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Video: Chinese Coast Guard, Fishing Vessels Near Senkaku Islands

The following is video from Aug. 5th and 6th released by the Japan Coast Guard this week that the agency says shows China Coast Guard and fishing vessels near the Japanese Senkaku Islands.

  • Corporatski Kittenbot 2.0

    China’s ‘fishing milita’ is getting busy.

    At some point China will have to be advised that these lads are going to be designated combatants because no one buys their civilian status.

  • Hugh

    Mass poaching.

    • dennis moore

      Mass poaching with the full backing of the PRC gov’t.

  • publius_maximus_III

    Can’t imagine the price the fish mongers will need to garner in the market for THOSE fish, considering the operating costs of a six (6) PLAN Coast Guard vessel escort. But then, this little episode obviously had nothing to do with seafood harvesting, and everything to do with power projection.

  • South China Sea

    Thank goodness for the Japan Coast Guard, at least it has a fighting chance in the East China Sea against these pseudo-fisherfolks backed by the great white fleet of the PLA Navy and CG.
    In the South China Sea, poaching, environmental holocaust and intimidation prevail as the Philippine Navy (is there one?) and the Vietnamese Navy have been totally silenced and bullied by China.