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VIDEO: U.S. Destroyers Fire 59 Tomahawks on Syrian Airfield in Retaliation for Chemical Attack

This post has been updated to include additional information and will continue to be updated as new details become available.

Two U.S. guided-missile destroyers fired 59 Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles in a series of strikes on a Syrian airfield believed to be the origin point of a chemical weapons strike in the northern part of the country, several military officials told USNI News on Thursday night.

Destroyers USS Porter (DDG-78) and USS Ross (DDG-71) launched the strike from the Eastern Mediterranean at 8:40 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, or 4:40 a.m. on April 7 in Syria, Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis told reporters in an email statement. Davis added the U.S. military warned Russia of the attacks before the cruise missiles were launched, in accordance with deconfliction policies set up with both U.S. and Russian military assets operating, at times towards opposing goals, in close quarters.

The Tomahawk strike was centered on the al-Shayrat Airfield, which was believed to have launched the fixed-wing planes that carried out a chemical weapons strike on Tuesday on the town of Khan Sheikhoun. The strike by Assad government forces is believed to have killed dozens.

“Tonight, I ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield where the chemical attack was launched,” President Donald Trump said in a pre-recorded statement issued to the press.
“It is in this vital to the national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons. There can be no dispute that Syria used banned chemical weapons, violated its obligation its obligation under the chemical weapons convention and ignored the urging of the U.N. Security Council.”

USS Ross (DDG-71) fires a tomahawk land attack missile April 7, 2017. US Navy Photo

Davis said in his statement that “the strike was conducted using Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAMs) launched from the destroyers USS Porter and USS Ross in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. A total of 59 TLAMs targeted aircraft, hardened aircraft shelters, petroleum and logistical storage, ammunition supply bunkers, air defense systems, and radars. As always, the U.S. took extraordinary measures to avoid civilian casualties and to comply with the Law of Armed Conflict. Every precaution was taken to execute this strike with minimal risk to personnel at the airfield.”

“The strike was a proportional response to Assad’s heinous act,” Davis’s statement continued.
“Shayrat Airfield was used to store chemical weapons and Syrian air forces. The U.S. intelligence community assesses that aircraft from Shayrat conducted the chemical weapons attack on April 4. The strike was intended to deter the regime from using chemical weapons again.”

A U.S. military official told USNI News that Russian forces in the country were given a “heads up” ahead of the launch of the missiles. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a statement that the U.S. did not seek Moscow’s permission for the strike.

Image courtesy of the Defense Department.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who serves on the Senate foreign relations and intelligence committees, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper this evening that “I don’t believe this is a message; I believe this is actually a tactical action that furthers an objective, which is important. My guess is, and I think you’ll see confirmation of it shortly, al-Shayrat Airfield, which is where these chemical attacks were launched from with fixed-wing aircraft a couple days ago, is going to be the target, and that is the airfield from which the chemical attacks were launched. It’s also a critical point in a part of the country where they’re battling rebels, non-ISIS rebels, in the northern part of Syria. So as I said, it’s an important and decisive step that was taken. It is not a message; it is an actual degrading of the capability of Syrian regime to carry out further chemical attacks against innocent civilians. This will degrade their capability to launch those attacks from the air, and I think it was an important step and hopefully it’s part of a comprehensive strategy moving forward to bring to a close this chaos that’s happening in Syria.”

Asked about the significance of this first attack in the bigger context of the ongoing situation in Syria, Rubio told Cooper, “I’m not saying this accomplishes everything, but I am telling you that this is the area from which those chemical attacks were launched and where we were going to see future attacks come from, particularly targeting innocent civilians in an area where the regime felt it was losing territory after making significant gains.”

Regarding Russian forces operating nearby in Western Syria, Rubio told CNN that “I imagine they were not the ones targeted but again, if the Russians are there on the ground assisting Assad in the commission of these heinous crimes, war crimes, they should answer for that, and they certainly have put themselves in harm’s way. The second point I would make in regards to all this is the absurdity of the Russian position. With a straight face they are arguing that these chemical weapons are actually because of the rebels, which is absurd. And the third point is, Russia should be embarrassed and ashamed, they are the ones telling the world that there were no nerve agents, that there were no chemical weapons left. We know that for the better part of this year Assad has been using chlorine bombs against innocent civilians and population centers, and now a couple days ago a nerve agent, Sarin. So the Russians have been covering for Assad, and if not for the Russians Assad would not be in power, and if not for the Russians Assad would not have the capability and much less the gall to conduct the sort of attack we saw just a couple days ago.”

USS Ross (DDG 71) fires a tomahawk land attack missile April 7, 2017. US Navy Photo

Senate Armed Services Committee chairman and member Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) released the following statement tonight: “We salute the skill and professionalism of the U.S. Armed Forces who carried out tonight’s strikes in Syria. Acting on the orders of their commander-in-chief, they have sent an important message the United States will no longer stand idly by as Assad, aided and abetted by Putin’s Russia, slaughters innocent Syrians with chemical weapons and barrel bombs.

“Unlike the previous administration, President Trump confronted a pivotal moment in Syria and took action,” the statement continues.

“For that, he deserves the support of the American people. Building on tonight’s credible first step, we must finally learn the lessons of history and ensure that tactical success leads to strategic progress. That means following through with a new, comprehensive strategy in coordination with our allies and partners to end the conflict in Syria. The first measure in such a strategy must be to take Assad’s air force—which is responsible not just for the latest chemical weapons attack, but countless atrocities against the Syrian people—completely out of the fight. We must also bolster support for the vetted Syrian opposition and establish safe zones to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis. As we do, we can and must continue the campaign to achieve ISIS’s lasting defeat.”

USS Porter (DDG-78) on Jan. 6, 2017. US Navy Photo

USS Porter (DDG-78) on Jan. 6, 2017. US Navy Photo

The following is the complete statement sent by Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis:

At the direction of the president, U.S. forces conducted a cruise missile strike against a Syrian Air Force airfield today at about 8:40 p.m. EDT (4:40 a.m., April 7, in Syria). The strike targeted Shayrat Airfield in Homs governorate, and were in response to the Syrian government’s chemical weapons attack April 4 in Khan Sheikhoun, which killed and injured hundreds of innocent Syrian people, including women and children.

The strike was conducted using Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAMs) launched from the destroyers USS Porter and USS Ross in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. A total of 59 TLAMs targeted aircraft, hardened aircraft shelters, petroleum and logistical storage, ammunition supply bunkers, air defense systems, and radars. As always, the U.S. took extraordinary measures to avoid civilian casualties and to comply with the Law of Armed Conflict. Every precaution was taken to execute this strike with minimal risk to personnel at the airfield.

The strike was a proportional response to Assad’s heinous act. Shayrat Airfield was used to store chemical weapons and Syrian air forces. The U.S. intelligence community assesses that aircraft from Shayrat conducted the chemical weapons attack on April 4. The strike was intended to deter the regime from using chemical weapons again.

Russian forces were notified in advance of the strike using the established deconfliction line. U.S. military planners took precautions to minimize risk to Russian or Syrian personnel located at the airfield.

We are assessing the results of the strike. Initial indications are that this strike has severely damaged or destroyed Syrian aircraft and support infrastructure and equipment at Shayrat Airfield, reducing the Syrian Government’s ability to deliver chemical weapons. The use of chemical weapons against innocent people will not be tolerated.

  • Murray

    Bravo Zulu. Prepare for a massive cyber attack from Russia in response.

    • Samuel Clemens

      BS. Putin is celebrating playing the Trump amateurs yet again. All loss, no gain in the Region for this move.

