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VIDEO: USS Thunderbolt Fired Warning Shots at Iranian Patrol Boat to Protect U.S. Guided-Missile Cruiser Vella Gulf

Iranian ship intercepts USS Thunderbolt (PC-12) on July 25, 2017. US Navy Photo

This post has been updated with a statement from U.S. 5th Fleet on the Tuesday incident.

A Cyclone-class patrol craft warded off an Iranian patrol boat that was approaching a U.S. Navy guided-missile cruiser on Tuesday in the Persian Gulf, a Navy official told USNI News.

USS Thunderbolt (PC-12) fired “multiple warning shots” after an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy Nassar-class patrol boat came within 150 yards of the patrol craft and one nautical mile of nearby cruiser USS Vella Gulf (CG-72). The incident occurred at about 10:20 A.M. local time, or about 3:20 A.M. EST, according to video of the encounter obtained by USNI News.

“We are operating in the Northern Arabian Gulf,” said a watch stander on the cruiser.
“We have zero one IRGCN Nassar WOP one nautical mile off our stern bearing one eight zero degrees relative. [General Quarters] one has been set.”

Thunderbolt was operating with two Coast Guard cutters and a U.S. Army logistics vessel in a screen around Vella Gulf as part of a U.S.-only exercise when the formation was approached by the Iranian PC, the official said.

“The Iranian vessel made a close approach to coastal patrol ship USS Thunderbolt (PC-12), getting within 150 yards. The Iranian vessel did not respond to repeated attempts to establish radio communications as it approached,” according to a statement from U.S. 5th Fleet provided to USNI News on Tuesday afternoon.
Thunderbolt then fired warning flares and sounded the internationally recognized danger signal of five short blasts on the ship’s whistle, but the Iranian vessel continued inbound. As the Iranian vessel proceeded toward the U.S. ship, Thunderbolt again sounded five short blasts prior to firing warning shots in front of the Iranian vessel. After the warning shots were fired, the Iranian vessel halted its unsafe approach… The Iranian vessel’s actions were not in accordance with the internationally recognized COLREGs ‘rules of the road’ nor internationally recognized maritime customs, creating a risk for collision.”

USS Thunderbolt (PC-12) recovers a rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) during a trilateral exercise between the U.S., Kuwait and Iraq on March 15, 2017. US Navy Photo

Iraq and Kuwait navy assets were operating nearby but were not involved in the encounter. It’s unclear how close the incident came to two Iraqi offshore oil terminals, Khor Al Amaya and Al Başrah, a U.S. official told USNI News.

The incident follows a late-night encounter in June in which an Iranian Houdong-class guided-missile boat came within 800 yards of a formation of amphibious assault ship USS Bataan (LHD-5), guided-missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG-67) and dry cargo ship USNS Washington Chambers (T-AKE-11). The Iranian missile boat harassed the formation with a searchlight and a laser.

In March, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy patrol boat stopped short in front of the surveillance ship USNS Invincible (T-AGM-24).

In January, the guided-missile destroyer USS Mahan (DDG-72) fired three warning shots to ward off four armed IRGCN attack boats coming at the ship at high speed.

Separate from the regular Iranian Navy, the IRGCN answers directly to the sectarian leadership of Iran and often violates maritime laws and standards, according to both the U.S. and U.K. Since 2007 the group has controlled Iran’s coastal defense.

The following is the complete statement from U.S. 5th Fleet on the incident provided to USNI News.

An Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps naval vessel conducted an unsafe and unprofessional interaction with a U.S. Navy ship during a coalition exercise in the international waters of the Arabian Gulf, July 25.

The Iranian vessel made a close approach to coastal patrol ship USS Thunderbolt (PC 12), getting within 150 yards. The Iranian vessel did not respond to repeated attempts to establish radio communications as it approached. Thunderbolt then fired warning flares and sounded the internationally recognized danger signal of five short blasts on the ship’s whistle, but the Iranian vessel continued inbound. As the Iranian vessel proceeded toward the U.S. ship, Thunderbolt again sounded five short blasts prior to firing warning shots in front of the Iranian vessel. After the warning shots were fired, the Iranian vessel halted its unsafe approach.

The Iranian vessel’s actions were not in accordance with the internationally recognized COLREGs “rules of the road” nor internationally recognized maritime customs, creating a risk for collision.

  • PolicyWonk

    Clearly, the Cyclone-class PC’s are the USN’s real “littoral combat ships”.

    • DaSaint

      And they can’t survive a missile attack either.

