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Document: Office of Naval Intelligence 2015 Assessment of Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy

The following is 2015 report, The PLA Navy New Capabilities and Missions for the 21st Century from the Office of Naval Intelligence on Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy’s operations and shipbuilding programs.

  • Horn

    All I’m seeing are blank pages.

    • It’s a big report, give it a second to load.

  • David Victor Furman

    nothing there. waiting doesn’t help

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  • KazuakiShimazaki

    Even when it finishes loading, for some reason P34 (with all the Chinese leaders) is in ultra-low resoluton.

  • Secundius

    What;s ther to Assess, the PLAN is getting Bigger and the US. Navy is getting Smaller. The last time I looked, they had 495-Ship’s and we (the USA) had 272-Ship’s…

  • Edward Tacchi

    The quality of the US Navy’s ships, Naval and Naval air personnel, air combat capabilities, and Naval fire power still outstrips any nation’s naval capabilities by far. However, there comes a point where the sheer difference in tonnage and number of readily deployable ships, coupled with the potential for the need to deploy in multiple regions simultaneously, becomes a significant factor. I believe that it is this equation that the Chinese Navies size must be considered, particularly when possibly conjoined with Russian Naval forces.

    • Secundius

      @ Edward Tacchi.

      The problem is, that after a period of time. “Quantity, take on a Quality all of its own.”

  • Ruckweiler

    And the Red Chinese are doing this with American dollars because our citizens don’t give a rip and just want cheap goods (meaning inexpensive). When, not if, we have to go up against their forces it will be a desperate action not unlike what USN had during WWII at the beginning.

  • Edward Tacchi

    Secundius, well put. That being said, I am quite sure that despite the years which have gone by the Chinese military remembers quite well that numbers were not sufficient to overcome U.S. forces in Korea. Still, we are talking about Naval power and a futuristic type of conflict. So, I stand by what I said earlier.

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