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Document: SECDEF James Mattis’ Pentagon Budget Guidance

The following is a budget guidance memo signed Jan. 31, 2017, outlining priorities for a Fiscal Year 2017 budget amendment, the FY 2018 budget and the FY 2019-2023 Defense Program. 

  • Curtis Conway

    In my estimation the following are needed to round out the force, and these items have not been definitized specifically:
    1. Multi-mission capable heavy nuclear icebreakers for the Arctic, and use the same nuclear plant for the medium icebreakers as well.
    2. Frigate: All-ocean, Arctic capable ice-hardened hull (handles 1 meter thick ice), multi-warfare frigate built with same Hull, Machinery, and Equipment (HM&E) ship-sets, but in two variants (AAW-centric, ASW-centric), with a non-rotating radar (9-RMA AN/SPY-6(V)), and being the introductory platform for a new Passive-Centric Combat System utilizing Directed Energy Weapons.
    3. The USS America (LHA-6) Class “Lightening Carriers” as a new and capable Expeditionary Strike Group construct in greater numbers by alternating the platforms between well-deck / non-well-deck for a half dozen units.
    4. Development and fielding of a VSTOL/STOVL AEW&C aircraft that can operate off of any flight deck in the US Navy inventory. This is a true Game Changing capability, particularly if ‘Everyone is a Shooter’.
    5. Define, develop & test the Mk41 VLS package that can bolt onto any platform with the assistance of a non-rotating 3D AESA fire control radar (9-RMA AN/SPY-6(V)?).