      • John Slagh

        Bring in re-armed FFG’s?

  • TxPatriot53

    Iran is facing a new America, not the sissy little girl who spent eight years in the White House.

    • Orwellian_Dilemma

      I’m not sure what is so different. The Iranian ship is still afloat and the crew is all alive.

      • sbw60

        Obama would have never fired the warning shots.

        • George Leerdam

          You are so right. Obama would not have been the captain of the cruiser, silly.
          Mr. Make America Great Again was not the captain either and I am pretty
          sure he did not have anything to do with the decision made.

          • ponchoholic

            MR Make America Great Again did not send pallets of cash in unmarked currencies to buy them any boats ,bullets or bomb either .

          • Jay

            Fake news totally out of context of the entire Iran agreement. That was frozen Iranian money sitting in sanctioned accounts since @1980. Turn off Fox, it just makes you dumber than you already are.

          • incredulous1

            Oh Jay,……Fox has correctly stated that dozens of times and made no attempt to say otherwise. The point not taken by Fox haters is that we were under NO OBLIGATION TO GIVE IT BACK TO THEM, and all of the prerequisites for having seized it in the first place are still there. This was Obo and Jarrett helping an adversary who wants to do the US great harm and is never shy about saying so and the agreement was a farce with secret addenda designed to allow them to ram it down our throats. As to who influenced the action in the Gulf, ROEs come down the chain of command and Obama micromanaged them all the time. Now JCS in consultation with NSC establish them with the military leadership, not some idiot political hack in the White House [Rhodes, Pfluff, etc]

            Wake up and smell the coffee. Seek the truth and get out of your comfort zone.

          • ponchoholic

            In that case Obama should have sent the cash on his first day in office

          • AmPatriotSmith

            Well, the sanctions should have continued instead of releasing their money back to them

          • PolicyWonk

            But GWB did…

          • ponchoholic

            lets hang both of them monday.

        • Jay

          Warning shots at sea require Presidential approval? HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Too much TV for you.

          • El Kabong

            Jay, silly child… HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

            O-bummer would have ordered the ROE’s changed to allow the Iranians to TAKE whatever they liked,

        • Tall Texan

          sbw, you are exactly right.

          If those who replied to you think the attitude and rules, including latitude to protect assets or engage, aren’t set at the top, then they understand nothing about the military. As the progs they clearly seem to be, that isn’t much of a surprise.

          As pertinent analogy, our border patrol has clear laws passed to obey in their duties. Yet their union and rank and file constantly pointed out their hands were tied under Obama. The orders, informal and formal, flow down from the top. Under Trump, they now do their job, and things are getting better. No laws were changed, and neither Obama nor Trump WERE ON THE BORDER physically doing the job directly, and yet their priorities made all the difference.

          Most of the replies on here to you are infantile in their lack of more than three seconds of follow-on thought, or progs are truly just that dumb. Neither option is pretty…

      • jrboss93

        True … but so are all the US Sailors. The CO, in this instance, seems to have felt he was within his rights and had the backing of his leadership (which includes President Trump) … had the Iranians not backed down I have no doubt they would not be alive today. … under President Obama I believe it would have turned out very differently.

        • britain

          He would have kissed the Ayatollah’s ring and given the Iranians an apology and 150 billion dollars.

          • bshirt

            Maybe another 25 or 50 billion to help destroy the USA.

          • jpatriot18

            He just hasn’t had the opportunity to meet him in person yet.

        • Orwellian_Dilemma

          It is an improvement that the CO didn’t surrender his boat, but I’m tired of the Iranians making threats against us and never suffering any consequence. We’ve been getting kicked in the huevos since 1979 and Iran has not suffered any kind of repercussion at all.

        • jpatriot18

          It is only a matter of time before we see that tested. The Iranians are dancing along the line in the sand to see how far they can push us before we launch an attack on one of their gnats. At some point the Pentagon gives our sailors the okay.

        • Jay

          Dump and “leadership” in the same grid square? Cognitive dissonance rages.

          • Tall Texan

            …within you.

      • warpsix

        You must have short term memory problems. The crew wasn’t taken and held for ransom

      • libertyanyday

        this is a game that we have played since 89 and the first and second gulf wars…………iran will not stop, their ‘ boat ‘ needs to be literally blown out of the water……..no more crew no more threat from the ayatollay buttinisky.

        • jpatriot18

          It is coming…Only a matter of time.

      • Chris V

        Ill bet if Trump had received a phone call about it while this was happening, that ship or boat would be at the bottom of the sea along with ita crew

    • PolicyWonk

      This new America still has a Joint Chiefs of Staff who are unanimously opposed to military action against Iran.

