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Japan Launches Latest Helicopter Carrier

Helicopter carrier Kaga (DDH-184) on Aug. 27, 2015. Japan Marine United Photo

Helicopter carrier Kaga (DDH-184) on Aug. 27, 2015. Japan Marine United Photo

Japan has launched the second in its new class of helicopter carrier — the largest Japanese ships since World War II — in a Thursday ceremony in Yokohama.

The 24,000-ton Kaga (DDH-184) — built by ship builder Japan Marine United — bears the same name as the World War II Imperial Japanese Navy carrier Kaga that was part of Pearl Harbor attack and was sunk in the Battle Midway.

The ship follows JS Izumo (DDH-183) which entered service in the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) in March.

The Japanese have said the primary roles of the two ships are anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and humanitarian aid and disaster relief (HADR) operations.

The ships “heightens our ability to deal with Chinese submarines that have become more difficult to detect,” a JMSDF officer told Asahi Shimbum in March.

The ships will field seven Mitsubishi-built SH-60k ASW helicopters and seven AgustaWestland MCM-101 mine countermeasure (MCM) helicopters, U.S. Naval Institute’s Combat Fleets of the World.

There is a potential for the two ships to work with American MV-22s and potentially the short takeoff and vertical landing variant of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lighting II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). However, the Japanese say they have no plans to operate the JSF from either ship.

When Kaga commissions Japan will have four helicopter carriers. Along with Izumo, Japan has 18,300-ton Hyuga-class helicopter carriers already in commission.

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Sam LaGrone

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Sam LaGrone is the editor of USNI News. He was formerly the U.S. Maritime Correspondent for the Washington D.C. bureau of Jane’s Defence Weekly and Jane’s Navy International. He has covered legislation, acquisition and operations for the Sea Services and spent time underway with the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and the Canadian Navy.

  • Rob C.

    Big boat. I wonder if they’ll be able to do Marine type deployments from the ship too.

    • Bloodaxe


  • avconsumer2

    Seems fairly insensitive. Also, wouldn’t that be like naming a cruise ship the “Titanic”? I mean… there’s gotta be tons of other worthy names for a Japanese carrier right?

    • muzzleloader

      Why is it insensitive?

    • Yup

      How about Akagi?

    • Wolfhammer

      While I am askance on the use of the name “Kaga”, I also think this is a shot across the bow of the Chinese. It’s basically telling the world that the Samurai spirit is not dead and is being reborn.

      • avconsumer2

        Aaahhhh… right. That’s very Japanese. This makes sense in my head now. Thank you sir.

    • lesgvt

      no different than the US – we have had many ships that have carried the same name. There have been 3? Enterprises. intrepid has been used more than once.

      Besides= since it is their navy, we have no right in naming it

  • Bloodaxe

    The Japanese could build air, sea and land forces of immense size and power within a short period. These forces would be equipped with brand new weapons of the highest quality and manned by highly trained, skilled and motivated personnel.
    The Chinese better be careful.

    • qqrrsstt

      As a related comment, the Japanese as a “populace” are slowly starting to get over their War Guilt, and therefore are … slowly, slowly … becoming more willing to spend money on building up their “Self-Defense” forces (and possibly even amend their U.S.-written and imposed Constitution). I mention this not because I don’t realize the very terrible things the Japanese did, but because, for socialist-communists, it’s all about Keeping Guilt Alive:

      -White Guilt For Having Been Cruel To Obama’s Ancestors (were your ancestors poor whites, indentured-servant whites who THEMSELVES were practically slaves, and whose whole family line never OWNED at any time, one single “African” slave? No matter – YOU’RE GUILTY AS CHARGED)

      -Japanese Guilt For Having Been Cruel To Chinese and Koreans (and, of course, Allied POWs; I am aware of Unit 731).

      There is appropriate reflection on what wrong-doing occurred 50, 100 years ago. But let’s face it: guilt is a convenient weapon, too, expertly handled by the socialist-communist / Progressives / International Communists.



  • Yup

    I have no problem with this. Good for Japan.

    • ElvisX

      I have no problem with them re-arming with an aggressive China next door. That makes good sense. You would have to be a boob not to realize the name would raise hackles though. Why stick your finger in the eye of a friend?

      • Yup

        I see week-kneed commentary about being offended by a mere name.

        Heck, the US sunk Kaga at the battle of Midway!

        All this “being offended” talk is pathetic.

        • ElvisX

          True…after Kaga’s planes sunk US ships in Pearl Harbor in a sneak attack on the US.

          This is old history but I know some old soldiers who forgive but don’t forget. Why scrape at old wounds? Particularly when Japan is viewed so favorably by most Americans.

          This isn’t the end of the world as we know it but it was needlessly provocative even if unintended.

          You apparently may find that hard to believe that is why I am informing you.

          • Yup

            “The IJN Kaga? Richard Best and the boys sunk her at Midway” – old crusty vet.

  • muzzleloader

    They should name the next two Hiryu and Soryu. That would really get the Chicoms animated. LOL

    • Chaunceywg

      For those who don’t know two of the other carriers involved in the attack against pearl harbor.

  • Scarecrow

    Kinda behind the times, where’s the drone carrier?

  • Dumb kids these days

    Pick up a history book .

  • ElvisX

    Kaga? Odd choice.

    Unless there is some other Japanese religious or historical connection to the name that out weighs the obvious connection to Pearl Harbor why poke a finger in your good friends eye?

    • Yup

      (rolls eyes) There’s far more to Kaga’s history than Pearl Harbor.

      Anyone whose offended by this have brittle emotions. Buck it up!

    • lesgvt

      950 years if history as a province of Japan- and among- if not the last to be combined into a prefecture. It is no different than how we have many ships named after regions/areas of the US

  • janvones

    Who cares? All too soon we will have ferry boats to Martha’s Vineyard and an airport in Hawaii named after Barack Hussein.

    • ConstantReader

      No, no ferries to Martha’s. The nouveau noir riche don’t want the riffraff hanging around any more than the older money.

  • Jeff Wilson

    Oh for Pete’s sake! It’s named after a city in Japan. Maybe they should rename the city too since there once was a ship with the same name. Whiners.

  • autofixer

    I’m just pleased that they are picking up some of their own defense necessities. Perhaps we can pull back to Guam one day soon?

    • Yup

      Guam is a US Territory. We need that central pacific presence. China is busy.

    • MadMikey

      Gotta be careful. Charles Wrangel (sp?) a Democratic Congressman was worried about putting too many people on Guam as it might ‘tip over’.

  • James van Lieshout

    Not to worry, US Navy sank the original Kaga about 6 months later at the Battle of Midway. ‘We did it before and we can do it again, yes we can do it again. . . .’

  • stephendunbar

    1 person in 100 would have to be told to be offended. The US reuses ship names all the time. Yorktown, Enterprise, Lexington…..I personally think it’s stupid but it did have the effect of confusing the enemy during WW2. Not sure how useful it is now other than demonstrating a lack of imagination and courage on the part of the US govt. I also think using the same name over and over for your pets is dumb as well.

    • Arthur Burnside

      The ship naming conventions of the US Navy before the war were generally as follows : cruisers – name of a city, battleship – name of a state, destroyers – name of a hero, submarine – name of a fish, carrier – name of a Revolutionary War battle. SHortly ran out of Revolutionary War battles and used other names for carriers. Seaman of lost carrier wanted the name of their lost ship to be used for new ship – Yorktown, Lexington, etc. Quite appropriate for the Japanese to reuse the name of a distinguished ship. like Kaga.

  • Nitro Norris

    I admire the Japanese for how they rebounded following the war, but it was not until a recent trip to Hawaii when I became somewhat disturbed by them… My girlfriend at the time and I visited the memorials, one of which was a sunken US battleship called the USS Arizona. It is the resting place of 1,102 of the 1,177 sailors and Marines killed on the USS Arizona. Accessible only by boat, it straddles the sunken hull of the battleship without touching it.

    American tourists were quiet, respectful and at times stricken with grief while feeling so close to the harsh realities of that day, 12/7/41. Japanese tourists were laughing and acting disruptive at times. They were not taking pictures of the monument the way Americans were. Instead, they gathered for group pictures, one at a time stepping out to take the picture. At one point, my girlfriend was pushed aside so a group could form at a specific place for a picture. I felt embarrassed for them and at the same time couldn’t help but wonder how they would feel if Americans showed up at Hiroshima or Nagasaki and acted that way.

    Before that trip, this article would have surprised me. Now? I understand that they are very proud of that day and so naming a carrier honoring their beloved Kaga is of no shock.

    I’m with Josh… Enola Gay should be considered.

    That said, they are a prideful culture and I do still admire them in general. They have shown great resilience over the last 70 years or so and have been our ally. I tend not to let the actions of a few speak for a people as a whole.

    • avconsumer2

      The Arizona was a battleship. (Pennsylvania class) Just fyi.

      • Nitro Norris

        WOW. I don’t know what I was thinking. Thank you. Will edit.

  • Moral_Hazard

    Kaga is a province in Japan. Stop whining.

  • The Prophet

    Tasteless. But we can get past that if you continue to protect your fishing industry by sinking any Greenpeace boats that harass you.

    • Ghost of Cicero

      I’d forgotten all about that! Yeah, they DO know how to deal with the Greenpissers.

  • Godels Proof

    Although we beat the Japanese in WWII, given their ferocity, I would not want to face them again in a life or death war. Much, much better to have them as friends and allies.

    • Nelson Kerr

      The next war would takes hours, not years and end with not tewwo weapons being used but dozens of much larger weapons

  • UK1981

    Maybe they should fly a Confederate flag on it.

  • kmandingo

    BTW, we provoked Japan, publicly threatened to attack them for a full year before Pearl Harbor, and rendered their currency useless in world financial markets. We used Pearl Harbor to suck them in, and then collapse down on their naval attack fleet. With that said, they got what they deserved but we did draw them in to deliver a KO counter punch at the risk and loss of young servicemen. All the experienced vets and our best ships were sent out to sea to avoid the attack leaving swabees and low level seamen to take the blows. Sad but true fact in naval history.

  • Francis_Urquhart

    Indeed, and remember that Japan is our most steadfast ally in East Asia, as well as the freest and most stable constitutional democracy. The threats we face together there now are Mainland China and its satanic stepchild North Korea.

  • John Wayne

    Who cares what they name it. Awesome they remember their fallen comrades. Most people commenting on here were not in WWII and some have not even served.
    So for those of you who fall in those 2 category’s you don’t even rate to comment.

  • kmandingo

    Fact is, we publicly threatened to attack them for a full year before Pearl Harbor and rendered their currency useless in world markets for not cow-towing to our demands on a number of issues. Granted, they were despicable at the time but we did push their buttons and put their backs up against the wall. They had few options but took a bad one.

    • philip1234

      So we just should have ignored that whole invasion of China, rape of Nanking thing, and done business with them as usual? And of course the sinking of the Panay was just an accident. I’m very hard pressed to EVER recall a reference to us “publicly threatening to attack” Japan in the year before the war, and can’t find any such references. We didn’t impose an embargo until Japan seized northern Indochina from France after their defeat by Germany. Perhaps you can provide a reference that quotes public US threats to attack. Everyone in the US knew how unprepared we were to go to war.

      • Walt99

        I too would like to see proof of what he is talking about, I have read many letters and had conversations with many who served in that war. Several who never really gave up the fight against them and remembered Pearl Harbor , to their dying days, when they did not even recognize their own children.

      • buzzman1

        If you remember your history the US had embraced “isolationism” so we wouldnt be sucked into yet another war started by the europeans. FDR got the lend lease program going to crank up war material production by our factories so they would be producing when we finally went into the war.

        We couldnt intervene in China even if we wanted to because we not only did not have the military to do so, but we did not have the logistical supply train to support them. French indochina was important to use because of the rubber plantations. What the french did after the war and what we did to help them is a topic worth addressing separately.

    • Nelson Kerr

      We threatened then becasue they were committing large scale mass murder in China and invaded Indochina without provocation, Try again.

      • rightside100

        We imposed sanctions period.

      • buzzman1

        Japan was in a war to secure natural resources and geographic sphere of influence. That was all of the provocation they needed.

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  • gweloboy

    Who cares? We name tanks and bases etc after generals who lost in 1865.

  • William James

    A stronger Japan is in the best interests of the U.S. An alliance of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and India would be a powerful counter to Chinese aggressiveness, and the U.S. should work to build one — but I see little of that foresight in this or any recent administration.

    Sure wish the Europeans would start shouldering more of their own defense costs, too.

    • buzzman1

      The euro’s never shouldered much of their defense costs during the cold war and afterwards almost eliminated their militaries so they could plow more money into social programs. Sad but funny fact is that Poland now has more tanks than Germany does and they are almost all Germany tanks! England and France are in even worse shape. Russias military could drive to the English channel almost un-apposed.

