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Russian Spy Ship Now Off Hawaii, U.S. Navy Protecting ‘Critical Information’

Undated photo of Russian spy ship Pribaltika (SSV-80) with its old hull number CCB-80. Sources confirmed the ship is operating off the coast of Hawaii.

Undated photo of Russian spy ship Pribaltika (SSV-80). Sources confirmed the ship is operating off the coast of Hawaii.

Moscow has dispatched a specialized spy ship off the coast of Hawaii with the likely mission to monitor the U.S. Navy led Rim of the Pacific 2016 exercise, USNI News has learned.

A Russian Navy Bal’zam-class, “auxiliary general intelligence ship recently arrived in international waters off Hawaii where exercise Rim of the Pacific is taking place,” U.S. Pacific Fleet spokesman Lt. Clint Ramsden told USNI News this week.
“The ship’s presence has not affected the conduct of the exercise and we’ve taken all precautions necessary to protect our critical information.”

While it wasn’t unusual at all in during the Cold War for Russian spy ships to linger off the coast of the U.S. to suck up signals intelligence information or monitor exercises like RIMPAC, the Russians have been lax in their surveillance until recently.

“It used to be that AGIs would deploy regularly off their ports and we would encounter them and they would operate very safely and professionally — mostly looking for signals intelligence,” Bryan Clark, a naval analyst at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments and former aide to retired Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jonathan Greenert, told USNI News.

Following the March 2014 seizure of the Crimean region of Ukraine, the Russian Navy has operated more aggressively returning to levels not seen since the Cold War.

Given the participation of 25 countries, almost 50 of ships, more than 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel operating during the exercise, it would make sense for the Russians to listen in, Clark said.

“It’s unusual now, only because they haven’t done it in a while,” he said.

The service did not provide additional information about the ship or its origin but naval analysts contacted by USNI News surmised the ship is the Project 1826 Bal’zam class ship Pribaltika (SSV-80) operating out of Vladivostok on Russia’s Pacific Coast.

Out of the Russian’s current crop of available ships designed to intercept and record the communications and electronic emissions – like radar signals — of potential adversaries, Pribaltika is the most likely ship the Russians would send to monitor RIMPAC, Chris Carlson, a retired U.S. Navy captain and naval analyst told USNI News on Wednesday.

“Given that Pribaltika is larger, has greater endurance and range, has undergone recent maintenance and has made a deployment to Hawaii in the past (2004), it makes the most sense that this is the ship the Russians [would] send,” Carlson said.

The Russians are developing more modern AGIs but “until more modern units such as the new Yuriy Ivanov-class (Project 18280) intelligence collection ships enter service during the next few years, it makes sense that the Russians would consider sending a vessel from the older Bal’zam-class to monitor U.S. and allied naval exercises,” Eric Wertheim — naval analyst and author of U.S. Naval Institute’s Combat Fleets of the World — told USNI News on Wednesday.

During RIMPAC 2014, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy sent its own uninvited spy ship to monitor the exercise – in addition to four other Chinese ships the U.S. invited to participate in the exercise. The move – considered odd given China was included in almost all levels of the exercise by the U.S. – made international headlines and elicited defensive responses from Beijing.

Several sources told USNI News during this iteration of RIMPAC and there are no signs China has sent its own spy ship in addition to its five invited warships.

  • Billy

    The elite world powers are going to start WW3 to cover for the failing monetary system.

    • John O’Neill

      How many American spy ships are off the coast of Russia? The Pentagon and Wall Street want a war very much.

      • Cromulent

        No, this is just our President getting punked again.

      • TX-BOB

        Obama sold them for scrap

    • Michael K

      If they thought it would start a war they wouldn’t be so obvious. They know our current leaders are wimps and they would never challenge them. Just push the reset button.


      Dow must break ATH before WWIII

      • Takiwa

        We’re getting there aren’t we.

  • CaptRebel

    Nothing new here. Everytime the Oriskany left Pearl bound for the Tonkin Gulf back in the ’60’s we knew to expect a “Red Bear” overhead within days. All that ocean, and they always found us.

  • SS

    With the US Navy’s technology, secure encrypted communications and ability to jam passive communication surveillance, the only thing the Russians will get, will be misinformation or what we want them to hear. This is exclusively for their own internal propaganda.

  • Cromulent

    Ruh roh. Where are the reset buttons?

    • laxmom1

      Maybe that ship has hillarys missing e-mails.

      • Numenoc

        As a software engineer, I can tell you with 100% certainty that those servers were penetrated and foreign intelligence services acquired intelligence from them.

        • Indymav

          And the DOJ would gladly call you a liar to your face.

          • Famfirst

            Exactly. Only the right is held to a standard.

          • RiverMikeRat

            Yes. The standard of “We lie all the time and our voters just soak it up like the idiots they are.”

