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U.S. Naval Flight Officer Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin Accused of Giving U.S. Secrets to China

Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin

Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin

A U.S. naval flight officer with an extensive signals intelligence background was accused by the service of passing secrets to China, USNI News has learned.

Lt. Cmdr. Edward C. Lin, 39, who served on some of the Navy’s most sensitive intelligence gathering aircraft, faces several counts of espionage and other charges outlined during a Friday Article 32 hearing in Norfolk, Va.

Lin, originally a Taiwanese national before his family moved to the U.S., had a career as a signals intelligence specialist on the Navy’s Lockheed Martin EP-3E Aries II reconnaissance aircraft, several sources confirmed to USNI News.

Several sources familiar with the case told USNI News the country to which Lin passed secrets was China, however, few other details are known about the case given much of the evidence is classified.

The redacted charging documents say Lin allegedly transported secret information out of the country without permission and then lied about his whereabouts when he returned to duty. The charging documents allege he successfully committed espionage twice and attempted espionage on three other occasions.

In addition to the accusations related to transmitting secrets to a foreign power, Lin was also accused of violating military law by patronizing prostitutes and committing adultery.

Lin is currently assigned to commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Group in Norfolk and has been held in pre-trial confinement at the Naval Consolidated Brig Chesapeake, Va. for the last eight months, sources told USNI News.

According to a 2008 Navy release on a naturalization ceremony at which he spoke, “Lin was 14 years old when he and his family left Taiwan. They had to travel halfway around the world, stopping in different countries along the way.”

Then-Lt. Edward Lin speaking at 2008 U.S. naturalization ceremony in Hawaii. US Navy Photo

Then-Lt. Edward Lin speaking at a 2008 U.S. naturalization ceremony in Hawaii. US Navy Photo

He speaks fluent Mandarin and had been a department head for the Hawaii-based Special Projects Patrol Squadron Two ‘Wizards’ (VPU-2) that flew signals intelligence aircraft based on variants of the EP3-E Aries II signals intelligence aircraft, two sources confirmed to USNI News.

Lin’s job on the Aries II, which bear a resemblance to the maritime surveillance and anti-submarine warfare P-3C Orion, was to manage the collection of electronic signals from the aircraft – a sensor coordinator.

The specifics of how the U.S. gathers signals from potential adversaries are among the military’s most closely guarded secrets. Knowing the methodology for how the U.S. gathers signals intelligence – information that Lin would likely have with his Aries II experience – could allow adversaries to devise ways to counter U.S. monitoring.

In addition his time on EP-3Es, Lin served from 2012 to 2014 as the Congressional Liaison for the Assistant Secretary of Navy for Finance Management and Comptroller.

The last major incident of espionage by an active duty member of the Navy was the case of John Walker – a Navy warrant officer and submariner who for 18 years passed reams of military secrets to the Soviet Union before he was finally caught in 1985.

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Sam LaGrone

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Sam LaGrone is the editor of USNI News. He was formerly the U.S. Maritime Correspondent for the Washington D.C. bureau of Jane’s Defence Weekly and Jane’s Navy International. He has covered legislation, acquisition and operations for the Sea Services and spent time underway with the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and the Canadian Navy.

  • Gary McCauley

    While the Navy is at it, how about charging Obama and Hillary with giving secrets to China?

    • BeresfordTipton

      While you are at it, how about charging Dubya43 and Cheney with war crimes?

    • craiggnt

      And your evidence? We have a lot of evidence of Bush and Chaney committing war crimes.They can’t leave the US because every nation will arrest them for war crimes. We have had presidents that did nothing and are still bettwer then Bush

    • Walter S

      Really? Go suck an egg, shtmate.

    • Secundius

      Anytime you Outsourse with China, your Giving Away Secrets. “Money Talk’s, Merit or Patriotism WALK’S”…

  • Getaclue


    Lol. ASW worse/more sensitive than SIGINT? That’s absurd. I’ve worked VP, VQ(P) and VPU. Airborne ASW is the least sensitive mission set we have.

  • StanislausBabalistic

    Hey, USNI – this comment section is a cesspool of the worst kind. Unabashed racism, conspiracy-mongering, fever dream trope-inducing. Shut the whole thing down.

    • We’re completely aware.
      Weren’t expecting this kind of traffic today.

      • SW

        How did you even get this information, isn’t the Charge Sheet protected and does not fall under the Public Information?

      • Michael McGough

        To say foreign nationals might not need to work in such a sensitive position for security reasons is not racist.

        • Charlie Lee

          Relevance? The accused isn’t a foreign national.

          • KobusVanKleef

            He hasn’t been a foreign national for a whopping 8 years and he already sold us out. He should be executed just like the Chinese do.

          • Michael McGough

            From the article: According to a 2008 Navy release on a naturalization ceremony at which he spoke, “Lin was 14 years old when he and his family left Taiwan. They had to travel halfway around the world, stopping in different countries along the way.” He certainly had dual citizenship.

  • Charles Randall

    expect more of this

  • James Wilson

    Diversity is our strength !

  • Professional Human

    China too powerful.

  • jjwelsh

    A long time ago when I was in the NAVSEC group, Foreign nationals, even if they were naturalized, would not get a clearance. There were very good reasons for this policy. In fact, getting married to a foreign national, was often the reason that many cleared personnel lost their clearances. Now the Gov even gives nuclear, atomic clearances to Chinese (mainland) Nationals.

    • StanislausBabalistic

      What is your source for that? I’m in that world now, and I’ve never seen or heard of a foreign national being *considered* for a position that would entail cleared work, much less one actually in such a position.

      • When I was in the USAF a few centuries ago and we had NO foreign nationals in our crypto group.

        • Yac Ya’Chain

          I assume Lin is a citizen, naturalized that is.

    • KraKah

      That started under Clinton.

      Famous photo of Gore at a china fund raiser.

      • Andrew Armstrong

        Richard Nixon.

    • John Franklin

      It makes sense to me to have people who really understand Chinese language and culture involved in intelligence gathering, because there’s just some stuff only a native can really understand. Such individuals should, of course, have very limited access, and only that required to accomplish the goal.

    • 5.56

      Political correctness is killing us. This foreign national should NEVER have been around this sensitive stuff. It is about as stupid as having the border wide open, and bringing in muslum “refugees.”

      • Nicole Hatch

        He’s not a foreign national. He is a naturalized American citizen. Keeping clearances for the “born in the USA” types won’t prevent traitors: see Ames, Pollard, the Walkers, Hansen, etc.

        • notyetagm

          Yep, they were all natural born traitors.

      • He’s Taiwanese not Mainland – they’re the GOOD Chinese.

        I’m being devoured by Chinatown aristocrats in NYC – I’m just a peasant tomato!

        • Tacitus Talks

          Many of the Taiwanese want to reunite. Lived in Ningbo (which was a Goumindang(Koumintang) strong hold. THEY ARE ALL COMING HOME. And the Chinese are giving them the land and buildings and homes they confiscated, because the Taiwanese are rich and have advanced technology that helps the mainland.

          • but they’re not ALL of Ningbo and the Zhejiang region – the entire impressive population didn’t relocate to Taiwan.

            I don’t know that I would want an official province of Taiwan – as satellites – it’s convenient and creates more flexibility but it cannot go independent because then Japan will attack it – however underground it may be – PLUS independent Taiwan and HK would mean triad and yakuza get United Nations votes and nation-status – I’m sure it’s already revolting enough to have to party with the goblins – to have to do so with the hanjian would be unnecessary.

    • jcharenton

      uh… isn’t Trump married to a foreign national? …and Cruz is a foreign national (arguably) Maybe we should just give clearances to native americans? … no that wouldn’t work either; they’re dual nationals of the US and their Tribe… the only ones known for keeping secrets are the mafia … no, no one’s safe.

      • Tangair

        Maybe. But the Native Americans are code talkers….

      • flatbedbill

        With all respects, Mr. Franklin, the Novajo “Code Talkers” drove the Japanese to fits in WW2. They could never identify the language that was spoken over non-secure communications, let alone find a way to counter it.

        • they tortured the only Navajo they had as a FEPOW but the codes were in code so he couldn’t help them but claimed he wouldn’t have helped even if he understood the code.

          After the war – the Japanese made a point of looking up the code talkers – how scary is that? And before pearl harbor, Japanese had been eyeing the Aleutians so Canada interned the inuits after Dec 7.

      • Kilgore Trout

        We can’t make a law to solve every problem. The guy is innocent until proven guilty but if he did it, he knew full well the consequences, he took the same oath the rest of us took, and he should be held accountable. Just like a former secretary of state (who will never see the inside of a prison cell).

        • maybe he is doing his job and claiming to be a spy because America told him to – a dark knight – it COULD happen

      • Andrew Armstrong


        • ahh mormons with their MK Ultra Berlitz data dump

          walking around me in the middle of the night – way past their bedtime at the Kowloon YMCA after my screaming mother kicked me out of a HK hotel room because she had been subpoena’ed and had no one else to take it out on.

      • Well, then why didn’t previous Presidents deport them?

        • Tacitus Talks

          You don’t deport people for coming here legally? However, the
          relaxation of security protocols ARE DEFINITELY CLINTON and worsened by
          Obama. Lest we forget, 19 terrorists were OPENLY training on Aircraft,
          but not learning how to land, a fact that was not lost on several FBI
          field offices of the FBI. However, when these issues were raised to Washington, they were ignored

      • publius_maximus_III

        Welcome to the Melting Pot, jcharenton. Not too many of us can go back too many generations before finding a “foreign national” hanging in our own family trees. It has always been one of the greatest strengths of our country, and sometimes, one of its greatest vulnerabilities.

        E pluribus unum. So say we all of us.

    • Charlie Lee

      That’s unfair to many naturalized citizens that have served or serving honorably in military. Not to mention the fact that there are plenty of US born individuals that have sold secret to foreign country (John Walker, Rosenbergs, Henry Gold, Morris Cohen, Robert Best etc).

      • Tacitus Talks

        It is giving them access to secrets that would aid their former native land that is a bad idea.

      • Wayne Grazio

        Totally agree

      • who CARES if there have been good ones – we’re ALL supposed to be the good ones – no one makes a big deal about the Greeks or the Portuguese or whoever but this comes right in the middle of a constants mudslinging – every freaking day – that the JACLs lap up, that give Japan hope and Fujimori’s daughter is about to be the next president of peru.

        I honestly thought when I watched that raid of the Japanese embassy in Peru that it was CIA.

    • Stan

      Lin and his family are from Taiwan, not mainland China.

      • and it is so much easier to pass on info to a taiwanese like donald kaiser did IN Taiwan – purportedly on a holiday with engaged (weht to Chris Cockerl) Isabelle Cheng.

        All these Taiwan spies are FISHY – they conveniently always serve anti Chinese propaganda and why would you let KMT scientists anywhere near real secrets? That’s so unlikely – all the targets of Japan – all the labs not just the Chinese scientists MUST be under surveillance.

  • TheRealBillybob

    The Chi-Coms are playing a long game, infiltrating agents into the US through Taiwan is classic for them! They use our bias against us playing us like a fiddle.

    It really boggles the mind that a non-American would be even considered for a position that required such a high security clearance, was there no born and bred American who could have filled that important billet?

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  • model94

    The mod removed my response to a post. My comment: “exactly right”. Get a life man.

    • I’d refer you to this: To our new readers: Please be civil and keep your comments thoughtful and to the topic at hand. We value different opinions but will not tolerate rudeness, violent language, personal attacks and vulgar language. Comments that are deemed problematic will be deleted with neither warning nor apology.

  • Mike S.

    Awful story. I was stationed in Taiwan when Carter pulled us out in ’79….the only place I’ve ever been where pro-Americanism was loud and proud……and the women !

    • Harmony Orion

      I thought Taiwan and China are adversaries, no? Most all Taiwanese people are pro US. This guy is really giving Chinese Americans a bad name.
      Also, espionage and ignorance are two different things, despite the damage. So for those who try to equate this case with Hillary’s, I have to disagree.

      • craiggnt

        I can hear it now. Trump will be pandering votes by saying he will lock up every Chinese American like we did to the Japanese

        • Tacitus Talks

          Of course Trump will say nothing of the sort because China is not
          making attacks within the borders of the US. But when they do, I would
          keep track of every Chinese enemy alien. O I am sorry, we can’t because
          we don’t keep track of visitors and students.

          Interesting you should mention the Japanese. Something that is not allowed to be taught any longer.

          One of the interesting things is the “fifth column” tactic of Japanese. What is NOT commonly discussed, but is presented in a
          documentary from the 1950s – a series much like Victory at Sea, called
          Crusade in the Pacific – talks about Japanese Nationals migrating all
          over the Pacific in the 20 years leading up to World War 2. There were
          thousands of Japanese nationals in the Philippines in 1941. They had
          also migrated to Hawaii and California. In the Philippines, they openly
          cooperated with the invading Japanese. It puts a lot of excesses that
          we should not have done into perspective. I believe our actions toward the Japanese as abhorrent as they were, were motivated by what was happening in the Philippines, New Guinea, Vietnam, Burma with Japanese migrants.

          We were weak and afraid. Frankly there was absolutely NOTHING preventing Japanese occupation of Hawaii on December 7. I know my dad, who was an officer in the Yankee Division was ordered to throw up beach defenses on Cape Code?!?!?! The fact that Japan did not invade was our luck, not any preparation. So fear and weakness forced us to overreact. But there were definitely many enemies hiding under the veil of “American”.

          I do not pretend to
          understand everything about the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese – I
          do know, if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone. However, we are in the Pacific, and we have commitments to Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. Because of these , we can’t “leave them alone”. Hence, there will be a confrontation. When there is, the Chinese will play to win.

          The Chinese, though they claim hatred of the Japanese, use many of the same tactics. I take this excursion for a moment of pause.

          • they moved into rabaul’s chinatown and nobody had a problem with it and they did NOT kill the KMT rep who to this day speaks well of them while native and Indian FEPOW witnesses claim that every night the Chinese women and boys were raped by the Japanese.

            the Chinatowns have to be infiltrated again

            I don’t want to be here if we are just going to be tortured by evil people in Chinatown and be overtaxed by a hardhearted NYC government so we are too poor to fight back.

