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Survey: What Is the Largest Global Security Threat to the U.S.?

Next week, the Naval Institute will host its Defense Forum Washington conference to discuss the global security landscape and how the U.S. should prioritize risks to national security.

Ahead of the conference, featuring Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, Gen. Robert Neller, USNI News is asking its readers for their takes on how the U.S. should prioritize potential threats and will present the results next week.

  • Hickory Stonewall

    socialists red and black, the third way, (Clinton and his Nafta plus tech transfers to China) nationalized Health Care, a weaponized IRS -mosaic of evil. just add money.

    • Dylan Eicher

      I don’t really agree that National Health Care is one of the biggest global security threats. How about global jihad, Russia’s and China’s incursions into sovereign territory, environmental decay which will open up more waters than the navy is currently capable of patrolling, and North Korea’s nuclear weapons programs… Along with potent cyber security issues which are only really now being addressed.

      • Hickory Stonewall

        our ability to feed a war machine and a nation on war footing is a priority. farms have been ripped from the hands of families and have become the enterprise of large conglomerates. bad move. also, we have no small industry base where parts are manufactured say for plastic gyroscopes and sent through quality control and assembled. the globalization has debauched our capabilities. Nationalized health care is nafta for insurance companies. the walls between investments insurance and banks have been torn down and the result is the banks are bailed out at every turn and people aren’t following the money. today people are pre-occupied with IRS fines for struggling business owners who are without insurance. in essence, you can buy your ammo but you’re f^cked

    • FrancescoP

      NAFTA can’t work because Canada and Mexico are two opposing economic and social realities. NAFTA creates more disagreements than good.
      Bilateral relations that take into account the diversity of nations are much more fair and fruitful.

      My priorities for international security

      The immediate threat comes from Middle East and North Africa where is ongoing a very complex war. There is a war between Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey for the hegemony over the Gulf and there are many different religious and tribal ethnic conflicts that can’t be resolved except with the genocide of the opponents.
      Syria and Libya are the most obvious examples of the ferocity of the conflicts of the lower level. The conflict in Yemen is a perfect example of the war between regional power (Iran against Saudi Arabia). The fight against the Kurds and the attempt to enter Iraq and northern Syria, are another example of the Turkish neo-imperial policy.
      In this context:
      1) grows international terrorism and the “slave market” that affect both America than Europe, and which is a source of corruption and lucrative gains for local warlords;
      2) it isn’t possible to arrive at a pacification.

      The medium threat along the most relevant period is represented by the expansion neo-imperial China.
      As for Russia, I say that it will never be a friendly nation. It can be the worst enemy or a great economic opportunity and for detente.

      • Hickory Stonewall

        you make good points. divisions needed to face any threat. we have been shoehorned into these brushfires. it has tainted the vision for the future. light infantry is more than enough for any middle eastern or african expedition. ROE’s are hanged around the neck of our dead. ROE’s are for CFR’s and Trilateralist progressive boat anchors, not those who fight and die.

  • Dylan Eicher

    Nations that incur into the sovereignty of others such as the Russia-Ukraine situation which is still ongoing and China’s territorial disputes of the South China Sea. If this is allowed to continue it sets a precedent that it is okay to bully other nations to giving up territory and weakens international resolve to fight this.

  • Andre

    An inadvertent skirmish breaking out between US and Russian and/or Chinese forces, with the obvious potential for nuclear escalation.

  • sferrin

    1. 11 million illegal aliens.
    2. China and the South/East China Sea.
    3. Radical Islam.
    4. Russia.

  • Stephen

    A Neville Chamberlain moment could result in WWIII. A nuclear exchange would mark the end of this era… Another Ice Age to erase the evidence of us; leaving a few footprints on the Moon.

  • James Bowen

    Right now, illegal immigration is the biggest security threat to the U.S. When there are millions of foreigners who have established an unlawful presence in the U.S., there is only one word to describe that: invasion.

  • FourWarVet

    The number one threat to our national security at the present moment is ourself.
    The risk of America self-isolating itself from the alliances and institutions that are essential to our security would do our enemy’s work for them. The Sun Tzu advised that the best way to defeat an enemy is to attack his strategy and his alliances.
    There is a real risk that we might do this to ourselves without any help from our enemies. At present many of America’s allies are apprehensive about our commitment to long standing alliances and agreements. This is a self-created strategic vulnerability that any enemy named on any list can possibly exploit; therefore, it is the top that facing America.

  • PolicyWonk

    One of the lousiest surveys I’ve seen in years.

    What a collection of sad questions, comments, ideas w/r/t national security, etc.

    • incredulous1

      and also some really sad replies by people talking about droughts when the subject is defense priorities. the response about Pelosi was only relevant in that her priorities are always entitlements before defense – otherwise she isn’t relevant.
      What does strike me is that, although their strength both militarily and economically are still tenuous, we don’t seem to have a grasp on the monster this latest admin has caused vis-à-vis China. They are very close to having the ability to shut down 1/3 of the world’s economy at a time when the US is relatively weak. They have also strategically tried to pin Japan down at almost every move.
      Wise people do not trust any of their charm offensive as they have a very poor track record of keep their word or being trustworthy combined with their utter failure to communicate well. This is far more dangerous than most realize. I think the test for Trump now may very well be a move on Scarborough and withdrawal from Philippine promises.

  • John Locke

    1. U.S. Public School System
    2. Dis-information
    3. Inability of graduates from #1 to discern #2