            The left however has to tell the truth because we know how to research things.

          • truelies2


            Department of Jackasses.

          • Attm Motob

            LOL Great Pun.

          • EgbertThrockmorton1

            FBI?..Fan Belt Installers

          • truelies2

            Heck, I wouldn’t trust them to do that right.

        • JustJoe

          So the Russians will pour money into the Clinton campaign. From her emails they already know she is an idiot!

        • Ziggybirds

          As a software engineer it makes me wonder who in the chain of command approved it. I suspect HRC lacks the certifications.

        • BusterB

          Mind letting the FBI know.

        • laxmom1

          And information that could pose a problem for the clintons if publicly released…blackmail material if she makes her way back into the White House.

          • Richard Frey

            Exactly!!!……The Russians now have “Leverage” over the Possible Future President……Just like Hoover when he ran the F.B.I. He had Embarrassing Stuff on every elected Official in Washington,…….Including the President!! As an American and a Patriot, I have difficulty understanding why anyone would Vote for her……..unless they were Paid Big Bucks

          • laxmom1


          • RiverMikeRat

            As an American and REAL Patriot (you know, someone that reads The Constitution and understands it) I have a hard time understanding how someone can vote Republican unless their vote was switched by the party.

        • That

          “Penetration” and “Hillary” are two words I hope to never see in one sentence again.

        • Brutus974

          Whether the Russians release them depends on how much leverage they think they can get with them if Hillary is President.

        • Pat McDonald

          Software engineers should know better than to comment on a system without access to its design. You don’t know how it was connected, what OS it was running, how much firewall protection it had, or even if it had a registered domain of its own.

        • PolicyWonk

          As one who has administrated email systems and is a data security professional, I can say with 100% certainty that you aren’t much of a software engineer.

          • Numenoc

            I disagree.

      • Famfirst

        Maybe Putin was invited by 0bummer for an all-expsenses, paid for with our taxes, Hawaii vacation?

    • Pepe Le Pew

      Thank you, Cromulent. Your comments truly enbiggen even the smallest man.

      • Cromulent

        Ah, I think you meant “embiggen”.

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      Ha, ha. THAT worked well. What amateurs!

  • Dan

    Excellent news everyone..! The Russian have finally come to save us..!!

    • janger

      The Russians should just TAKE OVER America! They deserve it!

      • Attm Motob

        When they think they can, they will.

        • janger

          Another weakling, limp wrist libber takes the White House and…boom! They’ll be here!

      • El_Tigre_Loco

        Well, plenty of people don’t want to vote for Hillary OR Trump. Maybe Putin could be a write-in…

  • snt2

    Not a very good “spy ship” if everyone knows about it…

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    • That pesky 1st Amendment can really get you…Good article BTW.

    • Navi8or

      Gone are the days when the USNI had a thirst for the truth! Censorship was never discussed, threatened or a problem!

    • draeger24

      Dear Sam…as you locked down the comments on the “naming” article, I think you can now see how absolutely out of control this SECNAV is. We are angry. The Navy has been reduced to social engineering and now naming ships after people who were not even in the military. GOD Bless.

    • Boris Badenov

      Well, Sam, when Navy men, like yourself, cannot tolerate blunt opinions about what Mittens referred to as our “47%,” then the rest of us now understand why you boys behaved the way you did this past January when the Iranians captured two of our command boats.

      The editing and “moderating” here is just like the conduct of those captured sailors: very weak and problematic. You are obviously ready to serve under a “Caitlyn” but the rest of us have not been so conditioned.

      If our armed forces and personnel cannot “tolerate rudeness, violent language, personal attacks and vulgar language,” then we are well and truly f^k’d. Your calling may be in journalism but under no circumstance would I ever want to see you or men who think like you on our front lines. Ever.

      Thank God that you and yours are independent of the Department of Defense — a small “educational and non-partisan non-profit.” You set an example that is NEVER to be emulated!

  • SS

    If your not a player, act like one!

    They are not even close to what they were let alone what we are

  • Dick_Gosinya

    nothing to see here good citizen, please move along.

  • unoga

    So far, so good!

    • Eric_Mc

      I had a comment about deluging the Russian ship with old broadcasts of Gilligan’s Island, etc (also one starring Sarah Jessica Parker, perhaps the name of that series was too hot to handle). Regardless, why has the moderator allowed Matthew N. Drudge and Bill Kristol’s Nightmare to overwhelm the comment section with underwhelming ripostes? Don’t worry, Sam, I won’t bother with this site again, but you really ought to do a better job.

  • Bret McCoy

    “…and we’ve taken all precautions necessary to protect our critical information.”

    Does this mean they are no longer CC’ing the Clinton email server?