            We get treated worse than spies.

          • publius_maximus_III

            Hang in there, JEng, elections are just around the corner.

          • ye-e-e-s and Don Lee will make my mom scream all the louder when he wins.

          • publius_maximus_III

            FYI — Michelle Malkin wrote a book about the internment of Japanese Americans during WW-II, and in it explained how it had a sound basis and was not just due to wartime hysteria or racism. Quoting one article about her book, “She maintains that historians and federal panels have played down information showing that Japan had established an extensive espionage network on the West Coast.”

        • he wont intern us because we would actually appreciate the subsidized housing and free schooling and baseball games – it’s better to be locked up then be killed which is what my father faced as a toddler because the anti chinese immigration laws meant Japanese families could flourish and complain about internment.

      • Caryn

        They still are.

    • Gas_Passer

      I agree….but that Taiwan Beer was horrible.

    • yes triad is very pro american – ask Dana Blake

      • Mike S.

        You’re thinking of Hong Kong, not Taiwan.

        • I don’t think so. I never researched triad or cared about them other than to avoid them or not open the locked door at gift shop and later at the comic book store with the same Chinese name if they were at the door but I think that Taiwan is HQ not Hong Kong.

          Dad was told that he had to go to Taipei so they could see if they would give him a lease renewal and that is pure bull because multiple people who take that position in On Leong or Hip Sing or whatever get a lease with super low rent but they were all socially accepted and Dad was very independent and not that kind of Chinatown person at all. We waited like two hours for the lunch to start to meet this person and it was a lot of older men – all comfortable in a living an invisible life way – not a harried businessman kind of way – they all look like they golfed and when the man finally came with a lot of other sort of subtly imposing men – I didn’t really watch them because I thought it was boring and I was distracted by a Miss teen Texas who was his wife who was very beautiful in a glamorous Mexican madonna (not the singer) way and her little girl and a glamorous kitten girlfriend who came with another guy and the men kept toasting Dad all through lunch – it wasn’t really an eating meal – it was tiny thimbles of amber liquid that didn’t taste disgusting and Chan Wing Yeung kept his head turned and stared intently at Dad’s face the whole time neverminding that everyone could see him doing it and Dad wouldn’t look at anything in particular, he just kept taking the toasts but I don’t think he was in a good mood – he certainly wasn’t happy to have me along because my mother had had a fit over the phone with the stray dogs that had the run of the dormitory at Tamsui so he came to get me for a meal and overnight stay but was not happy about it. And then in Hong Kong, they did that thing where they beat up that young stranger for bumping into someone.

          And triad in HK and corrupt cops in HK always flee to one place – Taiwan – Eric Tsang’s dad went there as a dirty cop during the famous corruption hunt.

          The feeling is always that KMT is very impressive even in NYC – ohh that person is so and so’s nephew and this and that. I think people back then were awed. They certainly seemed to have access to white people in power.

          And that’s none of our business as regular Chinese people. When they killed Henry Liu – that’s just CKS being draconian and murderous. But what about Henry Liu and his famiily – they were destroyed by murder – how come someone didn’t stick a poster on On leong and Chinese Benevolent’s doors and decry this kind of behavior. How come nobody has a voice?

          Usually American media and newspapers promote those with KMT/Taiwan connections as if to show the rest of us – these are the good acceptable ones.

          But I always thought HKers were more charming and special. They’re very sparky conversationalists but no one back then and even now ever show that Hkers are very funny and own their masculinity but possibly Taiwanese are the ones with the real power.

          There’s definitely a clique vibe with KMT and Taiwan and definitely the triad is interwoven with the ruling of Taiwan and maybe that helps in keeping Japan at bay.

          That Heung triad was founded by KMT and is run by his sons – they admit it and one of their wives is best friends with the nonwife dangled in front of my mom’s friend’s husband and the last time we saw them – they PRAISED her at dinner with us including Dad – they had just met her – Dad was already embroiled with On Leong and one of the Chee brothers came into the restaurant and stopped at the table and spoke in a familiar manner with Dad and Mom noted that her friend’s husband who was a businessman didn’t blink an eye.

          I don’t know why one of the Hakka Marshall’s sons expressly made contact with one of the Heung brothers as reported in some english language article – but maybe the KMT connection (Commies were also KMT until Chiang Kai Shek decided to consolidate power and ordered triad to murder all Commies including the female members leaving behind orphans).

          • publius_maximus_III

            So how was the food?

          • it was actually surprisingly undelightful – it was all about the long toasting and it was an all male table except for me I guess. It was weird.

            It was an unprepossessing exterior and a luxurious interior that must have been closed – it was after lunch and no one else was there. I have the business card but it’s probably no longer around.

            It wasn’t like HK food no matter at what price level – where it must be the food equivalent of cocaine – you just get a jolt of delight. Even ding tai fung isn’t as pizazzy as I would like.

            I miss HK but I always miss HK but now they stab reporters and bonk you with paving stones.

          • publius_maximus_III

            If you ever find yourself down in New Orleans, try Mings over in Lakeview. The usual Chinese fare, plus some delicious Chinese creations. The family is originally from Hong Kong, but are now red-blooded Americans. The aunt of the owner runs a B&B right next door. Highly recommend the Honey Walnut Shrimp… but better bring along a healthy appetite, or share it with a friend. Your eyes will roll into the back of your punkin’ haid with the first bite.

            Ding Hao!

          • Does she have pictures of the rooms at the b and b?

            you don’t mean MAYONNAISE shrimp with honey walnuts, do you?

            there’s a place at the NORTH POLE that does that and was on the keeper episode of Guy Fieri’s DDD.

            I don’t want to go to NO because the last part of Double Jeopardy had those smug white people with no slavery guilt because NO’s black people were free and I’m afraid of alligators. I bet the Vietnamese food is better than NYC.

            Joe Jackson should ask Ann RIce to invest in Stoker and put it up in NO first. I hope it sounds Irishy.

          • publius_maximus_III

            Try a BING search on Rose Manor, NOLA. Innkeepers are an Englishman and a Chinese lady. Very friendly place to stay. It’s an old house with lots of antiques and a nice jade collection.

            There was a white sauce smothering the shrimp, so may have been concocted from may-o, dunno. It was delicious, whatever the ingredients.

            And it is true, back in antebellum times some well-heeled -blacks- (free men) in that area were actually slave owners. As for the gators, well you want to be careful where you go swimming. But FL is worse. I just heard where they killed a 15-ft, 800-pounder on a cattle ranch down there. Had apparently been eating pretty high on the hog, er… steer.

          • yeah its too bad about the superbugs in florida otherwise I’d want to go to Disney World and check out the retail.

            I think if NO floods again, there will be gators and not that I will venture into a Yelawolf music video in the swamp. I’m not attracted to the tourism of New Orleans so I probably will never go. The only place I would go now where there wasn’t a job as the reason to go is China and that may not be available to me. I’m pretty pissed these days and I know I can’t stand being in NYC. Does Woody Allen ever show up in New Orleans? For a music lover, somehow the music he loves when its in his movies sound worse than anywhere else.

            I think how he framed music in his movies to misdirect something to natural born killers is also how the reputation for NO is handled and it’s a trap – just not for me.

          • publius_maximus_III

            It’s a pretty neat place to visit, with plenty of things to do. They have streetcars that have been in service since the 1920’s, made right here in NC and shipped down there on railroad flatcars. World class restaurants, steam boat rides, the Audubon Zoo, swamp tours, crawfish boils, a casino, the D-Day museum, the Mighty Mississippi, and some great music to name just a few. I know they have a Jazz Fest every year at the Race Track, but never been. Don’t know about Woody, but folks do fly in from all over to attend it.

          • Sounds like a lot of toys for the tourists.

            Why do they have a D Day museum? NYC has the Intrepid and that’s it, I think.

            What is the industry there other than tourism? It’s not like you ever hear from the Neville Brothers anymore. It’s not like they have a Motown and it’s not a font of hip hop either. But then you never hear of NYC making new music now either. It’s not like people are working in studios – that happens more in Atlanta and LA. It seems like NYC Is more known for our press releases on inflated real estate and gun running. There’s no joy, no affordability (the city is a vampire that picks taxpayers who can’t afford the lawyers to fight them – I will never forgive them), there’s no honesty and I don’t think there is homegrown creativity.

            The thing about New Orleans that I am wondering about is – is it so touristy – that it replaces the industries that are based on originality and creativity – is it an echo of what NYC has done to itself – a lure where what made it special has been replaced – like I hid the treasure and put out bootlegs on the shelf just for the moneyed would-be carpetbaggers? In which case the most honest place is Disney and I’m sure that Disney is still refusing to create and imagineer at the top of its game – because there is no way they only gave Tiana 20 minutes in her own movie before turning her into a frog – that’s the Disney Princess with the most expandability – cuisine, music and race. I know Disney did it on purpose so why would the real New Orleans be in full flower?

          • publius_maximus_III

            I guess they have the D-Day museum there because that’s where most of the landing craft used during the invasion of Normandy (the Higgins boat, named for the inventor) were invented and built. If you do nothing else in Nawlins, you should go there.

            Industry – mostly tourism as you surmise, but it’s also a port city in its own right, with ocean-going ships traveling up river from the Gulf, and barge traffic traveling down river from almost the length of the country. Offshore oil drilling, ship building, seafood industry (shrimp, oysters, etc.), chemical and oil refineries, Community Coffee, Dixie Beer, Domino Sugar, Café du Monde beignets — most folks down there seem to have no trouble finding something to keep them busy.

            If I had to describe the city in just a few words it would be “The San Francisco of the South” (except no hills, flat as a pancake) though I’m sure NOLA natives would take issue with such a comparison. Lot’s of French, Cajun, and Creole influence. Some Spanish families were living there well before the U.S. was ever a country — the Islenos (Canary Islanders) settled there way back when Spain claimed much of that territory along with Florida. And of course everybody knows Old Hickory fought the Bloody British there in the War of 1812, although the battle was actually in Chalmette just a few clicks downstream.

            You should go, J, what have you got to lose?

          • Thanks for the all the feedback. I think NOLA and the state of Louisiana is actually more Germanic though culturally as you describe it more Latinized. I seem to remember something by that travel host Burt something and a PBS documentary narrated by whatshisname who played John Astor on the Titanic that mentioned where there were many Germans.

            They should have bagpipes playing – piped into the Normandy part of any exhibit.

            I wish Iris Chang’s mother would put up her research in an exhibit – copies not originals because Japanese tend to visit international libraries and steal one and onlys. I want to know what the FEPOWs told her. Your mentioning WW2 reminds me of the light skinned soldier depicted in Steven Spielberg’s The Pacific. My head kind of swivels for that kind of thing.

            To answer your question with my apologies for getting heavy, I just don’t want to be around fellow NYers or Americans until I get out of here. I’m having problems in NYC that alienate me.

          • I wonder if there is heroin smuggling and Chinese triad down there. I just got another call from someone from Yee Tung karaoke on East Broadway way back to my father’s last year.

          • Secundius

            First use of Opium in the USA was in 1784, but the First Recorded Addiction of the Product was 1837 near the Canadian Border. Probably somewhere Near Vancouver, British Columbia…

          • let the good times roll – anything with waterway, coastal, canal, mouth of the river ….

          • Secundius

            I can’t say with 100% certainty, that Opium was the First order of Trade with the Triads. Could also be Slave Trade or Prostitution too. But then again, “Where’s There’s Opium, There’s the TRIADS”…

          • I don’t know. A reporter sent me an article from the NYTimes more than a hundred years ago decrying On Leong and Hip Sing and claiming prostitution and drug trade but we never really saw that in the 70s and 80s before my dad was murdered by them. And there used to be only three women in bachelor Chinatown all treated with chivalry and one of them was genuinely beautiful and voted the most beautiful woman in Chinatown but her daughter was fantastic looking and modest about it (I hate her brother though) but that contradicts that Chinatown was this sleazy place BUT my favorite song from Joe Jackson’s Fast Forward album is Junkie Diva and it has a line about going down to Chinatown and if that song IS about Billie Holiday as he claims then she was hooked on heroin and what reason would anyone have to go down there then if not to pick up her drugs?

            Places with designed word of mouth and partying and an indifference is cool vibe would mean the drug trade nevermind the waterways which would mean drug smuggling and that means an embedded arrogance in triad with the accompanying confidence in getting away with cruelty towards civilians plus I’m too old to spend money to go somewhere where they aren’t paying me. I think travel like that for those attractions are for those who don’t see it as an act of affluenza but I do.

            I once did the math thoroughly on how an American family would partake of all that America has to offer eg Disney World and it came out to a lot – but because I looked at so many travel shows by so many different hosts, I saw a pattern of promotion that wasn’t worth going out of pocket.

            I bet NOLA is interesting anthropologically – I’m not knocking it and I appreciate the recommendation but unless your income level is at a certain level, I don’t think any of those places are tempting – not even NYC.

          • Secundius

            My Father’s Mother’s Family ran a Brothel in the Cleveland, Ohio area in the 1880’s near the Slaughter Houses. Don’t KNOW whether there was a TRIAD Connection or Not. But they became Prosperous Enough to Move to the “Well-To-Do” Side of Parma, Ohio by the Turn of the Century…

          • your paternal grandmother ran a brothel – was she Chinese?

            Lee Association had a brothel tenant a few years ago that got busted because they stood in the doorway and solicited an off duty cop – the papers had pictures of the ladies who had been standing outside for awhile so the Lee Association HAD to have known. I still have the pdf of the article in gmall.

            Mercifully, my mother never saw anything like that when she visited the architect.

            And we had a tenant who was a reporter and was offered by a masseuse and my mother said that was the most inconceivable thing to happen to him because she described him as … Hugh Grant-esque in his gentle demeanor LOL -his article did sound kind of insulted “THIS reporter.”

            and I did get harassing prank calls to our Store For Rent sign that went to hookers and gay massage and gay parties and stuff. SO NICE.

          • Secundius

            Duchy no long exists, but “Flemish” (Belgium/Dutch). Somewhere Near or About’s Flanders. I was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1950. Spoke ONLY “Hokkien” until I was about 6. One of My Many US Army MOS-09L Languages I Spoke, and Really DIDN’T do me any Good where I was Stationed either…

          • they don’t call it hokkien in taiwan – do they? they call it minnamhwa – okinawa has something similar – a few people in Chinatown worked in Okinawa after the war to make money.

