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Navy Needs New Servers for Aegis Cruisers and Destroyers After Chinese Purchase of IBM Line

The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53) conducts a flight test from the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai, Hawaii, of the Aegis Baseline 9 Ballistic Missile Defense System. US Navy photo.

The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53) conducts a flight test from the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai, Hawaii, of the Aegis Baseline 9 Ballistic Missile Defense System. US Navy photo.

The Navy needs new servers for its upgraded Aegis Combat System after the current IBM line was sold to Chinese computer maker Lenovo.

The $2.1 billion sale closed in October and made Lenovo the number three server maker in the world.

IBM shedding its server business creates a security concern for the U.S. Navy, which included the company’s x86 BladeCenter HT server in its Aegis Technical Insertion (TI) 12. The TI-12 hardware upgrades, along with Advanced Capability Build (ACB) 12 software upgrades, compose the Aegis Baseline 9 combat system upgrade that combines a ballistic missile defense capability with anti-air warfare (AAW) improvements for the Navy’s guided missile cruiser and destroyer fleets.

“The Department of Homeland Defense identified security concerns with the IBM Blade Center sale and placed restrictions on federal government procurement of Lenovo Blade Center server products,” a Navy spokesman told USNI News.

The major military concern is the servers could be compromised through routine maintenance or the information could be accessed remotely by Chinese government agents, The Wall Street Journal reported last year.

The Program Executive Office for Integrated Warfare Systems’ Aegis program office “is evaluating alternate processing solutions to mitigate the impact of the IBM Blade Center sale” in conjunction with the Department of Defense Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States Mitigation Development and Compliance Monitoring Team.

“We do not expect any significant Aegis schedule or cost impacts,” the Navy spokesman added.

Aegis Combat System manufacturer Lockheed Martin is participating in the effort to identify a replacement, company spokeswoman Rashi Ratan told USNI News.

“Options do exist; however, it is a matter of matching specified requirements to available technologies, conducting environmental qualifications and integration testing of those options, in conjunction with the Navy, to ultimately select an appropriate course of action,” she said.

U.S. companies, including Hewlett Packard, Dell and Cisco, make servers the service could use to replace the IBM products.

  • Independent “Terrorist”

    GE guilty of treason?

  • zzzzzzzot

    This is just the begining of the final nailing of the Republics coffin.

  • Wyostk

    Why hasn’t anyone at IBM been arrested? Oh, that’s right they donate big to the ruling class dems and repubs.

    • Get Arrested? Silly goose

      Only blacks selling single cigarettes on the street without paying taxes get arrested.

    • rich1942

      These types of sales have to get Government approval. That means up to and including the Secy of Defense.

  • GWAR44

    America…selling the rope to hang us with….China is very ambitious….the good thing is once Obama the knuckle head is gone..we can repair our alliances in Asia…that will ensurethe defeat of Communism once and for all…

    • zzzzzzzot

      I got your vison but that’s only two of us.

      • randyo99

        Well, I’ll make it three. It’s a start.

    • Dan

      From your keyboard to God’s ears. ….

  • blacknblue2

    American greed has no end in site. It has become the whore of the world. Corporations would sell their grandmother if it allowed the CEO to make another $million.

    I am a big capitalist but there are reins on what I will or won’t do. Selling out my country isn’t one of the things I would do.

    • fightforjustice1

      These whores have no scruples when it comes to making a buck. When foreign invaders finally hit our shores, they will be the first ones to cry for National Defense to protect them. But there won’t be any. It was sold to the invaders.

    • What the heck

      Ban multinational corporations to protect national sovereignty.

    • bugandco

      The U.S. has not been a “country” for a long time.

  • LiberalsSuck

    Adios America…it was sure nice knowin’ ya. Pray we don’t have a 3rd world war. I’m not so sure the “good guys” will win that one.

    • ohboy

      Between IBM compromising the security of this nation and military drills in mostly Republican residential/commercial areas, I’m thinking the guys fighting for us aren’t the good guys anymore.

      • seaarrow

        I trust the men and women who said the same oath I did. I do not trust the civilians who order them.

      • Marrkedman

        You may be correct about some, but their are many of us Veterans who took an oath just like the current folks serving.

        And for all of the grab assing and carrying on – most take that oath to protect the US Constitution against enemies foreign or “domestic” – seriously.

      • Secundius

        @ ohboy.