    • Nik

      Perfect… Never mind the coattail riders that try and one-up you. They’re rank amateurs.

  • 68/69

    Keep Hillary out of the area.

  • Michael K

    Now that Hillary’s been outed and that source has dried up, the Russians need to go back to using the usual means for getting foreign intelligence.

  • god

    Why the cause for alarm? The United States military does the exact same to Russia and China. The only cause for alarm I could see if if Russia would see weakness in Obama (which they obviously do) and continue to exercise their power by doing close to our home flyovers in the old outdated bombers.

  • Seriously

    I hope they are using our ‘electronic warfare’ to blind this ship…

  • Powell Parks

    I don’t think the “cold war” ever really ended. It may have slowed down and wasn’t as aggressive, but apparently Mother Russia is back in the game full time. I doubt we are where we need to be in our signal security programs; seems that lately we are always playing catch-up.

    • Andre

      Just like Putin’s “cessation of hostilities” merely turn down the heat from 250 fatalities per month to only 30.

  • pizztov

    I’m surprised that the Democrat Party didn’t invite the Russsians to dock and offer to wine and dine them as celebrities.

  • JohnWdy

    This is strategic play.
    As the U.S. navy “practices”its routine and drills, the Russian spy ship records ship movements and strategy.
    They can later use this information to script counters to naval maneuvers .

  • The Evil One

    They are looking for a good Wi-Fi hot spot.

  • Michael K

    If you were from Russia wouldn’t you want to go to Hawaii too?

  • Andre

    Russia and China still rely on dedicated spy ships, which the USN no longer uses (its spy equipment is built-into its ships and submarines such as the Seawolfs and Virginias).

  • Pepe Le Pew

    Who cares….? Send two guys in a row boat out to board that Russian ship.

  • J Doctor

    What’s the point protecting ‘Critical Information’?
    Clinton’s gonna sell it away anyway.
    Didn’t she and he get caught doing it?

    • The_Usual_Suspect61

      You mean like the missile technology transfer from Loral to the Chincoms that the Clintons OK’d?

  • bassist vocals

    My eyes must be going but, that looks like a rebel flag on the front of that ship. I must add to that that I’m fairly ignorant about Flags in general. I need to brush up on my Big Bang Theory episodes.

    • Palinista

      o Robert E Lee is on the deck working on his tan.

  • Famfirst

    The FBI is on this…..and assessed that the ship’s presence shows a clear and present danger, but that they plan to do nothing.

  • Stacey-Tony Ascaso

    What is it with these USN corporate types blathering about operating ‘very safely and professionally’, they are supposed to be pain in the butt to the USN on operations while sucking up as much intelligence and comms as possible. I have a read a lot of world defense articles and journals and what is it now with the US Military and this babble about professionalism and safety! Just more corporate rubbish infiltrating the military at all levels.

  • TJ

    Given we know they send spy ships, as the US commander, I would incorporate the Russians. Exercise your anti spy methodology, then thank the Rooskies for their cooperation.

  • CELT the Deplorable

    Many years ago I flew a number of reconnaissance missions on this very ship. One time, out of Barber’s Point, on a holiday, got launched on a “ready alert” mission just to do the daily relocate on the “duty AGI’ that was always parked off the coast of Oahu in those days. The mission took all of 20 minutes from takeoff to landing. This sounds like “deja vu” all over again once again showing that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Ivan is merely up to his old tricks again. Really nothing new.

    • P3 Navy

      Those were the good ole days!!! We flew on top of just about everyone they had out there.

      • CELT the Deplorable

        You bet we did!!!!

  • A=A

    Sink it!!!

  • Palinista

    Barry is sucking on Putin’s manboobs while Putin is sucking on Hill Bean’s teats.

  • there are still US ships that have not been deployed to south china and black seas?

  • Trivium

    Would be a crying shame if it suddenly mysteriously sunk……

  • Trivium

    Obama got some red dye, and will soon be jetting to HI in AF1 to draw a red Dye line in the water.

  • Attention K-MART shoppers. A blue light special on America has begun. Look for the big red reset button just west of Hawaii.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    “…old hull number CCV-80…”? That’s her hull number (the Rusians DO speak a different language and use a different alphabet than we do, y’know).

  • Kill_n_Grill

    Russian spy ship monitoring our maneuvers? This is news??
    It would be news if they weren’t monitoring us.

  • Austin

    Guys…”CCB” is the Russian (Cyrillic alphabet) for the transliterated “SSV.” It’s not an “old” hull number — it’s Russian.

    A little help for those whom may need a seeing eye dog:

    See: Wikipedia and “Cyrillic alphabet”

  • zane

    Got news for you, Russia is of no issue to Americans. Russia is only a threat to the globalist north American union criminals that are destroying the sovereignty of the USA. Putin is a nationalist love his country and his people. Oboma hates America, white Americans and wants only the end of USA wants no nationalism no borders no us economy. We need a nationalist usa 1st Trump is the only option left. Putin Trump togeather will end the new world order.