          • Secundius

            I really Don’t Know? In 2010 I had a Stroke, and Lost most of my Language Skills. Can Read and Write Fair Enough in English, but Speaking can be a Challenge. Someone told me the Language Name (Most likey looked it up). All I remember is that it was Taiwanese Local Speak, of one of the Dominate Tribes of Formosa. Before it was Rename Taiwan…

          • the aborigines speak minnamhwa?

            holy moses – they DO – I remember my aborigine friend refusing to help me purchase a Brooke Shields t-shirt and that was standard Taiwanese not specialized members only aborigine speak and other than Japanese – why would he be fluent if they spoke that at home instead of whatever their native language was … he SAID he didn’t speak any Mandarin at all when we were on the Study Tour and then he stayed and became super Chinese phd level.

          • i have no idea what card you are trying to feed me with duchy and flanders

            are you saying that taiwan was a duchy of China like Manchuria (the honglujing stele) and Tibet? and old allegiances remain?

            what about ryukyu? Akihito thinks he has their heir. Ryukyu refused to help invade Corea, Japan will not forgive them for that once the Americans leave and the natives are unprotected.

          • Secundius

            NO, NO, No? My Father’s Mother Family Ancestry was “Flemish”. I have No Idea what my Father’s, Father was. I was Born in Taiwan. My Father was a Low Level Diplomat, stationed at the American Consulate in Taipei…

          • Secundius

            My Mother Alternative in Taiwan (my “Mamu”, was named Eukie or Uky, at least that’s what I called Her). My Real Mother befriender Her and even tried to Bring her to the States, but she had “TB” and Couldn’t Come, but did Sponsor Her Daughter. Too Come. Lost Touch with her about 10-years ago. Probably Died, she was at least 20-years older than me. Believe or Don’t Believe what you want. I’ve Never Lied to Anyone on the USNI…

          • I think maybe there has to be a point when the addicts ask for pleasure to be neutralized maybe in 5 year increments so they can get off drugs and have a life – it’s not fair to them.

          • publius_maximus_III

            Don’t know, J, but I would imagine anything going on in NYC is happening in NOLA, too. They are both major port cities.

            Hopefully the Tong is no longer operational, wouldn’t want to catch a hatchet in the back my next trip down…

          • these days they make it look like its the victim’s own fault or an accident or a random act of violence preferably by a black male.

            since Henry Liu’s murder anyway

          • publius_maximus_III

            Hmm, interesting. Have already added “Formosa Betrayed” (2009) to our Netflix movie queue.

          • It’s too bad Andre Braugher isn’t doing some awesome gripping show in Baltimore- because I would have moved (next door to Faidleys – never had it).

            New Orleans has no anchor, no magnet that draws you in and I think after Katrina, now I’m afraid of the anger that must be there. I can’t even get a haircut because of how Chinese are depicted in NYC – I can’t see that New Orleans has cleared the air for their people post Katrina.

          • places like Thailand and Philippines- are more dangerous because of how they process their anger and race relations – I don’t know anything about NOLA – but tourism if that’s now more important than ever ….

          • white AND Chinese in a place of quadroons that never got rich from it and a large Vietnamese inoffensive population?

            everything I read even if it’s just crazy STD-inducing promotion in the NYPOST today about letting husbands cheat and an unbelievable claim of rape during an initial job interview with a LAWYER – just makes me want to run to a super conservative and controlled place if only it offered protection from a whiplash ripple effect that will be sure to result from all of this toxicity and mindlessness.

            New Orleans is VERY vulnerable to being pivoted because of its unresolved issues. That smug offer to whites who want kevlar from Black Lives Matters and Black people who know their place and get along just fine whipping up biscuits for white arrivistes – that’s coming. Never let them launch, right?

          • publius_maximus_III

            Umm, OK… I do like biscuits, and especially gravy biscuits for breakfast. But no tofu biscuits, Ma’am.

          • If I had gone to NOLA after high school, I probably couldn’t have hidden myself amongst the people of color past Hurricane Katrina. This really smart guy in high school predicted that I would end up with a really boring white guy with leather elbow patches on his tweed jacket who watched PBS and I would be bored to death (because he never introduced me to his Chinese best friend duh – I was really offended since I didn’t feel very banana) and I think that since I didn’t actually have white friends in high school, he was saying something about quasi white privilege that as a Chinese, I enjoyed and would basically be benefiting from Black kindness but I would never have to pay for it.

            That’s why I think NOLA is no go and vulnerable to a propaganda use. I think Black and Chinese is evolving.

          • I remember Pho Bang said they got their DRIED rice noodles from Vietnam. Isn’t there a Pho Bang down there? Their nephew Dominico is down there – I wonder what his restaurant name is.

            They used to be the tenant in our building until the 1998 Christmas arson – I didn’t go back to Beijing because they wouldn’t sign the lease renewal.

          • publius_maximus_III

            Don’t know, my wife is from there, not me. The only Vietnamese dish I’ve ever eaten was something called Vietnamese Beef, at an Asian restaurant here in NC — excellent. I also like sushi, and double cheeseburgers. Come to think of it, not too many dishes I don’t like. Tofu is not on my list of favorite foods however.

          • Secundius

            Several Vietnamese Restaurants in my Area of Washington DC. But the Best Vietnamese Beef, I EVER Had was at a Burke, Virginia Restaurant owned by Vietnamese General Nguyen Njoc Loan. Called the “Les Trois Continent…

          • I like soondobu (spicy korean tofu stew) more than Sichuan ma la tofu but I’ve probably never had good mala tofu. BCG tofu house is a chain on both coasts that is reliable for soondobu and has good korean scallion pancake as well if you don’t mind that they are using Japanese tofu – maybe House is giving them the tofu for free – the thing about BCG is that they weren’t mean to us for being Chinese – everyone gets the same amount of side dishes and lettuce to wrap grilled beef and pretty much ALL the time, Koreans won’t treat us that way.

            The Vietnamese don’t do that to Chinese customers – ever.

  • Yac Ya’Chain

    I do believe Lin is worse than Clinton. He did his crimes deliberately. Clinton did her crimes due to a lack of care and knowledge. Madam Secretary is surely unqualified for the position she is running for : Commander in Chief. She, no doubt shows a lack of security control and intelligence. She should be indicted for her crimes and convicted.
    She should do hard time for her crimes.
    Lin should do life or be given the death penalty.

    • publius_maximus_III

      Well, I for one think Lin and Benghazi were cut from the same bolt of cloth, and their selfish desires for who knows what came before the importance of the safety and security of their country, which was entrusted to both in their respective positions of responsibility. Thank goodness that the one has now been exposed, and the other is about to be…

      Man, Sammy, you have probably had one heck of a day with this one. Time to go home, prop up the feet, and have a cool one.

  • GarryOwen, 4/7th US Cavalry

    How can anyone bring themselves to do this. This man was a highly respected naval officer. He not only betrayed his adopted country, the U.S., but also Taiwan, the country of his birth.

    Leavenworth will be quite different from the life he was accustomed to as a Naval officer.

    • Charlie Lee

      It’s possible that China in this article is actually referring to Republic of China or Taiwan. Not People’s Republic of China.

      • Nope, we meant PRC.

      • Caryn

        No one use China to present ROC/Taiwan these days, you must from the 70s.

    • Tacitus Talks

      If in fact it were to be proven that Hilary acted maliciously and put those things on the server as a “drop” so they could be picked up by an operative through hacking, that is reprehensible. At best she committed a felony and may not have committed treason

      However, what this man did was not only violate his oath, but the intelligence he gave the Chinese put his shipmates at risk. That is the lowest of the low.

  • Jerry S

    Hang the traitors who give up our secrets! All of them!

  • agcala

    NOTE: Edward C. Lin has no relation whatsoever with Hillary CLinton.

    • publius_maximus_III

      You should extend your underscore to include the “n”:

      Li-n (sounds like lyin’)…

  • Flayer

    From Taiwan and gave secrets to China? Sheesh, did he get got to. I wonder if money or blackmail was involved.

    • Charlie Lee

      China can refer to both PRC and ROC (or Taiwan). Considering the fact that he’s originally from Taiwan and likely have families there, the sources mentioned in the article likely meant ROC not PRC.

      • Nope, we meant PRC. House style is: PRC=China, ROC=Taiwan.

      • Flayer

        Well I thought he gave to PRC which surprised me for someone from ROC.

        • Tacitus Talks

          Many of the ROC have returned to China and wish to realign. The Taiwanese that migrated because of Chiang Kai Shek are returning to China in droves and wish to reunited. The Taiwanese that were there before actually are more sympathetic to Japan.

          The Koumintang are leaving and returning to Ningbo. Lived in Ningbo for 5 years, and the Taiwanese that fled under Chaing are loyal to China. I would not trust them EVER.

          A fellow I know who was expelled from the Chinese military because he is a Christian (he was a colonel and in charge of the Cyber branch, told me there are thousands of operatives in the US. Everywhere from those “attending” church to identify “missionaries” coming into China secretly, to industrial espionage, to actual 5th columnists that will raise havoc if there is a war. Of course he could have been telling me a story, but China wants war. Their new buildings in Ningbo, Hangzhou, and Shanghai, Jennhai all have bomb shelters. And all the foreign nationals are generally force to reside in special luxury house with “security” that are actually PLA. If there is a war, every foreign national will be “readily interred”.

          As Trump says, those “negotiating” on behalf of the US are stupipd.

          • Caryn

            Most third generation of those “mainlanders” who were migrated with Chiang Kai Shek now also consider themselves more as Taiwanese than Chinese now. Well, as long as if the “third generation” still live in Taiwan. For I know a portion of them were already migrated to other countries.

          • Tacitus Talks

            I was there. The ones staying in Taiwain are the indigenous Taiwanese that were there before Chiang moved into the island. They are actually more aligned and sympathetic to the Japanese. The migrants from the mainland that entered Taiwan on 1948-1950 have mostly gone back home.

          • Caryn

            I know, my parents are those “indigenous Taiwanese” you referred. Yet there were nearly 2 millions who migrated with Chiang… so not most of them gone back. Some continue migrated to other countries, some back home like you said, but most of them married with “indigenous Taiwanese”, and it is to say that these two (migrated/back VS married to local) are belong to different social classes before and after their exodus.
            I also happened to know some of people who gone back China. They prefer the term as “Mainlanders”, and were never identified themselves as Taiwanese. However, for some reason, they still introduce the rest of the world as they were Taiwanese.

          • you would think that there would be a lot of love and pity for the Mainland as Overseas Chinese but what if all these Taiwanese are profit motivated like the corrupt collaborators – that’s the blind eye inside that clique – no one goes after a fellow KMT for profiteering.

            Mabye the KMT are dark knights but always remember about hanjian – no matter where they come from – within Mainland or the Overseas Chinese.

            HK triad has Nigerians – that means Canton is vulnerable to being gaslit when it tries to police Nigerians because the NYTimes loves to be PC.

          • Flayer

            I know that they are loyal to “China” but not the Chinese Communist government. It is one thing to say I am Chinese but another to say I am a Communist and support its execrable government. My American Chinese friends upon returning from taking their parents to their villages invariably return to the US thanking their parents for leaving and not subjecting them to the life of a typical peasant in villages that don’t even have flush toilets and running water. Most tourists only see the big, modern urban centers. Let the PRC join the ROC, I say.

      • Apostle by the Sea

        ROC is passe. It is the independent nation of Taiwan; it’s not part of China. The Nationalists were just thrown out of power because they tried to cozy up to Red China, and the Taiwanese people don’t want to be ruled by China.

        • Charlie Lee

          The official name is still ROC not Taiwan. Also no major countries (especially US) recognize Taiwan as a nation.

      • ooh maybe this article wrote that because it is a warning to KMT triad that if they mess around and put everyone in a more difficult position with regard to lasso-ing Japan, then USA will just make Taiwan a part of China.

        KMT better run Taiwan against Japan getting onto that island. It better not be putting its competition with China over the welfare of the world in terms of allowing Japan to move forward.

        Eff up the goblins, KMT – or you lose everything.

    • I don’t think Commies pay ANYBODY _ they’re very costly to do business with.

  • Curtis Conway

    You know Sam, it would seem that this administration has redefined what ‘civil’ is!

  • Lee_in_KY

    Loral Aerospace – enough said.

    • falseprophet123

      Nicely done Lee_in_KY!

  • Justinother D. Plorable

    Hope they fry this guys rear end.

    Meanwhile an American born Jewish dentist who has a few relatives living in Israel can’t get clearance to PRACTICE DENTISTRY on a U.S. base.

    Also, dozens of American Jews who also speak Arabic (their parents, GP and GGP lived in Arab countries as a Jewish minority before 1948) volunteered to do arabic to english translations for the Feds after 9/11, and most were turned down.

  • CELT the Deplorable

    Depending on what he gave the Chinese, his actions could turn out to be more damaging than the Walker ring. Hope that he is prosecuted to the full extent of the UCMJ for his treachery.

  • imbeciles

    Death Penalty. SIGINT is no fing joke. It’s at the heart of everything.

  • crabcon

    The key is to feed them bad information…

  • SFC Patrick Stevenson US Army

    Some of the comments I have read are getting awfully close to breaking the law themselves.

  • JaZZ Jones

    why am I not surprised at this catch? I hope we are on to the rest of these moles.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not convinced… given the precedent of Wen Ho Lee, how do we know that Lin isn’t being falsely accused simply because of his ethnicity / national origin?

    • NC

      Actually you should be more than convinced; given the precedent of Su Bin, how would you know that Lin is being falsely accused simply because of his ethnicity / national origin?

  • phil

    espionage is as old as prosfitution. money talks and BS walks!
    i guess he never really intergrated in American way of life
    God, Country and Honor.

    I sure miss the good old days!

  • Goodtoo

    They have all of the equipment from the A/C that was forced to land on Hinan island…….now they know what it is and how it works. If this was the case then……
    This dude caused exceptionally grave damage to national security. Punishment must fit the crime, in this case life at a minimum.