  • Arthur Burnside

    If it would make the Japanese feel better, we came very close to using the first atomic bomb on Germany, and would have had the Germans lasted into June or July.

  • The Praetorian

    Agreed. Might sell a paper but nobody is buying division between us and Japan.

  • Ernst Iliov Stavro Blofeld

    Surprised they haven’t built any full on war jet carrying carrier with it’s own battle group. They are going to need it.

    Did a little research the Izumos class carrier can fly F-35 stealth fighters with little modification.

    • The Praetorian


      • Ernst Iliov Stavro Blofeld

        It is I. In my volcano hideaway. Soros has the next volcano over.

    • Random_Failures

      You probably know this, but Japan has restrictions on offensive weapons systems in place as part of the surrender terms ending WW2. I don’t know the details or status, but I’d be willing to bet they are re-thinking this given China’s belligerence. I’d be for it. And I’m sure some of the “defensive” systems could hold their own just fine.

  • The Praetorian

    Dumb article. Filler.

  • Matt

    I would agree if the name translated to something like “Honor” or “Valiant” … I would disagree if it were named after one of the old Imperialists that favored the war. As it is, it appears to be the name of an old (now defunct?) province, so it’s not clear to me whether the name is meant to provoke. Probably not, but I’m not sure.

  • William James

    A stronger Japan is in the best interests of the U.S. An alliance of Japan, India, the Philippines, Taiwan and South Korea would constitute a strong counterbalance to Chinese aggressiveness and the U.S. should work toward building that alliance. Don’t see much foresight from this or any recent administration to do so, however.

    It would be nice if the Europeans would improve their defenses, too. Too many rely too much on the U.S.

  • InfoMan US

    Tell that to the families of those US sailors laying at the bottom of Pearl Harbor. Real Americans still honor those men and those families. Sorry you don’t.

  • Diane Ruth

    Didn’t the U.S. Navy sink this ship at Midway? What in the heck are the Japanese thinking?

  • The Word Kaga means “Increased Joy” in Japanese, so don’t get your panties in too tight of a knot. Oh yeah, North Korea and China are the only ones that need to be worried about the Japanese Navy.

  • Haaywood Jablomie

    You did let it go, along with every major industry in what’s left of the United States. They got blasted in ’45, but they didn’t lose.

    • Joe Griffin

      Actually most everything made by Japanese Companies is made in China today as well. They have the same problems as the US.

      • FlushTheToilet

        They have been following the US pattern of business and manufacturing after the war (which we, here, ignored until almost too late). If it weren’t for people like W. Edwards Deming and his continual improvement process, which we promptly ignored, Japan wouldn’t be what it is today, and frankly, neither would we. “Kaizen” may be a Japanese word, but it’s just what they called what Deming really taught them.

  • Glambike

    Since it was SBD Dauntless dive bombers that sunk the IJN Kaga, I would suggest Dauntless or even to be even more fierce how about a re-birth of the Arizona?

  • Donald Mack Flippin

    When I was in the Marine Corps, the U.S. Navy, working jointly
    with the Marines, had two Helicopter Carriers that I remember, the
    Okinawa and the Iwo Jima. I don’t know if the Japanese thought
    that we were trying to rub their noses in it or not when we named
    those two ships, but it hardly matters. At present, the Japanese
    are among our strongest allies, and I am glad to see them taking
    some responsibility for their own defense.

  • SmartDoctor

    If I had any say, it would have been the Yamamoto. He was a great admiral, he was opposed to the War, he loved his country, and he fully understood what was about to happen when he said “We have just awakened a sleeping giant.” It’s a good thought to bear in mind, when you send a very big warship out to sea. You need to understand the consequences for such an act.

    • Glambike

      Too close to IJN Yamato. That would piss off American vets big time.

  • Sam Pyeatte

    Japan does need full capability aircraft carriers to meet China and Russia. It is going to get interesting.

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  • Guido FL

    Named after a sunken ship ? Hmmmm …………

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  • Cyberats

    Now if we going to hangup on ship names, what else ? Don’t show your face around ? We’ve been allies with Japan since WWII, does that count for nothing ? Their Yakuza have worked hand in hand with our Sicillian mob.
    Lets be friends.

  • Change60

    Good for the Japanese in stepping up to confront the Chinese menace. We need more allies like the Japanese and fewer who won’t pay their way. Germany is all but disarmed while the Japanese are spending smartly on offensive power projection. Who gives a rip that the Kaga is sailing again, the one that mattered was sunk at Midway. I say invite it to Pearl for some war games.

  • Philbert McNutt

    Big enough to handle the F35 VTOL?

  • Nelson Kerr

    The Kaga, naming it after a ship that helped MURDER Americans is not the friendliest move. Pearl Harbor was not a act of war it was simply premeditated cold-blooded murder

    • InfoMan US

      Exactly! The Japanese could have named that carrier anything in the world they
      wished, but they chose to slap the Americans in the face by naming it
      after a carrier that performed a “sneak-attack” on the US… So, as far
      as I’m concerned they can handle the Chinese all by themselves!

  • InfoMan US

    It has nothing to do with a “grudge”. It has everything to do with honoring those Americans who gave their all for this country. Which is obviously something you and a few others in here know nothing about….. The Japanese could have named that carrier anything in the world they wished, but they chose to slap the Americans in the face by naming it after a carrier that performed a “sneak-attack” on the US… So, as far as I’m concerned they can handle the Chinese all by themselves!

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  • mostberg

    As for me, I welcome the assistance of the newly muscular Navy of Japan. An aggressive China has led to this.

  • Nelson Kerr

    The Japanese committed very own holocaust with millions murdered, are we are supposed to forget Treblinka and Auschwitz also?

    • Larry Evans

      Do we get upset when Germany names the tanks, planes and ships after the WWII era names?

      And I didn’t say forget, did I?

      • Nelson Kerr

        The Germans don’t name vessels after vessels used to commit mass murder so you point is moot.

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  • UnknownRider

    24,000 tons makes it a mere babe. Our modern carriers are over 100,000 tons.

  • mike077

    Whoa. That seems rude. Hmmm.

  • SumDummy

    Can we get a carrier named Hiroshima and not have the Japanese go into convulsions?

  • profwatson

    China is not impressed. They have the DF-21D: The Carrier Killer. The Chinese strike can also use a A2/AD strategy .

  • 1775

    “Damn Japs”

  • drattastic

    It is bad luck to name it after a ship that was sunken.

  • haifisch8587

    You can be sure they wern’t going to name it after Harry Truman or Enola Gay

  • gbigsangle

    Well, it’s their ship…they can name it anything they want…just is sorta bad taste…

  • Scot168

    What’s the big deal, the war has been over 70 years and if they want to name an aircraft carrier Kaga, so what. The original went to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, this is a new one for a new time.

  • Christopher Weber

    The flag of rising sun still flies,yet the southern cross will see the light of day no more.

  • Fred Bob

    So what if Japan used the same name before. Most nations have reoccurring names for their naval ships. There are many American and British examples. Stop looking for offense people.

  • pjdjmj

    Japan is giving us the you-know-what If O=0 takes this grave insult that will be the last straw. We should give Japan another present like the one we sent via the Enola Gay. Abe is really pushing his luck. He is building up their military again, refuses to apologize to America sneak attack and the cruel and deadly war. For Korea it is also many years of hideous occupation.

    • caladan59

      The Japan of 2015 is not the Japan of 1941. You need to get a clue.

      • pjdjmj

        You need to read what is going on. See “The Korean Times”.. Korea is surrounded by bad neighbors. We have the same problem and we have people like you with your head somewhere. Our country and our veterans is completely insulted and it OK with you,.

    • Jay Rinard

      They realize that we have a coward in Obozo and can’t trust the U.S. To protect them from China—China’s worst nightmare will be a nuclear Japan —–which bty could have the bomb in months—-by all means rearm Japan

  • BusProf

    Give them a break – this story is a non-event.
    Remember they survived a Tsunami, an earthquake that would flatten most of our cities, and a nuke disaster of epic proportion.

    • Jay Rinard

      And during these tragedies not one recorded case of looting—–you have to admire them for that

  • Ghost Mis-Adventures Crew

    Glad to see the Japanese realize that America won’t be able to protect them much longer, we have the enemy in our White House & government destroying our nation. Hopefully Japan builds 10 more just like it.

    • Yup

      Obama can’t even protect us! We need a president with a pair.

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  • Jay Rinard

    They operated under the bushido code and sun god then

    • interventor

      Tojo totally perverted bushido (way of the warrior) code.

      • USMC2010

        THAT would be a great Masters or Doctrinal thesis. I have read a bit about it and it seems that it can be seen both ways…that he perverted it…or perfected it. If only a long lost uncle would leave me a few million…it would be a great topic of study.

  • Anthon Noire

    I would have thought they would have called it the Yamato, but if they are going to make a second ‘Pearl Harbor’ ship and aim it at China, I say more power to them.

  • Bear1000

    Why is this news? Japan has never apologized for any of the atrocities they committed during the war, let alone starting it. To them, Japan is the highest civilization, culture, and society on earth, and everything that was done in the past was done so with honor and therefore cannot be wrong. So why is anyone surprised they would name after a ship after one that bombed Pearl Harbor?

  • ed stevens

    Hmm, is 74 years too long to hold a grudge? Is this inappropriate? I’ll get back to you…

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  • Tollthis

    We’ve been defending Japan since 1945, it time for them to defend themselves. I’m retired from the U.S. Navy and have no problem with this.

  • Jay Rinard

    yamamoto is the Japan battleship

    • 1twothree4

      Yamato was the battleship. Yamamoto was an Admiral. THE Admiral

      • Animedude5555

        Yamato was a space-battleship in the anime Space Battleship Yamato. It had some big-a$$ laser guns.

  • 94c2500

    If Japan wants to take on more responsibility for their country’s defense and reduce the need for US military involvement, I’m all for it. It will save the US taxpayer a boatload of money.

  • shropster

    FDR committed numerous acts of war against both Germany and Japan during 1941. FDR was anxious to get into WWII to save Stalin’s rear.

  • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

    Japan has lost face, again.

  • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

    As a Japanese American, I will tell you we had no choice or the war would have spread and become much larger. They were maniacal and had to be stopped the way they were. I love Japan and am ashamed of them for this.

  • Dan K

    Tora Tora Tora

    • Animedude5555

      Downvoted you, for being an idiot.

  • Seeing as how the Chinese and North Koreans routinely taunt the Japanese, maybe the Japanese are sending a signal that they will do to them what they did to the United States if further provoked.

    • Animedude5555

      Good point.

  • RichPorardo

    I have no problem with it. It’s their history. Just the same as why we shouldn’t be erasing the Confederate flag.

    • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

      They rely on us to defend them. They better change the name or live in shame.

      • sickofitall?

        lol…tell you what – you give them the bad news

      • Karadion

        Better change the name? Oh go sod off. My grandfather was a POW under the Japanese from 42 to 45 and I don’t hold any animosity for the Japanese. They’re our closest ally in the far east.

      • DrEvil007

        Not really. Five minutes of research reveals that Japan is in the top ten of military powers.

    • Animedude5555


  • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

    We defend them dammit. How dare they do this.

    • Animedude5555

      They are on OUR side now. Their official status is as an ALLY (not an enemy). So how DARE we tell them what they are allowed to name their ships.

  • sickofitall?

    A human is a lot bigger than a bee…but most of us are smart enough to know we shouldn’t smack a nest…I think China will rue the day they drove the Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese etc to build up their military might.

  • Mune Shadowe

    I believe when WWIII happens you will see The Japanese, German’s and The United States of America fighting side by side against Russia and China.

    • sickofitall?

      with the French bringing up the rear

    • Animedude5555

      Does this fight involve ISIS too? What about North Korea?

  • rightside100

    Kaga is a former Provence in the current Prefecture Ishikawa. Wonder why they resurrected that name? The ship participated in a sneak attack without declaration of war.

  • IndigoRed

    Yeah. So? Why no mention that Mitsubishi produced the SH-60k ASW helicopters aboard the Kaga and also built the Zero fighter planes that attacked Pearl Harbor and shot down many US flyers throughout the war? Mitsubishi builds many of the automobiles occupying American garages today. If we can have Mitsubishi cars in our homes, we can have a new ship named Kaga visit our ports.

    • rightside100

      Their military named the ship then and now and yes it matters. Mitsubishi was a private company conscripted for war effort.

    • sickofitall?

      I own two – Outlander and Lancer Ralliart …been decent cars…still haven’t figured out the Samurai Sword handle parking brake though

  • GlitterUnicorns

    The original Kaga was severely damaged at the Battle of Midway by dive bombers from the USS Enterprise. The Japanese scuttled her. Let’s hope the new Kaga doesn’t meet a similar fate and that the United States and Japan are allies to the end.