      • sheepcreeper

        Trump can still order them blown out of the water.No COS needed for self defence.

        • Michael Carbone

          That’s a act of war. Come on dude. You just complained about Syria. What is it. A warning shot is better them surrendering like they did under prez Hussain.

          • Carl Anon

            There’s a massive gray area regarding self defense with respect to proximity in international water. After the terrorist attack on the USS Cole, the rules governing that gray area became even more convoluted. Ultimately, unless under direct orders, a ship’s commanding officer is free to make certain determinations on his own.

            In this particular scenario, the Iranian boat did not respond to radio calls (channel 16 – VHF 156.8), which is the international standard for international calling and distress. Given the proximity of the Iranian boat to the USS Thunderbolt and its lack of communication, sinking the Iranian vessel would not likely receive an adverse reaction from world leaders.

            The usual suspects would call a US attack on an Iranian vessel provocative, but they would stop short of calling it an act of war because they are somewhat less tolerant in similar situations.

        • jrboss93

          The CO has a right of self defense … at his own discretion (No President, JCS or numbered fleet commander needed) … the difference here is the CO could exercise his judgement WITHOUT worrying about how his Commander-in-Chief will politicize it or what consequences he may face.

      • jrboss93

        JCS are part of the administrative chain of command … advisors to the President, who is the top of the operational chain of command. They would not be involved in any ongoing operation.

      • britain

        The JCs take orders from the President. Get used to it.

      • California70

        Then that needs to be changed!

        • skoch

          Right, Have them answer to Debbie Wassermann…… but
          being California70, perhaps Maxine Waters

      • Jay

        Mattis was retired early because he wanted to escalate against Iran. And you fancy yourself a “policywonk”? HAHAHAHA! All the Dumpsters are out today. Traitor In Chief has to start another war to distract.

        • muzzleloader

          Still butt hurt yes?

    • Rickie Danger

      trump’s gonna give-it-to-em, that’s for sure.

    • Doug Dannger

      Stop wasting ammo.

  • Kerry “The Deplorable” Mahoney

    If we still had Obama we would have surrendered.

    • Michael Carbone

      Thank you

    • bshirt

      And worshiped the Christian killers…..

    • jpatriot18

      And would pay millions in additional reparations so they can supply Hezbolah with more armaments to kill civilians.

    • Troy Berkely

      I still think that episode was orchestrated!

      • ponchoholic

        The Russians?

    • Duane

      Yup … just like Trump just surrendered Syria to his pal Vlad with nary a peep or explanation, by unilaterally withdraw all support from the anti-Assad forces last week.

      They just surrender to different pals.

  • Orwellian_Dilemma

    Why did we not put that shot into the hull below the waterline or at least take out the bridge? This is ridiculous.

    • jordanminn


      this is just another USS Cole incident in the making.

    • King Ancap

      If war breaks out, I sure hope you enlist and aim those guns yourself.

      • Christopher Berthiaume

        If war breaks out, the value of my stocks in Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, and Boeing will rise. Let’s get it on! NOW!

        • King Ancap

          Lol. Sounds like you need diversification in that portfolio.

      • Orwellian_Dilemma

        Cowardice in the face of aggression is more likely to lead to war than dealing with the threat.

        And yes, I’m sure you would prefer I man the guns while you curl in the fetal position screaming “take my kids, but leave me alone!”

        • King Ancap

          Avoiding unnecessary conflict is not cowardice. It is wisdom. And what the armchair generals do, agitating for war overseas from their safe air conditioned offices, is not bravery. Put some skin in the game. War is no game but at least I can respect old warmongers, like Napoleon, who stood with their armies in battle. What neocons do is just pathetic.

          • Orwellian_Dilemma

            When the Iranian vessel attempted to cross the bow of another warship she should have been converted to a submarine.

            More wars are started by cowards too afraid to stand up to aggression than by standing up too strongly to aggression.

            And it’s Iran. There wouldn’t be a war. We sink one ship and tell them if they ever do anything again, we will take fifteen minutes some random Thursday and sink their entire fleet.

          • ponchoholic

            Just when is it necessary and whom decides ?People afraid to stand up for anything or those that care enough to take action?

          • El Kabong


            “Avoiding unnecessary conflict is not cowardice. It is wisdom.”?

            How’d that work out for Neville Chamberlain?

          • hollygreen9

            Not well at all!!

      • ponchoholic

        You are not going either so shut up!