    • disqus_pRSm222JQo

      Yeah, the information he could provide, coupled to that plane being in their custody is devastating. That would give away tactics, procedures, specifications, and give insight to strategic issues and so forth. It would also help them determine capabilities of other platforms. This is bad, bad, bad, bad stuff. The record of trial here may be 90% redacted.

  • Thetruthhurtsbad1984

    Search Google for Formosa Betrayed
    Airman Lin may not be actually Taiwanese in the true sense of the word.

    • Caryn

      I know what you mean. Lin’s parents may belong to those who migrated with Chiang Kai-shek. Most of them did not really consider themselves as Taiwanese.

  • disqus_pRSm222JQo

    SIGINT is no joke, particularly on the platforms he was on, positions he was in, and the nation we’re talking about. Yikes. I would not at all be surprised if gov pushes for death penalty if he’s found guilty.

  • Juanita Broaddrick’s Upper Lip

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    The potential Lins have to be identified and ferreted out before they can inflict serious damage on national security, not after the fact.

    Does the U.S. military even vet its servicemen anymore?

  • goodman21043

    Usually when we convict spies we do not advertise it. Thus, one (the Chinese) might conclude that Lin was a plant/counter spy who gave them untrustworthy/erroneous information. Lin might be ‘sent to prison’ but really end up in a witness protection-like program with a lifetime stipend from the US, possibly working as a translator at NSA for spending money. This story reads like a spy novel written by a high school student.

    • publius_maximus_III

      Ever hear of Gary Powers and KGB Colonel Vilyam Fisher? Not so quiet with those two.

  • David Michaud

    He has put all Americans in harms way. This is treason because of his sworn duty of allegiance to the Flag and the United States of America. He should be executed if found guilty!

  • goodman21043

    Juanita, the military is really a mercenary force composed of people who cannot get jobs in the civilian sector. It is like police work, a nice 20 year retirement plan after which you can double or triple dip in retirement income. Intelligence and loyalty are the last things looked at, they want someone who ‘looks good on paper’. The real traitors in the military are those who intentionally harass and destroy good, honest, patriotic service members.

  • fourwarschief

    Very sad but a fact of life we have people trying to take us down 24-7 . He deserves the highest punishment if he is found guilty.

  • TakeNoBull

    Let me say this civil—- He should be shot if found guilty— however as we see with Hillary Clinton the nation is not ready to hold folks accountable. Or maybe its just Hillary.

  • What a disgrace of a person! He should in prison for a long time and then deported back to Taiwan where he actually belongs. He is certainly NOT an American that’s for sure.

    • Caryn

      Actually, for doing so, he also betrayed his birth country…. since Taiwan and China are adversaries.

    • Ah_Clem

      This is Hillary’s job, to give secrets to the Chinese. How can she get the Chinese to donate to the Clinton slush fund when guys like this one give it to them before she can make a dime?

  • This a-hole is giving all of the loyal hard working Chinese Americans in the Navy a bad name.

  • Sam

    Do you know what Joseph Pollard did and know his story really well? Because these stories are not even close to comparing. I had no problem releasing Pollard, however this Lin guy is in going to the river. I do not know everything about Lin as I do as I did with Pollard.

  • Tacitus Talks

    Isolated incident. And according to my sources, the Liberty was helping the Egyptians against the Israelis.

    If they had wanted the thing sunk, it would have been sunk very easily which ponts to me that it was an accident.

    • hidflect

      Accident? So why didn’t they apologize?

      • Tacitus Talks

        I believe they did and paid reparations.

        • Herb

          LOL!! They paid a misicule sum that was less than what we were sending as aid to Israel. They paid us with our own money!

          • Tacitus Talks

            I believe the statement was, “if it were a mistake, why didn’t they apologize”. Point answered they did. They also paid reparations according to the scheduled set up by the State Department.

            If you think it was minuscule, blame them.

            Furthermore, about 500 American were killed at St Lo by British and American bombers, including a Lt General. Does your logic apply here.
            Friendly fire kills a lot of men.

            Secondly, it was an unarmed military vessel within a war zone. An accident is distinctly possible. The fact that it was an accident is supported that it was not sunk within 30 seconds.

            Finally, my original premise was “the secrets Pollard” gave would not be used against us by the Israelis. I doubt they will. The Liberty is not relevant to this argument, since it took place 20 years before Pollard. Therefore execution for Pollard is unnecessary. Now this guy, he betrayed his shipmates. He should hang. As should Bergdahl, who got his own men killed. No excuse.

          • Katzenjammer

            http://www dot wrmea dot org/1993-june/the-assault-on-the-uss-liberty-still-covered-up-after-26-years.html

          • publius_maximus_III

            Now how in the world did you manage that? I’ve tried to post links in comments to USNI articles before and my post was instantly sent to Moderator Never-Never Land. Was it the two “dot” replacements for “.” to trip up the filter?

          • Secundius

            Try you IPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, and sometimes it will by pass the system and go as ” Guest”

          • Katzenjammer

            Yes. Generally, independent of site, if ‘www dot Etcetera dot xyz’ is not acceptable, (where dot = ‘.’ and xyz = com, org, edu, gov, …), then dot = character construct denotive of ‘.’ usually works — in my experience.

          • Smoke it Herb.

          • Disgusted

            We give them money to provide an outpost in the ME that is friendly as well as a base for operations. Israel buys arms with the money from us and shares technological advances. Prior to the US being a partner, they were in partnership with Russia. This is strategy that benefits both. However, you chose to believe some conspiracy because it absolves you of any responsibility for your life and provides a convenient target for hate. I bet in school you hated smart kids and found reading boring, also.

        • DmaxD

          And sent the US tax payers the bill.

    • Herb

      Sure, all Egyptian horse transports have TRSCOMM antennas and a big GTR5 painted on the bow.

      • Tacitus Talks

        Yes, we were tracking Israeli units and passing that information to the Egyptians. So said a book “The Secret War”.

        • Herb

          If that claim is true, which I very much doubt, then why didn’t the Israelis say so instead of calling the sneak attack an accident??

          • Frank_Truth

            What benefit would Israel have in attacking a US ship? That does not make any sense on its face.

          • Tacitus Talks

            It was a bad situation on both sides. The best thing to do in that is to just let it die.

        • Well, a book said so.

    • Luther

      You’re not going to reveal your sources?

      • Tacitus Talks

        The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed The Jewish People by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, both of 60 minutes fame. They have an entire chapter on the Liberty.

        • rainyday469 .

          Book by Zionist Jews.

          • Tacitus Talks

            Oh yes here comes the anti semitism. Why don’t we raise the protocols of Zion while we are at it.

            The point being, this whole thins is irrelevant to the fact that Lin’s crimes are far more worse than Pollard’s because Pollard’s intelligence in no way endangered US personnel and ships. The attack on the Liberty TOOK PLACE 20 years earlier.

            And the attack on the Liberty, was at best a tragic error and worst, the Israelis acting in their self interest in the height of battle (something I highly doubt since the ship was not blown out of the water in the first 5 minutes).

            You blame Israel, but handily your government has conned you. Say for sake of argument, the government does have evidence that Israel did what you say. It is your government that betrayed you, not Israel. But the venom is reserved against Israel and Jews in general. I guess whatever the US government is trying to hide, they have succeeded, because they have you and all the “Liberty Conspiracy” theorists barking up the wrong tree.

          • Jerry Robertson

            typical muslim liar

        • Hawkeye3939

          Right, 60 minutes talking heads know more than the Chief of Naval Operations?

          • Tacitus Talks

            It is a source with documented evidence. It makes more sense than Israel suddenly deciding to SINK an American ship to “get the US” in the war by trying to blame it on the Egyptians. My god, they didn’t even try to hide the airplane markings.

            At best it was an accident. At worst, we as usual the US government was playing both ends against the middle with our Allies. Or need we discuss how we betrayed the Hmong tribesman in Vietnam? How about the betrayal of our POWs in Vietnam. Or do you believe we got all of them back? How about the POWs from Korea. There is eyewitness testimony that of people they say alive, were never repatriated and their fate was never resolved – the Chinese NEVER said if they had died in captivity. The 50s and 60s were not a “stellar” example of honor within our government, including the JCS

            Remember, this was the same US government that allowed the Pueblo to be taken by the North Koreans, a transport plane to be shot down by the North Koreans with no survivors, and did not bother to BOMB North Vietnam and allowed Hanoi to build up a massive air defense capability, then suddenly DECIDE to bomb Hanoi. How many American Naval Aviators DIED through that TREASONOUS activity. And yes it was treasonous. Don’t defend the Military Establishment in this. The AVERAGE ADMIRAL has his pension and prestige on the line and they are drilled with the concept that the “civilian” authority must be obeyed, even at the point of dishonor.

        • roscoekarns

          60 Minutes ! The New York based show that gave us slandering Dan Rather. Right.

          • Tacitus Talks

            Nice Straw man. Dan Rather was a relative late comer to 60 minutes. Mike Wallace, Morely Safer, Harry Reasoner were the originals. They were generally even handed, though all had a liberal tilt. These were producers.

            The evidence is documented. You can come up with your own conclusions. Dan Rather is irrelevant to the case.

        • Luther

          If the Liberty had been helping the Egyptians, wouldn’t that be suggestive that the Israeli attack was deliberate to prevent the USS Liberty from helping the Egyptians?

          • Secundius

            It’s Funny that NO Egyptian Vessels were Attacked. In the Incident…

          • DmaxD

            If the US wanted to help the Egyptians, they could simply cut off all foreign/military aid to pissrael, and it would fold like a cheap umbrella in less then a week.

        • old guy

          It backs up my statements. A recommended read.

      • Mason

        The source is the voices in his head.

    • Heretic2011

      The USS Liberty was a US Navy ship and whatever it was doing, it was doing under orders. The Israelis strafed the ship and lifeboats for hours. That was no accident, it was an attempt at a false flag. It worked so well in the Gulf of Tonkin after all.

      • Strykr

        USS Liberty was a Intel boat under loan to the NSA…. It was collecting data on both sides of the conflict, it got caught in the crossfire, wrong place wrong time, maybe next time you shouldn’t be spying on your allies and not tell them about it, This is America we are talking about here we don’t even trust our own people let alone other countries.

        • Typical

          TBF, Israel isn’t one of five eyes. they know we spy on them and them us.

      • Frank_Truth

        What benefit would Israel have in attacking a US ship?

      • DmaxD

        The attack on the USS Liberty is a well documented coverup. The actual testimony from the crew which can be verified, is at odds with the official media lies and israeli hazbra trolls crawling all over this forum.

        • barry

          How come they didn’t sink that ship?? It didn’t sustain much damage. It was an accident, nothing more. Get over it.

          • DmaxD

            A two hour attack is no accident. You lie like a rug.

          • Tacitus Talks

            It was not 2 hour, Israeli forces are not that incompetent. IT was no more than 30 minutes –

          • barry

            You got nothing again.

          • Patrick McClintock

            Are you serious? It was torpedoed! 34 Crew members were killed and 171 injured. The answer to why it didn’t sink is the Quality of the Captain and Crew.
            Same reason why the USS Cole didn’t sink. Or was that an “accident” too?

        • Tacitus Talks

          Read the inquiry. It was a tragic accident.

    • mokopit

      Yes and I have ocean front property in Montana I’d like to sell you

      • Wrong thread.

        • mokopit

          Whatever you say pal

      • Tacitus Talks

        How many other ships have the Israelis attacked? I seem to have missed the news.

        • mokopit

          You missed something

        • DmaxD

          The king James Hotel, twin towers, building 7 and the Pentagon.

          • Tacitus Talks

            Ah yes, now we have with the Liberty people, the 9/11 was an inside job ilk. Next all we need is the group that claims that Pearl Harbor was an inside job as well.

    • Secundius

      USS Liberty, was an Intelligence Gathering Ship! Not a Cargo Ship…

      • Tacitus Talks

        I am aware of that. It was the Sister Ship to the Pueblo.

      • DmaxD

        israel is a parasite, that should not exist.

        • Disgusted

          Hey, what day are the SSI checks delivered in your trailer park?

          • DmaxD

            isisrael is paying you not me.

          • Disgusted

            Just not going to answer that question because it hits too close to the truth, eh?

    • roscoekarns

      Just who are ya sources ya distracting apologist?

    • Wrong thread

      • Tacitus Talks

        It was in response to someone saying that Pollard should be executed. My contention was that the information given to Israel was not damaging to the US and would not get our ships sunk or our men killed. Then they started raising the USS Liberty, which was 20 years before Pollard and irrelevant. The contention that Pollard did commit espionage, but not Treason was deleted by the “moderator” which is really strange, because it was neither rude or insulting.

    • silencedogoodreturns

      your “sources” are full of bull hooie

      • Tacitus Talks

        They are documented and are a possibility. If they are correct, we were stupid.

        • silencedogoodreturns

          Black helicopters over your house? Tin foil hat on right?

  • konc2

    Too bad the Navy did away with “walking the plank” to deal with these traitors.

    • publius_maximus_III

      Keel hauling was a pretty sobering punishment, too.

  • Andrew Armstrong

    Wonder how many “Americans” where pushed away for spy boy’s rise?

    • Tacitus Talks

      Chances are he earned it. Asians rank higher on SATs, ACTs, and other testing criteria.

      The question is loyalty. There is something intrinsic in the Chinese psyche that makes it difficult to totally repudiate all loyalty to the homeland. I cannot explain it all, but I have seen it. I am not suggesting that we are better, or they are evil.

      One thing is clear, they had a booming culture 3000 years before the Europeans came out of the trees. While Europeans were eating each others brains, (circa 5000 BC), the Chinese had paper, money, writing, possibly a printing press and a large organized kingdom with established laws and a system of government. There is almost a manifest destiny in their mind that they rule.

      • publius_maximus_III

        Asian IQ’s are way to the right on the bell curve.

    • DmaxD

      Good point. We need to get rid of all Affirmative Action Jacksons and their fifth column supporters.

  • Accurite

    The difference with Pollard is Israel is not an enemy and would never be able to pose any real threat in war. China on the otherhand would. Also China is constantly attacking the US through hacking. That is how they got their stealth fighter.