    • Animedude5555

      I don’t see why Japan would turn against us. Israel hasn’t turned against us, even with Obama insisting on the Iranian nuke deal (which if Iran fails on its end to follow the treaty, could easily put them in a place to quickly get nukes, putting Israel in great danger). I can’t imagine ANY of our allies turning against us. I can imagine cases where our enemies BECOME our allies (like with Japan), but never the other way around. Stop being paranoid. A name is just a name.

  • Hooter

    War was coming regardless. Imperial Japan was a despotic regime then.. Just ask the Chinese.. Japan intended to expand its empire… Japan also attack the US Navy prior to Pearl Harbor…

    • That is simply not the case. There were many elements within Japan that were opposed to war with the US, even after the embargo, but prior to it there was no consensus in Japan that they should go to war with he US.

  • CSATexas


    About time Japan started to spend some money on protecting itself.

    • rightside100

      You do know their Constitution that McArthur rammed down their throats prevented them for doing that? Only defensive equipment allowed and leftist parties there are pacifists.

      • CSATexas

        Defensive equipment is great, they need to spend more

        • rightside100

          Oh they are.

  • rightside100

    Twenty years from now it wouldn’t matter but I know a woman who lost her oldest brother at Pearl when she was just 10 and her Mom died a couple of years later from what she called a broken heart. She called that day the defining one of her life and end of her childhood. Hope she never reads about this.

  • CSATexas

    I don’t see how this is a big deal at all. The USN has a ship named after the Sioux. For those who don’t know, they were arch enemies of the USA.

    • rightside100

      No one would care if ship was named Japanese.

    • Mike Hambuchen

      We honored the Sioux by naming the ship after them. What does reusing an infamous name say?

      • CSATexas

        Honor them?

        In a nation that tear down Confederate Flags?

        • Mike Hambuchen

          That was 1942, long before PC or Obama.

          • CSATexas

            They have been attacking the CSA flag for months.

          • Mike Hambuchen

            They named the Sioux in 1942. Many democrats were KKK royalty and members at that point and they certainly would not have allowed the rebel flag to be desecrated.

  • here’s a thought: let’s NOT take offense to something. anything.

  • Brett

    Pretty stupid to give that name to such a ship…. That being said, this relatively large ship can only take on 13 helicopters??

  • Hoss of the old fleet

    Some names are avoided.. Germany for example reused names from WWI
    (i.e. Emden), only modern ship related to WWII was Rommel. Imperial
    Japan was an evil despotic empire in those years. During their conquest
    of Asia they raped and slaughtered scores. WWII Kaga was named after
    Kaga province of today’s Ishikawa Prefecture. This isn’t like Japan naming a ship afterHideki Tojo…. Looks like a nice ship, maybe we can buy a few instead of the POS LCS…

    • rightside100

      Rommel was killed by Hitler for not saying anything about the assassination attempt on him. Killed him quietly to avoid public relations disaster. Good name.

      • Hoss of the old fleet

        That was why Federal Republic of Germany honored him in post-WWII (Cold War Era)…. A general respected by both sides during the war. Rommel and Patton’s sons became close friend in later years.

        • rightside100

          Reason Himmler or Goebles wouldn’t be used.

    • Animedude5555

      What’s an LCS? Who’s Hideki Tojo? Was he the founder of some video game making company or anime making company?

  • The Donald

    It’s a beautiful beast.

  • rightside100

    No one would care if they used the name of another ship that fought us during WW II but those that participated in Pearl Harbor attack is a smack in the face. No doubt about it but it is their ship.

  • carl6352

    asw in todays naval warfare is a must have. that’s why navy carrier groups not only have a asw surface fleet but 2 attack submarines for below!

  • Alice Brunette

    seems rather gauche on the one hand, to name it after a ship that attacked the US.
    On the other hand, I understand it is very unlucky to name a vessel after one that we sank!

    • Animedude5555

      The Kaga in WWII is not the origin of the name word Kaga. It is a Japanese word, that can be given to any ship or vehicle they want. There’s no reason to despise that word, simply because one of its uses was as the name of the ship that ambushed Pearl Harbor.

  • Joe Mcg

    Isn’t this wonderful? Obama who the whole world loves and respects is setting the stage where we can replay the second world war and lose this time to make up for our sins of saving the world.

  • Member548

    Talk about over reacting. Kaga is named after the old province and it means “increased joy”. It’s has no special relevance to WWII beyond a carrier that also carried the name.

    It’s no different than the US naming a ship Kentucky, or what ever.

    Also, how many of you realize that the German air force is still called the Luftwaffe just like in WWII because it means air force. They also use several terms and names used by the Nazis because they are just German words for those things… imagine that.

    • rightside100

      Let’s name next ship Fat Boy and you would hear howls. The Kaga was a celebrated ship in Japan and the revisionist history taught there still today makes it matter.

      • Member548

        Did they name the ship the “Bomb That Sunk the Arizona”?

        False equivalence.

    • Mark Lang

      How is mentioning it “over reacting?

    • ed stevens

      Not to mention that 74 years is a bit long to hold a grudge…

  • justin

    Oh, the internet outrage. Why do people like to get outraged something that doesn’t matter? The Japs can name their ship whatever they like. I seriously doubt the name was intended to poke us in the eye. They are our naval partners now and the war has been over for 60 years.

    • rightside100

      No more a poke in eye than if we named a ship Fat Boy or Enola Gay.

      • justin

        I agree

  • Hoss of the old fleet

    Japan along with Germany and Japan are our some of our staunch allies today…

    • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

      Germany has made no insulting gestures such as this.

  • AlaskanStyle

    I personally don’t care, a name is just superficial. If we really wanted to throw a hissy fit about it, we can name one of our new ships “Fat Man or Little Boy”

  • Any One

    How uncouth…

  • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

    It makes me ashamed to be Japanese American.

    • sickofitall?

      I have an old sword….

      • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

        That is a damn good one.

        • sickofitall?

          lol…sorry..I couldn’t help it

          • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

            Quite alright. I would have done the same.

  • everybody is too sensitive

    Its a name….Everybody is too sensitive nowadays… Stop being so PC and let them name it whatever they want. you dont have to like it, but you do have to accept that they chose it.

  • JPReturns

    Why no explanation of the history behind the name? Was “Kaga” an emperor or something?

    • sickofitall?

      read down

  • Just as the Luftwaffe still use their iron cross logo, I don’t see why this would be a problem. They’re still a working navy, but with a big loss in the win/loss column.

  • dire thinker

    If I had China and N. Korea in my back yard I’d change my laws and make that sucka a full blown war machine. But thats just me. I’m not as polite as they are

  • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

    Stupid Japanese. And I am a Japanese American. Dad is half German and half Japanese. He is an “Axis Man”. Really just an American.

  • johngardner

    Obviously a successful model …

  • Commentor

    love the Japanese my dad fought them and today would be happy to see them with a bit more power in the region. Our family has always have many Japanise friends.

  • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

    Let’s face it, the Japanese need to be ridiculed over this and they can sail the Seven Seas in shame with that damn boat for all I care.

  • Sam Valley

    So what? Doesn’t mean we didn’t win the war

  • theghosthorse

    Kido Butai Rising ! Next comes Akagi, then Hiryu, Soryu, Zuikaku, Shokaku…the list goes on. Am a fan of the Japs btw.

  • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

    When we annex Japan in the not too distant future we’ll change its name to “Geisha Girl”.

  • HeyNav

    It should be mandatory that people read some history before commenting.

    • SOUP

      Why is that?

      • HeyNav

        So they comment with some degree of intelligence.

  • Steve

    Kaga? What, was “Bataan Death March” already taken?

  • Nick Papagiorgio

    We were actively supplying their enemies with lethal munitions via the lend-lease program to the UK, so we weren’t exactly neutral observers.

    • Gutz_Otoole

      Japan was not at war with the British Empire until December 8, 1941 (Tokyo Time)

      However, as a consequence of the Tripartite Pack, Japan was politically aligned with Germany and Italy. Politically only, and not to any extent in a war-making sense. Even after Pearl Harbor, Japan remained at peace with the USSR until August 8, 1945 when Russia, suddenly and without warning, declared war.

      The political alignment was strong enough that when Kurusu Saburō joined Namura as Special Envoy to the United States one of the demands made in the negotiations that lead up to Pearl Harbor was for discontinuance of Lead-Lease.

      • buzzman1

        Wrong Gutz. England had been at war with Japan in the far east for several years before 1941 in SE Asia. We also had unofficially been at war too. Remember the “Flying Tigers”.

  • Commentary Cat

    Very nice ship. I am sure the Japanese will put it to good use.

  • johngardner

    From Wiki: Kaga (加賀?) was an aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), the third to enter service, named after the former Kaga Province in present-day Ishikawa Prefecture. Originally intended to be one of two Tosa-class battleships, Kaga was converted under the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty to an aircraft carrier as the replacement for the battlecruiser Amagi, which had been damaged during the 1923 Great Kanto earthquake. Kaga was rebuilt in 1933–35, increasing her top speed, improving her exhaust systems, and adapting her flight decks to more modern, heavier aircraft.

    • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

      Good work.

  • rocky

    The Chinese owe Japan for its war crimes of WWII. If need be, the Chinese will send it to the bottom.

  • Sighted In And Ready.

    Its named after the Kaga Province in Japan. Some of you ignorant idiots arguing otherwise….you really need to study more history. Don’t believe it….Google it.

  • Paul Magnussen

    Good for them. I’m glad we sank the old Kaga. But the US and Japan are allies now. We need to keep the seas open for commerce. The Chinese may try to throw their weight around in the area. Having another partner will be very helpful. Glad to have Japan on our side now.

  • david5300

    If any one wants to visit the original Kaga it is at the bottom of the Pacific

    • Dennis R. Torii, Jr.

      This one will be too with their stupidity.

      • Paul Magnussen

        Oh, so are you also ready to burn Atlanta, GA? Would you like to bombard Vicksburg with artillery on the 4th of July? And what about Richmond, Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg? London? Are we going to keep hating everyone we ever fought?

  • popeye2010

    Hey, China….Tora! Tora! Tora, baby!

  • Ronco1

    really bad taste on the part of the Japanese…pretty much the equivalent of the us NAMING ITS NEXT STEALTH BOMBER THE “ENOLA GAY”

  • interventor

    Withholding trade is not classified as an act of war.

    • sup

      it has been used as an excuse for war for years both world wars was based on this premise. Trade wars, Currency wars world wars. That happened to the lead up of 1914 and 1930’s

    • Constitutional1

      Withholding trade may not be “classified” as an “act of war” in your taxonomy. Nevertheless, embargos (which are inevitably backed by the threat of force) are a variety of siege warfare, a classic military tactic.

      Messing with the trade routes and import/export mechanisms of other nations and interfering with their access to resources have led to war, and has been employed in warfare planning and engagement countless times in history. Only in a vacuum, ignorant of history, can you consider messing with the trade and resources of another nation benign and in no way hostile. I am not against the use of such tactics in the right situation, but thinking it will always be without blowback and consequences is naïve.

      • interventor

        Embargo, as defined by the US with Japan, was a withholding of US oil from Japan. No threat of violence or use of forces to deny Japan from obtaining oil from another source was implied. No nation has the right to demand another nation sell it that nation’s resources, either natural or manufactured.
        Thru the US security assistance program, certain nations are denied products Bomb racks capable of carrying nuclear weapons for example. The klystron, on certain medical devices, may not be sold to some nations because the klystron may be used as a trigger for an atomic bomb.
        Blockade, on the other hand, could be considered an act of war as it implies a use of force, usually naval, to stop a nation from obtaining resources from a third nation or nations. The US did not threaten a blockade to stop Japan from purchasing oil from the Dutch colony now Indonesia.

    • I didn’t claim that it was, I said it was a provocation.

  • InfoMan US

    And I say if the Japanese have a problem with China, let THEM handle it.

    • gman

      if the japanese are having a problem with china, then every other nation in the region is too, so it will become our problem too, if not immediately then soon, so we deal with it up front.

    • Karadion

      We have a mutual defense pact with the Japanese. So no, we’re not going to let them handle it by themselves because we have their best interest as well. You are sersiously lacking of any education on Nichibeikankei.

  • 1Psuche

    The war is over and Japan is a strong allie…..Who cares what they call their ship…

    • InfoMan US

      Who cares? … Possibly the families of those 2,500 US sailors who were killed when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor using the carrier “Kaga”.

      • 1Psuche

        The Japan that did that no longer exists…

        • InfoMan US

          Oh? Where did Japan go?? …… Listen, I have no problem with the Japanese, and I’m glad we are allies. But naming their carrier “Kaga” was a direct slap in the face to America (especially those Americans who lost loved ones at Pearl Harbor). It was either an intentional slap in our face, or VERY poor taste.

          • 1Psuche

            Just as Germany is no longer ruled by Hitler and in that sense, no longer exists, so it is with Japan of WWII…Obviously I was not referring to the country…If this name offends you, you have the right to be offended. In my view, there are so many real offenses going on that deserve my energy that I can’t get excited about lessor issues…

          • Paul Magnussen

            Get over it. They aren’t planning another attack on us. And you don’t have to sail on it. I doubt it will ever visit the US.