      • dont know anymore

        You really have NO clue do you…..

        • Samuel Clemens

          YAAHA – Yet Another Ad Hominem Attack. The right wing hates reason itself so much they have literally lost their minds. Too much Kool aid destroys the very ability to think.

      • JackBootedThug✓

        Still butthurt over the election, huh?

        • Samuel Clemens

          Get over it. You own everything that happen now. This is your mess entirely. Not doing very well with any of it, are you? Repeal, replace, fumble, hide. Sec of State missing in action. NSC is chaos. Russian agent after Russian agent revealed. Swamp monsters everywhere. Mouth moving, must be a lie. Just wait for 2018. Elections have consequences. But most of all congrats on the usual right wing logical fallacy by means of ad homomen attack. Those who reject rational thought and common sense are doom to make a fool of themselves by revealing the low quality of their own arguments. Some things are self evident.

  • Schiele

    The message has been sent. “Cave Tyrannis”. I applaud Pesident Trump’s decision to to strike hard and fast against Syria’s WMDs. I am all but certain that the Shayrat air base is all but a smoldering ruin, a smoking pit in the ground thanks to the USS Porter and USS Ross. This message was not only meant for Assad but perhaps for Iran, North Korea and possibly even Russia.
    My concern lies with Russia. They’ve been propping up Syria since the Cold War. Russia has gained a large air base near Palmyra and Assad has granted permission for the building of a naval base on the Syrian Coast. I believe that Russia desires to create a permanant foothold in the Middle East by way of Syria. If there is a regime change in Syria and Bashar al-Assad is forced from power, things could take a bad turn for Russia in the region.
    My final concern entails complete Russian support for Assad. This could completely destroy US-Russia relations and send us spiraling into a far reaching conflict. I have studied Russia and the former USSR for over thirty years. I liken Putin’s expansionism to the early years of the Cold War when the USSR began to subjugate Eastern Europe.
    When the oppressed cannot stand on their own, we must stand for them with a mighty sword in our hand.

    -J.M. Shealy, A proud USNI Member

    • Samuel Clemens

      As spoken just as well as a proud member of ISIS. Legitimacy, be damned we are right because we have might. Of course you will proudly offer to shelter those for whom you rush out the push button sword. Of course you will.

      • Agent 99

        ^ Hillary voter.

        • Duane

          That’s dumb … Democrats and Republicans and independents alike are horrified at the genocide underway in Syria for the last three years since the Russians intervened on behalf of Assad. Statements of support for Trump’s ordering the attack have come in from leaders of both parties, including Republicans like McCain and Graham who are GOP never-Trumpers.

          I am a never-Trumper, I am an independent … and a huge critic of Trump. He did the right thing here. I hope he follows up.

          This has nothing to do with internal partisan politics .. it is a matter of morality.

          • Markey Farrell

            when you deal with liberals (aka democrats) it is ALWAYS partisan politics. ALWAYS. Morality was completely lacking in anything Clinton.

          • Samuel Clemens

            Morality. An act of war without Constitutional authority. Killing people who you fear, loath and live in self inflicted terror of them darkening your own soil. What if they have a laptop – run away, run away. That is your humanitarian morality. And please will the right wing stop hating reason so much that the only form of argument ever used is ad hominem fallacies. Check your grade 4 home schooling books for explanation.

          • Samuel Clemens

            Sure. Sure. The response could have been to drop medical supplies on the rebel areas which came under attack. It could have been to put a blockade and embargo on Assad. It could have been to arm the rebels fighting to resist Assad in their own country. It could have been to begin a coherent campaign to repeal and replace the Damascus regime. But that would take skill, coherence and ability. Nope, let the push button heroes have another go.

            Hey, the response could have been to take in another 50,000 refugees. It could have been, you know humanitarian, diplomatic, and purposeful. Not just the biggest global bully breaking his own Constitutional system to have the pleasure of another killing in an act of war against yet another Muslim country. Boy are the chicken hawks liking this one. Maybe we can built a wall next time.

            The action could have been to help people who are suffering. But no, it was to add further destruction to a hardened military target in a war zone with advanced notice of the attack through their Russian allies. Wanna bet the BDAs will leak out showing this act of war to have been a bunch of grandstanding?

            So riddle me this batman, how come our push button warriors rained tons of very expensive explosives on a country whose people we live in quaking fear and terror that their shadows might darken our own land? Tell me again about this isn’t politics but rather it is just more American military morality that if we don’t like the TV images we kill whoever we want in your country with no benefit even to those we pretend to love but really fear and loath with such passion? What rain will wash us clean for such morality.

          • Duane

            You’re really dumb, dude. Samuel Clemens you clearly aren’t.

            Our attack was limited to blowing up the airbase that was the direct source of the nerve gas attacks on Syrian civilians a couple days ago.

            We need to do much more – we need to decapitate the bloody genocidal Assad regime, which is a prerequisite to any end to the civil war.

          • Samuel Clemens

            First it is an act of war against a sovereign nation without Constitutional approval. There has been no independent verification of the alleged gas attack and just as importantly how it was undertaken. The most dishonest administration who lies about verifiable false matters over and over does not inspire confidence. Let us add those are the lies AFTER inauguration. It also puts the US special forces at greater risk who are now enemy combatants who invaded without tacit permission. Remember that when the boxes start coming home.

            Second it is an anti-humanitarian gesture that ignores the suffering of the people who were the direct target of a war crime. Those people are also the target of fear, hate, loathing and permanent exclusion from this country. We fear so much as their six month old babies. God help them if a Syrian approaches with a laptop. Shot’em dead standing your ground. That is how much we hate them. They and the rest of the world know. The American push button warriors are cowards who fear the very children of the people they attack. If it makes you proud fine, but it makes me and other people of decency very sick.

            Third we gave advance notice through the Russians against a hardened military target in a war zone after years to prepare. It does nothing to stop mortar rounds or other forms of localized delivery. It does nothing to help the defenders prepare for repeated attacks. Worse yet, it does nothing to weaken Assad. He and Trump’s admiration of the Russian strong arm protection is undiminished. Putin stands by his dictators. This mission served no useful purpose. The BDAs a week from now will show no change in operational status. One has to be a least a little suspicious where in the FSB and GRU this whole discrediting adventure was hatched. Speaking of Russian loving right wing tendencies. Look in the mirror next time you praise Putin and his boyz in the White House.

          • Lasher

            What business is it of ours, Duane?

          • On Dre

            “it is a matter of morality”
            Morality includes doing the right thing….even when unpopular. Trump has No, nothing, zilch, nada, authorization to strike Assad NO MATTER HOW MUCH ASSAS DESERVES TO BE HIT! BHO came to congress and congress said no. DJT needs to do the same. Will he? No. The republicans are a cult operation who twist facts to their current talking points. Before it was emperor Obama for all of his so-called unilateral actions. So the fact that chicken hawks here and in congress falling over themselves over Trump’s ‘bold action’ is not surprising.
            With that in mind lets realize Trump and the republicans do not care about Muslims or innocent children. He does care about “looking tough” which is still not authorization to start hitting Assad.

          • Duane

            He has all the authorization he needs as Commander in Chief of the US military under our Constitution. All US presidents have had the right to defend vital US interests without Congressional approval. The Constitution is not a suicide pact.

          • Lasher

            How in the name of whoever your God is, interfering in political affairs half-way around the world where we have no vital interests of our own, a right?

          • Lasher

            Is it moral to bankrupt the country for the benefit of the Zionists?