    • twn73

      Sure doesn’t help when Israel passes our military technology on to the Chinese.

  • Jonathan Pollard.

  • Charles___Darwin

    No wonder the Founding Fathers mandated that the President be born in the US. For some people ancestry is more important than country.

  • Stan

    I noticed you did not mention the several spies who were caught giving top secret intelligence to our enemy, The Soviet Union, during the Cold War, and who did not serve as long a term as Pollard who sold secrets to an ally. Why? Also, there is no one in the government of Israel who has called Pollard a hero. That was your imagination speaking. Why?

  • old guy

    Want about the Walkers? At least Pollard only gave stuff to an ally. He should still beg in jail, but I smell a bit of Anti-semitism in your remark.

  • old guy

    The world’s greatest screw up. I was in the Navy and got the investigation as an a/d. The initial Navy communication was the principal fault. The misidentification was another. The incorrect reporting of the Liberty’s location and its radio silence sealed the F/U. As soon as the ship was IDd the attack was stopped.

    • seti111 .

      There’s not ONE word of truth in your comment. Were you relying on every reader to have zero knowledge of the USS Liberty events?

    • The_Usual_Suspect61

      The Liberty was identified as a U.S. Navy ship and the Israeli Defense Forces continued to attack it in an attempt to send it to the bottom. Israeli aircraft were low enough and close enough that sailors on the deck of the Liberty could see their faces. Israeli patrol boats circled and raked the waterline of the Liberty attempting to explode the boilers. I had a long interview with the XO of the Liberty, CDR James Ennis. CDR Ennis would vehemently disagree with your assertions. Liberty was attacked because the IDF feared that it would discover their build up and plans to take the Golan Heights. Look up some photos of the Liberty both pre and post attack. Tell me you could not identify it as a U.S. Navy ship. It was flying the US flag in about 10 knots of wind on a clear day. Last time I checked, the Israeli AF does not clear the blind to fly. Your perspective comes from behind the safety of a desk and his was on deck. Who to believe?

      • old guy

        I would CERTAINLY believe YOUR source than mine. However, if you look at a maps you will easily determine that there is NO way that the Liberty could have observed an attack on the Golan Heights. Anyway, why would they care when they had US observers embedded with all of their units. My ONLY reservation concerning the XO is possible embarrassment of his role.

        • The_Usual_Suspect61

          Electronic snooping was the job of the Liberty. They were gathering signals intelligence. If you can’t figure that out yourself, you are a lost cause. Do not cast aspersions on those who have served faithfully and are now departed.

          • jm323

            “Those who serve faithfully” (aboard the USS Liberty) were not in the position to make policy decisions, such as who would be privy to the intelligence that they gathered. They were following the orders of the Johnson Administration. The Israelis evidently believed that the U.S. was going to tip off the Egyptians or Syrians or Jordanians. ….If this is true, and the Israelis attacked it for that reason, then my sympathies are with the Israelis.

            All I can say about the crew of the Liberty is that I feel sorry for them. Soldiers and sailors, who are under orders to obey commands that they believe are lawful, should be held blameless for the decisions of their superiors (especially of the political leadership).

          • Charles Kafka

            and the reason you can say that freely, is because of a serviceman..
            well excluding- Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin

          • Toshi G.

            Your sympathies are with the Israelis? The ones who killed Americans on an American ship operating in international waters? Unless you’re an Israeli and not an American then I would say that you are the one who is a traitor.

          • Charles Kafka


        • BHU

          The Liberty was an electronics snooping ship old guy, not some sightseeing cruise…

      • barry

        You’re an idiot. Why would they attack their own ally, who is aiding them??? Typical Palestinianbott.

        • G L

          “Why would they attack their own ally, who is aiding them???”

          He gave you one possible reason. Did you not read it? Either way, it’s a mostly irrelevant point to the incident, since Israel is not in the habit of publicly explaining its military actions.

        • Charles Kafka

          why? because i care more about america, then i do israel..
          if you care more about israel then the united states, maybe you should figure out which side you are on?
          the bible says – “one cannot serve two masters” and i think that is also in the Navy Regs somewhere. .

          • barry


            “Serve two masters”, PHEW. Youre losing it.

      • Dave Ennes

        My distant cousin, CDR Jim Ennis wrote a book about the attack by the clearly marked Israeli aircraft that describes the order of attack. Destroying the USS Liberty’s communication antennas to prevent signaling that they were under attack was the aim of the first strike; however, the Liberty got a signal out that was picked up by a US fighter squadron stationed within 600 miles distant. The fighters set out to respond to the May Day call for help but before they arrived at the scene of the Israeli aircraft attack they were ordered to return to base. To this day the episode has been swept under the rug by the US government and of course by the government of Israel. Any attempt to involve other actors in this incident is simply disingenuous and unworthy of additional discussion.
        Read the book for an eye witness discription on the event then call your US Senator an US Congressman to investigate the affair and let me know how far you got.
        Dave Ennes

        • The_Usual_Suspect61

          I have read the book a couple of times over the past 30 years. It is just downright shameful what the United States Government has done regarding the Liberty.

        • Andre

          Firstly, the survivors claimed the attacking aircraft were delta-shaped but had no markings.

          Secondly, the first wave of carrier aircraft was heading to retaliate against Egypt and was nuclear-capable. At that time the US did not know who attacked Liberty (possibly the Soviets) and the distress signal said “unidentified aircraft and ships”. By the time the second wave was launched, Washington had received the Israeli admission and no fighter aircraft were needed.

          Were the fighters supposed to land in the water and tow the Liberty?

      • Andre

        The surviving crew want meaning, period. They admitted themselves that in the morning Israeli aircraft ID’d them, and then hours later, 3 fighters attacked without identifying them as part of a response to coastal shelling by the Egyptians (actually a detonated ammo dump). If the Israelis really wanted the Liberty disabled/sunk, they could’ve done so at night via torpedoes and then blamed the Egyptians. That they attacked with Mirages meant that they were chasing a fleeing ship in their eyes, as the motorboat radar had given erroneous distance/heading readings.

        The Israelis could’ve killed everyone and sunk the ship, but they didn’t, as it was an accident. The CIA/USAF was clandestinely on Israeli soil doing BDA and recon on the Egyptian front, so how could the US not know that Israel was planning a Syrian offensive?

        • Secundius

          One Slight Problem with your Theory! Liberty was an Intelligence Ship with Sophisticated Communications Gear, FAR MORE POWERFUL than ANYTHING the Israelis were Carrying, That Least Two Aircraft Carriers Responded to the Distress Signal…

          • Andre

            Yes and they want to play ex-spy and ex-normal serviceman at the same time. The Soviets never apologized or paid reparations for US spies they killed in int’l waters/airspace/neutral territory…and they did it deliberately.

          • Secundius

            After WW2, the Soviet’s weren’t exactly our “Allies” Either…

          • Andre

            The Soviets were enemies. The Israelis started out as neutrals – inconvenient neutrals during the war of independence and Suez Crisis, when the US initially courted the Arab oil-producing world – but they grew into allies during the Johnson Administration, mainly due to Arab states tacking towards the Soviets, who had been opposed to Israel since Stalin…

        • The_Usual_Suspect61

          The only thing that saved the Liberty was the courage of the crew. Once the IDF knew that the folks in Washington, D.C. knew about the incident, they had to call the attack dogs off. This was an attempt by the armed forces of Israel to sink an American ship. They knew it was American and no amount of lying on the part of Israel or the U.S. Government can change that fact. Johnson, MacNamara, and the entire inner circle knew the truth and did absolutely nothing to Israel for their murdering of 34 US Sailors and the wounding of scores of others.

          • Andre

            If the Johnson Administration, which began the US pro-Israeli tilt, couldn’t care less about the Liberty, then why not sink it and kill everyone? Israel alerted the US Embassy about the accident before the US was aware of who had attacked the ship and was preparing to retaliate against Egypt.

            The problem with the conspiracy theories on the Liberty, is that there is no convincing motive. There is no favorable outcome to Israel that attacking the Liberty led to, which Israel couldn’t have accomplished by other much less treacherous means. The costs to Israel, regardless of the attempts to bury the incident, have been tremendously negative, and I see nothing worth that ill will nor potentially losing a benefactor such as the US.

            Israel dropped bombs on its own armored column on the very same day, by the way. A US cruiser downed an Iranian airliner, and the USS Stark was struck by an Iraqi Exocet. No conspiracy there it seems…

          • The_Usual_Suspect61

            Your assertion that the Israelis notified Washington about the attack is an outright lie. The 6th Fleet notified Washington and informed them that US Navy jets were on the way to defend the Liberty. Washington ordered the jets recalled. The Israeli aircraft were clearly identified by the crew as Israeli during the first flyby without shots being fired. The crew of the Liberty actually waved to the pilots. Why are you such an apologist and obfuscator for the Israelis? In all the other flak you throw up to muddy the waters the attacks were not repeated and sustained over a period of hours. Crawl back in your hole. If you were anything but an Israel supporter, you would be a Holocaust denier.

          • Andre

            I’m not the one obfuscating pal…

            According to witness testimony the Liberty sent out a distress signal indicating that it was under attack by “unidentified” aircraft and ships (the Israeli motorboats were vectoring in). The 6th Fleet sent a flight of nuclear-capable aircraft in the direction of the Liberty and Egypt, the presumed aggressor. When Washington found out, this flight was recalled, with good reason (i.e. to not start a war). When 6th Fleet prepared and launched a second flight, the US Embassy in Tel Aviv had been made aware of Israeli culpability, and air cover was no longer necessary.

            The crew of the Liberty had numerous contacts with Israeli aircraft in the morning, however, those Israeli Mirages that attacked the Liberty hours later in the afternoon did not do a flyby and according to more than one witness were unmarked. When the Israeli aircraft ran out of ammunition, they took off, at which point the motorboats caught up to Liberty. Witnesses on both sides indicate that one seaman manning one of Liberty’s machine guns opened fire on the motorboats, which under the circumstances was completely understandable.

            What about the orders for Liberty to withdraw ~100 nm to the west? The NSA knew perfectly well that she was in a war zone and endeavored to extricate her, but the message reached bases in the Philippines before it every got to Liberty hours late…

            Like it as not, the Israeli version of events holds up. Had the Liberty received its orders properly, it wouldn’t have been in the vicinity anyway.

          • John C Edwards

            Johnson declined to run for reelection because he would have had a rough time without Jewish support ($).
            His naivete in the Liberty situation made him complicit in the Liberty cover-up.
            But, Johnson was not going to allow anyone to control his decisions as an active sitting President — so he refused to run again.

            How far we have fallen since then.

            A major concern of CWO John Walker’s treachery was that he gave the Soviets a better understanding about how our military thinks.
            One of the first things Reagan did upon becoming President was to use his influence to ensure that the Hunt for Red October was published and popular (first publisher: USNI Press). All of Clancy’s books describe how our nation’s security organizations think..

            When Hunt for Red October was published, I met a person who worked for a retired USN O-6 who was given several copies and asked to mark any areas that contained security breaches.

            Reminds me of a Russian joke:
            A fellow leaves work every day with a wheelbarrow full of dirt.
            The guard examines the dirt thoroughly and senses the fellow is stealing something but can never find it.
            The fellow was steeling wheelbarrows.

          • Secundius

            LBJ was complicit in the USS Liberty Cover-up!/? ALL Restitution Money paid the the Survivor of the USS Liberty’s Surviving Crew. Was Paid by the United States, NOT Israel…

    • DmaxD

      You are a bold rat faced liar, and no Veteran. You’d better send off for more [email protected] backups to censor comments.

    • G L

      “As soon as the ship was IDd the attack was stopped. AND THAT IS THE TRUTH.”

      Yeah, except it isn’t. The Liberty’s captain, William McGonagle, who was awarded the Medal of Honor, disagreed with you.

      • old guy

        So did the XO. (see Usual suspects note above). I will stand by the book and the Time4 article.

        • G L

          “So did the XO.”

          So did Captain Ward Boston, JAGC, U.S. Navy, senior counsel for the Court of Inquiry, who said that the Court of Inquiry’s findings were intended to cover up what was a deliberate attack by Israel on a ship that the Israelis knew to be American.

          • old guy

            You see cover-up. I see a different cover-up. The book sees a third’ It seems we can each pick our preferred answer.

    • BHU

      That’s pure BS old guy…

    • Charles Kafka

      so what you are saying is israeli pilots are blind… .
      why do we give them advanced aircraft then?

  • Seniorsquadldr

    Get it yet?

  • Sounds like a NCIS episode. Or a JAG one.

  • Why you want to jump the gun Trump-er?

  • R. Nova

    That individual betrayed our country(USA) by passing secret to a foreign nation. some of these individuals are not loyal to this country, there are loyal to the enemy! That is treason. the full extent of the law must be apply to any one that commit treason, including Lin!

  • dp

    There is no real pain in selling out the USA today. Time to show some pain to influence those who are planning to sell out America or have just been caught leaking America’s secrets. No job title is too high for an example to be made a showcase for. Hi Hillary.

  • Jorge Watsonton

    Obviously a case of discrimination and Asianphobia….
    The Chinese will quietly hire the best civil rights lawyer money can buy in the USA and Mr Espionage will walk.

  • M T

    stole secrets and sold them to Israel!

    Don’t know, whether Lin was motivated by money, but Pollard was not — so the term “sold” does not apply.

    More importantly, Israel is not our enemy — it neither wants to nor can threaten the US in any way. China, on the other hand, is spoiling for a fight…

    USS Liberty

    For Israelis it was an unknown foreign military ship in a battlezone. You shoot first in such situations, and ask questions later. The poor sailors ought to blame their commanders for sending them there, not the Israelis, who fought for their country’s very survival.

    • Redeye80

      Delusional. The Liberty was international waters. I didn’t see then shooting up Russian ships. No logic at all.

    • RSW

      M T you too don’t have a clue on what happened that day. Some comments on here are pure ignorance to the event.

      • Hal Katwitswartz

        Meaning that they don’t agree with what you believe. What? The internal Navy account of what happened conflicts with version of events that you want to be true? They must be ignorant!

    • DmaxD

      And you lie like one of them.

  • rich

    You are misinformed. His name is Jonathan and he is not allowed to the the US. you need to know the facts before you post and show how little you actually know.

