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Document: U.S. Navy Battle Force Classification, Counting Guide

The following is the U.S. Navy General Guidance for the Classification of Naval Vessels and Battle Force Ship Counting Procedures, issued June 14, 2016. 

  • NavySubNuke

    Luckily they add the caveat of “service support missions” rather than just limited it to combat capable ships that support war fighting missions.
    This allows them to include things like hospital ships and Little Crappy Ships (LCS) that have no combat capability into the “Battle Fleet” count so we can inflate the size of our fleet. After all the only thing that matters to SECNAV is the total ship count not the actual capability or presence of the fleet.

  • John B. Morgen

    I don’t see any improvement here with this document because it did not addressed with problem of classifying warships. For example, the USS Zumwalt is really a light cruiser and [NOT] a destroyer, and same for the Burkes. A third of the classifying system has been corrupted by stupidity. The term [DESTROYER] should be drop—period! And same goes for the LCSs, they are really sloops; however, the program should be cancel.

  • If we are serious about the “National Fleet” shouldn’t Coast Guard ships also be considered. Incidentally their classification system has gone seriously off track.