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Report to Congress on Columbia Class Submarine Program

The following is the Sept. 14, 2017 Congressional Research Service report, Navy Columbia Class (Ohio Replacement) Ballistic Missile Submarine (SSBN[X]) Program: Background and Issues for Congress.

via fas.org

  • Ed L


  • D. Jones

    Ohio needs replacement 1 for 1. This is arguably the most valuable arm of the DoD. Things don’t get cheaper. Start knocking them out ASAP.

  • Stephen

    40 years ago I received orders to the Ohio; I was in total shock. The anticipation & the challenge of being part of a $1.1B shipbuilding project was beyond my greatest expectation. We heard the same argument-too expensive-can’t deliver-funding should be re-directed… The results speak for themselves. We have to spend the money to ensure the quality, performance & advance our technology into the future. 40 years from now…

  • Bad999

    Build 4 more to replace the current SSGN Ohio’s for the economy of scale benefits.