      • Schiele

        Sir: Perhaps you didn’t get the memo of high altitude optical sattelite photos of the Syrian aircraft leaving Shayrat airfield just prior to the chemical attack.

        • Lasher

          Nor did I, Jeff, did you?

          • Schiele


    • Just tell Russia they can have Syria, who gives a crap.

    • JackBootedThug✓

      Russia stated its support of Assad was not unconditional…this gave Trump the green light. Whether I agree with the strike is another thing, as I see Muslim killing Muslim a good thing, which will save us a bit of work later on.

      • Lasher

        Do you feel the same way about the Jews who are destroying our country, old sport?

    • wcplace

      Thank you for your service Sir!

    • Doubtom

      What a load of crap! Referring to Putin’s “expansionism”, while the US has more bases in foreign nations than all the other nations of the world combined, means you’re either blind or just plain ignorant. You might even be stupid, if you think we have to go elsewhere to find “oppressed people”. You have too much puss on what passes for a brain.

      • Schiele

        Sir or Madame: Your ignorance astounds me, but does not surprise me. People who are incapable of of civil debate generally use deragatory or biased inflammatroy statements to attempt to convey their message. Further insult and the use of loose vulgarity while trying to get your point across suggests that your own I.Q. is way below the baseline. Neanderthal comes to mind. Your reading comprhension is obviously low. Perhaps you should spend more time in heavily forested areas and sling your feces there.

        • Lasher

          “Derogatory.” “Inflammatory.”

      • Lasher


        • Doubtom

          That stupid symbol of ignorance says all that is necessary about the state of your mind. Dumbass cracker.

    • Lasher

      Even if it bankrupts us and makes us a pariah?

      • Schiele

        We’re already bankrupt. Every ally we have has agreed with the decision we’ve taken. The only “nay sayers” are Syria, Russia and Iran.

  • Andre

    I want to see the base – April 7 😀

    Good stuff. Testing Trump by using Sarin on kids. And shame on the Iranians, victims of Iraq’s chemical weapons, for allowing it.

    For once, Moscow is on the backfoot, complaining that something is “negative” or “unhelpful”…

  • Andre

    Great photos and video…

    • Samuel Clemens

      So bloodless, the beauty of our weapons falling on those we fear on sight in our own land. We will kill ’em, but never live with them. Very inspiring.

      • ricmar

        They can’t live with tribal neighbors that have been there thousands of years, are you kiddin me?

        • Samuel Clemens


  • Samuel Clemens

    Just how is this going to stop barrel bombs and mortar attacks or the further production of chemical weapons? Is this how you show solidarity with the people of a country from whom you coward in fear of the their very shadow upon your own land? It is a great way to become a pariah nation yourself. Might be time to further the status of the most hated outside power in the Region by moving the embassy to Jerusalem and further backing the suppression of an occupied people into a stateless condition for another four generations. After all the borders are adjacent. While we are at it, let’s celebrate the brutal dictatorship just to west in Eqypt just welcomed to the White house. It is not like brown people can see hypocrisy like we can, they won’t get it. If they do, we will take their laptops away. As for the supposedly destroyed airbase – after decades and decades of the US pounding the area, people get pretty good at defending and rebuilding quickly. This isn’t the first Baathist government that could do so. Be prepared for less than stellar BDA a week from now.

    Perhaps, we missed something in the announcement but what attack upon American interests made this into a “retaliation”. This is little more than the joy of letting loose with high tech push button weapons to kill at a distance over a philosophical principle. Somehow given the fear and loathing of those people by this administration and the millions in their political base, the claimed “humanitarian” motive of yet more bombs dropping on a war ravaged country is just a tad suspect. There has not been international verification. There is no legitimacy on any other basis than “because we can and you can’t touch us”. After committing this overt act of war, the US special forces in Syria clearly do not have any tacit approval to be there except as a foreigner invader. One hopes all those coldly celebrating the joy of unleashing weapons of mass killing will remember that when the boxes come home with dead US personnel and eulogies try to explain for what they died because nobody seem quite clear. There is no bigger objective. They is no diplomatic goal. There is only Fox News. They might also wonder under a supposedly Constitutional system of governance how this was authorized. Apparently in a Republican era, there are no such limitation, the US Constitution is missing in action somewhere in the rubble.

    • Too long, didn’t read

      • ricmar

        Ya didn’t miss much, just a JACKHOLE walking all over their lower lip

      • Samuel Clemens

        Obviously that says everything.

      • SmithWinston6478

        LRUN, Almost no paragraph separation, either. Grammar school writing skills propelled by leftist frustration.

    • Michelle Palmateer

      Did you profer an equally useless diatribe when Bill Clinton attacked a base in Afghanistan with cruise missiles? I seriously doubt it and Slick didn’t have congressional approval either. That strike was against a foreigner on Afghani soil nonetheless. Slick attacked a sovereign nation and my guess is that you kept your piehole shut. You may want to dumb it down regarding your posts. Most liberals here and elsewhere just won’t get it. Most conservatives would likely laugh at your foolishness, while disagreeing wholeheartedly with your post.

      • Samuel Clemens

        YAAHA – Yet Another Ad Hominem Attack. The right wing hates reason itself so much they have literally lost their minds. Too much Kool aid destroys the very ability to think.

        Your bipolar view of world may be self serving, but has no evidence to back it up.

        Now consider Clinton’s attack on Bin Landen as opposed by way of comparions to Bush’s record of aiding the same family’s escape from American territory without interrogation and his utter failure to lift a finger against Osama and his utter indifference to that failure. Clinton attacked an independent non-state organization and individual who were former allies but had by then committed criminal acts against the United States, its properties, diplomatic facilities, and killed American citizens. He did not attack the sovereign nation, he attacked international outlaws.

        Finally, consider that Clinton’s attack was ineffectual for the same reason that Trumps will be. It takes time for the push button warrior’s weapons to arrive. Osama had moved by the time of impact. Trump gave advanced warning through the Russians. [We will leave aside this could well have been planned in Moscow in the first place.] He attacked a military hardened target in a war zone. You really think that place won’t be operational within a week.

        But Trump will keep us safe from those brown people with their religion that is not the same as ours who we fear and loath so much that we quake at the mere thought their shadows could darken a patch of our land. He stands proud representing cowardly Americans who will kill these people with push button weapons but never, ever help them or let them come near. Definitely not pro-life on this one. Conservative, liberals, socialists, libertarians, fasicists can all agree on that.

    • ClarkKent

      bla, bla, bla…
      stick with novels clementine,
      or you can lecture a trumpster face to face in Berkley, later this month?

      • Samuel Clemens

        YAAHA – Yet Another Ad Hominem Attack. The right wing hates reason itself so much they have literally lost their minds. Too much Kool aid destroys the very ability to think.

    • cslamer

      I said much the same thing above and agree with you 100% but you need to look a little deeper and follow the money because after all war means BIG profits and who holds ALL the cards when it comes to profits?

      If you guess the international banking cartels with their worthless fiat paper money scams you are a winner because they have used the US military as their enforcers since they took over our government back in 1913 and have been the “shadow government” that runs everything ever since.

      Why do you think we have a “legal” obligation to have a balanced budget and sometimes even make a show of producing one, yet our debt has continues to sky rocket exponentially ever since they took power over 100 years ago?

      Until the debt based monetary system is outlawed worldwide and central banks as well, we will always remain under their thumb because they never run out of worthless paper to sell to you at full face value plus interest over 30 years and that gives them the power to buy anyone or anything they wish.