      • Paul Magnussen

        Ok, with your mentality, the Japanese should start building nukes to get revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many people died on both sides. It ended with a free Japan. The people were effectively enslaved physically and mentally. Their nation had to be broken utterly and rebuilt. So now you want to make them into enemies? The stupidity of such an idea should be obvious to any rational human.

  • Bob Julio

    Naming this ship after one that attacked the United States is a slap in our face, and the japanese are doing it on purpose. It is time for Americans to Remeber Pearl Harbor, Bataan, and all of the atrocities performed by Japan – and among other thing stop buying cars made by the company that built their aircraft that attacked Pearl Harbor, Phillipines , etc. – The Mitsubishi Zero.

  • Enzo Giacomo

    At least Japan is spending money on military hardware, What’s with Europe?

    • buzzman1

      Social welfare programs cost a lot of money.

  • Animedude5555


  • Kevin Brent

    These ‘carriers’ are exactly what Japan says they are. Anti-submarine platforms. As for the name “Kaga”, that’s a very old ship name, that long predated Pearl Harbor.

  • sup

    congrats to the IJN on your new ship. I see they named it after a former province in their country. I personally am ok with the naming of this ship regardless of what the history of a similar warship has done during world war 2 it would be like The us building a aircraft carrier and naming it Missouri. if I was a Japanese citizen and was acually butt hurt like alot of comments i read here i would take offense to that name all because they had to sign a document of surrender on similar named ship

    • InfoMan US

      Great! And I too hope the IJN has a lot of luck with their new carrier “Kaga”, because until they can show the US some respect and change that name, then I will be very vocal in the US not helping the Japanese with their Chinese problem.

      • Paul Magnussen

        As if it mattered. What would you do to help if they did change the ship’s name? [Crickets]

        • InfoMan US

          Support their cause.

          • Paul Magnussen

            How exactly?

          • InfoMan US

            Why does ‘how’ matter? Just accept the fact that I would. And I think a great many other Americans would, too – even those who lost loved ones who were murdered by the Japanese in their “sneak attack” on Pearl Harbor.

          • Paul Magnussen

            Wow. I for one am impressed.
            There are 1.3 billion Chinese and 330 million of us. There are 120 million or so Japanese. They are strategically located right were we need them to keep the Chinese fenced off, and out of the North Pacific. If you think a name painted on a Japanese ship is more of a threat than a nation stealing the islands of other countries, and building bases. They are trying to grab natural resources other nations should control and they are trying to control sea lanes. And you think the name picked by one of our allies for a ship they just built is more important than that?

          • gman

            “They are strategically located right were we need them”


            “And you think the name picked by one of our allies for a ship they just built is more important than that?”

            perhaps it’s just that they want us to lose. when people are excited and insulting in trying to persuade you to do something not in your interest, it’s because they don’t have your interests in mind.

    • gman

      long may she sail.

  • Gutz_Otoole

    International law does not dictate that a neutral power supply war materials to a belligerent. The law of neutrality requires that belligerent powers have equal access to neutral ports. In fact, strict adherence to the laws of neutral required a cut-off of oil and other strategic materials, because Japan had cut off Chinese trade with the West by occupying or blockading her ports, and by occupying the northern half of Indochina; thus making it impossible for Chinese to receive the same support.

    The United States did not cut off oil shipments to Japan because of Japan’s war making in China. It was in protest to Japan’s occupation of French Indochina, which violated the “gentleman’s agreement” FDR had reached with Konoe regarding Indochina.

    • Constitutional1

      The rationale for pre-Pearl Harbor US policy and tactics is irrelevant, as was international law…obviously. Japan could not prevail in its conflict with China without importing materials and energy. US policy showed them that, despite claims, we were not neutral, and they considered such as handwriting on the wall for an inevitable US entrance into the war (a right perception or not).

      Regardless of what anyone thinks amongst other nations or international organizations, a coordinated trade embargo can easily be seen as an act of war by the target of that embargo. Any country participating in such should be willing to consider that basic fact. I am sure that a coordinated embargo of the U.S. by, say, China and OPEC would not be seen as non-aggression here. This is even more amplified in the case of Japan which is very dependent on imported resources that are limited on their island territories.

    • oil is not a war material. Second of all embargo as a consequence for an embargo is not a neutral act, it is taking sides. FDR provoked the Japanese it’s as plain as the nose on my face. That much he is responsible for. The Japanese are even more responsible for taking the bait and actually committing an assault. One is clearly worse then the other, but FDR doesn’t get a pass from me for his role.

      • buzzman1

        You forget FDR also stopped the export of scrap metals to Japan. That was significant because most of the Imperial Armys weapons were made from scrap metal from the US.

      • DrEvil007

        Oil is not war material? War cannot be waged without vast amounts of oil. Modern industry and civilization is based on oil. Much of the strategy of WWII was based around securing oil fields.

        • that war cannot be waged without it does not make it a war material. A 50 caliber machine gun is a war material, oil can be used for peaceful purposes that weapons cannot, even if their use may be justified their use is not peaceful.

  • Frank Worley

    Japan needs to build real carriers not helo carriers. They need a couple of Nuclear Powered Carrier Battle groups to counter China’s threat.

    • gman

      1) those are expensive beyond all measure. japan doesn’t have that kind of money.
      2) they require experienced crews. the only countries that ever have succeeded in manning a modern carrier are us, britain, and france. the Japanese lost their carrier skills base long ago.
      3) they’re too close to china. the chinese would blow them away the first day. waste of money.

      • Gomez Addams

        Yes. We need John Kerry to go over there to China and tell the Premier in the strongest possible terms that if China does not do what we want, we will fire off a strongly worded memo to the UN. Yea, that’s the ticket …

        • gman

          well, between one extreme and the other, there is a balance.

  • rob bennett

    No wonder you hide behind a false name. If I were anywhere as stupid and ignorant as you, I’d hide also.

  • Gomez Addams

    I can’t think of Japanese samurai warriors without harkening back to John Belushi as the owner of the Samurai delicatessen. SNL, Circa 1978. With Buck Henry as the customer wanting a sandwich. Funny as helll …

  • JoseGrunt

    Well, we fixed the first Kaga at Midway.

    • Gomez Addams

      And Akagi, and Soryu, and Hiryu … thank God for the US Navy dive bombers !

      • Paul Magnussen

        Actually, you should thank the torpedo bombers. None scored a hit. None of the aircraft returned, but they bought critical time for the dive bombers and brought the air cover down. Without them, Midway would have been a huge loss for us.

        • Gomez Addams

          Good point. I stand corrected. Ens. George Gay is the only survivor of the first torpedo attack. More than a dozen brave torpedo bomber crews were sacrificed in this initial attack. Gay watched the entire battle floating in the Pacific between the two warring fleets. What a front seat to history. BTW, George Gay had a very long career as an airline pilot after the war. God bless our WWII veterans. (Including my dad, a Liberator pilot in the ETO … 50 missions).

        • USMC2010

          Yes. Being able to launce mid-range bombers from the island was very important.

      • USMC2010

        It also helps to have broken their code and tested it. Those desalination plants sure need fixed. Look it up brother. It is an interesting story.

        • Gomez Addams

          “Island AF running out of fresh water”. Yes, great bit of history. Interesting indeed.

          • USMC2010

            You got it. Been to Midway once….Wake MANY times. Great history on both islands. Wake has a great little museum right at base operations.

      • gman

        yes. but that’s over, and long ago. move on.

        • USMC2010

          Right. NOTHING to learn from history. You are a mor0n.

          • gman

            oh, one of the biggest things to learn from history is to move on.

        • Gomez Addams

          OK, a-hole. Those who don’t remember the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. Your millennial brain cannot think beyond last week. Real Americans can remember and thank God for the heroes who did the heavy lifting and fighting, so you could go on the internet and tell us old farts to “move on”. Go eff yourself.

          • gman

            oh of course one learns the lessons of history. but history doesn’t stop, and one must keep learning.

          • USMC2010

            Yet, you have not even learned to stay quiet when the adults are talking.

          • gman

            well, if any adults show up ….

          • Micheal Smith

            Learning from history is not the same thing as clinging to it. I learned that most Marines scored low on the ASVAB historically but I accept that was a statistic mostly from the 1950s-1980s so don’t let it color my judgement of the Marines of today. See how that works?

            Almost 70 years ago the leaders of a nation’s military planned and carried out an attack on our naval base. NONE of which are alive today and few of the defenders are as well. Since then the nation has been a staunch ally for many decades. Being all pissy is CLINGING to history, not learning from it. Learning from it would be avoiding the dickish behavior on both sides that led up to it.

          • USMC2010

            And you would be prescient in your decision concerning ASVAB scores. Today, the USMC takes fewer GEDs than any other service. But, then again, it is obvious that you are thoughtful and are NOT a simpleton like gman.

          • Michael Rich

            That’s hilarious. Because there are plenty of WW2 veterans that have gotten over it, if you noticed Japan is nothing like it was back then.

  • USMC2010

    “Military culture and history.” Did you spend 2.5 decades in the military as BOTH enlisted and officer and teach at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College? Do you have 2 Masters…one in Military Arts and Sciences? No? Then be quiet. Being ignorant is not a sin. Pretending NOT to be and then being VERY vocal about it makes you stupid. There IS a difference between how the Japanese conducted warfare (1905 — 2 Sep 1945) and the rest of the world. I could teach you if you have a semester. Until then, have the sense to shut up.

    • Wanita Wally

      Thank you, Sir, for your service to America!

      • USMC2010

        Ooh Rah.

        • Wanita Wally

          I remember Worm Island in San Diego.
          Do you?

          • USMC2010

            Honestly…I don’t. I did half of one tour in El Toro before they closed it down. Then I went down to Miramar after the Marines got it from the Navy. Beautiful base.

          • Wanita Wally

            That’s OK-you can’t be a witness to every bit of Military History.

          • oneshot

            Sir I wish more of our population shared your patriotism. “Always faithful” definitely powerful words, an oath that is not easy to keep. It requires courage, commitment, loyalty, love of country and family.
            I served in Nam but I’m no hero. The hero’s are on that long black wall in DC. So thank you sir for your service and in the end may you be united with your fallen brothers in arms.

          • USMC2010

            Thank you. I am not a service snob. My uncle was an Army SNCO and his name is one the wall.

          • Bulldog

            As one who also served there and have the rifle pin, I couldn’t agree more with your comment about being a hero. I feel exactly the same way.

          • Bulldog

            You certainly are a hero. Those were horrendous battles. NOT!

          • GaryLockhart

            “Then I went down to Miramar after the Marines got it from the Navy.”

            Correction: Then I went down to Miramar after the Marines got it back from the Navy.

            Miramar belonged to the Corps before it was a NAS.

        • Wanita Wally

          To this old Vet?
          Ooh Rah is “Amen” in manspeak.
          They sleep soundly in their beds because rough men stand ready to bring violence on those who would would do them harm.
          OOH RAH!

          • USMC2010

            That is a quote every school aged American should be required to memorize.

          • Bulldog

            usmcnot, you’re even crazier.

          • Bulldog

            You really don’t know how crazy you sound, do you?

        • Bulldog

          Ooh Rah yourself, wannabe.

      • Bulldog

        Wanita, I really hate to tell you, but this dude is one outstanding liar.

    • Tijuana Gold

      Impressive resume. A mustang to boot!

    • greatnesslostislegend

      Question: I have reached a conclusion the aircraft carrier is obsolete. It is what the battleship had become by Dec 7th 1941. If you agree what do you suggest should be a replacement to project power around the world to protect international trade, and provide US security?

      • buzzman1

        Just remember that the Tank was considered obsolete in 67, again by 73, again by mid 80’s, again by 2000. Can you correlate any international events with those dates?

        • greatnesslostislegend

          I was on leave from Canadian Armed Forces duty in Cyprus on Oct 4 to 7th 1973. I was in Israel when the war broke out. I won’t go into details how I got out.

          A bit of a deflection. How would you replace the carrier?

          • buzzman1

            Tanks were ruled obsolete because of battle doctrines written by people who had never been on a Battlefield. Example in 1973 the US Army decided that because of the overwhelming tank superiority the Soviets had our tanks would no longer be used as combat infantry support weapons and would only be used as anti tank. Further the 73 war saw the widespread use of Sagger Anti Tank rockets. These two thing affected US tank warfare well into this last war with Iraq. Tanks were at first useless after the invasion because they only carried HEAT and Sabot rounds. No HE or canister rounds for AP use.

            As far as what do you replace carriers with you basically can’t using current doctrine and mindsets because its force projection or just showing the flag. Carriers will have to change and get lighter/smaller and cheaper. They will also have to convert to mostly drone aircraft to reduce the footprint of the aircraft in the ship and the need to endanger human pilots.