        Before you Bruise yourself patting yourself on the back. IBM Personal Computer Division was sold to Lenovo of the PRC back in 2005 for $1.5-Billion USD. Who was SecState then, Condoleezza Rice. So this all Started with the Bush/Cheney Co-President’s Administration…

        • PolicyWonk

          The Bush/Cheney Administration came in at the dubious ranking of 37th (out of 43, overall), in the Presidential Ranking Studies. Worst in history for foreign policy; second worse in history for economic management – and worst performance of a chief executive in a century.

          The Carter Administration, OTOH, came in at a comparatively enviable 27th.

        • ohboy

          Pat myself? Uh no. I call it as I see it. I blame all administrations for getting us to this point. But the current is by far the worst anyone has ever seen.

          • Secundius

            @ ohboy.

            Actually I have to agree with PolicyWonk. That HONOR goes too the Bush/Cheney Co-Presidency…

      • Curtis Conway

        Were you watching Baltimore? The National Guard are your and my neighbors. I trust the citizen soldier every day to defend this great nation, as citizen soldiers have since the inception of this Great Republic (These United States of America). Small active duty, with large Guard and Reserve. Keeps things in balance. What’s going on today makes one wonder.

        • Secundius

          @ Curtis Conway.

          If your referring to the Citizen Soldier (a.e. Militia), they were little more that Disorganized, Undisciplined Armed Mod. That “Cut and Ran” at the Sight of A Superior Well Armed, Well Trained Army. At Every Opportunity…

          • Curtis Conway

            I beg your pardon. The Citizen Soldiers of These United States are our National Guard and Reserve Forces. They have civilian jobs most of the month, and drill on a weekend, unless their called up, of which quite a few have been over the last decade. Once mobilized they join the Active Duty force. We all take the SAME OATH.

            HiStorically speaking the Militia is represented by the civilians who respond to the call. Most of us citizens who do that, remember our Oath, and respond out of Duty. Some of us serve in our own way even in retirement, but we still serve, remembering our Oath, and to whom it was given (Almighty G-d). When serving in what ever capacity previous (Active, Reserve, or Guard) we defend this great nation standing under a banner (Old Glory) and defend the freedoms of people back home, some of which would sooner burn the colors, than even act responsibly on a college campus with in own borders.

          • Secundius

            @ Curtis Conway.

            Excuse me Sir, bit where did I say National Guard or Reserve Force. I said “Militia”, I thought you were referring too Militia…

          • Curtis Conway

            My apologies. Citizen Soldiers has been a term used to describe Guard and Reserve since before I logged over 12 years IN the Reserves. That term is still used today even in the press. Common usage, understood by most.

            The Guard was called up in Baltimore (about 3,000) and they stood down and went home to their civilian jobs when it was over. Citizen Soldiers.

      • Secundius

        @ ohboy.

        One Slight Flaw in your Statement, Sir about Compromising the Security of this Nation. Who gave them the License, too do so…

        • ohboy

          I didn’t state it because I thought it was pretty obvious, but yes, I’m well aware. Thing is, IBM could have governed itself but instead sold itself to the devil.

    • John Stephens

      At this point, losing a war is the best case scenario, a Red/Blue civil war looks far more likely. I’m hoping the lid will stay on until after I’m dead, but I’m not optimistic.

      • NavySubNuke

        I don’t think such a war would last very long given the % of the military that is Red. Most Blue’s can’t be bothered to get off the couch and find a job – I don’t really see them as causing much damage during the civil war. And if they try – well that is why God granted us 30 round magazines….

        • PolicyWonk

          You must be right – after all – the “red” states are all so well managed, that most have to receive federal funding (welfare for incompetently run states) so supplement their budgets.

          This money comes from the “blue” states, that are run by competent leadership, and actually have sufficient tax revenues to pay for education of their children (amongst other things). These are generated by (oddly) people who work, and their tax revenues pay for lazy “reds” who simply lack the competence to balance their budgets.
          I’m a firm believer, that the so-called “red” states should be treated the same way they treat their poor: a few months of support, and then pull the plug and pretend they don’t exist. A dose of reality would do ’em good!


          • NavySubNuke

            Ah but you forget that even the reddest of the red states still have cities to absorb the majority of those welfare dollars and divert resources from other more worthwhile programs. Properly responding to riots in the inner cities should take care of that….

          • Curtis Conway

            I didn’t forget. One person can do just so much, but I do what I can. I was not raised with an entitlement mentality. Everything I have I EARNED. What a concept.

          • NavySubNuke

            Exactly. It will be interesting to see how far this crap goes – in a curse sort of way. Oh well – thank God for cheap ammunition and 30-round magazines…..