  • ClarkKent



  • Imperator Cydonius

    Anyone wanna bet that there will be more convenient sarin attacks around Syria now as the rebels (who are really ISIS) deploy their stocks and then sit back and watch the US become their own private military as they retaliate against an innocent Assad?

    • grape soda


      All the other killing of innocent Syrians isnt Assads fault either. The bottom line is that the war in Syria must end and Trump is at least doing something to stop it. Obama was nothing but a useless referee who let the killing go on as long as Assad did not use chemical weapons.

      • Stevart

        By how, helping out our ISIS allies by bombing Syria so the Saudis can build a pipeline to Turkey? You’re brilliant, grape!

        • grape soda


          Please point out where Asad used chemical weapons on ISIS?

          It never happened. Why is ISIS even still in Syria if what you claim is true? Russia is bombing the people who oppose Asad. Killing a few members of ISIS does not give Asad the right to gas his own people and kill approximately 500k while wounding another 1 million.

          Iran is backing Asad. The same Iran who pray for death to the west and for Israel to blown of the face of the planet. So, yeah, lets leave Asad in power and back the guy who is killing his own people because they want more freedom and human rights.

          Obama is gone and its time to grow a spine.

          • Stevart

            He didn’t gas his own people! Have a nice day.

          • Kahuna22

            Stevart, what do you base your information on? Do you have some proof or insight into the intelligence community which shows otherwise? You do know we have satellites which take videos and most likely could prove whether or not the chemical weapons were launched from that airfield, right?

    • They have satellite footage of the chemical attack and the plane landing at that base. I am not saying the CIA lies, but this is pretty clear cut if it’s on film.

      • Stevart

        I agree. Yep. Totally. Couldn’t agree more. Right. On film. Clear cut. Right.

      • cslamer

        and you know this how?
        please provide links!

        • Duane

          Numerous DOD sources told the news media yesterday that we had the video of the Syrian aircraft taking off, flying to the target area where numerous eyewitnesses saw the bombs drop and the sarin dispersed, then fly back to the Syrian airbase we just destroyed. Senators Rubio, McCain, and members of the Democrat minority also confirmed that the proof was on video.

          Our eyes in the sky know exactly what aircraft are taking off and where they are flying 100% of the time. There is no hiding.

          Turkish doctors confirmed onsite via autopsy that sarin nerve agent was the killer. Doctors Without Borders also confirmed that the victims showed all the symptoms of a nerve agent attack. Bomb craters were created in the middle of the area where the sarin bombs landed, shown on video on news last evening.

          How much confirmation do you need? Or are you a member of the AltRight that is furiously spinning this as a “deep state” deception? Like your buddy Alex Jones.

      • Justavet

        They could very well have satellite imagery of the plane. The thing is was the plane loaded with a conventional weapon and then hit a munitions stockpile of chemical weapons?

        If the Assad regime knew the target had chemical weapons, it is the same effect. However, if these chemical weapons were stockpiled by the rebels, and they maintained their location within a populated area, then it is a different story.

        We all know these “fighters” whether they are ISIS allied, Al Qadea allied or even Hamas, they do stockpile weapons within civilian centers.

        I think back to the yellow uranium cake we went to war over. Is the intelligence community “wrong” again? Frankly, I just don’t know who to believe anymore.

    • Duane

      Do the commenters here not have the ability to understand what this dude wrote? Sheesh, a dozen upvotes … must be Putin unleashed his troll horde here this morning first thing.

    • Lasher

      It is my belief that all that Sarin gas is being manufactured by those brilliant, Nobel-Prize-winning, Jewish Zionists who are so good at things like that.

  • ricmar

    In the morning we should get some excellent shots of what is left of the Air Base Field, I would say it is unusable at this point. Russia’s brat just got spanked

  • Bombastic Bushkin

    All the internationalists, all the globalists and ”liberal-progressives” in the US want war with Russia. CIA and neo-con created rebels did the Syrian gas attack to drag the world into war. You can see this one a mile away. Fact is, Al Qaeda and Al-Nusra got caught launching chemical attacks repeatedly before.

    Why would Assad, clearly at the brink of victory, suddenly use a gas attack to make everyone turn against him? Makes zero sense and most people should realize this. Like saying Assad put a bullet in his head to celebrate his impending victory. Totally false flag.

    For all those who want war with a superpower, even those in the media hiding behind a mike, you’re never too old to enlist in the military or to be killed or have your legs blown-off. If the world survives such crisis, still billions could die.

    • James Boom

      I agree, Assad would be mad to use gas when he is on the verge of winning the civil war. This whole thing stinks/smells like a set up.

      Looks like the deep state/establishment have got what they wanted after all.

      It pissed me off when Serbia was bombed, this has pissed me off too. Why are we bombing the opponents of islamists?

      • In this particular case they were behaving as bad as the Islamists. We just gave them a spank, maybe now they will get their crap togeather and go kill ISIS.

    • Nobody wants a war with Russia, because it would be real quick a nuclear war and nothing left. Now a Cold War, where we spend trillions with defense contractors and lobbyists, I will agree with that.

      • RDF

        The strategic imperative in the future is US + Russia + India against China and the Islamic terrorists. The only thing standing in the way, is Vladimir Putin.

      • Lasher

        And what percentage of those defense contractors and lobbyists would you guess are Zionists? Afraid to name the enemy?

    • Agent 99

      You sound an awful lot like the people who think Sandy Hook was staged/false flag.

      • 19April1775

        What an idiot.

        • Agent 99

          Turn away from the mirror, honey.

          All you armchair quarterbacks can shove your conspiracy theories up your bungholes.

          • RDF

            haha. I like it. succinct.

          • Lasher

            Simplicity for the simpletons.

      • Lasher

        Wasn’t it?

    • RDF

      There is only one SuperPower left standing Mr. Bombast. You are looking at it.

      • Lasher

        Is that a license to bully the rest of the world?

        • RDF

          No. Just on Disqus.

    • NealWV

      Just wondering, do you always have a conspiracy theory behind everything? I bet the US gov took out the WTC and we didn’t land on the moon either huh? They’ve managed to keep those under wraps but couldn’t keep something as complex as nukes secret.

      • Lasher

        Well, Doubting Thomas, it is possible the moon has been landed on. As far as the WTC, you need to do some research, old sport.

    • Duane

      Boo hoo, Putin lover … go back to RT and cry in your vodka with your fellow travellers.

    • Lasher

      Don’t talk sense in here.

  • Brutus974

    So, if I was an enemy of America (:looks at North Korea:) I think I’d be asking myself whether Trump would strike me.

    There was no warning.
    The Trump administration has said they’re done commenting on North Korea. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    • Robert Bruner

      A U.S. military official told USNI News that Russian forces in the country were given a “heads up” ahead of the launch of the missiles.

      If Russia and Syria are allies then they did get a warning. Just saying.

      • Michael Lowery

        I would doubt it strictly because I am sure there was an understanding that informing the Syrians mean no “heads ups” given before future strikes. Although if I am right, that would make for some awkward conversations today between Syrian and Russian officials.

      • NealWV

        A warning right before it happens is no warning at all. They were going after the personnel. The equipment and planes would not have had time to be moved to safety. I’m sure they told them but all they could do was evacuate the people before the missiles started falling.

        • denis urbano

          Sure, so you are telling me that the US will hit Russians planes and war material and after that nothing will happen. You are crazy, the US knows that you can not attack Russian Planes, in fact, every single country in the world knows two things….you can not attack US and Russian assets without expecting retaliation. The attack was an advise, just an advise, specially for Syria and the world.