    • KenFedUpWithPC

      Thank you, SIR..

    • Bulldog

      You, sir, are an excellent fabricator. You should try writing fiction.

      • David Crabtree

        As a former member of the Army Intelligence Corp , I know Marines wouldn’t consider me to be a soldier but what proof do you have that USMC2010 is a fabricator . What are you seeing that tells you this . I am interested , please tell us .

        • buzzman1

          I hope you were enlisted MI. Very few of the officers impressed me. I was an Ordnance Captain and resigned just to get away from them.

  • LeisureForeigner

    Take this as a signal that U.S.Americans can stop apologizing for decisively and abruptly ending the war. And stop groveling over putting the Japanese and Germans into internment camps. So much history is brought up to make U.S.Americans feel ashamed. That is the evil of the left (those sneaky little devils).

    • William Bodin

      Apologize for ending the war? (by dropping the bomb – twice) Ok here goes. I regret that it became necessary to drop an atomic bomb on Japan. It is my sincerest hope that it never again becomes necessary.
      There, all done.

  • USMC2010

    Really? What about their military/colonial expansion and the impact of a military culture on ALL of Japanese society (especially education) AFTER they defeated Russia in the monumental naval battle of Tsushima in 1905? Look up admiral Togo and HIS impact, rookie. Please teach me so I can re-write my curriculum which I have taught at the graduate level for 12 years. Be quiet. You are an amateur.

  • InfoMan US

    China has some very high-tech war machinery, so I don’t think the Japanese should be antagonizing their BIG FRIEND by naming their carrier after the one they used to wipe out their friend’s Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor… Otherwise, BIG FRIEND may not be around when the ‘stuff’ starts hitting the fan with the ChiComs 🙂

    • Paul Magnussen

      Dude, we aren’t that big. We won WWII because we out-produced the Axis powers. Where is our manufacturing today? Who has the manufacturing capacity these days? These days the outcome for us would be very different. The trump card we hold is nuclear, but one we can’t play. The Chinese know that.

      • InfoMan US

        I personally don’t know this, BUT I know a number of people who are in the know, and they claim the US has a lot more ‘toys’ up its sleeves than you or I or anybody else is aware of…

        • gman

          oh yeah. the chinese putting to sea would be like argentina’s general belgrano putting to sea. doomed.

          • USMC2010

            Wow…”ignorance belligerently voiced is stupidity defined.” You are stup1d. You can quote me. It is my own.

          • William Bodin

            Ummm, yeah gman – the Chinese put enough German designed or built diesel electric subs in the water and the Pacific ocean within 200 miles of their shores suddenly becomes a very unfriendly place.

          • gman

            we have subs too, you know. best in the world. along with 3 generations of experience.

            and, by the way, 200 miles is nowhere near enough a defensive buffer.

          • USMC2010

            Your responses are unbelievably childish, uninformed, and reactionary. In short, you are a mor0n.

          • gman

            excuse me, grunt, let the squids do their jobs. we got it covered.

          • USMC2010

            Well…that would explain it. You are probably gay too…not that there’s anything wrong with that. I have served with plenty of outstanding naval officers and enlisted. But, there are MANY big-mouthed, opinionated, half-a-tour rejects who get on these boards. It is obvious you either never served…or are the latter.

          • gman

            “But, there are MANY big-mouthed, opinionated, half-a-tour rejects who get on these boards.”

            yeah, I’m starting to notice ….

    • William Bodin

      What? We’re just going to sit back and let Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines go because they named a helo carrier after an old Japanese province. Let’s get a grip here people.

    • gman

      china has crap. they advertise, but they lack the tech and the experience and above all the culture of competence to put a modern fleet to sea. they’re worse than the soviets.

      • InfoMan US

        They have hypersonic missiles that can defeat our defense systems… Your move.

        • gman

          you mean the ballistic anti-ship missile? they act like they do, but they don’t, they lack the tech.

          • InfoMan US

            No, I mean like the Hypersonic missile that can carry a nuclear warhead to the US before we even have time to activate our defenses.

          • gman

            sorry, I grew up and lived under the soviet threat my whole life – some days I still can’t get over the fact that it’s over – so that doesn’t impress me. and no, china would do nothing of the sort. they know they would never survive the counter strike, and in any case they prefer espionage and subterfuge to brute force.

          • InfoMan US

            Well, personally I hope you are correct… However, have you ever heard of an EMP attack? If that was delivered by Hypersonic missile, then there wouldn’t be a counter strike.

          • gman

            emp? sure, it’s an old threat. the soviets planned to lead their attack on us with that, and it’s the only hope the norks have of hitting us in any meaningful way. oh yeah, and the chinese would be devastated by such an attack as well, because our icbm’s and ssbn’s would still work. sorry, at this point nukes are nothing more than deterrents to initial attack by other nukes.

        • GetTheHellOutOfDodge

          And the U.S. has rail guns. Neither is a deployable weapon at this time.

          • InfoMan US

            Hey, that rail gun is a pretty cool weapon, and I don’t think we are that far away from activating them.

          • GetTheHellOutOfDodge

            Maybe not far but we’re not quite there yet.

  • Mr. W. H. Braden

    Good. I agree with Ms Anonymous. I wait to see Japan counter China and protect the Philippines, Vietnam and others from this bully.

  • To the new visitors to the site, please keep in mind we have zero tolerance for abusive language, profanity and general name calling.

    Also, keep your comments relevant to the topic at hand.

    Any of those who stray from the two rules will have their comments deleted and in extreme cases be banned from posting on the site.

    • gman

      thank you.

    • William Bodin

      Killjoy! ;->

  • tonylion

    The name of the ship is a non issue as far as I am concerned. Japan is our ally today. If the name has significance to the Japanese, so be it. I recall an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation in which a Federation star ship was named the Akagi, after another WWII Japanese carrier. No one raised an eyebrow about that and rightfully so. Much ado about nothing.

    • William Bodin

      Absolutely! Banzai Kaga!

  • Ronald G Miner Jr

    Good for them…Americans have long ago buried the hatchet with our ally Japan. It’s good to see them taking this courageous step!

  • AZWarrior

    Kaga? That’s awkward. What’s next, get the old band back together with the Akagi, the Soryu, Hiryu, Zuikaku and the Shokaku? Thought we killed that name at Midway Island in 1942.

    • gman

      “What’s next, get the old band back together with the Akagi, the Soryu, Hiryu, Zuikaku and the Shokaku?”

      that’d be cool.

  • Naraku Neru

    Maybe this time she’ll have more fortune.

  • John Campbell

    My family and friends fought in WW II. U.S. Army, U.S. Navy. U.S. Marines. Others were technical advisers and civilian support. I know of none of them who would have a problem with this. The war is over. Let it be over.

  • Bill

    Not a problem. Move on nothing to see here except thin skinned people who are to easily offended.

    • Sway Snub

      Political correctness is a non issue in Japan.

  • Forrest Higgs

    Not a problem for me and I have an uncle at the bottom of Iron Bottom Sound near Guadalcanal and my dad was at the Battle of Coral Sea. Kaga is the name of a province in Japan. Big deal.

    • GetTheHellOutOfDodge

      I was stationed on the Coral Sea (named after the battle of the Coral Sea) and visited Japanese ports on numerous occasions wearing a shoulder patch bearing the ship’s name. No one there appeared offended, and I feel likewise about their naming of the ship Kaga.

      • Wanita Wally

        I was in Yokosuka in ’78.

  • Having been stationed in Japan, I was glad to see that the Japanese government has modified their Constitution to allow them to take up full arms. Most Americans may know we have troops at several bases in Japan, but how many know, that the Japanese fund our bases with not only salaries for the Japanese civilians, but for the bulk of all heavy construction. There is no problem here as far as we should be concerned.

  • dewberry1

    Our next BIG aircraft carrier should be given the name “FAT MAN”. It’s not personal and its incredibly stupid to try and make it personal.

    • Sway Snub


  • Sway Snub

    How many Americans buy and drive Mitsubishi automobiles. Mitsubishi Motors is the same company that made the Japanese kamikaze aircraft.

    • sickofitall?

      That explains why my Lancer suddenly swerves into oncoming traffic when I let go of the wheel

      • Sway Snub

        Do you find yourself with the urge to yell Banzai when that happens?

        • sickofitall?

          No but I really do like the samurai sword parking brake handle

          • Sway Snub

            Sorry, but I have to …does it really burn rice?

          • sickofitall?

            Only if I leave it in too long

          • GetTheHellOutOfDodge

            Pretty funny you two.

          • Sway Snub

            “You funny Joe!”

      • Police_lives_Matter!


    • gman

      kamikaze is a tactic, not an aircraft.

      • Sway Snub

        Yea, but the pilots arms got tired. So the used the Mitsubishi’s instead.

    • Police_lives_Matter!

      The Japs build great stuff.
      They don’t loll about waiting for the government check like other American ethnic groups do-all the while buying big screen TVs and other non essentials.
      I love the personal dignity and pride the Japanese have.
      I admire them as they’re still mostly a homogeneous culture that loves themselves.
      They don’t do drive bys like the ‘ugly people of da hood’ and blame their violence on whitey.

  • CasualMeyhem

    It WAS a military success. We do that too.

  • InfoMan US

    If you people don’t have a problem with Japan naming their carrier after a carrier they used to murder a few thousand Americans at Pearl Harbor, then that’s cool… I don’t have a problem with letting Japan take care of their problem with China by themselves.

    • GWAR44

      its Americas problem too

      • InfoMan US

        The thing Japan needs to remember is that it’s only our problem if we choose to let it be our problem. Otherwise, Japan and their carrier Kaga may be in a whole heap of trouble 🙂

        • GWAR44

          nope….japan is a staunch allie…..soon vagina obama will be piled on the dust bin of history….US has Japans back….

          • Sway Snub

            …and Germany. Go figure.

          • Wanita Wally

            Remember when you were a child…
            Those who you didn’t like and had grudges against and had to eventually come to fisticuffs?
            It was most likely your similarities that got you wedged against each other and after you squared off in the alley,after school, where any kid who was a kid was there? A bit of bludgeoning and hammering..blood… and shaking of hands. And it was over.
            Fastest friends and BEST of friends.
            But hey, what do I know?

  • GWAR44

    f×ck yeah…..china must….die

  • Tosheba

    Now that isn’t very friendly.

  • TAG

    Rearmament on this scale preceded both World Wars and was an element of the Cold War.

    Peace in our time is a fiction.

    • GetTheHellOutOfDodge

      Peace EVER is a fiction.

    • sickofitall?

      Japanese navy at the start of WWII

      Battleships 12
      Fleet carriers 15
      Light carriers 5
      Escort carriers 5
      Heavy cruisers 18
      Light cruisers 25
      Destroyers 169
      Submarines 184

      Japan has a very very long way to go…

      • Wanita Wally

        And I wish them God’s Speed!

      • gman

        and you know the funny thing is those submarines were the best in the world, and carried the best torpedoes in the world.

        • sickofitall?

          Between the innovation of the Japanese and the Germans we were fortunate to have prevailed… Thankfully Germany went to war with Russia.. Not so good for the Russians but… It pulled resources to that front..

          • gman

            yeah, the russians say they won the war by themselves. not true, but a lot of merit to the claim.

          • gman

            speaking of which … in the 1930’s a japanese naval officer attended a naval conference on torpedoes. someone told him that modern torpedoes ran on oxygen. what the commenter meant was “air”, but the japanese naval officer went home and told japanese developers that, and after getting over their total shock that such a thing could be done they set about building a torpedo that ran on O2. they succeeded.

  • NueeArdente

    “How many ships have we sailed into their harbors that carry the same names that were used to attack them 70 years ago”
    Who attacked who… and who had to stop them. While I can understand the naming of their ship they forced us to lose hundreds of thousands of military men and inflicted 10’s of millions of civilian deaths.
    The only reason it wasn’t higher was that they got their sorry butts nuked driving them to the bargaining table.

  • Sway Snub

    Just as long as those Japanese don’t fly a Confederate Flag anywhere, they should be ok.

    • gman

      they should fly it while singing dixie and the bonnie blue flag. “sweet home in arabama ….”

      • Sway Snub

        That would be worse to America than naming their new carrier Kaga,

        • FlushTheToilet

          Except for the flags, they do like to sing country for some odd reason.

  • Jjr74

    I wonder how the Japanese would feel if we launched the Enola Gay?

  • John T

    A slap in the face to all the usa soldier’s that died during pearl harbor. Boycott japan

    • Wanita Wally

      Boycott China.
      Those that died would agree that the bitterest of enemies can salute each other with respect, FORGIVE, and move on.

  • Jjr74

    Is it their right to name it after one of the sneak attack vessels that killed so many Americans?…but is it right? No F’n way.

    • gman

      actually, it’s named after kaga prefecture.

      • Jjr74

        ..be that as it may it is a foolish name and needs to be rechristened.