          • Curtis Conway

            This argument was made during Rick Perry’s last run (which he won), to which Governor Perry reminded everyone just how much tax money from Texas goes into the federal treasury. Now this gentleman (and I use that term liberally) would begrudge us getting some (not nearly all) of it back.

            The vast majority of the consumption of tax dollars from the US federal treasury, to any given location, is head and shoulders going to the Blue State large metropolitan areas. Look it up. The Red States are paying for lousy administration and stewardship (if they understand the term) of our tax dollars. The federal government has a primary function of defending the nation, not feeding the poor. That is supposed to be the job of the Church (Christian Population), but one has to destroy that before one can be in control of a free people. And that is what is happening.

            So, pay your own way, and stop stealing from us. Take care of your own. If your little governmental model wont take care of your needs, THEN CHANGE THE MODEL. We pay our own way in Texas, and a lot of yours too.

      • James Bowen

        Your statement presumes that there is a difference between the two major political parties. On issues of major consequence, however, there isn’t. Both parties generally favor free trade, unlimited immigration, and unsustainable deficit spending which are destroying our industrial base, our economic security, our quality of life, our ability to defend ourselves, and jeopardizing the very existence of our nation, just so they can either make a buck or be in good graces with their peers or both.

        • John Stephens

          Granted. That’s why we need an existential threat to the entire nation in order to force reform. A good solid ass-kicking by an outside power might work, but more likely is a violent settling of accounts between the Red (individualist) and Blue (collectivist) factions of American society.

          If I were twenty years younger and in better health, I’d actually welcome it, nowadays I just want to die in peace. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

          • Curtis Conway

            Amen Brother. Spent 21 years defending this place. What do we have?

          • Secundius

            @ John Stephens.

            The Wolf is a Pack Hunter, a Lone Wolf doesn’t Survive…

          • Curtis Conway

            “…we need an existential threat to the entire nation …”
            When are the Martians going to attack?

    • JoetheFilmmaker


      Obama’s Master Plan:
      False flag riots will erupt everywhere.
      ISIS will stir unrest in all cities.
      Civil war.
      Martial Law.
      China, Russia, Iran attack on all shores.
      Obama orders all US military to stand down.
      Obama meets Putin in the Rose Garden and signs unconditional surrender of the United States.
      90% of Americans are rounded up and executed.
      Obama and Moochelle retire to Palm Springs.

      Russia and China only have to wait until Obama sets the fires. He’s already stacked the wood on our borders.

      Meanwhile, the GOP are neutering the voter by giving all power away to Obama.

  • BigfootSafari

    NAVY……GET A MAC !!!!!!

    • MarkYbel

      Thems built in China too. Only the trademark is American.

    • LiberalsSuck

      Apple is no better.

    • zzzzzzzot

      To those of us who have owned Apple products from day one, there’s a reason Apple is known as Crapple.

    • Engage Gray Matter

      Do those come with the instructions written in Chinese? Because that’s where they are made. Sheesh…..

  • joe langley

    Name just one thing any government agency ever did right?
    Just plain incompetence everywhere every time.

    • eclipse42

      National Parks, infrastructure, interstate highways, NASA……. you puppets will never learn.. Click you ruby slippers ladies of the goop

      • LiberalsSuck

        Do you have something to say?

      • joe langley

        Total baloney. Corruption everywhere. National Park closing w/o upkeep, interstate roads are crumbling, no money to fix them, NASA is wasting billions to nothing. Just plain waste everywhere.

    • oldtimered

      Greed. Payoffs at every level.

  • Joe

    Stupid idiots in this government.

  • I can’t watch any more, I think I’ll just wait for my turn beneath the scimitar…

    Maybe try and get laid a few more times before my turn…

  • sandman

    It’s only property… give them room to loot.

    • fightforjustice1

      I heard that Whizbang mayor is opening up a Chinatown in Baltimore to increase minority family income. Any takers for Watts revisited???

  • LiberalsSuck

    Despite their best dog and pony shows, the government will not hold itself accountable. Ever. There can be no change without force. Some people hate to hear that, but it’s a fact. Greed is a helluva thing.

  • C. D. Carney

    Thanks China, we know you love us so much! *quietly chokes to death*

  • Michael J. Kane

    Cisco UCS Bladecenter servers. They are excellent and should be an easy swap. I’ve used IBM, Dell and HP servers, my new Cisco blades exceeded all my expectations.

  • Littleredtop

    IBM is eff’n history……..

  • Fants

    Look, the uber-capitalists can’t have it both ways. If you believe that a corporation’s legal responsibility is to do whatever will provide its shareholders the most money, then you basically have to grudgingly accept deals like this. You can’t yell “keep the government out of private business” one day and then plead for Obama to intervene against a profit-making sale the next.

