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Document: Open Letter from Former U.S. Generals and Admirals on the Iran Nuclear Deal

The following is an open letter issued on Aug. 11, 2015 from a group of retired U.S. flag and general officers in support of the international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.

  • blanemoore

    Perhaps they should have waited until they knew all of the facts and omissions the administration has not told us about…

    • CitizenCharlesFosterKane

      Riiiiight. They’re too *stupid* to understand that they’re being duped, whereas you know the real truth.

      • blanemoore

        I actually would, I happen to still be in 🙂

        • sferrin

          Shhhhhhh. You’re interrupting his Kool-Aid break.

    • Jay

      Perhaps you can tell us as we’re all much more comfortable with your national security expertise rather that a bunch of stars with hundreds of years of combined experience.

    • redgriffin

      Have you even read the agreement or are you saying what Bibi tells you to say?

  • On Dre

    Signing a nuke deal is lighting a fuse? GWB lit that powder keg a while ago…by saying fuck diplomacy we go to war.
    Would you call the signing of the SALT treaties ‘lighting a fuse’? No.
    And if you clowns think the US should walk may I remind you super brains that there were 5 other countries at the table as well. But that may require research on something besides Briebert’s infowars.

    • gunnerv1

      SALT Three removed all “Special Weapons” from Surface Combatants (Ships).

  • Secundius

    @ sferrin.

    Currently there’s ONE “Nuclear Powder Keg” in the Middle-East. The Country go by the Name of “Israel”…

    • Steve

      Grammar apparently is not your long suit, just like honesty.

      Most accounts say Israel has had nuclear weapons for decades. These have not been used and there hve been no threats. The Gulf States have expressed no real concern, unlike with Iran.

      • Curtis Conway

        We have decades of HiStory that show Iran as the single most successful supporter of Terrorism across the planet. The administration is briefed on it regularly, and they refuse to believe it because the concept does not exist in their belief system . . . until they personally become victims of terrorism.

  • Bo

    That list is laughable in its complete absence of warriors. Where are the names of the likes of Jim Mattis, Gary Harrell, Hugh Shelton, Al Gray (I could name dozens of others who have actually been in hard combat)? It is pitiful that the White House would stoop to such a charade in its efforts to appease Iran.

    • Jay

      Not much strategic or nuclear weapons or foreign policy and negation experience in the careers whose names you list. But we can just go with Obama Derangement Syndrome and his Muslim ID card.

      • gunnerv1

        “There is nothing sweeter that to hear the call to Prayers” quoting Obama

        • Jay

          Stock market doubled, unemployment down 3%, nobody dying in wars in the Middle East, 17 million more Americans with health insurance, America saved from the brink of economic depression, debt and deficit cut, historic agreement with Iran ending 4 decades of limbo and halting Iran’s nuke program, etc — all accomplished while being viciously, reflexively opposed and disrespected by Rethugs. Hard to reconcile all that success with “Obama’s a Mulsim” but I bet all you imbecilic wing nuts taking your country back will figure it out. Nahh, probably not.

    • Steve

      But there are plenty of lobbyists, those who have served as civilians in the administration, etc. –not to mention Joe Sestak.

      This administration will stoop to anything.

    • blanemoore


  • OldNavy207

    Useful idiots.

  • Jay

    Thanks God Bush invaded Iraq, created a SHIA ally for Iran, destroyed the country, got 4500 Americans killed, 12,000 WIA, put a trillion $ or so on the credit card and calmed everything down before Obama ruined it!

  • RMartin

    I have a question for these “gentlemen” – did you read the
    documents? Did you read the “secret”
    non-disclosed elements of this Agreement?
    Are you satisfied with the public statements of Iranian Leadership
    regarding the destruction of Israel and the US?
    (This BTW in case you have forgotten is the Country you have sworn an
    oath to protect from all enemies, foreign and domestic!) Are you indifferent to the $100 Billion plus
    in cash given to the Iranian Government, who have stated they will continue to
    support terrorist activities throughout the world!? Is there anything in the statements vomiting
    out of the Iranian regime (or past actions) which give you confidence that they
    will either abandon their nuclear weapons efforts or abide by this Agreement?

  • Mr. Speaker

    It is good to have people weigh in that cumulatively have centuries more experience and insight into conflict than politicians and public who oppose out of party solutions by default.
    Force is always an option but should be the last option. It is galling how the GOP most always supports a military “solution” at the expense of their constituent sons and daughters. There should be a clause with any vote for conflict that legislators in favor must serve on the front line.

    • gunnerv1

      37 out of how many 1000’s of other retired Flag Officers?

