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Cartwright Under Investigation

Retired Gen. James Cartwright. Department of Defense Photo

Retired Gen. James Cartwright. Department of Defense Photo

Retired Marine Gen. James Cartwright is a, ” target of a Justice Department investigation into a leak of information about a covert U.S.-Israeli cyberattack on Iran’s nuclear program,” according to a Friday report in The Washington Post.

Cartwright, former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 2007 to 2011, is said to have revealed information on Stuxnet, the computer virus designed to disrupt centrifuges used in enriching Iranian nuclear material and has been informed by the Justice Department he was under investigation, according to a Friday report in NBC News.

So-called targets in Justice Department investigations have not been indicted but are expected to be.

Details of the Stuxnet program, started during the Bush administration and part of a larger cyber push called Olympic Games, were revealed last year in The New York Times. The revelation of the details led a Justice Department investigation on the leaks of sensitive information. According to several reports, the investigation into Cartwright began last year.

The Obama Administration has undertaken several other investigations into information leaks including news outlets Fox News and The Associated Press.