    Like blacknblue2 said down below, I’m a capitalist, but not THIS much of a capitalist.

    • fightforjustice1

      Why would Obola intervene against his own Communist brothers???


    IBM guilty of treason?

  • Obama Mama

    It’s “classifed” or “top secret” only when Republicans are asking about it. Chinese…not so much. Thanks for selling us out.

  • dont know anymore

    Thanks IBM…. Money over security….

    • fightforjustice1

      Big Blue is surely looking Red these days isn’t it.

  • No Criticism Allowed

    Seems like the whole issue could be solved by using an open hardware stack. With an open hardware stack, there would be no secrets to lose in the first place. Security through obscurity is the flimsiest security option, as it really does nothing more than create a false sense of security.

  • Jake Pannel

    Servers come with the spyware already embedded in the chips themselves.

  • Evolution of Devolution

    It just goes to show you, what is more important.


  • jcd0101

    Hillary said “What difference does it make”

    ohhhh i think about 225 kilotons..

    • Evolution of Devolution

      She will be in a bunker, safe and sound. To her, “what difference does it make?” is spot on. Because to her, it truly doesnt matter.

  • Celtic Crazy

    Rosetta Stone is having a sale on Mandarin Chinese this month. I think I’ll get in on that deal….

  • dwsc

    The software that designs military aircraft and engines is maintained by programmers in Pune, India. How can the US military maintain any security when all of its parts and software are made outside the US? China can build anything America can. How can the US ship all its manufacturing to China and then the Pentagon declares China to be a national security threat? Everything the government does is a lie.

  • More waste and theft

    The government approved the sale knowing that it would require spending billions more tax dollars replacing military computers.What’s the problem?

  • rich1942

    The Defense Department can oppose a foreign sale of defense critical equipment. That this sale went through to China is mind
    boggling. DoD should be held accountable (but they won’t).

  • Tim

    Barack doesn’t care about the Chinese building our weapon systems bullets planes nothing. Barack would gladly outsource.

  • fightforjustice1

    Between the present Muslim In Chief and the Chinese, sell out fraud from Arkansas, these two seditionists have done more to compromise the National Security of the United States than any spy ring from a foreign Nation. These self indulgent clowns are compromising the future of all Americans. It proves the point that the greatest enemy lies from within.

  • Orenthal

    Who cares? After all, we gave the keys to the Whitehouse to a Kenyan.

  • JG

    Why wasn’t it just… Blocked?

    • ohboy

      It’s over dude. This is a just glimpse of what is to come; so might as well enjoy your freedom and privacy while you can.

      Maybe hit the beach or go hiking.

  • cac5555

    How can we possibly be this stupid? Really?

    • Mr. Fish (catch & release)

      Public education

  • Stranger in a strange land

    Its only a question of who is going to conquer America first, illegals, islamist or China

    • Mr. Fish (catch & release)

      Perhaps it’s already been conquered and we just don’t realize it yet.

  • mmarino

    Smart Power.

  • Stillontheroad

    Our whole country and the Government that is sworn to protect it is a joke, laughable and a crying shame of what it once was. And as generations come and go the intelligence to maintain this country of ours is reduced to the idiocracy it is fast becoming.

  • coldything

    Sounds like the Clinton administration when they had the missle/rocket fiasco to help the chinese with their’s blowing up. Funny how when under Democrat administrations, when critical technology gets into the hands of communists or enemies, it is the companies faults. Now under the Obama administration more critical tech gets into the wrong hands. Isn’t it the governments job to determine what is sensitive tech. Oh, somebody else did it, must have been Bush!!!

  • That’s just freaking wonderful! Our top naval electronic warfare is Made in China.

  • certbobdobbs .

    Surprise!!! The idea of nations, is a thing of the past, and you should get used to a global centralized power of sorts.

  • bill1942

    The first big mistake was allowing IBM to sell their ThinkPad PC business to Lenovo of China years ago. We’re not allowed to sell Cuba a tail light lens for a ’53 Pontiac but we allow China to skim the cream off of our computer business. Brilliant.

    • Howie_Roark

      they have been manufacturing intentionally flawed components for our military for years. this is just the icing on the cake

    • John Stephens

      Ask yourself why IBM would even want to sell part of their business to the Chinese, and you’ll have a better idea of where things went wrong.

      • bill1942

        They sold it for big bucks to help them avoid bankruptcy.


    well, thank the us government for allowing the sale. god you people are so stupid.