  • Yu So Wong

    We had better go take the Kaga out. Just seems natural. hahahaha

  • Jjr74

    Did anyone hear about the new U.S. Enola Gay class of Carrier that’s ready to launch?

    • gman

      is it painted in pink dazzle? fabulous ….

      • Jjr74

        nope…stealth silver…

  • Delusional Fools Duckspeak

    Isnt war swell,nobody ever wins regardless of the spin.

    • Derbydoll

      Nobody wins? Really? So when we stopped the Brits from turning the thirteen colonies into another Ireland, we failed to win? Fool.

    • FlushTheToilet

      This is the same kind of effect Obama’s presidency will have in coming decades, long after the ugly details are conveniently forgotten.

  • InfoMan US

    Well, it’s like my old friend Rodney King once said – “Can’t we all just get along?” 🙂 ….. Anyway, it was fun chatting with you people – Yeah, even you paid Lobbyists for Japan… LOL

    • gman

      where my money at?!

      • InfoMan US

        LOL… Do you want it in American greenbacks or Japanese yen? 😉

        • GetTheHellOutOfDodge

          I have a yen for yen.

          • InfoMan US

            LOL… And I have a yen for Miley Cyrus, but it hasn’t done me any good yet. 🙂

        • gman

          american eagles or maple leafs will do.

  • Mike

    Remember the millions the Japs killed in WW 2. I don’t really care if the Chinese people get a little pay back.

    • Wanita Wally

      That’s rather petty.
      Let bygones be bygones.
      Be the BIGGER man.
      Or like a woman, hold and never forget that!

    • sickofitall?

      What percentage of men and women alive today in Japan had anything to do with the atrocities committed in WWII? Using your logic if your dad killed my dad, killing you would be an ok payback.. Nuts

    • gman

      the chinese communists killed far more chinese than the japanese did.

      • Mike

        I am not talking about the communist. I am talking about the Japanese the Chinese communist didn’t kill my parent’s relatives and their friends.

  • Greg Hawkins

    It is not Japan’s fault that the men that died at Pearl Harbor were not at least ready for an attack. That fault lies with the President.

    • FlushTheToilet

      That’s true. I’m amazed no one thought it odd that we had the entire Pacific Fleet in port. Seems the only person ready was that private pilot instructor with her student over Kahuku, I think it was. It was a nice view of the skies to the northwest.

  • FlushTheToilet

    Except we could have finished it before it really got rolling, and without the heavy losses at Pearl Harbor, save for a president who was out of what he thought was a better option than to let us get hammered there, with all ships in port. He even ordered a patrol that would have been where the Japanese fleet ended up back to port, knowing it would have detected an imminent attack. Americans were war-weary and tired after WW I and the Great Depression, but he needed them to get mad enough to enter WW II. So he let us get hammered, knowingly and intentionally. But we’ll just forget that part of it.

    • Greg Hawkins

      I think you are right and I think that is why FDR felt so guilty about Pearl that he had to blame it on everyone else.

      • FlushTheToilet

        Well, he’s the one who came up with Social Security, after all. The first check that was paid out was to a lady who contributed all of $21.00 into the system, but got back over $21,000. Look it up. What other well-intentioned but bone-headed ideas do you think he may have had? You can sway a lot of people with sooth-saying and “fireside” chats.

        • buzzman1

          SS was meant to get the old people out of the work force. And it was never really meant to pay anyone. The original age of retirement for SS was 60 and the average life span was 58. It was a scam to defraud Americans out of their money and to put it into the government coffers.

          • FlushTheToilet

            You know this how, again? Interesting premise. I’d believe it if I saw more actual documentation from actual believable sources.

          • buzzman1

            I believe you are full of BS and have seen nothing. Political intent often differs from what is put on paper such as obama care being meant to help people verse reality.

            Go look up life spans at the time and what the actual documentation says.

            Are you aware it was another democrat that started including SS receipts as revenue to hide the true deficit? Are you aware that the money by law has to be invested in Gov’t bonds which directs the money directly into the general fund?

          • FlushTheToilet

            What you believe is of little consequence to me. As for Obummercare, that was doomed from the start. I’m the guy who said it would cost you four times as much for less care when all is said and done. It looks like I may even have been a little low on that. Don’t mistake me for a liberal. I’m likely more of the opposite than you, but for reasons I’d then have to explain to you, and I don’t have that kind of time to waste.

  • There were also those eighty Filipino nurses that were forced into the water on a beach and machine gunned. Japan totally brutalized the Philippine people. Just wondering if Germany ever appologized for the atrocities they did.

    • GetTheHellOutOfDodge

      Over and over.

      • gman

        yeah, but some people don’t want the apology, they want the guilt.

      • Lot’s of stories about those atrocities. I learned that one from a Filipino military officer who served during WW2; showed a yellowed newspaper photo of the scene.

  • Bozo

    My daddy greased japs on Tarawa,I will grease em,too,when the time comes,they ain’t got a chance!

    • sickofitall?

      Most Japanese cars have bearings that are sealed and lubricated for life

      • GetTheHellOutOfDodge

        I didn’t know bears wore rings.

        • sickofitall?

          Ouch dam spell check

          • GetTheHellOutOfDodge

            You spelled it right, I was being facetious.

          • Got him.

  • Max P

    Japan is not the enemy. China is. Please understand this.

    • FlushTheToilet

      And we’ve been in an economic war with China for at least 25 years, while most Americans were oblivious to it and contributing to their side. Guess who won?

      • GetTheHellOutOfDodge


      • Mike

        China didn’t force Americans to buy their cheap crap.

        • FlushTheToilet

          That was the whole idea. All the riches, none of the expense. Just maintain a cheaper price whether by hook or by crook, and they won.

    • Mike

      Right, China is the one that invaded Iraq, turned Syria and Libya upside down then just left to let the people die. We have no business meddling in Asia.

      • GetTheHellOutOfDodge

        Blah blah blah blah…………..

        • Police_lives_Matter!

          You can’t fix stupid.

    • Sway Snub

      Iran is China’s partner.

  • TXbornTXbred

    It seems as though Japan and England have something in common….putting ‘LOSER’ names on ships. Are they hoping for better results….. next time?

  • Cmore

    So just to be clear, the people commenting here in protest to Japan naming ships after historical war ships are also in in favor of removing the confederate flag from government monuments and building right? Certainly you aren’t hypocrites am I right?

    • GetTheHellOutOfDodge

      Maybe the Confederate flag should be flown on all U.S. ships home-ported South of the 35th parallel.

      • Sway Snub

        All the Fords down here are flying it!

  • Police_lives_Matter!

    As long as the USS OBAMA is a dinghy or inflatable I’ll be happy, happy, happy!

    • GetTheHellOutOfDodge

      The USS Obama is a fairy. Oops, ferry.

      • Police_lives_Matter!

        NO need to disparage Barry’s sexual deviance.

    • FlushTheToilet

      No need to use something so complicated. How about a partial piece of plywood?

      • Police_lives_Matter!

        I would consider it….
        But wouldn’t the adhesives that bind plywood find themselves at odds with the EPA and all that the GENIUS stands for!? ( NOT WITHSTANDING THE MILLIONS OF GALLONS OF FUEL AND ..oh, hell…forget it. They used to let the “help” bring the coffee”. *sigh*
        I feel I should get all ‘Valley Girl’ on you!

        • FlushTheToilet

          Good point on the adhesives.

  • Dave

    This is great! Time for some of our real allies to toughen up in the face of Chinese aggression. Japan is one of our most loyal friends…Funny how that worked,but it is true. We want Japan to be a powerhouse in the Pacific! Now if Europe would take the hint and face off against Putin…. Peace through STRENGTH.

  • GetTheHellOutOfDodge

    At least the Japanese didn’t name it the Hiroshima or the Nagasaki.

  • Pingback: Japan launches new carrier that bears name of ship — that attacked Pearl Harbor! | PatriotsBillboard()

  • Jjr74

    and the fact that the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor that claimed the lives of more than 2,500 people, wounded
    1,000 more and damaged or destroyed 18 American ships and nearly 300 airplanes doesn’t mean anything to you? Almost half of the casualties at Pearl Harbor occurred on the naval battleship USS Arizona many of whom were trapped and suffered horribly before drowning. Also the fascist Imperial Japanese were some of the most viscous scum to walk the earth. But for that fact we would never have had to use nuclear weapons. The Japanese need to be hyper-sensitive and the fact that for whatever reasons this ship was christened with the same name as a key ship that launched the sneak attack should be corrected.

  • Jimilee


    How many US vessels have been named “Enterprise?”

    I can see how some could be irate about this.

  • jackcandobutwont

    is/are the media that simple minded to think that Japan named their ship to rub the US’s nose in it!!!
    The US and most other countries recycle ships names….look at how many USS Enterprises there have been…..cv6, cvn 65 and of course 1701!!

    • Sway Snub

      Political correctness is a non issue in Japan

    • Flyoverman

      And coming in 2023,CVN-80, U.S.S. Enterprise, 3rd Ford Class Carrier.

      • jackcandobutwont

        Yes…..part of the new Ford Class of carrier…..the US is the only country to have 11 of them……carry a big stick!!!

    • FlushTheToilet

      Apparently there are a few who are that simple-minded here. Better not tell them the whole truth or their heads may implode.

  • Flyoverman

    It was be nice to land the Sopwith Camel on it sometime and pay my respects.

    • Jimilee

      Snoopy can always be expected to say this.

      • Flyoverman

        I hope they have root beer on board.

        • Jimilee

          Who wouldn’t?

          I know which line I’m standing in.

          • Flyoverman


  • SouthronAmerican

    They name their carriers after now defunct provinces of historical significance. This is precisely the opposite of shocking or offensive.

  • Jimilee

    Naming conventions, how do they work?

  • Jimilee

    I once submitted to the Navy, my 5th great-grandfather’s name for a Tico.

    I never got a response.

  • Patrick Masell

    What people see is a big, scary looking aircraft carrier and it invokes images of WWII. I can understand that, but what people are missing is that the JMSDF is also adopting joint communications systems with their Pacific allies (US, Australia, S Korea, etc) and thus are making themselves more vulnerable if they act aggressively. With Japanese naval activity linked with those of their allies, it makes imperialist endeavors nearly impossible, however an Izumo-class carrier becomes another link in a defensive net protecting the interests of a US-led Pacific coalition.

  • Sierra Bravo

    It may sound the same but the meaning and the way its spelled are different so you’re wrong. The original was in kanji and this one is in hiragana

  • Who cares? We need Japan to keep China in line.

  • FlushTheToilet

    Well, American-Englishman Winnie Churchill was counting on his promised support, after all. Lend-lease just wasn’t getting it done. I understand what he did, but object to the way he did it. He let over 3,000 Americans die to get his point across to the rest of them.

    • Greg Hawkins

      Obviously, without Ike and 80 percent of the American war effort. Things would have turned out different. I doubt the Germans would have invaded England, but I could be wrong.

      • FlushTheToilet

        I can’t discount that possibility totally. After all, the Romans did a job of it, but then the occupants weren’t exactly organized. It’s a toss-up, I’d say.

      • buzzman1

        The Germans would have invaded England except for an errant bomber that accidentally dropped its bombs on London instead of the airfield he was supposed to bomb. If he had bombed the airfield the British AF fighter forces would have been annihilated. Instead it resulted in the city bombing campaigns ending any hope Hitler had of invading England.

    • JRjr

      Most people do not know that Churchill was part Cherokee Indian.

  • Mickey

    I’ve gotten over it.

  • Freedom

    Kaga is on our side this time. With all the b.s. coming from the Middle East
    and other enemies this time she can make amends….After the war Japans
    military was controlled by the U.S.

    • FlushTheToilet

      Yep. A lot more has happened in the interim, with a lot more lives lost, by an enemy that is much more sneaky and with far less honor, as some point out here. You can’t predict if the guy you trained yesterday will show up with the very rifle you gave him and trained him on and shoot you with it. Insanity.

  • LiveFreeOrDie1776

    I don’t have a problem with it either. I don’t think the Japanese are
    threatening America with the name of a ship US forces SUNK.
    Remember now, the original “Kaga” is at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

    Rather, we have to stop worrying about our enemies of the past and start
    worrying about our enemies of the present. That’s not Japan, it’s
    China. The new “Kaga” has been commissioned to deal with China also. I
    welcome it. Perhaps this “Kaga” will have more success!

  • Anonymous Guy

    F__ing japs. We should have hung that little weasel emperor. And claimed japan as ours. How’s that for PC.

  • TSJones97

    Here we go. More guys lecturing us on Japan’s war crimes …. regardless of what the story is. Give it a rest guys. No modern story can be told or written without you armchair historians lecturing us on the war. Yes, it sucked, but yes it was 70 years ago. Anyone who was in a position to make any decision about major policy is DEAD by now. I love WW2 history, but I don’t need you guys lecturing everyone ad nauseum over and over and over again EVERY single time an article comes out about Japan.