  • Yars

    “Following the March 2014 seizure of the Crimean region of the Ukraine…”

    You mean, the free and open elections from Russian people who Wanted Russia to secure an area that had traditionally been Russian for centuries…? Perhaps the Russian people of Crimea didn’t want any part of the U.S. crafted and fomented Disaster-on-the-half-shell, that Ukraine has become, thanks to the likes of Ms. Nuland, Ms. Power and their cadre of ‘Freedom & Democracy liberators’…?

  • stanlaurelhair

    Doesn’t “SSV” in the Latin alphabet = “CCB” in Cyrillic?
    If so, then that’s not a new hull number.

    • MikeH

      I was going to make the same comment and think that is a pretty JV kind of a mistake to make for a USNI article.

  • moleshired

    SINK IT!

  • Mary Stevens

    Is that the Confederate Battle Flag (St Andrew cross) on the front of the ship?

    • Вальдемар Маяковцев

      No, St. Andrew’s flag which is the Navy flag is raised on the gaff rig (aft), but this is naval jack (bowsprit flag). Adopted by Peter the Great based on Union Jack.

  • Herring

    That’s not an “old hull number”. SSV-80 is how you translate ССВ-80 into our alphabet. You don’t think Russians use Roman letters, do you?

  • moleshired

    It is a beautiful ship. I would want to show it off too.

  • John Wells

    International waters – all countries that have the capability, do the same thing, including us.

  • What Borders? No such Thing

    Well they say America is open borders now so whats the harm? They should have sent a welcoming committe to invite the crew into Hawaii and have Luau feasts and drinks and get drunk. Russians love to drink. Maybe they were just too shy.

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      Yeah. I bet they never tasted pineapple vodka!!

  • Dorothy Davidson

    Nature abhors a vacuum…There has been a vacuum in the White House for eight years now and Putin is seeking to fill that vacuum. Nothing new here!

  • caesar

    Sure glad the US Neven sends ships off the coasts of Russia!

  • joe bambino

    The Navy should use the Ruskie Ship as an objective the the war games, that would shake them up. Lock a few missiles on them, I watch them sweat.

  • M. Black

    Reminds me of when the Germans bombed pearl harbor 🙂

  • ScienceABC123

    Old news… This has been going on since at least the 1950’s.


    You Sir, have summed it up perfectly.

  • M S

    Electronically jam it! Duh.

  • TimeforaCulling

    The Russian ship doesn’t have intent so it gets a free pass. The FBI said so…

  • Joltin Joe

    Back in my day we called it ‘Just the tip”

    • truelies2

      Back in the day…..we had great fun……best music….best cars….best military…and the gov wasn’t fully corrupt yet.

      • Joltin Joe

        So you were around before 1913? j/k You must be a boomer

        • truelies2

          Some days I sure feel like it.

  • AntiqueJenkum

    All they have to do is hack into Hillary’s YAHOO…. no need to spend money on ships for the “most-secret” stuff…

  • albertG

    I doubt any reasonable capability from this vessel. It’s over 30 years old and just like the antiques they fly near the fleet (without consequence apparently).. the Russians really have very little power at sea other than annoying us.

    • M S

      That’s what they want you to believe. Is old Soviet trick, like their ELINT trucks “breaking down” on the road and being laughed at.

  • Attm Motob

    0 promised that he would reduce the power of the US to that of a Mideast nation.
    It makes it easier to make it the Islamic Caliphate’s 58th state

  • Americans believes the enemy is in the White House and the Friend is in Moscow. What a country we live in

  • Texas1974

    Weakness is provocative. Putin has taken measure of Obama and found him to be weak, disengaged and cowardly. That, and knowing Hillary Clinton couldn’t care less about giving up “critical information” no doubt makes him feel pretty bold.

  • The realization is the Cold War never really ended. They just went from threatening each other with nukes and played a game of chess in economics.

    I’m not a Russian sympathizer, but if an old enemy put more and more military installations near your borders, how would you act? It’s a big deal when they get close to Hawaii, but not so much when we’re locked in loaded in their neighbor’s back yard.

    Don’t worry though, it’s all intentional. Russia and China are just the newest boogieman. North Korea and the Middle East aren’t scary enough anymore. They need a big war to dig themselves out of this dept. All of them.

  • AntiqueJenkum

    my name?…

  • Freedom

    Wonder what it would take to get Americans off their (A) if they were invaded by the Russkies and
    Chicoms….Would they fight or just sit and watch t.v. or??????