    • LiberalsSuck

      I agree with the first part. But what I want to know is what made you so phookin’ smart?


        i left. good enough?

  • Stillontheroad

    “As the 21st century began, human evolution was at a turning point. Natural selection, the process by which the strongest, the smartest, the fastest, reproduced in greater numbers than the rest, a process which had once favored the noblest traits of man, now began to favor different traits. Most science fiction of the day predicted a future that was more civilized and more intelligent. But as time went on, things seemed to be heading in the opposite direction. A dumbing down. How did this happen? Evolution does not necessarily reward intelligence. With no natural predators to thin the herd, it began to simply reward those who reproduced the most, and left the intelligent to become an endangered species.”The Reign of the Sock Puppet begins

    • LiberalsSuck

      Mexicans have been saying this for decades.

    • burned_out

      Your comments explain the success of the Democrat party. It doesn’t explain how all the idiots are going to survive when the smart guys decide not to play anymore. Go Galt!

      • Stillontheroad

        In a year my plan to go completely Galt will be complete – when the smart guys leave and quit, the LOinFO’s will be left to try and rub 2 sticks together to make a fire – if they can rub 2 sticks together without the Smart Phone to tell them how to do it. Then let them crow about those Old White Guys being yesterdays news.

        • czechlist

          If people would take inventory of what inanimate objects are really important in life (e.g., electricity, plumbing, autos, aircraft, lighting, railroads … )they might appreciate white males and quit putting so much stock in diversity

          • Stillontheroad

            They have no conception of the technology required to help them throughout their daily lives – like several people I once asked – ” Where does your electricity come from” and they pointed to the wall socket or the others that complained about no cell service and I tried to explain the tower was probably down and this is the answer I received ” But It is Wireless, that cannot be”

          • Horse Tacos

            A week ago I was inside the local gift store buying something for my granddaughter. I heard a muffled ‘bang!” the lights went out (it was day) and things got quiet. Outside a short distance a tractor trailer somehow hit an took out a telephone power pole just down the road. In the store and stripmall everything stopped. No power for the cash registers, no phones, no lights, no power to open the electric doors! (two young guys did manage to slide the doors open an prop them with bricks) The best part were the people! The simply could not understand nor accept how they could not buy ANYTHING with no power to run the till! I had cash on hand but they would not take it cause they could not ring up the sale. I smiled, put the items down and walked out saying a polite goodbye, while the other 15 people in there stood around with their collective thumbs-up-their-buttocks without a clue. It was truly a wake up amusing moment! G-d forbid there’s a widespread power failure this summer on the Grid. That will truly be curious event when nobody’s smartphones work and no lights or AC!

          • coinscurrency

            THANK YOU Grandpop! I know EXACTLY what you are saying!

    • Mr. Fish (catch & release)

      Perhaps it’s dumbing down to The lowest common denominator to start over.

  • John_M_B


  • Jay

    Follow the money. As IBM (politician) gains, some other company (politician) will gain more. We lose.

  • IBM getting back into oven making business anytime soon?

  • norm

    Is anybody really surprised at all when the globalist oligarchs of the NWO run Washington with their phony, crony campaign contributions.

  • I purchased HP chassis’s and blades just before the sale was announced. Glad we made the jump.

  • Panga4saleCheap

    It just never stops. What rocket scientist figured this to be a good move? Oh ya…what US military. We pretty much are shooting ourselves in the foot. China/Russia/poontang korea have NOTHING to worry about. When fearless leader is finished our once mighty protectors of freedom could get they butt kicked by a girl scout troupe.

  • idontknow

    In the 90s we sold them both missile technology and a couple of presidential elections. This sounds like just another day at the office for the treasonous Washington elite…

  • No Criticism Allowed

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t IBM the company that built the computer to number the Jews for the Germans in WW2?

    • Secundius

      @ No Criticism Allowed.

      Technically NO. IBM was solicited by the US. Government to do a Country Census on the Population of the United States and the Populations People’s Demographics. IBM, had just perfected the Standard Punch Card (7-3/8″ x 3-1/4″) for the Tabulation of Information. The Nazi’s just copied the Concept to do the same thing with it’s General Population. Which is kind of Ironic, when you dig into the History of the Punch Card. The German Company HMC, Hollerith Machine Corporation merged with the American Company CTR, Computer – Tabulation – Recording. Which was later acquired by NCR, the National Cash Register Co., which intern was acquired by IBM. To, quote: “What Goes Around, Comes Around”…

  • SteveC73

    Did Bill Clinton give a speech to someone over there? Or did HIllary’s State Department OK the deal? Or maybe this is just a follow-on to the technology transfers back in the 90’s when Clinton’s buddies sold the know how to put ICBM’s into orbit to the ChiComs.
    This stinks and is further proof that you cannot trust government to know its azz from a tree when it comes to protecting the USA.