    • Jay

      Must have been Obama or Clinton mind bending the Draft Dodger In Chief.

  • Jackson445

    A US warship encountered an Iranian navy boat off the coast of Iran, go figure.

    • Dustoff

      From what I’ve read. That is not Iran waters. ( Persian Gulf,)

      • jrboss93

        Anything more than 12 miles off the coast is recognized as international waters.

    • jrboss93

      It happens all the time, but generally as behaves as expected under “rules of the road” … when they don’t, this is what happens. …doesn’t matter if it was in the Arabian Gulf (+12 miles from shore) or middle of the pacific … it was handled as it should have been. … although they let them get way too close.

  • Scott Stein

    Just blast them out of the water. I would never let them get that close.

  • Cam Urai


  • Jim Smith

    screw warning shots. sink the Iranian ship as a lesson.

  • Ronald G Miner Jr

    Should have put a couple rounds below the waterline and let them founder…pick up the survivors and used them as negotiating bait…

    • jrboss93

      Negotiating? … for what? … disable or sink the ship and return the survivors to Iran. We don’t need to START a war with them … but we also don’t need to tolerate idiots.

  • Michael Hansen

    Flares but no more warning shots. Flares are enough… If they ignore the flares, shred it..

  • SoCalPal

    150 yards? That’s not close….That’s right under your nose!
    Kill Zone should be anything within 500 yards minimum.
    And quit wasting valuable time with flares and ship’s whistle!

    • James

      Sink them.

      • Christopher Berthiaume

        Does a bear shyt in the woods?

  • Murican

    I just wanted to hear the guns.

  • James

    since when does Iran follow international rules and norms.

  • Mackeavelo

    Rule of engagement should be warning between 1.1/2 and 1 mile, then sink.

  • magic1114

    Put two below her waterline and call it a warning. The Iranian pigs are getting bold and a sinking would make them pull back and think about what they’re doing.

  • Ruckweiler

    If the Iranians want a brawl they picked the wrong Navy to engage.

    • King Ancap

      Sure, those aggressive Persians prove they want a brawl by navigating in the Persian gulf, and not the historically peaceful Americans with long range missile-equipped warships a few miles off the Iranian coast.

      • Ruckweiler

        So you’re saying the Revolutionary Guard had peaceful intentions?

        • King Ancap

          Well they didn’t do the firing of guns. They didn’t invade a neighboring country. They didn’t shoot down a civilian airliner, as USS Vincennes did in 1988. I bet if Iranian warships armed with missiles got close to the U.S. coast, there’d be no discussion about their intentions.

          • Corporatski Kittenbot 2.0

            They only fired a few AShMs at US vessels off of Yemen….. but what is that between friends eh!

            The peace loving Ayatollah seeks just peace!

          • King Ancap

            Iran did not fire those. You must be unaware that Saudi Arabia is conducting a genocidal war in Yemen with the aid of the U.S. Don’t blame Iran for Yemenis haplessly trying to defend themselves. The Wahhabist blockade has caused the worst humanitarian crisis in decades. Over 300,000 people infected with cholera because they won’t allow medicines in. Women and children dying of disease and starvation. This is what you defend?

          • Corporatski Kittenbot 2.0

            “Iran did not fire those”

            Yes yes… “Houthis”…. not at all Iranians… nothing in the world to do with Iranians!

            Their sophisticated ballistic and anti-ship missiles just spring up from the Earth.

            Move along, nothing to see here!
            Just those peace loving Ayatollah’s doing what they do!

          • King Ancap

            Say they got those weapons from Iran. Iran is therefore to be blamed. Fine, then the U.S. is to be blamed for the Saudi crimes against humanity, because they do it with U.S. weapons. And ISIS too, those Humvee riding jihadis roaming Iraq and Syria, armed by the U.S., their crimes are the responsibility of the U.S. government according to your logic.

          • lars1701c

            You are aware the Iranians supported insurgents in Iraq that got Americans killed?

          • King Ancap

            Bush got those troops killed for nothing. Saddam was no threat to America. There was no WMD program. In fact, less than nothing. Neocons handed that country to jihadis and Iran and in return we got an extra trillion dollars of debt. Trump was right, the Bushes are useless pawns of the Deep State. Don’t blame Iran for Bush’s idiocy

          • lars1701c

            which has nothing to do with my point, my point was the Iranians aren’t some innocent sweet country that does no wrong. They know they will get their butts kicked if they tried to fight us out and the open so they fund insurgents to fight us. They do the same thing against Israel

          • King Ancap

            Nobody says Iran is “sweet country that does no wrong.” Which country is? The point is you can’t argue another country is aggressive when it is resisting your invasion. If you break into your neighbor’s house, even if he shoots you, you will be seen as culpable. Of course U.S. would defeat Iran but for what? What do the American people gain. They gained nothing from Iraq and they would certainly gain nothing from invading a country which is 4 times the size of Iraq.