  • saggypants

    It is funny how during this administration, we had more Islamic attacks around the world and Home aimed at US and its citizens , more breaches in US computer security via cyber warfare of both Govt and US Based corporations, and more countries flexing their muscles coming close to our bases and facilities.

  • guest

    been a long time sine hellary had any penetration….

    • CrusadaB

      Huma has penetrated her…totally.

      • JasUSAF

        A little tongue in cheek humor?

        • CrusadaB

          Maybe 😳

  • xsnake

    Probably waiting to rendezvous with Bill Clinton, to get more Wyoming uranium cheap…….that they can AGAIN supply to the Iranians, for their bomb projects.

  • saggypants

    google it


    CHICKEN LITTLE……it is a cold war folks, we spy, they spy. The really serious spying done you and I will never see. It takes place far above our heads, and below the ocean waves. I have sat on the fantail of a US Destroyer and watched a “Russian Trawler” shadow us for days on end. Once in a while I wondered who was actually shadowing who. Don’t let the media turn you into a “Henny Penny.”

  • Finian

    It was traditional in the ’80s for the Russian ship would be trolling off Hawaii.

  • gunfighter

    Wow! What amazing news! I was stationed in Hawaii from 80-83. The Russian’s have had “Spy Ships” around Hawaii, well before that time.

  • TheTruth Hurts

    I’m not lionizing Russia but they aren’t the ones that are fighting undeclared wars with sovereign nations…

  • Danny

    Is Hillary protecting that critical info ?

  • 1PissedAmerican

    REMEMBER what happen when the Japanese were off the coast of Hawaii and the politicians in DC knew and did nothing until they attacked.

    Putin has all of HILLARYS emails Im sure.

  • mauloa

    I may have over looked it – but “what island was the Russian spy-ship” off of? The Hawaii islands cover quite an area spread. If I were still living on Oahu – I would want to know what area the ship was in.

    • John Wells


      • mauloa

        You must not be familiar with your geography – or… you just like being a SA.

        • John Wells

          Who cares. Are you really that worried about ships in international waters? My Lord!

  • El Degüello

    So what? Our spy ships aren’t slinking around their shores? Sauce for the goose. Deal with it.

  • Brutus974

    Maybe more than one.
    But I think it may require more than just money.

    • caesar

      The last thing you want is the bag lady leading this country into a war with anyone. Her track record on rescues isn’t so good!

  • Sally Strom

    Vlad Putin could help the world, if he put hillery in jail with her emails that he possesses. Trump and he could bring the world together.

    • the3rdmanhearsall

      If I were Putin…I would wait till she was elected and sworn in .Then email them to the entire world. Set back with a bottle of vodka and laugh my rear off.

      • Palinista

        Putin cant wait to start sucking on Hilderbeast teats.

  • Thomas

    I couldn’t care less! I have more faith in the Russians than the corrupt US gov’t.

  • Sarah Newton

    they have been lax in their surveillance activities because they were getting it all off Hillbillary’s server. Now that she is gone, they will have to get back to work.

  • Maybe Trump will go and visit the ship since he is such a HUGE fan of Putin? Hope the Pribaltika makes it all they way back to her home port without breaking down or sinking….

  • tpizback

    Sink the damn thing and tell Putin it was in our territorial waters.

  • nostudme1

    Quick, disarm the fleet!

  • Will setag

    If you think this spy ship is rare ….lol we spy on everyone and everything. . From the sea to the ground and from space even underwater and the ice caps….why is it then when another country spies on the usa from a safe distance in international waters our government and press go bananas. Oh I’m sorry I forgot with the leaders in our country it’s do as we say not as we do … the FBI just proved that over Hillary.

  • the3rdmanhearsall

    We do the same thing every day of the week, 365/24/7…SOP…to Russia.

    • Palinista

      Why are we whining?

    • chris chuba

      Yeah, it reminds me of when one of our spy planes was approaching their coastline in the Baltics and one of their Jets ‘intercepted’ it by doing a barrel roll and we went ballistic.

      A couple of years ago, one of their lumbering propeller planes approached one of our aircraft carriers in international waters and we scrambled Jets to intercept it. Of course we were outraged at that too. The headlines read, ‘Russian warplanes force Carrier to scramble U.S. Jets’. In every possible scenario, they are, by definition, the clear aggressor 🙂

      • the3rdmanhearsall

        I’m a retired DOD contractor…spent lots of years setting behind spectrum analyzers and surveillance receivers…its the game….we all play.

        • Will setag

          It’s a very dangerous game…

          • the3rdmanhearsall

            no its not…..

          • Will setag

            Tell that the Gary Powers I’m sure he would not of agreed with you….or the crew if the pleblo…or other Americans caught soying. You sitting behind some safe desk in the usa have no right to tell those Americans that spent time in a foreign prison for spying that it’s not dangerous.

