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Document: Senate Letter to Carter, Kerry Calling for China Strategy

The following is the March 19, 2015 letter from the chairmen and ranking members of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services committees to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and Secretary of State John Kerry calling for a comprehensive U.S. strategy to address Chinese actions in the East China and South China seas.

  • Jim Valle

    When the Cold War was in force the two superpowers worked to control the aspirations of regional powers that wanted to achieve hegemony in their respective parts of the World. Now we confront a new global regime with three powerful states, Russia, China and Iran, moving to establish themselves as regional hegemons. That means they will strive to exercise dominance over the smaller states in their respective spheres of influence. This kind of Nineteenth Century statecraft opposes the wishes and aspirations of the United States which would like every state to embrace the more modern Twenty-First Century political order wherein all states are secure within their boarders and free from outside interference. The great question is what do we do about it? Even our staunch allies the Israelis are gradually hiving off more and more of the West Bank with their settlements, access roads, military outposts and water systems. Meanwhile the Russians have shown that as long as they are willing to endure sanctions they can keep whatever ground they can take and this lesson is definitely not lost on the others. We are in the position of a lion tamer whose beasts are learning that the whip and chair are not all that effective and the pistol is going to stay in the holster.

  • Real Wisdom

    We America have to stop this aggression Period