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India’s New Carrier is ‘Operational’

INS Vikramaditya on Jan. 6, 2014. Indian Navy Photo

INS Vikramaditya on Jan. 6, 2014. Indian Navy Photo

India’s newest aircraft carrier — INS Vikramaditya — is underway on an operational deployment, according to the new head of the Indian Navy said on Wednesday.

“The Navy has inducted aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya which is now operationally deployed with MiG— 29K aircraft embarked and being flown by Indian naval pilots,” Adm. Robin Dhowan told reporters.

Local press reported the carrier has taken part in wargames with India’s western fleet.

The former Russian Navy Kiev-class carrier was acquired for $2.33 billion over a decade of starts and stops and cost increases.

Vikramaditya — the former Admiral Gorshkov — sailed in the Russian Navy from 1987 to 1995. The 44,5000 ton ship fields 34 aircraft, including 21 MiG-29Ks.

Indian Mig-29Ks

Indian Mig-29Ks

The Russian version of the carrier was designed with a formidable array of offensive weaponry, unlike American carriers which rely on their accompanying battle group for their defenses.

However, Vikramadityais sailing with out air defense guns, which will be installed in the carrier’s first refit, according to reports.

em>Vikramaditya is India’s second carrier joining the 50 year-old carrier INS Viraat — the former British carrier Hermes eventually — and a Indian-built carrier scheduled to enter the fleet in 2017

  • Ruckweiler

    Always find it amazing that with millions living in abject poverty and malnutrition that India can find a way to develop and launch an aircraft carrier.

    • Pradeep Kumar

      My friend learn to respect. India is self sufficient in every thing. We are a big land mass. we have far flung islands situated in strategic Malacca straights.
      It have good relations with all countries around the world barring a few neighbors.India have good arbable land more than enough for cultivation to feed its population and we also export agriculture and poultry, meat products to other nations. we are the 2nd biggest fruit export country. There are many to mention. India have a strategic position due to its southern peninsular end protruding to Indian ocean the other end reaching to central Asian countries.
      India have been a country with one of the largest rivers and many lakes. There is perennial rain forests, plains and desert in the land’s geographic nature. The largest ever railway network carrying 250 million people daily.
      India is home to all different religions living together as a nation and the one and only nation with so many languages spoken. We are not enemy to any country. 60% of our population is youth of age 30 to 35 yeas who are educated not like other countries with geriatric population being the highest percentage of the population. India being one of the world’s 7 wonders of world and many historic forts expanse the length and breadth of India. More than 7000 miles of coast line we are with effective coast guard, navy, navy air warriors, air force, 1.3 mn Army, paramilitary, nuclear force with ICBMs,SLBMs,ABMs, space force with GAGAN global positional system.
      India achieved great strides in space research by being the first succesful nation to send an orbiter to Mars. Our PSLV rocket can able to send 1.5- 1.9 ton to India soon have the space rocket GSLV which can send heavy satellites over 2.5 to 3.2 tons to Geo synchronous orbit by mastering the technology of Cryogenic Stage.

  • Secundius

    India is trying to be a Blue Water Navy in Green Water livery. The VIKRAMADITYA, is not an aircraft carriers in true sense of the word. It’s a Through-Deck Battlecruiser, with limited over-the-horizon capabilities. Outside of their submarines, I don’t thing the Indian Navy, has ever done a show-the-flag world cruise.