          • the3rdmanhearsall

            The Guy that was my trainer was USAF 304X stationed at Peshawar when
            Powers went down…he was in the control room with 2 other people I know and worked with…
            I probably know more about Powers than you ever wikied,

          • Will setag

            Big deal he was still shot down and,spent years in a Russian prison all you and your buddies knew about him didn’t get him set free it was a trade. I spent two tours in vietnam and trust me if I had been taken prisonor all you spy clowns in Washington and all the great politicians would not of been able to get me set free from a nva prison camp . So your position and talent means absolutely nothing to the guys on the ground. To top it off you get the info wrong more than yiu get it right. So your grest training and spying ability and all that of your friends ,we in the field could care less. You don’t help us and we don’t trust you as,well.

          • the3rdmanhearsall

            Never said I was a spy…that’s your words. I was a DOD contractor .
            Never been to Washington..Baltimore…yes.
            Several mountain tops in Turkey.

          • Will setag

            Even worse then as a dod contractor what qualifies you to say spying is not dangerous. ..wars have been started over spying. ..anytime you spy or get close to your enemy it’s dangerous.

          • the3rdmanhearsall

            you have a lot of anger or are just trying to provoke the same …
            ain’t gonna happen slick..

          • John Wells

            If you cooperate with your imprisoners like Sen McCain did, you do get preferential treatment and you do get released.

          • John Wells

            Depends on what kinds of spying you’re doing. Electronic eavesdropping doesn’t violation borders.

      • Will setag

        My son just retired from the Navy and flew in the P4 spy planes …we violate other countries air space constantly. We do a lot of provoking. ..don’t be so brain washed that the usa is such a good guy. ……if we didn’t have and make everything so secret no one would have a interest to spy on us.

  • David Morris

    In the mid 60’s I lived on Guam. There was a Russian spy boat habitually in the area clocking B52 raids heading to Vietnam. The A&W (the lone fast food joint on the island at the time) put up an invitation on their marque offering free food to any Russian sailors. To us cold war babies the buzzing of ships and planes,spy boats and planes, the rhetoric – been there done that.

  • GlobalWrench

    More fake Russian aggression…enough already!

    • Will setag

      If it’s fake don’t let it bother you

      • GlobalWrench

        Its just mutually assured destruction does not have much of a future.

  • Robert LPD-1 BT Snipe

    No “new” news here. The Ruskies were off the US coast in the 1970’s and they followed us around while with the US 6th Fleet Gator Navy in the Atlantic (USS Raleigh LPD-1)and the Mediterranean. Back then they were called “Fishing Trawlers”. They had more freaking antennas than and apartment building in Brooklyn.

    • Will setag

      Spy vs spy ….great cartoon

  • John Titus

    We do the same with our spy tech. I am not surprised by this and I don’t feel this is in any way a direct affront on the US or this exercise.

  • Eh!

    Flying Dutchman ghost ship has been seem in that area following a cloud of fog that seems to control it. Maybe the army of the dead from it will get the Russian ship.

  • wabe

    I was under the understanding that the Russian ship was there to monitor the test missile they are launching that will be coming into the Pacific near Hawaii.

  • WellArmedLamb

    How sad that we are back in a cold war with Russia…..Obama has been a complete foreign policy disaster!!

    • Will setag

      When you draw a red line and make threats then back down what do you expect from others that see that.

      • John Wells

        Turkey gave Al Qaeda terrorists a few rudimentary chemical weapons in Syria and then blamed it on the secular legal government of Syria. Red lines weren’t crossed. The mistake, in any case, is drawing them in the first place anyway.

    • El_Tigre_Loco

      HILLARY was Secretary of State.

      • WellArmedLamb

        What is your point?….they are both imbeciles but obama is president so he gets ownership for it

  • joeyrussell

    It would be an awful shame if that Russian ship off the Hawaiian coast were to “accidentally” sink for no apparent reason.

  • ToANewHorizon

    Personal opinion: Putin considers Hussein to be a complete wimp and is
    just pulling his chain with these types of incidents. Not really
    looking for anything specific. Just poking Obama in the eye while giving
    his troops a laugh and laughing his own butt off.

    • John Wells

      Sounds like another case of “do as we say, not as we do” sentiment.

  • Vickie ~ Trump 2016

    We spy on them they spy on us… All nations do it.

  • obot

    I’m OUTRAGED!!! I’m sure our ships and planes aren’t spying on them.

    • Nick25

      Barry’s hiding under his bed- don’t kid yourself.

  • pingjockey

    “Loose lips sink ships” was what we sailors were taught back in the 50’s. Why are our present so-called leaders allowed to get away with treason and aiding the enemy with un-secured servers, etc….plus lying about it to the government??? I am appalled by the diminished intelligence of our FBI, AG, Supreme Court, Congress, Senate and the President when our nation’s security is at stake and caused by one woman!!!! How many stupid people
    are up there in DC living on our tax money?

