on the streets and not get caught or go to jail…..F-U all !

  • JoeD

    Thank god! Stop this bullSHIT!!

  • we declared a War on Drugs, and drugs won

    • AugustineThomas

      That’s what happens when you all get fat and lazy and invite in 60 million of the poorest, most uneducated, ungrateful, entitled immigrants in the world!

  • retgrd

    This administration has been and continues to look for any method and reason to shutdown any checks/protection on the border or coast. Now it is the sequester. Cutbacks, re-deployment, Dept of Justice prosecutions of border patrol and local /state police to even restrictions of patrolling by Interior Dept to “protect the environment” have interfered/dissuaded/frustrated border security operations. And this is further backed up by the mass releases of “supposed noncriminal?” illegal aliens. (And not lets’ forget supplying 2000+ guns to the cartels for their useby ATF and FBI) We have naval fleets in ports and now a fairly unchecked coast with documented evidence of close-in submarine activity not only by the smugglers but that of foreign navies. You’d think a guy from Hawaii would know a little history-(Pearl Harbor!). The administration spends more money, building more resources and is more concerned to keep check on the proven law abiding U.S. citizen and business than protecting the nation from proven outside threats.

  • Mariamante

    Is this a joke? I swear Obama is going to address the nation and claim, “You’ve all been PUNKED!” This is so ridiculous it can’t possibly be serious.

  • There is no war on drugs.The government makes billions.

  • AugustineThomas

    Ban religion so everyone becomes a drug addict, then spend all of your country’s wealth policing them like it’s 1984.. GREAT IDEA!

    What if we had a country that wasn’t full of drug addicts eager to buy drugs from poor people in other countries? (The same people who talk about how evil corporations are for exploiting poor people in third world countries.)

  • segeny

    Aha! ObaMao has found a way to keep his drug supply open. Now with the criminal illegal alien invaders back out on the street and the Navy no longer intercepting drug shipments, ObaMao can stock his ‘pharmacy’ with his drug of choice without impairment, all the while blaming Republicans for their sequester. Oh wait — it is HIS sequester. Never mind — the lamestream media will blame Republicans anyway.

  • Madisonian2

    This is a good thing. Our navy should not be used as cops.

  • Paladin

    Deo Vindice!!! Dueteronomy 32:35

  • miker

    More Scare Tactics by the Goverment..WE are OVER Spending,… We are 16 Trillion in Debt as a nation…Imagine the interst payments Alone..Sheesh ! DOD has owned our Budget for 10+-years

  • Gas_Passer

    Great! Borders wide open and the Navy pulls out of The War on Drugs, the police should stop busting citizens for drugs.

  • Garr

    Good. It is a waste of hundreds of millions if not billiions of dollars every year. They themselves admit that they only stop around 5% of the drugs coming in anyway and that’s probably high. The so-called “war on drugs” has always been a bust.

  • dropped jelly on flt jacket

    This is good … the USN should not be engaged in a mission/job that is by designed a law enforcement mission. The CG can do this job. The US has the DEA, FBI, etc., running around in foreign countries doing counter-drug.
    DoD should not in any way shape or form be engaged with counterdrug.
    DoD should go back to Congress telling them to be relieved of all drug operations and cut the over 1B in counterdrug money that DoD throws away.

  • jontu

    This sequestration thingy is already working out.

  • Good…the war on drugs was ridiculous.

  • BoruBrian

    With the tax hike and the payroll tax holiday, the Fed is taking in 110 billion in additional revenue. There seems to be a lack of any journalistic curiousity if these are the right cuts to be made. Locally, most newspapers are running with cuts they think are going to happen, and several employees are saying that yeah, there is already a ton of waste.

    This may completely backfire on Obama, but may actually embolden the GOP, which based on their record from 2000-2006, is just as scary.

    The fact that the Navy believes that people believe that their currrent patrols are actually stemming the flow of drugs into the country is the bigger misconception.

    I love the Navy, but really guys..come on.

    • Exactly, the spending is still MORE than last year! That means, if they did it last year, they could do it this year. Maybe a TINY bit less or something. Budgets ARE NOT BEING CUT!!!
      So one has to ask (or should be anyway), just WHY is this happening!

  • bobsr

    But it is all a part of Obama’s plan. And not just Obama’s plan.

    For 40 years plus we could have put the military on the border and stopped the drugs. But apparently the pay offs went so high it has never been done. I see no other conclusion a reasonable person could come to.

    So let the States do the Medical marijuana experiments, which will be the “thin edge of the wedge.” Drugs are a HUGE problem with youth and many others, and very little about is is heard in the press. But just ask any teacher or any smart kid in any school. Or ask your own kids, if you can get them away from their smart phones long enough to have a real conversation with them. Or ask your Brother in Law if he happens to be in law enforcement. Unless they are already all taking drugs already.

    It’s all part of Obama’s plan. Ge the EBT cards out there, get as many kids on drugs with ADD and ADHD diagnosis, give away the free cell phones, get as many as possible hooked on drugs, signed up for SSI, ET AL. And stay tuned for the new free gasoline credit card! Get the list updated of all gun owners so we “know where they are.” Get the drones flying domestically without restrictions so that when they become the size of birds or bugs, no one will even notice them.

    Science fiction you say? It’s already here.

    Then once we get 51% of Americans as “Lemmings for Democrats” so we can get both houses of Congress as well, he can become a real king. Some already think this is the plan for his third term.

    Like the drip from the faucet into the bathtub with a closed drain, the tub is now at least half full of water. Some are already drowning. At this rate, it won’t take long for the rest of us. Wake Up America, game over! And you don’t even know it!

  • sickofit

    I swear I think that shills come on these sites and start the Bush vs. Obama, Left vs. Right arguments to detract from the real conversation most Americans want to have about how there is little difference anymore in either party. Both are spending fools and both want to pretend the Federal Govt has any rights when it’s the people who have rights.

  • Sam

    Sounds like blackmail and extortion from the regime. why not cut their salaries first?

  • Luxomni

    Maybe it is time to declare this war a victory and go home too. That has been our plan for the last 60 years on all the other wars.

  • Wyrdless

    Good. This is just wasteful spending anyway which is directly caused by the governments insistence on laughably trying to eliminate something which is easy to hide, easy to make and in high demand.

    Prohibition didn’t work on alcohol and similarly will never work against cocaine, mushrooms, marijuana or heroin.

    Why is crack punished 10x more harshly than cocaine?
    …because people at Goldman Sachs love doing cocaine (well known fact) and poor people use crack.

    basically government policy is:

    Screw those poor people only well heeled stock brokers can be trusted to use cocaine

  • Gary Gibson

    That’ll make it a whole lot easier for the CIA to continue to run drugs into America.

  • Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviet Union by breaking them financially. Looks like the drug lords were paying attention!

  • Ought to just put hellfires on those boats.

  • jon

    can some one point me to an article on how much money this will save?

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