  • Flayer

    Well, “Jonathan” Pollard (not Joseph) did not receive a “light sentence.” He was sentenced to LIFE imprisonment, the only person ever to be given a life sentence. “Pollard pleaded guilty and therefore never was publicly tried. Thus, the American people never came to know that he offered classified information to three other countries before working for the Israelis and that he offered his services to a fourth country while he was spying for Israel. They also never came to understand that he was being highly paid for his services.”He served 30 years and was paroled because the law mandated parole after 30 years for federal life sentences. He cannot work anywhere if it involves computers and he must wear an ankle bracelet for 5 years and remain in the US. Meanwhile we released 5 of the worst Al Qaeda leaders for a deserter who was given a presser and celebrated by the president upon his return.

  • jcadla

    That is exactly what Trump says he will do.

  • Mahakala

    If guilty he deserves to be executed

  • PJD1992

    So what? Pollard should have been executed. That is hardly an argument…..

    • Jim Thompson

      Spy’s are not put to death when they are from a country that we have not officially declared war with… DUH.

  • George

    Yes, but Israel never parked a nuclear missile submarine off our west coast. Joey Pollard would equate better to a British subject caught stealing secrets.

  • Tacitus Talks

    Do you know how many times our troops were BOMBED By our own planes. Did we not “BOMB” the Chinese embassy in Sarajevo.

    Most of the troops killed in the First Gulf War were by friendly fire. Tragic, but it happens.

    • Gerald Mark Causey

      Most of the troops were killed by friendly fire? Please tells us where you got your information. I ask this because your statement is pure b*llsh*t.

    • Ghost Rider

      Not so…false information ….Troll……..

    • Gedot

      There was a great article in the New Yorker about friendly fire in Vietnam. Charlie knew what “goofey grape” was.

    • old guy

      “Friendly Fire” is certainly nothing new. I had a school mate who was at Anzio.

      • Charles Kafka

        “I had a school mate who was at Anzio.”
        ok you have my personal respect..

        • old guy

          He was 2 years ahead of me in H.S.I went in at the very end of the war and spent my service in Alaska (Ft. Richardson).

    • Patrick McClintock

      How many friendly fire incidents…took place over the course of multiple hours, involved multiple helicopters, multiple planes and multiple Torpedo boats. All of which made MULTIPLE PASSES?

      A “friendly fire” incident is something like… The single Apache Long-Bow, that being turned around in a sand storm, fired a single hellfire missle, and hit a single Bradley Fighting Vehicle in Operation Desert Storm

  • calliope

    Pollard did not sell secrets to Israel. Israel is an ally not an enemy of the US. Pollard gave Israel info on ots enemies which, by treaty, the US was supposed to share with Israel but failed to- in violation of the treaties. No harm cam to the US as a result. The master traitor and spy john Walker was operating at the same time and Caspar Weinberger lied to the judge who then violated the plea agreement with Pollard- who was induced to plead guilty in return for a much reduced sentence to prevent secrets from being discussed at trial. Then Weinberger and the Judge screwed him. The devil lies in the details. Clinton was about to pardon Pollard but changed his mind in return for a large donation from a major tax cheat who was pardoned instead.

  • Luther

    It’s pretty much government policy to encourage illegal Chinese immigration and educate 500,000 Chinese students at our universities, who according to the establishment should be given green cards so they can stay and spy after graduation. This is referred to as a “no brainer,” and profiling Chinese is “racism.” Can hardly put the blame on Chinese spies when our government is so accommodating.

  • Tangair

    From the Loral scandal to this. Seemingly innocuous intel from Fleet Numerical to CSS can be interpolated to get a clear picture on our military posture. This traitor should be – and will be – subjected to the full ramifications of our security laws. Now, for the former SecState….

  • Ronald C Alexander

    Is the Foreign Power Mainland China, or Taiwan? I couldn’t find it in the Charges, and casual language often calls Taiwan by “China.” Lin is from Taiwan, not China.

    • Ron, there’s been some confusion since the Navy has released few details. We talk a little bit more about it on a more recent story on the site.

  • calliope

    He was not released back to the country but is in the US wearing ankle bracelets. He did not sell but gave secrets to Israel – he was not motivated by money. Nothing he did harmed the US in any way. Israel is an ally of the US- has no desire to harm the US and provides the US with tons of valuable intelligence not obtainable anywhere else. sanchez- your anti-semitism is showing. Crawl back under your rock.

  • RSW

    Many people don’t even know about the Liberty. They relieve my ship in the Eastern Med taking on our TAD personnel from Barcelona, Spain and then going right back where our ship was operating. The USS Liberty wasn’t about one of our own being traitors, it was about a completely different matter.

  • greenmarine1148

    Sam Latrobe are you even on the same planet as the rest of the world? You must realize that posting an article about international espionage against the United States you are going to bring out extreme emotional responses by many people who might otherwise not even remark on an article. If you recall the John Walker case, America didn’t learn the true impact of his actions until many years after he was arrested. People like John Walker and Cdr. Lin should be executed once the stringent burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt has been met. The many soldiers, marines and other servicemembers who died during the war in Vietnam aren’t here to express their feelings. If you don’t want to hear emotional responses to an emotional article don’t print one.

  • RSW

    There was no radio silence!

    • Hawkeye3939

      The only radio silence was when the IDF shot up the ship’s antennas after jamming the frequencies used only by US Navy.

  • Mike0oSS

    I guess the price of allegience gets lower all the time eh….

  • Secundius

    And How About the US Congressman that Outsource to the PRC? Their “Literally” Giving Away Secrets, by have the Products Mass Produced as Cheaply As Possible. Or Israel, that Trade and Sell US Technology to the PRC. While the US Congress, the President and the State Department sit back with a SMILE, give LIP SERVICE and DO Absolutely NOTHING. All Because of National Security Interests…

  • Give peace a chance

    thank you for shopping at Walmart

  • Secundius

    Everytime someone Outsources to the PRC, Their Giving Away US Technology Secrets. And for WHAT, “PROFIT”…

  • Guest

    Regarding the discussion of the penalty given to Lin should he be found guilty, most people don’t understand that criminals differ from the rest of us because they are motivated by extreme fear and greed. They find normal lives very boring. They generally don’t take responsibility for their actions, coming up with endless excuses why their criminal behavior is not their fault. Therefore, if the consequences for espionage are not lethal, the greed motivation wins out.

    Criminalized countries are really no different in their behavior in the international community. Motivated by fear and greed, they do what they can get away with doing. Under the current political climate in the USA, neither individuals or nation states fear any consequences of abusing our citizens, breaking our laws, or even taking our naval forces hostage.

  • BigMikeOR

    I hope he gets the firing squad.

    • publius_maximus_III

      I kind of like that thing with the two palm trees.

    • Secundius

      Last Execution For Treason was in 1953…

  • Abriana Zinich

    And when pray tell is Hillary going to be up on charges for allowing top secret information into the hands of anyone who wanted it?

    • Secundius

      Please be Free to Share Your Findings with the Rest of US! What “TOP SECRET” Information, would that be?

      • F’N-AW

        There’s something like 2500 redacted pages, those aren’t recipes or wedding plans.

        • Secundius

          And you have a Special Device which allows you to Reinsert ANY Redacted Word the make a Coherent Plausible Documents. As a side note! ALL documentation of a President or Ex-President is protected by the US Secret Service. That’s probably why they were Redacted…

          • publius_maximus_III

            Benghazi made the same mistake.

            The only thing the Secret Service protected at her home was Billssorryass, not her fileserver or her documents or her unsecure Blackberry transmissions. She did have Diplomatic Security Service protection while serving as Sec of State, and she now has Secret Service protection as a Presidential candidate.

            The only documents the Secret Service protects are paper currency, from unauthorized duplication by counterfeiters.

          • Secundius

            ALL Documentation PRODUCE and/or RECEIVED to the President of the United States including Electronic, Ethernet, Internet, Light Spectrum, Sound, SMOKE, and/or Whatever is Protected by the US Secret Service. After the “Nixon” Tape Nearly Destroyed Him…

  • PlsGetReal

    “Several sources familiar with the case told USNI News the country to which Lin passed secrets was China, ”
    Even the “several” sources cannot shut their trap. So what secret is US military talking about ?
    They should start with identifying these “several” sources.

    “Lin was also accused of violating military law by patronizing prostitutes and committing adultery.”
    No US military personnel have ever violate this military law at all. Right ?

    • Secundius

      SHORT MEMORY, or a “Senior Moment” Ehhh? What about General Petraeus…

      • F’N-AW

        He showed material to someone with a Top Secret clearance, Lin sold information to the Chinese. Talk about a senior moment.

  • Cherie L M Bachorski

    Yes, we must stop/reduce the trading or importing, from China & other countries. Sorry to get off the track. But, we need to see “Made in America ” once again!

  • Michael

    So this is what passes for an NFO in the VQ-1/2 world now? Outstanding job there Lieutenant Commander Win.

  • yongj29

    How can you look upon China as your enemy? What harm has China done to you? If you fail to compete with China in economy then China is a competitor not an enemy.

  • RJY

    As a Taiwanese American, I am very ashamed of his actions. I know several other Taiwanese Americans serving our military and they would never in their right mind sell secrets to China. Lin betrayed America. I hope he is executed if found guilty for his actions.

  • RoyBaty

    Israel wasn’t our enemy bro. Nothing like China which war-games against us. Israel is and was in a life and death struggle against our other sworn enemy, Islam. Get the picture bro?

    • DmaxD

      The Lavon affair, USS Liberty and 911. With friends like pissrael, who needs enemies?

  • James Bowen

    There has not yet been a trial or legal establishment of guilt, meaning we don’t know what all the facts are in this case yet. If he is guilty of these charges, however, it would be one of many testimonies against the wisdom, and testimony for the lack thereof, of our immigration policies. I have no doubt that most immigrants serving in the U.S. military are loyal citizens or loyal aspiring citizens. However, when we bring in so many immigrants each year and recognize the children of illegal aliens and temporary workers who happen to be born in the U.S. as citizens, to the point where 1 out of every 8 people living in the U.S. is foreign-born or the offspring of foreign-born, it should not be a surprise that some of them are going to have divided and questionable loyalties.

  • jellylee20202

    Highly suspicious! Taiwan and China don’t see eye to eye. It is possible but highly unlikely he’s spying for China but then again he did also allegedly committed prostitution and adultery so who knows, China may have seduced him. Taiwan is a US ally but that doesn’t speak much in international terms, so was Israel and see what happened. China is not an enemy to the US, not on the surface anyway. What China is today is the result of US corporate greed for cheap manufacturing labors. USA owes China nothing. The money USA invested in China will be funneled back to the US through immigration and Chinese investments to the US Stock market. Remember back when everything was made in Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea…etc.? China needs USA more than USA needs China. China will come to pass and go into decline once the US finds new cheap manufacturing labor elsewhere if history has taught us anything. Maybe in a couple of years everything will be made in Cuba?

  • Kimbell

    Lin would have been watched, because of his back ground and I’m sure the FBI had him Red Lined especially after he was accepted in the Intelligence (gathering) Community. Obviously, China (PRC) was his connection with his Talents,(Mandarin) and Cantonese? language skills. Too bad, however, the question now………what was his reason or Motive to be Turned as a Spy?….Maybe he could have been “Flipped” again………but not Now!!!!

  • Have we declared war? Did I miss something? Half the products in my house are made in China. This is a little more complicated than “China is our Enemy.”

  • Trolls and conspiracy nuts. Sam, this one got hijacked by some weirdos.

  • Lurch47

    Death to traitors!

  • Martin Kiley

    He should be put to death for treason.

  • Potomac cynic

    It’s been nearly a year since Bergdahl’s release and he is yet to be face a court martial for desertion. I wonder how long it will be before they get around to this guy’s trial?

  • No Comment

  • JTDeth

    The liberty was obstructing the Israeli sneak attack on the Arabs deliberately as they were ordered to. The Israelis, knowing that unless they silenced the Arab airforces while they were on the ground were doomed had to stop the Liberty. Both sides were following orders. If the United States faced extinction and an Israeli ship was obstructing our pre-emptive attack we would have sunk them just as the Israelis sunk the Liberty. The real fault was with whomever put the Liberty in harm’s way by ordering them to obstruct the defensive strategy of an ally who faced annihilation.

    • DmaxD

      And I’ve got a bridge in Tel Aviv you may be interested in purchasing for a reasonable price.

    • old guy

      Coherent, concise and correct.

      • DmaxD

        Says one [email protected] shill to another. May a crew member of the USS Liberty punch you in the rat face.

    • Puppy Jack

      Israel started the war in 1967 and they did so in order to steal Arab land. Israel was never threatened with “extinction.”

      • VJ-DJ

        LOL. What Arab land? The Arabs/Palestinians/Muslims tried to wipe Israel off the map several times. And a recently found British survey from the mid-1800s shows more Jews living in what the British called ‘Palestine’ than Arabs. Actually, I believe it was Jerusalem specifically they were referring to. I guess you haven’t read the news lately; even today the Mullahs in Iran threaten Israel with extinction.

        • Puppy Jack

          Israel’s borders were defined by the international community in the 1940s when the Apartheid State of Israel was created. East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza is Arab land that Israel stole when it started the war in 1967. And make no mistake, Israel decided to start that war in 1967 for the sole purpose of stealing Arab land. Several prominent Israelis from that time have admitted as much.

          In an interview published in Le Monde on 28 February 1968, Israeli Chief of Staff Rabin said this: “I do not believe that Nasser wanted war. The two divisions which he sent into Sinai on 14 May would not have been enough to unleash an offensive against Israel. He knew it and we knew it.”

          On 14 April 1971, a report in the Israeli newspaper Al-Hamishmar contained the following statement by Mordecai Bentov, a member of the wartime national government. “The entire story of the danger of extermination was invented in every detail and exaggerated a posteriori to justify the annexation of new Arab territory.”

          On 4 April 1972, General Haim Bar-Lev, Rabin’s predecessor as chief of staff, was quoted in Ma’ariv as follows: “We were not threatened with genocide on the eve of the Six Days War, and we had never thought of such a possibility.”