          • Glint Breightly

            The Russian planes are [presumably] at a different location within or without the airbase. It was a precision strike against Syrian assets. Have you heard Russia squawking about losing any aircraft? Didn’t think so.

          • TexanForever

            These were Syrian warplanes, dummy, on a Syrian air base. The aircraft delivering the illegal sarin nerve gas on civilians was Syrian, a Russian built Sukhoy, given (or sold) to Assad.

            Russia is not wealthy and the last thing Putin wants is a costly war. So many Americans under 30 have no concept of how America used to be. I’ve seen the changes since the early 1930’s and we have deteriorated so much during the liberal era.

          • vetolongwene

            Liberals – the enemy within.

            Schumer, Pelosi, Obama – perfect examples – and poster children for term limits (and why we need Planned Parenthood!)

          • Tommy Tunez

            vetolongwene – you forgot to mention CuntLIARy Rotten Scankles.

          • Mayhem

            Are you talking about Hillary Cunton????

          • vetolongwene

            you are correct. Terrible oversite.
            Maybe freudian even (ie please Clintons and Obamas – JUST GO AWAY!!!)

          • Scott Shannon

            Don’t forget McCain and Graham.

          • Doubtom

            While you’re the perfect example of a total idiot – no doubt a Trumpster supporter.

          • vetolongwene

            takes one to know one.

          • Obamabot

            “every single country in the world knows two things….you can not attack US and Russian assets without expecting retaliation” – That only applies to the rest of the world…Russia will not touch the US

          • Lasher

            War “materiel.”
            Russian planes.

      • peacenprosperity

        The bombing was intended for fixed targets and infrastructure. We wanted to destroy jets, buildings and runways. A two minute warning isn’t going to get the jets in the air.

    • JackBootedThug✓

      North Korea is not Syria. The guy in NK is so unhinged and unpredictable, he just may do something preemptively just to counter Trump’s quick response if he feels a threat..

      • That’s more reason to take him out preemptively.

        • Maybe

          But that vaults us into a nuclear was with China instantly.

      • Samuel Clemens

        Which were you describing, the unhinged leader of a chaotic government in Pyongyang or Washington, DC.

        Heaven help us all. At least in Washington, DC, Putin has much more direct control of the leader to prevent going all the way to WWIII.

        • Brutus974

          Isn’t that Putin comment getting a bit old now?

          • Samuel Clemens

            Dude, get over it. Putin won the election.

      • Brutus974

        We’d better get to him quick, then.

    • cslamer

      With so very many “wars” currently being fought by Americans all over the globe President Trump has his hands full but it does not seem to stop or even slow him down when it comes to picking new fights or “standing up for the little guys” like we are doing in the south China sea.

      With the new special ops command HQ in the Congo I thought trump would start small and pick a nothing country in Africa rich in resources to fight his “war on terror” so that they could kick out the terrorists, take over the country, install a puppet grubbermint, and then open a new branch of the federal reserve and central bank so the fiat money scams can begin to transfer ownership of the country to the banksters.

      This policy of “nation building” has been going on for the last 4 decades and trump is looking like he wants to be the next LBJ in halting the “red menace” that has been revamped into the “war on terror” so that American imperialism can continue to expand across the globe and keep the power of the international banking cartels growing.

      • Inebrius

        Someone forgot to take their medication this morning…

        • incredulous1

          Do you know what medicine they take for anti-US power / Trump derangement syndrome. Trump did not create these messes. But as everyone is finding out he has little patience for bullshit and is not into drawing pink lines in the sand. Take heed Un – your days are numbered.

          • Lasher

            Trump is now showing himself as just another tool of the international Zionist conspiracy.

      • Recapitate

        Focus, Focus. This is April 7, 2017.
        While reliving old traumas vicariously, is not PTSD, it is leftism, so still a mental disorder. Please don’t abuse the world around you with your personal symptoms. Shut up and get help.

        • Doubtom

          Do everyone a favor F- off!

      • wcplace

        Take a quart of Thorazine and a handful of Ritalin and call me in the morning, if you wake up!

        • Philbert McNutt

          Quaaludes. You forgot the quaaludes.

      • ParaBellum11b

        wtf are you going on about?!

        • Doubtom

          That you don’t understand what he’s putting forth is all the indicator one needs to brand you as ignorant.

      • Mark

        It is what it is: play the hand you’re dealt as best you can, bluff that you have the hand you want.

      • Philbert McNutt

        cslamer – There is a new start-up that does deep cleaning, tuning, and adjustments on hats like yours. Give them a call at 1-800-TIN FOIL

      • Lasher

        Don’t you mean the “Zionist imperialism?”

      • Lasher

        It’s more like Israel building than nation building.

    • Murphy’s Mom

      And no tweets, either. And no “lines in the sand” to be ignored after the aforementioned tweets.

    • Somebody should lay a picture of the cruise missile entering Qaddafi’s bedroom window on Pork Chop’s pillow…

    • Eddie_Valiant

      Knowing how much of a loon Kimmy boy is, I’m willing to bet the US and other members of the intel community have him under such tight surveillance, they know every time he passes gas. The Syrian strike should be a message to Kimmy that there will be consequences if he lights off a rocket aimed at Seoul or the US west coast. Being that he is such a nutjob, he probably ignored the message. I hope he likes his dinner well-charred, because that’s what’s in store for him if the button gets pushed.

      • Brutus974

        ” intel community have him under such tight surveillance, they know every time he passes gas”

        Probably not or he’d already be dead.

    • Samuel Clemens

      Try it idiot. Just see what happens. The Pentagon knows and has no appetite. The blood of millions of our allies in South Korea including the utter destruction of their capital city will be on your hands as well as the smallish number of US military personnel, some 24,000 of them who are the least of it.

      • Brutus974

        Well no, that blood would plainly be on North Korea’s hands and to a lesser extent every single politician that let North Korea do it.

        Cancer requires surgery. Ignoring it only makes it worse.

        • Samuel Clemens

          If you were the one willing to die, it might still be an awful idea, but at least you would deserve it. Gleefully sacrificing millions of other people while sitting in false moral judgement is despicable.

          • Brutus974

            Sad that you’re doing so. Wait until the threat gets larger and more people will die; always a good plan.

          • Samuel Clemens

            Go stand on the 38th parallel and show the merit of a true chicken hawk.

          • Brutus974

            You’re advocating we wait until the problem is catastrophic before addressing it.

          • Samuel Clemens

            No, I am advocating not creating a catastrophe. You may remember the chicken hawks wanted to nuke the Soviet Union first. Turned out not to be the way to deal with the USSR.

          • Brutus974

            Right. We chose to let the USSR murder tens of millions of people than risk any of our lives stopping it. Helpfully, the USSR wasn’t threatening to nuke the US every other week.

            I suppose if we just let Hitler run amok we could have saved American lives. Or something. That was the argument in 1939, at least.

          • Samuel Clemens

            Right terminate civilization over moralizing. Maybe you like the argument in 1963 where America wound up killing 2 million people who today are our natural allies against China or the half million slaughtered digging the hole under lies and numerous war crimes in Iraq. Not clean hands looking for more to kill while terrified their six month old babies might show up on the same street. Not inspiring. Gosh let’s drop 22,000 pound bombs on people with light arms. Imagine if the Russian did that. Titch titch. Endless hours of moral superiority to express.

    • Lasher

      What kind of warning did the people of Syria have that they were about to be attacked by those Serin gas missiles?

      • Brutus974

        You must have meant to reply to someone else rather than my comment about North Korea…

  • Pole_cat

    SOOO Glad the Russians rigged the election.

