• sferrin

    Changes to the Arctic? Well, it is now under Russian management and will stay that way, with China lending a hand in the coming years. Obama’s “reset” working as planned.

    • redgriffin

      Well Russia does have the longest arctic coast line in the world followed by Canada, the US and Norway so Russia would be putting the most resources into the Arctic because it need access to resources to keep their economy viable. The question is how does Canada react to US growth in the region?

  • Cl1ffClav3n

    Congress should send this back to CRS for a redo. It uses a cartoon graphic from US News and World Report from 2008 to make the case for shrinking Arctic Ice? Really? Had no current satellite photos? Trying to hide the fact that ice coverage in the Arctic is back to within historical norms and Global sea ice coverage is the same today as in 1979 when satellite records began? This report was authored by a small panel of policy wonks and international relations theorists without a single physical science expert in climate, geology, or oceanography; and not even a single economist. It has all the hallmarks of a commissioned piece whose findings were paid for upfront before the research was even started. CRS is usually a cut above this bilious beltway bs.

  • old guy

    No one challenges climate change, it has been going on for eons. The garbage is anthropogenic (man-caused) change, formerly “global warming” until the data didn’t support it.which is purely politcal

    • Secundius

      @ old guy.

      That was ~600,000-years ago, right? Martian’s Bio-Engineered a “Homosapien” Colony on the Earth, Right?? That “Colony” REALLY F^CKED-UP THIS PLANET, just like Home World MARS, Right??? Keep wearing the School Bus with and Aluminium Liner…