          In the same Israeli newspaper on the same day, General Ezer Weizmann, Chief of Operations during the war and a nephew of Chaim Weizmann, was quoted as saying: “There was never any danger of annihilation. This hypothesis has never been considered in any serious meeting.”

          In the spring of 1972, General Matetiyahu Peled, Chief of Logistical
          Command during the war and one of 12 members of Israel’s General Staff, addressed a political literary club in Tel Aviv. He said: “The
          thesis according to which the danger of genocide hung over us in June
          1967, and according to which Israel was fighting for her very physical
          survival, was nothing but a bluff which was born and bred after the war.”

          In a radio debate Peled also said: “Israel was never in real danger and there was no evidence that Egypt had any intention of attacking Israel.” He added that “Israeli intelligence knew that Egypt was not prepared for war.”

          In the same programme General Chaim Herzog (former Director of
          Military Intelligence, future Israeli Ambassador to the UN and President
          of his state) said: “There was no danger of annihilation. Neither Israeli headquarters nor the Pentagon – as the memoirs of President Johnson proved – believed in this danger.”

          On 3 June 1972 Peled was even more explicit in an article of his own for Le Monde. He wrote: “All those stories about the huge danger we were facing because of our small territorial size, an argument expounded once the war was over, have never been considered in our calculations. While we proceeded towards the full mobilization of our forces, no person in his right mind could believe that all this force was necessary to our ‘defense’ against the Egyptian threat. This force was to crush once and for all the Egyptians at the military level and their Soviet masters at the political level. To pretend that the Egyptian forces concentrated on our borders were capable of threatening Israel’s existence does not only insult the intelligence of any person capable of analyzing this kind of situation, but is primarily an insult to the Israeli army.”

          For those who might still have doubts about who started the Six Days War, here’s a quote from what Prime Minister Begin said in an unguarded, public moment in 1982. “In June 1967 we had a choice. The Egyptian army concentrations in the Sinai approaches did not prove that Nasser was really about to attack us, We must be honest with ourselves. We decided to attack him.”

      • Tucker

        Nasser never threatened Israel? You may want to take some time and research the “Six Day War”. While it’s true they struck first, they did so they would have the advantage as they believed they were about to be attacked. After the attack, Nasser lied to the other Arab nations, telling them Egypt had the Israelis on the run, Syria and Jordan joined in, Syria lost the Golan Heights, Jordan the West Bank. Looks to me like the Arabs should have driven them into “the sea”, but can’t. I’ll let you reach into your secular humanist mind and come up with an excuse as to why the Muslims can’t beat Israel.

      • Disgusted

        Arab land purchased from absentee landlords. The landlords never explained this to the tenants. Read your history.

  • Frank_Truth

    What benefit would Israel have in attacking a US ship? That does not make any sense on its face.

    • DmaxD

      “911 was good for israel”
      Baby NuttyYahoo
      Research the Lavon affair, USS Liberty and 911. You pretend to have no concept of the israeli art in the false flag attack.

      • barry

        Oh, look. It’s another Alex Jones Paulbott.

        • DmaxD

          Oh look another joobot.

          • barry

            Oh look, another rag head muslim lover.

      • Disgusted

        Joos! Joos! I bet they’re the reason you lost your wife, job at Pizza Hut, and are now sitting around the trailer park smoking weed and collecting SSI

        • DmaxD

          Sure, Schlomoe.

          • Disgusted

            I bet I’m more “Aryan” than you. Difference is my parents were married when I was conceived, my mother didn’t hit the bottle during pregnancy, and I got an education.

          • Secundius

            WHAT? You mean your Iranian!

      • Charles Kafka

        ok time to jump ship on this conversation..
        thanks all, good read.

  • teapartyguardian

    Just needs to claim he was sharing yoga tips and grandchild pictures…

  • olesalt

    If found guilty and convicted, this officer needs to be severely punished and made an example of. Very disappointing as not only is he an officer of the USN, but he becomes a disgrace to Chinese & Asian American Communities who migrated from their countries to have a better life in the US.

  • James McGee

    IT looks like we need to go back to the traditional punishment for spying and treason.

  • Bill Powell

    Welcome to the multicultural world, where no government or corporation should expect secrets, trade, defense or any other, to be kept. This is because people no longer feel they owe allegiance to any entity, as they have no vested interest in them. Their allegiances will always be suspect and the possibilities legion. At one time we had mostly to be concerned with a monetary motive – now the motives are not nearly so clear-cut and sometimes all but impossible to ascertain.

  • *][*2O11

    Hang him!

  • ImaHippyBurning

    Oh Brother! The Anti Semite has awoken!

    • Bill Falkner

      Always an ‘anti-Semite’ but never an ‘anti-Gentile’, eh? Bow down some more why don’t you.

  • Southern_Cross

    Seems like i recall the Romans having loyalty problems with the Visigoths they put in their military shortly before their collapse as well.

    Odd, how history just keeps repeating, and repeating, and repeating…

  • Dj

    Ugh… he’s Taiwanese. How can he NOT understand what a huge threat china is to his country?

    • Seriously

      Because China ‘owns’ Taiwan since ’45 or so… So he’s technically Chinese, not Taiwanese.

  • Stave Austin

    perfect example of why we should not be allowing foreign nationals who are naturalized to hold Top Secret security clearances. We should let them serve, but use common sense, not political correctness.

  • mauloa

    Do we treat ALL individuals who allow acts of espionage to take place – punishable? We, the people, are awaiting a decision on a government official at this time and we are led to believe this person “did nothing”. Perhaps this traitor can get the same lawyer to defend him. The “plea taking place for the one seems to be working. In my book, I believe they should all be in prison, but then I’m 76 years old and go by the “old book of morals, virtues and laws”.

  • Andy

    While many of the comments below are entertaining, in a perverse way, let me go back to the actual story reported: Sam, please check your open source data and revise your story: VPU does not fly EP-3E aircraft. EP-3E’s are flown by VQ-1, all that’s left (After the MPA community got their hands on them) of what was once a very vibrant and vital Navy and national security asset. VPU flies P-3C aircraft.

    • Thanks, Andy. We’ve amended our copy to say that VPU-2 flies aircraft that are similar to the EP-3Es from VQ-1.

  • John

    What on earth do the Jews have to do with it? Your hate must eat you from the inside.

    • Disgusted

      No, he just lives in the trailer park or parents basement and blames it on Jews. Either that, or he is a bot for Isis and their ilk.

    • MovinToCanada

      israel attacking a supposed ally in order to attempt to goad them into war against another country… Gee what on earth do the jews have to do with it? About as much as the death of Jesus, it would appear.

  • docdave88

    Although my knowledge is outdated (I was a USAFSS analyst from 1969 – 1972) this is some of the most sensitive information in our system.

    You need to understand that this guy knew how much we knew about frequencies and callsigns, schedules, all of the operational data that makes the difference between whether or not we get communications intelligence (comint to those of us who dealt with it) which is the MOST reliable intelligence we can get.

    Shooting is too good for him if he did it.

  • government watchdog

    The government moved quickly on this matter. The government ignores Hillary exposing secrets to our enemies because Obama is a political POS

    • publius_maximus_III

      Majoring in minors.

  • AZ1 (Ret)

    After all your family sacrificed for you to come to the United States and this is how you honor them. Shame on you. Shame on you for such acts to the safety of OUR country. In my book you do not belong nor get the right or privilege to call the United States your home. I am a retired AZ1 and in my 20 years I looked up to and followed my superiors. Look at you… I am so glad I retired 15 years ago and never served with you. I am ashamed of your actions and you deserve nothing short of death in my eyes. You have put millions of lives in danger and you over the years have reprimanded young sailors for infractions while you were deceving our Nation. For that you do NOT deserve any leniency. This is why we have the death penalty. I bet your parents are so ashamed of your actions.

  • Kemo Sabe

    It will be interesting to find out whether it was for money of some kind of dormant hatred for US because of the war and or our dropping the nukes on Japan?
    Usually it’s for the money, but it could be solidarity w. the Chinese communists.
    Maybe it’s Asian pride as the China is on the rise technologically financially and militarily.

    • 35thInfantryRegiment

      Chicoms probably threatened family back in Taipai.

      • That would be effective. In such societies, family is extremely important, or at least used to be until Western materialism came along.

        They dont send Granny off to an Obama Care Death Camp, they care for her at home.

    • “It will be interesting to find out whether it was for money of some kind
      of dormant hatred for US because of the war and or our dropping the
      nukes on Japan?”

      Dear Horrifyingly Ignorant One.

      CHina HATES Japan. I guess youre not old enough to even have heard from those in WWII what Japan did to China?

      China would have CHEERED us dropping nukes on Japan, China was a hostile foreign invader in China.

      • Kemo Sabe

        One finds such class on the internet.

      • Kemo Sabe

        Where have you been, taking classes on how to get class?I think if you are paying for it, best save yer $$. No amounat of $$ will help. It’s (class) something you either have or will never have.
        It was a “What If” post. Did you not comprehend the ?’s of Asian Pride, or maybe it was for money” ?Yours is a typical Knee jerk reaction w/o having any thoughts. But it takes gray matter to have thoughts. I’m sure China was happy about what we did. Dropped nukes. But you are living in the past. We live in today’s World. Said past being Japan was our enemy, today one of our staunchest allies. You are mixed up about the past and present.
        China today makes many parts for Japan’s industries/products.

  • DHol

    Very disturbed, not surprised. We may ever know the full damage this guy has caused. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of military justice. He will get what he deserves. Besides national security issues, has he done damage to how we will perceive naturalized US Citizens from either Tiawan or China itself? Will DoD reexamine clearances on those enlisted or Officers in place now?

  • Pete Wagner

    Witch-hunt for Chinese spies? But wait, Taiwan is on our side, as least as of before this news.

  • TXMAN67

    Why is it that our government cannot learn from past mistakes? Foreign born military personnel historically pass secrets to foreign governments, so why do we keep putting them in a position to do so? I suppose it is not PC.

    • Secundius

      Because it’s FAR TO EASIER to HATE, then it is TO LEARN…

      • DmaxD

        Something a liar would say to those who are on to your lies. Liars tend to be hated, and deservedly so.

  • jondaly

    why in heaven’s name would they assign a Taiwanese born sailor to these duties? How many times have we seen a Chinese American spy for the Chinese? It’s happened too many times, in different agencies, for the feds not to connect the dots.

    • “why in heaven’s name would they assign a Taiwanese born sailor to these duties?”

      Why even allow him to serve? Is it another “job Americans wont do?>”

    • Moral_Hazard

      Well, this is the same military that refuses to arm its members who are under the threat of domestic terror because reasons.

  • John Steele

    since obama has been selected as president, ALL our TOP SECRETS have been sent to china and Hilary is the freakin worst of all. We are riddled with spies and sellouts & Terrorist Muslims.. This guy needs to be publicly smoked and the parts sent back to China with a warning.

  • The Voice of Reason

    If he is guilty then shoot him for treason. George Washington would.

  • pacificsharp

    Too bad we don’t execute traitors anymore.

  • Loosgravel

    More stupidity by the people at the top. He was originally from Taiwan and his family are Taiwanese. That does not make them bad but it increases the risk of them being influenced from abroad. But the idiots put him in a position where he had access to sensitive, or classified or even secret information. Then we have to listen to their shocked and surprised reaction when they learn that we have had another intelligence failure. The real intelligence failure is in the stupidity of those higher ups who allow these failures while playing the PC game. They are the ones who need to be replaced.

    • Jason

      and the Army is welcoming NON-CITIZENS into their ranks. Exactly like ancient Rome before their Fall.

    • REmember, its NOT “Taiwan,” thats marketing.

      Its Taiwan, REPUBLIC OF CHINA. Taiwan is Chinas red headed step child thats, not surprisingly, been given a long chain to run on and has become successful.
      Thats what HAPPENS when folk escape the clutches of Hard Communism, they turn capitalist and thrive.

      BUT…Beware in thinking that TW is anything BUT Communist china…

  • yulva

    At first I thought Hillary was finally being charged. I was wrong. Anyway, Obama said she did nothing wrong and never jeoperdized our security.

    • publius_maximus_III

      At least, no more so than ANYONE who might have communicated with her on her unsecure Blackberry, eh Barry?

      • Secundius

        If OBAMA has a Blackberry, it’s SECURED by the US Secret Service by LAW…

        • publius_maximus_III

          And if he received classified information from Benghazi’s walkie-talkie, he is in deep do-do for failing to report her to the proper authorities.

  • C. Adkins

    – could just be another patriot they want to get rid of, who knows anymore.

  • typicalwhiteguy

    This guy should rightfully receive the maximum penalty if he is convicted of the crimes he is accused of.
    Question is; why, then, should Hillary Clinton be allowed to get off scott free?

  • Mac

    Execution would most certainly ‘send a message’… However, I suspect the ‘0’ Admin will be holding some sort of Awards Ceremony in The Rose Garden given their stance on ‘reversal of reality’…

  • Citizen 47

    Espionage during a time of war is punishable by death.

    • Dusty Thompson

      When did Congress declare War again?

      • publius_maximus_III

        Congress doesn’t declare anything anymore. That’s why we have bureaucrats.

  • This whole thing sounds bizarre. I’m not saying I doubt he did it, I just don’t see why he did. He’s from Taiwan. They don’t exactly have a burning love for China. Financially motivated maybe?

  • Mr Fantasy

    It’s Bush Fault

  • Constitution First

    If his name was Clinton, he could just sniff at the charges as politically motivated and go on his merry way. But seeing that he is not royalty, he will fry.

  • Dennis Trawick

    Why is the Navy putting people who were not born in this country in positions that allow them access to secret and top secret information. It used to be that anyone born in Taiwan would NEVER be allowed access to this type of material.

  • John R

    ….and this is different than an unsecured email server?

    • Freeland_Dave

      Ah, you beat me to it. I am wondering the same thing.

      • John R

        You know he would be in the same trouble if the info was on his unsecured email server

  • Freeland_Dave

    While I agree this is serious and if found guilty he should receive some serious punishment I can’t help but wonder how this is any more serious than a Secretary of State, that operates under the same security orders as the rest of the military, who gives away, mishandles, decontaminates without approval, Secret and Top Secret materials using her non-secure personal server?

