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Video: Former Frigate USS Thach Hit in Live Fire Sinking Exercise

The following is a July 14, 2016 video of the former USS Thach sunk during a living fire exercise as part of the Rim of Pacific Exercise 2016.

  • John

    Pretty tough old girl there. Thanks Thatch and all her crew for your service.

    • DaSaint

      I echo those sentiments.

  • Sons of Liberty

    What a Frigate is meant to be not like the “Frigatized LCS”. You think the LCS would have survived any of those hits?

    • Curtis Conway

      No! So much for survivability. It’s as though the US Navy has broken faith with the sailors.

  • Thomas Brown

    After serving aboard a Perry Class Frigate ( USS Ford FFG 54) in the same surf gru as the Thatch in the mid 80’s in Long Beach Ca, this is tough to watch. But she is one tough mamma.

  • publius_maximus_III

    “..USS Thach sunk during a living fire exercise…” During a WHAT?

    • Rob C.

      They didn’t film that part or release the remaining fire perhaps. The ship could sunk eventually.

  • Hugh

    Very tough indeed, especially considering the original acquisition economics. What warheads were used, and how many? The boffins should have a great deal to analyse.

    • DaSaint

      The death blow was a 21″ torp. Whose is the question. Mk48 ADCAP? Whitehead? Not sure. Also, what missiles were used? It seemed as if at first they were small, like Hellfire, but at some point a Harpoon or similar must have been used, otherwise can’t see what else could have bucked the helicopter deck.

      • normanhayward

        supposedly the list is pretty lengthy. 2 harpoons, a hellfire, a maverick, a 2000LB bomb, a 500lb bomb, a mk48, and I think one or two more. obviously not all of those hit it in the video.

        • DaSaint

          That’s quite a list. It helps that there was no fuel, munitions, or anything else extremely flammable, otherwise it wouldn’t have lasted as long. Any statements as to how long it did last before sinking?

          • Horn

            12 hours, but keep in mind that the ship was not loaded with any fuel or ordnance with all bulkheads closed. The torpedo hit looked like it was just forward of where the magazine would be. I’d be curious about what kind of torpedo hit it. It didn’t look like a direct impact with the hull (no surprise there), but I was shocked to see that the hit didn’t break her back. Either that’s some great engineering, luck, or a weaker warhead was used.

  • Bill

    What is the white circular structure forward of the old missile launcher?

    • DaSaint

      I think that at one point they had a Bushmaster mounted there.

      • Bill

        That was on top of the missile launcher structure. This thing is clealy temporary and gets dislodged.

  • Ctrot

    Can’t we use LCS for these SINKEX and keep the OHP’s instead?

    • old guy

      NAH, we will probably send a few LCSs (hoping at least one makes it) to New Zealand
      for peace talks. They meet the requirements. No Nukes, no aggressive looks, no use.

  • John B. Morgen

    It is too bad the Navy couldn’t keep her in service alittle longer than using her as a target ship. The film shows her looking quite good, before she started receiving live fire. The Navy should think about building target ships, without the electronics, armaments, engines, etc; instead, of using good warships as targets…..

  • CaptainParker

    One has to ask the obvious question. If she was fully crewed and armed, how many of these weapons would have scored hits? More importantly, with a crew on board she’d have active damage control. Unless there were some real nasty underwater hits, she appears to have been capable of being brought back and repaired.

  • Jon Drews

    I am a Plank Owner on Thach. She was my first ship after joining the Navy right out of high school in 1983. Sad to see her helplessly taken out. I can promise you that in 1984 when the mighty Thach crew first put her to sea it would have been a different story. Ron Reagan was in charge and our Navy was fierce and ready. Loved that ship, her crew, and the many memories I have from that time.

  • Andre

    Tough old bugger

  • disqus_zommBwspv9

    over 5,000 pounds of explosives were expended (according to DOD news release) on the former USS Thach 12 hours to sink. tough little ship,