Document: NAVSEA Campaign Plan to Expand the Advantage 2.0

February 21, 2019 10:26 AM

The following is a January 2019 document from Naval Sea Systems Command, Campaign Plan to Expand the Advantage 2.0.

Commander’s Message: Why Campaign Plan 2.0? What Has Changed?

The NAVSEA Campaign Plan to Expand the Advantage, released in January 2017 (Campaign Plan 1.0), established our strategic mission priorities and core foundational lines of effort, both critical drivers for overall mission success. While these priorities and focus areas remain relevant, the dynamic nature of today’s global security environment demands we reevaluate our current heading to ensure we are aligned and maximize our contribution to the
objectives set forth in evolving guidance.

The National Security Strategy (NSS), National Defense Strategy (NDS) and the Design for Maintaining Maritime Superiority V2.0 orient national security objectives and our Navy more firmly on great power competition in an era characterized by increased complexity, interdependence, uncertainty, and an unprecedented rate of technological change. We are facing adversaries who possess significant military capabilities and aspire to be the equal of the United States. These nation states are improving their warfighting capabilities at a rapid pace, shrinking our competitive advantage, and redefining international norms to further their long-term goals. It is imperative we outpace them. NAVSEA’s vision and mandate to expand our Navy’s competitive military advantage remains unchanged.

Our reassessment of the Campaign Plan proved the overall structure remains valid and relevant, not requiring major course correction. There are, however, some adjustments. First, we shifted “Culture of Affordability” from a mission priority to a foundational line of effort titled “Enable a Culture of Affordability”, a reflection of the enduring challenge to think and act differently to enhance productivity across the Enterprise. Second, we added a new mission priority titled “Improve Warfighting Capability of Ships and Systems” as a reflection of the NDS focus to “expand the competitive space by rebuilding military readiness as we build a more lethal joint force”. This mission priority is tied to NAVSEA’s core mission to design, build, deliver, and maintain the Navy the Nation Needs and is focused on both delivering enhanced capability to the Fleet and improving the reliability of our new and in-service ships and systems. Finally, we updated the objectives in each mission priority and line of effort to reflect the progress made to date and refocus our efforts on outcomes and the need to set goals and track and measure our progress with metrics.

We need significant improvements in how we deliver warfighting capability to the Fleet. Marginal improvement in today’s world of great power competition is not sufficient. It is not about working harder. It is about achieving step-function improvements which require us to think and act differently, challenge the status quo, be more agile, and act with a greater sense of urgency on the priorities contained here.

Achieving step-function improvement requires transparency and adoption of digital
tools and technologies to improve performance and inform analytic-based decision-making that is laser-focused on delivering readiness, lethality, survivability, and efficiency. It requires empowered leadership at all levels, and decentralizing and delegating decision-making down to the lowest appropriate level. Critically important is to ensure our actions and decisions are aligned across the Enterprise—all of us pulling in the same direction. Empowerment follows alignment. We have a shared responsibility to work together as outlined in this Campaign Plan.

I am more energized today than I was 2 ½ years ago when I assumed command. I have the utmost confidence in the entire NAVSEA team to meet challenges head-on and expand our Navy’s maritime advantage over our adversaries. I am proud to serve as your Commander and it is my privilege to be part of your effort in meeting these challenges. Thank you for what you do each and every day in support of this great Navy and great Nation. Keep charging, share what you know, and Win Them All!

Megan Eckstein

Megan Eckstein

Megan Eckstein is the former deputy editor for USNI News.

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