  • Simon Ballister

    Then definitely the same thing should happen to Hillary for what she did right?

    • Freeland_Dave

      No, I don’t advocate their deaths. Life in prison at hard labor without the possibility of parole is better. But only better if they are required to make little rocks out of big rocks. Death is just the easy way out. Keep em alive and healthy for a long long time so that they have ample opportunity to feel the results of their treason and others can visibly see what will happen to them if they are caught doing the same thing.

  • Peter

    Perhaps I am just being naive. But how do one become a spy…surely a lt commander doesn’t become a spy overnight….what worries me is that this story shows me that there a stateside network that maybe targeting high ranking officers…..am I being crazy?

    • NMInfidel

      Sleepers. Many more here, not just Chinese either.

  • Treason is treason. Hanging should be his sentence. Remember the Walker family treason ? They walked on their treason too.

  • Davole

    because that’s probably Obama’s executive action mandated way.

    • Briån Lawrence

      Sorry Sport! Lin was commissioned an Oh-Ganger under Baby Bush. Direct your ire correctly or not at all.

  • Enrique

    “Listen, there are “secrets” and then there are secrets.” – Barack Obama

  • American_Tragedy

    This will make Obama happy, another new and improved military success story from the Regime.

  • HosedInAmerica

    I’ll try this another way; “Free Trade” interests in communist China take precedence over the security of the United States!

    • Briån Lawrence

      Interesting turn of a phrase, HosedInAmerica, in light of this article’s statement that Lin “gave” information away.

      • HosedInAmerica

        We know that “Free Trade” paid for the modernization and buildup of the PLA.
        In knowing this fact the hysteria of the political establishment is understandable.

        • Briån Lawrence

          Hey – It was a begnine comment bordering on humerous. Don’t get all paranoid.
          Article title says….”……Accused of Giving…”
          You said “….Free Trade….”
          I said “Interesting turm of a phrase……..”
          You’re NOT that controversial, Sport.
          Not every comment directed your way is an attack.
          SheeeeSH, Get over yourself.
          OUT (Not OVER, OUT)

          • HosedInAmerica

            I didn’t take offense Brian and I recognized that you understand the meaning of my screen name. We’re on the same page.

  • Joel

    This scum better get the death penalty after he has been tortured to reveal all he knows, no exceptions!

    • publius_maximus_III

      I think you get a warning letter and a severe reprimand the first time.

  • Ninyan Gan

    Agreed. IF he is guilty, execute him . Just saw some cases that you guys(the U.S.) sent spys back to their homeland. Please not this one, we don’t need a traitor. From TAIWAN. PEACE!

  • 68/69

    How about Hillary?

  • Hein S

    Death Penalty it is!!!!

  • LQ Jones

    He conspired with Lo Pan.
    Egg Shen and his magic exposed them.

  • VillageViking

    It appears both Lin and Hillary were doing something they knew was wrong that could jeopardize our national security. Both should be tried and if convicted, be put in prison for a long, long time!

  • Andy Ruby

    What is it with the Navy? Remember John Walker who was into espionage & also recruited his kids who went into the Navy & were recruited by Walker into espionage?

    • publius_maximus_III

      It’s that damned goat. They should have switched to a gerbil years ago.

  • Moral_Hazard

    LCDR Lin should just say that it’s a mistake, that “there’s classified and then there’s classified” and nothing was classified when he sent it to the Chinese. If Hillary goes scot free (and could become President) this guy should too.

  • Speaker

    I agree with the death penalty but believe it will play out to life in prison or a prisoner swap. I am not sure but weren’t the rosenbergs the last ones executed for espionage???……It’s amazing that most of the comment shown have nothing to do with the story but of friendly fire incidents that have occurred throughout history. Must be hard for people to stay on point.

  • cyberdove

    The western world is a sacrificial lamb on the altar of the god of diversity.

  • Jim1937

    Exactly why does this site delete each of my comments?

    • publius_maximus_III

      Try switching to Mennen Speed Stick, Jimbo.

    • Secundius

      It Might Not Be DELETED!. On Some Sites that Go Viral, Like This One. It Might Be a Programmer’s Glitch. Try Scrolling All the Way to the Bottom of the Website, then SLOWLY Scroll Your Way Back-up and You Might Just Find It, Or Wait a Couple of Days, for the Program to Adjust to the Comment you Wrote. On Small Site’s, You’ll Know If you’ve been Redacted. On Large One’s Like This, it Just Get’s BURIED, in Information Overload. It’s Happen to me a Number of Times…

      • Jim1937

        It keeps saying “DELETED” whenever I post any thing on the site. I guess they don’t do dissent well.

        • Secundius

          Their Usually Not That “Supercilious”, unless you Focused your View’s on One Specific Person’s Comments. It’s their WAY of Breaking Up Fights. By Not Allowing You to Communicate with That Person ANYMORE…

  • LiberalismFailed

    So what if sensitive information got into the hands of the Chinese Government. We must protect at all costs the integrity of diversity and multiculturalism in our military.

  • old guy

    My take, over the years has been that the most viral and insulting personal attacks are made by people who have the weakest knowledge and the most bias.

  • Dickn52

    Try him, find him guilty then put him on the wall at Leavenworth.

  • NMInfidel

    He was just “careless”

  • Dark_Space

    Sounds like he got caught in the honey pot…

  • Wm Reich

    Rather than focus on this case focus on the actual security issue.. While it is possible to recruit espionage agents from Citizens born in the United States.. it is more problematic.. America has no shortage of natural born citizens who are fluent in Mandarin and a myriad of of other languages.. nor are we short of highly capable technically sophisticated citizens capable of performing Signal intelligence in this case.

    You simply make it a policy to use the gifts of Naturalized Citizens in a productive but less sensitive area.. If they do not want to serve.. So be it..

    The whole purpose of our Military is service to the nation.. The service is what we honor not the particular job..

  • Compassionate_Dick

    Foreign governments have taken advantage of lax US immigration laws and have penetrated all levels of US national security. We may never be able to successfully conduct another major military campaign against global threats. These are foreign insurgents.

    • publius_maximus_III

      Don’t forget all those security clearance checks that were hacked. They know just who to target and how.


    the US DoD should stop slapping wrists and put these guys in jail for life

  • VJ-DJ

    An important point seems missed here. Several actually. Most Taiwanese do not particularly like mainland China, although most want to get along with them. The main language in Taiwan is Fukien/Hokkien (excuse any misspelling). I think actually the Hokkien version of Chinese. Yes. Many Taiwanese know some Mandarin, but either this guy went out of his way to be fluent in Mandarin Chinese or they got some facts wrong. So for a member of a family from Taiwan to not only embrace Mandarin, but the mainland Chinese themselves (who have threatened Taiwan many times), is quite unusual.

  • Emil Carstens

    Caught in the honey trap. Tsk tsk, that is a no-no. Revoke his clearance and investigate all his contacts.

  • steveyuhas

    What was the point of the Navy attempting to shield Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin from public scrutiny after his arrest for various charges ranging from espionage to prostitution-related charges? It is not as if the administration has been eager to keep charges quiet that could cause harm to individual servicemembers (consider the names released of military men and women accused of wrongdoing in a combat zone) or the names of people were held back in other cases. So why here? Very odd and if LtCdr. Lin did what he is accused of doing, this would be the biggest intelligence failure in the Navy since the 1980s.

    • publius_maximus_III

      Finally, an officer deserving of the stock charge, loss of confidence in ability to command.

  • darrell_b8

    WOW; how could someone of TIWANESE background spy for the Chicoms?? Shang Ki Check is spinning in his grave…

  • Harry Nuttzak

    At least he did not have any SAP information sitting around on an unsecured server.

    • publius_maximus_III

      Now Harry, or should I call you Scro?

  • doc holiday

    Sorry,only blacks are held to a higher standard–oh wait,maybe it is jews.

    • Disgusted

      On a geopolitical level – but unfortunately your comment is so true in everyday life.

  • Christopher A. Neal


  • for your protection

    Oh he didn’t assimilate, wow who would have known?
    At least we had diversity.

  • winomaster

    Odd how the military would put a foreign born national into such a sensitive position.

    • atheistinside

      Yep bet it has absolutely nothing to do with the new diversity and inclusion program.

  • Glen Saunders

    We have spies and are being spied upon. We managed to catch several. OpSec doesn’t allow us to know if any of ours have been caught. The world turns….Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut…..

  • BlackRaven135

    During years of service as a US Navy line officer I held clearances and
    when I was first issued clearances, a warning: “You lose it, you disclose it,
    its a fast track to Leavenworth”
    Too bad the US Navy no longer awards keelhauling as punishment..if any case
    deserves it, this one does given charges are espionage.

  • Patrick McClintock

    I’m pretty sure we hold everyone to a “high standard” when their “mistake” almost sunk a U.S. Naval Vessel, killed 34 Sailors, and wounded 171

  • Secundius

    Right! Of All the Ship’s that were in the Mediterranean at the Time, They Single Out a US Intelligence Ship of 10,400-tons. Because it Looked like a 4,000-ton Egyptian Freighter with an 8-foot by 12-foot American Flag on it’s Forward Mast Head…

  • Information, today, is precious and powerful. Anyone who actually steals information should be dealt with severely. We have too many hackers and thieves of sorts, many times its not about money but ulterior motives for anarchy. I am still waiting for Assange and Snowden to be behind bars.

  • G L

    “Gee, does this mean you support those palestinian scum bags?”

    Why would you think it does? I support America, and honorable men like Captain McGonagle, who serve.

    • barry

      Do you support Israel or Palestinian rags?

  • cjm

    SEA HUNTER conveniently saves the day, thank you Lucifer.not.

  • cjm

    Sea Hunter autonomous artificial intelligent DARPA anti submarine asset deployed on day story broke, weird.

  • roscoekarns

    I take it your first sentence is a question and a comic, entitled one at that. “Smacks of anti-Semitism”, NPR along with a majority of the country stopped falling for this blackmail years back. The worst anti-Semitism taking place today is Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians who are also semites by the way. And do study up on Saratoga, Operation Torch, The Battle for Leyte Gulf, The Normandy Invasion, Patton’s rescue of Bastogne and The Gulf War in 91 before raging hyperbolic .

  • mworld

    As someone who has similar background as Lin, minus joining the military, I would like to point out something that many Americans don’t seem to realize. The schools in Taiwan have this mandatory curriculum that teaches children from the onset to despise Communism, and to regard China as their worst enemy. One could not have gone through primary and middle school (as this guy apparently has) without having such belief implanted in their blood. In other words, in my view, for someone like Lin to betray US, and betray Taiwan, the gravity of the crime is probably higher than anyone could imagine. One has to have lost his soul to commit such hideous disgrace.
    Furthermore, I can’t speak for everyone, but the Chinese-Americans that I know, myself included, are as patriotic as any Americans next to you. We hold high standards for our actions, and we serve in many capacities that help build this country. The generalization of some of the comments really hurt. Yes I agree that there may be a need to improve on the vetting process across either immigration and/or military clearance, but if you want to fight China, Taiwanese-Americans are probably the last ones you want to alienate.
    Finally, it goes without saying that there are black sheep in whatever way you categorize people. If you allow yourself to prejudice against people with a broad stroke, someday you are going to realize that after you have alienated some categories of people after crimes acted by those black sheep, you find yourself standing alone with no one you can call friends.
    Thanks for listening.

    • Thank you for your insightful comment. Viewing the “big picture” of years of immigrations’ effects upon the USA I view the folks of the north-east Asia region (Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan et al) as having made a more positive contribution, in general, than have immigrants from other areas. The cultural norm of embracing educational attainment and being positively productive and basically just getting along and going with the flow has resulted in the “Asiatics” (recent immigrants and those here 2 and more generations) being the cohort possessing the lowest crime rates of any race/ethnicity inside the USA. If the influx from other areas was halted and only the “Asians” allowed entrance the USA would be enhanced via positives and a reduction in negatives.

  • Andre

    So thoughts – how devastating out of 10, with 1 being “meh” and 10 being “it’s as bad as the Walker Spy Ring”?

  • Joe Citizen

    Well, I do not know the rules here, but I would say it really does look like this story is being suppressed by the mainstream media, possibly because it’s politically incorrect – and it appears the military is part of this program, perhaps due to pressure from the Commander in Chief?

    Personally, I do not believe it’s a great thing to have the military contain people who are not native born and may not have strong loyalty to the US – sure, you can be betrayed by anyone – but I think the odds go up the less American the person is – I know, you are supposed to be able to turn into a loyal citizen on the taxi ride from the airport according to some people – I do not buy that one bit.

  • Elapoides

    Any Veterans here today? Do you recall the UCMJs? How about you oath to the US Constitution (commissioned officers), what honor, integrity, and character mean? Apparently in todays military these values, and documents are meaningless. If this type of tolerance and disinterest continues, your freedoms will disappear, along with everyone’s freedom. There will be no more Republic.
    I invite everyone to Google and view the “Yuri Bezmenov” interviews from approx. 30 years ago, It was a requirement for me while I served under President Reagan.
    ***Note: Have I violated any of the moderator’s criteria for commenting on this site, and if so, why?

  • coolkavo

    Very disturbing. Taiwan has more than likely been penetrated by Mainland spies. This incident sounds like a classic “honey trap”. I wish they would disclose more evidence.

  • Are signals like whatever you read that sounds fishy – if so, how did no one smell the disrespect in “all roads lead to disney” – so there is no way this can be real news, right?

    just an excuse to ramp up security, remove certain people and send a message that China and Taiwan are woven together?

    • Secundius

      If this was 1955, it would be the $64,000.00 Question. But Being 2016, and Factoring in for Inflation, it’s the $568,673.43 Question…

  • Cynthia Estrada

    This bitter bitter karma to be a small poor weak nation geographically located between two super powers. Who want to go at each other. Can’t we provide both an exit strategy? What about Japan, and Australia…any conflict in that area will damage the environment there…I am proud to be Filipino! We are a peace loving people. We have Chinese brothers…(American friends)….The annexation of Panatag is unfair and it must be returned to us. But I don’t want a military exchange. We want peace. Can I be heard at all? I’m shouting!

    • Nymos Hiero

      who are you again?