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Document: Report to Congress on Maritime Disputes Involving China

The following is the April 1, 2016 Congressional Research Service report, Maritime Territorial and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Disputes Involving China.

  • Curtis Conway

    For the United States UNCLOS is more of a limiting element than facilitating framework. Following international law as a guiding principle and norm, US Armed Forces in general and the United States Navy in particular, has strived to follow a policy that protects all countries, and to defend those guiding principles contained in UNCLOS. I applaud the US Senate for not ratifying UNCLOS for it would bind the United States, limiting unilateral intervention, when required.

    The United States has shed its most precious blood twice saving this planet from itself during international conflicts (WWI & WWII). We tried to remain isolated, and maintain an isolationist view and remain neutral, but inevitably could not, and had to join the conflict, resolving the last conflict with the use of the most destructive force mankind has ever wielded in warfare. THAT has placed the United States in a unique position in HiStory, and we cannot shrink from the task, particularly today, now that our economy is so intertwined internationally and based upon international trade.

    The Combined Commanders (COCOMs) exist for a reason, and the only powers on the planet who are troubled by their existence dabble in mischief, mostly to their advantage, and uncharacteristic to being a ‘good neighbor’. European and Asian Powers did not rise to the challenge when we left after the Berlin Wall fell, so we declared the Peace Dividend (which never existed because Evil still exist within the hearts of men) so now the United States is asked to rise to the challenge again. Rise we shall as partners to regional powers keeping the peace. However, regional democracies must make more progress at responsible maturity, and make an effort to carry their own weight as some have demonstrated of late.

    • dpaul

      Go Navy!