  • Paul Schlehr

    What group started and organized this ” Letter”, Will each of these signers acknowledge and stand behind the content? I always look to the source “follow the money” I also agree with Blanemoore as to let us get the facts first.

    • J_kies

      If you and others think the Iran deal is such crap – it should be trivial to author the exact opposite letter and have a number of retired GO’s sign that too.
      I suspect that it will be harder to find retirees that want to go on record as to recommending something that has such clear down-sides.

  • JFH

    Thank God that those who opposed diplomacy during the cold war didn’t win the argument.

  • Hutman2

    There are over 5,000 living retired U.S. Military Generals in the USA. 37 of them signed this nonsense, so that means that .0074% of them support this stupid deal, and that 99.9926% oppose it.

    Try again libbys!

  • RobM1981

    Who could possibly disagree with the sentiment “diplomacy is better than military action?”

    I’ll answer that: I can.

    It must be *effective* diplomacy, and not this charade. Aside from the fact that Iran still holds US Citizens as hostage, let’s re-review what this deal does:

    1. It opens up funds and markets for Iran. Iran is the second most populous nation in the area, after Turkey. So yes, Russia, Germany, France, etc. want to see this deal. Anyone want to guess why? I don’t recall any of them being called “Great Satan,” do you? The net result is that Iran is going to have billions and billions of dollars available to them that they currently do not. Many estimates are in the $150B range.

    2. It does not, in any way, prevent Iran from acquiring the technologies and weapons needed to deploy ICBM’s, or to defend them. Do any of these flag-rank gentlemen care to bet on whether Iran will be spending billions of dollars on ICBM’s or Air Defense? If those new Growlers are asked to attack Iran missile sites in 4 or 5 years, it’s going to be into the teeth of the best Air Defense available outside of the USA.

    3. And, of course, we all know that Iran can be completely trusted not to further enrich Uranium, and will not be able to resist our “intrusive inspections.” Those are real rubes, the Iranians. There’s no way they can outsmart the UN, right?

    Admirals, Generals – we may have slowed Iran’s warhead development down by a year, or even two, but we have dramatically improved their delivery systems, while simultaneously providing them with the means to protect them.

    The choice was *never* between diplomacy or military action. Keeping the boycott in place was a better choice than this.

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  • gunnerv1

    “Ain’t buyin’ it”, remember Islam condones lying in its furtherance.

  • Chesapeakeguy

    I’m not going to take shots at these officers, I’m sure they are doing what they think is best. However, I WILL ask if they have been privy to ALL of the details of this ‘deal’? If they are so secretive that even the American public can’t see them, what is the basis of trust that the American public is thus expected to bestow on any aspect of it? Remember that Saddam Hussein ‘agreed’ to ‘inspections’ and to allow for ‘verification’, I ask, how did that work out?

    But this line does stand out: “If the Iranians cheat, our advanced technology, intelligence, and the inspections will reveal it..”. That seems to be quite a promise to guarantee given recent history in those fields. And if they do cheat, then what? Sanctions again? Given the money faucets that have been and are about to be opened for Iran by Iranian ‘compliance’ with this, to assume future penalties and action against Iran will indeed take place is not something that anyone will be able to hang their hats on.

  • Chesapeakeguy

    I see the censors have been busy on here. I reckon there are some who can give it but have to whine to the admin because they can’t take it. Typical!

  • Curtis Conway

    That whole negotiation series has a foundation built on a ‘house of cards’ and the administration keeps trying to convince the planet its made of concrete. When the first terrorist, who believes he will get his reward, pulls a lanyard on a big nuke in a aircraft or aboard a ship, that just entered the country over or near a large population area . . . the equation will change. Of course then it will be too late.

  • old guy

    PEACE IN OUR TIME.(At least 3 years).Now we know, in part, how we got in this mess. Coward muslim President and faint hearted military.

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  • John Howard

    Just fired off another Letter to my Congressman AND Senator; feel free to cut and paste to yours:
    I would like to express ardent opposition and condemnation regarding the slightest contemplation of a nuclear deal with Iran. It is my staunch stand that Iran must not have nuclear capability in any capacity.
    Iran is a terrorist state. It is inconceivable that we are even talking to Iran. President Obama’s own administration had stated that Iran is helping al-Qaeda funnel cash and recruits into Pakistan for its international operations.
    Our own government recognizes Iran as a state sponsor for terrorism. There are many U.S. government references naming Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism; supporting various terrorist groups including, Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah.
    During and after the so-called “Negotiations”, Iran chants “Death to America” and promises continued support to terrorist organizations. Iran’s Ayatollah continues his anti-American rhetoric and vows opposition to the U.S.
    Again, it is inconceivable that we are even talking to Iran.
    Sincerely flabbergasted,
    John Howard

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