  • Joe McCarthy was right

    This is the thanks we get for rebuilding their nation.
    No one respects America under this regime. “Fundamentally Transformed”

    • Karadion

      What are you talking about? Both the United States and Japan works interchangeably in commerce which for example Boeing has Japanese suppliers for the 777 and 787. Their airlines (ANA & JAL) flew all-Boeing for decades by choice. We have a mutual defense pact with the Japanese which was signed to defend their nation in case of attack due to their limitations of Article 9. Japan has constantly supported the United States in every major conflict it has been involved in whether through hosting American presence in between transit MacArthur defended the Japanese mainland and formed their national police when the 24th ID was sent to Korea. That eventually led to the creation of the JSDF. A lot of Japanese equipment shares commonality with American equipment.

      • Joe McCarthy was right

        Therefore it is acceptable to be humiliated on the world stage?

        • Karadion

          How are you humiliated by this? Are you going crying about this? I’m not even remotely humiliated by this and in fact I’m fine with the name Kaga. My own grandfather was a Japanese POW for almost 4 years from 42 to 45. You’re just as bad as the people who claim they lost a grandfather on the Arizona (which is very unlikely due to the mean age of 19).

          • Joe McCarthy was right

            If I have to explain, you would never understand.
            I am indeed sorry to hear that your grandfather was a POW in WWII

          • Karadion

            You have no reason to be outraged then because it is patently obvious that you weren’t even remotely affected by the Japanese. The war ended 70 years ago and we have a mutual defense pact which even MacArthur worked hard to rebuild the Japanese country especially the National Police that led to the JSDF.

  • McCabe

    Perhaps we should name a ship the USS Enola Gay.

  • SoCalMike

    We need to look forward to the next war and stop fixating on the last 75 years ago.
    Japan and the US are now allies against a new and different threat.

  • Karadion

    No, we shouldn’t have. You’re basically sentencing tens of thousands of Americans to their death if we had including my own grandfather. Did you forget about American POW’s? Naturally, no you didn’t. It was a good thing the war ended the way it did and now we have a close ally for it. There were hundreds of thousands of POW’s all over the Pacific still under Japanese rule due to the Island Hopping campaign.

  • Robert Smith

    It was a dig at Obama… we are losing allies throughout the world.

  • Joe McCarthy was right

    If the appeasers were not running this Country, we might name our next 2 warships LITTLE BOY and FATMAN

    • Karadion

      Which the point would be what?

  • The Hound

    “However, the Japanese say they have no plans to operate the JSF from either ship.”
    Why wouldn’t they want to use a plane that’s slow, can’t climb, can’t maneuver and shows up on radar?

  • HJ

    congrats to the people of japan. you’ve been a strong partner of ours since the end of wwii and our mutual security agreement is what keeps the peace in the western pacific.

  • joeb88

    Don’t worry about Japan, we’re going to need all the help we can get in a few years when China get’s ready to wage ware against us. Either that, or give them the Pacific Ocean, PI, and all of the South China Sea. They are getting ready for war. People, don’t be stupid, we’re a declining power, and we’ll be needing Japan’s help big time.

  • John Doe

    Pay backs a byitch,,, lets sink it.

    • Karadion

      So you’re saying let’s attack our closest ally in the far east which we have a Mutual Defense Pact with them?

      • John Doe

        Ok,, Ok,,, lets sink it and blame it on ISIS

        • Karadion

          What if you accidentally lost your head and we blamed it on ISIS?

          • John Doe

            With ISIS,, it would not be an accident.. But I digress, they could have named it Tawagoto

          • Karadion

            And you probably have absolutely zero connection to WWII or even the Japanese. Just want to feign outrage over a name that doesn’t even affect anyone. It’s just as bad as feigning outrage over a cartoon (Boo! Mohammed!)

          • esqualido

            Or maybe Baka

  • OG Kushing

    So what. It’s a state/region name. We won, they lost, it’s been over for 70 yrs. They are good friends now. Grow the f^^k up. The very least of our problems is the Japanese. Best we look at home where the real commies are

  • disqus_7KiKMOOd1L

    Reading many of the comments, it is obvious that there are many astute historians of the U.S. entry into WWII and of Pearl Harbor. Your writings are very informative and, I as one, thank you all for your contributions in this regard and where appropriate, Thank You for your service to this great country. I do believe that following Pearl Harbor, the Japanese acted a little like the football team that takes a 21-0 lead in the 1st quarter and then goes conservative on offense, thinking their defense will make the lead hold up. True, they did gain territory in the Pacific, but if they had invaded Hawaii following Pearl Harbor, I think our defenses there would not have been able to repel them. From there, they could have launched attacks on our west coast and changed the U.S. war strategy to include the necessity of having to fortify the west coast to a greater degree than we did. Interesting for all the Commie-Libs today — It’s been said that the Japanese never considered trying to invade the U.S. mainland because – Thank You, Founders who gave us the 2nd Amendment – they were afraid there would be an American with a gun behind EVERY BLADE OF GRASS! History, like Monday morning quarterbacking, is great fun to debate. Again, Thank You all for your contributions.

  • Citizenright

    OK with me.

  • Sharad Majumdar

    Let’s talk about the current state of the JSDF, and how this ship fits into the Asian maritime security apparatus. Obviously, this addition improves Japan’s power projection into its immediate neighborhood. If SCS patrols become a reality, this ship would likely play an active role in that. However, to be truly become – and be perceived – as a great power, Japan will need to develop full-fledged aircraft carriers in the 50K-60K tonne weight class with attendant air power if they hope to become a globally capable task force. This will allow JSDF intervention in the ME as well act as a deterrent on China. Given Japan’s 2 non-nuclear guidelines, all ships as deisel-electric, so securing energy supplies will be crucial.

  • Chalarent

    Big deal.

  • paulmason1

    To use the same name as the ship that attacked Pearl Harbor, is a diplomatic blunder beyond belief. Duh!

  • Robert Iacomacci

    WORLD WE ARE ARROGANT AMERICANS……We drop nukes on civilians and justify it in so many pitiful ways.

    • Karadion

      So you’re fine with the fact that there were still millions of people under Japanese rule? Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc were still under Japanese control. The bombing ended that instantly and hundreds of thousands of POW’s went free. The firebombings in Japan killed far more people than the bombings of H or N.

      Of course you don’t even care.

      • Robert Iacomacci

        I obviously care. As I said, and you proved, people will justify it in pitiful ways. As far as millions being under Japanese control? Take a good look at what you just said, then, show me in our Constitution where occupying lands is part of that Constitution. Enlighten me on that. I care that my homeland is never attacked or invaded, expanding an empire is not what I see as being an American. I am not going to fight World War II all over again, it was a shift in world power, and you (and I) enjoy the fruits of the shift in power to this day. To say I don’t care is beyond absurd, I care deeply that under no circumstances civilians be incinerated. If you have a problem and or can justify it as I knew people would, that is your right.

        • Karadion

          Are you that dense? Millions were held under Japanese control at the time of the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It would have taken multiple invasions and countless lives to free those countries from Japanese rule if it were not for the atomic bombings. The fire bombings of Japan didn’t work and they inflicted far more damages than H or N. Tokyo was mostly destroyed from the firebombings.

          My grandfather was a Japanese POW from 42 to 45 and he suffered through Bataan, the hellships, and slave labor. He was freed in Tsuruga the day after the Emperor called for the unconditional surrender. Tokyo was going to be nuked after August 19th when the third bomb was going to be ready. Korea, Burma, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and the list goes on were still under Japanese occupation. The bombs freed all those countries in an instant. The point of Operation Downfall was taking it to the Japanese homeland so that we would force the Japanese into surrender and free the countries that the United States and their allies had to skip to get quickly to Japan.

          I bet you are one of the obtuse people that always votes guilty in the “Truman Trials”.

          The Japanese are our allies and they will remain so because they share more in common with the United States than China does especially when it comes to military cooperation through the Mutual Defense Pact. They are not going to repeat Pearl Harbor and there’s nothing in their culture that indicates that they will repeat Pearl Harbor.

          As for our constitution, it’s called the Declaration of War. It allowed us to go and take territory away from the Japanese Empire so they don’t use it as a foothold anymore against the United States.

          You do not care, period.

  • HarveyMushman

    Did anyone bother to ask them why they chose that rather provocative name???

    • Karadion

      No because it doesn’t matter and it’s not even remotely provocative. Mohammed the cartoon is far more provocative which Muslims are willing to murder people over it. What are we going to do as a result of the name? Rip up our Mutual Defense Pact and throw away decades of cooperation? Please. Get over it.

    • esqualido

      Especially in that symbolism is particularly important there.

  • castlerock58

    That’s like the Germans calling one of their navy ships the Auschwitz.

    • Karadion

      Except the Germans never had a ship called Auschwitz (it’s in Poland). Why do you even care about this?

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  • the great kazoo

    Haha! No biggie.
    I served a tour on the USS Midway that was home ported in Yokosuka Japan. The japs were good sports about it (except for one old drunk).
    America sent those carriers to the bottom in WW2, and reusing the name only reminds me of the buttkicking they were dealt.
    Let the chinese worry about a Japanese “sneak attack” ship.

  • gnbtae37

    If the Chinese had “The Bomb” ……………….. would they have stopped at just two.

  • The Proletariat Barista

    Pfffft… Screw Jewmerica

  • Fknorm

    I wouldn’t care if the Germans named their new tank a Tiger and I don’t care if the Japanese call their new ship the Kaga. I hope it’s a good ship and helps track Chinese Subs. If the Japanese called the ship the Tojo, then I would object.

  • dudley litz


  • BarryObama2014

    Kaga was sunk at the Battle of Midway. Why reuse the name, bad move by the Japanese.

  • Stad1212

    The Japanese have been the staunch allies of the United States since their government was recreated under U.S. supervision after WWII. There is no need to think that this is any kind of threat. Unless you are Korean. Or Chinese. Or Filipino… . Hard for the inhabitants of those countries (and other Asian nations) to forget what Japan did during “The Pacific War.”

  • Erik11235813

    You are correct. Also, the reason there was no world war 3, unlike ww2, is that our enemies knew they were beaten. There was no mistake.
    Ww1 ended, the defeated side marched back home. Not really beaten. The German citizens largely thought they could have still won. They proceeded to re arm.
    That’s why MacArthur made the emperor address his nation. And why they should not be allowed to have that name.

    As far as British ships, our wars ended by treaty. Not Un conditional surrender.
    Japan was forced to sign a declaration of non militarization.
    England has signed no such document. (Was unable to reply to “ms anonymous)

    • buzzman1

      Eric, Where did you learn your history from? You couldnt be more wrong about post WW2 Germany. The Nazis even set up an ensergency that went no where because the German people were beaten and were tired of war. We rearmed the Germans to help us defend Europe from the Soviets.

      • Erik11235813

        Your agreeing with my point.
        The German people were beaten. They knew they were beaten. Their will to fight was crushed.
        After the armistice of Compiegne, it was not the case.

        If my premise was wrong, why didn’t ww1 be the war to end all wars?
        Because it could be argued by the defined losing belligerent as inconclusive. (Right or wrong is irrelevant.)

        After Germany fell in 45,there was absolutely no doubt.

        When I wrote that, it was really more in regard to Japan, who could have fought to defend their homeland for a while. And quite savagely.

        MacArthur’s biography is a good read if you haven’t.
        When he showed up in Tokyo, he planned it so that the Japanese had no doubt that resistance was futile.
        The Japanese troops lined up on his motorcade rout with backs turned. As a sign of deference and respect. The Japanese emperor, previously was the only person to get that treatment.
        Also why he made the empire address his people. To remove the view he was a god.
        Japan had no insurgency of any consequence. Like Germany.
        Because victory was conclusive.

        How can you rationally argue with that?

        • buzzman1

          You are right, the Germans were not beaten at the end of WW 2 but they would have been had the war been allowed to continue. Saying that, the Brits and the French set up the next war and the atmosphere that allowed Hitler to rise.

          I would disagree with you about Japan not having an insurgency because they were beaten. I would say it was more because the emperor himself ordered the surrender.

  • While I’m glad that Japan is an ally of the US now, naming their ship the Kaga is either a direct or indirect insult to those who lost their lives in Honolulu that fateful morning.

  • Coy Coleman

    Helicopter Carrier? It is an Amph. We have about a dozen of them. They are mostly for beaching troops. Kaga was probably a name recycled from the Russian Japanese War pre WW1. Also, basically any US carrier based out of Japan is their carrier. They do 100% of the maintenance and supply to the ship. We build it, buy it, run it, put our people on it, and they support it totally. It is only a matter of time before Japan launches it’s own REAL aircraft carriers.

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  • bcandbc

    we didn’t ask to be involved in that war. they did.

    surely they recognize their wrong involvement.. why name their new carrier in honor of such dishonor.. or even at that.. a losing effort.. this isn’t quite the same as an exhibition.. this is naming their current carrier after such a wrongdoing. i think it’s messed up, but i’m not upset over it. just simply an opinion.

    germany is not so proud of their involvement in that war.. which is more understandable. they don’t want any reminders of it.


