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Report: India to Buy 3 Russian Admiral Grigorovich Frigates

Russian Admiral Grigorovich frigate. Sputnik Photo

Russian Admiral Grigorovich frigate. Sputnik Photo

India is set to purchase three frigates from Moscow originally intended for Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet, according to a Thursday report in Jane’s Defence Weekly.

Citing a source in the Russian defense industry the report said New Delhi and Moscow have reached a “relevant concealed agreement,” for the three Project 11356M Admiral Grigorovich frigates that will be armed with the jointly India and Russia developed BrahMos anti-ship cruise missile. No price was given.

The frigate trio for India — the last three ships for the planned six-ship class – were originally planned as part of the Russian Navy’s $2.4 billion refresh of its 1980s era Black Sea Fleet but construction of the ships have been delayed in part due to the refusal of the Ukrainian defense industry to supply the Russian Navy with gas turbines.

The original gas turbines were produced by Ukrainian state-owned of Zorya-Mashproekt but the company refused to deliver the turbines following Ukraine’s arms embargo with Moscow following the 2014 invasion of the Crimean peninsula.

Russia has tasked aircraft engine manufacturer Saturn to design and build a maritime gas turbine but the first versions of the indigenous design won’t be ready until 2019 — at the earliest.

With the frigates sold to India, New Delhi maybe able to strike a new deal to purchase the Ukrainian gas turbines, Jane’s source said.
The first of the class, Admiral Grigorovich, arrived at the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Sevastopol base in early June – the first new ship to enter the fleet since the Cold War.

The 4,000-ton multi-mission frigates are based on the Talwar-class frigates that Russia built for the Indian Navy between 2000 and 2013. In addition to the BrahMos missiles the frigates are armed with the Russian Kalibir NK long range land attack cruise missiles – first used operationally last year from Russian Navy ships in the Caspian Sea to strike targets in Syria.

  • Horn

    I’m curious if this sale might be more budget driven than anything for Russia.

    • logicbomb007

      Well when its back to the drawing board for the power plant that represents a pretty big coast overrun that is probably best avoided considering the price of oil. But really the issue of price and the issue of getting engines for these are one and the same.

    • 1coolguy

      of course it is. Russia is broken except for Putin and his mafia. The average Russian is a sucker, holding out that Putin can accomplish something. He is a disaster.,

    • Steve Skubinna

      Exactly my suspicion.

  • Too bad the Philippines didn’t make a deal with India and Russia on them.

    • muzzleloader

      There is no way that The Philippine government could afford such a purchase. (Sadly)

      • Secundius

        Probably Wouldn’t Have SOLD them to the Philippines Anyway. Because of How Far Putin’s Nose is “Shoved Up” the PRC ” Ar$e…

  • I guess DSCA failed to convince them.

    • Common Sense

      What exactly does the DSCA have to offer in this category? The LCS doesn’t fit and India has scales of economy, operating six ships of this class.

      • Donald Carey

        The LCS is a worthless, expensive toy, which is why other navies haven’t beaten a path to our door trying to buy them.

        • Secundius

          I guess somebody had to be a really, Really, REALLY good “Used Car” Salesman to get Saudi Arabia to Buy 4 Fight I’s, Freedom class. With the Option to BUY FOUR More…

          • Donald Carey

            The Persian Gulf isn’t exactly the High Seas…

          • Secundius

            That WASN’T your Question? Your Question was, Who’s Going to Buy It. Not a Blue Water Port Country…

          • Donald Carey

            I did NOT ask a question, I made a statement: “other navies haven’t beaten a path to our door trying to buy them.” That statement IS true – that one country (clearly trying to ensure our continued support), has ordered a few does not change that.

          • Secundius

            Either by Question or Statement, NO Reference to Color or Water was Mentioned. Both Freedom and “Indy” are Classified as “Red” Able to Operate in Water Depths of 590-meters. Most of the Atlantic Ocean is Considered Green Water at 600-meters Water Depth…

          • Donald Carey

            Which has NOTHING to do with anything i said.

            p.s. Classifying a dugout canoe as “Red Able” doesn’t make it a capable warship.

          • Secundius

            Questions For You to Ponder? 1. When was the Last Time there was A Fleet Engagement between Two Opposing Fleet’s by the US Navy?? 2. An Arleigh Burke class Destroyer In A Missile and/or Gun Duel with another Ship??? That’s WHERE the Freedom/Independence classes STAND! NONE OF THE ABOVE…

  • 1coolguy

    So Ukraine flipped off Putin and didn’t deliver the turbines – good for them. Putin needs to be told to shove it up his asx more often! The present day Mussolini.

  • Any idea about timeline? Does it include “Kamov Ka-27”?

  • Secundius

    Probably the ONLY Way to Get Rid of the “Shtorm” class Aircraft Carrier, By “Sweetening the Pie”…

  • Ed L

    Russia sells frigates to India. India might somehow manage to get the turbines. What’s to keep the India navy from giving the Frigates back to Russia.

    • Secundius

      The Ukraine Republic, isn’t Unfriendly to India. But I Suspect that Either General Electric or Rolls Royce Marine Gas-Turbines would work too…

  • Lawrence D Rogers

    let me see.India gets turbines installed and sells the ships back to Russia? makes sense to me!