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Document: Outline of Navy Plan to Expand Naval Air Station Fallon Ranges

The following is the environmental impact statement from the Navy on a proposed expansion of Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada.

  • Ed L

    Not really sorry for this post. My Uncle’s ranch was taken by the government in the 50’s, even to this day my cousin says you can still see the remains of the house. and she can visit the family grave plot. i never been there but wonder if the politicans really need all that land.

  • Curtis Conway

    Some of the new weapons systems are high energy, extremely dangerous, and will be used with restrictions that will limit a real combat environment severely already. If we are to train the way we fight so we can fight the way we train, huge wide open spaces are going to be required for coordinated Air Wing operations, particularly when they coordinate with ground echelons. This is one of the prices we pay for freedom. Establishing this in this one location provides access to the fleet, and the other services. Now if they start pushing for large training areas in every state I’m going to get concerned. However, I have often thought that a National Training Center Site #2 should be on the East Coast, that way the US Army forces in the western states, can convoy, embark on sea-lift, and transport by air across the country too. They all need that experience, and not learn it when they have to do it for the very first time.

    • Ed L

      Long Island. Boston. Etc would make great testing ranges