    • John Wells

      …because it’s a rigged system, just like Trump said.

    • Nick25

      Because we’ve elected the enemy.

      • Go vote and take a Republican

        The enemy was elected 8 years ago and now America is about to be finished if the Bimbo is elected by the idiot Democrats this November. Take some old people to the polls that can’t drive to vote Republican.

  • Nick25

    Putin smells the stink of our “leader’s” ineptness and incompetence. Putin pushes till he feels resistance- and all he gets from Barry is acquiescence. Our country is in ruins and the fault lies directly at the feet of liberalism AND an impotent and whimpering emasculated Republican party.

    Oh, and by the way, Putin LOVES that we now have homosexuals and trannies in combat– make no mistake about it. He’s plotting our takedown.

    • John Wells

      Make no mistake, you’ve bought in 100% into the military industrial complex which means WE MUST have big enemies somewhere to fuel the weapons industry.

      • Nick25

        Russia isn’t a threat???? You’re an idiot….

  • Jon

    Is that a confederate flag at the front of the ship?

  • DieselBoatMan

    Stick a fish it their a$$ and then deny it.

  • pingjockey

    Bill the pervert with his cigars did not have penetration and if you believe that I have a used server that I bought at a government surplus sale right out of a closet including the backup disks. This was owned by a big ugly fat woman that has a bad cough and lies a lot.

    • Cynical Observer

      And wears hideous pant suits. Can you imagine having to look at these light blue catering-tent sized get ups for the next 8 years?

  • Nick25

    Certainly nothing she sent.

  • Nik

    No doubt that was sarcasm, stupid.

  • SpamFace Plant

    Putin and his professional SIGINT warriors against the hopeless idealism of Obama the community organizer and leader of Occutards and Anonymous hipsters. Hillarys non-secure TS/SCI/NOFORN closet server is the textbook example of lackadaisical INFOSEC/OPSEC practices of the liberal elite and is used during first week of Russian GRU SIGINT introductory course. Hill, Abdin and Pagliano are experts at deception. ~150 x 5th amendment lol.

  • IndianaRay

    The cocoa butter suntan lotion formulas are safe, thank goodness!

  • cristo52

    Relax, they got it all from Hillary already.

  • Gatos

    We’re going to be kicked around and ridiculed by everyone as long as president mom jeans is in charge.

  • lopagus1

    perfect opportunity for clinton(s) to go out there in a rowboat and ask for a donation to the clinton foundation.

  • lopagus1

    sure it does…use your imagination.

    • redgriffin

      I am and it still has nothing to do with this discussion.

    • Nik

      No…it doesn’t. If it did, you would have offered-up a simple explanation. Silly zealot.

  • Featured Comment

    Wow, does hillary have a homebrew server in the islands…too?

  • Gatos

    Hillary is on that ship negotiating the surrender of all that’s left of the US for her own personal $$$$$$

    • John Wells

      WRONG! Hillary hasn’t seen a war or opportunity for bombing she hasn’t pushed. Prepare for evacuation to the 50s bomb shelters if she, heaven forbid, is given ultimate power. Someone who hates men like she does wants to “get even” for what Bill did.

  • damionblackthorn

    Commentators…I say again…as long as Obama is President, the Russians will do whatever they want too. Obama is a weak horse and they know it….you can remove my comment as often as you want, it doesn’t change a thing…weak horse, weak President…and embarrassment to the United States of America, let alone the military….possibly not the Navy anymore though….pretty weak branch of the military. If they can even be called that anymore !!

  • Dencal26

    Obama brought back the Cold War he claimed Romney wanted

  • Don’t Tread on Me 8945

    Maybe russia will save us from this corrupt government, like the French helped us with the British in the revolution

  • Russians are more trusted than the evil we have in the White House. Most Americans are disturbed about this POTUS Islamic travelers.,

  • Professor Fate

    This sort of thing was SOP for both sides during the Cold War, now all of a sudden it’s a big hairy deal. Besides, no one needs an old tub like this to do SIGINT and ELINT anymore. The Russians are just giving the middle finger to Obongo the girly man and laughing about it.

    • John Wells

      It’s only a big deal for the warmongering media who take their orders from

  • Democrats and the USA where you don’t see eye to eye. We have a disengagement where the democrats thru Obama ran the country of USA down the toilet bowl. The POTUS is the enemy of the People.

  • Chief Mad

    If we have a real sec def it’s time to play some mind games with the ruskies, passing out bad codes, referring to some of their random politburo chump as our mole for instance and turn them against each other. I read they did that to us back in the cold war days, time for some pay back.

    • John Wells

      Auditioning for Radio Berlin?