  • 57nomad

    Forestalling a visit by the Floating Gray American Ambassadors is powerful force for peace in the world

  • Vlad Pufagtinenko


  • A. Edelstein

    Very good Trump! As a Jew I was not supportive of you or your followers. But I see you have taken the necessary measures to secure for us our Greater Israel. Assad was in fact our wall in the region. We praise you Trump, Shalom!

  • Pole_cat

    An estimated 5,000 Kurds, mostly women and children, were killed when Iraqi jets dropped poison gas on Halabja.

    • $76692357

      Why was that our business?

      • msb204

        Why is it our business to take on illegal aliens or refugees?

        • $76692357

          We should take ZERO illegals and refugees.
          All illegals, and refugees found here should be removed asap.

      • Pole_cat

        Didn’t say it was, you just can’t say Saddam
        DIDN’T have chemical weapons when he clearly did and he clearly used them. Islam loves WMD’s because Islam is obsessed
        with the indiscriminate harvesting souls for Allah.

        • $76692357

          We’re clearly on the same team and disagree about this action.
          I never said Iraq didn’t have WMD, my point was interfering there was/is a disaster. The same will happen with Syria. The Middle East destroys every president that’s been there.

          • Pole_cat

            Nation Building and trying to bring American Individualism to places where they literally worship Slavery as a religion is indeed nuts. I can easily ignore my jerk neighbor but when he starts cooking meth or beating his wife and kids….

  • $76692357

    Looks like the neocon filth got to Trump. No way Bannon was in favor of this world police epic stupidity.
    I’m a Trump supporter, but I’m 100% against this pointless action in Syria. This is NOT what I voted for.

    • DanJR

      Lime… I’m there with you, but I don’t think Trump is going to do another Libya here, he’s smarter than that. This accomplishes many things. First, it sends a message to Assad not to use chem weapons on his people (as well as the rebel groups on civ populations), it sends a message to North Korea’s fattest boy, and it also happens to silence ALL of the critics claiming Trump and Putin are best buds riding horses together in high school and going on fishing trips in the gulf of mexico.

      • $76692357

        I hope you’re right.

      • On Dre

        My guess…
        Assad just gasses more extreme elements of the rebels. The AQ types. Then cry that we are hitting his forces that are fighting AQ. Many of you are sooo in the Fox news world you don’t see how others see us. Mind you that doesn’t mean you agree with them but that you get their perspective.

        • DanJR

          I doubt he gasses again… it’s impossible to gas people without innocent civilians being caught in the mix (Trump’s reason for striking in the first place). Believe me, I know very well how everyone sees us, I’ve lived in China and I don’t tout a Fox News perspective; I’m usually in disagreement with them on most Foreign Policy issues… especially provocation of war in the Middle East or godforbid creating another Libya or Egypt… which would be a total disaster.

    • Jeff W

      I seriously doubt you voted for Trump anyway. Nice try.

      • $76692357

        Who cares what you doubt? I’ve never voted for a vile democrat or republican in my life before Trump. I’m in favor of the constitution, neocon or libtard animal.

  • grape soda

    Navy personnel. Do the nautical flags on the USS Ross say that they need medical attention?

    The flag with the red square surrounded by a blue square according to the flag chart.

    • When their hung in a series, they have a group meaning to the flag series. They don’t hold their individual meanings at that point.

  • Stevart


  • cslamer

    Notice how nobody in power made one single peep about how the tired old line about “weapons of mass destruction” was trotted out in such a timely manner yet ZERO proof was offered to back up this 2.0 claim? I hope he does not pull out the other line of ” we have to invade to find them” because he will lose his base of support if goes all in on the Bush doctrine.

    Since President Trump has already ordered boots on the ground into Syria last month it looks like he has taken complete ownership of this leftover Hillary/obamma war with this follow up bombing strike.

    Now we will see if he keeps his word and lets the military run with this mission of taking Assad out of power or if he is going to fall victim to the micro-managing bug that so many other presidents have and turns this into another Vietnam/Afghanistan fiasco.

    • Duane

      Plenty of proof was reported .. you simply don’t want to believe it.

  • cslamer

    thank you.

  • Ads

    Have another drink little Marco. I think we’d all be better served if you kept your mouth shut and stopped trying to build up your own ego.

  • Vorant

    I voted for Trump for a variety of reasons, further foreign military entanglements was NOT ONE OF THEM! The record is clear, every single military action since 1991 has destabilized governments and led to the rise of radicals and created the supposed refugee crisis that’s now beginning to destabilizing the west, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!! NO MORE AMERICAN BLOOD ON FOREIGN LANDS.

    • Duane

      I think that was Syrian/Russian/Iranian blood on Syrian soil this morning.

      More of the same is needed.

  • Tim Cathers

    Finally the USA is leading the world is stopping atrocities targeting our innocent. Horrific chemical attacks that target civilians including women and children should be stopped. We just did that. Thank you President Trump.

  • USA:: Sunni Pit bulls.

    Russia: Shiite Pit bulls

    China: N. Korean Pit bulls

    Drug Dealers: Pitbulls

  • TylerDurdan215

    Either ISIS chemical attacks Assads people and no one in the Assad regime comes out to say it was ISIS? Or Assad chemical attacks his own people, with nothing to gain for it?

    Trump in the face of Russia, China, North Korea and ISIS has no clear path or clear gain. He strikes because the gain is simple; he will answer the bell with any form of aggression. I like it. Its clear and its the right thing to do. We have no friends and no enemies. We only have interests. Russia, China, North Korea and ISIS now have at least one example that Trump will not sit on his hands. He could be manipulated, he could be jumpy and too aggressive; yet with 8 years of do nothing in office, this snap of a finger and ruin and airbase is a good move.

    Whether its ISIS, Assads or Russians proxy airbase, no one is using it now. Not a bad 15 minute investment.

  • The Plague

    Apparently the russkies “rigging the US elections” was the worst move they’ve made in the past 4 decades…

  • Jk

    The reply comments from Stevart below are fake and useless: he is a troll. Ignore him. GO TRUMP! Kill some of these animals and the rest will get the message real quick. Whereby the total murderers around the world will decrease. Funny how liberal Dumbocrats never understand this.

  • CrusadaB

    God help us all!

    • Jk

      I agree, God is helping us by having President Trump in office. Stopping brutal nut jobs like Assad who is using Sarin gas to murder people in mass.

  • Jk

    We now know King Obama’s plan was to let ISIS grow. He was of the warped opinion ISIS would then fight Assad’s regime. Never saw such a fool in my life. Finish decimating Assad’s air force – completely. Then take out the North Korea maniac. The rest of the world’s kooks will stop their nonsense and the world will be more peaceful and safer.

  • Robert Muir

    The Middle East is nothing but a Sh** hole.Wonder how much each of those TLAMs cost??Millions each.When do we stop being the police of the world?

    • Agent 99

      Maybe so we don’t have to import their refugees HERE.

      • Robert Muir

        Don’t know about that.But over the last 10+ years it has cost us are Sons and Daughter and for what?

        • Agent 99

          I agree with you that we need to be judicious. But we need to relieve the pressure that is causing people to flee that area, right?

          • Robert Muir

            You know I have my own life to care for.I have a small farm that I break my back everyday and the only time I read about anything is over coffee in the morning.I really don’t know the answer to that.

  • Jose Ortega

    Obama was right when he decided against launching missile strikes inside Syria, We wasted over a quarter billion dollars last night and got nothing for it. Trump made a big mistake last night.

    • Agent 99

      No. This is Trump starting to clean up Obama’s failed “red line” mess.

