• Thorsten Hindermann

    Interesting document!

    • homey1234


  • Peanut Gallery

    Politicians? Stennis and Vinson were both segregationists. They get carriers named after them. What? Not enough dead MoH winners out there? 239+ years of Navy history and we’re naming ships after politicians?! “They were advocates of the Navy in Congress.” Great. RahRah for funding. That’s inspirational… (Maybe I should read the report?)

    • ed2291

      What the Navy actually does is who they are. The Navy is the only service that names equipment after politicians to curry favor. To me and many other sailors this practice is repulsive.

  • Bill

    Will Mabus’ last official act be named a ship USS Obama? How about USS Mabus?

  • Mr. Speaker

    The current naming “process” is indicative of polarized politics and disconnect between the government and the public.

    These ships are ambassadors of the country, representative of the people as a whole and should carry names commensurate with the nations strength and achievement.

    Carriers are the most glaring example of the naming abuse. Since the 1960’s the names of past carriers that achieved immortality from their performance during our nations conflicts have been demoted to less visible units (no offense intended) or not utilized at all in favor of politicians. Most of them veterans but politicians none the less.

    Granted the days of mighty battleships and gun cruisers have long passed but in their stead the missile cruisers, destroyers, submarines and amphibs of today should, and about half do, replicate their names e.g. states and cities. Again, they should be representative of the people…….. the people who pay to have these ships built.

    USS Gabrielle Giffords ……………. seriously?

  • old guy

    BOOMERS are BATTLESHIPS. Name them for STATES.
    ATTACK SUBS are killer fish. Name them for killer fish.

  • Jim Valle

    The Navy is probably the most traditional minded of all the services and naming ships after politicians tramples certain traditions…..and yet, the Navy lives on tax money appropriated by Congress and these guys line up that money. Where would the Navy be without funding? One of the unintended consequences of the all volunteer military is that very few of “the people” have any real stake in the Navy. Friendly legislators and other politicians help to close the gap.

  • Rob C.

    How did Enterprise retain ability of being coming a Carrier? If it’s built that is.
    I’m glad its going to be a Aircraft Carrier, i guess they’re too expensive to have classical names on them. By all right, Enterprise would have been American Class LHA.

    I’m curious what they’ll be naming SSBN-Xs, since the state names are now going to Attack Submarines verse the Ballistics. Properly politicians since they need a lot money to get them built.