  • fantasy world of syrup

    IBM Racketeers USA, China via computer company sales. Joint effort to squelch critics soon to follow.

  • Jasonn

    First Mrs Clinton approves giving control of US uranium production to the Russians and now this? What the White House needs more than anything else right now is a little adult supervision. Nice job, Barack.

  • JoetheFilmmaker

    Boehner and McConnell are dancing behind the scenes. For some reason these guys have become saboteurs.

  • Mike0oSS

    Uh…there are no “coincidences” or “mistakes”. Reminds me of the Loral deal back in Bilbo Clinton’s day

    • Stillontheroad

      Yep and Hughes deal when C Michael Armstrong was in charge. Bernie needed the Chinese heavy Booster to launch his Global Star and gave the Chinese Top Secret info to do it. One of Billys best friends and contributors.

  • 2ndprotectsall

    Let me guess, our Commander in Chief didn’t know ANYTHING about it.

  • Down Lowbama

    Another Obama success story. This should come in handy when they institute Jade Helm to cover for the Chinese invasion.

  • Talbot

    These are pretty standard servers. It shouldn’t be too hard for HP or Dell to step in and replace these.

    • Mr. Fish (catch & release)

      That’s not the point. What happens when the Chinese by HP and Dell?

      • Talbot

        These are standard x86 servers. There are dozens of companies that make similar servers. The Chinese aren’t going to buy all of them out. lol

        • Mr. Fish (catch & release)

          If what you say is true then there really is no problem. I’m not so sure though. If anyone can make the servers then why worry about IBM selling their servers to China? I’m more concerned about the reason that we allowed technology to go to China that is the backbone for a military response.

          • Talbot

            The military used “off the shelf” servers from IBM to save money. So, it should not be that difficult to replace them with similar servers. The problem is that it will cost the government time and money to certify that similar servers from other suppliers work just as well. In principle they should work fine, but the military will have to make sure that some minor difference does not cause a major unexpected malfunction. That requires a testing process.

            The reason that the military would worry about buying servers from a Chinese company is that the Chinese could hide some modified hardware or firmware in them designed to let the Chinese government somehow disable them.

            The reason the government didn’t block Lenovo from buying IBM’s server business is that the servers are not, in and of themselves, military items or even controlled dual use items. These are ordinary servers that more typically run corporate databases and things of that nature. The Chinese already have the same technology. Lenovo mainly wants to buy IBM’s sales and distribution channels just like it did when it bought IBM’s PC business.

  • Marrkedman

    So how much did the Chinese give to the Clinton Foundation in order to become a chief supplier of the US Navy?

    Or did obama and his malconcontent, muslim, mongrel army decide to just gift it on their own in order to balance white privlidge?

  • War_Machine2

    Feeling a little less safe everyday. Not as worried about a foreign government destroying our life style as I am our own government destroying it.

  • HillaryobamaShit

    Dell?? HP?? Really?? Not like the chicoms can get hands on those!! Time for the military to hire a private company to make a secret modified server!!

  • FaceLiftMasksDotCom

    If a small business sold this technology, the owners would be under the jail. But with our elected officials of BOTH parties, the bigger they come, the harder it is to get them to fall.

    • Tom R

      And the more they can promise our rotting politicians, who have effortlessly learned, that Bull sh)ting a majority of Americans is easy with the help of their traitorous, “I need to rule the world with my words”, selfish press.







  • David

    No problem, Cisco will be happy to supply the servers.

  • Tom R

    IBM is compromising the American peoples national security for twenty one hundred million dollars (2.1 billion) at the same time we pay the pentagon 600 billion a year, with the biggest share going to our navy. are we really this Ignorant and slow as a nation? have we reached the point where we are willing to sell ourselves out on anything we hold dear, that we spend billions and billions and billions of dollars on a year ?
    my god are we being taken to the cleaners. Obama and my ritarded party see no problem with an 80 billion dollar trade deficit in the last two months, just between South Korea and China alone. for you dummies out there, that means they sold you 80 billion more than they bought from you. meaning they earned 80 billion more than we earned ( how long do you think that can last before they own us completely ) . its called trade for a reason. its supposed to work both ways.
    I use to think we would surly turn the learning curve before our collective ignorance screwed things up to bad. I’m not so sure anymore. the degree of ignorance in this country is getting more alarming by the day.