      • ZoobileeZoo

        Trump needs to be careful. Retaliation against the gas attack is justifiable; however, regime change in Syria is Russia’s issue. Russia depends on Syria heavily for oil; they will wage war to defend their oil supply lines. Let’s not alienate Russia any further.

  • bobcannon

    I think the gas was provided to the bombed ammo dumps by Hillary/Obama/CIA. By destroying an unmanned airstrip at night, Trump appeased the neocons, halted the libs’ “Trump/Russia” issue, warned NK, changed the 24/7 anti-Trump news cycles, and defended “suffering kids”. Trump Wins.

  • ZoobileeZoo

    Wait…so we’re fighting FOR ISIS now? What on Earth is going on in the Trump administration? Is this what the American people elected him for? More foreign entanglements and possible war with Russia and China?

    • Michael C

      I’m not sure how you figure that. The Syrian government, and their Russian ally, isn’t attacking ISIS.

      • ZoobileeZoo

        Russia has been bombing ISIS since 2015. The Syrian Government fought against ISIS in Homs and Damascus. Although your correct that Assad isn’t vigorously attacking ISIS. It seems like the Syrians attack ISIS only as a last resort. However; many of the Syrian opposition groups are pro-sharia Islamic groups that are hostile to Western interests.

      • James Madison

        You don’t think ISIS sides with the rebels in Syria? And what about Putin wanting ISIS decimated? This whole thing makes no sense.

  • Christopher Yelovich

    OK, why does the photo above look NOTHING like the airfield that appears on Google maps at that location? The airfield pictured is almost due south of Homs.

  • Jeffrey Gee

    SMH… yeah that’s all we need to get involved in another war. Sadly, they don’t know if it was the rebels or Assad, most likely the rebels/ISIS like several years ago when they killed innocents with chemical weapons and tried to blame Assad. We shouldn’t be in Russia’s backyard or firing missiles at their allies. I totally agree with Rand Paul war should have to be declared and not have some rouge military. I don’t and won’t support Trump on this one!

  • Shinyo Free

    Look at what Russia has to gain, they want us to step in to another civil war to keep us busy for the next dozen years and put us in another no win situation like Iraq. They also want to test Trump.
    There was Russian military at the Syrian airbase. Just sayin.

  • NealWV

    I’m sure Washington wouldn’t have said that after Pearl. We sat back and watched until we were hit because we wouldn’t supply them with raw materials to continue their romp across S.E Asia.

  • James Madison

    I understand chemical attacks on civilians cannot be tolerated on this planet. Very strange situation as I cannot fathom why Assad would welcome the obliteration of an airbase when he had the upper hand in Syria. Has Assad issued any statements to the international community yet?

  • Don Corleone

    Something is strange here. Assad said the last time that he wasn’t responsible, it was the rebels trying to make it look like the government, saying that it would be a stupid thing for him to do infront of the world.

    Why would he do it again? And why doesn’t anyone believe his side of the story about the airstrike on the rebel camp that stored the gas?

    I’m genuinely asking…It doesn’t make sense. There’s no positive gain at all..

    • grape soda

      US satellites have the ability to watch you walking your dog.

      There is no question that the planes that dropped the sarin came from that airport controlled by Asad. Maybe Asad figured Russia would protect him.

      • Elwood Blues

        I think maybe Trump is trying to make Russia choose as well as send a message to China, N. Korea, and everyone else that he won’t give warning. They think him a madman anyway so he’s smart enough to that to his advantage.

  • MrXtraconservative

    500,000 dead Syrians while Obama watched.
    Millions more fleeing for their lives.

    Last night’s strike sent a simple message:
    If you suffocate children, then you lose an airbase.

  • Elwood Blues

    We aren’t going to war but I do question the wisdom of stopping muslims from killing other muslims.

  • Duane

    Well, Putin’s trolls showed up enmasse here today on USNI. Too predictable.

    I dearly love to see them scurrying around on the internet like the rats and vermin that they are …

    The US needs to do exactly what Senators McCain and Graham suggest – completely knock out the Syrian Air Force, including all of their SAMs. We have the tools to do so with our F-35s, F-22s, and Growlers, plus the Israeli F-35Is that already destroyed a Damascus area S-300 SAM system last month that was protecting an arms cache that had been staged for transport to Lebanon to set up a no-fly zone in Lebanon by Hezbollah. The poor dears were beside themselves with rage, with the Iranians actually issuing press statements that the Russians were to blame by “giving away our codes” to the Israelies.

    Declare that all existing SAMs in Syria cease operations – light up and you die. Then back it up by kiling them. The Russians have had fair warning … they’ve already declared they’re no longer cooperating with the USA on deconfliction comms … so let’em have it. Destroy their SAMS and make all of Syria a no-fly zone. End the carnage today.

    • AnnieHart

      Trump does not announce his plans in advance. That may well be in the cards.

  • Donald Ingram

    Finally, we have a president that is not scared to use force or just gives lip service by drawing an imaginary line in the stand and tells Syria not to cross it like Obama did. President Trump acted appropriately.

  • mikeyait

    Assad must go? Please, think about it. You know if his regime is removed you create another kicked over ant hill, don’t you???? Do we need another Iraq, Libya, or Yemen in this small world???
    Sure Assad is the devil. We know that. If he is removed we have COMPLETE chaos to deal with.
    Also, Putin was given a heads up, so his and Russia’s response is pure stagecraft.

    • Duane

      Assad and the Russians created the chaos and genocidal carnage that already exists … over 600 thousand dead Syrians, over 11 million Syrian refugees swarming our NATO allies in Turkey and Europe … repeated targeting and bombing of orphanages, hospitals, and schools. Syria today is already damaged at levels not seen since Germany and Japan in mid-1945.

      The only way out is to take out Assad, force the Russians out, mop up ISIS, and then put together a peace conference to restructure Syria so that the tiny minority of Assad’s Alewites no longer dominate and oppress the vast majority of Syrians who are Kurds and Sunni Arabs.

      • mikeyait

        You’re dreaming if you think those Arab clans will come together and hold hands. In that culture its all about domination. Somebody has to be on top and it will be chaos until a strongman appears and enforces his will. In the meantime we will pay for the chaos in some fashion.

        • Duane

          I didn’t say peace and love would break out over the Middle East. But ending the current genocide by decapitating Assad’s regime (and his body too!) is entirely plausible and realistic.

  • Joe Kidd

    The decisiveness and speed of this response will be a wake up call to our Enemies and Allies alike.

  • AnnieHart

    Am I the only one who noticed that Iran was busy at this airbase and just before the attack Russia turned on decades of official position and became the first nation to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? Why now after decades, I mean decades of total hostility to that. Assad and Iran launched the gas attack. Russia was embarrassed and they are delighted Trump attacked. Recognition of Jerusalem was the price of cleaning up the Iranian mess for Russia.

    • Duane

      Iran doesn’t recognize Israel as a legitimate nation at all, so your claim here is ridiculous.

  • Elwood Blues

    Assad is killing other muslims.
    Not Christians, Buddhists, Jews, or Hindus…..MUSLIMS.

    Let him!

  • troll2.0

    Syria is so incredibly complicated:
    Sunni vs Shia
    Kurds vs Turkey
    Saudi Arabia vs Iran
    Assad vs Rebels
    Russia vs the rebels
    Russia supports Assad and they are both fighting ISIS
    The US supports the rebels and are fighting ISIS

    This is more complicated than the web of pre WW1 alliances.

  • TexanForever

    This was so perfect from so many angles. It was quick, measured, unannounced, and appropriate.