          • lars1701c

            again Iraq has nothing to do with what i said aside from the fact that Iran funded and supporter insurgents that KILLED Americans (thats a act of war ). Iran had no business getting involved no matter what you think of the invasion of Iraq.

          • El Kabong

            Who laid the mines?

  • King Ancap

    What is the “Arabian Gulf”? Does this employee of the military industrial complex mean the Persian Gulf? Why not call it what everyone calls it, as written on every map in the world? Oh, right. Because that would highlight the fact that America is firing at Persians in the Persian gulf, and call into question the wisdom of an interventionist, imperial foreign policy that invites conflict.

    • Volarekathy99

      The Persian Gulf is also how you get to Iraq, and we still have soldiers or advisers there, fighting ISIS in northern Iraq and fighting ISIS also where Iraq borders Syria. The Persian Gulf is also along the coastline of Arabia & Kuwait, who have been working with us against Iran and/or ISIS. We protect our interests.

      • King Ancap

        By “our interests” I guess you mean the funders of this website, the military industrial complex. Because the American people have no interest in Iraq. ISIS exists only because of the neocons’ dumb invasion of that country. Now watch as the Syrian civil war draws to a close after Trump decided to put an end to the neocons’ reckless arming and training of jihadis. Saudi Arabia has been working with us against ISIS? How? By exporting their evil Wahhabist ideology, by funding them along with our Qatari “allies”, by sending their citizens to crash airplanes into the WTC? The only forces fighting effectively against ISIS are Russia and Iran.

        • Volarekathy99

          Don’t get me wrong. We should have never gone into Iraq. Osama Bin Laden was in Afghanistan (and Pakistan). He and Al Qaeda were not in Iraq. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. You are right about the Saudi Wahabis. But the Saudis are against Iran.

          • King Ancap

            Iran is a foe because our government has done every conceivable thing since 1954 to create enmity between our countries. The Iranian people are culturally closer to the West than the medieval Saudis. Just look at how Iranian women dress vs Saudi women. Iran could be a friend of America if not for our government being beholden to two foreign interests, namely Saudi Arabia and Israel.

          • Happy PizzaCat

            Your points are all very well thought out, however the bottom line at the end of the day is BOTH the Israeli’s and the Arab’s are NOT our friends. Never have been. Never will be. They always have their own self-interests at hand and you will NEVER get a fair deal from EITHER one of them. In any aspect whatsoever, be it Political or Economic we may add. I say we in the USA take a step back and let them annihilate each other, if that is really what they want.

          • Michael T

            BS. You think Iran can trusted? Israel is the only friend the US has.

          • J_kies

            Well given the US ‘donates’ over 5 Billion in general aid and another 3 billion in military aid to Israel per year, I think we have another name for such paid ‘friends’.

            Also given that Israel developed the Harpy on US money and proceeded to sell it and co-production rights to China well that’s not a happy story. If you want historical documentation on that friendship try the USS Liberty incident.

          • Happy PizzaCat

            Nope! BOTH the Jews and the Islamics play America for the fool. Period! I with BOTH OF THEM were EXTERMINATED from off the face of the Earth as Albert Pike so wisely noted back in 1867

          • bshirt

            Trust Iran?? Are you serious??

          • Volarekathy99

            I never understood why our government abandoned the Shah of Iran and his wife, when they were on our side. I saw them once in a Houston Airport – two beautiful, outstanding-looking people. Not that looks have anything to do with where people stand politically, but I could not understand why our govt turned its back on them. No country would take them after they fled Iran. And when they fled Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini came from exile in France to Iran and took over. What a disaster.

          • King Ancap

            I think our gov had no choice. The Shah was reviled in Iran. Remember he was installed by the CIA and MI6 in ’54 to protect BP. Mossadegh may have had dumb economic ideas but he was secular, peaceful and friendly to the West as were the Iranian people in general. More importantly, he had been democratically elected. I agree that the Ayatollah was bad news but he was the unintended consequence of Western intervention.

          • Einstein

            Wait Osama died? I never saw proof.