  • Tom R

    I bet it will cost the pentagon ( American taxpayers) more than 2.1 billion dollars to fix!!!

  • trackrunner321

    We can all rest in peace tonight because the same company that set up the Affordable Healthcare website will come to the rescue.

  • ntvnyr30

    yeah way to go Navy. You probably had a “Diversity Program” that allowed the ChiComs to infiltrate and spy on us. The Navy is a joke–bunch of PC wussies

  • Horse Tacos

    This is and comes as no surprise. American Corporations have become nothing more than pimps who will sell anything to to anyone, short of North Korea and Iran, if they can make some money and/or inflate their Stock Ticker Index value on Wall Street via a sale of the same.

  • ben dover

    Ciscs’s equipment is made in Chine along with all the other equipment. We are sold out and soscreo screwed!

  • Horse Tacos

    Oh and one other curious chain of events a colleague and friend noted back when he was a Design Engineer at a rather well know Defense Contractor (name withheld) almost 20 yrs ago by my guess. He started noting all of these Chinese and Pakistani 20-something young Engineers on the job as Foreign Interns. They were in all levels of the op center, were very bright, well dressed in white shirts and ties and appeared to be very conscientious Interns. (All of them brought in by the H-1B Visa program.) I later retired and things went along fine, until I heard stories a decade later from my friend, also retired, on how they started all going back home to India, China and Pakistan, then the word broke that almost all the ones from China were apparently covertly slipping CD-Roms and flash drives into the systems servers and downloading whole operational manuals, engineering blueprints and systems software and sending the same back to China via Fed-Ex and DHL in packages marked “gifts” to their ‘parents back home’. In short they allegedly stole sensitive technology right from under our noses while on the job as smiling Interns and then boarded a plane for home when they got what goods they came for. Thank you Uncle Sam for the H-1B Visa Program, by which the Chinese allegedly copied our designs with a stack of CD-Rom an a DHL Air Envelope. (have never been able to confirm this but it sounds plausable likely happening even now?)

  • joan wilson

    This has got to be the greediest country on the planet. It would sell your mother if she were not nailed down. To the Chinese of all people too. They are going to be taking over soon. Next person in the whitehouse after Hillary gets her turn that she was promised will be of Asian persuasion. I keep waiting for someone to turn up at my door and say they own my house because the bought the mortgage and they have come to move in. Not so far fetched these days.

  • NavySubNuke

    Perfect example of a sale that should have been blocked on national security grounds. Now if we could just get the government to stop buy Lonovo desktops and laptops too – I don’t care if they are for unclassified networks there is more than enough on their we don’t want to just give it away for free.

  • disqus_LqroUg0DK7

    IBM just keeps shedding just about everything. What they don’t shed, they ship to be made overseas. Not sure how much longer it will be a company.

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  • commonsenseamerican1

    Why do we allow this kind of thing to happen? I mean I am all for “free market” type economics and Multi national companies being able to by other multi national companies, but when it comes to our national defense….how do we allow this?

    We allow the Russians to control 20% of our Uranium production, now we gave the ChiComs access to our Naval Combat Systems essentially. Where is the oversight?

    Who the F is allowing these decisions?

  • unoga

    doesn’t the military have veto power over these kinds of business deals? like national security?

  • Jennifer Dahlquist


  • Shagnasty1

    Obama’s Secretary of Commerce had to approve this just as Clinton’s Commerce Secretary Ron Brown had to approve Clinton’s Loral & Motorola deals selling rocket technology to China and like Brown should have when being involved with the Clinton’s dirty deals, Penny Pritzker had better watch her back too.

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  • GlobalTrvlr

    Hmm, I will let IT pros weigh in here, but I believe that anyone relying on IBM servers needed to upgrade long ago, and maybe this is a good forcing function.

  • Seriously

    The Chinese are loving it. We spend trillions and decades developing something and they just buy it later… at what point do these actions become treasonous?

  • Ctrot

    Simple question: Why was this sale allowed????

  • Secundius

    What, my little Spying Prediction came True, about the ChiCom Laptop Computers. Couple years back…

  • Capt Norman

    We are the only nation in the world to help its enemies!!! OHHHH Lord, when are we ever going to learn?????

    • Secundius

      @ Capt Norman.