    After all the hand-wringing and wailing by snowflakes and leftist politicians, and TV protests by pundits who have no concept of the global effects, America (and Trump) will emerge as the re-born world leader. … and at so little cost.

    Russia, China, the EU, the Middle East Countries, and perhaps even Iran and North Korea are readjusting their view of America as having deteriorated into a wussy impotent nation. Trump has demonstrated that his line in the sand means something, unlike Obama’s limp-wristed empty threats.

    Our wonderful US Navy is second to none.

  • Markey Farrell


    MWSA Make the World Safe Again.

  • Unfortunately there WAS advanced noticed notice to “mitigate” casualties. While I’m all for reducing civilian casualties whenever possible, killing troops, who kill PPL, is NOT a bad thing, because they will now be able to go on killing. Those who opened their mouths and said there “would be airstikes and especially where the strikes would occur, by Law, should be tried for Treason. Revealing Military movement and actions is a dangerous act, as it puts US forces at risk.

  • Look very closely at the airbase on google earth. The digital globe picture this morning makes perfect sense. Even the well camouflaged ammo bunkers can be seen on GE by traffic patterns. Now, they’re smoking holes in the ground.
    Revetments on the south end of the field were empty, and not hit. That says a lot!

  • obdude

    Finally… we a President that has the bälls to strike Assad as opposed to a President that draws an imaginary line on the sand and warn Assad not to cross it.

  • An eye on liberals.

    When you chem bomb kids, bad things should happen.

  • We had to do this or they will just keep killing innocent children.

  • Flyn_Bryan

    Read Seymour M. Hersh’s “The Red Line and the Rat Line”

  • Designer66

    I wonder how China’s president hanging out at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach with Trump felt about this? This whole mess was built over the last 8 years, especially China’s actions in the South China Sea (obviously illegal and aggressive). Any normal US President would’ve been ALL OVER this South China Sea situation at the point when they started to dredge and build up little islands into full blown military bases with functioning runways. It should’ve never ever been allowed, but now there is a serious problem out there. Very serious. I don’t think Trump’s plane will alter its flight path when traveling over the South China Sea either (like you-know-who did). Just goes to show how screwed up everything can get globally in just 8 years when you have a weak leader in office.

  • kek

    Not why I voted for Trump. Let the Middle East solve their own civil wars. Fix the USA. Meet the new boss same as the old boss.

  • orygunsnafu2012

    I want to see a “US” version of the BDA, not a Russian drone video. The latter showed all aircraft parked in the open, some hanger damage, and no craters in the two active runways, or parking areas. Propaganda, or did we miss?????

  • NMInfidel

    Establish no-fly zones and safe havens for Syrian civilians (future refugees).

  • Gary Grimm

    To the crews of the USS Ross DDG 71 and the USS Porter DDG 78, we support you. Job well done. Remain vigilant.

  • Perun Minuto

    The strike is just Trump’s PR to tell the Democrats he is not with Putin and to Pentagon’s lobbyists that more resupplies will be ordered for the Pentagon’s trade union subcontractors. Russia’s air defence system in Syria could have intercepted all the USA missiles, but Trump and Putin decided to negotiate the strike. 1) Trump cannot risk the sheer embarrassment if all USA missiles were shot down in the air. 2) Putin still sense (without fully understanding) that Russian paper money cannot be pegged to other paper money without the USA’s FED mafia secret agreement.

  • Bert Turglar

    This strike has the approval of ISIS.

  • gman

    As a former sailor in the US Navy, it makes me proud to be an American!!

    • Gary Grimm

      As a former Seabee, I agree 100% gman.

      • Where Them

        Another brainiac is seems, way to go, doesn’t matter the rebels were the ones with the gas but who cares, MAGA for tards!

      • Where Them

        Oh an I’m a former CT, you know, the squids that actually have a brain.

  • Bert Turglar

    Hey, habib1, we are getting our butts kicked by Russia and Syria, how can we expand ISIS when we are getting creamed. Habib2, I have idea, lets stage a chemical attack and Assad will get blamed, just like we did last time, what you think? Ok, let’s do it, the American public is so f’ing dumb, they’ll fully support this too. Habib1 and Habib2 laugh for a while…..

  • Ernest T. Bass


  • KJ

    I am sitting here wondering how this has anything to do with Trump.

    Clearly this has been an ongoing conflict and was not about to resolve itself anytime soon. Sounds to me like the administration simply acted on the recommendations of the Generals and those in the field as they should.

    Basically it would not have mattered who was sitting in the chair those tomahawks still would have been fired, only if it was Killary they would have flown on day 1.

    Sounds to me like Trump was presented with 2 choices, do nothing or do something. He said the whole time he would not do nothing. No one should be surprised by this.

    • Eddie_Valiant

      Hillary even stated so on Thursday, that the runways and airfields need to be bombed.

      • ClarkKent

        ‘bitches in the woods killary?
        the world tamer? 😑

  • Classic

    Guess he was ‘for it’ before he was ‘against it’ back with Obama was Pres?

    So, Assad is the enemy instead of ISIS? And, it follows Russia?

    Are we so distraught over the dead children that we are going to take in the millions of refugees?

  • get some

    • ClarkKent

      😘 gitSum!

  • mrbinga

    I have no desire to see the U.S. get dragged into a wider conflict in Syria against Assad, however if Assad believes that he has more or less carte blanche to use chemical weapons that could very easily make things significantly worse than they already are.

  • armyisnumber1

    Great job Navy. You guys did an outstanding job. Really proud of you. At least we all finally have a President who stands behind us and is not a wuss to the enemy countries.

    • ClarkKent

      Saving lives downrange…
      by cruising for the bruising.
      Works nearly Every time. 😎

  • John B. Morgen

    I wouldn’t have warned the Russians about the pending missile attacks because I do [NOT] trust them, they would inform Assad about our planned of attacks.

    • They gave the ‘warning’ through the command channel which is enough time to get personnel out of the way but nothing else.
      Given at midnight–
      “At O:30 the building you’re in will cease to exist. Govern yourself accordingly.”

  • acs1123

    It is comforting to know that the United States finally has a President with cojones. What message do you think he sent to the rest of the world? America is getting its respect back after 8 years of the disgusting wuss-in-chief. Putin pushed Obama around constantly. Thank God for Donald Trump..

  • KJ

    Allow me to spell out the reasonsing simply:

    1) Trump supports the Military and Generals
    2) The Military and Generals support Trump
    3) Syria has been an ongoing conflict long before Trump even announced.
    4) The Military and Generals have been involved the whole time.
    5) The Military and Generals advised the attack after the gassing.
    6) Trump listened to those with the experience and intelligence just like he said he would.
    7) Zero promises broken IMO.

    • Schiele

      Very well put. Most people don’t understand geopolitics nor military strategy and tactics. You’ve simplified the process with your list and some will get it, others also require a printed map.

  • RDF

    There really is a certain advantage in the political arena if you have a guy in charge that is not predictable, and kind of impulsive… Not comforting in the Nuclear Age, but, there are some advantages. I am sure Putin is now asking his cabinet what were we thinking when we backed this guy?

  • kofi123

    you have million dollar weaponry made a few years ago you have to justify using them. This decision probably wasn’t even made by Trump but while Obama was still president. A new pretext, scenario(lie), and a new president was needed to sell this stupid story.

    The story sells because the public has been dumbed down enough to accept it. Plus it makes the duffist in office seem a little more like the other presidents by bombing another country while claiming US interest is being threathened.

  • SmithWinston6478

    Why was my germane and factual comment summarily removed? Who’s the censor?