• A. Civilian

    Ya gots a typo in the text version where it’s supposed to say “ethical midfield”, it says ethical “mid?eld”.

    Thank you all for serving. Listen to the good General. He knows what he’s talking about. We have a lot of faith in him, and in you. We are counting on you.

  • BudgetGeek

    Hooray. An ethics memo that says, “Be good.” In stark contrast to the other 99.9% and all the ethics training that merely says, “Don’t be bad.” It seemed that the highest ethical bar military leaders aimed for anymore was the absence of [being caught] wrongdoing [on my watch]. So refreshing to see a positive message. Let’s hope the theme filters down the ranks.

  • old guy

    Maybe it’s silly to call a SECDEF, a breath of fresh air,” but there it is.