      Just exactly is there for them Learn? Nothing, They already KNOW. There’s, Too Much Profit To Be Made. To paraphrase “Money Talks, Patriotism Walk’s”…

  • MNCMNavyRetired

    Why did the State Department approve the sale of a company that had national security implications (at least without requiring that another equally compatible product be available from another American firm). The Chinese know exactly why they wanted the IBM division and it wasn’t only for the business end of the company. They now have the same server capabilities that our ships do and have effectively cut off access to those systems for our ships. Oh I don’t doubt that they would be willing to continue selling the systems to us but it isn’t the cost that would bother me, it would be whether we would be able to detect “modifications” to that equipment that would be installed on our combat ships.

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  • KellyJ

    Wonder how much money went to the Clinton Foundation to get that sales agreement through State.

  • Stupid, stupid, stupid…are we so *uck’n crazy…of course they would have stolen it anyway but why give them a leg up. And let us stop blaming the right and left there is only one country with stupid short sighted leaders. Yoy get what you, at least some of us, vote for. Also the US Navy has down scaled DDG upgrades, slowed down CG modifications. The current SecNav and uniformed Navy surface leaders, CNO and that bunch of political hacks, should be dismissed and investigated for treason. Not one of them understands Adm. Mahan’s writings. Too many carriers and not enough surface combatants. Apparently the PLAN has read and understand the Admiral, fleet in being, etc. MMCS(SW)(SS) USN Ret.

  • aniptofar

    I have to have a license to talk to canadians about commercial equipment but IBM can sell it’s server co. to the Chinese with no problems?

  • James Johannessen

    The Clinton Administration sold the Chinese AEGIS years ago – so lets change the system and the software…

    • Secundius

      @ James Johannessen.

      Apparently your confusing the Two China American Issue, Sir. Aegis went to Taiwan, not too the PRC…


    Jess, Tis Gut! The Navy got screwed by the COTS Procurement system. Suckers!

  • kerm123

    This article should be titled “Navy needs new servers for Aegis because the current ones are old enough to buy alcohol…”

  • Secundius

    I find it hard to believe that the US. Navy, had ALL There Egg’s In One Basket…

  • rich1942

    There should be a congressional investigation of this deal. Was Hillary SEC of state when this was approved?

    • Secundius

      @ rich1942.

      The Initial deal was made and approved by the State Department in 2005, by then President George W. Bush. The only Hurdle left was the Department of Treasury. This Deal was Signed, Sealed and Delivered in 2005. The Current Administration was kept out of the Loop by Executive Order of the Last Administration…

      • rich1942

        Nice try secundius, but that is incorrect. Lenovo acquired IBM’s ThinkPad line of PCs in 2005 not the server business. This was a new deal and this administration was in the thick of it. The sale to sell the server business to Lenovo was announced in Jan 2014.Lenovo paid $2 billion in cash and $300 million in stock to IBM. How much did the Clinton library get?

        • Secundius

          @ rich1942.

          First of all, you speculating that Clinton got Anything, Just like Guilty for Benghazi. After 13 Hearings, 50 Conference Committee’s, ~25,000 pages, and ~$260-Million US. Taxpayer’s Dollars later. STILL NO [email protected] PROOF.

          State Department was By Passed, and went Directly to Treasury, for their Approval. Who in the 2005 Administration, would have that kind of Muscle and Strin Pulling too pull that one off, Slick. Better yet READ THE [email protected] REPORT YOURSELF, It not hard to find…

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  • coinscurrency

    I was in the US Navy (ATR-3) many moons ago! My Son just retired after 25 years in the US Navy as an E-8…… I can tell you that if the Chinese, Russians, Japanese, Italians and Country in the WORLD purchased anything from the US, it’s very old hat!
    No body, No body has the latest and greatest Technology in the WORLD other than The USA. Mr. Obama maybe just letting the a-holes over there wack each other and NOT one American Military life was lost. He said he wasn’t going to leave office as a war president and he won’t back down. I really don’t like all of his Policies but this one will be his Legacy! Either Iran will blow them Up or blow itself up! and USA is just watching. YOU CAN NOT WIN A HOLY WAR!

  • coinscurrency

    I was in the US Navy (ATR-3) many moons ago! My Son just retired after 25 years in the US Navy as an E-8…… I can tell you that if the Chinese, Russians, Japanese, Italians and Country in the WORLD purchased anything from the US, it’s very old hat!

    No body, No body has the latest and greatest Technology in the WORLD other than The USA. Mr. Obama maybe just letting the a-holes over there wack each other and NOT one American Military life was lost. He said he wasn’t going to leave office as a war president and he won’t back down. I really don’t like all of his Policies but this one will be his Legacy! Either Iran will blow them Up or blow itself up! and USA is just watching. YOU CAN NOT WIN A HOLY WAR!

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