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Document: South China Sea Tribunal Decision

The following is the a July 12, 2016 ruling from the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) Arbitration Tribunal through the Permanent Court of Arbitration (at the Hague) on China and the Philippines overlapping claims in the South China Sea.

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Sam LaGrone

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Sam LaGrone is the editor of USNI News. He was formerly the U.S. Maritime Correspondent for the Washington D.C. bureau of Jane’s Defence Weekly and Jane’s Navy International. He has covered legislation, acquisition and operations for the Sea Services and spent time underway with the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and the Canadian Navy.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Yea right. like the U.S. would abide by anything coming out of the highly corrupt UNCLOS body at the the Hague, of which we have not & should not arbitrate as agreed to law…

    • KillerClownfromOuterspace

      Chinese claims were ridiculous on their face. It would be like we claimed the entire eastern pacific because of hawaii and guam.

    • ABCDU

      Your claim of “highly corrupt”: evidence required.

      China signed on to UNCLOS. It reaped the benefits of UNCLOS for decades. Now that China has grown big and strong enough, partly due to trade made possible by UNCLOS, the agreement they signed is suddenly an inconvenience. China has been called out for running roughshod over their neighbors, and they refuse to abide to what they signed on to.

      China has become the neighborhood bully, with only “might makes right” to fall back on.

    • El_Sid

      Right now it’s in the US’ overwhleming interests to support the rules-based international order. Corruption doesn’t really come into it – international law is pretty clear that anything submerged at high tide doesn’t generate an EEZ etc, so China hasn’t got a leg to stand on other than possession being 90% of the law.

  • sferrin

    Predictably, China has thrown it’s binky out of the stroller, and is refusing to adhere to international law. It’s gone so far as to accuse any questioning of it’s claim over everything as “illegal”.

    “The initiation of this arbitration violates international law. “

  • KillerClownfromOuterspace

    Chinese temper tantrum beginning.

  • olesalt

    China now an economic and military power will only adhere to international laws as long as it suits/favours the country. This is very dangerous & will cause serious problems regionally & globally. China appears to be very arrogant & a very difficult nation, and expects all countries to “kow-tow” to its whims & fancies. Yes, China has never changed since “historical times” in dominating others.

  • New Era Begins

    China is a paper tiger … it will be a great mistake to tangle with the US and President Trump really. Best way for them is to create dialogue with this administration than being confrontational as they did with Obama. President Trump is different – an Alpha Male, Obama was a Whimper, and weak.