• CharleyA

    Looks like it managed to get off the deck with one ASM. I wonder what the fuel load out was…..

  • DaSaint

    China joins the ranks of carrier-borne fixed wing jet aircraft. US, France, Russia, Spain, Italy, Thailand, and the UK. I think Brazil finally put their carrier out to pasture.

    • El_Sid

      Well, technically the UK is out of the carrier FJ game at the moment, but has at least taken baby steps towards getting back in the club in the last few days :

      https:// twitter com/RoyalNavy/status/881919203262988288

      And even a journalist is allowed in the F-35 simulator (video at end) :

      https://www thesun co uk/news/3959470/f-35-simulator-queen-elizabeth-aircraft-carrier/

  • Hugh

    20th anniversary of HK transferred back to China, with agreement to maintain 50 ongoing years of its democracy etc. Well, the Chinese have now stated things have changed and that the previous agreement no longer binds them! Typical of the Chinese – never trust a deal with them.

    As for the Brits handing HK back, part was on a 99 year lease and part was ongoing, but the latter was not viable without the former, so the whole of HK was transferred. And besides, the Brits hoped that HK would light the embers of democracy in China under capitalism – well it certainly saw capitalism take off in a huge way enabling the evil growth of a world military, but democracy remains dead.

  • RDF

    4 CDP, LSO platform on portside and in white. LENS looks the same. Taxi Directors in Yellow. Shooter hand signals identical. Green shirt cat/trap deck division. We should sue them for patent infringement. If the grapes are purple and crash and smash is red… its just thievery. didnt see any weightboard or writing on aircraft for GW. no grapes. no ordies. no crash and smash.

    • TomD

      😉 That will all turn out for the good if our relations improve in the coming years – uh, decades.

      • RDF

        wasnt it strange ? it looked strange same colors and same configurations.