  • gordo29

    We used to feel sorry for the poor Russian sailors on their rust bucket AGI’s. Their material condition was awful and unlike our Navy, they were not welcome in foreign ports. This ship is a serious upgrade, at least on the outside… 🙂

  • just bombard it electronically …give it some nice EMI overload….and fry their ears

  • Blackhawk553

    nothing new, they “monitor” our training maneuvers, we “monitor” theirs, I have even flown over their spy ships in the WestPac when I was in the Marines as a CH-53 Crew Chief, got some great pics of their decks in a box somewhere in the basement.
    if we weren’t monitoring each other’s war games, THEN I might get worried. I actually worry more about the Chinese than I do about the Russians these days.

  • ocean

    Russian president Vladimir Putin must have read all of the Hillary emails.
    Russian Spy Ship Now Off Hawaii.

  • 7RS

    Upon zooming in on the photo, it would appear the ship’s hull is constructed of wood.

  • 7RS

    Russian spies don’t give a blyat.

    • John Wells

      Neither do ours.

  • Unopinionated

    The military need not bother hiding their moves when Obama and Clinton telegraph their moves and share their playbook as if they are Facebook friends! The FBI investigation of Clinton’s management skills were incompetent and that neither she nor Obama’s supervision of her are professional. Both are JV team back at Punahou. Obama and Clinton have jumped the shark and #PeakedInHighSchool

  • SpeedCat

    I was a server test engineer for the largest server mfg. in the world. I tested server hardware and server software and proprietary server network adapters. Servers in a bathrooms, kitchens, etc… using the best of the best or off the shelf server hardware and software opens the door for the bad people! Even with best hardware and software in a controlled environment large companies hire security engineers to stop proprietary and sensitive information from being hacked.

  • Paladin

    We know where all their oceanic assets are, and they’ll be first when the shootin’ starts!!!

  • Evil Roy Slade

    So while Obama has been destroying our military and its capabilities we know the Russians have had a massive program to build theirs back up as best they can!!

    • John Locke


      The Russians may eventually build more ships but that’s like saying 5 ants is bigger than 4 elephants!

      • Evil Roy Slade


  • I would see this as a warning.

    • John Locke

      Warning for what?
      Russians always had an AGI outside Vandenberg AFB whenever the space shuttle was scheduled to land there. They’ve always had an AGI tagging along with our carrier battle groups and amphibious groups. They’ve always had at least one AGI monitoring whatever naval exercise occurring wherever. It’s just business as usual since the 50’s and only frightens the ignorant.

      • Tensions have been rising between our country and Russia. That would be enough for concern for me.

        • John Locke

          The media is playing you

          • I am involved in metaphysical sciences and I am aware of some information that few other know about. All I can say is that many of the current events in the world are way over due. Unfortunately, what happens between the beginning and the end are unknown to us all. That is what I find the most disturbing.

          • John Locke


          • I’m not surprised that you found that funny.



  • Ken N

    Can we please get some F-18’s to do some high speed passes 20 feet off the Pribaltika’s bow??

  • theicecube

    Hey people lighten up on Russia. There is an article on Activist Post that reports the US does the same thing close to Russia.

  • Aram Ishkhanyan

    I have always enjoyed the way that military personnel describe situations. They do not rattle cages for no reason, they do not start warmongering, and they certainly do not underestimate their opponents.

  • yukon57

    We need to send our F-18 Hornets buzzing their ships tower like they did us in a show of defiance to this petulant Putin!

  • Cocidius

    I see a handful of comments on topic with the rest looking like a bunch of inappropriate politically motivated BS.

    Either talk about the topic of the article or crawl back to the trailer park boys.

  • Ed L

    Welcome back. Come on in for a port visit and we keep the bars open for you

  • Kenneth Millstein

    In 1968 when I was aboard the USS Mullinnix DD-944 as a QM we were operating off of the coast of Virginia adjacent to Naval Base Norfolk (I presume that is the new way to refer to a Navy base) when we determined that a Soviet spy vessel was within the Navies restricted operating area. Our Captain ordered our ship to head at flank speed directly towards the mid-line of the spy ship. When we were about 100 yards off of the ship we made a full 90 degree turn to starboard to both scare and take photo’s of the Soviet ship. Some of the our ships crew were aiming rifles towards the ship.The Soviet spy ship which was masquerading as a fishing trawler then turned tail and headed out of the area and most likely went to another base on the East Coast to see what they could see. It was an exciting moment for me during my Navy days. Judging from the photo of the current day Russian spy ship Pribalitika SSV-80 it’s pretty obvious they have given up the idea of masquerading as a non-spy ship. I hope our current day Naval vessels act as we did in 1968 and chase the Russians far out into the Pacific or the Atlantic. Go get em, US Navy!