          • Christopher Berthiaume

            He’s dead. Instead of burying him at sea with a moose limb burial ceremony, we should have encased his carcass along with a pig’s head in formaldehyde, and used it as a door stop for the new World Trade Center.

          • Einstein

            OK. I’ll Be straight up with you. I think either he died way before they said he was killed, or he’s not dead at all. I’m just so used to being lied to that I can’t believe anything they say anymore. I know there are seals that attest it happened, but I don’t know them personally. It strikes me odd they would give him a Muslim burial out of respect. A man who helped kill countless Americans.

          • Christopher Berthiaume

            We should’ve bombed Iran insted of Iraq. What a waste!

          • Eugene Kaptur

            “The enemy of my enemy is my friend….for today!”

          • old guy

            ,I, respectfully take exception for 2 reasons.
            1. Saddam Hussein used “ZYCLON”, poison gas, a WMD by UN definition, on the KURDS, killing thousands (CHECK IT OUT)
            2. I have a film, taken off the internet, that clearly shows a string of 32 Semis going from Iraq to Syria, at that time. I don’t think that they were carrying Falafels.

          • Volarekathy99

            I do know that he strafed Kurds and used poison gas on them, which I think is horrible and totally unjustifiable. I used to wonder, who were the Kurds? And I would ordinarily say, who cares what happens within Iraq? And I thought ‘weapons of mass destruction’ meant atomic bombs, but I see what you are saying. But there was a Kurd who was very helpful and kind to my husband when he was in Iraq awhile back, and, in more recent times, the Kurds were helping Christians to get away from ISIS. The 32 Semis I hadn’t heard about.

    • old guy

      Horse patooties. My 1935 Compton’s World Atlas calls its “THE ARABIAN GULFor SEA.

  • Christopher Jon Martin

    Just sink them…. it’s the only language they understand…..

  • TimeforaCulling

    Next warning will be through the hull.

  • wbf850

    just board the vessel and tow it back home

  • Concerned Citizen

    Light them up. They do not realize how quick and thorough we could smoke them

    • Corporatski Kittenbot 2.0

      I wonder how fast that 25mm would bring a charging patrol vessel to a sinking halt?

  • Corporatski Kittenbot 2.0

    Good old Cyclones…. the real littoral combat ship.

  • Bruce Kramer

    About time…next time don’t miss…

  • david5300

    If we did not sink it I don’t want to hear about it,

  • hateobammy

    no wonder this keeps happening – like a parent with their kids they threaten and threaten and threaten and do nothing – soon enough the kids realize you are just hot air and up the bad behavior – blast them out of the water or return my $650 Billion tax payers $ for the pentagon budget

  • MicheleLloyd

    Sure put the first warning shot over their bow: second warning shot into their bridge: third warning shot into their stern at the waterline.

    • Danger Dan

      One warning shot to the bridge with a moab. They will never f-with us again.

  • Honest John

    Too bad that they did not sink it.

  • Carl Anon

    Sink one. It’s not as if Iran is planning to halt its nuclear program regardless if they’re short a boat or two.

  • jnobfan

    That looked more like 25 yards to me

  • Rusty Shackleford

    What Gulf? The PERSIAN Gulf, not the Gulf of Mexico. The US should stop stirring up trouble on the other side of the planet.

    Go home.

    • Corporatski Kittenbot 2.0

      passing freely trough international waters isn’t “stirring up trouble”….

      ,,,, but, you know that.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Yeah, because that’s all the US is doing towards Iran.

        Was the Iranian ship in international waters?

        • Corporatski Kittenbot 2.0

          That is indeed so komrade!

          If the jihadi death worshipers want to attack the US navy then I’m sure they will be obliged.

          However if they want to be smart then they will keep their distance, just like they are supposed do.

  • Rlee

    You should have put some rounds right through the command deck.

  • lars1701c

    They should have just sunk the piece of junk and went about their business

  • Jameson

    You can bet that Trump ordered that the next time they will be sunk.

  • K_Fan

    Didn’t we already sink the Iranian navy once already? Some dogs you just need to kick more than once.

    • audax

      Yes…..Operation Praying Mantis under Reagan…….

  • datimes

    Our guys were supposed to surrender and submit to humiliating videos in captivity! Ooh, wrong President.

  • Rickie Danger

    i’m picturing trump in a flight suit landing on an aircraft carrier… big banner behind him reads, “Iran, you’re fired!”