    I couldn’t care less what they name their battleship. America’s prime concern in 2015 should be nuking Muslims from the planet.

  • Talbot

    The Japanese are strategic allies of the United States and have been for 70 years. The British have ships that have the same names as ships that attacked the US in the War for Independence and the War of 1812. It’s not a big deal. Grow up and deal with it.

  • Bob

    Are we so small that we can not respect the accomplishment of others?
    Japan pulled off a almost great attack. Had they taken out the oil storage and
    the dry docks, now that would have been classic.

    Stop the hate while driving around in your Honda or Toyota.

  • Johnny Shishkabob

    Let me know when they lay the keels down for the Akagi, Hiryu, Soryu, Zuikaku, and Shokaku, and I may be concerned……


    Look, WWII has been over for 70 years. Japan has been a stalwart ally since 1945. The real enemy is China. Japan, unlike many of our other allies, has a competent military that will help us to keep China bottled up. If they want to commission a dozen more carriers and name them after ships which served in WWII, I say more power to them and I welcome them in the fight against the truly evil Chinese.

  • fastaire

    We have a growing push by radical lefty kooks for political correctness for street names, military installation names, university names, statues and on and on. I guess now we have political correctness for ship names to add to the list. How wonderful. Will someone please put a bullet in the head of political correctness? The previous statement was more than likely not politically correct, a violent metaphor you know, and this comment will be deleted.

  • Happy Rain

    It would help defray our costs if other nations would help us defend them…especially with the world war between Civilization and Islam fast approaching.
    And it would be great if Japan had a powerful military once again but without the brutal imperialist agenda.
    My late father fought the Japanese in WWII and til his death hated them…but he always said they were damn good fighters.
    We could use such fighters in the coming War where one side or the other will have to be annihilated.

  • Gilchrist

    Japan suffered its greatest military defeat at the hands of young Americans that ended their genocidal conquest. If they want to name a warship in memory of attacking the USA, it will hopefully end the hand wringing over dropping two nukes to end their war on humanity.

  • Reality Blowz

    Maybe we should name a passenger aircraft that travels to Japan Enola Gay?

  • Norman_Dale

    The Japanese are the answer to the problem of Chicom aggression. Let Japan build as much hardware as it wants! Historically Japan whips China every time they tangle.

  • John S.

    If we can name things after traitors who tried to destroy the US (Lee, Jackson, Hood, Bragg, etc) why can’t they name a ship after one that had previously served?

    • CommonSense033

      Don’t you mean Lincoln and Sherman? After all, the latter was a terrorist who burned Atlanta out of spite and even had the fields salted.

      • Phil Gardocki

        The Atlanta fire was started by General Hood destroying some 80 rail cars of ammunition, not Sherman’s soldiers.

      • John S.

        Nope, they were simply giving the traitors what they deserved. Unfortunately it was the incompetent CSA that fired Atlanta and salting the fields? Next you’ll tell me there were no slaves in the Georgia.

  • eyesjamesq

    Actually the energy policy over oil or rather denying oil to Japan, an embargo, did start the war.

  • thedude2009

    It’s all Bush’s fault…

    • 1crappie2

      Trump might buy this for his collection.

  • 1crappie2

    As an old carrier swabby, I congratulate Japan for once–not copying an American name.
    I did a double take though as the pic looks so much like my old CVA 39 at dockside.

  • Jean

    Never trust the Japanese they are sneakey.

  • tokyo121

    Non-story sensationalism. Yes, IJN Kaga did launch the attack on Pearl Harbor and is getting a new ship carrying on its name. This is standard procedure for names that carry battle honors. The US, British, French and Russian fleets do the same. How about the controversy that comes in the US with military names for people who carried out massacres of Native Americas, such as Fort Custer, in Michigan?

    Again, this is a non-issue as regardless of the fact the IJN Kaga did launch an attack on Pearl Harbor, the name carries battle honors. Oh and Kaga was sunk by the United States at Midway.

  • Steve

    I wonder if they would have done that twenty years ago?

  • David Hill

    Yea, so what?

  • Rickuh

    With the detonation of two atomic bombs on Japan, and the multiple apologies Japan has made for their involvement in WW2, I say that Japan can name their ships anything they want. I am glad our two nations are on the same side. No need to open old, healed wounds.

  • Japan lurches to the left: mean spirited and intolerant.

  • eze240

    Two important points to remember here….
    1: theirs is a very different culture, they don’t think in quite the same terms that we do.
    2: the name is actually named for something like a mountain or some such……most of their carrier names were named for mountains or places….
    The article author seems to have missed the other ship of the same class bearing the name of another WW 2 ship…..like us, they like to recycle names.
    I agree about the apparent lack of owning up to their actions, but don’t see the issue here….We rebuilt them after the war, we wrote their constitution,etc. Thus, we should not be surprised at their willingness to emulate us and to succeed, while we have been choosing not to.
    Time heals all wounds, an apology…weather sincere or not…only helps. People don’t change their attitudes thru being forced to accept it, they simply learn to bury what they really think. True change comes with learning truth and absorbing it over time…

  • John

    My question: does “Kaga” mean some sort of mundane thing in Japanese? If it’s a common word, I can’t bring myself to care. I care *much* more about being able to sell them V-22’s.

    • Phil Gardocki

      It’s the name of a Provence in Japan. Many of their ships are named after provinces.

  • Uncle Remus

    This is like the waving Confederate Flag, I commend the Japs for straying away from political correctness.

  • John B. Morgen

    The next two or four aircraft carriers should be around 45,000 tons or 60,000 tons, carrying F-35B, E-2D and V-22 aircraft. This will help offset the Chinese PLAN’s aircraft carrier program, after the Japanese Constitution has been modified. This would allows us to deploy a carrier battle group elsewhere to confront the Russian Pacific Fleet.

  • Komissar of Reeducation

    Hmmm, so what happened to the first Kaga?

    • CommonSense033

      Scuttled after being heavily damaged by dive bombers from USS Enterprise at the Battle of Midway.

  • Read the Next 100 Years by George Freidman. Mr. Freidman is the Founder and CEO of Stratfor International the largest private intelligence firm in the world. He predicted the 2nd cold war with Russia, which we see unfolding today. His predictions for China is a complete collapse due to cultural problems within the country mainly spurred on by the coastal cities being 21st century and inland China remaining 13th century. He also predicts Japan’s military rise and they will become a military threat to America in the later part of the 21st century.

    • MaxAR15

      Will have to put that on my list of things to do this weekend, hit the library. Thank you.

    • esqualido

      China, through a gargantuan effort, put the first high-speed maglev train in operation in time to greet the dawn of the third millenium- and this was virtually ignored in the American press (our own commuter rail systems being nothing to brag about) They are now in the process of extending this system by leaps and bounds to the interior, creating a new “Silk Road” travel is exploding in the country- and he thinks they are on the verge of “collapse”?

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  • SWDC

    ‘Alive and safe, the brutal Japanese soldiers who butchered 20,000 Allied seamen in cold blood’
    Last updated at 17:53 03 November 2007 (UK Daily Mail)

    Additionally a German citizen was made chief of staff of the US Army in EU where a foreigner has no allegiance to uphold the US Constitution.

    Can not make this stuff up for it is history for those who learn history.

    Both China and Russia were the USA’s allies in WWII.

    Any news if Japan has contained their nuclear power plant yet?

    • buzzman1

      SWDC History is full of that stuff. WW2 even more so. Many of the most important leaders in post war Japan and Germany were war criminals that we elected not to charge no matter their crimes because we needed people to run the country that knew how.

      We also needed them to become economically strong in a short amount of time. After the war with Japan was over our own military was not allowed to go into a Japanese factory without special permission from both sides.

      My wifes grandfather was a plant manager of a major fiberglass manufacturing plant. Six weeks after the war was over The military brought in a large contingent of Japanese engineers and manufacturing managers to have him teach them how to make fiberglass in Japan. The real kick in the teeth was my wifes grandmother had a brother and 3 cousins still in Japanese POW camps! And I’m sure this wasnt the only industry they did this at.

  • highlanderjuan

    Interesting article and comments. I think having the Japanese defend themselves is a good thing, and I also support the idea of closing down the 1,000 or so U.S. international military bases so that we can merely defend ourselves. This great idea about the American empire and always being involved in undeclared wars is about to implode, just as the Roman empire imploded.

  • Phil Gardocki

    I would have to say that the naming of this ship, the Kaga, was not well thought out by the Japanese powers that be. Maybe it was intended as a stick in the eye to the Americans, or maybe they were just following the naming conventions their Navy has followed for over a century. But I think it is to send a message to the Chinese. The Americans may be pulling out, but don’t think for a minute that we are going to be vulnerable to you.

  • Turbineguy

    Reading some of the comments, I’m surprised anybody is getting worked up over the name Kaga. The US navy also reuses names from old ships. BFD.

  • redgriffin

    That isn’t really an answer to anything except to prove what a bully you are to a lady who made a very good point all navies reuse names for ships again and again like Philadelphia, Enterprise, Wasp or Hornet.

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  • patriotkat

    I am glad my dad who was a Navy pilot stationed in Pearl Harbor is not alive to hear about the carrier being named after the one that attacked Pearl Harbor. Japan is another country that disrespects America and has the audacity to do such a thing. They basically are telling Obama and America what they think of us and that is not so very nice for sure!

  • Paul

    Thank you asm826. My only poor excuse is that i’ve been crook and couldn’t read everything at that point, but sufficently engaged to request references for later reading. Thank you again.


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  • lanaya

    im terribly shocked to some comments for hate regarding to “such a name” of a ship.

    but well. heres my side: our country Philippines suffered these stuff with the Imperial Japan at least you guys know about the Bataan death March and the Rape of Manila stuff. but well many of us in South East Asia, who suffered too in their hands last time are hoping to them. why? simple. they kept their militaristic way, and with that we trust them deeply to counter against China, since they are the only country near us that could handle them.

    but how about your US navy?

    no offense, but after what happened in SOuth Vietnam, many of us here in the South East Asia had doubts in your country, specifically because China is USA’s partner in trade. and their “mediator” in the east against Russia so a USA “help” against China is really too cloudy compare to Japan.

    and for you guys. you can hate. but please dont pass it to the current generation. its comparable to what Hitler did against the Jews. please?

  • John B. Morgen

    It is amazing a lot of you don’t understand about the importance that the Kaga and what she represents in Japanese-American foreign relations, and also for our national security. For many decades our government has been trying to get the Japanese government to start building such larger warships than just building 4,000 ton destroyers; how finally Japan has realized that they have to build such warships to offset the PLAN’s growing “blue-water” fleet.
    For some you, who cannot even discuss about this topic rationally without getting so bloody emotional over a name; especially, a name of Imperial Japanese carrier that was sunk in June 1942 is just bloody stupid. You don’t see the Spanish getting upset when the Royal Navy named a carrier the HMS Ark Royal, the flagship that helped to defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588, nor about the British getting upset about when the United States Navy named an amphibious assault ship, the USS Bon Homme Richard (LHD-6). A warship named after John Paul Jone’s flagship that raided the British coastline, and also sunk and captured British ships in home waters in 1779.. You don’t see the British getting upset.
    Some of you should be a shame of yourselves with your silly nonsense, but petty comments just over a name—Kaga. A name of all things! The war has been over for 70 years, so get over it; we won soundly!!!. Thank GOD for that! Japan is an ally, and we should treat them with respect…

  • PolicyWonk

    If the Japanese decide to have the special coatings added to their flight decks that facilitate the takeoffs/landings of the F-35B variant, that would be an indicator of what the eventual intent might be.

    OTOH, it would also certainly indicate that the Japanese are inclined to keep their options open.

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  • Rick D

    Japan can build a nuke in 2 weeks , China better think long and hard about pissing the japs off . Japan has breeder reactors that produce tons of plutonium which is much easier to make a plunger type warhead . Aka a bullet type weapon like little boy

  • Pingback: Europe Sells the Hangman’s Rope – Again By James Lewis | RUTHFULLY YOURS()

  • patriotkat

    Many of the veterans of war are offended. i am glad my dad is not here to see this. This is not an inappropriate comment. Free speech.

  • patriotkat

    Many of the veterans of war are offended. i am glad my dad is not here to see this. This is not an inappropriate comment. Free speech.

  • patriotkat

    Many of the veterans of war are offended. i am glad my dad is not here to see this. This is not an inappropriate comment.

  • patriotkat

    There sure are a lot of japanese sympathizers here who I am sure never fought in a war.

  • Sailboater

    The forward CIWS is in a great position.

  • David Flandry

    World War II ended 70 years ago. For how many centuries is Japan supposed to atone for this? We pretty much forgave Germany, and never even noticed Russian complicity. Enough already.

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