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Russia Accepts Third Borei-class Boomer

The Borei-class Vladimir Monomakh submarine. 'Rubin' Central Design Bureau

The Borei-class Vladimir Monomakh submarine. ‘Rubin’ Central Design Bureau

The Russian Navy has accepted its third Project 955 Borei-class nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) ahead of a formal ceremony next week, according to Russian press reports.

Russian officials signed a letter of acceptance on Wednesday at the Sevmash shipyard for Vladimir Monomakh (K-551) SSBN, reported the TASS wire service.

The Russian Navy will hoist their naval ensign on Dec. 19 in a tradition similar to the U.S. Navy’s ship commissioning ceremony.

The 19,400-ton boat is armed with 16 Bulava nuclear submarine launched ballistic missiles (SLBM) and is slated to replace the Project 941 Typhoon-class and Project 667BDRM Delta IV-class boomers.

The next SSBN in the class — Knyaz Vladimir — is designated as a Project 955A Borei II and could be capable of fielding up to 20 Bulavas and is currently under construction, according to Naval Institute’s Combat Fleets of the World.

The Russian Navy is also in the midst of modernizing its nuclear attacks boats.

In June the service accepted the first Project 855 Yasen-class class attack boat, Severodvinsk (K-560).

The 13,800-ton Severodvinsk had been under construction since 1993 at the Sevmash yard, the first in an expected eight boats.

  • bobbymike34

    US needs a Manhattan Project II completely modernize Triad and the Nuclear Enterprise. Need new delivery vehicles – ICBMs, SLBMs, ALCMs, Bombers and SSBN(X)s, warheads for each mated to hyper accurate RVs.

    • publius_maximus_III

      Plus some space-based satellites armed with rail guns or lasers or Patriot missiles, to knock down ICBMs shortly after launch (aka Star Wars).

    • Sand_Cat

      Where will the money come from? US is already bankrupting itself trying to keep up with Russians and Chinese. Maybe some serious efforts to mend fences might be more affordable. I realize these would be difficult – neither country’s policies are to my liking – but maybe we could at least tone down the shouting.

      I see that this section – like the comment sections in many articles on weapons – is in danger of being taken over by jingoistic idiots. Yours at least is a serious and non-idiotic one. Thanks for that.

    • VK HAM

      US has $65 Trillion debt , wake up.

      Russia has still a good surplus.

  • Paul of Alexandria

    What’s worse is they’re selling them (or at least the technology) to the Chinese.

  • The_Universal_Curmudgeon

    I read the article and my immediate reaction was “Let’s run around in circles panicking.”

    I can see that I was a bit slow off the mark.

    BTW, the Chinese don’t really want to buy Russian technology – they are quite capable of stealing American technology.

    On the other hand, those things are WMD capable and they might fall into the hands of terrorists so the only thing to do is to demand that Russia get rid of all of them and then prove that it doesn’t have any left – and, when the Russians can’t prove that they don’t have any, then invade and conquer Russia – right?

    • RedStatePatriot

      You truly live in your own World don’t you? One giant string of your own silly preconceived notions about what you think others think, and your vivid Leftist imagination of what they would want to do. Ask your Mom to up your meds… really its for your own good.

      • The_Universal_Curmudgeon

        I see that you didn’t read the posts prior to mine.

        I also see that the term “sarcasm” hasn’t yet entered your vocabulary.

  • loupgarous

    Let’s hope they’re every bit as seaworthy as the Kursk

    • NavySubNuke

      I would never wish that kind of death on any submariner – no matter his nation. Now, that doesn’t mean that I can’t hope it sinks next to the pier and the crew is able to escape unharmed mind you. But those guys in the Kursk actually managed to survive for quite a while in the dark and cold before they died – not cool.

    • Sean Meehan

      The Kursk was an excellent boat, the very dangerous torpedoes it carried were the problem. Great weapons platform mated to a terrible, antiquated weapons system and it cost a lot of valiant submariners their lives.

  • Secundius

    If these “Boomer’s” have been, on a On-Again, Off-Again construction schedule since 1993. That tells you a lot about the “Health” status of the Russian Fleet, DISMAL…