  • Alan

    The Iranians killed three Sailors from PC USS Firebolt in 2004. We never really retaliated to the attack.
    These small ships do the work that is monumental to merely keep the ship functioning. A very small crew.
    These sailors do a job that is beyond incredible words! I know, I have been on all of these ships.
    I have and will always be impressed by their professionalism, dedication to duty and devotion to their jobs. USS Thunderbolt did the job of giants! GOD BLESS.

  • Freedom

    Let Iran act like the a.h’s. they are. What goes around comes around in the Universe……:-)

  • libertyanyday

    Blow the iranian boat out of the water……..they are gonna play chicken until we do……….better that we do it on our terms. The time for pacifist talking is now over………..

  • Herman Munster

    If they try to push their luck, Trump will rob them in Tehran and Blast them in the Sari.

  • Christopher Berthiaume

    Okay. Sorry!

  • paul kersey

    I would of tuned the Iranian craft into a submarine.

    • Christopher Berthiaume

      With a screen door.

  • Citizen Quasar

    America has NO business taunting Iran. Iran hasn’t attacked anyone in over 200 years. It makes NO difference to me if Iran gets a nuclear weapon as India, Israel, and Pakistan have them; not to mention China.

    The US has meddled in Iran since the CIA overthrew the duly elected government of Iran in the 1950s with Operation Ajax. I am an American, and an honorably discharged veteran, and I say the United States government is one of the main sources of terrorism and destroyers of peace in the world today.

  • Plaid an

    Perhaps we’re saving these ” targets” for the new laser weapons ops check.
    What you can’t see can kill you.

  • Pouncekitty

    A direct hit would be a lot more effective.

  • fraccle

    Everything else aside, I’ll bet the Iranians were in advanced pucker.

  • Nimus

    Send them to Mexican border

  • docdave88

    It would have been more effective to sink the damn thing.

  • Fred Garvin

    New sheriff in town. Time to start killing off the cockroaches of the middle east. Fire at will gentlemen. Sharks got to eat.

  • Bigmanuger

    It’s called Rules of Engagement. With Obama the ROE required the captain to call the girls in the WH for permission to even load real ammo.

  • Oilfart1

    Why the continued “warning shots?” Pop one of those inflatable boats and we will find out just how many Iranian navy guys are really interested in meeting those 72 virgins.

  • DaSaint

    This has been going on for years. Until one of their missile craft puts one in one of our ships, we’re not going to fire on them first. But when/if they do, the IRGCN will lose their support infrastructure and their small craft within 24 hours.

    The Iranian Navy doesn’t generally behave this way. Remember, we (and the Brits) trained them. In fact, several experts have stated that they act ‘professionally’, where as the IRGCN are plain reckless and provocative.

  • Yoe Baby!

    Ohhh … geee …. aggression. Gee. I don’t know. It’s troubling… I mean… I …

    Where is my safe space?

  • The video above was apparently taken from one of the two Coast Guard Cutters participating in the exercise.

    • Actually. It’s from Vella Gulf.

      • publius_maximus_III

        Dad went to both the keel laying and the commissioning of the Vella Gulf, named for a WW-II midnight battle in the Pacific in which his DD was the flagship of a task force of six destroyers.

      • Are you sure? Stern visible at time 0:28 does not look like a cruiser and a former WPB crew member assures me that was a WPB’s stern. Maybe just got transmitted from Vella Gulf.

  • sam

    They are asking for a spanking and it comes soon enough.

  • Gus Seals

    No warning shots, stich the itch.

  • Western

    Bravo Zulu.

  • jerry irvin

    Sink one and they will understand.

  • Potomac cynic

    It’s time to quit playing footsies with any vessel operating in an unsafe manner within 150 yards of a US Navy ship… one warning round and then fire for effect.

  • WTF?

    When Irian boats sink because of this I will believe we have a new policy, until then…nothing has changed on this issue.

  • Sanity22

    Should change ruies of engagement – you get within a certain distance we reserve the right to open fire. A very useful tool against these little boats is Cobra gunships or the next gen Reaper drones that carry multiple Hellfire missiles

    • old guy

      I believe that you have it wrong, in that we should Minimize peacetime R.O.W. and eliminate them in wartime. It cost us Korea, Vietnam and Iraq.
      TRUE Anecdote: A good friend of mine commanded the 5th fleet when we fought Saddam Hussein. Hussein asked him what the rules were for A/C engagement, My friend replied,”You fly, you die.”
      End of SH attacking the people in S. Iraq.

  • publius_maximus_III

    The Persian Gulf game of chicken continues. Molon Labe.

    • Adam

      Well said, King Leonidas!

    • Ben Franklin

      what chicken? we own the gulf.

      • publius_maximus_III

        “What badge?”
        “We don’t need no stinking badge…”

        • Ben Franklin

          where we’re going, we don’t need badges… er… roads…

  • waveshaper1

    This is dangerous business for the sailors on these patrol boats in this AO. We sure don’t want any boats getting anywhere near our ships/guys. Back in 2004 we lost 3 members of another Cyclone-Class patrol ship in this AO “2 Navy Sailors KIA, 1 Coast Guardsman KIA, and 4 WIA”. This attack was carried out by a suicide “exploding” boat bomb. About 15 minutes after the initial attack 2 more suicide boat also exploded nearby.

  • Ed L

    A valid argument for building a couple of dozen more of the Cyclone Class Patrol Class Vessels. They at least give the American People there Money’s worth.

  • Russ Neal

    Iranian Revolutionary Guard vessels (as opposed to Iranian Naval vessels) should be presumed hostile and subject to engagement upon positive identification.

    • Ben Franklin

      because… they’ve been bombing Syria? Or was it Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan? The US, in violation of the Constitution, and Israel, are the only ones presumed hostile. I took an oath to protect the Constitution, not corporations pushing our government to attack other countries. Don’t be so foolish.

      • El Kabong

        Lead by example.

        • Ben Franklin

          haha… serious.

          • El Kabong

            Yes, serious.

  • Danny Lewis

    And that money has been there since the Carter admin doing just fine. Then along comes your pretty boy Obama and he makes a backdoor deal to give the Irainians al that they wanted, including money that did not and does not belong to the Milullahs in Iran. Your ignorance of facts and timelines just proves you are very stupid in your remarks.

  • Chesapeakeguy

    I have no idea whatsoever why this site would delete my comment from yesterday, but lo and behold, they have. It’s becoming a joke..

    • old guy

      AW, they are just pulling your chain. Keep commenting. You are ALWAYS informalive.

      • Chesapeakeguy

        I made a tongue-in-cheek comment about maybe it’s time to consider putting a couple of ‘warning shots’ INTO the offending ship. It looks like the responses were kept but my original comment was not. And what I said is far less than what some others have said along the very same lines. I just don’t get it.

        Oh well. Yes, I’ll continue to post on these boards. They do remain interesting for the most part!

        • old guy

          Ya can’t have a thin skin in this venue. Think it over, reword, repeat but don’t retreat. We, sorely need your facts and opinions.

  • lugnutmstr

    only a person from texass would say something like that. tell the truth not this fake or alternative point of view you have of the past Commander and Chief. That Paper Hanging Blowhard SOB is the laughing stock of the World. he has a hard on for putin and communism. Yes i’m a Californian, Mexican, Airborne Marine 78 to 98 SSGT. I don’t feel sorry for you in that sewer hold of texas. I wish you a long life so you can see Boo Boo screw you and your family members. Remember this!

    • old guy

      If your bitter comments were addressed to me, may I say Vaya con Dios, for your service and that I am a 90 year old WW2 vet, MOS 733 Tank jockey

  • El Kabong

    For libtwats, it’s always unicorns and rainbows.

    The facts suck, don’t they?

    Care to chat about Jimmy Carter’s utter ineptitude during the Iranian hostage crisis?

    How long were they held captive?

    • King Ancap

      If you have a point, please make it. Hostages were taken because CIA and MI6 orchestrated a coup to depose a popular and democratically elected president of Iran, in order to install a brutal puppet of British Petroleum. Don’t blame Carter for the hostages, blame those who authorized Operation Ajax.

      • hollygreen9

        Were you even alive when this all took place? It sounds like either you were too young, or just oblivious to what was going on.

  • old guy

    They won’t do that again. Mistook PREZ TRUMP for Abomination.

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    For those of you who are publicly “educated,” it’s called the Persian Gulf. USN propaganda notwithstanding. Perhaps the Iranian Navy should conduct wargames in the Gulf of Cuba. (If the USN can rename bodies of water so can I.)

    • old guy

      The article states clearly, in the first sentence, that it was the “Persian Gulf”.However, The watch stander called it the “Northern Arabian Gulf”, which is the name in My 1935 World Atlas. The alternate “Persian” has been promoted by Iran, SO ARABIAN, ARABIAN, ARABIAN. If they don’t like it, they can lump it. you owe an apology.

  • Ed L

    Where are the LCS? So the can combat this threat. Hey Admirals ask for another 20 to 30 Cyclone Class patrol craft

  • Centaurus

    We kill kill kil